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Kent State mulls whether telling someone ‘You need Jesus’ is hate speech


Campus office that created the poster is mum

A Christian student leader is demanding an apology after a poster distributed by Kent State University asked if stating “You need Jesus“ could qualify as hate speech.

The public university’s Center for Student Involvement created and circulated the poster on Twitter last week. It was designed to promote an event on free speech issues as part of Kent State’s KENTTalks, which are intended to “provide a safe place for discussions and transformational experiences for our student body” and promote “civil discourse.”

Silhouetted activists on the posters hold a range of placards with messages, overlaid with the rhetorical question “free speech or hate speech?” Alongside provocative expressions including “No More Gays,” “Women Need To Serve Their Man” and “Build a Wall,” the fourth placard bears a nonviolent, basic expression of the Christian faith: “You need Jesus.”

Jared Small, president of the Campus Ministry International student organization, told The College Fix that the poster was inappropriate.

“The university should apologize because it appears to be targeted toward one political and religious side,” he wrote in an email:

They could have included hate speech against president Trump or hate speech against Christians as examples. In my opinion, free speech protects hate speech to an extent. However, the university appears to show a bias against Christians and conservatives.

Small later clarified he was speaking personally, not for his organization.

Prof. Amy Reynolds, the dean of Kent State’s College of Communication and Information, moderated last week’s KENTTalks panel discussion on free speech.

She told The Fix in an email that she had no involvement in creating the poster for the event: The Center for Student Involvement “created all of the promotional materials … I’m not sure what the process is/was.”

Neither Eric Mansfield nor Emily Vincent, the executive director and director of Kent State media relations, responded to repeated Fix queries. Neither did Kristan Dolan nor Rick Danals, assistant director and assistant dean of the Center for Student Involvement.

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‘Nobody wants to be told “You’re going to hell”‘

Jacob Brown, president of the Catholic Student Association, implied the posters were likely to refer to the hellfire preachers who visit campus “twice or so each year.”

“Do I think it constitutes hate speech? No. Should the university apologize? No,” he told The Fix in an email.

“Nobody wants to be told ‘You’re going to hell,’” Brown said. “As a ​leader of a religious student organization​, I put my face in my palm every time I see this [religious] protest,” which echoes the “zealousness” of Jesus in challenging the money changers in the temple but also comes across as “tasteless and without empathy.”

Brown urged students to understand the intentions of the protesting preachers, even if their message delivery is controversial. “They share this with you because they believe it is in your best interest,” he said. “I feel few students stop to consider this perspective.”

Christian students should also welcome the challenge of responding to those who accuse them of hate speech, because “a person’s convictions are useless in a vacuum,” Brown continued. “Sharing your ideas with those who agree with you isn’t testing validity, it’s just increasing popularity. … Embrace the trial by fire.”

Notably absent from the potential hate-speech slogans on the poster is a prominent example from Kent State’s recent history.

In 2011, an associate professor of history, Julio Cesar Pino, drew condemnation from campus leaders, students and faculty when he shouted “Death to Israel” at a Muslim Israeli diplomat of Bedouin heritage, Ismael Khaldi, who was speaking on campus.

Colin Cortbus is a university student in the United Kingdom.

CLARIFICATION: Jared Small later clarified to The Fix that he was not speaking for his organization. The article has been amended accordingly.

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IMAGE: Kent State University Center for Student Involvement/Twitter

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  • Jack Carter

    You’re not “going to hell.” You’re already in hell.
    “Hell” is your present psychological state.
    What is your present psychological state?
    Google or YouTube the writer Vernon Howard.

  • Really?

    Wow, really scrapping the bottom of the barrel there Kent State. So much for the first amendment and pursuit of knowledge. And where is the outcry from the left?? If this included liberals or muslims, the chest beating and moaning would be phenomenal.

  • Earn nest

    Colleges were lready left wing indoctrination centers in the 1970’s. I remember when a group burned the american flag we turned around and burned the Iranian flag but we were the ones who got in trouble.

  • joetumeroll

    Does the National Guard need to return to Kent State?

    • Dean Winchester

      SO you want a few people shot for not be able to say something about Jesus…..yup, sounds about right and reminds me why the numbers in your cult keep dwindling.

      • John D

        Moron. Change your last name. You don’t deserve to be named Winchester. More like pop gun

        • Dean Winchester

          I see, another nonjudging, peaceful :Christian” in my midst

          • Sorry to have to break it off up in you like this: Christ stated to keep a sword stashed, just in case. Here we are…..

      • Tactitus Talks

        You don’t want to get shot by the National Guard: don’t throw potatoes with razor blades in them. Don’t pull out a gun and shoot at them. That is why they were exonerated. One of the protestors opened fire. They don’t do that, no one will be shot.

        • Dean Winchester

          More who were not protesting were shot than not protesting…but, hey, I know you are easily fooled, I know the book you follow

          • Tactitus Talks

            I read the trial transcripts and saw the film, they were all protestors. The incident was tragic, but the protestors were at fault. Stop listening to your community college professors.

          • Dean Winchester

            community college? How quaint……boy you really got me there….oh boy

          • Tactitus Talks

            Its easy, though I am educated, classically – Jesuit High School and University- I see you are merely trained.

          • Dean Winchester

            Ya, I worked at a Jesuit University – oh the horror stories there – like the mass graves of babies dug up while renovating the building just behind where the nuns used to live…..St Louis University – look it up, genuis

          • Dean Winchester

            Says the Catholic who thinks he can buy his way into heaven with tithing, guilt and an occasional handie to the clergy

          • Karlov

            This guy is the very definition of “troll.” Pray for his soul but ignore him.

      • Tactitus Talks

        Oh the cult is atheism: More have died under atheism than were killed in wars since the time of Christ.

        • Dean Winchester

          uh huh keep believing that when you fail to realize that the religion you follow, even with one death on its hands, makes it a failure. But ya, keep going with that flawed logic – you should be used to it by now. All Hail Jesus, the first zombie

          • Xmanx59

            Curious “one death on its hands, makes it a failure” I would assume by your previous statements that you are an atheist ? If that is true atheism has the death of millions on its hands would that then mean you are also following a failed ideal ?

        • I wouldn’t agree. Of course, even though I am considered an atheist, I am also a Republican…Not every atheist is some militant out there preaching against religion and god. My answer when asked has always been, “While I respect your beliefs, I simply do not share them.”

      • Shagnasty1

        I understand your point but the students shot were making physical treats against the Guard. What would you do if somebody was about to physically attack you? I know, run and hide but the Guard was not there to be aggressors, which they weren’t, but not there to run and hide either.

      • Bruce Kramer

        And I bet you think cowardly Antifa members are saints…

    • 67orbust

      No, the parents need to pull their funding out of these schools. Communist Administrators care about one thing. $$$$

    • Absolutely! It shut up the bolshevik hippies for a generation. Now they’re back thanks to the obamanauts. Now they have the nukes. Stay vigilant.

    • RedStateSteve

      and bring more ammo, and aim better

  • lysosome

    They will ban “You need Jesus”, but will approve of “You need Allah”.

    • Dean Winchester

      Those of us with a good mind would let both be said…..I am not swayed by the words of idiots, neither should you be

      • John D

        Yet you attempt to sway others with your ignorant drivel.

        • Dean Winchester

          I have never had an atheist, buddhist, taoist, muslim or atheist knock on my door to “sway” me, but the bible thumpers sure do…..Are you on some holy quest go challenge every statement I make? Almost like you are trying to quiet me and not allow me to speak…..hmmm.. seems familiar to me for some reason.

          • Tactitus Talks

            You must go absolutely neurotic for beer commercials, deodorant commercials, upset stomach commercials, norden implant commercials. They don’t even knock on your door, they impose themselves on you 20 minutes on the hour on television.

          • Dean Winchester

            I don;t watch TV….anything else?

          • Tactitus Talks

            But you are not outraged at the fact companies do that, you are a hypocrite. Selective outrage.

          • SlaveRaidr

            Why is it so hard to believe that all people have sinned and need a savior in order to go to Heaven to be with GOD?
            What exactly ticks you off about the concept? The people who believe, or the belief itself?

          • bugandco

            Why is it so hard for you to understand that you are insane?

          • msb204

            Why because they believe in something you don’t? It isn’t hard for me to believe you don’t even fully know the definition of the words you use.

          • pop8660

            He has hope of Eternal Life, and a guarantee of this through the Resurrection.

            This is not insanity, but faith in the facts.

          • bugandco

            Facts do not require faith. Eternal Life for you and hell for the nonbelievers

          • pop8660

            Read the Bible and pray for understanding.

            If you do this sincerely it will be given to you.

            If you are merely snarking then why should I answer you?

          • SlaveRaidr

            If I am insane for having faith in JESUS it is only because I am crazy about salvation and eternal life and would hope that everyone could be as crazy.

          • HankReardon77

            That people think there is actual science behind it. You want to believe in pixie dust that’s great. Call it pixie dust, but don’t tell people in the age of reason that it’s anything but. I also find it absurd that people think they know the voice of god, like they were born with the manual attached to their hip. Belief in god is a total act of philosophy. To tell anyone with a straight fact there was an actual is revelation is a sham because whatever it is that is revealing to you their godliness hasn’t even taken the time to prove they are in actuality the creator of the universe. It also begs the question as to why does a god need human beings like us to judge. It’s very pedestrian at that level. We don’t need a savior for our sins. We need to just own up to our mistakes and make peace with our family & friends by learning how not to be f-ups to each other. Instead we delve into the world of mysticism instead of the doing the hard work of developing empathy. I have seen more narcissism on display from religious leaders in the world of organized religion. That’s not really a productive use of our time.

          • Xmanx59

            Don’t look to the sinner for revelation of the savior.

          • pop8660

            You are a fool who is using a lot of words to prove that fact.

            You see only what you want to see, not the Truth.

            You rail at what you do not understand and call people who know what you DO NOT know to be “absurd” and a “sham”.

            The simple fact is you reject the Truth and are not content with you being the only one, you must make converts to your nihilistic outlook.

          • HankReardon77

            I understand that you don’t understand how to ascertain truth. Think about this carefully. Human beings do not have a guide book to know what god sounds like who god actually is. So anyone or anything that attempts to represent that notion is wholly unverifiable. Thus, any texts that you are trying to base your notions on have no actual verifiability. And that is crucial. If you don’t get this point, I cannot help you understand where I am coming from. You can make an assumption that there is a god but you don’t know. What you can’t remotely do is determine that there is a god actually interacting with human beings because it’s completely unverifiable. You’re in hoax territory. It’s like a bunch of people coming to you and telling you they saw UFOs without having the aliens driving them actually have a real press conference and verify where it is they came from. You would have to be able to get a blood sample as well to determine who it is you are interacting with. I know this is hard to understand real science, and again that is fine. I understand how null hypothesis testing works. The fool is the person who doesn’t understand that notion. I’m not mad at you for not getting that. You have your journey and I have mine. I’m just further along the way then you are. Keep working at it. I’m sure you’ll eventually find the truth.

          • Melvin Mitchell

            Yeh, not further along, just boxed in with your own version of faith.

          • agentreddoll

            Your “scientific” truth is not the same as our truth nor do we want to believe your so-called truth. Just because you cannot prove something does not mean it is not true or not there. Having faith is much much harder than just believing in science so I applaud those who believe in Jesus and pray for those who use science as an excuse. Those of us who truly believe will not be swayed by your words.

          • GM556

            “Thus, any texts that you are trying to base your notions on have no actual verifiability”.

            What makes Christianity different than any other religion is that in “our” text, the Bible, which was written over hundreds of years by various authors contains prophesies of events in the future that actually happened as foretold. This is the evidence that God gives us so that we can know it is a holy book from God and that only God can see the future. In addition, Christianity is the only world religion that says you don’t have to work for salvation but God paid the price for our sins for us. Only the true God of the universe (who is love) would operate this way. Every other religion demands we do something for our salvation. Christianity just says believe in the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

          • ICBM

            HR77–I’ve yet to see you use “real” science in any of your arguments–you’re just using your “faith.” “Real” science said that the Archaeoraptor was real–it was a fabrication of many different animal bones.

          • pop8660

            There are a host of people who know God interacts with humans, as He is interacting with them.

            Speaking of your “journey”, it will end in your death in your economy.

            My life on earth will end the same way except that we are souls with bodies, not just bodies.

            How do you explain emotion? Love? Devotion? Hate? Are they merely chemicals? What makes your “chemicals” further along than mine?

            Your materialist view does not cohere with what we know about ourselves, yet you choose to ignore it. You are simply spiritually blind as many other are.

            Our souls will live on to our eternal reward.

            If you don’t understand this, then you are the one not as far along on your “journey”.

          • Julie

            Study the lives of the saints.

          • cestes

            The natural man is not able to engage in spiritual discernment. Only the spiritual man is capable of that. Those who love and follow Jesus Christ look not to the things which are seen. Those things are temporal. I can assure the world will pass away. Practicing Christians look to the things which are unseen as these are eternal. A close relationship with Jesus Christ and a following of His example is the only answer for the brokeness of man. The compassion, love, healing, wisdom, humility and sharing of Christ is something the world desperately needs. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men and the weakness of God is stronger than men, the Gospel is good news. The blood shed on Cavalry is power to save us from the bondage of a life of sin. It is truly liberating!! We don’t have to live in slavery and oppression. For if you commit sin you are a servant of that same sin.

          • WICheesehead98

            Close, but the power of the cross was and is to save us from death, the second death. I still sin and so do you. Technically speaking, we are not “saved” just yet, but we do have the promise of salvation. Jesus can’t return soon enough.

          • cestes

            I agree He can’t return soon enough, but Jesus died that we all might be saved, through grace which comes by faith. Yes, we all sin daily but Christ delivers some of us from lives of addiction or immortality and more so we are not slaves to this world forever. Our righteousness comes because of Him.

          • Philadelphian

            We do evil, but do not sin, since we are freed from the Law of Works. We are ‘Dead in Christs death’ for us. We live because He lives and His perfection is imputed to us by faith in His sacrifice for us and His resurrection. He was begotten by God when He was resurrected from the dead, and we with Him. We who are in Him have eternal life right now, not in this mortal fleash, but in His immortal Spirit. Christ in you, the hope of Glory forever and every.

          • cestes

            I think sin is evil, so is iniquity and transgressions, but otherwise we agree. God saves and is the answer to the world’s ills. Blessings

          • Julie

            Evil is the effect of the act of sin.

            We all are predestined to heaven because God loves all of us, but we have free will and it is a working of grace in relationship with Christ, to chose and grow in Him.

          • WICheesehead98

            Amen Sister

          • HankReardon77

            It’s an answer if you like pixie dust. But if you want to ascertain truth you use the scientific method and you quickly realize that the pseudoscientists and their religious cohorts are living fantasy. But there are people that like fantasy. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of reality or at least my reality, you can spend eternity inside your hole.

          • cestes

            Who determined the dimensions of the earth? Who set nature and science in motion? Who hung Orion, Pleades, and Mazzaroth? Who commands the waves and wind? Who took dirt in His hands, formed a human in His likeness, and breathed life into his nostrils? Who knows the ordinances of the heavens and provides the raven his food? It is Almighty God and He loves you beyond measure.

          • Covfefeghost

            Do you have any actual proof of that?

          • cestes

            Yes, I have proof. Jesus Christ walked the earth, his apostles gave a first hand account of His life and teachings. First Century historians wrote extensively about Him and His followers. He is the most influential being to inhabit planet earth. More books have been written about Him, more songs have been composed and works of art dedicated to Him than all others combined. Every time you write the date you reference His being. He lives today and will offer the peace that passes all understanding to anyone asking. Blessings

          • Covfefeghost

            Telephone game doesn’t count as any kind of solid evidence. For one thing, people have attested that the world is flat. However I wasn’t asking if a common man existed, I was asking for solid proof that a deity formed the planet, set its dimensions, created humans, moves winds, and waves in the oceans, set stars in the sky, etc. You made a definitive statement, now where’s the proof of said statement?

          • cestes

            I gather from your response you accept Jesus Christ as a historical figure but question His diety status. You are not alone. Scripture tells us, He came unto His own, and His own received Him not. They were eye witness to many miracles, wonders, and deeds and still did not believe He was God’s only son. Even, Thomas did not accept the Ressurection, until he put his hands into the wounds. I and many others believe because we’ve witnessed miracles in our lives and it further strengthens our faith in Biblical first hand accounts. I am living proof as I survived an accident I should not have and it’s only by the grace of God. I see God in every sunrise, every birth, in the beauty and variety of nature and many other things, but that’s because He has touched me in miraculous and deep ways. I choose to see and hear Him in nature, in Love, in His ability to heal, and restore. Blessings.

          • Melvin Mitchell

            She’s not the one with a closed mind living in a hole…

          • bsudduth

            “But if you want to ascertain truth you use the scientific method…” Is that statement true? Did you use the scientific method to ascertain that?

          • Julie

            Faith and reason should work together….and faith is revealed by empiricism…one can find similar or same experiences of people throughout the entire world, now and in the past of mystical experiences.

            Problem gets down to what kind of experiences.

            You then go into a moral dimension…do these experiences lead us to truth, beauty, a common sense of humanity or to evil, self destruction, etc.?

          • Julie

            God can speak truth in myths.

            There is a greater reality in eschatology…who am I, where did I come from, where am I going….

            True faith in God always leads us to become more human and more humane.

          • Julie

            If you are in sin, grave sin, you are not in the Church which draws on the life of Christ.

          • cestes

            We all fall short and come short of the glory of God. Jesus Christ is the only hope for reconciliation.

          • Julie

            Yes. We need to always work to be dependent on Him alone, as the psalms exhort, and if we stumble, to call on Him, ask forgiveness, and be restored…and move on.

            We are not to pass on judgment on other people, any one. And the moment we see someone we don’t like for whatever reason, we are likewise to pray immediately for help and charity instead of condemnation. So easy to fall into it in these times of great societal divisions.

            Pray! always fast do penance…most powerful now.

          • Eric Christen

            A “productive” use of our time is, in your world, is pursuing “enlightened” humanism where “reason” and “science” rule. Like we had under the Cult of Reason during the French Revolution (200K killed because they were simply Christians) and under communism in the 20th century (130 million killed). Honestly, you atheist assholes make the Islamists look tame.

          • HankReardon77

            Christianity claimed plenty when plenty of Catholics turned away their empathy toward Jews and others as the Nazis made us of anti-Jewish sentiment from the Protestant and Catholic world. It might have made the four Crusades look petty. Let’s not also forget how Christians massacred native Americans.

          • Melvin Mitchell

            You also need to learn history before you post…

          • Julie

            Making broad statements here. Most German Catholics voted against the Nazis and the Church opposed it. Part of the trouble went back to rumors about parts of the Talmud where maledictions against Christ were professed, etc…..that there were popes who forbid copies inside Rome.

          • john cummins

            Best answer yet, and precisely correct. Humanism/atheism when systematically applied to government will always lead to massive amounts of human suffering and mass murder, period. History shows this clearly but the half-brained pseudo scientists on here haven’t a clue how to even slightly think. They try to pit science against religion when anything other than FakeScience and JunkScience always support religion (Christianity, not the rest).

          • Eric Christen

            Yeah, when your legacy is everything from the Cult of Reason (French Revolution) to Nazism and communism (“science” based all) you have to have a serious lack of self awareness to be going after other faiths. Like I said, even the Islamists look like rank amateurs compared to the atheists.

          • Gary

            Reason and Logic support the Christian Faith of an intelligent Creator; whereas atheistic naturalism cannot account for Reason and Logic in a random/chaotic evolving universe!

          • HankReardon77

            Scientists are doing it all the time. When’s the last time you watched PBS space time or read peer-reviewed articles from Physics journals.

          • Melvin Mitchell

            I watch and read them often, just because someone has faith in God does not mean that they cannot have faith in science too, after all there is no true scientist in the world who would ever say that something is impossible, only improbable. The instant that you discount something is the instant that you become closed minded to limitless possibilities. I once watched a show where Michio Kaku stated that traveling faster than the speed of light was impossible therefore he has placed himself in a box and can never see outside of that box, in other words, he is closed minded and not much of a scientist and has limited himself. IF he were a Christian then he would be much better off and a much better scientist because as a Christian you believe that all things are possible through God and you are free to explore those possibilities. In fact most of the earth changing discoveries that have happened in the past 100 years were discovered by devout Christians or Jews. So, sorry to burst your bubble but you are wrong, but then that is another thing that has been given to you by Christians, basic human freedom to exercise your free will and either believe or not…

          • ICBM

            HR77–peer review does not make it true–In August 2015, the publisher Springer retracted 64 articles from 10 different subscription journals “after editorial checks spotted fake email addresses, and subsequent internal investigations uncovered fabricated peer review reports,” according to a statement on their website.1 The retractions came only months after BioMed Central, an open-access publisher also owned by Springer, retracted 43 articles for the same reason. Haug, C. J. (2015, Dec. 17). Peer review fraud–Hacking the scientific publication process. Retrieved from http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp1512330#t=article

          • Covfefeghost

            No, logic and reason supports the contrary.

