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‘Okay to be White’ stickers pop up at Harvard; Law School dean calls them a ‘provocation’

Referring to them as a “provocation,” Harvard Law School Dean of Students Marcia L. Sells denounced the hanging of “more than a dozen” handmade “It’s okay to be white” stickers at the school’s Wasserstein and Hastings Halls on Wednesday.

According to The Harvard Crimson, the stickers may have been an orchestrated campaign begun on the website 4chan, which had “called upon followers to put up posters with the message in their area on Halloween night.”

“Okay to be White” stickers also were discovered in “a handful of places” around the country the morning after Halloween.

Dean Sells said in an email that the stickers’ message was “intended to divide us from one another”:

“HLS [Harvard Law School] will not let that happen here. We live, work, teach, and learn together in a community that is stronger, better, and deeper because of our diversity and because we encourage open, respectful, and constructive discourse.”

From the story:

In 2015, a vandalism incident featuring pieces of black tape placed over the portraits of black professors at the Law School spurred a broader campus dialogue about race on campus.

Most of the stickers appeared to have been removed by Wednesday afternoon.

When alerted about the stickers, Cambridge Police asked the Department of Public Works to remove them from Cambridge Common and Harvard Square, Cambridge police spokesman Jeremy Warnick told the Boston Globe.

Sells confirmed in her email to students Wednesday afternoon that the stickers at the Law School had already been removed.

This is not the first public posting suggesting the plight of white people in the United States at Harvard. In October 2016, an email with the subject line “Fight White Genocide – Vote Trump!” was sent to some undergraduates, prompting Harvard to call upon police to investigate. In November 2015, a Facebook page and posters on campus advertised a “White Student Union” at Harvard.

The Harvard Law School black tape incident likely was a hoax, and like other phony incidents was nonetheless used as one of those notorious race “conversation starters.”

As for the stickers themselves, not counting the myriad college courses and workshops, the social media reaction to them kind of makes the stickers’ point:

Read the full story.

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  • matt10023

    It’s trolling them and lays bare the double standards. Caustic and divisive speech is tolerated when it targets whites and males. But a mild statement about being OK elicits condemnation. The lesson is ANY positive statements about whites is forbidden. And they walked right into the trap.

  • Hughlon Thornbury

    What is so despicable about the out-loud and in your face racism that demonizes any person, any human, for characteristics of their DNA (hair, skin, height, weight, ability/disability, eyes, gender, etc), is that these regressive leftist elitists have saturated the college environment with this hate, and now they trying to push this divisive polarization down to K-12. They have done everything possible to erase any recognition of the immense value of each individual’s cultural heritage (my grandfather was the first generation of my Romanian family born in the US).

    Gone is the righteous pride in being the embodiment of hundreds or thousands of years of Italian, Belgian, French, Brazilian, Argentinian, Vietnamese, Jamaican, Chinese, etc etc etc ancestry. Now there is only the color, tint and shade of an individual’s outer layer of epidermis. Gone is the value of the art, science, language, traditions of centuries of billions of humans. The leftists have academically institutionalized the cattle chute processing of humans from diverse backgrounds into low-brow branding by shades of skin color, ridiculous never ending gender categories and mindless camps of unquestioning and increasingly violent cult followers.

    The sadness is palpable that older people experience at seeing this Maoist destruction of cultural identity and the Stalinist purge of political diversity, after the struggles of the 50s and 60s, then the freedom movement of the 70s. Parents, grandparents and great-grandparents gave up much to try and make sure the nation didn’t return back to the demonizing and valuation of human life by superficial traits of DNA, or by cultural, ethnic or racial identity.

    Many prior generations couldn’t afford to attend college. Many couldn’t stay in school long enough to graduate from high school. They were busy working labor jobs to provide for their families, put food on the table, put their own children through school. Now the new leftists are, overall, the most privileged generation ever in this country. They have no need to work, they are spending four or more years and a quarter million dollars (that they have no intention to repay) on worthless PhD degrees on the emotional sensitivities of interstellar cosmic space dust.

