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I’ve been accused of white, male privilege. Here’s my response.

It’s not privilege, it’s hard work that got me where I am today

I recently wrote an article published in the Chapman University newspaper that ignited a firestorm. I had written about how dissent on campus has been shut down in the name of inclusion and diversity, and because of this silencing of opposing ideas, echo chambers that breed radicalism have flourished.

I called for equality in evaluating opinions, but this plea was denounced by my peers as hardline racism and ignorance, with one commonly used label levied against me: Privileged white male.

Many of my peers of color and their progressive allies said I had no right to offer my opinion because I am a male with white skin, so according to them I don’t know what it’s like to face challenges. I should just shut up and support them.

Yes, I do enjoy privilege — as an American. I live in the greatest country in the world with the most opportunity and fairness.

But my critics incorrectly assumed that my male whiteness gave me some special attributes that made my argument meaningless. I was just another dissenter whose critics racially condemned me without knowing anything about me.

My alleged privilege does not mean money grows on trees in my family. They have no idea that I worked part-time at a sandwich shop during high school to save money for college. This is in addition to taking mostly AP classes — prompting three-plus hours of homework a night. I also managed to squeeze in playing a varsity sport.

My alleged privilege did not allow me to skate through high school. My nights, weekends and nearly all of my spare time was spent either writing essays for AP classes, asking a customer if she’d like her sandwich “Mike’s Way,” or spending another four hours of my day on the golf course (with clubs I paid for myself after using my grandfather’s old hand-me-down set).

My alleged privilege did not make it any easier for me to get into a college after high school. Like my Asian-American peers, if you’re white, it’s well understood that your ACT or SAT scores must be much higher than peers of color. So I spent roughly 10 hours a week for over a month preparing for the ACT in addition to everything else I had going on.

My alleged privilege still wasn’t enough for me to afford to attend Chapman all four years. It simply was not financially feasible for my family and me, despite the fact that I was admitted as a freshman and had been offered a very generous, partial academic scholarship. Unlike my privileged critics at Chapman University, I was not able to attend the same school as them for all four years and live on campus.

So with my alleged privilege, I started at a community college my freshman year to save money.

My alleged privilege still does not mean I get to live in the dorms. I live at home and take the city bus to and from school to save even more money.

The stereotype is that all Orange County kids have everything handed to them, but that is not the case. The kids that do have everything handed to them don’t have this great privilege because they are white, rather because they are wealthy. That’s called upper-class privilege.

Many of my peers of color who accused me of white privilege enjoy upper-class privilege. As I stated in my article, white privilege is commonly confused with upper-class privilege, which nearly every Chapman student benefits from, with a median parental income of $149,800, which is in the top 3.8 percent of all U.S. colleges.

To accuse someone of being disconnected with the struggles of a group, when the accuser has had virtually the exact same — if not more — privileges as the accused, is an ironic and hypocritical proposition.

As a sophomore this year at Chapman University, my critics judge me by the color of my skin, not by the merit of my argument. They have no idea about the hard work I put in to get here, the financial struggles I faced, the sacrifices I’ve made. They don’t know and they don’t care. They see white skin and they decide I should shut up.

After the article came out there was talk of punching me in the face, of ambushing me on campus. But I would do it all over again. I refuse to dance around what I believe. I have seen so many students be intimidated into never voicing what they believe because they are fearful of facing the type of response that I got.

The only way to end this type of authoritatively enforced groupthink is to voice the truth that these progressive students and professors have tried so very hard to suppress. I refuse to be silenced by the true oppressors of free speech and dissent.

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About the Author
Ryan Marhoefer is a sophomore at Chapman University. He is majoring in business administration and minoring in political science. In addition to being a contributor for Rouser News, Ryan has also been published in Chapman’s campus newspaper The Panther.

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  • Milton

    Well written. Great job standing up for what you believe in! People don’t seem to understand that free speech applies to EVERYONE. The threats and everything are ridiculous, and anyone who is supporting violence, such as was threatened towards you, is being childish and clearly has no clear picture of how real world discussion works. Great article.