          • Eric Christen

            Good avatar though. I liked him.

          • Melvin Mitchell

            The age of reason??? That is a total crock. People have faith today in A LOT worse and deceptive things today, without any scientific reasoning, than in any time in the history of man.

          • thebeerczar

            EXACTLY! Climate Change is a great example.

          • HankReardon77

            I agree with that statement, but when I say age of reason I mean that we don’t live in the pre-science world where people knew nothing other than the deceptions of faith.

          • Philadelphian

            Because you are about as aware of God as a frog is doesn’t make God less real. Bet you are an ‘atheist,’ and have the mark of the beast, Evolution, and believe a cell just appeared without the aid of any programed design, which is what DNA is, written by God

          • spaniel

            As I understand it: The world hates Jesus, and Gods Word, because it testifies against the evil of the world.
            Christians, are Ambassadors for Christ, thats why the world hates us (Christians)….the world might say “its nothing personal” !
            We hate you for Christs’ sake.

          • gotham1883

            Well said.

          • Philadelphian

            Only people under the Law have sinned. The world is not under anything but the law of conscience, which, sadly the vast, vast, majority have none toward God and their fellow man. The nation of Israel, not ‘jews’, was given the contract with God, to , they thought earn eternal life through being perfect, as He is perfect, when no flesh could or can please God. The other peoples on the earth are just spiritually dead animals in God’s eyes, not men..
            God Himself came in the flesh and did it for all whom he chose to believe. It is the gift of God. No one finds God, they get deceived by the god of this world. Remember The Lord Jesus said that many would come in His name, as preachers saying He, The Lord Jesus was Christ, and deceive many. Paul said it was a gospel containing parts of the truth but twisted to cause people to err the way that seams right to a man but the end is death.

          • Eric S

            You err. “ALL have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God”

          • Philadelphian

            All who are under the law have sinned. If you are not under the law, you may be evil, but you don’t sin anymore than any other animal does.

            Only Israel was ever under the Law and needed a Saviour from the death penalty awaiting any who failed in the least thing. Israel was freed from the law by the death in our stead by Jesus Christ, God with Us’s death for every member of Israel scattered throughout all the world throughout all time, and a second chance will be given in the millennium to all the children of Adam. Not all the people of the world, will be brought back in the fleshly restoration at that time, but Adam only.

          • Melvin Mitchell

            WOW, can you even put together a coherent thought??? I can almost make sense of what you write but then it just spirals into gibberish.

          • Philadelphian

            You can’t see that’s all. Narrow is the way, and as Christ said, let him that has ears to hear, hear.

          • Julie

            Scripture says a just man sins 7 times a day.

          • pop8660

            In a word, pride.

          • FairnessDoctrine

            Good. Hopefully 1000 African and muslim refugees infect your neighborhood rather than 1000 nice white families who believe in G-D, since you despise them so much.

          • Dean Winchester

            I see, so racism is a trait in your organization also….how nice…should swell the ranks greatly…..

          • Giantmetoer2016

            and I’ve never had one of these doorknockers ever threaten too or actually try to cut my head off because I can’t recite passages from their holy book in their language, plus last time I checked Christians weren’t throwing gays off of rooftops. I would take living near Christians over muslims any day of the week.

          • Jonathan Schultz

            Door knockers live the value system of love your neighbor as your self. No violence ,theft, vandalism, they have an ethical mandate to come to your aid, if your house is on fire, or similar situation, Lastly they cant be hypocrites, that would negate any good actions. Yeah good neighbors for sure.

          • HankReardon77

            How about don’t trespass on my private property. You weren’t invited onto my property or into my personal space.

          • HankReardon77

            I think there’s plenty of emotional bullying happening from Christians that is just as toxic.

          • jehanne

            [you said >>> “I have never had an atheist, buddhist, taoist, muslim or atheist knock on my door to “sway” me, but the bible thumpers sure do…..”]

            Well it just may be that you are being very selective as to how you judge the value and worth of a religion. So someone knocked on your door. Did they force you to do anything? Is that all it takes to call the 2000 year efforts, sacrifices and contributions of the Christian faith as something horrible for mankind? If so, then I submit you do not want Christianity to be true because it impedes on some other part of your life that you do not want anyone saying is wrong. Who knows? Just learn to be hones with yourself and with the reality of life and death and God. It may make a huge difference to you and those dear to you.

          • Eric S

            Just let him go. If he wants to go to hell so badly let him do it.

          • The Dog

            I have never had a “bible thumper” come to my door and I live in the “Bible Belt”. Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons, yes but never a “bible thumper”. The Jehovah Witnesses are the closest to “bible thumpers”. (I have other groups, not associated with the Bible come and talk to me. AND, I have Political Progressives/Liberals/Leftist come and condemn me for asking questions about what they say. Remember: Progressivism is a Religion in the USA.)

            So, I call “bullshit”. I think you’re shooting blanks, Winchester!

          • Libertarian

            Those evil “Bible thumpers.” The nerve of them trying to save you from hell.

          • nocboy

            It’s amazing that the Middle East just happens to have so many Muslims. Do you think they go door to door there? Of course not. They just make a law that it’s illegal to not be Muslim. Try going to a Muslim bakery and ask for a cake for a homosexual wedding. Atheists won’t knock – they’re just indoctrinating kids in the schools and waiting for them to grow up.

          • Karlov

            Troll. Ignore.

          • DixieRocker94

            You’ll never have a Christian, atheist, Buddhist, Taoist, etc threaten you for being not their religion.

          • siylencedogood

            What do you think a Christian has to gain for themselves by sharing the Gospel with you?

            We are commanded to share the Gospel – (that Jesus Christ died to pay for the sins of the world so that whoever believes in Him may be saved by His Gift of Grace (unmerited favor).) If a person rejects Jesus’ gift of Grace, they will be held to account for their own sins against God, and as sinners deserving hell ourselves – saved by faith in Christ, we would not wish that fate on even our worst enemy.

            2 Peter 3:9New International Version (NIV)

            9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

            Convincing one’s self that God doesn’t exist will not be a defense.

          • cestusdei

            Atheists harass us all the time. Yes, even on the street nowadays. For people who don’t believe in God they spend a lot of time thinking about him, railing against him, and attacking his followers.

          • georgevarner

            That’s because athiests already have a license to hammer everybody in the public schools.

          • RudyRight

            Dean: Buddhists, at least real ones, don’t proselytize. They can’t, because real Buddhists are born into the religion, at least from what I understand. You can’t become an actual Buddhist, though you can study it and follow it.

            That said: I don’t think the “bible thumpers” knocking at your door are everyday Christians, I think those would be Witnesses, and proselytizing is part of their deal. It’s annoying, but I do appreciate the fact that there’s worse they could be doing. I’m nore inclusive than they, so it bothers me that they so openly dismiss others’ beliefs. I’m the type of Christian that knows my creator is more powerful than I could ever understand, and that my perception of him/her/it could be wrong. So I just try to live a decent life and appreciate others who do, too, regardless of why they’re doing it or under what banner.

            You mention Muslims: From the Quranic interpretations I’ve read, conversion to Islam is welcomed, but also in some cases forced. While many Muslims may be more relaxed, just like in other religions, it seems some folks very rigidly interpret the recorded word and can be somewhat militant.

            Atheists, they don’t knock on your door, but they sure do love to promote atheism, and often with a very bad attitude. Atheists I’ve met aren’t satisfied with saying “This is what I think,” they have to tell you why what YOU think is wrong.

            You have to realize, there’s a difference between trying to share your religious beliefs to those who may be seeking, and bothering people. Some of the rallies and such you see aren’t so much about the religion as they are about crazy people being way overzealous and sometimes not really following the spirit of the religion.
            Taoist: No idea, don’t even know if I’ve ever met any.

          • Eric Christen

            You poor dear. Are you going to be OK? I mean I’m sure you’re mentally equipped to defend your insane supposition that something can come from nothing, right? Goodness, the crosses one must bare to live in times where people come to your door spreading the Gospel. The horror! I guess you can be thankful they don’t lop your head off when you tell them they are following a false sky god.

          • Jonathan Schultz

            As a door knocker. I respect your view point. Consider our visits a health and wellness spiritual home visit, to share a positive message from the Bible. No we dont want to quiet you, it is enjoyable to speak to those who are aware and engaged in world events.

          • Masseur

            You are a rarity. I’ve had mooslimes tell me I’m going to die if I don’t convert; I’ve been preached to by atheists (the irony); I’ve had “bible thumpers” at my front door ASKING me if I have time to hear their POV but, they politely leave when I politely turn them away as I already have Jesus Christ in my life. Perhaps one day you shall be able to fill the void in your life.

            Anyway, this Kent State story is a prime example of the insanity of these times.

          • john cummins

            Bible thumpers have something to thump and tote, the other religions got nothing but pain and misery..

          • Melvin Mitchell

            Who is trying to quiet you??? He was just explaining that you post ignorant drivel, it’s just pointing out a fact. If I used your same reasoning then it could be said that you are trying to restrict the free speech of anyone who disagrees with you.

          • gotham1883

            Maybe their goals are different. Christians want to save you. Atheists don’t care. Buddhists and taoists are totally self centered. Muslims want to kill you.

        • Steve

          What is ignorant about that statement? He is merely saying that there should be free speech.

      • Tactitus Talks

        Then don’t listen to yourself.

        • Dean Winchester

          I prefer not to “listen” to some god voice speaking to me guiding my actions…..cannibal

          • Brian Barkley

            Don’t you like your Creator endowed inalienable rights?

          • Dean Winchester

            Creator does not equate to just your christian god, moron….try reading in depth rather than the cliff notes version of your nations founding documents.

          • Brian Barkley

            Personally, I think the entirely spiritual concept that all men are created equal is elegant for a government.

          • Tactitus Talks

            It also means, that government does not give them to you, you are born with them, and it is the job of government to protect them.

          • Brian Barkley

            And so many people don’t even know this.

          • Yes, born with them simply by virtue of your existence. The government does not give you rights. That is why they are described as inalienable.

          • Philadelphian

            All men obviously are and were not created equally save that they were all born. The only equality on earth is the fact that all will die in the flesh save the remnant of the Israel of God at His coming.

          • Brian Barkley

            We, as a nation, declare and defend a Christian concept of man.
            Neither Islamism nor any of the Marxist governmental models will even consider concepts like free will and Creator endowed inalienable rights.

          • ConstitutionParty93

            um, yes it does. They werent referring to Vishnu, Allah, Zeus. It was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

          • Tactitus Talks

            That is what they were referring to. 99% of the framers of the Declaration of Independence were Christian. The “deist” excuse is crap.

          • Philadelphian

            There is only one God. You do not know Him or those that are His. You, without Christ, have the same future before you as has a dead dog. Just this wretched life of grasping for stuff, name calling, Christ hatred, then death forever.

          • Most of the founding fathers were deist, not Christian. The term Creator was used as a catch all, not to signify the Christian god. This is well documented.

          • Jeff McMullen

            Dean if people don’t want you speaking its because you don’t have anything intelligent to say but don’t realize it and get on others’ nerves because of it. BTW, cannibalism and the Moloch cult are of Satan and the reason God came here to clean house. The Eucharist is meant to be a safe deflection of the real thing. It’s purpose is to obviate killing and eating children as a ritual sacrifice. If you were as bright as you think you are, you would know that but you’re not and don’t.

          • Tactitus Talks

            Then don’t listen. Why are you all so neurotic.

      • Sojourner Mist

        Good to see Deany boy has all the answers. Deany needs to write a book of life’s answers. I’d imagine it will outsell the Bible, Koran and any other that’s been written.

      • Nice try, progtard.

      • BanditnBella

        Anyone with a good mind would never think You need Allah, is a good thing. Unless you’re a terrorist.

      • malinse

        I appreciate your sense to allow speech. Thank you. Now how do we get your message to the quaking snowflakes who are afraid of free speech? It’s as if they really know they are being given the Truth and they want it to STOP so they won’t have to hear it.

        • I don’t even think it is that…to be honest, I blame their parents and the educators who enable this foolishness. This is the product of the Participation Trophy generation. They have allowed these kids to be raised with this entitlement mentality.

      • lysosome

        I’m certainly not swayed, but then I’m not a university student. It is the students who are being intimidated into accepting this leftist crap that worries me, they are voters after all and elections have consequences.

    • ChicoCDM

      Of course. Islam is simply a theocratic version of Marxism.

      • Dean Winchester

        Islam was first, reverse your statement….it looks right, just put Marxism first

      • dekai kuma

        Islam is a death cult not a religion!

        • Philadelphian

          Marxism is entirely jewish and satanic in origin. Islam is a vicious twisted form of Judaism.

          Abraham was the father of MANY nations.

          • American Freeman

            Show me in the bible where it say’s a government should forcefully take from one and give to another. The bible only speaks of charity not forced governmental theft.

          • gotham1883

            It is a bastardization of the tribal mentality. Initially Christians actually tried socialism. It failed miserably. Thru the centuries Christians have tried socialism in one form or another and it always fails. Until America private land ownership existed only at the allowance of the King.

          • malinse

            No Christians, led by the true Spirit of God, succeeded greatly. They gave and shared with each other out of their possessions. It was later that that practice ceased just like others because they moved away from following close to God and were influenced and infiltrated by the worlds lusts and greed.

            There are still some today who try to practice true religion, but it’s difficult with the allure of the world’s system of vanity and self-seeking desires of the flesh.

            But God always has a remnant that are His own true followers.

          • Philadelphian

            They tried true communism, and that form of Godliness is completely evil without God at it’s center controlling it, not evil men.

          • malinse

            I said the first Christians gave of what they had to each other because they were led by the Spirit of God. That is “God at it’s center”.

          • Julie

            That was essentially the Church of Jerusalem, the very first church whose members also fled in the Diaspora.

            Such community life is easy with small numbers and of essentially the same culture.

          • Julie

            Christianity grew throughout the ancient world. The Church from its beginning had to implement the teachings and traditions by the apostles to integrate with the local cultures of different languages, customs, histories…enemies.

            It basically drew on a mystical dimension of faith to fit all peoples and times.

            Failure is more reflective of both the individual and the culture….as was with the Protestant Reformation that was partially political as well, and bad popes coming out of the papal states, the Medici and Borgia families within the Holy oman Orthodox empire.

          • a08177

            malinse – Sharing possessions is NOT socialism. Socialism is taking; not sharing.

          • a08177

            gotham – when have Christians tried socialism. I know of once. The Jews did it in the Bible, but only during war time and only to have as many survive as possible. And there was a group of puritans (I think) that tried it in the “New World” and they starved.

          • American Freeman

            As I said the bible does not push socialist forms of government. I’ve known some people who said Jesus was a socialist and every time I ask them to show me they can’t.

          • Texas Engineer

            Taxes are forced government theft and Jesus said this about it …”render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s”.

          • Krista Woodrunner

            Closest you’re going to get is:

            Luke 20:25 And He said to them, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

            There is no biblical concept of “redistribution of wealth”. In the year of jubilee the land rights are returned to the tribe who is the rightful land owner, but I don’t know anything else like this.

            Even Paul, while approving of the communal living situation had this to say:
            2 Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either.

          • GordonRanger

            Interesting thing about Christ’s response with respect to the coin: technically the only thing that belonged to Caesar was his imprinted image, the metal on which it was imprinted still, belongs to God.

          • American Freeman

            so no welfare.

          • Pat J

            Jesus acknowledged the right of the state to collect taxes when asked. He replied “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto G*d that which is G*d’s.”

          • 1tymtrvlr

            hillary 1:1, obama 1:2, oh wait, that’s from the satanic bible!

          • Julie

            At the early Christian Mass, its intent, parts, spirit, and tone the same today — only those who had the means supported the widows and orphans, and likewise, they gave freely…no 10%, which was done only in particular times in the Old Testament.

          • GordonRanger

            Thou shalt not covet (i.e. root vice of socialism)

          • Melvin Mitchell

            You are simply clueless.

          • gotham1883

            Marx was Jewish. Lenin was Jewish. Engels was Jewish. Trotsy was Jewish. Stalin took his name in admiration of the Jews. Most leaders of Communism in the USA today are Jewish. Communism and Hollywood are two versions of the Jewish mafia. Get you facts together before you say something stupid.

          • GoldenRudy

            Irving Berlin, George & Ira Gershwin, Dr Salk, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Jerry Lewis, etc were all Jews. The Kennedy Klan was/is supposedly Irish. I hope you do not put all Irishmen in the same category as the Kennedy Klan.

          • Mark

            So what? Gotham 1883 was simply listing some of the crimes committed by Jews against the humanity. It is a very long list.

          • malinse

            Jesus IS Jewish.

          • Agincourt

            Jesus was not a Pharisee

          • malinse

            No, but He is the Great Shepard King, Who sits on the throne of the shepard-king David of Israel.

          • Skidmark Goatcabin


          • malinse

            What what?

          • Agincourt

            David did not practice Talmudism
            David was not a Pharisee

          • malinse

            That’s like saying; because all the presidents up until Barack Obama were white men, then America is white men.

            Anti-semitism is an ugly thing and was begun by Satan long before you.

          • Mark

            How can the truth be antisemitic?

          • malinse

            What truth? Be specific please. And not vague.

          • Mark

            Don’t act stupid. You know very well I was talking about what Gotham 1883 wrote.

          • Mark

            Amen brother! It is great to read a post from someone who knows history.

          • Maineiac

            Actually Communism is atheistic at best and they were no more Jews than Soros. Most of those you speak of in the USA are ultraliberal for their religion.

          • Julie

            He would be the cause of the rise and fall of many in Israel……

            The first Christians and the Church was essentially Jewish.

            The foundation of Catholicism/Orthodoxy is Judaism.

          • gotham1883

            Muhammed twisted the old and new testaments to create his book. The book of islam is literally a practice in 6 century science fiction.

          • malinse

            Yes Marx was a Jew, but to say that makes Marxism Jewish only show the ugliness of your sick soul. I think if we looked into your family tree there might be abominations you wouldn’t be proud of Phiilly.

            “Jewish” is the nomenclature given to those who practice Judaism from the term for the Tribe of Judah. It is the only religion ordained by God and given to a particular people. God showed them how to worship and live according to His Law and morality. (And I’m not Jewish I’m a Christian.)

          • Philadelphian

            The law was ordained by angels and given to Israel through a mediator. God did not ordain it. He does not make mistakes, nor as the impossible of mortal men. He fulfilled the law, no man or angel could do it, and the Darkness knew it.

            Idumeans, Amalekites, children of Esau were the original jew the people of Judah feared. They became the leaders of the religion and government of Judah at the time of Christ. Herod was the Idumean king of Judah.

            “The people feared the jews” do the people fear themselves?

            You are simply in ignorance and probably believe that those Khazars in Palestine are actually Israel, and Judah as well. They are Gog and Magog, the Khazar Khan was called the king of the north. Now call these pearls evil.

          • malinse

            God gave Moses the law and the commandments, and the ordinances that were to be performed as worship (Religion). And He told the Children of Israel, the twelve Tribes- from Rueben to Benjamin- that if they obeyed they would be a great nation and possess the land flowing with milk and honey. Esau was estranged from Israel and lived as a wild man and was in enmity with everyone. Esau was Edom and Seir and was judged for gloating at Israel’s condition while she was being corrected by God.

            You have a twisted view and false teaching of the Scriptures. If I were you I would cease, because the Bible speaks a lot about false teaching.

          • Maineiac

            You seem to have a definite misconception of the Old Testament at least and your conclusions baffle me. However we are both off topic and I hope that religious speech will not be the next PC battleground.

          • Glen Herbert

            You have to much time on your hands. Go get a job and get away from the keyboard. The according to the Philadelphian.

          • Aril

            I will never understand how so many Christians hate Jews and yet proclaim to love Jesus. Not only was Jesus an observant Jew but preached about loving your neighbor.

          • Julie

            They don’t know either that most Catholics in Germany did not vote for Hitler or the Church support him.

          • James Oswald

            “It is the only religion ordained by God” And then Jesus, the Son of God came along and a New Testament superseded what went before.

          • Glen Herbert

            Oh shut up. You have no idea what you are talking about.

          • skeets11

            That is a ridiculous statement.

          • marlene

            Liar. Prove it. You can’t and you won’t.

          • Philadelphian

            Jews in their own words.

            From 1939

            “It is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism; all this was in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews. The Jews should realize that Jehovah no longer dwells in heaven, but he dwells in us right here on earth; we must no longer look up to Jehovah as above us and outside of us, but we must see him right within us” (p. 148),

            “Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism.”
            (The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935).

            “It is legitimate to adopt a critical attitude toward the relatively large number of Jews who particularly in the first decade after the Bolshevik revolution collaborated with the Soviet Government in the persecution of other peoples.”
            Statement of researcher Michael Mills, an official of the government of Australia at Canberra. (Source: Forward, March 10, 2000)

            Robert Wilton, a long time Russia correspondent for the London Times, said in his book The Last Days of the Romanovs
            “According to the data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State there were in 1918-1919: 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Lets, 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 2 Poles, 2 Finns, 1 Karaim, 457 Jews.
            As the decades past by—after the fateful year 1917—Judaized Khazars kept a firm hand on the helm of the government in the occupied land of Russia. In due time they built a bureaucracy to their heart’s desire.”

