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Students who shut down University of Oregon president’s speech panic after they’re charged

You have ‘power,’ so we are blameless

Threatening to investigate students for disrupting campus events works wonders on their willingness to negotiate.

A week after they received formal charges of “disruption of university” and “failure to comply” for shutting down the State of the University speech by University of Oregon President Michael Schill, participants warned Schill that he had “escalated tensions” by holding them accountable (!).

Student, faculty and union leaders signed an open letter to Schill and the board of trustees, posted on the activist UO Student Collective Facebook page, that blames Schill for comparing the protesters to the fascists they claim to fight.

“Your actions since this event have potentially endangered these students by calling out their actions in a national venue” – Schill’s New York Times op-ed – and “obscure[d] the concerns which precipitated the protest,” they wrote.

Because the protesters fought “power,” they aren’t responsible for violating written university policies, or something:

[Schill] narrowly framed the circumstances in an analysis of free speech devoid of any consideration of the relationship between power and access to platforms for speech. Any appreciation of academic freedom and free speech must grapple with power. For faculty and graduate instructors, it is understood that any privileged platform brings responsibilities to assure speech opportunities for all voices in the classroom, not just the more vocal, visible and privileged. The bedrock of civil society rests on the parallel notion that democracy works when spaces are available for all voices, even those viewed as disruptive, unusual, or repugnant. In hearing these voices, a collective adjustment to institutions can be advanced to include the marginalized or oppressed, and repugnant or bigoted views can be rebutted. Power and platform are at the center of our practical applications of free speech and academic freedom. So far, you have not given consideration to this important dimension of the subject.

In other words, the head of a major public university must allow protesters on stage for as long as they want during his own speech announcing a major unrestricted donation to the school.

The signatories blame Schill for “online commenters” who are, unsurprisingly, criticizing and mocking the protesters:

Under this national mockery, our students are castigated and put in a vulnerable position; they are denied an equivalent platform for their version of the events, and have lost any semblance of due process.

They apparently try to coopt Schill’s call for “debate and discussion” about the shutdown of his speech by arguing these accused students can debate the investigation, yet as the Daily Emerald reports today, the students are boycotting their own proceedings:

The students did not choose from the two options given to them last month by the school: to either accept responsibility for their actions and meet with UO administration, which will result in no sanctions; or they can contest the charges and have an administrative conference to determine if members are responsible for committing the alleged violations.

Did you get that? Assuming they actually participated in the shutdown, if students simply cop to it, they won’t be punished.

MOREStudent mob shuts down UO president’s speech to ‘stand against fascism’

The Daily explains this no-sanctions “special option,” which just sounds like another diversity training:

[S]tudents would “participate in small group dialogue with a variety of Officers of Administration who have expressed interest in meeting with you to hear your concerns and work with you to try to address them,” according to the email [to protesters].

The response to the two options is perhaps the most disingenuous part of the letter. First it says:

Instead of a healthy campus conversation, your administration is pursuing sanctions. The threat of sanctions stifle this important conversation.

Then later, it omits the no-sanctions option when it says one of the options is to “accept the charges,” full stop. The leaders imply incredulously and falsely that Schill has identified individual participants in the protest and called them “guilty in the local and national media.”

The letter basically accuses the administration of setting up the protesters by leaving the event after 10 minutes of constant disruptions – Schill was never able to even ascend the podium – and prerecording Schill’s speech (because protesters had promised to disrupt it).

Some of their concerns are legitimately procedural and factual.

They say the Student Conduct and Community Standards Committee didn’t oversee the charges, and that some students received charge letters who weren’t at the event but apparently talked about it on social media, leading to their misidentification. Participants also haven’t been told why the Office of Student Advocacy won’t give them advice on responding to the charges, except for “conflict of interest.”

But that’s not really the point of the letter. Now that students either have to admit to being whiny brats who take away the rights of others to hear a speaker and interfere with university business at its most basic level, or face a disciplinary proceeding like an adult, “it is time to de-escalate”:

We ask that you cease the punitive measures against students and engage in a dialogue without the cloud of threat or intimidation.

The letter was signed by Imani Dorsey, the student government’s state affairs commissioner of the Associated Students; Michael Dreiling, president of the teaching and research union, United Academics; Jessica Neafie, president of the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation; and Chris Sinclair, president of the University Senate.

The University Senate is going to give the accused students the floor at its Nov. 15 meeting, the letter says.