  • Daniel FX Dravot

    “What has happened is these young people now getting to college have no sense of history of any kind. No sense of history. No world geography. No sense of the violence and the barbarities of history. So, they think that the whole world has always been like this, a kind of nice, comfortable world where you can go to the store and get orange juice and milk, and you can turn on the water and the hot water comes out. They have no sense whatever of destruction, of the great civilizations that rose and fell, and so on, and how arrogant people get when they’re in a comfortable civilization, etc. So they now are being taught to look around them to see defects in America – which is the freest country in the history of the world – and to feel that somehow America is the source of all evil in the universe, and it’s because they’ve never been exposed to the actual evil of the history of humanity. They know nothing!”

    Camille Anna Paglia

    • SFWC

      Paglia has also noted that the transgender phenomenon always emerges when societies are about to collapse.

      • That was certainly true of Sodom and Gomorrah.

        • No… not really… in no shape or form did Sodom and Gomorrah revolve around body dysmorphic disorder…. And I say that who supports none of the transgendered idiocy.

          • Well, neither one of us had boots on the ground, so to speak, so it’s an opinion.

          • Mine is one based on fact the Bible doesn’t mention men who thought they were women or visa versa with regard to Sodom and Gomorrah. Your comments are one based on feelings about the issue, and if you could prove the Bible said that about trannies, you would try to prove, instead of, reductively claiming, “it’s an opinion.”

          • 1. The Bible probably doesn’t mention everything. Even sola scriptura folks don’t say that it contains everything, just that what it does contain is sufficient.

            2. My comments are based on observation. When society goes crazy, it doesn’t go just a little crazy.

          • That’s a straw man, because 1) I never made the claim the Bible mentions “everything,” and 2) how crazy society gets, “when society goes crazy,” isn’t even germane to the issue of whether or not the story of Sodom and Gomorrah relates to transvestites.

          • > I never made the claim the Bible mentions “everything,”

            You implied it when you said, “Mine is one based on fact the Bible doesn’t mention men who thought they were women or visa versa with regard to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

            “The Bible doesn’t mention” it, therefore “in no shape or form did Sodom and Gomorrah revolve around body dysmorphic disorders”.

            (That comment itself was a straw man, as I never said the transgender thing was what Sodom and Gomorrah revolved around.)

            > how crazy society gets, “when society goes crazy,” isn’t even germane to the issue of whether or not the story of Sodom and Gomorrah relates to transvestites.

            SFWC: “Paglia has also noted that the transgender phenomenon always emerges when societies are about to collapse”.

            If Paglia really said that, then I think she’d disagree.

          • Come on man, that’s a specious mendacious load of bs.

            “You implied it”

            No, man… that’s idiotic, and shows a lack of logic on your part.

            Me stating, factually, that the Bible doesn’t mention one thing only pertains to that one thing and any implication you’ve fantasized beyond that are all yours.

            Then you really look like moron here, “(That comment itself was a straw man, as I never said the transgender thing was what Sodom and Gomorrah revolved around.)”

            SFWC stated, “Paglia has also noted that the transgender phenomenon always emerges when societies are about to collapse.”

            The subject of the sentence is transgenderism, and how Paglia thinks the “transgendered phenomenon” emerges at about the time a society collapses.

            You replied, “That was certainly true of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

            The “that” in your statement pertains to the subject of the comment it was a response to, which is transgenderism. If not, then define “that”. What was true for Sodom and Gomorrah?

          • Blocked.

          • That’s a nice bit of vindication… Now run along, kid.

          • Quartermaster

            You vindicated your opponent and made a fool of yourself in the process.

          • Oh please.

          • Quartermaster

            I have a problem with fools who have an overblown opinion of themselves and their arguments. I start even handed then when dealing with leftist idiots that start posting stupidity, then I react in kind.
            You have a problem with an overblown opinion of yourself. Then when someone calls you on your argument, as Kehvan did above on his biblical reference, you go gamma on him and try to maneuver things around to make it look like he made the mistake, instead of you being a man and simply admitting you made the mistake.
            You can continue the way you’re going, and before long, you’ll have half the world blocked. Your call, but being dumb and stupid is no way to go through life. Intelligent people won’t put up with your ways long.

          • The Regulator Guy

            If you’ve got some information about the historical Sodom and Gomorrah, don’t hide your light under a bushel basket — publish it in an archaeological review ASAP!

      • The Badger


      • Ex-Oligarch


    • Aaron1960

      One Oxford professor replied to a hoard of protesting garbage babies by stating to them: “You have everything to learn from us. We have NOTHING to learn from you”.