            “The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism.”
            (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 143-144).

            The American Hebrew September 10, 1920:
            “The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.”
            “We Jews have spoiled the blood of all races. We have tarnished and broken their power. we have made everything foul, rotten, decomposed and decayed.” (The Way To Zion, Munzer)

            “Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth. Now, indeed, this is the historic destiny of the Jews” (p. 99),

            “Judaism is communism, internationalism, the universal brotherhood of man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society. It is with these spiritual weapons that the Jews will conquer the world and the human race.” (p. 100) – Rabbi Harry Waton, A Program for The Jews and An Answer To All Anti-Semites: A Program for Humanity (1939)

          • marlene

            Jews, like all other races, especially yours, have people who fit your stereotype, They not only do not speak for all of them, but they are in the minority. I suggest broaden your pathetic research to see beyond your own biases. Truth is what’s important, not narrow-based opinions, supported by other narrow-based opinions. Like I said, this is NOT proof! And it’s not biblical.

          • jaded flower

            Khazars are only the foot soldiers: http://www.thebibleistheotherside.org/newsitem25.htm Nothing has really changed in this world since the beginning.

          • Please elaborate on Marxism’s jewish origin and the cite biblical and talmudic sources for this statement.

          • falseprophet123

            Communism was a truly Jewish designed and led concoction. Why are those people at the root of all evil in this world? The terrorist state of Israel must be brought to heel!

      • zonablue

        Yep, Islam is a combo of Nazism, Fascism, Communism, and Pedophilism. And the liberals worship that.

      • Dan Ros

        And why the DEM progressives love it.

        • john cummins

          and most of the RINOs

      • bargogx1

        They have totalitarianism in common.

    • Yep. Dollars to doughnuts….

    • Eric S

      No it would be more like “you WILL serve Allah, or die.”

      • Don Miller

        Back in the mid-1990s, Kent State was one of the first universities in country to institute a Speech Code to prevent liberals from hearing opinions that they found offensive. Consequently, a group of liberals asked the university to ban a Christian preacher from speaking on campus because, according to these liberals, the Bible “is full of hate speech.”

        At around the same time, Kent State brought a racist and anti-semetic speaker to the campus, who was paid $8,000 for his speech. But these same liberals didn’t say a thing because the speaker was a member of Louis Farrakhan’s hate group, the Nation of Islam, and apparently it’s okay to spew hatred and bigotry against white people and Jews. By the way, this racist was invited to the campus by a student organization, BUS (Black United Students).

        • renojmc

          The hypocrisy of liberals knows no bounds.

          • RetiredSOFguy

            I think it’s a tenet even more important to them than loving abortion.

          • BraveNewWhirled

            I don’t mean to sound contradictory, but Librulz cannot be hypocrites. Their moral foundation is, “if it feels good, do it” and “the end justifies the means”. This is the result of 50 years of free, compulsory, centralized, collectivist government education and Establishment entertainment and news media propaganda.

      • Aril

        You are being unfair. Christianity took awhile to move away from convert or die. Islam has been around for alot less time and is moving in the same direction.

        • renojmc

          Liar. True Christianity has never taught that – it is nowhere in the Bible. But the quran is full of forcing conversions.

          • Pistoff Taxpayer

            “True Christianity”
            Let me guess you are the judge of that? LMAO
            Stop worshipping your invisible spaghetti monster.

          • kettlecorn

            Did you know retard, that typing LMAO or LOL in comments sections is a sign that you are a mental midget, simpleton, or just a plain vanilla, useful idiot?

          • Pistoff Taxpayer

            I’m totally sure he would be OK with personally insulting people if he were still alive.
            The problem with Christians today is that they are not very Christ-like. I may be an atheist, but I can still appreciate the humanity that Christ showed to people in the bible.
            Its time for Christians to “man up” and live the example you were allegedly called to follow.

          • Larry

            You should READ the Bible. God demanded the absolute destruction of entire blood lines that sacrificed their children = islamists. Yaweh is a jealous God. And He had no problem with violence to eradicate sin…………. READ IT. You’ll be surprised by the history you learn.

          • Covfefeghost

            A perfect deity has no need for jealousy.

          • Larry H

            Well I can at least agree with you that as Christians we should try to be more like Christ. There are many who strive to do so although being human does get in the way sometimes.

          • Ragoftag

            I love how Christ hating atheists are so judgemental of others for following Christ’s teachings by claiming a mythical moral superiority. Jesus was not the golden boy in the print you spat on in hate. Reading the Bible reveals that he was a very physically striking person who could wield authority beyond the mortal station to which he was born. Christians accept that he was never spoken of as ‘handsome’, and about the only other accurate part was that he had long hair (Nazarene). The money-changers would have had guards for protection, but not one raised a hand to stop Christ’s fury, A carpenter of the day would not have been the beaner you underpaid to fix your fence, but a man of considerable strength and personal integrity. I hear lot from anti-Christ whiners about how Christians should be more Christ-like, but all of you are horrid moral compasses. I will regretfully admit that I am far from Christ-like, but that’s is my goal everyday. Secure in his salvation of my unworthy soul, I toil in the fields for him, happily tending to the weakest of the crop and pulling invading weeds. I can’t save the weeds, only the Christ can.

          • Pistoff Taxpayer

            What are u even talking about man? Saving from what? Your born you live and you die. Why isn’t that enough?

          • Covfefeghost

            Christians and moslems are the ones who are judgemental, not to mention nosy, and quite pushy.

          • PJ London

            “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

            ― Mahatma Gandhi

            He was a perceptive man.

          • Ragoftag

            Yes, he knew that India/Pakistan would happen and just hoped it wouldn’t. His ‘peaceful’ revolution buried millions in just the ’40s. As a political leader, Baldy was as big a failure as he was a philosopher. His judgement was very weak and his opinions weaker. His hatred of the British for dragging India out of their degenerate society is particularly tragic. He did nothing that was ultimately to the good of anyone. Untouchables are still oppressed. Women dream of rising to third class citizens and baby girls are aborted by the millions each year.

            The ‘Rice’ guy would be proud!

          • PJ London

            Blame it all on the little guy with glasses.
            ‘His ‘peaceful’ revolution buried millions in just the ’40s’ No, he argued against partition dummy. His ‘revolution’ did not kill anyone except for those killed by the Brits.
            ‘dragging India out of their degenerate society is particularly tragic.’ Oh my, history is not your forte is it? Being an American you probably also regret your independence and being dragged from the wonderful British society.
            ‘Untouchables are still oppressed.’ just like Detroit.
            ‘ He did nothing that was ultimately to the good of anyone. ‘ Millions have been killed in the name of “Jesus’ so the same can be said of him, and everyone else.
            ‘Women dream of rising to third class citizens and baby girls are aborted by the millions each year.’
            You’re talking about the USA again, right?

          • Ragoftag

            His ‘revolution was violent, followed by partisan killings. Every one knew the kettle was to blow as did G. That is why the Brits wanted a gradual change of power. The famines caused by G’s ‘peaceful’ revolution killed hideous numbers

            History is my hobby, calling, education and paycheck. As a descendant of multiple veterans of the war, I am drawn between the Freedoms we enjoy, won by blood, that our elder British brothers have never known, their’s ethereal and changeable by vote of parliament. Myself, I think that a Commonwealth including America would have been a dynamo that would have crushed the French Revolution, kept a lid on Prussia (preventing both world wars), saved Russia from Lenin, etc. But without the cold war, Ian Fleming wouldn’t have written any Bond stories, then made into movies, resulting in Ursula Andress and that bikini. Her vs millions of deaths. Tough call..

            Detroit is it’s own doing.

            Not supported by actual history.

            No, India. They have more ultra sound machines per capita than any other country, all for sex selection. Women are raped on the streets, killed with impunity and married off as virtual slaves. Today.

          • PJ London

            May I suggest that you revisit your study of the partition.
            Gandhi was against any form of partition and against any violence,
            The violence was initiated and supported by Suhrawardy of the Muslim league and caused 4,000 deaths in a couple of days. From there it got worse.
            The major problem, apart from the money, was that Islam calls for death of polytheists in Mohammed’s war against Mecca, and the Hindus are polytheists.
            All the problems and violence was the result of Muslim leaders being outnumbered and outvoted by the Hindu-Sikh-Jains-Christians and thus having little power in a unified India. Historically the Northern Moghuls had great power through their military domination, but the British Indian Army gave much more equal influence to Sikhs and Hindu.
            Gandhi wanted a ‘Kumbaya’ existence, Nehru wanted total Hindu control, modernity and lot’s of money and Jinnah wanted a secular state where Muslims had a ‘fair share’ of control. Hindus cannot shake the ‘Caste’ mentality and would never integrate on an ‘equal’ basis with the muslims, as religion was not that important but birth was everything. The British brought ‘Party politics’ to India and caused a division along religious lines destroying 900 years of (relatively) happy Muslim – Hindu integration.

            Neither Hindu nor Muslim have a great deal of respect for women and thus rape became another form of masturbation.
            However ”Women are raped on the streets, killed with impunity and married off as virtual slaves. has been the norm in most parts of the world including Christian London for centuries. The fact that the last hundred years or so is different is merely a romantic anomaly, soon to be restored to normal.

            ”Not supported by actual history.’
            History is a fable imposed by the victor and agreed upon, usually on pain of death, by the vanquished. Try investigating the Holocaust or Apartheid and see how long you continue in tenure.

            Most peoples will use ‘choice’ of offspring as there are great economic and religious consequences of having a boy or having a girl child.

          • David

            you mean like name calling? You identified yourself as a liberal pretty quickly. Very sad really.

          • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

            awww, are you getting picked on , snowflake??

          • kettlecorn

            Wrong again Mr. Sad, and why do you care?

          • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

            are you really this weak?

          • kettlecorn

            Type “LOL” and find out Funkster.

          • FL_Stingray

            Be a good boy and go pay your taxes

          • Futur Fox

            Im sure you are gay dont worry you can have all the gay sex you want. you will still be judged

          • Pistoff Taxpayer

            Is that really the best you can do?

          • David

            it most likely is.

          • Oh_Mandy

            Worship of the Spaghetti Monster is Pastanalianism.

          • Randy Marsh

            Fsm worship is Pastafarianism.

          • PJ London

            Way to go Pastas.
            All hail the FSM.
            Ricers must be steamed and Spudders should be roasted.
            Sprinkle us with Parmesan and bathe us in Neapolitan Regu.

          • Lbt

            IS that why migrants are flooding into Muslims lands?

          • PJ London

            No they are ‘flooding’ in to steal the Muslims oil.
            If God did not love the Muslims, why did he give them all the oil?

          • Cat Mingus

            Because God didn’t give Muslims “all the oil.” Oil is also in abundance in many other places all over the world. Russia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela…just to name a few.

          • PJ London

            The problem with Russia and Venezuela is that they fight back. Canada and Mexico are already occupied by USA. So the US is stealing from the Muslims because they cannot defend themselves.
            Ooops and then came Syria.

          • Cat Mingus

            The Muslims can defend themselves. The sheiks choose not to because a few royal families determine it’s cheaper for them to allow the US to access their oil for a profit. With all the billions earned by their oil, why is so much of it pis__d away in London and Riviera casinos; especially when they could be building a modern country where no one wants for anything? The evil is not in the USA desiring the oil. The USA has a growing economy and needs the oil to maintain it’s economy (which does benefit the world), while working on replacing oil with other energy streams. The sad truth is, one day another cheaper and easier to produce energy source will be harnessed. Overnight, oil will be too costly to produce, except to maintain old equipment and vintage cars. What then will those Arab countries have to show for all the billions in tribute for their oil?

          • PJ London

            It is hard to believe that a person who can write and presumably read is capable of such nonsense.
            “Muslims can defend themselves”, like Iraq and Libya and Afghanistan and Syria, look at what the bastards have done to Sirte, Raqqa, Fallujah what a piece of cr*p someone must be to say that people can defend themselves against the ‘NATO’ onslaught.
            They own the London Casinos dummy, and the Newcastle shopping malls and half the buildings in NY. They are now selling them to the Chinese at one heck of a profit. The Kuwait and Libyan ‘Sovereign Funds’ stand/stood in the trillions. Saudi is an Israeli pawn, Mordecai’s descendants have always been Jewish.

            USA ‘other energy streams’, is a way to steal taxpayers money for the cronies. Oil is the cheapest most viable source of energy storage. It costs $0.20 to extract, $0.30 to refine and $0,10 to distribute, the rest of the price per litre goes to the oil company and the taxes.There is more oil than humans will ever need and technology to make it 10x as efficient to use as it is used at present.
            The Arab countries have to pay ‘Danegeld’ or be destroyed and that is the cause of the wars.
            The US empire is dying and it cannot come too soon.

          • Cat Mingus

            Yes, I see how Muslim Jihadists have destroyed those regions and murdered thousands. But everyone sees how you missed the point: other Muslims could have defended those areas but for the selfish lifestyles and choices of their ‘betters’ in those countries. Saudi Arabia comes to mind. They have trillions to spend on their own military but choose not to do so. That level of selfishness and hatred of others is something you must have in common with the Saudi sheiks, given your penchant for name-calling and projection.

          • PJ London

            Please explain why Saudi would do anything or have any responsibility for Libya when Libya is attacked by US and cronies.
            When Russia comes to the aid of Russian speaking populations in Georgia or Ukraine or Chechnya then they are vilified, but somehow Arabs should have gone to the aid Africans.
            When Persians go to the aid of Arabs in Syria or Iraq that is ‘bad’ and they must leave, do you claim that it is good?
            For a presumed American or US ally to speak of ‘selfishness and hatred’ is beyond audacity, beyond insolence and falls to the level hypocrisy not seen before.
            I do not project, merely reflect other commenters stupidity so that they may be corrected.
            Unfortunately they are really hard working commenters.
            “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” — Benjamin Franklin

          • Cat Mingus

            “Please explain why Saudi would do anything or have any responsibility for Libya ”
            For the stability of their region.

            “When Russia comes to the aid of Russian speaking populations in Georgia or Ukraine or Chechnya then they are vilified, but somehow Arabs should have gone to the aid Africans.”
            For humanitarian aid at least. Starving Africans will migrate and it is in the best interest these migrating populations are taken care of else they destabilize other areas.

            “For a presumed American or US ally to speak of ‘selfishness and hatred’ is beyond audacity, beyond insolence and falls to the level hypocrisy not seen before.”
            To presume you are without fault or all other countries are innocent is an even greater fallacy. Take the beam out of your own eye first, friend. I do not condone much of what my government does in my name. That still doesn’t have a thing to do with the choices the Saudi oil rich choose to do.

            “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.”
            Proverbs 18:1

          • PJ London

            I thought US was there to ‘stabilise the region’ how did that work out?
            ‘Starving Africans will migrate’ They are not migrating to Saudi or the Gulf countries.
            ‘To presume you are without fault or all other countries are innocent is an even greater fallacy.’ you are just being stupid. Nowhere have I claimed anything.

            ‘Proverbs 18:1’ so why not try to take some pleasure in understanding?

          • Cat Mingus

            I was asking that of you. Are you THAT blind?

          • Ricard

            “If God did not love the Muslims, why did he give them all the oil?”

            This is kind of like saying ‘A young man ran the car his father gave him into a tree and died. If his father loved him, why did he give him the car?’ God has gifted all of us. While he does not control what we do with them, we will eventually give an accounting about our use of them.

          • PJ London

            No it is like saying “A young man was hijacked, raped and beaten for a car that his father gave him. Don’t blame the father, or the young man but the swine that raped ,beat him and stole the car.”
            I do not really care whether there is a heaven, but I hope that there is a hell for those who lie and cheat and steal and kill.

          • Larry

            LOL. Doesn’t take much to know true Christianity. The Bible is simple text that people 4,000 years ago understand at age eight. So unless you want to admit you’re dumber than a third grader from a subsahara 4,000 years ago, it’s pretty easy to understand THE TEACHING OF CHRIST = CHRISTIANITY. The clue was in the NAME.

          • Covenant Keeper

            Um, I think you just made his point….

          • YesBob

            Not sure what you mean. Bible was not written as a book until about 388 AD which included the Old Testament and New Testament. The Old Testament mainly taken from the Tanakh included the Torah, first five books of Moses, and other Jewish writings and history. The teachings of Christ and his disciples contained in the New Testament and make up the foundations of Christianity contain no violence for conversion or belief in Christ. Those who did become Christian were murdered and fed to lions and crucified by atheist, Muslims, and Polytheists.

          • charlie

            The manuscripts have been written through time since the beginning. There’s a difference between being written and being put together as one book.

          • PJ London

            Hi Larry,
            4,000 years ago, was that before or after the Dinosaurs?

          • Ragoftag

            Pelosi is no where near that old! OK, her brain has long been fossilized.

          • PJ London

            CNN : Where is your evidence???
            She looks about 4,000 years old, she acts about 4 years old (senility or dementia) and thinks that she is Nefertiti or Cleopatra.
            Have you noticed how she keeps on asking for Arnie?

          • Bill L

            JESUS warned of hell because HE created it for satan and the angels which followed him in his rebellion. Humans are created eternal beings, you either go to be in heaven with JESUS CHRIST by accepting HIS death burial and resurrection as payment for your sin debt, or you go to hell by rejecting this gift. JESUS doesn’t send anyone there, it is a free will choice.
            Choose JESUS and live or get what you can in this world, because it’s the closest to heaven you’ll get.

          • keludel

            Thanks for TRUTH!

          • PJ London

            Isaiah 14:15 (KJV), “Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.”
            Wrong again!

          • Bill L


          • PJ London

            Jesus created Hell according to you and yet we find in Isaiah …
            Isaiah a thousand or more years before Jesus.

          • Bill L

            GOD- FATHER, SON(JESUS), HOLY SPIRIT. JESUS IS GOD, THE CREATOR (Colossians 1:16,17).
            JESUS has always been GOD THE SON. HE died for our sins “before” the foundation of the world.
            In Isaiah 48:16, JESUS speaking in the TRINITY.
            JESUS May hsve clothed HIMSELF in human flesh almost 2000 years ago, but was GOD THE SON since eternity past and will be forever.
            Apparently you don’t know JESUS or salvation to escape the flames and torments of hell.

          • PJ London

            That is the silly argument that caused the split in Nicaea.

            If ‘Jesus’ is-was God, then how would it be possible for
            King James Bible
            And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

            Can one forsake oneself?
            The bible quite clearly specifies that God ‘begat’ Jesus as his son, the Catholics and later offshoots claim a ‘Trinity’.
            How is it possible to father oneself?

            If Jesus is God, then how can he say “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
            Your whole religion is fraught with silly contradictions. This is why the ‘Christian’ church split between those that wanted some kind of logic, the ‘Orthodox’ church and those that were happy to believe anything the priest told them.
            Arianism is alive and well and faithfully followed by millions.

            What Colossians 1:16,17 has to do with it is not apparent.

            You believe your fairytales and I will believe mine.

          • Bill L

            JESUS CHRIST on the cross was not only pointing to psalm 22, which describes the crucifixion in detail as one going through it, but it was the first time that GOD THE SON was separated from the GODHEAD. MY GOD(THE FATHER), MY GOD (THE HOLY SPIRIT), why have YOU forsaken me.
            I am forgiven of my sin debt by JESUS CHRIST, HIS death, burial, and resurrection 3days later according to the scriptures, you are lost and will suffer eternal torments when you die. Unless you trust JESUS CHRIST, you will end up in the lake of fire, forever.

          • PJ London

            I just new that you would come back with a ‘It doesn’t mean what it says.’
            The answer to all the total inconsistencies in the story.
            ‘You’ don’t understand, you need a priest to interpret it for you.

            ‘In terms of the exegetical analysis of this psalm, it is not widely regarded as being a unified whole. Psalm 22 is understood to have originally consisted of the contents of verses 1-22/23, with the later addition of 23/24-32.[4] Further analysis also recognizes verses 4-6 as part of the later addition, and finds a third editorial development layer in verses 28-32 in[clarification needed].[5] The exact distinction between the two main parts of the psalm is also controversial, as verse 23 is sometimes counted as a part of the original psalm, but sometimes as part of the later addition.’
            So a psalm which was written in several parts probably by several people was then used to describe the Crucifixion
            As the record of the Crucifixion was written many many years after the event, maybe they just added that bit.

            Jewish interpretations of Tehillim 22 identify the individual in the Psalm with a royal figure, usually King David or Queen Esther.[12][13] There is no evidence of the Psalm being used in a Jewish messianic context.

            They think that it referred to David.

            I think that you just make it up as you go along.

          • Bill L

            I always find it amusing that you unbelievers are such “experts” and know more than true believers. The Bible is a love letter by THE FATHER written to HIS children, and you’re reading someone else’s mail. Satan has blinded you so you cannot understand. Either you believe or you don’t! You’ve already stated you believe in fantasy not related to JESUS CHRIST. No need to argue or costantly debate with the lost. Hope you get saved before you die. JESUS loves you.