Read the open letter and Daily Emerald report.

MORE: UO president compares his students to fascists they protest


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  • Margaret Manzi

    We don’t do these students, or the future society they will run, any favors by treating them as if they were just misguided children who didn’t know better. They ARE old enough to know better, and should face fair consequences like adults. No more excuses.

    • m0r1arty

      It is the generation immediately coming up after them which will have to burden the weight of their actions.

      I can’t see anyone walking away from this as winners. It’s a Kobayashi Maru scenario.

      • DJ9r


        Sometimes the best win you can get, is making sure you lay the foundation for what happens next time around. If they let them get away with it this time, the next time will be worse. Strict and swift punishment this time lays the foundation for next time, possibly setting it up in such a manner that there won’t BE a next time.

        • m a

          It is far easier to set high standards and maintain them, then to allow low standards and then try to raise them.

      • Cade Smith

        I am among that next generation, still in high school and the world is going to suck, No personal freedom for fear of lawsuit forced politeness for fear of jail time. My kids if I have any will have it worse than me. If self driving cars come about then no more driving. no one has any responsibility anymore or will soon not have any.

        • Steven Thompson

          You, moron, it’s been that way for a long time…..
          Get a life kid.

          • Cade Smith

            Thanks man, really needed that. And I know it has been that way for a while it is just getting worse and worse.

    • the great kazoo

      Probably be their most valuable lesson so far.

      • Ivar Ivarson

        And worth every penny of tuition they and their parents have borrowed.

    • willcommentforfood

      Aren’t they just misguided young people? Did they damage property or assault physically anyone? No, they just annoyed you & were obnoxious, and so a proportional, fair consequence is minimal. If the protesters were on the Right, I’ve no doubt you’d say EXACTLY that. We all know that about you & the article writer. Just admit it, & we can all get along & move on.

      • Did they steal any ones TIME?

        • Mike Myers

          They certainly caused some people to waste their time. Some folks wanted to hear the speech and couldn’t.

        • Andrew X

          They’re more into Newsweek…. “We are All Socialists Now”…. and such.

      • Right_By_Choice

        No, they aren’t just “misguided young people”. They are adults, subject to the rules and laws of the land. And they are accountable for their actions. Money, effort and time was wasted in setting up and preparing for the speech. Many people took time from their work to attend the speech. Time has value and damages should be assessed against these young adults. Fines should also be charged and if they violated conduct codes established by the university, and agreed to by the students when they signed their contracts, they should be punished just like anyone else.

        Viewpoint discrimination by a government entity is a violation of civil rights and US law. Treat them no differently than a white power protester.

        Equal rights under the law.

      • One deals with misguided young people by escalating the consequences until the misbehavior finally stops.

        • antsey

          Why do you keep referring to them as young people when they are adult age. Quit the coddling and give them their just punishment.

          • I used the phrase once, to echo the person I was replying to. Smarten up or piss off.

      • patrick1984

        Hate to break it to you, but “damage property or assault physically” are not the only violations that can be committed; and you don’t get to decide that other violations are irrelevant, which you are struggling to do. There’s a word for societies in which everyone gets to decide his own personal version of the law: anarchy. If you want to opt for that, at least be honest about it.

      • Andrew X

        Hey [disparaging name withheld out of civility], one of the entire points here is that the Right doesn’t do this — at all! Thus, advantage, Left, in a very big way. Truth is, many on the Right wish we DID do this, and we are starting to see it happen for reasons obvious to a fruit fly, but y’know what? It is STILL hard to find many conservative minded people willing to engage in the utter travesty and insult to academia, intelligence, maturity and culture that this behavior represents.

        And news flash number two: you can be damn sure that, IF the Right did it exactly equal with the Left across the board, these academic “administrators” (I’ll remove the quotes when they start actually “administering” law and policy) would shut down both sides in a heartbeat, if they in any way interfered with rights of students and the institution (which they most certainly do on a daily basis).

        It is the Left only that is the issue, so their sympathetic “administrators” look the other way, while the institution collapses around them.

        “If the protesters were on the Right”…. please. They NEVER have been, in my lifetime, no matter how much they might hate a Clinton or Obama or a policy or whatever. WE don’t roll that way. And we pay the price for it, every day, to the likes of these little monsters.

