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Israeli prof: Coronavirus crisis may be over in a few weeks, with or without lockdowns

‘This is how it is all over the world’

Yet another professor is offering a glimmer of hope amid a sea of doom-crying reports on the coronavirus pandemic, claiming that the outbreak may be over in just a few weeks, regardless of what any one country does regarding lockdowns and shelter-in-place directives.

Isaac Ben-Israel, head of the Security Studies program at Tel Aviv University, told Israel National News this week that simple observation of the virus’s global behavior indicates that it follows a simple pattern of rising infection and hospitalization rates that eventually level off nearly as quickly as they come.

This holds true whether or not a country has instituted lockdowns, as have many nations across the globe, or if they remained largely open, as is the case in Singapore, Sweden and numerous others.

Reflecting on his review of the epidemiological data in Israel, Ben-Israel told the paper:

The incidence of patients was greater by the day. This was during the first four weeks after the epidemic was discovered in Israel. As of the sixth week, the increase in the number of patients has been moderate, peaking in the sixth week at 700 patients per day. Since then it has been declining, and today there are only 300 new patients. In two weeks it will reach zero and there will be no more new patients

This is how it is all over the world. Both in countries where they have taken closure steps like Italy and in countries that have not had closures like Taiwan or Singapore. In such and such countries there is an increase until the fourth to sixth week, and immediately thereafter moderation until during the eighth week it disappears

Both the rise of the disease and its sharp decline “occur according to the same timeline,” Ben-Israel said, irrespective of whether or not a country locks down.

“I propose that we end the closures immediately after the current week. We will start increasing the workforce from 15 percent to fifty percent and in two weeks we will reach 100 percent,” Ben-Israel said, adding that individuals should still “take all the hygienic steps like wearing masks and keeping our distance from person to person,” and that the government should still ban large crowds for the time being.

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