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Brown University to allow students to ‘self-identify’ as persons of color

School officials refuse to clarify how and why policy will be implemented

Brown University is implementing a change to its graduate school application that will allow applicants to “self-identify” as persons of color. Multiple efforts by The College Fix to clarify the details of this change were ignored by campus officials.

The policy comes as a result of complaints made by graduate students on the Graduate School advisory board that international and Asian American students are not treated as members of historically underrepresented groups by the university, according to The Brown Daily Herald.

One graduate student, Lydia Kelow-Bennett, told The Herald that this decision has led to “institutional invisibility” for these students. Brown defines historically underrepresented groups as “American Indian, Alaskan Native, African American, Hispanic or Latinx and Native Hawaiian and/or Pacific Islander.” The school’s diversity initiatives are intended to benefit members of these groups.

Brown’s criteria for historical underrepresentation “caused some students to not receive invitations to certain events, such as a multicultural student dinner,” The Herald reported.

How allowing applicants to self-identify as persons of color will affect policy relating to the diversity initiatives, and whether the university will take any steps to verify applicants’ self-identification, remain unclear. The Fix reached out multiple times to Brown’s graduate admissions office to inquire into how Brown would ensure that applicants were telling the truth about their self-identified ethnicity. The office did not respond.

The Fix also reached out to Marlina Duncan, the dean of diversity initiatives, to learn whether or not self-identifying as a person of color has any impact on an applicant’s prospects for admission. Duncan did not respond.

Reached by email, campus spokesman Brian Clark provided The Fix with a link to an article from Brown’s online news department celebrating the graduate school’s “most diverse class to date.” The article did not actually address the matter of minority self-identification.

When pressed about the change to the graduate school application–specifically how the option to “self-identify” as a minority differs from the standard ethnicity queries on other college applications–Clark gave no response.

Other universities allow students to “identify” a certain way in order to qualify for admissions or receive various benefits. The University of California, Davis, awards financial grants to students who identify as LGBT or as an illegal immigrant.

And in recent years, several all-women’s colleges have permitted men who identify as women to apply. Some sororities have followed suit.

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Andrew Johnson is a first year graduate student studying physics at the University of Denver. He is an avid reader and rock climber who enjoys advancing the cause of liberty in his free time.

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  • Dammit

    If I get a good tan over the summer, can I apply as a person of color?

    Brought to you by the color Brown.

    • EarlyMedievalSerf

      Yes but you have to reidentify as pasty white by xmas.

      • ipso_facto

        Won’t the college be forced to pay for your break in the sun to avoid your ‘cultural dissimlation’?

    • Ronald Roman

      You don’t need a tan. I, for example, identify as a Native American transitioning person. Gotta call HR right now!

      • Robert C

        Got jaundice?

        • Ronald Roman

          Not Asian, I said Native American. 🙂

        • roner

          That’s RAYCIST!!!!!

    • LysolMotorola

      Actually, since we are all “out of Africa” and because our cells all have non-dilute AFRICAN DNA in the mitochondria, we are all black.
      On can always count on a progressive for a good laugh.

      • EmjayTLCDRUSNRet

        ‘Scuze me while I whip dis out!!

    • roner

      You don’t need the tan or the high cheekbones. You just flat out say you “identify” as the “disadvantaged” group, and you get the set-aside, I presume.
      I am SURE brown would NEVER say that you don’t get the “affirmative” action handouts because you’re obviously lying. That would be “racist!!”

  • HT

    Worked for Lizzie Warren.

    • Tom

      You did mean Senator Pocahontas, right?

      • Mike Betts

        The proper pronunciation is senator Faux-cahontas.

        • TxMan

          Or, simply Lieawatha!

      • johnnyrh


    • Gonzalo Fargenkneipper

      You mean Faux-cahontas, right??

    • Wally Wally

      (Because Amren has banned me from commenting, for some odd reason, I’m forced to respond here to a comment you made for the following Amren article: why race matters michael levin iq review jared taylor )

      Why do blacks vote 90% Democrat after Democrats pander to them and tell them how they are victims of racism?

      Being only 13% of the population, it would be suicide not to vote as a block. Switching parties en masse would be very difficult, logistics wise. So, we’d (blacks) have to have a very pressing reason to switch parties at this point in time.

      Why have blacks destroyed every area they have moved into and why have they destroyed school districts once they take those over?

      If there wasn’t concern about the more ‘volatile’ members of your tribe, I would give you my address so you could witness black people who are not molded in the amren stereotypical black representation. I live in a black middle class neighborhood populated with productive black people who are not prone to committing crime. And there are countless other neighborhoods like mine.

      Your extreme hyperbole is why no one in the mainstream is taking you (race realists) seriously.

  • Tom

    This is gonna be hilarious. The liberal nutjobs on campus will be forced to protest this when some white people inevitably use it to gain admission. In doing so, they will be forced to admit that their concept of identity is insane.

    • M. N.

      Oh, I’m all in. My niece applied for medical school and did not get accepted because she wasn’t foreign enough. This year, she’ll try again and my daughter is applying for law school – we’re going to be creative with their self-identification.

      • ICEvictim

        remember – it’s the “one drop” rule according to the feds

        • November

          Amazing isn’t it? It’s racist like the brown paper bag rule back in Jim Crow days, yet liberals are encouraging it.

      • Large Basket

        go the elizabeth warren route

        • M. N.

          I think we’ll have to shake it up – lesbian, transgender, Mexican and disabled..lol

        • M. N.

          Going to have fun with an introductory video…

      • Marcus Welby

        Do the genetic profile. You are bound to have some Asian or native American or something in there.

        But it shouldn’t matter. If a guy can say he is a girl and we are supposed to accept it and use her pronouns I don’t see why someone couldn’t identify as another race.

        • Bei Dawei

          Or species. I want to be a My Little Pony!

          • RetiredSOFguy

            I want to be a honey badger!

        • humann

          My family is documented German back several centuries on both sides (father’s father in the SS, mother’s brother at Stalingrad in a panzer etc.) but lo and behold 23andme told me I’m 0.1% Sub-Saharan African. That’s nine generations back and apparently not coincidentally the time of the first German colony in Africa. Which makes me—under the rubric of White Guilt and African-American pride—a white-privileged Black SS grandson. An identification I wear with pride, no, shame, no, pride. Wait…

    • HappyJack1

      NO. They will not allow whites to game the system. Whites are becoming persona non grata and soon the universities will put up notices that Whites Need not Apply.

      • gmartinz

        True, but who are they to decide if someone is white? The student merely says, “I am black. Who are you to decide my ethnenticity, you racist?”

        • William Reds

          In reality, only Whites matter and all the hyperbole and media bluster cannot prove otherwise.

          • Marcus Welby

            Asian sorta matters too. They are heavily discriminated against at top universities. They are the only minority that really has to be twice as good as the white guy to get in. The other minorities only have to be 3/4ths as good lol. Check out the test scores of the average admitee by race.

          • Dyler_Turden

            Rice University…Asians…That’s racist! LOL

          • Cunning_Linguist
          • ScottPM

            I thought it was a lot less than 3/4ths.

        • TxMan

          Yup, this will get tricky for them. “Self identifying” must be equal opportunity for all! I smell a storm of legal issues coming! Making all decisions according to feeling and emotion is gonna get real expensive for these liberals! Lol

          • Spouting Off

            New liberal mentality will be everyone but whites can self identify as whatever they want. This leaves the conundrum, if whites cannot self identify then they cannot identify as white either. So what are white people going to be able to call themselves?

    • Damage Split

      Don’t hold your breath. The segregationist term “colored” has been appropriated to advance only those who are not white (e.g. NAACP). For decades, institutions and government have not recognized white as a color, and there’s no suggestion that will change.

      If you are white then you ‘re on the “other” side of racism, according to the left, and you will be told that your privileged behind doesn’t deserve any special treatment. Those “colored” people, to them, are like dogs that pee on the carpet, told they’re incapable without the white man’s aid. Liberals are white supremacists in this regard.

      • sickahobomba

        Perhaps, but why not use their playbook against them? Now that men with male genitalia and women with female anatomies may choose to “identify” as members of the opposite sex, (in spite of their unchangeable chromosomes) its only fair that any of us may now self identify as any color or ethnicity we wish across the rainbow spectrum. If we all start doing this, the silly identity politics gambit blows up. Maybe, just maybe we get to the place once again where ones race and ethnicity don’t matter because we are all just Americans, deserving of equal treatment under the law.

        • zoomie

          i remeber a guy who had a dream. he said something about the color of one’s skin not mattering. just the content of their character. or something along those lines.

          Do a little digging about the Frankfurt School. Read a little Saul Alynsky. Wiki Antonio Gramsci. Then invest 9 minutes with Ex KGB Yuri.


          Like Yuri says, some amerikans are doing to us, i paraphrased that.

          When a nation simply denies reality, nothing good can happen, disaster is next. And that IS THE OBJECTIVE.

          • TxMan

            Agreed, and to be sure, that’s all that the left is doing… Denying reality in an effort to get political gain, nothing more to this absurdity than that! Lol

          • Fred Garvin

            This should be must see tv for every American.

          • zoomie

            That’s why, forgive me, I usually share it with some one over the net at least once a day. Make it into a chain letter, send it out yourself at least as often.

          • sagacious536

            Hey, Fred —– So, do you identify as a male pro ?

      • La Billyboy

        It’s really not skin pigment the Leftists are after… They just want to advantage Democrat voters to reward them. Since Blacks vote 90% Democrat, special treatment has always been one of their perks.

      • Mark Mills

        Well…..white is not a color nor is black. The only people who might fall into these categories would be albinos and some sub-Saharan Africans.
        I, myself, tend to be a mix of peach and tan thinned out by white, ergo colored

        • Marcus Welby

          I tend to be pink. Especially in the summertime. I am a person of color. I deserve special privileges too.