    In the end, the DOE should hammer down on any studies that perpetuate racist ideology. The Klan shouldn’t be able to worm academic and educational acceptance of college or K-12 content that is based on racist politics. The Westboro lunatics shouldn’t be able to accomplish an academic acceptance of anti-(orientation) based content. Feminists or male misogynists shouldn’t be able to succeed in getting negative (gender) based content teaching incorporated into academia. The same goes for any (skin color)-guilt, shaming, “the problem with (skin color)” content.

    So who has the responsibility to see that the Klan, Neo-Nazis, Westboro Baptist, NAMBLA, BLM, antifa, etc don’t get that foothold into the curricula of the public education system in the US? Can the infection of any of these ideologies that has already become accepted by US public education be completely removed?

    • ✓DOTARD Buffal0Bob Covfefe

      Well said.

    • xenonman

      I see little difference between the removal of Confederate memorials, and the destruction of all images and records of Trotsky, after he fell out of favor in the USSR!

    • LHathaway

      “Feminists or male misogynists shouldn’t be able to succeed in getting negative (gender) based content teaching incorporated into academia”.

      This is where you are wrong, or at best, half-right. By constantly praising girls and making girls needs and perspectives an issue, while completely ignoring boy (even while being completely tolerant) the affect is no different than the out-and-out open hate you describe. Well, I should add, in girl advocacy, there is often the implication that boys, or strangely ‘boy favoritism’, is the cause of the issues facing girls. That is not what I’m talking about, however. By praising and making an issue of the experiences of girls, and doing nothing but ignoring boys, boys can be completely dehumanized. Not considered at all, no matter what. The same is true of race. Do you mind me ‘correcting’ you?

      • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

        Thank you for this.
        You probably already know but just in case, the work of Heather MacDonald is the best source out there for this issue.

        • LHathaway

          I didn’t know that. Was vaguely familiar with Heather being associated with the far-right.

          I’ve grown tired of women who are, more or less, anti-feminist. That’s like, having a slave owner being a champion for slave-rights, someone who benefits from affirmative action criticizing some aspect of it, a celebrity making a great speech saying we need to stop focusing on the superficial and respect regular people. If I keep going, I’ll find an analogy that really works.

          Three anti-feminists I can think of would Christina Sommers, Camile Paglia, and Esther Vilar, with Vilar being militantly anti-feminist. All three actually claim they are feminists. Apparently, they want their message to be taken seriously. While there seems to be a debate about what the goals of feminism should be, all men seem to have is chauvinism.

          • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            “He.ather being associated with the far-right.”
            You probably shouldn’t believe what the liberal MSM tells you without seeing for yourself.
            You equate modern women with slaves? Modern women who are the most spoiled, entitled, fortunate, safe, secure, free women in history? LOL
            All men wut?! …oh god I didn’t realize I was writing to a garden variety retard. Get hit by a bus.

          • LHathaway

            I was trying to make some kind of metaphor. Usually, I move to using a metaphor when I can’t find or remember the right word to us. I donno, I’m just moving farther and farther away from making sense . . .

    • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      “Feminists or male misogynists”
      As if those 2 things are even close, as if the magical voodoo of “misogyny” has caused 1/100th of the destruction to our society as feminism.
      “The Klan” Wut?! As if the Klan even barely exists and is not mostly FBI informants. Get real, man.

      You’re “balancing it out” bc you think you gotta virtue-signal to avoid being labelled a bad word, but you need to wake up to the fact your opinion will get you labelled racist/sexist/etc no matter what else you say. It’s time to start realtalking and stop being such a pussy.

      • Squidly 🇺🇸

        Well said Anton.

  • Dank
  • novictim

    The MSM will never ever call out the anti-“white” racism that is now normative on the Left and with the Cultural Marxists currently holding academia hostage.