      • Daniel FX Dravot

        Very well put. If you have the citation I would very much like the reference.

    • Peter from Oz

      America is only the second freest country in the world. Oz comes first 🙂

      • Daniel FX Dravot

        We’ll have to disagree on that.

        In the USA, the truth is an absolute defense in court. If I publicly state that according to Islam’s own traditions, Mohamed was an ignoramus as well as a thief, a murderer, a pædophile and an inciter to genocide, it doesn’t matter how many Muslims cry that I’ve hurt their feelings if the statements are true. The US Constitution’s 1st amendment – Freedom of Speech. In Australia, I’d go to jail for hate speech – whatever that is.

        Score 1 for USA.

        When Muslim thugs (Sorry. I repeat myself.) try to kick in my door, I can shoot them without legal repercussions. The US Constitution’s 2d amendment verifies my right to keep and bear arms. Australia has pretty much disarmed the population as well as putting restrictions on self-defense.

        USA 2, Oz 0.

        • Peter from Oz

          Wrong on both counts.
          One is perfectly allowed in Oz to say one doesn’t like Mohammed.
          One is also allowed to own a gun. The limit is on semi-automatic guns, which were all bought back after a Massacre in 1996. The fact is that the culture in Oz is not a gun culture. People are free to have guns, but mostly choose not to do so. There isn’t really any need, because crime here is much lower.
          Oz 1 USA Nil
          We don’t have rent control
          We don’t have the government underwriting our mortgages
          Right to work is the default position

          • Daniel FX Dravot

            I could be wrong. It happens. Oz sounds pretty good, actually.

            In ’67 I knew some Australians from 6th Battalion, Royal Australian
            Regiment when in Viet Nam. Good guys all. Not keen on San Miguel beer. They all preferred Tooheys or XXXX when they could get it. They knew some incredibly, um… ‘earthey’ jokes. I wish them all well.

          • Ex-Oligarch

            Your characterization of Australia’s gun laws is wildly misleading. The national gun laws go miles beyond simply outlawing semi-automatic guns.

            Under those laws, all guns are divided into an array of categories. To own a gun in a given category, a person must obtain a permit, and must have a qualifying reason for owning a gun in that category, and must document that reason. Self-defense is not a permissible reason. Protection against government overreach (the basis for the US Constitution’s second amendment) is not a permissible reason. Hunters must provide papers showing that they go hunting on a given spot, for example. Target shooters — the only group permitted to hold handguns — must provide evidence that they belong to a gun club and that they participate in a certain number of shooting competitions every year. Many types of handguns are prohibited to civilians entirely, including virtually all larger caliber handguns. All gun owners must make their homes open to inspection by the police, which can occur with or without notice, And on and on.

  • Don_in_Odessa

    Ryan, clearly you were raised in the social sticks. You are so far behind the times, your backside is ahead of your front side. To catch you up, here are the current rules for American social interaction:

    1) never ever use gender pronouns
    2 )never ever be alone with a woman
    3) never ever be alone with a man
    4) never ever be alone with a child
    5) never ever smile at anyone
    6) if one has the misfortune of being a born a white male in America, just go ahead and confess to everything and commit yourself as a ward of the state.
    7) always leave room at the bottom of this list

    • Rob

      I hope this quack is fucking joking

      • Sillywilly

        I believe he is

      • Don_in_Odessa

        I assume your were referring to me as the “fucking quack.” Just so you know, I am not fucking at the current time. Probably should have used the [sarc] attribute for the dimwits who have no ability to do the literary math. And yes, my comment was pure sarcasm. As for the college kid, I one hundred percent agree with what he said.

        • The_Big_W

          Love your, “just so you know bit”. I might have to borrow that one…

          • Don_in_Odessa

            LOL! I guess it was pretty funny after all. The guy got my tighty whities in a bunch. You are free to spread it around at your discretion.

      • Lin H.

        He’s clearly exaggerating for effect (but not by much).

        • Snidely Whiplash

          That’s the sad part. In this day and age it really wasn’t apparent he was exaggerating for effect. You can find plenty of individuals out there writing exactly the same thing or worse and deadly serious about it.