        • JohnDeaux

          If we are going to be technical. “Whites” are colored. “Blacks” aren’t. White is the combination of all colors of the visible light spectrum while Black is the absence of all the colors of the visible light spectrum.

      • TxMan

        Excellent point!

    • John Fox

      I had a friend back in the late 70s that put down he was black on all of his forms. No one questioned it because he had dark skin. His reasoning was there was no stated basis for being black, so if he wanted to be black, he was. And, since technically it’s possible for two parents with dark skin to have a blue-eyed white baby, there is no genetic basis either.


      Well Senator Elizabeth Warreb did it at Harvard to get in and to get hired all by saying she was 1/32 Cherokee?
      Thus Trump calling her Pocahontas!
      Guess ya could call her Princess High Cheek Bones too?

      • EmjayTLCDRUSNRet

        My favorite appellation is “Liawatha!”

      • TxMan


        • libwithIQ


      • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

        Chief Grey Beaver

    • Snouts

      Descendants of Adam and Eve formerly of the Garden of Eden

    • (Deplorable )Oklahoma Lady

      Pass the popcorn, it’s gowing to be a really big show!

    • Ruth Gauthier

      You mean like when a young white guy Id’s as a black woman

      • Tom

        Yup. Following leftist logic, he should get affirmative action.

  • Char Sal

    Oh great, this is exactly what I have been waiting for; specifically–despite being a 5’9″ white male–I want to identify as a 6’5″ Asian female and demand to play in the WNBA. Dibs…

    • gil4

      That requires some skills, too. Can you pass the ball or shoot a set shot? If so, you’re in. (Running and jumping don’t seem to be mandatory.)

      • Char Sal

        Amen, I can fake it until I make it.

        • Mark Mills

          Can you? Really?
          Are your math skills strong enough to pass for Asian?

          • Char Sal

            Mark, if women no longer require a penis to be a man, and men no longer require vaginas to be women, then math skills are certainly not a bar to claiming Asian ethnicity. Jussayin…

  • JubalHershaw

    And the Ivy League universities continue to display their ignorance. Maybe what the administration meant when they said “We’re all Brown” was referring to the university itself?

  • thager

    Well, it was only a matter of time…

  • EarlyMedievalSerf

    Brown university for brown people only!

  • Snailmailtrucker

    The Inmates are Running the Asylum !

  • Lets all go to Saudi Arabia

    This is College Liberalism now.

  • Carolyn

    Biologically a male is a male (XY) and a female is a female (XX) can’t fool Mother Nature! Next on their agenda. I think my dog us human so they can marry. I think my Dad is my live and I want to marry him! This is doansurd it’s like watching a very bad movie! But this real folks!

    • libh8er

      I try to parody liberals, but that is impossible. They rationalize literally everything. Why does the person or thing you want to marry have to even be alive, on this planet, or this timeline? If you object to me being married to Xzithrar, a rock on the planet Pheobvar in the year 2994, you are worse than Hitler.

    • Rebecca Manzano

      I think you’re right about the dog thing. It’s already a thing! Pretty sure I read somewhere someone married their dog LOL besides that, Canada just made it legal to have sex with your dog! Yep they sure did! “So long as there is no penetration”. I kid you not.

  • gentlewaves

    Don’t they have more important things to do than waste time and effort on that? Good grief! Super snowflakes reign.

  • DocRambo

    First, let’s self identify with the name of the university…Brown isn’t inclusive enough to blacks or yellows, and god only knows how the whites feel about it…

    • gentlewaves

      The university obviously needs to start by changing its racist name. Shame. Shame.

  • lysosome

    It’s obvious that historically this diversity nonsense has been about race based scholastic performance. Statistically, those with poor test scores are more likely “people of color”. Whites and asians generally don’t fall into that category, so they are excluded as necessary elements of their odd definition of diversity. I don’t have to wonder what would happen to a white person who checked the “person of color” box on the application.

    Yet never once has any of these university power holders ever considered political diversity of staff. Apparently, there is no such thing, since they seem to implement diversity based only on skin color. That would be a definition of racism.

  • Stingray_3440

    So I can get everything for free too? Yeah, I just became a uneducated black ghetto money. Free food, phone, apartment, college education and I go front of the line for any jobs.

  • Pete

    I would like to declare myself as a Hobbit. It is clear that Hobbits are underrepresented at Brown. They would have to let me in otherwise it would look like they are discriminating.

  • budltlm

    And the Snowflakes just keep on coming !!!

    • Jim Sweet

      Full blown blizzard….

      • Lordpecker Woodfive

        can’t wait for spring

  • Loligag1953

    Now if they could only figure out a way to let students self-identify as being intelligent.

    • kettlecorn

      That would be like teaching a bowling ball to swim.

      • Loligag1953

        What if the bowling ball self identifies as a dolphin?

        • MSO

          Drop it in an ocean and let it swim, free and living life to the fullest!

        • kettlecorn

          And what if the bowling ball self identifies as being a white bowling ball? An albino dolphin perhaps, anything is possible in libtard land it seems.

    • Fritz_Von_Dago

      Or Morons!

    • Will R

      They have. It’s called a diploma. But it doesn’t work and is just about feeling good.

      • Peter Kuck

        and soon to be called worthless.

    • gil4

      That’s easy – hand them an application to Hillsdale College.

      • Loligag1953

        Hillsdale doesn’t teach Cross Species Mis-Gendered Transactional Progressive Dance Studies.

        How will they ever make a living without this knowledge?

  • libh8er

    How about trans-species like myself?
    I’m Oscar the dachshund and demand a grassy area and fire hydrant at every public and private bathroom in America. I also demand acceptance when when I sniff the crotches of ladies and hump them uncontrollably.

    • Bei Dawei

      Sure, but they’ll cut your balls off.

  • dieter

    Affirmative Action for everyone !!!

  • Loligag1953

    They’re really struggling to come up with ways to make a degree from Brown University even more worthless than it already is. I have to say, they’re doing a bang-up job.

  • Rising

    These people are retarded. And their parents are wasting money on their ‘education’. The world will not kiss their a$$es, no matter how much they think they deserve it. The university system has totally, completely, failed.

    • cep32101

      All run by liberals. Tuition costs continue through the roof. Especially with “Diversity Directors” and Safe rooms.

      • johnnyrh

        It is poetic justice that these lefty nimrods graduate with crazy high student loan debt. I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

      • TxMan

        The results of “higher education”, under liberal control are in… It seems to produce a lot of “high” people, but very little actual education, just sayin”!

    • Marcus Welby

      Not true. The top colleges and especially minorities from top colleges have first dibs on government and NGO jobs regardless of degree.The name schools are where you get your ticket punched to be admitted to the VIP section. They don’t know anything nor have any skillsets but they get to rule us. Cushy work. Lots of bennies. Tons of days off. The average federal worker makes six figures now.

      • 1fcV5

        Like obama

  • The Rev. Dr. Fishknuckle Esq.

    This is great news for me being a white male that identifies as a lesbian Asian woman..

    • Rising

      Now you can cut in line and they’ll even pay you to do it!

    • Bei Dawei

      I wonder if an applicant can get extra points for identifying as a wanker.

      • The Rev. Dr. Fishknuckle Esq.

        If that’s your thing then I won’t judge you..

        • Bei Dawei

          That makes you a Wanker Ally.

    • abcnewscensorscansuckit

      No! Asians are considered “privileged” because they’re “over-represented” in people who can actually get through college on their own, along with white males. Just say you’re a volcano ninja, er “Pacific Islander.” You won’t have to gain weight and shave your head on the side in order to convince them you’re a man-hating lizbon.

  • Barrysullivan1

    Students can “self identify” as morons by getting a Brown ID card.

  • LudicrousSextus

    *Most* amusing. Will there be a degree offered in ‘Dolezal studies’? (You remember Rachael – the white chick pretending to be black – installed as an NAACP chapter president)…

    Now all they need to add to the mix is Harvard’s published guidelines – ‘Students can change gender daily!’.

    Your kids would stand a better shot at a ‘higher education’ watching reruns of Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

    • drewinmass

      Rachael will be applying to graduate studies at Brown, LMAO

      • johnnyrh

        Rachael will be applying as a graduate student in “Brown studies” at the university…..fixed it.

    • jb80538

      Don’t forget the course on the great Talcum X. That has to be another accredited course.

  • Ziegler Von Strahn

    Why arent white people considered people of color? If white people get cold, they change color, if white people get too much sun, they change color. I say they are the most colored of the races. Black is always black, brown always brown……but white people can change their color depending on the season.
    This post made with tongue firmly ensconced in cheek.

  • Jason

    The US government gives preference to small women and minority owned businesses. Can I simply ‘identify’ as a minority and get the same preferences in government contracts?

    • Rising

      Give it a shot.

    • LudicrousSextus

      Worked for Pocaha…er…Elizabeth Warren…

  • MoonCoonMamba

    Inmates running the asylum!

    • LudicrousSextus

      LOL – and these days, ‘academia’ is the asylum factory…

  • Frank_H

    What a crock of $hit.

  • Jason

    Wonder what Obama ‘identified’ himself as when he applied to go to college?

    • Stingray_3440

      Foreign exchange student. No BS. Look it up.

      • Damnfingers

        Can’t find a reliable link…got one?

    • Damnfingers


    • abcnewscensorscansuckit

      Hopefully a filthy, unintelligent, drug-addled mongrel. If he’s being truthful, that is.

    • realclearconservative ✓ᶜᵒᵛᶠᵉᶠᵉ


  • Bei Dawei

    White is a color. In fact white is all the colors.