          • PJ London
          • Core

            God created hell.

          • Bill L

            Yes, JESUS IS GOD, GOD THE SON.

          • JallopyMacfurry

            He’s referring to comparing the two religions holy books or scripture

          • dswenk

            Keep on thinking that, your choice, and your ramifications and leave the ones who believe alone

          • Covfefeghost

            Well the ones who believe should leave others alone.

          • TexasRedbud

            Would be better if we let you, someone who does not believe, be the judge of what is, and is not ‘True Christianity’? It sure seems like you have appointed yourself to that role.

          • Cat Mingus

            Astute observation. All they can do is beat their chest and point at the flaws of others. Of course that’s what they do! None of them do the soul-searching needed to recognize they too are sinners. They chose the selfish life. They serve Mammon.

          • Chuck Monroe

            Now that’s hate speech. Hatred for God.

          • Joseph Adams

            Coming from someone who believes in magic mud.

          • tired of it

            the bible has never taught that, and christians have never needed to do that, it is self destructive to the faith. you need Jesus.

          • Mickey

            True Christianity is what the New Testament teaches. True Islam is what the Koran teaches.

            I don’t believe in either, being an atheist, but your Evangelical Atheism is also a religion. And a particularly virulent, hate-fueled one at that.

          • John Nicholoft

            you have obviously not read the Bible, let alone have any understanding of it.

          • Cat Mingus

            Ridicule doesn’t work anymore. Learn a new tactic. Better yet, get right with Jesus today!

          • PJ London

            You are either incredibly ignorant or full of cr*p.
            The whole Inquisition the Protestant – Catholic wars and the Crusades were about “Believe in Christ or die.”
            “I implore you to recognise the Church as a lady and in the name of the Pope take the King as lord of this land and obey his mandates. If you do not do it, I tell you that with the help of God I will enter powerfully against you all. I will make war everywhere and every way that I can. I will take your women and children and make them slaves…The deaths and injuries you will receive from here on will be your own fault and not that of his majesty nor of the gentlemen that accompany me. –“The Requirement”, read by Spaniards (in Latin) to native tribes they encountered in the New World

            Millions of African−Americans are Christians today because their ancestors were converted against their will to the religion of the slave-master.

            Hundreds of thousands of American−Indians are Christians today because the Christian missionaries converted their ancestors against their will.

            In Europe, it was the same thing. When Rome controlled most of the world, the Roman Emperor, Constantine, in 325 CE forced Christianity onto his subjects.
            Jews had to endure the sword too. Millions of Jews from the fourth century CE until the 20th Century were forced to “kiss the sword” of Christ, or be put to death by that sword. Therefore, many, many Jews died at the hands of Christians in the name of Jesus. Fortunately, many Jews managed to survive. They survived by lying―they converted, but secretly remained Jews.”

            The Quran says that ‘Pagans’ and those who worship multiple gods must be converted. Any who worship Jehova, God or Allah (Arabic word for God which is used by Arab Christians) are not required to convert at all.

            You must be very hard working.
            “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” — Benjamin Franklin

          • Ricard

            renojmc is actually correct. There is what the New Testament teaches, and what some Christian organizations (as you point out) actually did. I think, however, the thought that “Millions of African−Americans are Christians today because their ancestors were converted against their will to the religion of the slave-master” is rather demeaning to African-Americans. If a slave is freed, will they not desire to shake off every worthless shackle put upon them? Perhaps their belief in Christianity was retained because it contained an intrinsic value apart from the slave-master?

          • PJ London

            And perhaps it was the only permitted form of entertainment.
            You are a Christian because your parents and surroundings were christian.
            Muslims, Jews, Hindu, Buddhists 99% keep to the religion of their family and surrounds.
            However, as a child, church and ‘Fellowship’ were my only social outlets, fortunately my internal beliefs decided that I did not wish to be socialising with outlandish hypocrites and so I left.

        • Julie

          Where did you get that? Christianity was persecuted for its first 300 years.

          Muhammed drew from Judaism and Christianity.

          Truth does not contradict itself.

          • FriscoWalt

            But he did a lot of modifying

          • PJ London

            If you count the actual words attributed to Jesus it is couple of hundred and less than an A4 page. I had it some years ago but mislaid them.
            All the rest of the thousands and thousands of Christian books and millions of words about Christianity are mere modifications.
            That is a lot of modifying.

          • a08177

            PJ London making up lies that do not make any sense. The Bible has not been modified at all, unless you count translations. The Old Test has not been touched since well before Jesus and all of the New Test it was written in the lifetime of those that were of Jesus’ generation the majority actually met him before his crucifixion. That is called eyewitness account not modification. Please quit spreading lies… we know who the father of those lies is.

          • PJ London

            My goodness but you are silly.
            You did not address what I said. You did not in any way refute what I said and you go off at a complete tangent.
            a) the actual number of words ascribed in the bible to Jesus is less than 1 page.
            b) ALL the rest are modifications.
            c) the old testament has nothing to do with ‘Christianity’
            d) the ‘bible’ was agreed and ‘written’ from fragments and numerous ‘books’ were excluded because they did not conform with the churches view at that time. (See Nicaea, it was a political solution [Constantin v’s Lucinius] to the ‘warring’ of religions under Rome in 318 AD. It caused the split between the Orthodox church and the Catholic church.)
            e) most of the stories about ‘Christ’ can be attributed to various ‘wise men’ (eg Mithras) authenticated as written before Roman times and well before Christ. (Hindu, Persia and Assyria 3.500 BC)
            f) there is no evidence that any of the Gospels were written in the lifetime of Jesus generation, or that they were written by the individuals whom the Gospels were named after.
            Your ridiculous attempt to change the subject is very transparent and frankly childish.
            As for your assertion that they are all the same, please compare the Coverdale Bible with the KJV , ‘The Message’, the Amplified Bible and the Recovery version.
            If you think that ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ is the same as ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’ then I can understand why you are confused about so much else.

          • PJ London

            ‘Christianity was persecuted for its first 300 years.’
            Nonsense, they just got beaten up for telling everyone else to go to Hell.

          • Julie

            Many lived their faith hidden….and many pagans converted to Christianity because of Christian witness of charity and compassion.

            It is the people going about with their fake history lessons on early Christianity who are leading people away from God.

            Try to find some other sources.


          • PJ London

            Like oil and Holy Water, Christianity and humour do not mix.
            Why does being pious cause everyone to be such miseries?
            Maybe living in constant fear of everlasting fire has something to do with it.

        • TooOldAndToughToEat

          Islam has been around for 1300 years, and its encounters with modernity seem to be spurring violent reaction rather than diminishing it.

        • Jason Arsenault

          Oh wow. You need a serious date with some history lessons. Even during the Baltic Crusades, which were arguably the closest Christianity got to military enforced conversions, they never reached the Salafists or Tamerlane at their tamest.

          • a08177

            And the Crusades were a response to Muslim aggression that had been going on for a long time.

          • Gregory Pruett

            “a long time” read hundreds of years. for those who were unsure.

          • Julie

            Atleast 400 years.

        • deibama

          Aril is a liar..

        • malinse

          You are obviously a stranger to the truth. Maybe you should try it in your life instead of spreading lies.

        • Predestined

          Was not that way. Biblical Christianity has never been that way. The Roman Catholic Church killed people for not belonging to their apostate church.

          • Pistoff Taxpayer

            Hello McFly!?!?

          • Ernest – TrollFighter#1

            that whooshing sound is the posters point going straight over your head…and yet you feel empowered enough to bully…tsk tsk

          • Pistoff Taxpayer

            Its not bullying to defeat superstitious belief with logic.

          • a08177

            Pistoff – great! Let’s read some of you logic…. waiting…. any time now.

          • jaded flower

            Many Christians, even some sects of catholic, do not believe Catholic = Christian. Jesus said, “No man come to the Father but by me”; Catholicism is all about the Pope and any other saint you want being intercessor. There are many God fearing Catholics but sadly they’re all in the pews and have absolutely no power, the church hierarchy is nothing but corrupt and evil and has been since Charlemagne. It’s a bit of research but eventually you are led to the conclusion that Catholicism is nothing more than that old-time Babylonian religion that made it’s way from fertile crescent to Egypt, and a few thousand years later to ancient Rome and now has residence in the Vatican. Every piece of iconography and art only reinforces this determination. It’s understandable people get locked into the system; after all. many call themselves Republican or Democrat but if they really knew what those folks were about at the top they wouldn’t have anything to do with them.

          • Billygoattincan

            From Dan Brown’s books to your pen.

          • Predestined

            Never said they were not. There are saved people, saints the Bible calls them, within the Roman Catholic Church. But the Roman Church is not Christian. Antichristian.

          • Julie

            The Catholic Church put the books of the Bible together.

            The Catholic Church is instituted by Christ and began on Pentecost Sunday, Christ Himself the life of the Church.

            Ours is the most documented of any institution.

            It is tragic how some times misunderstanding the Bible can cause people to misunderstand in turn the Universal Church…so named by St. Ignatius of Antioch on his way to martyrdom in the year 104 AD…’He Ekklesia Katolika’.

            By 100 AD, with the exception of the Book of Hebrews, the Church assembled the books of the Bible, had liturgy for worship, the bishops as head of their local churches, and the foundation of the Creed in formation.

            If you were to look at a Catholic Catechism, you will see all the beliefs in Christ based on Scripture, and the forthcoming church councils that corrected heresies…it is all there.

          • Predestined

            The Roman Church is an apostate whore described in the Revelation. Listen to what God says instead of men.

          • Julie

            I am no whore.

            What Revelation is referring to is Babylon….the world, the flesh….Northern Saudi Arabia, Eastern Syria, and Iraq is the original Babylon. You should read up on the culture and lifestyle of peoples in those times.

            The Vatican does not sit on the 7 hills of Rome either….try to study some geography.

            Why are you drawn to such?

            There is the commandment of not bearing false witness.

            If you can, go to a parish and sign up for adult inquiry classes and find out what we truly believe.

            The Universal or Catholic Church is the Church instituted by Christ, based on the foundation of churches established by the apostles….Rome only a part of several patriarchs, but having the primacy of Peter.

            Don’t judge people and don’t believe all those tracts out there. They lead you to condemning others and we are not called to that but enter into the life of Christ.

            God bless you.

          • Julie

            And by your name…..God has all of us predestined to be with Him in heaven some day. But likewise He has given us free will and intellect and it is up to us to respond to the grace of Him.

            So don’t base your faith on deceitful and false tracts. They are not of God.

          • Predestined

            Now you are not even making sense. Pope has you confused. Are you saying God saves everyone? He doesn’t. Read your Bible. Everyone that us saved HAS responded to His grace. And what tracts are you talking about? Everything I have said is from the Word of God. Stop listening to guys in funny hats with made up roles.

          • a08177

            Actually I think it was more the gov’t under the false guise of Catholicism that did the killing.

        • FriscoWalt

          HUH !!! Convert as a gateway to heaven maybe. Islam is convert or you die,dead,kaput.

        • jaded flower

          Reformation vs. Counter-reformation is what you’re referring to and that can be laid at only one church’s feet. In order to not be led astray and spout the apologist’s talking points we must study history.

          • Julie

            The Reformation was also political.

            Germany and England became highly nationalistic united with their form of Christianity.

        • Larry

          I never ceases to amaze, the ignorance of those who persecute Christian beliefs and know NOTHING ABOUT IT. Nothing in this statement is true beyond Christianity was before the cult of death. It definitely wasn’t “alot less.” These savages have been raping & murdering their way around the world since their cult’s inception. And since islamists preach the murder of gays, why wasn’t THAT a part of the poster?

        • Lenny

          Yes not true. The catholic church (i e rome did the killing! The true Christian’s didnt fight back. You either paid for your forgiveness (tax) and took a knee for the pope/ceasar or were killed, didnt matter if you were Christian’s, muslims, any one who would deny the “holy see” his ranking as equal to GOD (and we know he aint) or could not pay up. The crusades were jothing more than Rome cleansing the middle east much like ISIS today, only we armed and funded them, but thats a whole other story.

          • Julie

            For four hundred years, Seljuk Turks slaughtered Catholic Christians on pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

            Syria, Palestine, Egypt were once teeming Catholic populations but destroyed in time by Islam.

            There are false narratives in our country out there that distort history and malign Catholics.

            I am nearing 70 and have lived with such my whole life.

        • EdCrunk

          What part of forgive your enemy, love him and turn the other cheek do you not understand?

          • Obi-Wan Capote

            More like You Need Herr Pussengraben, you racist, sad and treasonous Suburban Back-Yard Tiki-Torch Nazis. Next time march with Pink Flamingos and Lawn Lackys…TTFN!

        • falseprophet123

          Where you get that tripe from and what are you babbling about. It’s been quite a long time since Christianity demanded you convert or else. These Islamic animals kill for no other reason than being white. Death to Islam! Death to the Muslim Dogs!

        • stanley castleberry

          You are thinking of Catholics, not Christians. Please understand our founding fathers left England to get away from the Catholic Church and not the other way around.

          • Julie

            Please note that many English Catholics were forced to leave their faith, and the populations that surrounded the monasteries were supported by them. When these monasteries were destroyed, these peoples were impoverished.

            Yes I am Catholic. And I believe and follow Christ and so do the rest of us.

            There is no perfection in this life but in heaven.

        • TexasRedbud

          Convert or die has never been part of Christianity. Keep in mind, that anyone can claim to be a follower of Jesus. Through out history, there have been many who claimed to be a disciple of Christ. Jim Jones and the suicide cocktail he gave his followers in Guyana is a perfect example. His actions have nothing to do with ‘True Christianity’.

        • Dave McMahon

          Aril, that is simply false what you’ve written.

        • BraveNewWhirled

          It wasn’t Christians who said that. But, many have called the name of Christ while carrying out their wicked deeds.

        • bargogx1

          “Moving in the same direction” is not good enough. There’s no place in western civilization for that kind of crap, and not one single person should have to suffer or die because of it. No excuses, no accomodation, no appeasement.

        • Areminder

          Hate to tell you, but 2000 yrs ago (over that truly) God, in the form of a miraculously Begotten Son, Jesus) came down and Died FOR MAN’S Sins. All men (and women) of all time, all races, all creeds; All He asks is that you admit you DESERVE the death penalty for breaking the laws, and ASK for HIS DEATH to be APPLIED TO YOUR ACCOUNT.
          Christ died for the people, He NEVER asked people to CONVERT OR DIE because we all will die and it’s what happens after, eternal punishment or undeserved rewards that HE CARES ABOUT.

        • Dion

          Christianity was never convert or die. I’m sure throughout the ages there have been zealots but Jesus himself told them to Love. In his teachings he would say -you have heard it said an eye for an eye but I say forgive. This was revolutionary and partly why He was a controversial figure. Islam was only peaceful at first because Mohammed had few followers, but once established he was a warlord who severed the heads of nearly 600 people personally, and had slaves. He also married a child. There are real differences between the two. I can agree Islam needs to change in a big way because they are not compatible with modern day society’s around the globe.

      • Kukkut

        Proof positive Zkent U needs Jesus!

    • Krista Woodrunner

      Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

    • Volitans

      Let’s just review all of the things that ARE perfectly fine on these so called bastions of higher learning: Black Lives Matter shoved in your face without respite; LGTBQ(XYZ) and other personality disorders promoted relentlessly as normal; white privilege and other flavors of anti-white social justice claptrap pushed 24/7; violent Marxist maniacs (including professors) who shut down free speech.

      And people pay for their kids to attend these places??

    • Bavak

      How about”you need pork”. Heads would explode.

      • lysosome

        You win the internet from me with that 🙂 thanks, made me laugh.

        • Bavak

          Thanks. Every one needs to get a sense of humour. F them if they can’t take a joke was our motto in the 70’s.

    • KingofStreitHall

      Because they are not spiritually challenged by that statement….

    • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

      you playing the victim again??

      • lysosome

        Are you playing the moron again?

    • Lbt

      The system requires balance so it can continue controlling everything via the financial, legal, military systems. Muslims cause less problems for the system when you spread them out, it appeases them and helps them control other cultures. Getting them away from Syria and Iraq etc helps the system take over those lands and save face for doing it.

      Muslims are only really as threatening as the system wants them to be, they have airbases in all their countries and can’t attack anyone without western funding and training. The west has given them the ‘half a chance’ they needed to be a problem. It wants them to be a problem. And when it does not need them anymore they’ll be removed.

  • HR Puff N Stuff

    if you don’t like the signs, don’t look at ’em! Geez… I don’t like the NFL so I don’t watch it. SMH

  • RFalardeau

    Perhaps it’s time for a ‘Constitutional Accreditation’ system.

  • nhale

    This university needs Jesus.

    • Dean Winchester

      Yes Zombie savior lives matter

      • John D

        Enjoy your time in hell, moron.

        • Dean Winchester

          Yes, I am so scared of that. Good to see you practice what you preach….hypocritical, cannibalistic fool

          • Xmanx59

            Shouldn’t that read metaphorical cannibal ? Christians typically don’t eat human flesh. Jesus himself broke the bread and said this is my body broken for you. So in his statement the bread stands in for the body so no cannibalism.

        • SlaveRaidr

          No Christian should ever wish for anyone to go to Hell.

          • Dean Winchester

            I don’t mind, Steve – people like him are the reason people like me stay away from your clan. All I expect is for people to practice what the preach and that seems to be asking WAY too much for your crowd.

      • Tactitus Talks

        Better than the death cult of Atheism. Pol Pot killed more than those who died in the Crusades.

        • Dean Winchester

          SO we are all about moral equivalence then…..no matter how many your side killed – look, the other side did more. The only bad part about chirstianity are the christians

          • Tactitus Talks

            No it is about you atheists that think your hands are clean. Excesses of Christianity happened mainly in mainstream catholicism and protestantism. The “people who preach”, or the evangelicals, never did a systematized slaughter, they were the ones slaughtered.

  • NFLMark

    So being offended takes priority over free speech??!!! With that being said, Kent State is offending me & I demand monetary restitution.

  • Dean Winchester

    I am an atheist, best response if you hear that is just laugh and walk away – best way to test the “love your enemies” and ” do not judge others” that the same thumpers claim to follow…..but naming it hate speech is way out of bounds.

    • John D

      Every post you make highlights your ignorance.

      • Dean Winchester

        Ah yes, more love and insight from a member of the cannibal community. You will get a special place in heaven for really showing me up……put yourself down for an extra cracker and swig of juice this Sunday

  • Sgt. Schultz

    Just when liberals couldn’t get more stupid………….but yelling “allah snackbar” will be allowed and encouraged.

    • Shagnasty1

      Sgt, Schultz, maybe in the company of Christians exercising their 1st Amendment right and speaking or proclaiming their faith, those offended by Jesus should just say (to themselves) “I see nothing. I hear nothing!” and then either go away or stay if they choose. But every American has 1st Amendment rights and no government entity, not even a public school, Kent State is a public supported college, has the right to block their rights.

  • Laurelfork

    When you have young people leaving your institution in close to six figure debt, when you get billions in grants and federal aid money, you begin to think that maybe you are GOD on your way home to your gated McMansion.

    • Dean Winchester

      I know plenty of “christians” who live in mansions and show off wealth – so lets stop with the whole idea of being christian makes you a good person BS the most despicable people I know are the first to start quoting that stupid book when someone else does exactly what they just did

      • Laurelfork

        didn’t say a word about Christians, don’t put words in my mouth, you need a class in critical thinking and forming opinions by stereotypes.

  • Texasbill

    It looks like we are going to be subjected to these fools forever. Personally if a teacher brought religion into a classroom I would get up and walk out rather than listen to this.

  • Richard Peterson

    If someone tells me Mork from Ork is going to vaporize me unless I change my ways I’m not about to cower and cry “you’re so hateful; you shouldn’t be allowed to speak such words”. I’d dismiss it and move along knowing the person honestly believed they were giving me a kind warning. That person’s to free speech is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution which Universities seem hell bent on rejecting.

  • John D

    Kent State has a history of mindless protests. This so called school should be shut down.

  • jeremeyreme

    But ‘fuck off’ is still acceptable.

  • The Walrus

    Semantics is the game liberals play.

    You see, if you can control the language used, you can control the debate. You see this with Illegal Alien = Undocumented immigrant or murdering an unborn child = Aborting the fetus.

    Anyways, Hate is a subjective term

    Widely open to interpretation.

    Therefore banning “Hate Speech” is really silencing those who you disagree with.

  • MeToo


  • KipThug

    Hate speech is telling Conservatives they’re “deplorables”. Hate speech is affirmative action that discriminates against whites. Finally, hate speech is wishing ANY kind of harm to our president. Aren’t Kent students smart enough to know this?

  • 9eyedeel

    Satan hates whiny victims

  • 67orbust

    More Orwellian crap.

  • itsy_bitsy

    If you have a black walking around with a sign that says “kill whitey” I’m betting that would not be considered “hate speech” by this same school. However “you need Jesus” is?

  • ChicoCDM

    “Higher education” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Lisa Catkin

    they hate it, you don’t hate them

  • Brian Barkley

    God bless America even if liberals don’t like it.