        • MarkM

          There are some on the right who do protest. See the Right to Life side on the abortion issue for example – or the various folks which have passed out copies of the Constitution or booklets regarding the text of the Constitution. The protest may take the form of marches, of assemblies with speakers, of signs or of prayers, but they are protests nonetheless. For that matter, the Tea Party rallies were also a form of protest – and the fact that the Tea Party legend about leaving the site of the protest cleaner than how they found it should have terrified the applicable politicians if they thought about it.

          For what it is worth, at least in the US, the tactics potentially being being punished here are generally counterproductive for the side deploying them. That is to say, I’ll take a Ben Shapiro every time with his willingness to answer pretty much any question put to him by his opponents over Trigglypuff and/or her contemporaries in various Universities. The ’68 rioting in Chicago helped Nixon get elected. I would tend to suggest activities like blocking highways and roads to prevent people from getting to Trump rallies and shouting down conservative speakers not only didn’t hurt Trump but actually helped him win the election.

      • Pete Zaitcev

        They are offered a get away with no sanction option precisely out of consideration for the circumstances that you outlined. It cannot get more lenient than that.

      • Michael Lang

        wiicommentforfood – is a fascist supporting fascists.

      • James

        “Aren’t they just misguided young people?” Yes, misguided by their liberal teachers. And now they deserve to be expelled by the school they disrupted. The institution has a right to conduct its affairs and not be hijacked by people who have no authority to run the place. Period, end of story.

      • LMAO.

        You and your fellow leftists scream that annoying someone or being obnoxious is a hate crime.

        So we’re now enforcing your rules on you, which is why you and these brats are screaming.

        We were more than happy to be civilized about this. You and your fellow brats made it clear that you wanted a fight, and now you’re bawling that we’re fighting back.

        Brats only understand pain. You only understand pain. And now it’s time to make your lives miserable since that’s all you understand.

      • The Oatmeal Savage

        Protesters on the right aren’t stupid and childish enough to do such things.
        That’s why they are on the right.
        If liberals were smarter and more responsible they would be conservatives.

    • dtrumpet

      Might I suggest that if they do not gain some maturity they will be dead because they would have contributed to their own demise.

      • Andrew X

        But how many will they take with them….?

        • dtrumpet

          That is the question and why it is important to change the direction that academe seems to be perpetuating. One cannot run away from evil or become that evil themselves without suffering the consequences.

    • The Oatmeal Savage

      Very true.
      While they are obviously the problem it was their stupid parents and the university that fosters their idiocy.
      But they are adults now and need to face reality, and change.

  • the great kazoo

    Sounds like a bunch of brats who need a spanking.
    Probably their first.

    • aliswell

      Seriously, every single one of these spoiled snowflakes needs a good old fashioned spanking. And shame on their parents for not loving them enough to give them one (or three).

      • the great kazoo


        That’s what happens when you let the teletubbies babysit your kids.

        • willcommentforfood

          Because teletubbies, as we all know, are secretely gay thugs, in an alternate universe where up is down. Alex Jones & Roger Stone told me the secret password is ‘teletubbies’ at the space portal, where the 3d eye’d Sphinx trolls the entrance, in AZ, where the crop circles sprout out of the glass desert.

          • Michael Gebert

            You’re not very good at having a discussion.

          • GABroncoFan

            He doesn’t really want a discussion because he really has nothing worth hearing. Typical leftist that simply wants to shut down dissent, as long as it is not his or his fascist friends dissent.

      • willcommentforfood

        Is this a sex fantasy, or just the typical RW love lust for violence? You guys can dish it out, but can’t take any without huge wailing & gnashing of teeth. That’s snowflakey, except for the excess violence which is more alt right neonazi.

        • Louwanna Tianne Pfab

          Yeah, because I specifically remember all of those “violent alt-rightists” who tried to shut the country down last November, disrupting others’ right to freedom of commerce, destroying public and private property, assaulting those who disagreed with them, tried to circumvent the Electoral College with death threats, never mind the subsequent death threats toward a duly elected President….among other things. Oh wait, my bad….that was the Liberal Mob meltdown followed by BLM/ANTIFA.

        • aliswell

          Only a knuckle-dragging, hedonistic prog would regard discipline as something sexual. You sure you’re not part of the Commiewood crowd?

        • Sorry, no food . Bad dog.

        • Not really.

          It’s simply an acknowledgement that you and your fellow brats are subhuman animals who can’t understand or follow civilized rules and can only learn through having pain inflicted on them.

      • jumpstart

        No spanking just “Time Outs”!