    • abcnewscensorscansuckit

      Black is all of the colors, not white, no?

      • realclearconservative ✓ᶜᵒᵛᶠᵉᶠᵉ

        No. White is all of the colors. Black is the absence of colors.

        • abcnewscensorscansuckit

          Are you funning me? It’s the opposite of what you and Bei are saying. I hate to be “that guy,” but Google it. I’m pretty sure I’m right.

          • realclearconservative ✓ᶜᵒᵛᶠᵉᶠᵉ

            Please, Google it. You are wrong.

          • Daniel

            Are we talking light or pigment? Mixing all light colors produces white light. Mixing all pigments (ie paint) gives you black.

          • Muster Ham

            Correct. Unless you are mixing paints. Then you get a muddy, brown mess

          • abcnewscensorscansuckit

            So if I take every crayon in a box and color them all onto a white sheet of paper, the paper will turn white? Please explain. I’m not talking about how one’s eyes “see” color, but physical color. Like no one can take every spectral color and color them onto a sheet of paper and the paper turns white after the last color is drawn onto the paper. You are correct in the sense of how our eyes see color, but pigment-wise, white is the lack of color. BTW, I did look it up. https://www.quora.com/Is-black-or-white-the-absence-of-color

            Read the first sentence: “In vision…”

          • Buster

            how dumb can you be, you’re 100% wrong and didn’t even bother to look it up?? you must be a lib. have you ever heard of a prism, or know what it does? don’t you realize when you walk into a dark room and turn on a light you are adding light where there was none, creating color out of none (black)?

          • abcnewscensorscansuckit

            I’m not a lib, a88shole, but perhaps YOU should prove your point instead of having ME do your work for you, stupid. So you’re saying that every color in a prism makes white? OK, prove it, moron. White is the absence of color, stupid. And the absence of light doesn’t mean the absence of pigment until a light is turned on. So you can really go eff yourself. Don’t reply back, or I will eventually have you in tears. Got it?

          • Rebecca Manzano

            It’s true. I’ve known this since a kid. White is all colors. Black is no color. So yes – technically whites are more color than anybody LOL

          • abcnewscensorscansuckit

            How the eyes see color doesn’t mean that white is all PIGMENTS and black is the absence of PIGMENTS. I’ll refer you back to my crayon argument, and I invite YOU to take that challenge.

          • Rebecca Manzano

            Someone has there wittle feelers hurt by truth, proof, sources and logic. Waahhh.

          • abcnewscensorscansuckit

            Oh, I sound like a woman, you mean? Buzz off, stupid broad. Go fetch a beer and a sammich for the next man you see.

          • abcnewscensorscansuckit

            And where is your “proof,” other than an article that speaks only of sight and not pigmentation, you lying dope. Your “proof” only proved YOU wrong, not me, a superior man.

          • abcnewscensorscansuckit

            Nice pink/blonde/brown/red/black hair you got there, you psychotic inferior woman. Let me guess – your choice in hair color reflects your “crazy legs, fun personality,” right? Yikes! Now I know why you THINK you can hang with me. Ugly broads tend to think they’re intelligent…or “feel” they’re intelligent. I will embarrass you in any intellectual exercise. That’s gotta suck for you, no? Being physically and intellectually inferior to almost all men? Yeah, you have that ONE thing that keeps you from being put into pens with the other livestock…Count your blessings and move on, stupid.

          • abcnewscensorscansuckit

            The very first words on the answer to the question asked are “In VISION…” Big difference there, sister.

          • Rebecca Manzano

            Right – and vision is what we see and use to determine what color something is. Goodness – You’re not too bright, are you? *face palm*

          • abcnewscensorscansuckit

            I will bump IQs with you any day, you dumb broad. Let me know, though I seriously doubt you’ll take me up on it. I doubt that you did the ol’ “all the crayons in the box do NOT make white” challenge I issued to you either. I’m positive that you do have crayons, because you broads don’t mature emotionally beyond the year you start bleeding, and you have all of these childish “therapy” things you do to make yourselves feel better after a “good cry” and whatnot.

            But go ahead and upload the image of all of your crayons, all colored on one spot on a sheet of white paper, and none of the colors show…the paper remains white. I would do the experiment myself, but I know that all of the colors in a crayon box will make a color more akin to a dark maroon, purplish color instead of white, you bimbo.

            Anyhoo, let me know if you accept either of those challenges, especially the IQ one. I’ll even spot you 5 points, broad.

          • Rebecca Manzano

            Umm, so yeah. Vision and what we see, is what we are talking about here.

          • abcnewscensorscansuckit

            I realize that science, math, or anything requiring even a minute amount of logic and/or reason isn’t the wheelhouse of you broads, but there’s a difference in pigment and light refraction, stupid. What about people who are color blind? Please explain how white is only ALMOST all colors to them, but to everyone else, you’re seeing every single color in the spectrum. Annnnnnd GO!

        • summertime

          White reflects 100% of light, black absorbs 100% of light. Art class.

  • Oregon Right
    • abcnewscensorscansuckit

      That is goshdarn excellent!

      • Rob

        Racial identity stupidity has reached its peak with Brown University. Let me get all this BS straight: Asians, who are smart and work hard and are thus successful, are now allowed to identify themselves as blacks so that they can get invited to “multicultural dinners” where they can join other minorities to bit*h about how oppressed they are. Do these morons understand how ridiculous they’ve become?? “Tyrone Chang… you’re at table 12.”

        • Foxwater

          Rob, comment of the day. Tyrone Chang..love it!

        • koedo

          Thank you, Rob. You just forced me to shoot Pepsi out through my nose from laughing so hard.

        • GlomOnToMe

          It’s beautiful. Their ridiculous pendulum has swung so far left that it’s come full circle to benefit white males who can now self-identify as black and benefit from grants and lower academic standards. Love it!

          • Tim Cohen

            I’m a clinical idiot and I self-identify as a very superior intelligence, so let me into grad school.

          • Strebs

            “”Brown University to allow students to ‘self-identify’ as persons of color,”” LOL Lunacy is a social disease.

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        • Should “BROWN” University be allowed to self-identify as “WHITE” University???

          • How about “generic university” ?

          • Kevin

            Why not just identify as a soup kitchen?

          • oldlugan

            the soup of the day is, cream of some young guy

          • Tom


          • Taluca Lake

            Sure – there’s sure no GRAY matter there.

          • Ragy Ratloy

            well played

          • RLABruce

            “Non-Cisgender University?”

          • Rebecca Manzano

            Cis gender is hate speech!… don’t call me some new made-up word. It’s offensive! 😁

        • Shagnasty1

          And Tyrone Chang will become CEO of the Chinese tire company, Willpopsoon.

        • TheBigKitty

          Final a school where Liz is free to be the pretend squaw she always wanted to be.

        • heimerdinger

          Lol imagine if someone were mixed race. That doesn’t exist right? I am a genious

        • abcnewscensorscansuckit

          It is indeed a myth that Asians are “smarter” than everyone else. There are NO new technologies of any kind coming from any Asian country, and most Asian countries are at the very least socialist-ran and mostly 3rd world, mass-polluted schitholes.

          Then, after coming here illegally, fleeing their socialist, dirt-poor 3rd world schithole country, they largely vote ‘Rat, who run countries the EXACT SAME WAY as the dictator that ran their country of origin.

          No, they may test well after being forced to study by stern parents, but they’re about as smart as Hispanics are, which I say because both groups largely do the same thing when they illegally flee here.

          If Asians were smarter than honkies, then we’d be fleeing to THEIR countries, illegally, and voting against the interests of that country once we gain citizenship, to mirror the schithole from which we fled.

      • John F

        They do express hatred for Muslims because terrorism has had its affect of making them feel afraid for their lives. But they hate Christianity (it just so happens that most Christians are in the Republican party) because Christians cause them to feel convicted about “sin, righteous and judgement,” which is a biblical phrase, and because Christians are nice, so the left feels that they can “beat up on them” and they know that Christians will not threaten to commit terrorism or hurt anyone. It’s enormously hypocritical.

        • libertyanyday

          Enuf PC. Sand diggers need to go back home, get the hell out of the western world, ISLAM has NO place here. Take your religious bunch of hate and go home.

        • mouser

          plus Christians rarely cut your head off

        • abcnewscensorscansuckit

          But Regressives’ mental illness, manifested as “political correctness” won’t allow them to fear Moose-lumbs. They fear Christians more because they say Christians are all a bunch of gun-toting believers in a “fairy tale.” They’re too stupid to realize that Muzzies are bomb-toting. gun-toting, truck-driving believers in a fairy tale.

      • ms20

        Funny. And complete accurate. Which is, of course, horribly sad.

      • Spouting Off

        Get rid of affirmative action and everyone identify as black. Since we supposedly all came out of Africa we can all pull a Pocahontas.

        • Night Fishing

          Ill stay white. Im proud of my family. We work, go to church, pay our bills, and are courteous ajd respectful. We also know what soap is and use it

          We dont act like loosers

          • tdrag


          • nhale

            You lost on the spelling of losers.

          • libertyanyday


          • RLABruce

            He lost the spelling bee; he won on content.

          • RLABruce

            Yeah, but you won’t get admitted to college, even if you have the best scholastic record ever.

          • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

            unless he identifies as mud

        • namberak

          “… pull a Pocahontas.” Outstanding! I’m stealing that one …

        • TioDon

          I don’t think so. I’d rather be a WHITE farmer on a tractor in Iowa than be Michael Jordan. No thanks.

      • libertyanyday

        20 yrs ago this would never have been understood…………america cant handle freedom and responsibility…………dont worry we will be a dictatorship by 2026

      • Ed_Stark

        I now identify as a black man. Nobody can get mad if I drop a few N bombs now.