    • Defend Yourselves

      Of course the cultural Marxists have the answer to what they would replace the Enlightenment with…

      …. themselves.

    • Right of Right

      And those same cultural marxists don’t seem to realize that they, and their families, will also be destroyed by the coming tsunami they created.

      • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

        They just want to be killed last.

      • Jay Hansen

        Explain what a cultural marxist is. That’s what I thought.

    • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      Oh but they have. They will replace it with an egalitarian Utopia.
      There will also be unicorns and fairies.

      Well there will definitely be fairies at least.

  • Rowenna

    The message on these stickers needs to be spread far and wide for two reasons;

    1) To make the point that it is okay to be white
    2) To get the inevitable reaction from the left that shows they are racist and openly demonising white folks.

    This is necessary because there are still many who identify as being on the left (of all races) who don’t realise the nature of the politics they are supporting and will stop supporting leftism / progressivism when they catch on to what is happening.

  • TxMedRgr

    So it is not okay to be white?

    • Tim Stevenson

      It’s not only okay, it’s pretty darn neat! Look at all the great inventors, architects, and authors we’re related to! Personally, I’m a descendant of Charlemagne, which I find to be Very cool.

    • No, You must admit your total guilt for everything that has ever gone wrong in the world. After all white people are eliminated a beautiful Communist Utopia will arise.

      • xenonman

        Just like the one in Zimbabwe!

  • Tim Stevenson

    I like the part where you put racist slogans in the title image, instead of the real one. Narrative much?

    • michaelrose93

      The “racist slogan” is actually a quotation from a Harvard professor! Look it up, it’s even on video. So in Harvard, it’s acceptable to TEACH that “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity,” but stating that “it’s O.K. to be white” is racially divisive?!?

      Yes, there is a narrative, that it’s not O.K. to be white. THAT is racially divisive.

      • Fuck the Marxist Progressive narrative we have made our contributions to the world and have done nothing more to be ashamed of than anyone else. Its okay to be White should not even be a discussion. Beware of Cultural Marxism seeping through our society. Destruction is their aim and they will kill to have their way.

        • Jay Hansen

          Fuck honkies.

  • Bob Ellison


    • Trevor Sedis


  • StormsWx

    “Provocation?” Kind like, “Black Lives Matter” or “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People”

  • Karl Wolff

    Liberals are too stupid to realize that they are, in fact, responsible for the Trump Administration!

  • Does it infringe?

    “In October 2016, an email
    with the subject line “Fight White Genocide – Vote Trump!” was sent to
    some undergraduates, prompting Harvard to call upon police to

    Let that sink in. If white people do anything they are immediately labeled as evil and have the police called on them.

    • Trevor Sedis

      The same police that leftists want “roasted, like pigs in a blanket.”

    • Fuck the Communist narrative White people be aware of your identity and heritage it is nothing to be ashamed of be proud.

  • foudkirk


  • Jennifer Inman

    They so badly want white people to feel guilty for being white that they are incensed when we just don’t care.

    • Herb

      And fail to understand how that constant drumbeat is a big part of why they don’t care.

    • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      That’s the problem Jenny, waay too many white students do care, very very much. Young white liberals are terrified of being called a racist/sexist/homophobe etc more than anything else. They are at the forefront of anti-white movements such as BLM and antifa. In case you haven’t noticed since apparently you live in a cave.

      • Jennifer Inman

        you misinterpret what I say, then lead into an ad hominem. What I say literally means what I say – they are incensed when someone (anyone) does not care about what they are demanding you care about. They then attack those that do not care – much in the same way you degrade me for ‘failing to have your grand understanding’

        As to whether too many people care or not is another issue. Yes, too many people care. That’s due to poor education, insecurity, social immaturity, peer pressure, and blind acceptance of the ramblings of authority figures (giving those figures far more credit than they are due).

        Don’t be so quick to attack. You sound no better than those you speak against (antifa/blm) when you do so.

        • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

          Toughen up sister. I’m not concerned with your feelings, I’m concerned with white people starting to fight back to our ongoing degradation and destruction.

          • Jennifer Inman

            do i look like I care about feelings? What I care about is literacy and hypocrisy. Before you start waging your little battles, you’ll first need to learn what is actually said. You may be fighting on the right side, but you won’t get far in your battle. You are a moron who lacks the ability to process nuance.

            PS, i actually believe you are the antifa you ‘claim’ to be fighting. There is no stylistic difference. A leftist ‘actor’ so to speak, playing a role based on how you want the world to view a trump supporter.

  • Dr_Albert_Gortenbull

    Hit ’em where it hurts. Stop all donations to these racist universities and colleges. Albert

    • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      Retard. There’s 50 reasons why people won’t do this.

      • Squidly 🇺🇸

        You need to slow the fuck down Anton.

        • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

          LOL you just told me “well said”!
          Ain’t no slowin the Anton train bro.

  • Count_Yob

    It IS okay to be white. So there.

  • styopa

    I like the college student using the word “whomst”.

    That says everything you need to know about college, students, and society right there.

    • ItsOK2kek

      It’s a meme that’s current

  • The “It’s okay to be White” campaign is meant to showcase the extreme hatred of White people by The Marxist Progressive Left who claim they want diversity as long as it does not include White people. The party line is that Whites have no culture and have contributed nothing but hatred and destruction in this world. In order to get their Communist Utopia White people must be attacked as the oppressor class on all fronts. Whites are not even allowed to defend themselves. Anyone accepting this thinking that they will benefit will lose all in the end as we descend down into Communism and loss of individual freedom.


    For goodness sake, thse that say anything anti-white in public
    sue them.
    Those that spread anti white hate, sue them.
    Sue is easy.
    1. Call Lawyer
    2. Free consultation.
    Sue for 5 million dollars.
    Lawyer gets paid when you win
    Lawer won’t take case, call another
    there is always one that will sue.
    The defendants end up paying at least 6 to 10,000 dollars just to defend.
    you pay nothing.

    sue again
    and again
    it is a great lifestyle.
    Liberals are not the only ones that can sue.
    Time to sue everything and everybody. just sue them.
    Sue the university, sue the teachers sue the students.
    sue anything that moves.

    • Jay Hansen

      Also sprach the boy named Sue.

  • Fidgets

    I know who is doing that – where the movement is driving from and funny enough there was a story in Breitbart just last week on this group. Good for them – I’m not racist but it is okay to be the skin color you are and only the left is obsessed with dividing people according to how much pigment they have in their skin. IT IS NOT OK TO BE A LIBERAL!!!

  • Adm. Adama

    I’m WHITE, and its more than ok, IT”S GRRRRRRRREAT !

    • Jay Hansen

      Sounds like it’s also moron okay.

  • Wild Bill

    Dean of Students Marcia L. Sells refers to “It’s Okay To Be White” posters as a “provocation”?
    Therefore, I assume she believes that it is NOT okay to be white.
    How sad. How intolerant. How racist.

    • Jay Hansen

      People who say it’s okay to be white are usually not white exactly. They’re honkies.


    So, what are you saying, Harvard? It’s NOT okay to be white? Let’s be VERY clear about this response. God bless you 4chan, you brilliant bastards.

  • Dear White People


    • Jay Hansen

      Of course it is. It’s NOT okay to be an alt-Nazi however. There are white folks and there are honkies.

  • California70

    It past time for Harvard to be shutdown!
    They have become nothing but a subversive College to the true principals of America! They have become the arm of the Far-Left Marxists in this Country and are not teaching anything worth knowing to our youth! They are actually charging thousands upon thousands of dollars to Harm our youth socially and mentally!
    These kids get out of school and know nothing except how to be trouble makers!

  • Anton Chigurh✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    Then sheer nerve of this sack of sh*t to say the posters are “a provocation” and “divisive” when anti-white propaganda posing as “studies” runs rampant.