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Brutal Sorority Hazing at Dartmouth

Dartmouth alumna Ravital Segal ’09 tells a harrowing story of survival at the hands of the Dartmouth chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma:

I was blindfolded with two of my fellow pledges. We were guided into the back seat of a car and one of our future sisters commanded us to chug the alcoholic punch that had been pre-prepared for each of us in individual 64-ounce water bottles. Simultaneously, I was handed numerous vodka shots from the older sister sitting in the front seat. Things happened quickly.

After what couldn’t have been more than a fifteen-minute drive, I was told to get out of the car. I did — but then I lost all consciousness. To this day, I have no idea what happened that night.

I woke up the following morning in the Intensive Care Unit at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. I wasn’t alone. I later learned that three other girls had also been admitted, each having overdosed on alcohol due to hazing rituals. Two were fellow pledges, and one was pledging another sorority, Sigma Delta.

I had bruises and cuts all over my body, two of my teeth were broken and I was intubated and restrained. The doctor informed me that I had entered the hospital with a .399 blood alcohol content. I soon learned that a .4 BAC is coma and death. I was literally one sip of alcohol away from dying…

Rolling Stone published a controversial story about Dartmouth’s out-of-control greek culture last month.

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