        Wait, it doesn’t work like that. Because this is total and complete garbage.

        Like American and Canadian Universities.


    • dehypnotized

      And if you are American and have any religious beliefs, even inoffensive to the Left, the libs will still trash you for having faith or belief in God.

    • johnnyrh

      Brilliant example of identity politics, liberal insanity and hypocrisy.

      Rachael Dolezal should apply posthaste.

      • Snake Plissken, the Deplorable

        She and Talcum X can head up the department.

      • VerifyEverything

        I thought you wrote ‘as toothpaste’. And it did not surprise me. Wow.

        • deBlitz1000

          I am offended you think toothpaste is white

          • VerifyEverything

            Get a life, or brush your teeth.

          • deBlitz1000

            I guess in todays world tongue cheek has to be noted

      • I fail to see why the elitist Lefties can’t hear the echoes of a “kinder, gentler Nazi” in their own voices…
        “Seig heil, vee vill kindly let Joods self-identify as Aryans… for now.”

      • GlomOnToMe

        That’s true, turns out she was right (not white) all along.

    • Hamish Morgenstern

      Right on!!!

    • wldtrv

      that cartoon is so perfect. It shows the ignorance and hypocrisy of so many liberals and sadly enough, its how our younger generation is being taught to think.

      • libertyanyday

        The LEFT does not understand this…………..and they vote. The ship has too many holes to keep us afloat any longer…………we are going to have 1861 part deux.

    • TxMan

      Sad, but that’s actually Spot On!

    • Tom O

      This is completely unrealistic. A muslim wouldn’t speak to a woman. He would just beat her or behead her for that low cut shirt.

      • Kozak

        You forgot the part where he raped the slut for her provocative clothing. How DARE she show her face!

        • Night Fishing

          Thats after he had sex with his boyfriend mohammed in the closet

          • tdrag

            Mohammed? Is that the goat’s name?

          • arnieus

            It looks like a goat. It is really a muslim sex doll.

      • heimerdinger

        I work with a Muslim. Every day I narrowly escape his sword

    • John F

      That is an extremely accurate representation of the left’s ludicrous world view. They do not hate Muslims because terrorism has had its affect of making them feel afraid for their lives. But they hate Christianity (it just so happens that most Christians are in the Republican party) because Christians cause them to feel convicted about “sin, righteous and judgement,” which is a biblical phrase, and because Christians are nice, so the left feels that they can “beat up on them.” It’s totally illogical and enormously hypocritical.

    • BayouKiki

      What a very private life you must lead, Oregon Right. I”m there every summer — must mostly keep my mouth shut

    • RobUofIllinoisU/C

      Love it. Borrowing this photo. Who do I make out the royalty check to?

    • ImaHippyBurning


    • Kevin Cosner

      Nailed it.

    • TheBruce

      Sadly, this is exactly what the American Left has been reduced to, Oregon Right.
      It reminds me of something straight out of 1984:
      “Doublethink [liberalism] means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”

    • Hilts ‘The Cooler King’



    This is a racist school. Whites not allowed! My friend said we should burn the school to the ground!

  • TeddySpaghetti

    Now I can get that fire department job!

  • cestusdei

    I identify as African American, although I am not. So do I get access to set aside scholarships now?

  • Jim Sweet

    Brown University…..aka PoseursRUs.

  • Stingray_3440

    Straight up, this is discrimination…………….against whites.

  • sirandrew

    What about going to a university to get an education that will prepare one for the real world by having a career

    We are creating a generation that after graduating will be moving back in with mom and pop

  • yesmrbond

    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. I identify as a Tyrannosaurus. Can I get a scholarship as an under represented minority? Might actually be possible.

  • luis martinez

    Nothing new here, Pocahontas did it long ago…

  • Richard

    There you have it folks. The absolute ignorance, and stupidity ingrained in the minds of the individuals given authority over our so called higher education. Soon to be referred to as the dumbing down of america system

  • Monty Simmons

    Act really dumb and steal stuff and self-Identify as an oppressed minority. Easy money.

  • seanster5977

    So this takes the heat of Faux-cahontas I guess for faking her Native American heritage. This way Brown doesn’t look so bad for stealing from true Native Americans I suppose in their pea-sized democratic brain.

  • dudefromdixie

    Diversity is just a euphemism for “less white people”. For you undereducated liberals who may be challenged by that big word:

    [yoo-fuh-miz-uh m]
    Spell Syllables
    Examples Word Origin
    See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com
    the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt.

    • abcnewscensorscansuckit

      Not “white people,” but white men. Women are “put-upon, poor angels” too. It doesn’t matter that they’re over half of the enrollees now either. But that should tell you exactly WHY college is so screwed up now. Women tend to do that to things they run or dominate…

      • Fidelis ad urnam

        White women are now becoming targets of thier resentment as well. It was inevitable.

        • abcnewscensorscansuckit

          Well, they’re the ones that largely foisted “political correctness” and all of the nonsense that comes with it, onto the country, so I find it hard to feel sorry for them. The SBA still has carve-outs and sweetheart loans for women-owned businesses. I’m sure there isn’t one government entity in this country that doesn’t give weight to female-owned companies as contractors either. So, they still have it quite well in this country.

          I’ll say this though, since white men have been neutered into second-class status, their wives who see a big chunk of hubby’s and their checks going to welfare queens, white women, the most shrill and listened-to voice to politicians, are becoming a lot more conservative. So maybe we’re coming full circle again, which means more rational as a country.

      • Rebecca Manzano

        Sorry about your personal problems with women, that you project onto others. Because that’s definitely what I see in your post! Women are not the ones running this planet, my friend.

        • abcnewscensorscansuckit

          You may not be running it, but you’re certainly ruining it with the schit you DO run, namely education. And for some very odd reason we’re told we need you running the planet, because you’re “nicer” than men. I would gut laugh if that line of Regressive thinking wouldn’t somehow gain power some day. I don’t have a “personal problem” but a political problem with you gals.

          • Rebecca Manzano

            Oh your political one stems from your personal one. Fact… Regardless – We see the state of the world with men rubbing it. How’s that working for everyone? Not too great. Case-closed.

          • abcnewscensorscansuckit

            Men are “rubbing” the world? What does that even mean, you kvetching hen? Be that as it may, name ONE country ran by one of you that’s not in the throes of some broad-induced crisis. You may start with Germany, if you so please, you screech owl bag of wind.

  • rickshelton

    I am starting to “think” I am a single, unemployed, minority mother. Where do i go to get my government benefits?

    • seanster5977

      Self identify as a Brown professor, and force them to pay you.

  • jimmymacny

    First of all I want to be referred to as Yo Nigga. That’s my choice. Respect it.

  • Max42

    So much for the 1964 Civil Rights Act which prohibits discrimination based on race and ethnicity. Today, everything is determined based on race and ethnicity, using quotas and other metrics. Why has the 1964 Civil Rights Act not been repealed? It is clearly not being enforced.

  • Ronald Roman

    Hurrah….Finally….Now my daughter can apply…since she will identify as Black for the admission period!

  • Elevator2TheTop

    In a related announcement, Brown University has appointed Rachel Dolezal as Director of the Office of Minority Affairs.

  • Dave LaSorte

    Do they get the benefits of “affirmative action” umm… I mean INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM when they “self-identify” as black?

  • dudefromdixie

    This one pretty much takes the cake, for today. I’m sure tomorrow will bring new surprises. There is no limit to what the radical left fringe will come up with.

  • CRyan

    As an Italian American, I’m pretty close to Black according to the Irish (albeit in the late 19th century) still, that qualifies me as a person of color based on their point of view. Therefore, I’m a person of color. Harvard, here I come!

    • abcnewscensorscansuckit

      Damn Moores, right?!?

  • Elevator2TheTop

    Sounds like Brown has “self-identified” as an educational institution.

  • abcnewscensorscansuckit

    This is pretty much libtardlings admitting that non-whites/non-Asians can’t academically hang, so they have to make carve-outs for them. Yeah, “Love Trump’s hate,” you idiots. Goddamn, Regressives are so insanely stupid it makes my head hurt.

  • Carla McCabe

    I identify as a Martian. Now I demand that the government build me a spaceship so I can blast off this insane neo-marxist post-modernist bizarro world.

  • Vindaloo Bugaboo

    I called this as an inevitability back when the whole Bruce Jenner-Kaitlyn Jenner self-identification of gender thing broke. If progressives don’t want everyone to jump onto the race/gender/orientation horse cart, they better acknowledge that a lot of pissed off white people are suddenly going to skew statistics into the stratosphere.

    • Rebecca Manzano

      I called this as well several years ago! As well as the normalization of pedophilia soon to come. All due to what you just stated, sad but true….

  • Kimbell

    This will get a lot of Laughs !!!! I always wanted to be an Apache Indian……..

  • BobCinGA

    Oh the Pandora’s Box these liberal idiots opened with their moronic self-identify gender non-sense.

    • Rebecca Manzano

      Yep! It is the truth.

  • Pave Low John

    Brown did an interesting thing back in the late 1980s. I applied to Brown in 1987 and was allowed to designate myself as a “minority applicant” because I was (and still am) a native of Appalachia. That was one of the categories that counted as a minority at the time. I was accepted, but didn’t attend Brown (I went to USAFA instead). That application always stuck in my head, though, I wished I had made a copy of it for posterity….

  • PV Maro

    Here’s a question for the geniuses at Brown University and anyone else who thinks this is a good idea:

    If every student at Brown self-identifies as WHITE, does that mean they won’t need dozens of diversity officers on staff? No more diversity programs? No more campus “minority” societies and clubs?

    • Bei Dawei

      No–in that case, they’ll need these things even more.

