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Latest Educational Trend: Make Campus a ‘Jesus-Free Zone’

Yesterday, we reported here on The College Fix about how officials at Thomas Nelson Community College attempted to enforce a virtual “Jesus-free zone” on campus, asking a student not to talk about Jesus on campus property because he “might offend someone.”

Today, we discovered that the creation of the “Jesus-free zone” in schools is becoming a national trend, not limited to college students, but extending all the way to grade school.

Free speech is under attack everywhere you look.

CBS News reports that a North Carolina 2nd grader was asked to re-write an essay because her teacher didn’t like the topic she chose:

A parent is upset after she said her daughter’s teacher did not accept her rough draft of her paper.

The students had to write about their hero and Heather Watts’ daughter said Jesus was her hero.

Watts’ daughter, Ryleigh, is a second-grader at Cerro Gordo Elementary School.

According to WECT-TV, Watts said her daughter’s teacher asked Ryleigh, “Can’t you write about something different?”

Read the full story here.

Now the Cerro Gordo school is backtracking, insisting that students are, in fact, allowed to write on any topic of their choosing. Hopefully that’s a reflection of officials’ true dedication to the 1st Amendment, not merely a reflection of their desire to avoid negative publicity.

It’s remarkable how quickly the right to free speech is cast aside these days in the name of tolerance, and with the supposed aim of not offending anyone. So many school officials fail to realize that making sure no one is ever offended is incompatible with the right to free speech.

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  • Proteios

    that’s a great rallying cry, ‘you might offend someone’. WHo wouldn’t get behind that.

  • MarkJ

    Seems to me college campuses are now also morphing into “intelligence-free zones”.

    I can state the above with some confidence: I work at a major research university.

  • Jesus will Reign One Day…

    That the Marxists,[Cultural Marxists/Liberal/Left], want to destroy the Foundation of Western Culture,[ Christianity] ,is nothing new,from Christianity comes most of our Cultures Values ..Truth, Justice ,and the American way of Life..
    In order to create a Totalitarion Secular Soviet Style Socialist State, all vestiges of Christian Culture must be Destroyed ,Transformed,or Marginilized to the Point of Irrelevance,since the 2 clashing idealogys cannot be integrated..

  • jumper297

    Ah the tolerant left… you can’t make this stuff up.