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News Flash: UC Denver May Have Missed Chance to Stop Aurora Killer

Startling news has emerged out of UC Denver–the university where the alleged theater killer James Holmes was enrolled as a PhD student. After one professor received a suspicious package, investigators did a full sweep of the university mail room. As a result of the search, investigators found an undelivered package with Holmes’s mailing address listed as the return address.

The package was addressed to a university psychiatrist. When authorities opened the package they found chilling documents, which detailed Holmes’s plans to carry out a massacre. The documents included illustrations, one of a stick-figure with a gun firing at other stick figures.

“Inside the package was a notebook full of details about how he was going to kill people,” a source told FoxNews.com. “There were drawings of what he was going to do in it — drawings and illustrations of the massacre.”

The source told FoxNews.com that the package had been sitting in the university’s mail room, undelivered, since July 12–more than a week before the shootings took place. Meanwhile, another source, which confirmed the existence of the undelivered package, could not confirm whether it had arrived before the shooting took place.

It remains unclear why the package was not delivered. Nevertheless, the prospect that this crime, in which a dozen people were killed and dozens more injured, could possibly have been prevented–if only a package from Holmes had been delivered in time for authorities to be alerted of Holmes’s plans–is sure to increase the sense of grief and tragedy surrounding the killings.

This story is still developing. Check back for updates as we await further details about the package and the ongoing investigation.

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UPDATE: This article originally misidentified the university where the package was found. It was UC Denver, not UC Boulder. The university is disputing the claim that it received the package on July 12, as FoxNews originally reported, but has offered no details on when the package was received.

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