  • Liberalism is truly a mental illness. So now I., a 58 year old white male, can identify as a six year old girl and shower with a liberals young daughter? What is wrong with these people?

    • PV Maro

      They have been taught relativism. “What’s true for you might not be true for me.” That’s what’s wrong with them.

    • Rebecca Manzano

      Bingo! You just hit the nail on the head ……. that is literally exactly what they are going for, and I called this back in 2014. Pedophilia is next. Mark my words. Unbelievable. It’s true though. I’ve been saying this for years. The whole transgender thing was meant to end up doing it too. We have pedophiles running this planet. Shoot – even the gay marriage thing was a prelude to it all of it. This is all a spin off of all that. Like it or not.

  • LysolMotorola

    Are they going to verify that those who self identify are telling the truth??? Are you kidding. To a progressive – and Brown is just chock-a-block full of them – there is not truth. SO, have at it all my Caucasian brothers and sisters. Lets see if we can Alinsky this nonsense to death. After all, if everyone is a person of color then no one is a person of color.

    • Rebecca Manzano

      Technically white is all colors, and black is the absence of any color LOL that’s the funniest thing!

  • a_b704

    I recently identified as a black person of color. At first it was great, I became good at basketball. But then, I lost the ability to pronounce the work ‘ask’ 😉

    • abcnewscensorscansuckit

      Did you also feel compelled to put apostrophes in your kids’ names too? And misspell the names between the apostrophes?

      • a_b704

        Just one so far. De’Quan’Trae’shan. It is an ancient, authentic African Yoruba word, roughly translated in English as ‘really stupid name for a kid.’

        • abcnewscensorscansuckit

          LOLz!!! YUP! You want some dandy names, just watch an SEC football game every now and again. I’m always rewarded with a new head scratcher, every week.

  • Russ

    Pocahontas for all!

  • Booko Ninjiin

    I thought the Liberals were against “cultural appropriation.” Oh well……

  • Rick Daniel

    Can they self-identify themselves as attending “White University?” or anything else?

  • Hawk

    I self-identify as a bird. You need to respect that!

  • Scott Davis

    Leave it to the Racists in the Liberal Education system to discriminate. They are the children of the Democrat KKK after all…

    • Rebecca Manzano

      That’s the whole thing. They are trying to cause chaos and division. Everyone is falling for it like sheep to the slaughter, too. Because united we really do stand. Divided we really do fall… And boy are we falling.

  • 4ever49

    How many changes per semester is one allowed??
    Would be pretty handy depending on the goodies one is applying for!!

  • rgray 317

    I’m white identifying as a black. NOW GIVE ME MY FREE CHIT!

    • Rebecca Manzano

      & I want reparations, too, on top of it! LOL

  • Steven Patterson

    Next we’ll be able to identify as any species that we choose. So, if you want to be an orangutan, or an anteater it will be perfectly acceptable and anyone who disputes your claim will be a Specieaphobe, which of course is a form of racism, sexism and a bunch of other ism’s. It’s going to be sooo liberating!

    • Rebecca Manzano

      It’s already here! We literally already have trans-species people. I kid you not. Look it up! LOL I am a panda bear today… But I am fluid and that is subject to change, depending on the day I wake up LOL tomorrow I might be an ant eater. By golly you had better genuinely believe that, or you are the messed up, hateful, confused one! Be mentally ill with me, dammit! Or you’re hateful! LOL

  • Bruce in AZ

    Very confusing. What about cultural appropriation? Will we see black face making a comeback?

  • Cam Urai

    Good, I’ll be a black midget dyke with downs syndrome whose also a vet

    • Rebecca Manzano

      Don’t forget – you are also fluid! So that is subject to change, any day, depending on how you feel in the morning when you wake up LOL and by golly if everyone else does not keep up with how you feel, they are the confused, hateful, messed up ☝️ ones LMFAO!

  • Richard

    Here comes “Je suis Elizabeth Warren”

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    Its nothing more than an act of naive stupidity practiced by ignorant skulls full of socialist mush! Sort of like a brainless P.C. “Soup of the DAY”!

  • Dan Ros

    Baw ha ha, got to love watching the University system self-destruct. Should they identify as a block of ice, would they be required to take a test?

    • Bobserver

      That’s easy. Put a lit candle near the applicant and find out

      • Rebecca Manzano

        They are fluid. They only felt like ice yesterday. Today they feel like a Candleflame. You had better keep up with how they feel based on how they are in the morning when they woke up LOL Or you’re the messed up one!

  • mccgsm

    I identify as Scots, although my stomach identifies as Italian, and my right arm is definitely Viking while my feet are Flemish.

  • All that jazz remastered!

    Universities set aside truth and ‘rightness’, to coddle misguided, deceived and deluded ‘kids’ as they head into chaos and dysfunctionalism ….. why are we supporting these twisted people? Why are we even giving them any credence at all?

    They are the worst possible leaders for these kids…

  • hiram floss

    If I identify as a transgender, quadriplegic, Native American, endangered Grizzly bear do I get grants and free parking? oh and free housing and reparations….

    • Nope. Where have you been ? Only black lives matter. NFL players told us ,so it has to be true.

  • So at Brown I can be brown… there’s gotta be a joke in there somewhere.

  • Can we at least bring some level of sanity back to these overpriced indoctrination centers and acknowledge that very little serious scholarship goes on at these schools promulgating this lunacy, and that the vast majority of sane Americans should not have to subsidize this drivel, and cut off Federal money?

  • Christopher

    White is a color.

    • Rebecca Manzano

      Technically it’s all colors. To whereas black is actually the absence of all colors LOL that’s the funniest part!


    Makes sense…if you can change your gender, surely you can change your race right? And if they don’t accept or acknowledge your new found identity you simply cry racism, or sexism…SOMETHING that decries that you are being a victim of their intolerance and wrongfully persecuted via discrimination. I love how screwed up things have gotten with the PC loving liberal fantasies

  • jb80538

    Check the box you want. The school can’t do anything about it.

  • darthlightbringer

    The left is full of science deniers!

  • John Steele

    why would you want to be ID’d as black ?? ….

    • Checkssc

      So’s I cud gets me onea dem fines edjumacations fo free. What else I gots?

    • Rebecca Manzano

      So I can get the job, before the white guy. Affirmative action, baby!

  • timetraveler44

    I think ALL applicants should self-identify as persons of color. Aren’t we are all persons of unique color types? I have always been offended by the racist term “person of color.” Who gave dark-skinned people the right to use that term to apply only to themselves? That in itself is racist. What if Caucasians had latched on to that term initially? You can bet that many non-Caucasians would have a fit and call it a racist term. Plus, that universal move would render the Brown University effort meaningless since everyone would be (properly) self-identifying using that term.

  • SmartDoctor

    A long time ago, before I turned into a Board Certified Internist, I was required to identify my race on my MCAT application form. (Medical school SATS). I put down Black. (I’ve subsequently converted to South Pacific Islander as being even more of an American minority than Jewish, which most definitely does not qualify as being a minority in America, even though we account for only about 6 million citizens out of some 360 million). I received a personal letter from Harvard Medical School requesting that I submit an application, which would be looked upon “favorably”. I wrote back thanking them, and advising them to go to hell, and that I wouldn’t be caught dead on their campus. I’m still very proud of both actions, especially coming from a 21 year old college student. I had my integrity then, I still have it. Race has NO business on an application form for anything! You are either qualified for a position or you are not.

    • Rebecca Manzano

      That’s so crazy and really does prove stuff. White privilege does not exist! It’s ridiculous to think it does… Stuff like this is proof.

  • WorthKnowing

    Perfect. But what about blacks and hispanics who object to whites being considered colored?
    I guess they just aren’t progressive enough?
    And won’t the progressive parasite infecting all common sense also allow one to switch one’s identity on any given day or hour?
    After all……..

  • Justin Denial

    Love to see how self identification works on the street of Harlem.

    • Rebecca Manzano

      Camden, NJ back in the day, too LOL

  • Luv2GoFly

    Idiots. Complete and utter idiots.

    This whole “identify as” is nothing more than “pretends to be” or “wishes to be”. Good grief – why is it so difficult for progressives to grasp the simple concept that we are what we are born as? It’s basic biology, folks. And they call conservatives the science deniers…

  • Bathsheba

    A neighbor changed his name from Calvin Penfield to Cavallio Perez so he could be a minority at work, where people were being reassigned to other locations for diversity.

  • micoz

    So if I’m Italian-American and consider myself of Mediterranean “color,” then I just check the box and I get affirmative action preferences and special benefits? Hey I like that. Everyone has some color. We should ALL check the box, just like Elizabeth Warren!

  • The Shriek

    And it shall be named the Dolezal-Warren Act

    • Liberalism_Bites

      Very appropriate.

  • Liberalism_Bites

    Wait does that mean I get all that preferential treatment that comes with it…like the grants and an all but free ride education https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/59a08ef43cd87b0c6e3faa3e4a2c1ffb786f309c23714a602abcabae6b18fa72.jpg , my own designated urinal, A grades just for showing up for class or putting my name on a test?

  • Amazing G

    I self identify as “Your Royal Highness”; how many of those do you have; am I in?

  • Martin Weiss

    Will they allow students to self-identify themselves as “someone with a brain” and allow them to ignore all this PC nonsense ?

  • koedo

    I have spent hours researching colleges for my son who will enter in ‘19. I’m sure many others here have done the same. The more I research these institutions, the more convinced I’ve become that they are no more than implements for political for indoctrination.

    • Amazing G

      Have him consider trade schools. They can make tons of $ and no student debt. I have relatives, a lawyer and educational doctorate. Their trashman used to live across the street from them but he moved to a bigger house; true story.

