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Dartmouth offers phys ed credit for ‘Sexpert’ training

Students will learn ‘pleasure oriented, evidence-based’ sex ed

A program at Dartmouth University offers students physical education course credit for undergoing “Sexpert” training via the school’s Student Wellness Center.

The training teaches students how to “respond to requests for peer education around issues of healthy relationships, reproductive health, healthy sexuality, sexual identity, body image, sexual orientation, sexual decision making, abstinence, sexual pleasure, contraception, STI prevention, consent, and communication,” according to the Wellness Center’s website.

Dartmouth’s Sexperts “promote a positive view of sexuality, provide Dartmouth students with information and skills about caring for their sexual health, and help them acquire knowledge to make informed decisions now and in the future,” the website continues.

According to the Wellness Center, the Sexpert training program takes place over a weekend and includes “team-building activities, informative & educational content learning, group discussions, personal reflections, etc.” The training takes place at Tom Dent Cabin, a facility maintained by the Student Assembly and located on the edge of the Connecticut River. Participants are given five meals—one dinner, two breakfasts and two lunches—as part of the training.

Following the training weekend, students must also complete “8 hours of service learning hours.”

In addition, all eligible participants will be awarded one physical education credit upon completion of both the weekend training and the service learning hours.

According to the Wellness Website, the Sexperts also offer a number of sexual paraphernalia via the Wellness Center, including glow-in-the-dark condoms, flavored lubricant, latex gloves and dental dams.

Read about the Sexpert program here.

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