  • bargogx1

    “my critics judge me by the color of my skin, not by the merit of my argument”

    Hmm, I think maybe there’s a word for that…

    • valjean

      “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

      … and we went 50+ years from that dream to “it’s different when we do it”.

  • DrTorch

    Concise and to the point. Well done.

  • Gary Schlossman

    Great article.. way to take a stand against these racist idiots. But then again black people can’t be racist. Until black people realize they are racist things will never change.. can’t cry racism in the country when you are one of the biggest racist group out there.. there are only two types of privilege in this country and that is Rich privilege and black privilege. Keep up the great work and don’t let the haters silent you..

    • Bud BB

      Oh please. You can’t even manage to hide your ignorant, vitriolic sentiment.
      Black people are the most racist group in America?! The stones you must have to type that with a straight face!
      Whites have injected racism into every culture they encountered!
      “Black and Rich privilege” are the only types of privilege?! Hahaha!
      You are the definition of a snowflake.
      Hundreds of years of putting out negative energy and when you get it back in less than a decade or two, you’re already singing Negro Spirituals!! Hahahaha.

      The students that try to exclude people based on race are dead wrong, and so are you.
      To lump all blacks in with those misguided, morons proves you’re just a pathetic racist looking for a reason to reaffirm your own predudices.

      Instead of doing the same exact thing you accuse all blacks of doing…..how about talking this opportunity to understand how minorities feel, and have felt living in this country for centuries, instead of crying victim…fool.

      🎵Whites shall overcome!
      🎶Follow the drinking gourd!

      • Maximus300

        I agree Mr. Schlossman improperly targeted a community based on the color of their skin. However, he exhibited a truth in his diatribe. All communities (i.e. white, black, etc.) exhibit racism to some extent in general and by some of its members particularly. It is just human nature. I believe Ryan’s experience shows that regardless of the color of your skin, all are capable of some form of racism/bigotry.

        • Ejswagon

          True, I agree, but the notion that white privilege is myth…(just because you feel your life isn’t a cakewalk) is incorrect.

          As I stated, it doesn’t mean you had everything handed to you.
          It means that whatever your struggles are, they’d be compounded if you were born a minority…or a woman…..

          Admitting that doesn’t mean you can’t own your own accomplishments. It just means you know it could be worse.

          Like our mothers told us when we were young and didn’t want to eat our veggies at dinner.
          “Starving kids in Africa would be happy for the opportunity to eat your peas, Jimmy.”
          It’s the same as an American admitting that they have it easier than a impoverished Sudanese villager.

          It’s about perspective and empathy.

          Those students who discriminated against him, lacked it. And so does he by discounting the advantages he does enjoy.

          • The_Big_W

            The problem I have with “white privilege” is exactly what the writer in the article notes. There are many people of color with full ride scholarships at the university accusing this kid of having more privilege than they do. That is abjectly false. Sure he’s got more privilege than an inner city black kid. But that’s not who’s making the accusation.

            I find is supremely ironic that the ones screaming “white privilege” are leading far far more privileged lives than those they accuse.

            Another story that highlighted this is from a ways back where a black kid attending a very expensive private school railed against he white privilege of a white waitress at a restaurant he had visited. It was totally insulting and racist, yet this kid was completely blind to that fact.

          • Maximus300

            I do not like the term “white privilege” cause I believe it to be a misnomer that overgeneralizes and is subject to abuse much like what Ryan wrote about. Contrary to some peoples opinions whites are not monolithic. Many divisions exist in the white culture including religion, ethnicity and nationality, among others. History here in the U.S. and abroad is abound with examples of mass discrimination among whites, just as I can find discrimination within black culture (i.e. black conservatives, Hutus & Tutsis, etc.). It is a human condition/limitation that is difficult to overcome and may never be overcome. Racism and bigotry clearly exists in history and still exists today albeit in the U.S. although very much less today than 50 years ago. There are many factors other than racism that dictate individual/family/cultural “success”. Certainly the U.S. whose dominant culture has been “white” has developed educational, economic and social structures that reflect their own norms and social cues. Things like two-parent families, traditional marriage, religious belief, work ethic, etc. which have been historical paths to “success” have all been attacked,demeaned and defined as racist/bigoted. Yet they are still strong indicators of what most people today believe to be success. Over generalizations such as “white privilege” prevents critical analysis and correction of other factors that may be contributing to “failure”. It is also in and of itself a form of racism because it generalizes about an entire race which creates its own problems. Ultimately, we will have to come to a mutual understanding among all races about what factors contribute to “success”. Every culture will need to bend and accept certain norms and attitudes they may not like. I do know this, shouting “white privilege” and claiming that all whites are racist (as many do) and have nothing to contribute to the discussion will never get us there and is nothing but self-defeating.

