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Snoop Dogg is coming to UNC and the feminists want to ban his concert

Snoop Dogg is coming to UNC and the feminists are up in arms. (Although when are they not up in arms?)

Apparently basing their event on the little known addendum to “Deeds, Not Words” — “Say No to Snoop Dogg!”– feminists are trying to get the university to ban Snoop Dogg’s concert (background on the concert itself here).

The feminists are arguing that Snoop Dogg’s lyrics are sexist, his actions are reprehensible, and he’s starred in pornography. All correct. Aside from his “Greetings Loved Ones- Let’s take a journey” intro to “California Gurls,” I’m not really much of a fan. And I do agree that his actions are reprehensible–but that doesn’t mean he ought to be banned from UNC.

As a campus, we really need to move on from the “I disagree with X so we need to ban it!” mentality. The beauty of a university like UNC is that we can facilitate discussion between many different points of view while disagreeing with what other people say.

Of course, the feminists’ argument reveals some ironies about protesting speakers on campus.

They complain he’s been arrested for sexual assault (untrue), he once led two women into an awards ceremony on leashes, and he’s disrespectful (to women).

Okay, he’s been arrested–does that mean people who’ve been arrested protesting the Iraq War can never speak on campus? I doubt they’d agree with that one.

He may have led those two women on leashes (which is just wrong), but they ignore the fact that these women must have consented to this. He could not have possibly coerced them to do this.

We’ve had many speakers on campus who are disrespectful to Christians, conservatives, etc. Why are they welcome, but a speaker who is disrespectful to women is not? I’m not saying we ought to disrespect women, it’s just a different standard.

The greatest irony of all, of course, is the fact that they are condemning art. The Left usually regards art as sacrosanct, untouchable and subjective (remember, you can’t judge art!), now they are claiming there are certain standards art must follow. I agree–but somehow these standards include photos of Jesus in urine, but not Snoop Dogg’s lyrics.

So, let’s dispense with all this nonsense. Let’s try to have an environment where we can disagree with a university event without trying to get it banned. Instead of banning the event, use it as a “teachable moment.” Print pamphlets about why Snoop’s lyrics are reprehensible. Instruct people on how women ought to be treated (chivalry, anyone?). That’s the most productive use of your time. Any thing else is forcing your beliefs on everyone else which is completely contrary to everything UNC stands for… and the Carolina Way.

Anthony Dent is an editor of the Carolina Review. He is a member of the Student Free Press Association.

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