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At Pre-Inauguration Church Service, Pastor Likens Obama to Moses

It’s bad enough some professors liken President Barack Obama to Jesus or a saint/prophet, but it’s worse when a pastor does it.

Nevertheless, the person worshipped at a Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church service this morning wasn’t Jesus. It was Obama. The president attended the service before his inauguration. The pastor, in his sermon, likened Obama to Moses facing the Red Sea, reports Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro:

“Obama, said (Rev. Ronald) Braxton, was just like Moses facing the Red Sea … forward is the only option … The people couldn’t turn around. The only thing that they could do was to go forward.” Obama, said Braxton, would have to overcome all obstacles – like opposition from Republicans, presumably, or the bounds of the Constitution. Braxton continued, “Mr. President, stand on the rock,” citing to Moses standing on Mount Horeb as his people camped outside the land of Israel.… Braxton added that Obama’s opponents were like the Biblical enemies of Moses, and that Obama would have to enter the battle because “sometimes enemies insist on doing it the hard way.” The service ended with the pastor leading the crowd in a chant of “Forward.”

As Shapiro notes, “This was no religious service. It was a worship service for the man Newsweek labeled ‘The Second Coming.’ ”

From the podium to the pulpit, Obama-worship knows no bounds.

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