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Sex, Lies, and Real Estate: Scandal Engulfs President of Florida College

Suspicions of financial corruption have led to the unearthing of a troubled past for the president and founder of Dade Medical College in south Florida:

Ernesto Perez, founder and president of Dade Medical College, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons this month. As the Miami Herald reported June 8, the Miami-Dade State Attorney and the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission are conducting separate probes into why Homestead Mayor Steven Bateman pushed officials to sell Dade Medical College city land at a fraction of its value.

But buried in the Herald piece was a bizarre nugget: Perez had once been the frontman of a local rock band that was at the center of an underage sex scandal. Perez pleaded guilty and spent months in jail, the Herald reported, but the college president “bristled” when reporters brought it up…

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