        • aliswell

          Millenials are the “Timed Out” generation. You can see how well that worked out for both them and the country. No thanks. #BringBackCorporalPunishment

    • ItsOK2kek

      Make them go to the ghetto wearing a sandwich board like pic related:


      • buddygonzo

        Okay? It’s great!

    • The Oatmeal Savage

      Bring in caning.

  • They need to be _suspended_ for a quarter at a minimum. Those students have demonstrated by their actions that they are incapable of of behavioral standards that are in keeping with the collegiate mission of encouraging vigorous debate, and therefore must be given a time out to think about what they have done, and as an example for anyone else who thinks they can shout down speech they find uncomfortable, or objectionable.

    • LauraS

      Agree…but suspension should be a minimum. These students and the union leaders have clearly demonstrated they do not belong at an institute of higher learning. They should be expelled. Violating free speech and shutting down debate should be treated with the same contempt (and consequences) as plagiarism, IMHO.

      • willcommentforfood

        No, far too lenient. Give them a choice of the electric chair, or a try at outlasting the one eyed hairy huge Minotaur, inside a complex Labyrinth. After all, the ancient Greeks thought the latter to be sufficient collegiate infraction punishment, something we conservatives know is best, whatever they did in the old days, gotta be the best ever, because.

      • By expelling them you are denying them the opportunity to learn.Expulsion should be a 2nd or third offence consequence.

        • Jonney Quest

          They can move to another University and start over. People do it all the time.

        • donawyo

          They aren’t learning anything that will make them better citizens anyway, only how to shut down free speech, not listen to reason, grievance politics, and victimization. Probably be for their benefit to be suspended.

        • WRONG!
          By expelling them, you are denying them the opportunity to learn…. THERE.

        • buddygonzo

          If you expel them with no refunds on tuition and student fees they may learn something

        • Andrew X

          Arguably, the issue is not ten of “them”, it is the thousand that will follow who absolutely MUST be made to understand that their actions have consequences, and that their alleged “rights” do not supercede the rights of others just because they themselves are such wonderful kids, everybody told them so….

          …pour encourage les otres….

        • antsey

          That is what they are trying to stop, a second or third offense.

        • 5ftflirt

          They need the kind of learning you have to get outside of academia. They don’t need more academia. They should get part time jobs at gas stations and Walmart and work construction and learn about the other 99%. They are the 1%.

  • James

    wait until these entitled brats make it to the real world. They think because “someone” is paying for their schooling they have the privilege to do whatever they want.

    • b.macintosh

      They’ll have the privilege of not being hired. I know of 3 companies that are refusing to hire college grads now. Unless they’re looking for science techs they get better returns from community college grads or even high school grads. The dumbing down of education and the obsession with trivialities like bathroom doors is costing companies money. They can train non college adults quicker and gather loyalty in the process. Adults is the key word. College breeds permanent children now.

  • rusherman

    “our students are castigated and put in a vulnerable position”
    Suck it up Butttercups, you snowflakes won’t last a year in the real world. You better behave and stay in that adult kindergarden for as long as you can.

  • Unmutual One

    Kick the little f*ckers out. Time to start cleaning out the universities.

    • ItsOK2kek

      Just the white ones so they fully learn.

    • jumpstart

      Time to flush.

  • david smith

    Little bitches like this used to get taken into an alley by the local PD and “accidentally” fall on their face—repeatedly. That usually took care of the behavior with no criminal record. If they did it again, they’d get the azz whipping AND be taken to jail. That would solve it.
    God, I miss those days.

    • Dusty Thompson

      So the Govt and its unionized Popo can criminally beat anyone you disagree with?

      God I wish you would move to NorK.

      We are surrounded by idiot snowflake children on one side and idiots that think the Police should beat us all at will on the other…

      • We’re more than happy to eliminate the beatings if you will control your brats.

        But since you and yours seem hell bent on allowing your antifa brats like this to do whatever they want, we have no problem with having the police beat the crap out of them.

        If you don’t want other people disciplining your kids, do it yourself. No one should be required to put up with your brats.

      • david smith

        Compared to what happens today? Absolutely!
        Statistically, If I’m a college campus, I’m far more likely to be hurt by ANTIFA than the PD.
        Life is math. Try it.
        If you prefer, we could just have it so that when someone behaves like an azz like this, a citizen could just beat the F out of them. Keeps the Gubmint outta it.