    • Bei Dawei

      One option is to study abroad. Depending on the country, he might even qualify for citizenship there after he graduates.

      • koedo

        That’s a great idea. Thank you.

      • Rebecca Manzano

        Trust me – nobody wants Americans right now.

    • Rebecca Manzano

      Which just goes to show, that “stoner losers”, were actually right all along!

  • p3orion

    So any Brown student can be a brown student?

    • Bei Dawei

      (slow clap)

  • Bill Baker

    I self identify as a 65 year old man. How do I start collecting my retirement?

  • JackBootedThug

    “I was born a poor, black child”. – Navin Johnson

    • akjim99

      “I am a meat Popsicle” – Dallas Corbin

  • Boris Badinov

    Kafka would be proud!

  • slohappy

    for the love of all things sane… this younger generation… UTTER IMBECILES! They can’t even handle the very BASIC ELEMENTS of our existence, RACE & SEX, without turning it upside down on a whim, with ZERO thought of its impact on society. Idiots! If they can allow themselves to create such CONFUSION over such basics… I mean, what the frig.. I have no words. They are SO DOOMED.

    • GHerblabnik

      THEY’RE doomed? Think about this … they will be running (or ruining) our country in a few years.

    • summertime

      Watch the video posted by zoomie. Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis and Normalization.

  • Mike Ross

    Hahaha, bye, bye Affirmative Action!

  • “The Landlord,” (1970). So goes the way of all Social Marxism.

    Progressive mentation in all its forms – Snowflake life, free money, immunity to law, perversity of love, denial of objective knowledge, hatred of America – marks the downward spiral to Hell of civilization.

    Strive for intellectual puberty.

  • hoepper

    I am wondering why all these minorities don’t self-identify as white males, so they get that famous knapsack of privileges?

  • bowman

    My kids qualify to be both Daughters of the American Revolution and official members of the Choctaw tribe.

    It’s always interesting when institutions try to pigeonhole people based on physical appearance.

    Good for Brown to try to move away from that. My kids shouldn’t have to present papers to have to prove to a university what racial group they belong to when trying to get something trivial like an invitation to a dinner.

  • Gonzalo Fargenkneipper

    Oh, good. I’ve been black from the waist down all my life (node ah meen?) but now I can finally claim my rightful due without getting arrested for laying it on the counter in Admissions to prove the duality of my ethnicity.

  • plebeian_secession

    fine, let private institutions implement whatever ridiculous policies they feel are progressive. When applying for government financial aid, your identification better match your ethnicity or your application will be sh*tcanned.

  • akjim99

    “I am a meat Popsicle.” – Dallas Corbin

  • Gonzalo Fargenkneipper

    Oh, good. I’ve been black from the waist down all my life (node ah
    meen?) but now I can finally claim my rightful due without getting
    arrested for laying it on the counter in Admissions to prove the duality
    of my ethnicity…

  • Tishiro

    When the snake begins to feed on itself. I’m making popcorn. This should be good.

  • GHerblabnik

    I self-identified as a Caucasian and applied for admission to Just White University and was denied acceptance. So there! Racism! I need my kitten and a safe-place to cry.

  • Curmudgeon10

    Why not just separate the races by “White” and “all others?”

    It is so annoying when you find an underrepresented group that needs no handouts or separate rules or “affirmative action.” It just throws a monkey wrench into the victimology culture.

  • alanb

    SO, I want to make sure I have this right. I would be fine for a Caucasian male to “self identify” as a Navajo, but would be wrong for his Caucasian buddy to dress up as an Indian for Halloween, right?

  • Gonzalo Fargenkneipper

    I am a half black, Muslim, lapsed Christian, hermaphrodite, trans-sexual. I must qualify to be the president of Brown University!!

  • walterc

    Can I just self identify as a graduate and skip all the class work?

  • cydcharisse

    Next census I’m identifying as a trans Eskimo.

    • James Green

      I’ll identify as “Japanic”

  • ICEvictim

    just how desperate do they have to be for money to accept idiot students like that??

  • Mr Adman

    Will this carryover to the private sector? As a middle aged white conservative it would be easier finding work as a black female.

    • James Green

      I really hope so!

  • PostAntebellum

    Now about the name of your college. Is it really Brown, or does it just self-identify as Brown? And would’t “College of color” be a better name?

    The insanity is growing by leaps and bounds in every leftist run college and university in America. The implosion when all of this nonsense reaches it’s logical conclusion will be comically entertaining….and loud.

    Your kid wants a good eduction? Don’t send them to one of these leftist insane asylums and they’ll be fine. And as a plus, you won’t be flushing your hard earned money down the toilet paying these race-mongers to teach your kid how to hate others.

  • j dub

    Even though I’m 43 I self identify as a 67 year old man. I’ll take my Social Security now please. Oh, I eat dinner at 4:30pm, retired from wall street, paid off my house, and hate change. I think you’d all agree so how do I start this?

  • dehypnotized

    Well, it is “Brown” University. I identify as a trans-dimensional dragon unicorn with psionic powers, whatever those are. I would like a full scholarship to Harvard.

  • Anonymous Guy

    The university of dopes. Pathetic.

  • Ed Cutting, Ed. D.

    The larger issue is that Federal policy defines all International students as “White” — including those from Africa, Asia, etc. Only American citizens count toward diversity stats.

  • Mike678

    One solution to quotas….

  • Charles Baldwin

    Can one self identify as a nig*er or sp*c (including. not including asterixes)?

  • Peter Kuck

    Brown University will teach its “students” to perjure themselves and to live a lie. How nice for the faculty to corrupt a generation of students. Brown should lose its accreditation and federal funding.

  • Martin Joseph

    My lilly white daughter is applying to Brown this year. Can she self identify as black and qualify in their affirmative action admissions program?

    • James Green

      Worked for Liz Warren.

  • DWarren

    Well, who didn’t see this coming down the pike? Subjective safe space self-identification of gender has been normalized. Now, subjective safe space self-identification of race is normalized. I’m going to the bank right now and write a check for cash for a million bucks and demand that the institution honor it because I now subjectively safe space self-identify as a billionaire! If the bank says I can’t write a million dollar check on a pauper’s bank account even though I subjectively safe space self-identify the alternative reality that I’m a billionaire, I might have to sue for discrimination and point to the precedent of subjective safe space self-identified gender and race being protected entitlements and allowing delusions to prevail in one area requires the equal treatment of allowing all delusions to prevail. What a brave new world it is indeed!

  • Tatiana Covington

    How about Freckled Pink American!

  • jcd0101

    Today I M black
    Tomorrow an illegal Mexican
    Then an Asian
    Then a screwed up tranny
    All applying for welfare

    Sheesh think the country is screwed up.
    Much !!!

  • Rogue Cheddar

    Well, that ought to really skew the diversity numbers, must be money involved.

  • Carefree Arizona

    This is Elizabeth Warren’s opportunity! (“What shall I be this time?”)

  • Mike N

    Brown is the new Red.

  • halevi

    Does it get any nuttier than this?

  • James Green

    Good! All this means is that “whites/Caucasians” will disappear from colleges altogether! White people will just start identifying as something else and when the college denies them some privilege based on their actual skin (say, a black-American who denies a white-skinned black-American) color, the student can sue!

    I’m really starting to enjoy the liberal death-spiral into absurdity!

  • Kradke

    Can Brown University identify itself as some other color as well, depending on the day?

    • Johnny_WTF

      They’ll be changing their name to Rainbow University.

  • roval

    It’s okay for liberals to identify themselves as anything they want, but if you’re Black and want to identify yourself as Conservative, it is not okay with liberals.

    • Johnny_WTF

      If you’re white male and want to ID yourself as liberal, it’s not OK with liberals.

  • tkdblkblt

    Do you think they will identify the college as GREEN or BLUE University? Just a thought.

  • Hoi Polloi

    How about an official statement that everybody is special, everybody is a member of a protected minority, everybody can call themselves any gender, race, or religion that they want, … and stop all programs that grant any preferential treatment to anyone. Then all will be equal, and can take their Participant trophy and go away. Just do it quietly and without obstructing traffic.

  • sheri

    The CORRUPT WHITE MAN HELD!!, universities only want your PARENTS MONEY!!! They could care LESS what you ‘identify’ as!! LOL!! Stupid LIBTARDS!! They really make a stand for your ‘rights’!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mnc77024

    I self identify as 1/32 Cherokee. Give me a job.

    • Johnny_WTF

      You should be able to get government checks if you have a tribal card.

      • mnc77024

        Ol Fauxcahontas playing the tribal card.

  • 2easy4most

    The chances of unintended consequences abound…

  • ReadyToMoveOn

    I self-identify as a 1964 Ferrari 250LM, with an original Guttenburg bible on the passenger seat and a mint condition Horus Wagner baseball card in the glove box. Therefore, I AM the most valuable object in the universe. I demand the respect due me!

  • Confiscate the University’s endowment to pay off the Federal student loans. They all voted for Bernie, it’s about time that they got what they deserve.

  • Johnny_WTF

    Is there any college in America that does not fall for PC pressure? Is there any place I can send my children to get a degree without either being accosted by SJWs on a daily basis or getting indoctrinated into one? That is the news article I want to see. So tired of these liberal colleges corrupting young minds.

  • Midnight_Dreary

    Hello there! My name is Benny Fitz, and I’m ready for a big heaping helping of affirmative action goodies!

  • thetruthwillsetyoufree

    how many times in one article are they going to say “brown did not respond” the university system is now a total disgrace!

    • ReadyToMoveOn

      Maybe Brown University self-identifies as “having responded”?