  • Brian Barkley

    Do liberals think our money is hate speech?

  • Titus Andronicus

    What if it turns out somebody does indeed need Jesus?

  • JackisBack

    Poster created by Jewish & Muslim students working together.

  • Shagnasty1

    Hate Speech? Who’s to decide what is hate speech. You? Well I think what you are saying is hate speech. As reasonable people know all speech is protected speech including what some perceive as hate speech. When one person’s rights are unconstitutionally taken away then it won’t be long until everybody’s Constitutional rights are taken away.

  • Jim Sweet

    I’m an atheist and I support the Christian student on this. Free speech shouldn’t be held to the whims of college presidents. If you don’t like his posters, pay no attention to them.

  • HankReardon77

    What if Atheists knocked on doors with 10 reasons why you shouldn’t believe. Like for example, Noah’s Ark shouldn’t be taken literally because there’s plenty of evidence to suggest it was not a global flood, the ark never existed and that the 13+ different accounts of a flood story might just reflect severe regional flooding, which we know to have happened in the last 250 -to- 500 million years. We have carbon-dated fossils from those period by British and Chinese scientists. The Trilobite Atheist comes a knockin’.

    • GlomOnToMe

      They don’t knock on doors, they were very smart and thought very big. They decided to infiltrate all aspects of culture, media, and academia to oppose God directly and indirectly and implement their agenda slowly over a long period of time. As they’ve gained ground they’ve gradually shifted the narrative to say that speaking about the things of God are “hate speech” and “offensive”. Not the things of allah but the true God, which is why islam is embraced. That is where we are today. Next is to outlaw that speech, then the belief in God itself. It is coming but I am comforted by it because we, the children of God, have been told to expect it.

      • HankReardon77

        No one actually outlaws belief. Belief is a personal thing. However, people just have to decide whether they ascertain facts based on science or believe in what can’t be seen, i.e. pixie dust. Our societies need to be structurally based on the ascertaining of facts or civilization will eventually crumble and descend into chaos. Civilization has to stop engaging in religious wars. Religion and philosophy has to be driven out of government and people have to learn to do that on the side to enhance their spiritual sense. I’m assuming and you can correct me here that you’re advocating for one particular true god and you’re upset that it’s not part of the overall structure of society. If that’s the case, you’re horrifically mistaken. And as people learn to reason appropriately they will see your view in the marketplace of ideas as more problematic.

        • Jack Johnson

          If one were to adhere strictly to the words of Christ, which is the basis of Christianity, it would be impossible to engage in war. Anything that deviates from the words of Christ is not Christianity. Remember, Christ is fundamental to CHRISTianity. You will eventually get your atheists that you desire and they will murder without consequence. You see, morality will change. There is no fundamental morality included in atheism. If it is determined that it is moral to murder the unemployable because they are a threat to the biosphere or simply to the standard of living of those who are in power, they will eventually be eliminated. Atheism means no consequences as long as you can get away with it. It doesn’t matter what you think.

          • HankReardon77

            There’s no fundamental morality in religion because it’s all man-made. You can’t prove god transmitted anything to man. So fundamentally the best we can assume is man determined you’re so called fundamental morality. Don’t worry I can do this all day until the end of time. So if you’re trying to convince me of something you’re basically a gerbel in one of those wheels. I know I may not convince you but that’s your loss. You’re just wasting your time.

          • Jack Johnson

            I didn’t realize that you had access to both the 4th and 5th dimensions. Believers of Christianity have faith that the words of Christ as depicted in the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are the divine truth. It is a fundamental set of rules that must be followed, as there are consequences involved for those that don’t. Atheism has no consequences. You can do whatever you want. I can see how it is appealing because you never have to justify your behavior. Eventually, you will get what you desire, which are sociopath atheists in powerful positions that will not care about your interests. Your own personal humanist morality is irrelevant. It is just as irrelevant as some goat herder in Syria that was casualty of war. Nobody that makes decisions at that level cares about that goat herder. Eventually, nobody will care about you. You are not special. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you’re realize by supporting atheism, you are inexplicably supporting your own demise.

        • GlomOnToMe

          Yes, I am advocating for what I believe to be the true God. But if you are asking if I am upset that He is not “part of the structure of society” meaning government, no, I am not. A theocracy does not take the place of a personal relationship with God and certainly cannot force its citizenry to believe in God. However I do expect that my beliefs and my ability to speak and share those beliefs should not be infringed upon.

          As to your statement “no one actually outlaws beliefs”, I disagree. That is what hate crime laws are. If you kill someone you’re guilty of murder. But if you kill someone because you BELIEVE they are inferior, follow the wrong god, are a different color than you, etc., then you are guilty of murder AND hating them (your belief, your thought). It is against the law to believe that.

  • John Baker

    Isn’t Kent State a public college? And being a public college aren’t they subject to the 1st amendment clause concerning the freedom or religion?

  • Robin Luce

    Speech police: Perfecto. Don’t forget the clubs and torches.

  • Croaker

    What makes me worry!?
    A party who wants POLITICAL CORRECTNESS to be THE LAW!
    A party who defines hate speech as anything that they don’t agree with!
    A party who wants the power to PUNISH PEOPLE for speech they don’t approve of!
    A party that avoids intellectual arguments by marginalizing opponents!
    A party who’s idea of an intellectual argument is name calling; racist, haters, bigots, etc!
    A party that believes being part of a victim group is a free pass on ANY BEHAVIOR!
    A party that believes the way to power is handouts, punishing success and USING ENVY!

    What makes me worry! DEMOCRATS

    • Carl Buzzard

      Absolutely! You cant hqve free speech in the democrat’s view of the universe, only controlled sheep and elite masters. Remember reading 1984?

      • Croaker

        Challenge a snow flake in anyway you are a HATER, BIGOT, HOMOPHOBE etc…

        How people IDENTIFY themselves is far more important then the IDEAS being put forth

    • GlomOnToMe

      Me too, but also republicans more and more. Progressives, globalists, and elitists are also well-entrenched in the republican party, which is why they so oppose the populist Trump. I have no loyalty to the republican party anymore and I will vote for whatever candidate I think believes in and understands liberty.

      • Croaker

        I agree, put the GOP is also where the swamp is actively getting drained right now.
        You can tell by the establishment Senators retiring and bleating about Trump. It isn’t easy or fast but it is where it is happening.

        The elderly democrat leadership with their dated ideas and arguments are stuck with their identity politics and WAY way behind in this matter.

        • GlomOnToMe

          I agree, I’m just warning against blind loyalty to a party. Until the likes of mccain, graham, flake, corker, etc. are exposed for who they are and run out of the party, I will continue to vote for the right candidate regardless of party affiliation. We need to hold their feet to the fire and make sure they remember to never take our votes for granted again. This is not about maintaining the power structure of the party, it’s about believing in and following the Constitution.

  • Carl Buzzard

    Hating trump is ok, hatin christians is ok, hating those that believe in marriage is ok, … this is merely propaganda in a blunt fashion.

  • mauloa

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people PEACEABLY to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Amendment I – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression – ratified 12/15/1791. End of story. (note Peaceably – not what we are seeing with Antifa, BLM, et al. Every voice should be able to be heard – even when it is offensive, seditious or worse.

    • Croaker

      Snow flakes can’t handle ANYTHING that challenges their PARADIGMS or makes them self reflect in anyway.

      • mauloa

        Exactly. I doubt the snowflakes know what is in the Constitution, Bill of Rights – they don’t/didn’t learn it in school – that’s for sure.

        • Croaker

          To Snow flakes how people IDENTIFY themselves is far more important then the IDEAS being put forth. SAD but true.

          • mauloa

            It’s the “selfie generation”. When it comes time actually communicate – they are at a loss.

  • ANY college SJW making “laws” against me WILL be dealt with via the 2nd. That is not a threat….

  • Cade Smith

    If all the conservatives in the US could speak their minds without being punished for it or called out for hate speech for it, the rest of America would see just how much of a majority conservatives are, if we protested like the left we would far out number them. Look at MSN.com’s polls a left leaning website with polls towards political affiliation. with 186,000 votes almost 40% republican and 37% undecided

  • Oitac


  • Croaker

    Hate Crimes, Hate Speech = ORWELLIAN
    It’s not what you do or say that is so bad, IT IS WHAT YOU ARE THINKING WHEN YOU DO THEM!

  • Missourian

    “You need Jesus” is truth spoken with love!

  • David Battle

    Remember, they believe in free speech! (just not “hate speech”).

  • doRight

    remember, they hated Him first

  • siylencedogood

    The truth is only hate speech to the left.

  • Jason King

    It’s a bit presumptuous.

  • Jim Roof

    So, let me see if I get this…

    “You need Jesus” is hate speech but “You need to shut up with your talk of Jesus” is not?

    “You need Jesus”, if uttered in the right way, should rather be considered “love speech” since it emanates from a person who, whether you believe it or not, is thinking of the welfare of the one being spoken to.

    Penn Gillette (Penn and Teller) knows this. He is an atheist, but was approached by a Christian years ago and after that took place, made a recorded statement that essentially was “I respected that person because at least they behaved according to their beliefs and, in that context, did the RIGHT thing in the world as they view it”.

    Folks, most of the hate at this point in time comes from the left. When was the last time you saw a conservative destroying property and rioting? When was the last time you saw a liberal speak up about the need for law and order and respect?

  • jerry irvin

    So now the left thinks the name Jesus is hate speech
    Funny how they are always the ones determining what’s correct or not.

  • Jose Whales

    I need to apply to kent st… I smell a lawsuit with a nice payout…

  • Longshanks

    Send in the Guard….

  • CitizenEmeritus

    The problem with all so called ‘hate speech’ legislation is that it flies in the face of the U.S. Constitution allowing these kind of weird interpretations to move forward. Time to get these college kids to take refresher courses in civics so they know what is legal and what is not!

  • Libertarian

    Horrors. Imagine the nastiness of wanting someone to spend eternity in heaven, instead of hell. Liberals continue to have skewed, bizarre and weird concepts of right and wrong. “You need Jesus” is love speech.

  • Marxists want to empty the Campus of religion and religious-based morality, so they can monopolize this shared space of society with their own deviant views.

  • Bill Thrower

    nobody hates more than the left. They are nothing but traitors and terrorists.

  • Arlo

    I am a KSU alumnus. However, ‘KSU doesn’t need my money.’ As a Christian, I cannot support this university.

  • Outlaw Josie Wales

    Leftists never learn from history. Every revolution they help start ends with them being lined up against a wall. They think they’re so clever and enlightened but wind up with a bullet in the brainpan.

  • Philadelphian

    Just more of the vipers called jew’s attack on the name of Jesus, the Christ and all Adamic humanity..

    • Croaker

      Moronic liberal trolls such as yourself are just embarrassing.

  • Jeff Jeffries

    We’re all going to hell.

    • Croaker

      I take it you are a glass half empty kinda guy. lmao

  • Jack Johnson

    It’s simple. Whether or not this is coordinated, or planned, it’s not hard to see what will occur in the future. You see, first there will be an oil shock because IOCs have neglected to invest in long term projects. This will cause the price of oil to shoot up exponentially because the infrastructure is simply not there. Additionally, unconventional oil sources such as the Bakken and Permian field are in decline. Peak oil is real. The numbers support this. It doesn’t mean that the US doesn’t have oil. It’s just that oil that remains, “shale rock” has an ERoEI that is simply economically unviable in consideration of our current infrastructure, which is heavily predicated on crude usage. In addition to this, you have artificial demand in perhaps all asset categories, including equities, which are currently being purchased by central banks. So what happens? Oil prices shoot up, which causes defaults in the high yield bond market, which causes an implosion in the derivatives market which dwarfs the debt, and then you have a liquidity crisis as central banks deleverage their balance sheets. Since the market is essentially automated, and prices are predicated on supply and demand, equity prices will decline substantially. Since multiple central banks are involved and oil prices will cause a global economic crisis, it will likely be decided to consolidate all formerly sovereign banking functions into one global entity, which will essentially centralize all banking. Since, finance is imperative to a country’s ability to dictate its own terms, there will be no more countries, just one global entity. In addition to all the other problems, there is the massive thread of automation which will leave billions of people not only unemployed, but unemployable. Eventually, TRUE ATHEISTS will rise to power. Because here is the difference. Atheism = no consequences. Christianity = heavy consequences. People who are TRUE ATHEISTS in powerful positions, will have no qualms about decreasing population by any means necessary as jobless people will engage in chaotic activities, including destroying the already distressed biosphere. Then, you fake atheists will get you real atheists in power. And they will take advantage of having no consequences. Your life is not valuable. Stop thinking your are special. This is what you wanted.

    • Croaker

      True atheists? Fake atheists?
      “Then, you fake atheists will get you real atheists in power.”

      lmao okay. lmao

      • Jack Johnson

        Yes, of course. Atheism promotes no consequences. You have no fear of retribution. If things get too hot, you can simply kill yourself and cease to exist. For people who believe in the words of Christ, this is simply not an option. Christianity demands that you pay for your discretions. An atheist doesn’t have to worry about this. As power becomes more consolidated, eventually there will be people who do not believe in consequences that rise to power. Just as our politicians make decisions to murder people all around the world, they will do the same to you. Why do they care? Why should they worry? What consequences do they have? This is atheism. Embrace it.

        • Croaker

          I know what an atheist is. It’s the whole bit you strung together and took the time to type out.

          Do you listen to Bob and Tom in the morning? They have a Jack Johnson skit that is really funny.

          • Jack Johnson

            I don’t listen to anything. I did my own research and looked at the numbers provided by the EIA and other sources to formulate my conclusion. You can see for yourself that US oil reserves are in decline, despite technological advancements. Even with these advancements, tight oil producers are not profitable. They are merely surviving because of low interest payments. Many have gone through restructuring as well. Worse, if you are familiar with the industry, you’ll realize that these unconventional oil wells rapidly decline. Currently, both the Bakken field and the Permian basin are in decline. So not only is the US running out of economically viable oil, but they are selling it as a substantial loss, which will likely manifest itself in high yield defaults. Since the derivative protection vastly dwarfs the perhaps, $500B of energy bonds, as defaults rise, the losses could potentially be in the trillions of dollars from the fallout of derivatives. This is what Warren Buffet was referring to when he talks about derivatives being weapons of mass destruction. When the underlying fundamentals fall apart, the pyramid comes tumbling down. This may not even be the catalyst for the initial financial crisis. It is maybe more likely that a liquidity crisis will occur first from central bank deleveraging. My point is, this will likely lead to further global consolidation which increases the possibility of a sociopathic atheist rising to power, particularly when you consider what it takes to get into those positions. If someone were to refer strictly to the words of Christ, it would probably be impossible to get into that position. An atheist and a devout follower of Christ (if such a person exists) are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

  • Erik Rodgers

    “This is my command: Love each other. If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” – Jesus

  • Lee Anthony Nieves

    Colleges are supposed to be open to dialogue and debate, not to surrender free speech for political purposes. WTF!!!

  • Smoak

    Every decision made by liberals is wrong. Period.

  • Jay111

    This really needed to be a story? Everyone here knows the answer to that statement. NEXT stupid liberal snowflake trigger phrase please…

  • JoeSlick

    It’s probably best to ban all religions right now, before Muslims exploit every law for their rights.

  • rennyangel2

    Students oppressed by campus totalitarianism should contact FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education).

  • This is pathetic. The fool who came up with this, will answer to Jesus someday.

  • Syrin

    This clearly isn’t hate speech, but even if it was, HATE SPEECH IS STILL PROTECTED. Ask all the OnlyBlackLivesmatter folks calling for the end of all whites.


    Boy does Satan have control of this country or what! Finding “you need JESUS” offensive and ban it! But it’s ok for you to promote illegals, Muslims, trans, and other evil entities, but promote peace and love through JESUS, and it’s off to jail for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE OF AMERICA, WAKE UP! YOU’RE IN HELL!

    • Croaker

      Another glass is half empty person. Quite a few today. lmao


    My fellow Americans, the only way out of these evil times, is an all out civil war against evil. We must take our country, and our lives back from these evil monsters. We must unite against these rich, control freaks. We must win, or die!

  • Gr8Ag8n

    How frail are people anymore? Today it is “you need Jesus” – tomorrow it will be “Good morning” – because you’re making someone having a bad day feel uncomfortable.

    If you don’t need Jesus, then you need a spine.

  • realclearconservative ✓ᶜᵒᵛᶠᵉᶠᵉ

    However, the phrase “allahu akbar” will be avoided like the PLAGUE.

  • Fred Weigel

    Un-effin’-believable. And thank God or whatever that Hitlary didn’t win last November, because we’d have a leftardSCOTUS majority that would have agreed with the University liberals.

  • Yonderthehill

    Four words that will stop colleges and universities cold in their tracks going against Christians and Christian groups on campus: “engaging in discriminatory practices.”

  • DeplorableGlobalConflictWatch

    Kent State – another 4-year excuse of an institution to leave home and party….

  • Michael McGough

    Christianity is the ROCK of Western Civilization! Fact! Like it or not liberals – FACT! Without Western Civilization there would be no civilization. FACT.


  • Ecclesiastes 10:2

    So sad that so many are so unfamiliar with the bible to know that these are all signs of the last days. It’s all coming true as prophesied. Decades ago people said they could never imagine what we see today and yet we see it everywhere, reprobate behavior is accepted, entertainment is filled with demonic imagery and themes, turning from God the creator and worshipping what he created. Just insanity.

  • Croaker

    You think saying ‘You need Jesus’ is hate speech to a college student.

    Try saying “you need a degree in something useful”.
    That will just send them flying in fear to the nearest safe space!

  • WICheesehead98

    The problem is, there is no literal hell. Yes, I’ll be “roasted” for that comment, but hell is not in the bible I read. Hell is Gehenna. Gehenna was the city dump where the idolators threw the bodies of burnt babies from sacrifices. Much longer to write to tell complete history of “hell” but that is a start.

  • 1angrywhite

    Ohio is a toilet.

  • Ray Anthony

    Absolute INSANITY! What’s next saying someone is harassing another by saying “Good Morning?” Where are these imbeciles coming from?

  • John

    If you have to ask if you need Jesus is hate speech then guess what You need Jesus

  • Gary

    Friend, you might ask “Why do I need to be saved? Saved from

    I’ll tell you. “You need to be saved from the Justice &
    Love of God!”

    Have you allowed yourself to be self-deceived into thinking there
    is no God?

    Romans 1:19-20 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven
    against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be
    known of God is manifest in them, for God
    has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly
    seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal
    power and Godhead, so that they are
    without excuse,

    Have you fallen for the deceptive lie of Molecules to man Evolution?

    Did you know Reason & Logic point towards an intelligent
    Creator and away from random/purposeless
    molecules to man Evolution! Visit
    these 2 sites to unlearn the lies, fairy tales and deceptions you’ve been



    So then each of us shall give account of himself to God Romans 14:12

    you’ve always accepted the lie that the Bible is unreliable, or maybe you have
    honest concerns about it’s trustworthiness?
    Then these 2 sites will give you plenty of evidence to BELIEVE in the



    all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God Romans

    sin is the transgression of the law 1 John 3:4b

    Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom
    of God? Do not be deceived. 1 Corinthians 6:9a

    And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this
    the judgment, Hebrews 9:27

    God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ
    died for us. Romans 5:8

    Repent, and believe
    in the gospel. Mark 1;15b

    that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in
    your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans

    *Salvation is not of works-but fully trusting in the finished work
    of Christ! (What Christ did for us)* Ephesians 2:8-9

    you know we are born enemies of God (Rom 5:10, Col 1:21) and that we break His
    Law by lying, stealing, hating, lusting, being selfish, etc?

    deserve God’s righteous anger (Romans 1-3, John 3:36) and punishment in Hell
    (Rev 21:8).

    Bible teaches that no amount of money, good deeds or even punishing ourselves
    can turn away God’s wrath and satisfy His just demand for our punishment (Eph

    Jesus—God who became man in time and space—is able to make us right with God.
    He lived a life perfectly pleasing to God then voluntarily shed His innocent
    blood and died on the cross, taking upon Himself the wrath and punishment we
    deserve for our sins (1 Pe 2:24). Three days later, He rose from the grave
    victorious over sin and death to forever reign as the sole object of saving

    God requires is that you repent and turn from your sins and have faith alone in
    what Jesus did for us and by faith alone in Jesus Finished Work God will grant
    us salvation and we will be right with God.

    We can do NOTHING to save ourselves, yet being Born Again will
    manifest itself by changing our desires into not pleasing self, but seeking to
    please God.

    Matthew 7:22-23 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord,
    Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and
    done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew
    you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

    you love Me, keep My commandments. John 14:15

    He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not
    see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.” John 3:36

  • Simple. State taxes paid fotr that. hand some senior adminiistrator his/her head, and say “see you in court.” Accept the lawsuit and costs, just make sure the person in charge isn’t getting a paychecjk. The University will prevail as the firer, not the firee.

    • wrongheifer

      This assumes Jesus doesn’t get involved…Remember, on this day one year ago, Hillary was to win by 300+ electoral votes.