  • OaktownCoug

    Frightening – these snowflakes are so ignorant of the real world – they act like fascists since they do not know what fascism is. This may be the first time some were told they were wrong.

  • Victor Cachat

    Expel them.

  • lydia

    Academics. Anyone remember that?

  • 17_woods

    Undergrad degrees at more and more US universities are rapidly becoming…worthless. As are the holders of those degree in the marketplace of adult employment. Poor babies.

    • buddygonzo

      They have been for a while – that’s why everyone needs an MBA

  • ThomasA

    These students remind me of the Bernadette Dohrn and Bill Ayers in the 1960’s – idiocy combined with a ridiculous sense of entitlement. I’m guessing they all be close advisors in a Chelsea Clinton administration in 2030.

    • Andrew X

      A bit of a digression, but speaking of the Duchess of Chappaqua, if you’d like a hearty good laugh, check out this….

  • GRL

    Welcome to the real world, where actions have consequences.

  • HA

    It’s like Lord of the Flies when the adults return.

  • Chuck Pelto

    RE: Well….

    Student, faculty and union leaders signed an open letter to Schill and the board of trustees, posted on the activist UO Student Collective Facebook page, that blames Schill for comparing the protesters to the fascists they claim to fight. — Article

    To paraphrase another president….

    If you look like a fascist and you act like a fascist……

    Guess what….YOU’RE a fascist!

    Freedom of expression is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States. You don’t like it? Then YOU’RE the fascist trying to stop other people’s speech.

  • bbwh

    If they think they are adults, charge them like adults.
    No discussion.

  • mnemonicmike

    Really … the students think they have equal say in running the university? Who allowed them to develop that idea?

    • Confucius Jackson

      Probably the faculty in the union whose leadership co-signed the letter.

  • bbwh

    Fascists are always cowards and liars.

    • 1.Social Justice Warriors ALWAYS lie.
      2.Social Justice Warriors ALWAYS double down.
      3. Social Justice Warriors ALWAYS project.

  • Farm Life

    Start treating this progressive bedwetters as adults and this nonsense will stop.

  • Dusty Thompson

    Where are college kids getting this foolish and poisonous notion that they have opinions relevant to anyone?

  • A Smith

    “I’m an American child. I am a TREASURE.”

  • Howba

    Its getting harder and harder to separate the real story from satire and parody. I read the positions from the University and protesters, and it all sounds like ridiculous doublespeak, and I’m thinking they can’t possibly be for real. If they had one of those quiz show things where they provide the quote and ask whether the administration or protesters said it, I’d lose for sure. Or better yet, provide the quote, and you’d have to pick what it means…
    Actions have consequences. Adults act like adults. If the children act up, they need to face consequences. Time to man up.

  • JPL17

    So far, you have not given consideration to this important dimension of the subject.

    I think an appropriate response might go something like: “You’re right, I didn’t consider this important dimension of the subject. [pause] OK, now I’ve considered it. Fvck your important dimension of the subject.”

  • Bob Wray

    That’s what you get when you let the inmates think they can run the asylum. Similar situation in the NFL.

  • johnholliday

    Freedom doesn’t mean freedom from accountability. Poor little snowflakes

  • Andrew X


    How about they remove the “tensions” entirely and kick their sorry, screaming toddler asses back to Mommy and Daddy for a re-do (if salvagable). Replace them with young people who are actually interested in becoming productive adults.

  • Mark

    Unfortunately, they are simply mouthing the progressive nonsense they’ve been taught all their friggin’ lives. Until the critically minded take back the schools, yanking them back from government control and influence, this nonsense will continue to grow and worsen.

    Regaining education should be the single focus. Nothing else matters until that is corrected.

  • Arrest-George_Soros

    Expel the students, immediately.

  • alanstorm

    “…democracy works when spaces are available for all voices, even those viewed as disruptive, unusual, or repugnant. “

  • Joseph Pickett

    You touch a hot stove you get burned. It’s a simple lesson that these kidz need.

  • TexCassidy

    Letting these POS activist mobs go unpunished punishes everybody else at that university that just wanted to learn. Furthur, it unleashes these future sociopaths to harass the rest of us who are just minding their own business and trying to live their lives respectfully. These activist mobs impose upon us to cater to them. I won’t, but many in power are (administrations, corporate, media lionize these POS).

  • Bob Elfers

    What an arrogant display of White Privilege.
    How disgusting.

  • halush

    You kind of wonder what kind of due process they gave the President of the University when they shut down his speech?

