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Drexel professor tweets that South Carolina school cop should get ‘done like Old Yeller’

George Ciccariello-Maher, an assistant professor at Phildadelphia’s Drexel University, apparently was really upset with officer Ben Fields, the school resource officer (SRO) who was recorded in an altercation with a defiant student at South Carolina’s Spring Valley High School.

Twitchy has a few of the radical progressive prof’s tweets, but of course he’s since deleted selected ones.

Nevertheless, Weasel Zippers managed to snag a couple of screen caps which read:

“#BringBackFields, and put him up against the wall”

followed by

“#BringBackFields, then do him like #OldYeller.”

For those unfamiliar, Old Yeller is the story (and the name) of a dog who contracts rabies and has to be shot.

Maher attempted a laughable tactic when called out for his hatred: He was hacked.

If that wasn’t enough, remember how “funny” Old Yeller’s fate was?

What a knee-slapper there, prof!

But wait, Maher isn’t done yet — how dare people hold him accountable for, you know, his actual words?

“Misrepresent,” eh? Maybe he was just referring to bringing poor Yeller a bowl of water or something. Uh huh.

Have fun scanning through Maher’s Twitter feed. Try not to do it on a full stomach as it is chock full of anti-police and anti-Israel vitriol, which includes noting that Spring Valley HS’s principal respects “pro-pig” student walkouts.

Tuition at Drexel costs over $45,000 per year.

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