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Obama is the best president ever…at filling out NCAA brackets

Obama’s bracket is beating the entire country. I don’t see how this is a good thing, but maybe with all of the pool money he wins he could erase the national debt or help kids pay off student loans. Just sayin.

Call me a glass-half-empty kind of guy, but I kind of view this as a lose/lose for the President.  I mean, there is one of two possibilities at work here. Either Obama is on par with college basketball experts like Jay Bilas, Bobby Knight, and Clark Kellogg, or he has undeniably the best, most brilliant, advisors in the world handing him golden information on a silver platter.

If it’s the first option, and Obama really is a college basketball genius, shouldn’t all of the college educated kids who can’t find jobs in this country be absolutely livid he wastes his time on Bracketology? Along with everyone else who can’t afford the Ramen noodles they’ve been eating for six weeks straight?

Like instead of watching mid-major conference games in December and guessing what color highlighter Digger Phelps is going to use, maybe get out there and handle a crisis or something? Mr. President, it’s really awesome that you picked Richmond to beat Vandy, but I’m pretty sure you have the entire Middle East about ready to explode. Don’t get me wrong, I get just as pumped over a 12 seed beating a 5 as the next guy, but I’ve got Arab dictators seeded at a 2 and the starving, oppressed masses at a 15. So maybe show me some real backbone and put more stock in that long-shot upset.

Now if it’s the latter option, and Obama really has some of the top minds in the world practically predicting the future for him, shouldn’t he be a little more adept at handling some of these issues?  I mean, his bracket is supposedly in the 99.9 percentile. Pretty impressive stuff. But why is college basketball the only thing he is excelling at right now? What about Afghanistan, jobs, world affairs, illegal immigration, national debt, etc….

Why doesn’t he listen to the experts on all of that stuff? There HAS to be someone out there that truly knows the best way to handle these things. Especially with the Middle East. Like, ok, time to develop some kind of policy, or just an official position, for the next inevitable uprising. I don’t know what that policy should be, but at least give me something.

It’s like with everything other than basketball, he has the smartest kids in school slipping him the Scantron answers in homeroom before every test, but instead of just trusting that yes, the same answer can be used more than once in the matching column, he always hesitates and gets inside his own head and puts AB when he should have gone with AC for the second time.  Get it together, Obama.

Jack Kiernan is a contributor to the Student Free Press Association.

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