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College Rape Survivor Speaks Out Against Campus Gun-Control Efforts

Via Fox News:

A Democratic lawmaker in Colorado is drawing criticism after telling a rape victim that the attack against her would have been worse if she had been carrying a gun at the time.

State Sen. Evie Hudak told Amanda Collins “statistics are not on your side even if you had had a gun.” Hudak argued at a hearing Monday that if Collins was carrying a gun, the much larger male attacker could have taken it from her and shot her.

Collins responded by saying, “Respectfully Senator, you weren’t there. Had I been carrying [a concealed weapon], he wouldn’t have known that I had my weapon. I know without a doubt in my mind, at some point I would have been able to stop my attack by using my firearm.”

Collins was raped at gunpoint in a University of Nevada-Reno parking garage in Oct. 2007. Nevada law prohibited her from carrying a gun on the campus, but her attacker had one.

Collins had a concealed-carry permit, but her university was a gun-free zone. She has stated in several news interviews over the years that she was “legislated into being a victim.”

CBS news reports:

Collins has a concealed carry permit, but she says the night she was raped by (James) Biela, she left her weapon at home, per the university’s ban. “The very law that was meant to ensure my safety guaranteed James Biela an unmatched victim.”

Collins says she believes she and other victims could better protect themselves if weapons were allowed on college and university campuses.

Opponents to the bill say weapons have no place in schools.

Weapons have no place in schools – right, except the murderers and rapists could care less about that rule, and students like Collins are left defenseless.

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