      • I always assume He doesn’t. Just fire the bastard and make him sue to get his job back. Or she.

  • dd121

    This is what happens when you selectively limit free speech.

  • silver fox

    the total reorganization of socialist colleges and universities is not f ar off. THEY are built upon folk mythology and continue to do a ghost dance for long since dead socialist narrative that willl have no other narratives before it. They are destroying our country with help from socialist media, press and congressmen. iF WE DON’T AND YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES……..TOO LATE.

  • Steve Smith

    Total insanity on college campuses. No education, just extreme indoctrination.

  • DudeZXT

    Kent State needs Jesus. There, I said it.

  • nearboston

    College kids are just so sensitive these days…on all sides.

    Hey…snowflake… Sack Up!!

  • Joe man Curreri

    Our Universities need to be investigated. Drain the University swamp.

  • silver fox

    BY THE WAY kids….disqus allows employees to ghost your comments using your own user names. Been doing for years. they cost sites like this money and chase away readers.

    • Apeman

      Is that why you post under four different accounts? Kids, this mental case has been banned under three names here because she wouldn’t stop spamming. SPAMMERS LIKE HER ARE WHAT COSTS THIS SITE MONEY.
      Max Dugan – spammer
      Suibneg – spammer
      Eorann – spammer
      Silver Fox – spammer

  • Jenna Sinclair

    Everyone needs Jesus to overcome this temporary life that ends in Death. Jesus is eternal life. The opposite of death. He is love and the opposite of hate.

  • TexanForever

    My, My, … Aren’t we getting toutchy !!

    As a Christian I can’t figure out if this is good or bad. Why don’t we just follow President Trump’s example and dispense with all the PC crap? Americans used to have thick skins and weren’t crybabies.

  • karl

    I think teaching the works of Marx is hate speech…will that be banned?
    (Actually I oppose the banning of knowledge that IS why they call it higher learning.)

  • Bitter-clinging Deplorable

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people, dwelling comfortably in their sins like a pig in the mud, will take comfort in the lies the world pitches over the hard truths of faith and reason.

  • PursueJustice

    America the most offended people on the planet. Pretty soon someone will claim that saying “Good morning” is hate speech.

  • Elizabeth Carlyle

    A scam like the Democratic Party needs suckers. It needs millions and millions of the dumbest people that can be found outside of specially supervised group homes. And then it needs to appoint people to watch over them, give them the occasional food and minor check, and drive them in vans to the polls after two or four years so that the con artists can keep their manicured paws on the local treasury.

  • Matthew

    Jesus is just a dead guy same with Jim Jones….so i don’t see how you can need a dead guy in your life….Maybe a personal code of morals and ethics would be more beneficial…

    • Masseur

      Allahu akbar!

      • Colton Lee

        Oh, go have a bacon sandwich.

    • Colton Lee

      Seriously. Have you picked up a book or listened to anyone for the past 2000 years. I’d say Jesus is far more that just a “dead guy”. There are just over one billion LIVING people on the planet right now that disagree with you, not to mention the billions and billions who have passed from this earth before them who knew Jesus to be more than just another dead guy. Seriously, you match you intellect to the billions of those who have gone before you? Then you might be the greatest megalomaniac in history. Read a book.

      • Matthew

        A billion sheep is still a billion sheep….

    • Colton Lee

      Funny – You’re an atheist with a biblical Christian name. Irony… maybe.

  • Benny Oaks

    Real Christians don’t say it in a hateful way. They should be introducing you to Jesus. Not demanding that you submit. To study the word, or not is a journey no one can force you to take. I myself was compelled to investigate the existence of Jesus, and I am glad I did. He is real. God is real. The holy spirit is real. I know this is true. The trick is you have to admit you are a sinner. We all are.

    It is not for man to judge. It is not for man to force his beliefs on others. Pray for those that you fear are in danger of eternal damnation. When you bully someone that doesn’t believe as you do, you push them away. I was told not to come to church because of my out word appearance once, and it turned me away from God for a long time. That is wrong. Once you start reading the word you will realize that is the way of the scribes and Pharisees that Jesus condemned. These so called Christians spewing hate need to pray, and read about the scribes and Pharisees again.

  • zonablue

    Kent State-the Communist hotbed of the 60s. Figures.

  • Miles Archer

    Kent State? Send in the National Guard.

  • InMontana

    It cracks me up that these liberal think they can look into someone hear and tell if is hate speech or not. This liberals live in an alternate universe.

    • WICheesehead98

      Problem is, who defines what is hate speech or not?

      • Colton Lee

        Correct. Who defines what speech is? The Constitution does.

      • InMontana

        God and God alone. Libs think they can control everything. In your own heart you know if you are speaking hatefully or lovingly. No one has the right to tell you what to say.

        • WICheesehead98

          that was a rhetorical question. Libs are trying to define speech, good and bad, so we can “fall in line” and “obey.”

  • Brian Tripp

    No more gays! Homosexuality is a sexual perversion and should be listed as such! There are only two genders – dummy! Abortion/infanticide is murder! Islam is a false pagan religion – practiced by misogynists and brainwashed perverts and those ignorant of its origins & tenants and… Allah is Satan!
    That’s me exercising my God-given right to express my opinion and my free speech right protected by the Constitution and if anyone disagrees… good for them!

  • tweed54

    This is the ultimate goal of the God-hating, liberal left is to ban the idea, thought or speech that Jesus is the only way to enter Heaven (saved). The USA is turning into Europe in that you can be fined or sentenced to jail for being :”culturally insensitive” to people with other beliefs than yours. by telling them the Gospel of Paul, that Jesus died on the cross willingly for our sins, buried and rose on the third day to eternal life. There is power in his holy name. Street preachers unite!!!!!

  • Harold Janson

    Time to send the national guard back in to clean up the mess… Again

  • Juan A. Cerveza

    Not a single quote on that page could be assigned to the political left. What about all the Hate Cop Speech? Hate America Speech? Pro-Abortion Speech? Anti-Christian Speech? Anything out of Hollywood or Rap lyrics? Sanctimonious and patronizing Affirmative Action? Hostility towards women that want to raise children and stay at home? Anti-Israel bigotry, etc etc etc.

  • Colton Lee

    Well, it has come to pass. When political correctness now rises to destroy the most fundamental of all Constitutional rights, Freedom of Speech . The contrived term “hate speech” found it’s way into law and now challenges “free speech”. This will find it’s way to the Supreme Court before very long. However, one should note, regardless of the outcome. The First Amendment just happens to be guaranteed by the Second Amendment. And, the Second Amendment is guaranteed by, your truly. The Marxist of the Left will not destroy the fabric of the United States. So speak freely and enjoy the rights that thousands upon thousands of America’s sons and daughters gave their lives for. Have now fear right always wins over wrong.

  • Dan Ros

    The stentch of progressive politics. The University, as we once knew it, is over. Close them down, and make it all online virtual schooling.

  • mawendt

    Because if the same poster had “Abortion, Anytime for Any Reason”, “Conservatives = Homophobes”, “Prosecute the Climate Deniers!” and “Trump is Hitler”, there would be no question on free speech/hate speech, and we’d have never seen it in the news.

  • ThomasDixon


  • marksutton

    Many universities in America have become leftist propaganda institutions run by people who hate anyone who has a different set of values than they do, especially if the values are Christian. Those universities suppress any speech that is a challenge to their ideology, as George Orwell correctly predicted about leftists many decades ago. Leftist governments have been the bloodiest regimes in the history of mankind (e.g., Stalin and Mao made Hitler, who also considered himself to be a socialist, look like an amateur; they murdered tens of millions of people who would not conform to their leftist ideologies). Leftists cannot justify their beliefs with reason and so they suppress beliefs that challenge theirs. This is nothing new. It is just a growing and disturbing trend in many of America’s colleges and universities.

  • tall, blond, and very hot

    There very fact this statement is in question tells you all you need to know about Kent State. Send your kids elsewhere.

  • Jus Wundrin

    Islam good, Christianity baaaaaad! Whether in schools or fictional media, its been drummed into the minds of the kiddies for decades. Satan wants souls.

  • Crotalus

    Everything is hate speech…. unless I say it.

  • Mirage

    Socialism is Hate Speech. After all you are demanding someone that works be ROBBED and their earnings redistributed to someone else. NOTHING is more hateful than that. Socialism, Communism and all forms of Marxism are truly hate speech. Millions were murdered by them in the last century.

  • dr3yec

    This is an attack on ones freedom of religion and the feds should investigate.

  • Janie

    Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, NO MAN comes to the Father but by me. ” John 14:6

  • RightLeaner

    If ‘You need Jesus’ is hate speech, so is ‘You need a college education’.

  • American Freeman

    Absurdcity now rules college campuses.

  • spyreaper11

    Past time to REMOVE with (Predigest) , the administration of this college….

  • SecessionNow

    Nobody wants to be told they’re going to die either.
    Guess what, you gonna die.

  • Mark Suckerburg

    Someone get an airplane, fill it with 100 million gospel tracs and letter bomb the campus with the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord.

  • LastBoomer

    How about this… if you want to go to heaven then you need Jesus. If you want to understand how to go to heaven then you got to understand the Bible. To understand the Bible..you need to study it. It is the same for any seeker seeking….If you want to be a rocket scientist then your need a College Professor whom is an expert in Propulsion as a mentor. If you want to understand rocket propulsion you got to understand the laws of math, thrust, lift etc…To understand these items you got to study it.

  • john cummins

    I see this crap on my campus daily. Most of the posters are put up by the “wellness” department or LGBTQIA+++++++++++. Many of the posters are indecipherable as to what they are saying, being rather cryptic. Most/all of the posters remind one of the mindless sloganeering of 1984, possibly worse. Truly the inmates are running the asylum.

    • Dave_Cognac

      You’re seeing the result of decades of systemic liberalism and brainwashing. These people have lived in their bubble so long, and their harangued students in their echo chamber, they produce AntiFa, BLM, and SJW snowflakes. These snowflakes go out into the world with their extreme prejudice against anything republican or conservative, and are so hurt by the backlash from critical thinkers, they revert to their coddled victim mentality, that was instilled in them by public education, and university echo-chambers.

  • Dave_Cognac

    EVERYTHING is “hate speech” because hate speech is completely subjective.
    The first amendment protects all speech, regardless if you get hurt feelings or not.

  • Preston Venzant

    Funny how no one wants to take responsibility for the poster. You make a nasty statement about the beliefs of Christians and then run. Filthy wretch.

  • Melvin Mitchell

    Why would ANY parent pay for their child to attend a communist indoctrination center like Kent State…

  • gotham1883

    Libs, “If I hate you then whatever you say to me is hate speech.”

  • hanginout

    There is no such thing as hate speech. Period. There is rude, unkind, and ignorant speech that is hurtful and cold, but that comes with living in a free society.

  • p3orion

    The poster has the “offending” phrases, but then clearly asks if they constitute “Free speech or hate speech?”
    The answer is “they’re free speech.” No problem here.

  • GoldenRudy

    Maybe the National Guard should make another visit to Kent State?

  • Dan Brown

    There is no such thing as hate speech. The very suggestion is un-American.

  • malinse

    Here in Los Angeles a community college banned a person for handing out copies of the constitution. Let me say that again; a person was denied his free speech for handing out the document that guarantees it!

    As if the very thought of teaching and promoting our founding legal document was a complete shock to the instruction of the college.

    The best thing we could do is stop sending our kids to these types of indoctrination centers of the left.

    Find a college or university that really teaches students that we are a free country and not a totalitarian regime of socialism.

  • Vindaloo Bugaboo

    Free speech means you have the RIGHT to be offended, period.
    Obviously Kent State doesn’t get that basic tenet of our Constitution.

  • Deplorable CKAinRedStateUSA

    To consider “You Need Jesus” hate speech?
    Close the doors at Kent State.
    Whatever it is, it ain’t no college or university any more.

  • chuckles

    The bluff that has been put over on Americans is,..Show me the Amendment in the Constitution that defines and bans “hate” speech. The truth is I am allowed to say whatever kind of vile, untrue, bilge I can think up to get out of my pie hole. That is why police have to protect BLM or the Nazi sympathizers when they decide to spew. No one should be prevented from saying whatever they like. Hate speech is a phrase that has been injected into culture that doesn’t exist. The Fascist liberals,( thats right, liberals are the fascists as in Venezuela, Cuba, and the old Soviet Union) are the ones using this phrase to force Conservative common sense into the background. As a result, perverts that can’t decide what bathroom they want to use and baby killers that steal your money and throw it down a sewer have the platform and patriotic Americans are accused of being Nazi’s. There is no legal term called “hate speech” in law. They have been successful in adding punishment to “hate crimes”. Explain to me how it matters when a black is killed by a white over a white killing a white. Either way there is still a murder which qualifies as a murder. This policy gives special rights to some that others don’t have, which is dangerous.

  • Jeffrey Gee

    Most college universities should be called indoctrination centers and no longer university or higher learning institutions!

  • moonma

    Man’s Socialism replaced Jesus long ago.

  • john q public

    Oh yeah, there is no doubt; we ALL need Jesus!

  • general

    2500 years ago the bible states in the end times we will see what is going on today, people will move rapidly, knowledge shall increase faster than we are able ingest it, information shall be instant worldwide, the whole world will hate you because of me and will destroy all vestiges of Christianity.
    This was written before the concept of this science was even a thought.
    We are seeing in real time what was predicted thousands of years ago by people who had no idea the technology existed, yet we are seeing the facts of what was written.
    We were given freewill to decide which way to follow these are our own decisions after the education received.
    Only after we are dead will we know what the answer is.

    from 1850 through today the world has increased in education, science, travel, medicine, war, than from the beginning of earth time to 1850. We have more now than at any time in history yet we see more wars, hate, destruction, storms, earthquakes, drought, etc., than anytime in history. Something to think about…..

  • Marathon-Youth

    So far only the left claims they can define what is ‘hate speech”. Soon the right will do the same. Whatever the left pushes can also be viewed as “hate speech”

  • Greg Thumm

    Speech is protected, no matter what label the intolerant left wants to put on it.

  • Greg Thumm

    We have the right to say what we want, not HEAR what we want.
    Why is the left so afraid of the free market of ideas ???

  • liars

    Oh please, oh please ! Take the bait, Kent. Take the bait. Multimillion dollar lawsuits aplenty just waiting to be filed.

  • Eddie Seigler

    and these are the “great intellectuals and scholars” of our time. supposedly they are “educating our children” or are they just indoctrinating them to be little “Maoists”????? They really are USA’s “Taliban”

    • malinse

      The intellectuals and scholars gave up on truth and objective thought in the sixties. Now these institutions are infested with ravenous wolves and deceivers.

  • Fred Lang, enlightened troll

    Obviously this is horrible, horrible hate speech and Antifa should start smashing Starbucks windows and burning garbage cans in impotent rage!

  • Keith Owen

    Once again an institute of higher indoctrination strikes against conservatives while leaving liberals to run amok without consequence. Big surprise.

  • Mcalluster Lee

    If you think saying “You Need Jesus ” is hate speech, then I have some swamp land to sell you….freaking idiots.

  • Skidmark Goatcabin

    Jesus help us all

  • Knoblauchwurst

    Slowly but surely, the radical Leftists are completely destroying the foundations of the USA. The insanity rampant among the perpetually offended “people of color” and their ilk is leading to a society devoid of any common sense or rational thinking. And now we learn that even geometry and algebra are instances of “white privilege.” The USA will soon has passed the point of no return from which the radically insane premises of this type of agenda cannot be reversed.

    While the US education system has focused on protecting “people of color” from the “evil” and “hurtful” comments of “white oppressors,” China has been gaining ground on every scientific and technological front. While the US has continued to allow an invasion from uneducated third-world peasants, China has been busily educating mathematicians, physicists, engineers, biologists, chemists, and building the world’s most powerful supercomputers and working quantum computers. The USA is being left behind at a staggering rate!

    Look at the names now of the first, second, third authors of leading papers in all major areas of research, and the names are predominately Chinese.

    Thanks to these lunatics of the united “people of color” sects, the USA is teetering on the brink of self-destruction and will most likely never recover from the likes of this professor and her ilk.

    Tragedy in the making!

  • Isaiahdolan

    You need Weiner/Weinstein 2020!

  • Wirklich Verschroben

    Considering whether “You need Jesus” is hate speech…is hate speech. Oh wait….will they now consider me guilty of hate speech? If so, then they’re guilty of hate speech…. I could go on…

  • malinse


    On April 10, 1970, Jerry Rubin spoke on the campus at Kent State. Jerry Rubin was a Communist. We can be absolutely sure of that because he has said so repeatedly. In fact he said he was a Communist when your reporter asked him about it at the Democrat National Convention in Miami in 1972. At that Convention Rubin also said that, when he and his Comrades take over, your reporter will be gassed.

    At Kent State, Communist Jerry Rubin said this: “The first part of the Yippie program is to kill your parents. And I mean that quite literally, because until you’re prepared to kill your parents, you’re not ready to change this country. Our parents are our first oppressors.”

    Rubin really told the students what you just read. It is important to remember that, at the time, Jerry Rubin was a convicted criminal—he had been convicted for leading the turmoil at the 1968 Democrat National Convention in Chicago, where terrorists attacked the police—which raises the question of how such a man could be permitted to address students on a university campus in Ohio.**

    Rubin also told the Kent State students to burn down the suburbs. “The American school system will be ended in two years,” he explained. “We are going to bring it down. Quit being students. Become criminals. We have to disrupt every institution and break every law. We should have more laws so we can break them, too.

    Everybody should have their own law to break.” As for the campus itself, Comrade Rubin told the students to ignore their professors, and to “burn all the books. It’s quiet here now but things are going to start again.”

    The campus was now ready. Almost two years of intensive Communist
    propaganda had their effect. A sufficient number of students were willing
    to serve as cannon fodder for the revolutionary “cause.” The Communists needed only an excuse to provoke their “major confrontation.” Three weeks later they got their excuse.”

    The students who were killed at Kent State were the victims of a two-year persistent infiltration of radical revolutionary communists from SDS, including Mark Rudd, the S.D.S. Ieader and Bernardine Dohrn, an S.D.S. official who calls herself a “revolutionary Communist, and wife of Bill Ayres, who are both friends of President Barack Obama. For two years these radicals made visits to the college as part of their organization’s activities as described below: (continued at: http://25thaviation.org/facts/id960.htm)

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    why does anyone send their kid to these colleges anymore? why are the kids so stupid? clearly it starts with the parents, lol. “education” on many campuses has devolved into “re-education”, but, hey, you just keep on going into debt to pay for that privilege, snowflake 🙂

  • presskeptic

    Without a complaint from an independent person, a college administration is neuter. With one, they can legally come after anyone they wish – Christian or otherwise ( though ‘otherwise’ probably gets off, if it’s an alt-anything concept ) i.e. until “Jane Doe” filed her complaint, Planned Parenthood was just a well-meaning social service.

  • trudat

    This is the INTOLERANT Left people. For too long you turned the other cheek…time to end that practice and fight fire with fire. Time to take the fight right back to them.

    • malinse

      You are right. People are too busy with “life” to even notice their rights being taken from them by the sick leftists who are running many institutions including sectors of the US government. The “fight” for those rights shouldn’t even be necessary if our leaders defended and followed the wisdom that is in the constitution, but unfortunately many corrupt and dangerous people want to disregard it and pretend they know better.

  • gardenstateed

    The poster was designed and intended to “promote an event on free speech issues”. So if another group put up a poster asking the question, “are blacks really oppressed?”, that’d be OK?

  • lifematters

    Leftists never give up and you cannot give them a single inch. They negotiate only until they are sure they have the upper hand – then they crush you.

  • The side on the left could be just about any pro-Muslim protest in Europe.

  • contact officemanager

    You need an abortion will be in every hall and dorm, buy one get one free, discounts for baby part agreement..
    All hail our profit Mohamed,! Off with your clitoris!!!

  • kbworkman

    The hate speech is from the left.
    You need Jesus has nothing to do with hate. It is a message of love.
    Leftist pervs can’t handle it.

  • stephen

    Sounds like there’s a need for some mandatory sensitivity training (isn’t that the liberal answer for these kinds of things). There should still be a few good Christians around willing to take that up that cause and I bet they wouldn’t event charge.

  • Stinky Man

    Another college where the resumes go strait into the trash can.
    I would not consider hiring an engineer educated as a SJW. You will not be hired by me.
    I wonder if other managers responsible for hire folks feel the same way?

  • Stinky Man

    Ban speech?
    Then I hope the violence that results is on the administrators that cause the repression.

  • The BANNED tonymarini

    It’s not education any more…it’s indoctrination. Propaganda and agitprop are the rules of the day in our 24/7/365 Progressive Ideology Sausage-Making Factories.

    Orwell is presently laughing his arse off…wherever he is.

  • RegisteredDemocrat

    IT IS HATE SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Public Enemy # One

    Telling someone ‘You need Kent State’ is hate speech !

  • DevilDog Ding

    There is no “hate speech” exemption to the First Amendment.