      • Gary Schlossman

        Oh so it’s okay to be racist because they went through it how long ago and none of them are slaves or victims now. Yes black privilege affirmative action look it up there is no such thing as white privilege that’s what people cry when they don’t want to take the responsibility of their own faults and failures. Everybody trying to move forward and three quarters of African-Americans want to live in the past and don’t want to move forward.. and I’m the moron. Pull your head out of your ass and get a clue..

        • Ejswagon

          Pull your head outta your own ass. I know what affirmative action is…fool.
          It was only put in place because of asshole whites who couldn’t look at a person’s merits and instead chose to exclude African American students and employees. Now whites cry about it like they don’t use affirmative action FOR WHITES…. AGAINST ASIANS! LOOK THAT UP SNOWFLAKE!
          3 quarters of blacks don’t wanna move forward?! Where did you get that number?
          Oh yeah…straight outta your anus.
          You made it up! Whites are the main group of people who love to be victims when they feel the slightest disadvantage. Disadvantages other’s have grappled with for far longer at the very hands of whites!
          Cry me a river in a century or two….pu$ßy.

          • armst

            You are some special kind of stupid aren’t you.

        • Ejswagon

          It’s funny. I checked out your disqus history and all you do is comment on racial issues and rail against blacks… It’s clear what you’re all about.

          You’re a racist POS that wouldn’t survive a day in the shoes of the people you hate…lol.
          You’re the one in need of a clue, buddy.

      • pacoug

        Umm, he didn’t cry victim, you poor little victim. He simply mentioned his satisfaction in working hard to get where he’s at. He embraces the struggle. You despair, because you think the deck is stacked against you, so you make damn sure it’s stacked against him, don’t you?

        You must be loads of fun at parties.

      • VicqRuiz
      • NoDonkey

        Racism isn’t even in the list of the top 100 problems facing impoverished minority communities in this country. It’s just an excuse to ignore the other problems and to elect worthless Democrats who work to perpetuate the top 100 problems.

  • Solid

    Great job Ryan. Best of luck in your future.

  • Byrd Westbrook

    I find that students who are unprepared for college or do not have the level of intelligence required for success in college make the best fascist thugs. They are narcissistic, envious, jealous, angry and often lazy.

    • IbSnooker

      It’s an old story – see Rodion Raskolnikov.

    • Hmmm… It’s safe to say, based on the fact you narcissistically believe your own bs, that you are a person who’s envious, jealous and angry at what others accomplished, and use skin color as the basis for your negative feelings toward that person. To make matters worse, you then lazily claim some magical privilege, which is only afforded white people, is the “thing” that places white people higher in many socioeconomic rankings, yet you can’t directly measure or quantify it.

      • Byrd Westbrook

        Moron. I didn’t say anything about skin color. That’s a Lefty obsession.

      • Byrd Westbrook

        You’re transgender, right?

  • Frank Harrison

    This experience of Ryan’s is pathetic but, alas, not all that unusual to some degree or another in today’s Academy. We find similar attitudes in politics, the Church, etc. This is not the place for me to discuss all of the problems involved — even some of them. However. for those truly interest in the beginnings of these “movements” under which Ryan was attacked, I strong urge you to read
    Postmodernism, Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault
    (Expanded Edition) by Stephen R. C. Hicks. You will find in an eye opener.

