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Indecent Exposure Charges Dropped In CMU Naked Pope Incident

Remember in late April hearing about the female Carnegie Mellon University student who dressed up as the pope – but was naked from the waist down with her pubic hair shaved like a cross – as she passed out condoms at a public campus art show?

She’s learned of her penance.

Indecent exposure charges were dropped, but she must perform 80 hours of community service.

KDKA-TV’s Andy Sheehan interviewed the woman’s attorney, asking if it was a plea bargain.

“We are not making the formal arguments, but my client was facing a serious charge and if she’d gone to trial and been convicted, there are certain legal ramifications that … may have some long-term implications,” Attorney Jon Pushinksky told KDKA/CBS. “She avoids all of that now and all of the charges will be withdrawn. She’ll have no record whatsoever.”

The news station added that in agreeing to the deal, the student and her attorneys “did not contest the charge on the basis of freedom of speech or artistic expression, but outside the court they maintained that her action would be protected under the first amendment.”

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