  • Nad Navlis

    Welcome to Bizarro World, where promising young stupid people are accepted in to hone their stupidity as taught by their intellectual inferiors.

  • Public Enemy # One

    That is like banning half the planet.
    Liberals – stupidest morons on the planet.
    Never send your kid to a Liberal University – they will come home dumber than when you sent them.

  • J. K.

    Kent State? WHAT A BUNCH OF MORONS!!! They cannot infringe on First Amendment rights.

  • Apeman

    Snowflakes love being outraged over everything, large or small.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    A Reminder from the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, Peace and Understanding:

    As the weather changes, please refrain from wearing winter attire emblazoned with exclusionary divisive culturally insensitive hateful rhetoric like “Merry Christmas”.

    Also, the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, Peace and Understanding will be closed on December 25th in honor of December 25th.

  • general

    Many of those elected do everything destroying this nation for decades. What our founders wrote no longer are taught in college, primary school and communism has been taught for decades today are the results of what is going on in our nation today.

    When a law does conform to the Constitution, we don`t have to obey it; J. Adams.
    This Constitution was made for a holy, moral, Christian people; it`s wholly inadequate for any other; B. Franklin
    Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God; T. Jefferson.
    Arbitrary power is established on he ruins of liberty, abused to total evil; G. Washington.

    Governments degenerate when trusted to elected rulers alone: people are the the sole defense; T. Jefferson
    Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for government but illegal for citizens. T. Jefferson
    Any act against the Constitution is null and void; G. Washington
    The bible is the meaning of life, leading to peace and salvation, America was born a Christian nation; G. Washington.


    Any people who want destruction of our nation and Constitution are traitors and we must as Jefferson said to take up arms to protect our nation.

    We must vett all who run for any office from local to federal testing their loyalty to the Constitution all we know who are destroying the nation must be held accountable. Check the voting record of who is greasing their palms.
    All the evil in the nation must be cleansed to bring our nation back to the way our founders saw the future.
    Read all their writtings , our documents, and learn who is out to destroy us and our way of life…

    • pintorider

      Yup, an attestation to the Constitution is a definite litmus test for all public servants. It’s all the legal and moral we need as individuals and a nation.

      PS Important typo in this quote, changes entire meaning:

      When a law does conform to the Constitution, we don`t have to obey it; J. Adams

      should read:

      When a law does [not] conform to the Constitution, we don`t have to obey it; J. Adams.

      • general

        tnx; I missed it, thinking faster than typing…

  • BamaBelle

    These people obviously need Jesus.

    • pintorider

      If Jesus will work for $10 an hour and is trainable, I need him too.

  • my2¢

    But liberal hypocrites tell us all the time what we need or don’t need. I.E. “you don’t need so much money”, You don’t need so many bullets”, “you don’t need a gun”, “you need to believe in global warming”, you need to behave less masculine”, You need to feel guilty about being white”
    Bottom line is leftist are fascist, and have been through out time.

  • Earnest Evanston

    Fascism has arrived in America and it resides in the Democratic party. Fight fascism – VOTE OUT A DEMOCRATS!! SI SE PUEDE!!!

  • janger

    They consider the expression “You need Jesus” to be a hate speech…but worship on bended knee before the altar of big government while slurping public funds! There’s something sorta diabolically psychotic about that!

  • Bureau of Censorship

    One man’s hate speech is another man’s free speech, which is exactly why “hate” speech IS free speech and can’t (and shouldn’t) be regulated.

  • nulaqmi

    “You need to eat breakfast” also looks out for the well-being of the students.

    “Hate Speech” cannot be subjective if it is to be enforced.

  • Gary Hanson

    If they want to play their little baby games, then its time to add the term:

    “White Privilege” to the list of Hate Speech. If you wanna play, lets play. There wont be any speech left with these Liberal tards runamuck.

  • pintorider

    Jesus is a myth. No more real than Superman.

    • the Gentleman

      If superman existed he would be in JAIL for taking the law into his OWN HANDS. Jesus was nailed to the cross for suggesting that people make mistakes and don’t need to kill an animal and sprinkle the blood onto a fire to say they are sorry. That was how it was, you had to sacrifice onto the lord for sin prior to Jesus. Jesus was a revolutionary just like George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.

      • pintorider

        The old Temple cult was waning at that time and completely destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans. Blood sacrifice was out after that and a much more interesting and valuable Judaism developed out of the old blood cult. “Jesus” was one of many Jewish mystery cult/savior god religions of the time adopted from the mystery religions of antiquity.

  • צדקיה עמיחי

    You know, I wonder what the triggered snowflakes are going to do when they meet real religious extremists instead of the “Christian Taliban” they mock so much. Since the options will be convert or die, I know exactly what they’ll do – convert.

    • pintorider

      That presents an interesting dilemma for us atheists.

      • צדקיה עמיחי

        I wholeheartedly believe that death is the only option. Regardless of your religious beliefs, they are yours and yours alone. No one can walk your path & no one should have any religion dictated to them. I believe whatever belief system makes you want to be a better person AND live in peace with your neighbor, that is the belief system for you. Doesn’t matter if it’s Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, atheism, agnostic, etc.

        • pintorider

          Except atheism and agnosticism are not belief systems. If any thing, they are “non-belief systems”.

          I would choose life and fake it.

  • adam

    Truth Speech

  • pintorider

    There is no historical evidence outside religious sources for the existence of “Jesus” as the Gospels portray. He’s is a myth like Zeus or Krishna. Nobody had blues skin and could appear to a hundred milkmaids at once and nobody can walk on water. All are myths.

    • the Gentleman

      There is no historical evidence that people believe that biological men can identify themselves as women. There is no historical evidence that people think that a growing baby in its mother isn’t actually considered a baby. There is no historical evidence that such a consent of Lesbian, bisexual,gay,transgender, queer, LBGTQ ever existed. All of these MYTHS of the existence of these things will Land YOU in a PADDED ROOM. Good luck try not to see this stuff today

      • pintorider

        I can’t look at a night sky lit with stars and not think about a creator. And to think about killing a baby in the womb makes me ashamed to be a human. But I’m a complete atheist as to the God of the Bible and an agnostic concerning a “divine creator.”

        • Don’t Make Me Laugh At You

          Interesting and conflicting thoughts….

          But many of us have had the same in various degrees.

          • pintorider

            We’re all in the same boat…

        • the Gentleman

          How do you explain things to a child that is 3 years old, and they just want answers to EVERYTHING and your explanation just isn’t at the level of comprehension for that child? When you finally have an honest moment to truly reflect on that answer to those types of questions for what you have finally accepted as “that is just the way it is”. Your explanation should have god somewhere at the end. Even top scientists don’t know the universe. I use ” god” as an explanation for “hey that’s the way things work”. And let it be. I don’t need an argument. Bless your heart.

  • the Gentleman

    Maybe we need to make a poster that focuses only on the one political party that “is hate speech to those that LOVE JESUS”. With things that say 1) pro-choice because a living fetus is a terrible thing. 2) vote democrat because your daddy was a democrat Klan member. 3) gay is the way, beat up a cracker at Kent university because it is a fun way to spend your day. 4) promote Allah Akbar and beheadings, because NOBODY wants Jesus. 5) lgbtq bearded women with lady penises want your womens bathroom. Laws need to be passed to allow all of these, oh, wait, obama did ALL of these for 8 years. OK, OK, I know I am not that good at speaking that crazy college liberal speak but at least I tried.

  • Machismo

    “You need Jesus“ could qualify as hate speech.” But if you say “You need the “prophet Mohammed” or “Allah” they give you a platform.

    • the Gentleman

      If you shout Allah Akbar, liberals will roll out the Red carpet, circle the wagons and let you swing away

  • Tony Smith

    Our tax dollars at work.

  • general

    Congress, the democrats, rinos, socialist, communist, all against the Constitution is two sides of the same coin, and want our nation destroyed. They have destroyed education, finance, industry, morals, liberty, freedom, etc., for decades and we allowed this by not vetting these out before we voted them in. All patriots must pay attention to all and we have a election in 2018 to start doing more to clean out the swamp…
    If we continue allowing this evil in our leaders we only have us to blame.
    If Nov. 4 takes place to cause a violent overthrow of our system, riots, blocking traffic, arson, beatings, shootings.
    this is treason and wet he people best know which way we are going for this will turn into civil war.

  • 1mikejanz1

    Well DUH, hate speech is protected by the first amendment, it’s exactly why the first amendment was put in the Bill of Rights!
    Just because someone doesn’t like what you have to say doesn’t make it hate speech!

  • Oak66

    The real haters are the intolerant fascistic left . The only way to beat them is to go on the offense…or at least to counterattack…When they call you hate speech and try to get you banned…you immediately call them hate speech and try to get them banned. This levels the playing field…and now their speech is threatened…and if conservs would learn to do this the left would soon become big defenders of free speech. YOU have to negotiate from strength…Right now the left has no skin in the game so they have nothing to lose to try and ban others speech.

  • Wendy Luckie

    We are all imperfect. Laws of Leviticus are in place to warn us and stay safe. As sinners by His Blood we are forgiven. He spoke against tattoos. One would say huh?! But to keep you safe. RONNAN Farrows sister died at 35 bc of a HIV tainted tattoo needle. I rest my case.

  • Publius

    If they consider “You need Jesus” as hate speech then “There is no God” should also be considered hate speech. The former seems more plausible than the latter.

    • patriot2947

      Hate is a human emotion, whether one likes it or not. So suck it up.

  • Aril

    It is hate speech to some. That is the problem. For many people the prince of peace represents the worst in humanity. Many of my ancestors were killed for not believing in your messiah. Maybe if Christians actually tried to live up to the teachings of Jesus and did not freak out so much when their hypocrisy was pointed out then this would not be an issue. But let’s face it, how many christians actually love their neighbor or even try and practice any of actually teaching instead of forcing their “beliefs” on others. For those who do not believe that Hate is sometimes part of Christianity just google Martin Luther and Jews (may his soul rest in hell)

  • patriot2947

    Free speech is just that. If you’re offended, walk away or shut up.

    Same with pc. Midget is in the dictionary and all the other offensive words that haunt liberal morons. Don’t like it. Plug up your ears, you ignorant. brain washed, feeble minded idiots.

    Did I offend anyone? Good!

  • the Gentleman

    Hate speech isn’t protected by the first amendment, it is called slander. And we need to strengthen the liable and slander laws. Lying about others isn’t something that a civil society should put up with. Bring back the laws to DUAL, that would clean up these streets FAST.

    • patriot2947

      If you’re human, you lie or have lied. Another moron heard from…

    • Darren Douglas

      “Hate speech isn’t protected by the first amendment…” I disagree. “Freedom of Speech” IS protected by the First Amendment (which by definition includes ALL speech). The prosecution of “slander” is a function of the CIVIL courts, and should NEVER be a CRIMINAL matter. THAT is the way the Constitution was originally intended to work regarding Speech.

  • Some of our universities are the citadels of our enemies and the faculty are their ground troops. Bring on the figurative torches and pitchforks and let’s burn their state budgets.

  • Liberalism_Bites

    Do we need ignorant college professors and students?

    • the Gentleman

      It is like the chicken and the Egg, what Came first? The stupid ignorant college professor, OR the stupid ignorant college student?

      • Darren Douglas

        Having served four years in a university many years ago, I would say definitely the Professors came first. But ya, most of the twentysomethings were pretty clueless.

  • 1tymtrvlr

    have the useless snowflakes gotten that childish? God will have His way with this country if these useless tools aren’t put in their place. Are these idiots so stupid that they don’t realize that since they have embraced liberalism the country has gone to hell?

  • Kozlowski

    As an atheist, I would politely tell that person that no, I feel no need for Jesus. But I would never, in a million years, want to shut that person up. Even if they were annoying. Even for the Mormons or 7th day Adventists who knock at my door, ignoring my sign asking them to leave, I politely tell them I am an atheist and wish them a nice day. We can all disagree, without being disagreeable. It isn’t hard to get along with those we disagree with. Just show common decency and respect.

    • pintorider

      If they are Mormons, I give them a glass of water and a bit a of sit before they leave. Especially if it’s hot out. I got the impression they had other interests they’d rather pursue…

    • Darren Douglas

      Thank you for being a decent human being.

  • demmi

    Time to call out the Ohio National Guard. They get results.

  • Don’t Make Me Laugh At You

    The people in the Center for Student Involvement office should be snuffed, one by one, until they confess to what they did, and disband.

    Too harsh?

    They’d GLADLY do the same to YOU.

    Fight fire with fire, or you’ll soon enjoy your communist rulers in a destroyed Amerika.

  • the Gentleman

    Jesus was a man that stood up to the same mentality that we see at Kent university, if we sent Kent university back 2000 years ago the students would push the soldiers away and crusify Jesus themselves. Morality to a liberal student is like kryptonite to superman.

    • pintorider

      Jesus is not a historical person. There is no evidence of him as there should be outside religious sources. Nothing.

      • the Gentleman

        Outside of your dusty old Islamic comment about Jesus. 350 years After you are cremated there will be NO EVIDENCE FOR ANYONE TO VERIFY THAT YOU existed. Especially if you ticked someone off that has access to government records.

        • pintorider

          Contrary to some peoples beliefs, that time in history is one of the best attest to and recorded. Guess what? No Jesus!

          • doug1961

            I get a kick out of people who say things like “Jesus didn’t exist”.
            It really speaks to their ignorance

          • pintorider

            Research “Mythicism”. I didn’t invent this idea. It’s been around for a long time but now modern historical analysis methods (Bayesian, mainly) have all but proven Jesus didn’t exist. Heck, even the “Jesus Seminar” whiddled him down to an eccentric rabbi… 🙂

      • Darren Douglas

        There is more actual historical evidence of Jesus than there is of MANY ancient men who lived, and who nobody thinks didn’t exist, like Plato, Aristotle, Livy, Cato, etc., etc., etc. Straight and simple. People disbelieve Jesus actually existed on earth because they don’t want to be reminded they are stubborn sinners.

        • pintorider

          That’s simply not true. There is plenty of evidence, writings, statues, biographies, coins, etc that attest to the historicity of most of the people you cited,if not all. But for Jesus–THERE IS NOTHING !!

      • doug1961

        Do you believe Confucius lived?
        What about Mohammad? Abraham? Siddhartha Gautama?
        How many other 2000 year old birth certificates have you examined and decided if they were an accurate and true representation of people who actually lived.
        There is no evidence Jesus was not a historical figure who actually walked the earth.

  • Ross Black

    Fails the Brandenburg test. Colleges are traditional public forums. Words represent no “true threat.” Ect.

    But collegefix, could YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN wtf “hate speech” is, and where I could find those exact words in the law/Constitution?

    • Don’t Make Me Laugh At You

      “Hate speech” is anything that Democrats identify as useful in defeating their opponents, and dividing Americans.

      Note that it changes as political conditions and the Democrat agenda change.

    • Darren Douglas

      “Hate Speech” doesn’t exist in the Constitution. “Freedom of Speech” does. Here it is: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

  • hitemup1976

    So, what is the difference between some one saying you need to smoke a blunt and You need Jesus.Both are ceremonial and create a temporary wack job euphoria, Don’t tell me. The hate speech begins after the person smokes the blunt and with Jesus the holy ghost enters the bodies of those who are praying to Jesus and start speaking in tongue.

    • Don’t Make Me Laugh At You

      And yet here you are, awaiting your reparations…..

      • pintorider

        that’s pretty funnny!

      • hitemup1976

        Not hardly! They will turn my bi-racial behind at the door. Not black enough.

  • pbtruth
  • I suggest they say, “You need another University”.

  • greggreen29

    If you think You need Jesus is hate speech, well you probably need Jesus.

  • Chuck Hall

    Time for the National Guard

  • Darren Douglas

    Enough with “Hate Speech” regulations. Americans are DONE with it. Time to start boycotting universities, colleges, and the Fascist professors who are spreading this BS.

  • Spunkstein

    Yes, anything Christian would be considerered “hate” since this is the goto rhetoric of leftists. Christianity is a major political enemy of the left and , currently, the only religion they attack.

  • doug1961

    “Hate speech” is nomenclature created by those who possess a totalitarian mindset. It is meant to stifle opinion and force the perceived “correct” response from those who do not believe as they.

  • forthechildren

    Just tell them they re reading it incorrectly; you meant the Spanish language pronunciation: Jesus!

  • Griefner

    That is not hate speech.
    This is hate speech.
    “Never Trump”
    Remember back in the early 70’s when Kent State students truly had bulls eyes on their backs?
    That was hate.

  • Abbie1530

    (Sarcasm alert) There are many men who have the name Jesus. Who decided the poster referred to THE Jesus of the Christian faith? It seems these folks are jumping to conclusions and are discriminating against men named Jesus. A lot of these men are of Spanish or Hispanic heritage. Kent State discriminates against Spanish and Hispanic men named Jesus or any man named Jesus. Shameful.

  • Predestined

    You DO need Jesus!! The wrath is coming and there is only ONE way out! You need Jesus.

  • Francisco Peña

    Where is the Students for Justice in Palestine’s Divestment protests?

    Couldn’t that be offensive or hate against Israel or Jews?

  • LibertyForU

    Jesus is love. If you don’t think so, actually read the Bible.

  • RetiredSOFguy

    Is anyone really surprised by these wackos’ examples of “possible hate speech?”

  • James Oswald

    We all need Jesus. Many take the broader path. It’s always been this way. Satan rules this world, so I’ve been told.

  • Sally

    But I bet “Allahu akbar!” Is fine.

  • David Rodden

    Y’all better take that up with Jesus..I know I do…

  • Richard Right

    K*nt State, best not to go there.

  • Doug Day

    Christianity and communism have NEVER existed side by so the extermination of Christianity is a given. The question is when will Christian doctrine be labeled hate speech and codified into law… oh, and Environmental Global Warming Climate Change will be the State-sanctioned form of spirituality

    • MitchRap

      They’re working on it. Totalitarianism comes incrementally.

  • FriscoWalt

    Seems like Kent State needs Jesus very bad.

  • Bonnie Sky Parker

    Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it hate speech.

    Get a grip assholes!

  • Tim Smith

    “Nobody wants to be told they are going to hell.” — Jesus spoke on hell more than anyone else in the Bible. Jesus also compared hell to a prison and to outer darkness. It was he who likened hell to “a fire” at least twenty different times.

  • Carolyn

    Dear God. They are teaching our youth hate and not teaching them why they live in the freeest nation in the world. They don’t get that they will not be able to stop them once their teachers take over! Everyone needs Jesus!! I’m in America. I can say whatever I please.

  • barbara

    Another school that will soon see its admission applications decline.

  • neverfooled

    Would You need the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, Apollo, Zeus, Poseidon, Allah, or Aliens be considered hate speech? I’m not threatened by anyone’s beliefs, regardless of how ridiculous they might be. Well, maybe that’s not right. The exceptions to that might be religious beliefs that call for my destruction for non-belief however. So oops, that might include many religious cults.

  • Futur Fox

    Kent state famous in the 1960’s for free speech and the slaughter of students by the national guard.
    Now have turned thier back on jesus or banned him cause muslim students consider in blasphemy.

    wtf happened to libtards they truly have lost all sight

  • kh

    Send in the national Guard.

  • Everett Lunday

    How does Repent and believe the gospel sound?

  • Tex Taylor

    Their “Catholic” student leader sounds like a wonderful hot tub Christian – comfortable with the cooing baby, parts of The Sermon on the Mount and celebrating Christmas. Recognizing the authority of Christ and His moral laws?

    Not so much.

    Student leader doesn’t need to ask the cliched WWJD, as Jesus was very clear about it was His Way or the Highway.

  • general

    So called hate speech, riots, degrading, name calling, starting arguments of no meaning, lying about issues, people, causing fights among classes, ethnic groups, ideas, etc., are what all communist, globalists, all who want control use these to divide and conquer people causing rifts among the people of any nation to gain control without people knowing what is going on until they are taken over by war, civil war, collapse of the nation by this or destroying education, industry, finance, morals, family, laws, and people fighting and not knowing the real reasons.

    Comment’s read here show this by all the points described, those who are religious, Christians, no beliefs, or whatever, we see the anger rather than allowing opinions without caustic remarks.

    This shows those who are generating these are winning and we are falling for there traps. IF we want to keep our nation per our founders, all these actions must stop or our liberty, freedom, rights, ownership, shall be taken away before we realize it.
    Bottom line we all hang together or assuredly we all will hang separately……

    Read the Communist Manifesto, all the points then see how many are slid in this nation In the 60`s the Communist Party ran a person for president not to win but to add the points in the discussions they succeeded and no longer run.

    I never understood why the nation ever allowed this for it is a huge form of treason and congress knew it..
    Wonder why our system is being destroyed??

  • neverfooled

    “Nobody wants to be told ‘You’re going to hell,’” Brown said.

    A pretty good point. And it seems like therein lies the confusion, insecurity, and fear. On one hand you’ve got folks claiming their God is all loving, caring, benevolent, and compassionate, yet at the same time could be capable of performing what might be considered the single cruelest, most heinous act known in the imagination of mankind in sending someone to a fiery place to suffer in pain and anguish for ETERNITY. Call me cynical, but that seems diametrically polar opposite of loving and caring. Anyone know exactly how long eternity is?

