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Evergreen State professor: ‘I have no way of knowing whether it’s safe for me to return’

‘The college has never acknowledged the danger they put us in’

In the wake of the madness at Evergreen State College, the liberal professor at the heart of the controversy—who was forced to flee campus for fear of his safety—is still wary of returning.

Durning a recent appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Tonight on Fox News, Professor Bret Weinstien claims that “the college has never acknowledged the danger they put us in,” and that, as a result, “I have no way of knowing whether it’s safe for me to return.”

“Their assurances that it is safe don’t mean anything,” Weinstein said, adding: “Not that they’ve offered them.”

Weinstein noted that he had received “tremendous support” from outside Evergreen State, and “quite a bit of support, privately,” from within the school. Publicly, however, “only one other professor” at Evergreen has come forward to support Weinstein.

Weinstein became the center of the controversy at Evergreen State due to his having refused to leave campus for an anti-white “Day of Absence” demonstration, one in which all white faculty and staff were asked to leave school grounds. Students discovered an e-mail he wrote in defense of his actions and proceeded to verbally harass him outside his office. Shortly thereafter, Weinstein had to flee campus after police told him it was “not safe” for him to be there. Eventually, Evergreen State’s faculty demanded Weinstein be punished for his behavior. The president of the university eventually folded to numerous liberal student demands. At one point the college had to be evacuated due to a “direct threat to campus safety.”

“I certainly have duties to finish this year,” Weinstein told Tucker Carlson, “and I have no alternative employment. So my expectation is that I will have to go back.

“That said, it’s not exactly clear how I can go back to a campus where the administration and the faculty have invested so heavily in demonizing me.”

Watch the whole segment here.

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