  • Bud BB

    Lol… White people always think that “white privilege” means you have it easy.
    That’s not what it means.
    Alot of white people have hard lives.
    It means you have it easier than the darker guy born with exact same potential you have.
    A poor black and a poor white guy, aren’t considered equal…
    The white guy will always be given the edge…if they apply for a job…. commit a crime together… whatever.
    If you and a black guy with the same socio-economic status walked into a bank looking for a loan. (Both with the same amout of savings and assets…the same level of “risk”) The white guy would overwhelmingly get the loan over the black guy. Same with an encounter with the police.
    2 asshole motorist, mouth off the the cops, but the black guy is more likely to be gunned down or arrested.
    Same thing if a young white kid gets arrested for drug possession…
    Black kid gets thrown underneath the jail with murderers and rapists and called a “super predator”…..while the white kid gets a slap on the wrist for (“just being a stupid kid” “kids make mistakes” “we don’t wanna ruin his life”)
    Same thing with this opioid epidemic… Two communities ravaged by drugs…. One (black) is treated criminally… families ripped apart for generations, the other is regarded as a national health crisis! Oh, the poor rural communities!
    Same thing with crime waves….many blacks are considered criminals because they disproportionately commit certain crimes, yet whites don’t get labelled as killers due to all the mass shootings, school shootings, serial killings, global wars, genocides…ect…
    The author even proves his white privilege by stating that many of his classmates “of color” are richer than he is!….If that’s so, why is someone from a lower class mixed in with richer students? Because he IS white…. that’s why.
    A poorer white kid has the same worth as a richer “person of color”.
    Look in the richest neighborhoods and you see the most talented, famous, minorities, living side by side with ordinary white dentists…. lawyers…

    Why? Because white privilege is the reality that minorities have to work twice as hard to achieve the same things whites take for granted, everyday.
    White privilege works on all rungs of the socio-economic ladder….rich to poor…if you’re white…and especially if you’re a man…You enjoy an advantage that others don’t.

    Its funny you always see whites complaining that it doesn’t exist…. THAT’S BECAUSE IT’S IRRELEVANT IN A GROUP OF OTHER WHITE PEOPLE!!
    Why would white privilege matter if everyone in your circumference was also WHITE?!
    That’s why many poorer rural communities believe its a lie and whites, in cities admit it’s true.
    They live and work with other ethnicities and see the it DOES EXIST!
    White privilege only becomes apparent when you encounter minorities just like you.
    Whites that deny it clearly don’t know any non-white people. Or are just willfully ignorant. Afraid that acknowledgement means they lose credit for their accomplishments.

    White privilege is receiving the benefit of doubt, where other’s would be judged much harsher.

    Some minorities take it too far. It’s not ok to attempt to silence white people. (Even tho that’s what they did to everyone else for centuries.)
    But it’s pretty amusing to hear white guys complain about the slowly shifting power dynamic after having a several hundred year head start…(and still enjoying the perks to this day).
    Admitting it does exist, doesn’t mean your hard work is discounted.. It just means you realize that you would’ve likely had to work much harder if you were born in a different skin or sex.

    • Joe Bennett

      Assuming you have a hard life because you have black skin. Try the other one. You benefit from all sorts of benefits, scholarships, and special treatment which most white kids can only dream of. So pull the other one, nobody cares anymore.

      • Bud BB

        Here’s my response. 1st I’m not black.
        2nd I already explained the perks white people enjoy, far exceed any scholarship.
        SPECIAL TREATMENT?! Hahahahahaha!
        Whatever that means, that’s why you didn’t clarify, what special treatment blacks enjoy over whites.
        Nobody cares about it when white people complain.
        Try another card

        • Yeah, you’re just a left wing POS pushing a postmodern Marxist agenda.

    • pacoug

      The loan thing is wrong. The default rate of black and white mortgage loans is statistically identical. If black applicants were being held to a higher standard their default rate would be lower than that of white applicants, right? Since the bank is denying loans to marginally qualified black applicants that it grants to white ones?

      When you have a downturn and you can’t make your payments, the color of your skin doesn’t matter.

      The research has been done on that subject, and it turns out the banks were just as eager to get their hooks into black borrowers as whites.

      You seem to know an awful lot that isn’t so.

    • VicqRuiz

      There are enough young white people showing up in the job market today as tattooed, mumbling slackers that I suspect race will become less of a differentiator, except for the Asians who will get all the good jobs.

      • All taught to be tattooed, mumbling slackers, by the same low life a-holes who have been doing the same to black kids since the 1960s.

    • JosephBleau

      And yet nonwhites keep flocking to white countries (and within white countries, to white cities/neighborhoods) to be subjected to this mythical white privilege. It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle.

    • All provably false.

    • GR

      Please, define “minority”. I don’t see Asians taking it “too far”, for example. I leave in San Francisco, by the way, and half of parents in my kids classes did not speak English and work manual jobs. On the other note, cities like Baltimore governed by blacks for ages. Please, explain black copes racism against black thugs.