    While the broadcasting of their beliefs might not be considered hate speech, it certainly might be construed as fear inducing, much as the Muslim holy book calling for the extermination of the infidels. I’m guessing this is why colleges want to shy away from involvement with such activities.

    • Tex Taylor

      “He” doesn’t perform the cruelest, most heinous act imagined. You do. And therein, lies your misunderstanding.

      • neverfooled

        So us frail imperfect humans would self-sentence ourselves for making mistakes inherent in most of mankind. That’s nonsense.

        • Tex Taylor

          Not most of mankind. All of mankind.

          Don’t worry. You’ll get your chance to “enlighten” the one who said that, sooner or later. Frankly, the dumbest people I ever meet are the ones who say, “There is no evidence of a God.”

          I ask them one simple question and they can’t get to first base with an answer. You really ought to change your name to completelyfooled. 🙂

          • neverfooled

            You cannot escape the rules set by your deity, conform or suffer. Those are the rules.

            I am not bound by religious indoctrination. I am free to seek the truth absent the fog of mysticism and fable.

          • Tex Taylor

            I am free to seek the truth absent the fog of mysticism and fable.

            Absolutely. You can remain in your profound ignorance for as long as it lasts by utter free will. But the ones that really ought to instill fear in you aren’t the Christians. It’s the people who thought like you who killed more than 120,000,000 in the 20th century alone. That’s a human right’s record that would make ISIS blush.

            You know, they are fooling us, there is no God… all this talk about God is sheer nonsense. ~ Joseph Stalin

          • neverfooled

            First of all, I never said there wasn’t a creator, but I doubt its one who would callously send imperfect beings off to suffer for eternity because they doubted his arbitrary rules. And secondly, had you been born in a Muslim country, indoctrinated from birth as a Muslim, I suspect right now you’d be entertaining ideas of how many infidels you could exterminate thus earning your 21 virgins. Not to mention more folks have been killed over the span of mankind’s existence over religion than any other cause. Don’t confuse evil, the folks who murdered all those people, with questioning of the validity of a belief in any chosen deity, as that’s despicable to say the least.

          • Tex Taylor

            Not to mention more folks have been killed over the span of mankind’s existence over religion than any other cause.

            That’s factually incorrect. In fact, atheistic countries killed more in the 20th century alone than all of the 19 century atrocities which preceded it.

            Don’t think you’re right about had my parents been Muslim either. You falsely assume all “religions” are of equal value and I wouldn’t understand the difference. I’m pretty sure unlike you, I could have easily determined which was truth, which accompanied the greatest beauty of architecture, music, science, art, etc… in fact, most of Western culture.

            I recognize a Christian bigot when I read one. You’re of no threat, just me pointing to simple fact. Frankly, you’re a coward hiding behind predominately Christians who protect you and grant you that right to be prejudiced. You’ve got a ton of company with other no nothings who indoctrinate weak minds at the euphemistically called “higher learning centers.”

            See, it comes down to a simple question. Am I to believe some anonymous, apparently poorly read source on the internet who who call themselves “enlightened” but demonstrates anything but. Or do I believe far and away the most important human to ever walk this planet, even 2,000 years later?

            It’s as simple a deductive answer to the question if there is a finite creation, is there a creator?

          • neverfooled

            You make many assumptions of my character and to which I must say, you are so far off the mark as to be laughable, however typical of someone incapable of discussing the flaws in their indoctrinal beliefs they resort to demeaning and name calling. It’s all good. I recognize such as weakness however.

          • Tex Taylor

            There are no assumptions necessary. I’m simply judging you by your own bigoted words above.

            However, there are no flaws in my doctrine. Of that, I’ve never been more confident in anything. If you wish to compare yourself to the brilliance and power of Christ, who am to argue?

            The flaw is believing like you do as attested by at least 4,000 years of human history. There’s no recorded lasting success of a humanist society. Not one.

            I could debate you on the merits of either history or science and demonstrate your aguments lame. But what is to be gained?

            Better to shake the dust from my feet of a bigot and fool, unless you’ve got something to debate of substance.

  • William

    Remember, the kids’ quarrel is not with “Fire & Brimstone” Preachers – it is that these men accurately preach the warnings Jesus taught: “I am the Way, the Truth and the life; NO man commeth unto the Father but by Me.” (John 14:6)…”And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.” (Revelation 20:15). Those preachers are just doing their jobs. The compromisers that have dumbed down the message will one day answer severely for it.

  • OnlyWink

    Ah, but here’s the thing no one seems to have broken to this brain trust…THEY DON”T GET TO DECIDE WHAT CONSTITUTES “HATE SPEECH.” They may decide what is considered unacceptable speech while on their campus only if they are a private school that doesn’t accept any kind of public funding from tax payers, but as long as they do accept federal or state subsidies they may not hinder the right of free speech in public discourse.

    • MitchRap

      But they DO get to decide because they’re progressives. It’s up to them to set the benchmark for society. How else can they achieve Totalitarianism?

  • Oh_Mandy

    Boo Frikken Hoo!

    Could our colleges become any more pathetic ?

  • Phillip Woeckener

    “Nobody wants to be told ‘You’re going to hell,’” Brown said. If you don’t need Jesus then you don’t need to be offended if someone tells you you are going to hell. Oxymoronic IMHO.

  • Oh_Mandy

    You Need Allah! = Diversity, tolerance, and inclusion.
    You need Jesus! = Hate speech.
    You need Obama! = “The Liberal Narrative”.

  • Diocletian

    Jesus made it clear many times that his followers are not supposed to offer his teaching or salvation to the wicked.

    Matthew 7:6

    6 “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.

  • FattyWink

    So, I imagine maybe the poster was insinuating that the phrases in green were more hateful than what was in red (one can only hope), but the other underlying implication is that there’s a statistically significant amount of people in the US who truly believe “no more gays” and “women should serve their men”, and that this is a legitimate threat to be fearful of and have a discussion over. The multiple messages/narratives being pushed here are both overt and subtle, and either the director/creator of the graphic either truly believes there exists this threat or wants to push the narrative that it exists (which is simply untrue and part of the politics of division via hysteria). Poll conservatives across the country on the phrases in the image and they’ll overwhelmingly disagree with “no more gays”, and “women must serve their men”(any more than men must serve their women), also, they’d say “build the wall” was not about racism but sustainable immigration policy and “You need Jesus” no more a threat than someone saying, “Try Islam, you’ll benefit from it”.

  • Frank Bigelow

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, it’s a disease. Anytime one thinks that emotional behavior rates higher than rational behavior, you know you have a problem.

  • Michael Hansen

    Send in the guard.. Tee Hee..

  • Amihigh


  • Earl Hoffman

    …and saying “I’ll pray for you,” is communicating a threat…

  • RexMurphy

    it is both ironic and a tragedy that Free Speech, particularly on a college campus of all places is becoming an endangered specie by the abject intolerance of those who brook no other opinion other but their own. Dangerous shades of George Orwell……

  • pugwis

    Another example of the stupidity of college administrators. Remember: these people have never held a real job. They’ve always been civil servants. They live in a bubble that excludes real life. They are removed from common sense by virtue of their exclusion. And they teach our kids. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • KingofStreitHall

    If all this is hate speech, then so is “white privilege”, “God is Dead”, and “Old, Dead White Guys”, and other such non-sense from the left

  • David

    “provide a safe place for discussions and transformational experiences for our student body” and promote “civil discourse.” and yet they want to label something as hate speech so that they can outlaw it. These are our college students today, the leaders of our country tomorrow. We are in trouble.

  • Mehung Lo

    Liberals want “civil discourse” which is just an echo chamber for their insanity.

  • Billygoattincan

    I dread what society will be like when the current crop of college “students” reach the age where they control policy in America. Will make George Orwell’s 1984 seem like Utopia.

  • Georgeorwell

    Sounds like the National Guard needs to revisit Kent State for a little target practice.

  • Glock17193643

    Guess what libtards are going to hell.

  • BestEver

    What would happen if you said
    “You need coolin’, baby, I’m not foolin’, I’m gonna send you back to schoolin'”?

    • MitchRap

      It wouldn’t end well. That statement would be followed by ” i’m gonna give you every inch of my love” and thus an allegation of sexual harassment would occur.

  • Ragoftag

    1. First, the article separates the indisputable FACT that ‘”you need Jesus” from the other three, implying they are violent with that exclusion, despite there being not one argument that the three are violent, much less even shifty reasoning.

    2. The Center for Student Involvement failure to respond shows their fear of being exposed and knowledge that they did wrong. They know that if they drag this out, they’ll get tenured by the Anti-American/anti-Christian faculty at KSU.

    3. Third, the poster never says a thing about condemning people to hell. Even any anti-Christ in catholic clothing knows that! Jacob Brown is the CSA leader? They need a serious house cleaning before he starts in with selling indulgences.

    4. As ‘four’ Brown’s urge to communicate with those who disagree, the old saying goes that you can’t shake hands with an fist. KSU has thrust their fist into the debate in a way that emphasizes the issues and where they stand.

    5. KSU has a long tradition of oppression of non-PC speech and favoritism towards hateful Leftists that goes back to it’s founding. Most can only see four students killed when NG reservists were assaulted in ’69 (?), but that is only one instance.

    6. I actually agree that KSU should not apologize for the hateful actions of Dolan and Danals. Both should be terminated and refused collegiate credentials. Then turn them into the Justice Department Civil Rights division as offenders.

  • falseprophet123

    Well it looks like the Ohio National Guard needs to be brought in to straighten those students out.

    • CFLAP

      You want the National Guard to murder innocent Americans?

      • falseprophet123

        No. Just shake up the SJW’s a bit.

  • JallopyMacfurry

    Leftists seem to be bad people.

  • Lulu71

    Anyone can tell me I need Jesus, and I can turn around and tell them they need Yoga. Neither one of us will change the other’s mind. We’ll just have to settle for knowing we are right and the other person is missing out.

  • dswenk

    The left wont be happy until they stamp out all mention of Christianity in this nation

  • JonathanJennings

    Kent read? Kent write? Kent State.

  • bo1921

    Of course, the irony is, these are the exact same individuals that need Jesus – for real.

  • GeorgiaJim

    Now this is just a special kind of stupid, and it cannot be fixed.

  • Missy51

    College is rapidly becoming irrelevant.


    Hate speech is nothing more than free speech. Very subjective term

  • Shoo Beedoobee

    While it is true that God loves us all (aka all sinners) equally, keep your eyes open and your powder dry because there are those at our “top” who are waving the white flag. History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men. (BOC)

    Ethnic animosities drive most conflicts, no matter how carefully masqueraded as religious extremism or fundamentalism. When I say to you “Good Morning,” I’m offering that perspective and the well-wishes to you. When I say to you “You need Jesus,” I’m doing the same thing. It’s not hate…it’s love.

    Some will always find a problem with that. We need to love them anyway. Love the sinner, hate the sin.
    RB 82nd AA MP, ret.

  • Big Fat Liberal Tears

    “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” – George Orwell

  • DWKeller

    Can we just shut this college down now? Please!

  • Cliff Farris

    I am offended. I consider throwing rocks, spitting on, kicking, threatening with bodily harm all directed at National Guard soldiers to be hate speech also.

  • Decline of a Nation

    I wonder if they would find “National Guard four, Kent state nothing” offensive?

  • Chuck Monroe

    If my ideas offend your moral compass and are considered hate speech isn’t the reverse true as well?

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    And they wonder why the National Guard Shot up all those ass-hat hippy protestors in the 60s! Where are the trigger happy Guard members when you need them?

    • CFLAP

      Those “hippy” protestors were ultimately proven right and helped hasten the end of that meaningless war in Viet Nam.

      • Fritz_Von_Dago

        Non the less they got shot!

  • Shoo Beedoobee

    I hate you. I love you. You are awful. You are great. Everything we say is speech. To decide that “one side” or the other is bad, needs to be banned, or should be censored…takes away from us all.

    Free speech is a two-way street, and it must be, and it is guaranteed by our first Amendment. I’ll be sad if you hate me and I’ll get over it, but I spent 10 years of my life in the mud with a rifle to guarantee that you can say whatever you want, even if you hate me.

    We really need to think hard these days about what “freedom” really means. I learned early this: “If you find yourself in a hole, first thing you do is…stop digging.”

  • Bruce Kramer

    It’s time for Jesus to come…

  • Jane Dowe

    Universities have become fascist, intolerant, liberal mental institutions. This is just insanity!

  • MicheleLloyd

    Kent State needs an enema, not Jesus.

  • ClearingStoneProphet

    Telling someone they need Jesus Christ is the greatest love speech one could give to another…

  • ClearingStoneProphet

    Jesus Christ = the Ultimate Love Speech…

  • ClearingStoneProphet

    Jesus Christ is offensive to everything that is evil and wicked…

  • Vlad Psychotrope

    Giving Kent State Tax money is TYRANNY!


    American colleges have become little more than Alinskey Marxism training camps.

  • Roger Ffolkes

    You’d favor your school to review a blog showing “Jesus” to be a gentile masquerader of the actual deity, concocted by Rome to hoax the world. http://www.nisterik.blogspot.com

  • Lepsie

    Wake up people! This is where the world is heading. Soon it will be the Inquisition 2.

  • StarsR4me

    The world has gone insane. This hatred of Christianity is the death knell of western culture and our, heretofore, safe society. Just reading the comments below reveals how full of hate, primarily of Christianity, people are nowadays, so it comes as no surprise that Kent State U. would ask this question. Just another example of the atheistic socialistic teachings so prevalent in our universities now. Europe is even worse. Diversity has failed miserably over there but they still refuse to acknowledge this failure. Methinks Mother Nature is about to kick us in the butt big time and we deserve it.

  • Adriano Celentano

    The Gospel will always be offending to someone, somewhere, sometimes until Emmanuel will come back for Israel to give them the long awaited reunion, God and His people. The deniers of God will have nowhere to hide then like they’re trying to hide now behind “hate speech” or atheism or anything that Satan concocted to keep them in darkness, without life. I wish that every man woman and child that knows The Gospel will have the courage to stand up for Truth and God will reward them.

  • Jeffrey Angel

    Dear Kent State you need Jesus. Seriously.

  • lngshirt

    There are playing into what they want the least. This extreme liberalism is swinging middle of the road and independence to the right. Even the libertarians are discussed with this fascist attitude for the far left. As long as the “progressive” fall in lock step and not condemn this behavior their house will crumble to. Freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to be heard or to force you disdain upon another opinion.

  • Dunnyveg

    Of course the slogan “You Need Jesus” is hate speech. Hate speech by definition is any speech hated by a liberal. And there is nothing that drives liberals into hysterics faster than Christ and his commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves.

  • Jake Fontaine

    “Hate speech” is an invalid concept. You can agree or disagree with something someone says, but that person’s emotional state (to the degree it is even knowable) is immaterial. If it’s not direct incitement to violence, it’s protected by the First Amendment.

  • John Sharp

    I suggest that you check this out: John chapter 16, the second part of verse two”…the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that they are offering God a service”. Those of us who claim to believe and follow Christ are already being murdered outside the US, but at home we are still only victims of verbal abuse and lawsuits for not baking certain items.

  • donald draper

    What could hateful have to do with “You need Jesus.”? Foolish, perhaps, or stupid… but certainly not hateful!

  • donald draper

    Admittedly less ridiculous that “Allah”!

  • iicapnii

    It’s not hate speech, it’s just a 4th century absurdity.

  • Gary Canant

    Perhaps, Kent State has forfeited its right to exist!

    I was thinking that 47 years ago. Five months after returning from Viet Nam.



    I’m not even Christian, and I think this is ridiculous.

  • SteveC

    sounds like these people are Satan’s soldiers. Its gonna be very very hot where their going unless they know Jesus and follow him

  • One Man

    Any word spoken by a white Christian is now hate speech. The Maoist revolution is underway and most remain blind.

  • Bert

    Brain-dead in O-Hi-O

  • Kevin Jolley

    Bye bye Kent U! even a 10% reduction in donations will cripple the university! students don’t support the school, donations do. So….whatcha gonna do?

  • Richard (Dick) Goesinya


  • American1

    I went to Kent state for 4 years. It is the most liberal sodomite place I’ve ever been in my life. It is literally crawling with sodomites.

    When I was there they showed on campus a movie about a man having sex with his own mother. Many people were killed on campus and they buried the story. The KSU president Carol C. couldn’t drive and was constantly crashing her cars. Many other evil things took place too numerous to write here.


    They probably think that saying that insults Puerto Ricans!

  • Winter Tomato

    People: Say what you want. Mean what you say. Say what you think. The speech Nazis cannot stop you. This is America. Even on any college campus.

  • Peteboggs

    Bent State ?!?

  • Justthetruth76

    Kent state, they used to shoot to kill unarmed liberals, that was the good ole’ days.

  • BeMo1

    Sad state of affairs. The swamp extends well beyond Washington. God help us all.

  • MedicineBowCO

    It is the duty of ALL Christians to put the civil magistrate in his place. Flagrant open disobedience to this evil and arrogant determination is our duty. Obedience to Caesar in this open attack on Christianity is treason against Christ.

  • James Morton

    It does NOT MATTER if you like the message or not. It’s called free speech. If you disagree, try a civil debate.

  • Michael Sullivan

    Kent State University, be careful how you tread. You will be held accountable for your actions, you narrowback bastards. Filthy rich pompous arrogant lying bullying bastards, growing wealthy off the blood of naive youth. Yes you are known; push against Lady Liberty and you will find out directly how well you are known, ya bastards.

  • Ernie Williams

    Too bad… If our liberal friends understood the concept of hell and why most God-fearing Christians want them to take hell seriously before it’s too late, then these liberals wouldn’t consider “you need Jesus” to be hate speech at all… but an act of love and compassion. But NO, the liberal can’t stand absolute TRUTH, so their minds are poisoned with the secular humanism taught at their colleges. With the first amendment, there isn’t such a thing as “HATE SPEECH”. There is only speech you disagree with. When we start passing law governing or controlling the free exercise of our constitutional rights of free speech, press, the exercise of religion, and those things that we hold dear in the Bill of Rights, then we have no country at all and nothing to fight for or nothing worth defending. The liberal proposal is one of communism, which is a system of government that has failed in EVERY nation that it has been tried in. Those nations do not have any of the rights we have, are their people better off? I think not… the judgement of GOD is on this nation NOW. If the natural disasters and the political discord hasn’t convinced anyone… just wait.

  • mothman777

    I think it is hate speech, because Christians tell you god will burn you alive, repeatedly, unceasingly for all eternity if you don’t accept his ‘love’. All Abrahamic religions put all others in hell for ever, all are equally demonic and hateful, all should be banned under worldwide human rights laws. How can people go on mistaking such poison for actual spiritual love?

  • Tom

    Hate speech is free speech jackwagons. In a way, It is the purist form of free speech precisely because of our urge to limit it and out tolerance to allow it.

  • GetReal4U2

    Let a supporter of Israel speak…

  • Mike Dross

    “Christian students should also welcome the challenge of responding to those who accuse them of hate speech, because a person’s convictions are useless in a vacuum.” When the punishment for merely being accused of hate speech is forcible silencing or expulsion, responding is more than just a “challenge”.

  • thomr875

    RE: a person’s convictions are useless in a vacuum

    What? Does he really believe his salvation needs to be challenged by a non-believer to be valid? Jesus does save even those who don’t face affronts to their faith.

    • Albert8184

      No. He means nobody lights a lamp and then hides it under the bed. Matthew 5:15; Mark 4:21; Luke 8:16. A person’s convictions are useless if he or she hides them from everyone. And in Christianity, that means useless for salvation too.

      • thomr875

        Thanks, I get it now. But I would not readily agree with your last statement. Not sure it is scriptural to say someone’s salvation depends on that but solely on John 3:16.

        • Albert8184

          Well… I can back that claim up too. It was the essence of what Jesus taught. John 3:16 doesn’t do a thing to rebut that claim either, because first of all… scripture doesn’t undo itself.

          • thomr875

            Very true, scripture does not undo itself. If you can point me to scripture that says you have to do that to be saved I would appreciate it.

          • Albert8184

            Really the best thing to do would be to get a red-letter Bible version like the NIV or something similar, and study the words of Jesus himself in the 4 gospels. There are literally scores of references to the subject we’ve undertaken, and not hard to find at all. However, I could give you a good listing of them to start with and research….

  • omni

    at this point Christians should only go to Christian schools and make more of them. Patronize Christian businesses and pretty much keep to themselves-let the rest of society sink or swim on its own

  • Ricard

    Atheist/magician Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller fame) posted a short video stating that what bothers him is not proselytizers but those who DON’T proselytize their heart-felt beliefs. “How much do you need to hate someone you believe is going to hell, but not tell them?”

  • Just Sayin’

    Hmmm, is telling someone, “You need to take a shower” also hate speech?

  • Obi-Wan Capote

    Hey, how could their be reich-wing violence on this campus? It’s not as though it’s Kent State…oh dear, I just re-read the headline.