  • Mastro63

    Basically- if you claim victimhood- you can do anything without consequence.

  • Georgfelis

    They chose… poorly.

    • Andrew X

      Remains to be seen. So far these legions have perfectly pegged their collegiate administrators as the genuinely groveling cowards (or militant allies) that they are.

      That’s gonna turn around? Hah. We will see….

  • Professor Plum

    Schill will cave.

  • 415woman

    Speaking truth to power sometimes means power fights back.

  • rbeccah

    I hope the university administration sticks to its guns and weeds out some of these over-privileged little bullies (who were never going to contribute anything useful to society anyway).

  • Vizzini

    Expulsions. Lots of expulsions.

  • wld

    Guillotine at least a few of the more egregious offenders pour encourager les autres.

  • The Oatmeal Savage

    It’s always time to de-escalate when you are getting your ass kicked.

  • The Oatmeal Savage

    It works in Singapore.

  • Central Scrutinizer

    I think the snowflakes should be offered the opportunity to study abroad for a semester. Libya, Syria, NorK, Ukraine all come to mind.

  • robcrawford2

    Expel them all. Press criminal charges as appropriate.

  • mishong

    Expel the little bastards. Every one.

  • john Diamond

    The intolerant left on display. I remember when liberals won arguments based on ideas and not on hatred of others, and violence and shout downs.

    • EPGAH

      You’re conflating Classical Liberals with SJW Liberals.

      The latter’s ideas have no merit, which is why they’re loudly demanding legislated respect, and lack of consequences. Ironically, free speech for all ideas is what they were fighting against!

  • Real_American78

    anything short of expulsion is getting off lightly.

  • buddhaha

    As an Oregon resident whose taxes have been supporting UofO since before these little twerps were born, I’ll say, ” ABOUT EFFIN TIME!”

  • rjschwarz

    Expel the leaders, put the rest on probation. Retake control of the asylum from the inmates.

  • OC21

    I disagree with the notion that they don’t have access to platforms to “air their grievances”. They can schedule a speech, a town hall, etc.. to get their message across at little or no cost to the group sponsoring the talk. The problem here is they know that very few people would show up so, they need to crash other events to get the exposure they need (or crave)

  • ggm281

    My niece now SO glad she chose USC over Oregon. And I’m so glad that both of my kids graduated. There is no way in hell I would give my hard earned savings to a uni like this to educate my child. And there are still plenty of fully functional universities out there who value EVERY student’s education over their own cult-like virtue signalling.

  • Gergeleh Ganev

    The routine challenges of life in the real world will hit these kids like a Mack truck.

  • Gringao

    Clearly, Oregon poses no academic challenge to these waifs, since they have so much time on their hands to invent grievances and to pursue them to the exclusion of all else.

    • m a

      It would not surprise me at all if a significant portion weren’t even students.

  • m a

    Ah, I see all these student protests, the whining, they’re acting as facists while accusing others of it, they’re complete denial of individual responsibility and accountability and am reminded of a quote:

    “I used to fear that some day a young sharp college graduate would
    eventually push me out of a job. No so much now.”
    – Market Runner (twitter)

  • Peejay70

    These fuckers are going to be running the country when I retire. Think I need to move to Paraguay.

  • Neal Hyde

    These students have a promising future in the fast food industries. I can easily see Dorsey’s career peaking as assistant manager at a Wyoming Dairy Queen.

  • The Oatmeal Savage

    “Offences punishable by caning:

    Singaporean law allows caning to be ordered for over 35 offences, including hostage-taking/kidnapping, robbery, gang robbery with murder, rioting, causing grievous hurt, drug abuse, vandalism, extortion, sexual abuse, and unlawful possession of weapons. Caning is also a mandatory punishment for certain offences such as rape, drug trafficking, illegal moneylending,[13] and for foreigners who overstay by more than 90 days – a measure designed to deter illegal immigrants.[14]”


  • ZZMike

    There is no “debate and discussion” with liberal snowflakes. The only thing they’ll understand is being expelled. Let them stamp their little feet all day long – so long as they do it far away from UO.

  • Beedogz

    Boot them out. Teach them actions have consequences.

  • ebola131

    The STUPID grows stronger.
    There is no escape from it.

  • derfelcadarn

    What these pathetic morons fail to grasp is that their very ability to protest is tolerated by the majority the whine the most about.

  • Ivar Ivarson

    “The horror . . . the horror.”