    • Greg

      “LOL”? What are you? Thirteen?

  • Rob

    That was seriously one of the best most precise and inspiring articles i have ever read. Well done.

  • SFWC

    Whites have privilege because we created a great civilization. People of color are in the process of ruining it.

    • Bud BB

      Check the ego….lol.
      Sure, creating a ruined and polluted planet.
      Destroying whole species.
      If you could ask the world….the actual planet….what it considers whites to be…
      It would say….a virus….spread from continent to continent. A plague that won’t stop.
      The virus is happy, the host is dying.

      • Kenith France Jr.

        I believe that would be the answer given for the majority of humans regardless of skin color.

      • Hi, racist. How are you today?

      • JosephBleau

        Then I guess we had better kill all of them before they try to kill us.

      • Greg

        Yet, the vast majority of people want to live in our country, and not a third-world shithole. I think maybe you’re another retarded lefty douchebag, rather than a serious thinker.

    • Rowenna

      Sure white folks created a great civilisation – it should be possible to state as much without being called ‘racist’ as it is a matter of fact.

      That said, it is not the people of colour who are ruining it. As has been demonstrated throughout history, freedom is threatened by those who are drawn to power and influence and who seek to control. Unfortunately many of those who are trying to bring about the end of Western civilisation are white – it is not their colour or even their IQ that is driving them but their desire for power.

  • BdubIndy

    If the first article caused an uproar you can bet some heads exploded after reading this.

  • Sillywilly

    I love my white privilige

    • Ejswagon

      Good for you my friend…. At least you’re not afraid to admit it…lol.

      • Joe Bennett

        He means a hard work ethic and no criminal history.

        • Bud BB

          He meant not crying about changing demographics and shifting power dynamics when you’ve enjoyed a rigged 300 year head start.

          • Greg

            Good luck living a subsistence-level existence when there aren’t any whites around to keep the lights on and the water running.

          • ItsOK2kek

            Ryan doesn’t look a day over 320.

  • Gray Liddell

    Its OK to be White.

    • doug johnson


    • theminx

      My motto is… All White is Alright.

  • Jamie Wilson

    Really good piece, Ryan! Well-written and well-argued. I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself and standing for your principles. I know it can be difficult when you face down a seemingly unified mob, especially a mob filled with a sense of its own righteousness and which hurls the most vile abuse. It is tempting to retreat and keep your head down. It takes a real man to stand up to that kind of intimidation.

    If it’s any consolation, when you actually look into the individuals who make up these racialist “social justice” mobs, you find that many of them are deeply insecure, miserable people with poor social skills and low self-esteem, who use “social justice” as a way to cope with their personal shortcomings. The “social justice” mob isn’t as self-confident and invincible as it might seem.

  • pacoug

    Ryan, if you’re reading this, you have A LOT of support in the country at large. We taxpayers are on the verge of demanding a halt to all tax money going to “higher learning.” It has become a joke.

    Expect escalating abuse. If you have been targeted they won’t let you alone until you have dropped out.

  • Neo

    “… dissent on campus has been shut down in the name of inclusion and diversity …”

    Say what ?!? Inclusion demands that you “EMBRACE THE HORROR” of other opinions.

  • Well-said, Ryan. Don’t let them grind you down!

  • Kevin Herman

    The threats of violence were a nice touch I thought. I guess those progressives students didn’t want to leave any doubt about what kind of scum they are.

  • White male privilege is just a euphemism for; white men are the only group we see as capable enough, to hold accountable.

    • ItsOK2kek

      Yes that, but also as a source of loot.

  • 415woman

    All good points, Ryan, but it will avail you nothing. Your gender and skin color are all. Personal experience and individual conditions mean nothing in the collective. The collective has decreed you are the enemy and must be treated as such. Since, as you know, “resistance is futile.”

  • NoDonkey

    Standing up to lunatic progressive mobs these days takes courage, particularly in an allegedly academic environment where any dissent from the far left consensus is ruthlessly punished.

  • DudeAbiding

    Thanks to the constant whining of the media and their Democratic party handlers, I now immediately associate the term “white privilege” to “I want something from you and I’m not willing to work for it”.

  • Ewin Barnett

    “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

  • Lin H.

