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Cornell To Give Scholarships To Illegal Immigrants

The Cornell Daily Sun reports that a student advocacy group has been given $5,000 from the university to dole out to undocumented students.

The scholarships are meant to help, in some small way, offset the nearly $60,000 annual tuition at the university, the newspaper reports.

With the cost of attending Cornell’s endowed colleges approaching $60,000 a year, the DREAM Team, a student organization, is awarding $5,000 in scholarships to the University’s undocumented students — an act it hopes will alleviate the financial burden students ineligible for federal aid often face.

The organization was able to fund the scholarships through the Perkins Prize, an award it received from the University in April for its advocacy on behalf of undocumented students.

Conservatives have opposed reforms that would provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, arguing that doing so would unfairly burden taxpayers and exacerbate illegal immigration. But across some college campuses, administrators, including President David Skorton, have urged Congress to support undocumented students for the sake of keeping their talent in the U.S.

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