  • EdwinBuck

    This is verging from the sublime to the ridiculous. That means any one can be what ever he or she want to be. Suppose some one wants to be a ZEBRA? Is that allowed? Or better yet, a VAMPIRE? The only way to stop all this non sense is to with hold all tax money from these university. Within a month, they’ll be changing their minds. I will guarantee you, that the next politician to get elected will be the one who promises to cancel all their debts. Then we’ll be a a full blown communism, which they’ll prefer to EVIL CAPITALISM. Then our country will become another Venezuela. Time is on their side

  • Johnny_WTF

    So can I identify as a person of color to get government grants? Because a white male can’t get those.

    • UtIdArWa

      Don’t forget to label yourself as trans. It will come in handy later on when you blackmail your way into a better grade / job.

      • Johnny_WTF

        But, do I have to wear heels? LOL

        • Jace Curioso

          Not if you identify as suffering from Acrophobia…..

          • Johnny_WTF

            I might. I’m 6’2″. LOL

  • Johnny_WTF

    Actions like these will make “diversity” null and void.

  • Jalan

    Brown….if that’s your real name.

  • Lee Norris

    How about we bar consideration of race for admission, financial aid or anything else.
    I used to fill the “race” box with “human.”

  • Big Conservative

    The Left continues to Hate on America and Hate on Christians. Both a threat to Communism

  • Mak Boo

    So does that mean we can all get scholarships from black organizations now because I can now identify as being black now???

  • TxPatriot53

    Yeah, uh, no thanks…

  • Hamish Morgenstern

    As a person of colour I identify as: Della Robbia blue.

  • BeaMark

    How STUPID this is. Perhaps everyone should self identify as BROWN!

  • rosswill

    I guess this gets Elizabeth Warren off the hook.

  • Jack Thompson
  • John Fox

    1. There is no scientific basis for race Are people from India or Fiji also black, based on the color of their skin?? What aren’t people from Spain considered Latino, is it just because somewhere in their lineage they didn’t have sex with Aztecs??
    2. There is no basis for ‘cultural background’ unless someone has actually lived in a specific culture, or were raised by people in that culture. Just because my great-great-great-grandparents lived in Holland doesn’t make me Dutch. Especially since the other side live in Ireland. That doesn’t mean I can’t be interested in Dutch or Irish traditions and culture. But it also doesn’t mean I can’t be interested in Jewish traditions or culture.

    Maybe if people were less concerned about labels and would just ignore such things, we would all get along so much better. Why can’t someone interested in Asian culture go to an Asian event?? And then, the next day, go to an African event??

    Creating groups of people based on any trait and then treating them differently divides and creates a sense of unfairness, depending on whether the treatment was beneficial or not.

    Those that use racism as an excuse to create ‘race-only’ or ‘culture only’ events are the biggest racists of all in my opinion. They make an assumption that just because someone has a certain background they must be interested in certain things.

    And that is racist.

  • UtIdArWa

    Why not just drop the boxes totally. Of course somebody will get heartburn over the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” concept. But then how can the university satisfy their Affirmative Action and title IX non-quota quota’s?

  • VillageViking

    “Identity” ideology is racism in disguise…I can think of nothing more dehumanizing and demeaning than someone defining me by the color of my skin!

  • Number 6

    The “Liz Warren” rule?

  • Liberals Destroy Freedom

    How ’bout bringing back the good ol’ fashioned truth? Although, seeing how the truth is the scariest enemy that Liberals have, I don’t see that happening.

  • TheChairman

    “Some pigs are more ‘equal’ than others.”

  • wldtrv

    I always knew that Browns was run by a bunch of idiots but this proves it. I understand what they are trying to do, but there are many many more ways to do it than how they plan on doing it. Its plain ignorant.

  • ricardoh

    I am Mork from Ork.

    • Mark Mills

      Na-Nu Na-Nu!

  • Mark Mills

    Now remove the name “BROWN” from the university because it is obviously racist. The name suggests that ONLY brown people will be accepted as students and faculty.
    This would be similar to former mayor Ray Nagin wanting New Orleans to be a “chocolate city”.

  • bps

    i identify as the owner of amazon, where’s my $100 billion?


    So if I identify as Black then I’m Ok to use the N word ? As is how you N’s doing?

    • The Masked Avatar

      We chill’n.

  • Mr Happy Man

    What this means is that the left is now destroying a bedrock of its belief system. If people can self-identify as something they are not to get a reward given to members a formerly disadvantaged group, then that defeats the purpose of any such programs. And pertaining to the article, those of East Asian descent were a formerly disadvantaged group (especially on the West Coast), but surpassed those who were born into so-called white privilege (especially on the West Coast) simply by working harder than white people. With logic like this, slavery and Jim Crow could have easily been ended by all black people claiming to be white, and there would be zero racial discord today.

  • Deplorable Grumpy

    So, can I as a white, above middle class, male, get favorable access to government money, housing and classes?
    Maybe join one of the private minority clubs.

  • La Billyboy

    I have always checked off various race identities depending on my mood… I’ve always felt it’s nobody’s business to do “race accounting”. As long as it takes place no one will ever be truly “equal”.

  • Pelosi Galore

    Beyond galactically stupid!!

  • dnarex

    I have always maintained that whites and asians should just claim to be whatever race is currently preferred. There is no basis whatsoever for racial differences. Genetically we are all the same so who is to say we aren’t what we say we are. If they allow people to choose their gender when it is pretty simple to determine if someone has a y chromosome, then why make an issue of something that is impossible to determine objectively.

  • The Masked Avatar

    Makes sense. If you can choose your sex, you should be able to choose your race. We might as well go full on crazy. Hell, I choose to be a lesbian TIE Fighter and you’re full of hate if you disagree with me.


    Senator Warren self-identified and got into Harvard with all costs waived! Of course she refuses to a DNA to prove she is part Cherokee, and that tribes refutes her claim!

  • Dean Walsh

    Does this finally put an end to affirmative action? % of applicants identifying as minority: 100%

  • Keith Owen

    Wonder what kind of scholarships they would qualify for if the students self identify as Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, or Hobgoblins. Why not just classify them all as carbon-based lifeforms and be done with it.

  • VerifyEverything

    We are now getting ready for the 2020 National Census. If we do not get this mess cleaned up what groups are going to be on the Census? I always felt that my nationality was American, not white or black (we are multiracial), and a Korean DIL was furious she was suddenly an ‘Asian Pacific’. The Federal government needs to put out a definitive list of groups which will be on the census, and all colleges, businesses etc need to stick to those. And ‘fluidity’ cannot be allowed; the history you are born with does not change.

  • 2×4

    So if a prospective student says something like, “My birth certificate says I’m white, buy I’m down with the shtruggle, and I’m black.”, he/she/etc. can get affirmative action privileges? Gosh that will mean libtards have destroyed Affirmative Action as we know it–how ironic–and cool.

  • agreatsign

    Give them time and you’ll be able to identify as your neighbor’s mailbox.

  • White is in fact a color.

    • Stone Wallz

      In physics, a color is visible light with a specific wavelength.
      White is not a color. White does not have specific wavelength.

  • John Bball

    How about if I just self -identify as the valedictorian. I self identify as having a masters degree. mmmm ok?

  • dave148109

    There won’t be any people of color at that University if everyone gets to check a preferred racial category on their application.

  • Terry

    More discrimination against whites and asians. Sanctioned by universities. The liberal Nazi’s are hard at work dividing society. Just like Hitler did. I wonder if grant money is more accessible to people of color? Might be a scam in the making.

    • Lincoln Stern

      White is an invisible color and doesn’t count at Brown.

  • Ned Day

    With all the scholarships available and always having discrimination claim threats with payouts available, a kid going to college these days would be crazy NOT to identify as a person of color. Let’s just get 100% of students to do this to make the whole exercise irrelevant.

  • ExtremeRC

    Why bother tracking gender and race if anyone is free to “self identify” as something other than they are?

  • Stone Wallz
  • tNJ

    Brown U added to the “Do Not Hire” list-and the list grows futher.

  • FireAnt

    If one uses that university designation, will the federal government accept that as qualification for starting an 8(a) Firm, i.e. a firm owned and operated by persons deemed to be socially or economically disadvantaged and eligible to receive financial assistance, training, mentoring and other forms of assistance?

  • Potomac cynic

    So if enough white students identify as black and black enrollment goes up, does affirmative action and diversity BS go away?

  • tNJ

    Brown U -I would think most applicants would be from Uranus. padadump.

  • ctwatcher✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Then I’m a lion and going to act like one.

  • Minnie

    Why are taxpayers still funding these schools? Time to withdraw tax payer funding if the Constitution and common sense are ignored.

  • Tom R

    Every damn one of these ‘worthless’ school administrators should be fired. Are we willing to let the f,ing insane educate our children?

  • Catherine

    “self-identify as persons of color”

    Uhhhh. Well I’m confused.
    So, it’s OK to misappropriate someone’s race (& the benefits thereof) but it’s Not Ok to misappropriate tacos, sombreros, braided hair, loop earrings, clothing attire . . .??

    • TxMan

      Warning: never try to understand liberal policy, it makes no sense to anyone with any intellectual honesty! They make the rules as they go, and, in effect, there are no rules! Lol

  • Paul Fistinyourface

    “I was born a poor black child.” – Navin R. Johnson

  • Tom R

    I’m Black. I want a discount for that.

  • Mark Thompkins

    Well, if you were born in America, that makes you a native American. Automatic minority status right there.

  • truthbeatold

    It’s called the “Elizabeth Warren clause”.

  • Pamela Hickey

    That’s funny, sad, but funny. Pretty soon, you won’t be able to ID a criminal at all.

  • Large Basket

    my collage roommate put down he was hispanic on his application and if anyone asked it is maternal grandmother who was from mexico. it worked for him.