    I’m the child of a single parent and I put myself through college waiting tables. . . . It took me EIGHT YEARS. No scholarship, No NOTHING. Yet they will tell me I enjoy “white privilege.” Why? Because I managed to not get pregnant? Because i didn’t blow my paycheck on drugs and expensive clothes? I suppose it was also “white privilege” when I broke 800 hundred on the (anonymous/mostly multiple choice) Texas Bar after PUTTING MYSELF THROUGH LAW SCHOOL. G-d how I hate the left Left. I hate everything about it. I hate the identity politics, the constant glorification of victimhood, the enforced ideological conformity based on one’s sex/gender/weight/class/race. They are despicable neo-marxist scum.

    • ItsOK2kek


  • JosephBleau

    TL; DR. It doesn’t matter what you say, or what arguments you craft in response to the privilege theory bullshit. Because the “white privilege” thing isn’t put forth in good faith. You can’t argue people out of that position, because they don’t care if it’s true. They just know that “privilege theory” is something they can use as a cudgel to gain power over you. Anything they demand, they feel they should get! And if you disagree, “WHITE PRIVILEGE! WHITE SUPREMECY!”
    The response should be “lol eat a dik”.

  • roadgeek

    Outstanding. A true leader in the making. I’ll expect big things from Ryan in the future.

  • Jim Murray

    Bravo, young man.

  • Boston_Patriot

    Anyone remember the individual?

  • mirt

    Very good. But your racist critics are here for war, not for arguments. They are drunk with mob power, and aim to kill. Antifa, black panthers, BLM, muslim brotherhood, all this terrorist wing of extreme socialistic illiterati cannot be persuaded, only sentenced. Take them to courts, especially university administration. Let them learn responsibility hard way.

  • rjschwarz

    At some point our culture went from “these people screwed up and made life worse for their children, don’t do that,” to “we can’t point fingers at failure because it makes those children feel bad that their parents screwed up, so we must harass those whose parents followed the rules and didn’t screw up.” That is not a recipe for success.

  • Kilroyishere

    Blacks have told us that they can’t be racists because they have no power. Well, they have immense power on the nations campuses, BLM seems to carry a lot of sway. There has been a black man elected to the nations highest office, plus numerous congressmen and senators. They now have plenty of power. So, in all fairness, they can no longer escape the most feared label of racist. It should now be wielded as a two edged sword. If a person of color calls you a racist, it’s okay to say, “takes one to know one.” Maybe, when they have to answer to their own racism, a meaningful dialogue can start and real healing begin.

    • ItsOK2kek

      White Leftists are driving the agenda, they decide who has the ‘moral authority’ to deny people their Constitutional rights and commit other crimes against people Lefties disagree with.

  • John1838

    When the Diversity and Inclusion crowd demands that universities get rid of racism and sexism, hand them a mirror.

  • Elmer Jones

    White Privilege is Healthy for Black People and Other Living Things.

  • Chris

    “After the article came out there was talk of punching me in the face, of ambushing me on campus.” Guess dealing with fascists is another benefit of the author’s “privilege”.

  • Doug Walker

    Stay strong, young man. You’re exactly right on this issue.

  • Craig Zimmerman

    I’m sure the Administration can find SOMETHING in this guy’s record they can use to punish him. If not, they can always make it up and apologize about it later.

    After he’s been expelled.

    YEARS after he’s been expelled.

  • Terenc Blakely

    The first steps in any genocide is demonization and dehumanization.

  • The Oatmeal Savage

    “Check your work ethic!”

  • jmama

    “After the article came out there was talk of punching me in the face, of ambushing me on campus.”

    You know, a tactical pen stuck in the attackers neck would nip this in the bud pretty quickly.

  • Joe Blow


  • skillett

    nice article

  • Colin Johnson

    do you realize you are subjugated and do not have equal rights compared to your opponents??

  • Tatiana Covington

    My response would be: “Don’t like it? Lump it!”

  • ms4130

    Bravo. Keep it up my good man.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    Master Marhoefer was correct, but far too kind.

    a more direct answer would be, “if a white person can’t talk about it, then non-whites need to get the hell out of the university system INVENTED BY WHITES 1,000 YEARS AGO” because that’s CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!

    not that I don’t want non-whites in college. I just want them to stop being such jackasses about white people.