  • Its2005

    “……..Marlina Duncan, the dean of diversity initiatives………”
    Seriously? A dean is needed for diversity?? This is so PC it’s id1otic. smh.

  • GuateNY

    I want to identify as a brown owl, dammit!

  • Rclifton

    So if I identify myself as a female lesbian moslim American Indian, Alaskan Native, African American, Hispanic Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander I’m automatically admitted?

  • Creten

    The only way white people can get tuition assistance…. apply as a black women

  • truthbeatold

    The asian exception is something the left prefers to pretend doesn’t exist, particularly at universities. The fact that the asian minority scores higher in aptitude tests, academic achievement and other success metrics and lower in criminal activity inconveniently undermines the left’s dogma on identity politics and racial victimization. The cognitive dissonance paralyzes them into silence on the issue. As with most leftwing positions, the foundation of logic their ideas are built on quickly crumbles when applied to the real world.

    • Fred Garvin

      Perfectly summed it up. Well said.

  • Alex L.

    Does this mean that the insane concept of cultural appropriation is dead now? or will these retards continue their hypocracy & keep messing with whitey?

  • EileenDover

    I always wanted to think of myself as an Eskimo. Can I do so now if I do not attend this school?

  • exf14rio

    Oh good… a whole school of Rachel Dalziels. Just what that school needed – a specialty.

  • Seerightthere!

    Can I identify as an Andorian? I like the color Blue.

  • Patrick

    college admissions just got a lot easier!

  • GeorgeHanshaw1

    I suppose if someone with two testicles, a penis, and a Y chromosome in every somatic cell in their body can “self identify” as a woman, allowing me to self-identify as a Mescalero Apache isn’t that much of a stretch.

  • Ken Martin

    This is total f**king insanity.

  • crackerhack

    I always knew it. I’m a man trapped in a lesbian’s body.

  • Foxwater

    Should make affirmative action very interesting. Nutjobs.

  • Warren Wilson

    In 1983 I applied to the Anaheim, Ca Police Dept. but was overlooked for a Latina.
    As a Mixed-race lesbian trapped in a superb white male body, Where is my 35 years of back pay?

  • stevenlehar

    “how Brown would ensure that applicants were telling the truth” – but if you are allowed to self-identify, then that IS the “truth”. The only way to verify is to ask them again with “are you sure?”

  • blameus

    Now Whites can get Brown scholarships. Yeah, it’s a thing now.

  • Passenger_Zero

    I should stop saying “How could they get any dumber” because they are taking that as a challenge.

  • johnfarmingdale

    There is not a lot of educated people coming out of that school.

  • dd121

    Having liberals hating themselves is fine with me. I do too.

  • Jburd in Texas

    I can tell you right now I’m telling both of my white, male sons to apply as gay, minority women with disabilities and get some scholarships. Brown is expensive AF.

  • Major Remington

    Rachel Dolezal will be so happy to hear this!

  • Paul L. Grimala

    Is it me? Or is the world falling apart?

    • ryno55

      Jews jewing whites into getting jewed by poc so the jews can run the insane asylum of rootless cosmopolitans.

  • bill1942

    Sounds like the libs are just taking another run at affirmative action!!!

  • FormerDem

    Now, would someone please explain why his is not insanity. It seems obvious that the genius who came up with this plan did not consider the possible diasterous effects of this policy for minorities.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Then the scene faded from color to black and white while the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair in a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

    “Submitted for your approval, an excursion to a world where students have been reduced to the role of guinea pigs in bizarre social engineering experiments and indoctrination programs the likes of which have not been seen since the darkest days of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, and conducted by faculty and administrators barely capable of basic pet care. The school bell’s ringing and it’s time to proceed to your assigned lecture hall because classes are about to begin at the University of The Twilight Zone.”

    • Lincoln Stern


  • Sam

    So I may apply as a black, Hispanic, lesbian, Turkish woman to be guaranteed admittance.

  • Nathan Justus

    Asian Americans and international students are not under represented in majors of substance, such as STEM fields. Perhaps it’s just in fluffier fields that they don’t see the need to waste their money?

  • Kate

    Is there any common sense or logical thinking people in charge of these so called “higher education” holding tanks anymore? Students will have a better productive education by attending trade schools then the idiotic colleges.
    Wake up America.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Next headline:

    University to allow Mythology majors to ‘self-identify’ as griffins, gargoyles, dragons, hydras and unicorns

  • Marcus Welby

    Financial awards for LGBT and illegal immigrant.

    The illegal immigrant LGBT has it made.

  • OSR1

    I’m a 65 year old woman who worked all my life and I want my SS payments.

    • reader

      I identify as someone who doesn’t pay for things at the store – I just walk out with it

  • Spysea

    Shows the stupidity running rampant in universities

  • Patrick Carriveau

    So, Steve Martin could’ve been telling the truth when he claimed that he had once been a poor black child?

  • The TRUTH

    If Elizabeth Warren can identify as an American Indian it only follows one can identify as any race they want. The funny thing is there is only ONE race “The Human Race”

  • Beaver Eater

    I would recommend job seekers omit any mention of a college degree on their resumes if they actually aspire to be hired.

  • John F

    So you could be Norwegian and be about as white as the snow but still claim to be a person of color and receive whatever benefits they offer minorities? Any way you look at that, that’s fraud.

  • JB Say

    White boys need to troll the hell out of Brown. Identify as a gay illegal immigrant on the application then show up white and straight on campus after admission. If they question you just call them homophobic and nativist.

  • eyeIZ

    Brown has gone totally bonkers

  • DeDEMOCRATification

    How about putting a high fence around Brown and renaming it the Rhode Island State Mental Asylum?

  • John1838

    Golly, I can’t see any way this policy could be abused.

  • JabberJoe

    Sooooo …. If someone self identifies as black are they eligible for all the black-only scholarships and get the black score boost when applying?

  • President & Mrs. Stainmaker

    I’m a student who identifies as the Chancellor of the asylum.

    Do my bidding, Professor.

  • JabberJoe

    Got it, any resume with Brown University on it goes in the round file.

  • Webb Trollstien

    Can I self identify as a Jew and cry “anti-Semitic neo-Nazi white supremacist” at anyone who questions me?

  • NavajoKid

    Well, Minnihaha Warren lied about being an American Indian to get get herself a free college education when she’s about as much Native American as a Rumanian Jug-Screwer.

  • Webb Trollstien

    This is actually beneficial to white people. It’s a loophole to the affirmative action nonsense. If they think I’m a Jewish female instead of a white male they are more likely to accept my application.

  • 3-pointer

    We’re toast. Period. End of story.

  • Martin Van Nostran

    Given how Liawatha did it and these new rules, I would like to apply to teach at Brown as Wild Weasel Hernandez Shabazz.

  • Cunning_Linguist

    Well, that’s mighty white of them…

  • BayouKiki

    Great! Maybe my son can self-identify as an African-American woman who is an orphan. Then FINALLY he could get the scholarships that have eluded him thus far despite his incredible academic success.

  • Chainsaw McGerk

    “I was born a poor, black child.”
    – Steve Martin, “The Jerk”

  • pyramid_003

    As Rush Limbaugh said, “I am a lesbian trapped in a male body.”

  • pyramid_003

    When you go to Brown’s website home page the two links that don’t work are the the School and Engineering and the Albert Medical School. I am guessing those dead links are there to fool parents who are evaluating schools for their kids. If you have an engineering (logical) mind there is no place for you at Brown.

  • Patti

    I think that’s great. Now is the chance for white students to take advantage of affirmative action programs that have racially discriminated against them for decades.

  • honestynow

    “Brown Eschews Science”

  • Count_Yob

    I wonder if a straight white male could identify as a cross-dressing transgender lesbian.

  • Brad

    Proving once again that liberalism is a form of psychosis. These nutjobs don’t even know what they stand for anymore. Liberalism has degenerated into a collection of self-righteous positions which are full of so many contradictions they make no sense to even the most radical extremist among them.

  • 301

    How come so many dumbasses are in college?

  • Mike Lester

    Five years. That’s how long I give them before belly up.

  • RHenningsgard

    “Higher learning?” Right…. as in “high on drugs.” What a squadron of chimps.

  • richard bergman

    Brown university?

  • Drock

    The Ivy League where good brains go to die.

  • amitorelocato

    Takisha Rodriguez Chang Little Feather will be the speaker at the self identity event tonight.She is a little confused about who she is and who she represents.

    • Sgt_Slam

      It should read, “He is a little confused about who she represents.” You have to get at least two genders in there.

  • Count_Yob

    It can be either a university or a diversity. Not both.

  • swissik

    How will that affect the affirmative action program?

    • Maud St James

      I hope it blasts it to hell. It’s never been anything but a social engineering and anti-white prejudice designed to destroy any pretense of a meritocracy, reducing all to a socialist sameness.

  • Maud St James

    Why not? Elizabeth Warren got into Harvard and got gosh only knows how many perks by claiming (FALSELY!) to be a Cherokee Indian.

  • Steven Atho

    Don’t worry, all you are seeing is the final collapse of Western civilization.

  • Ricky, Bubbles & Julian

    unbelievable. imagine if you were talking to your 1989 self and told yourself these stories, there is NO WAY you would believe any of them, yet they are actually true stories.

  • MyNightmare

    Isn’t that considered cultural appropriation…

    • Baron Karza

      Not when it is applied to liberals.

  • C. Adkins

    – umm, when is this going to stop?

    • Baron Karza

      Probably never.

  • ScottPM

    Why aren’t ALL students invited to the multicultural dinner? Which should also included white students. Or as I prefer to be called Northern European mutt.

  • Baron Karza

    Wow. Man loves man. Woman loves woman. Man is woman. Woman is man. Left is right. Right is wrong. White is ‘privileged’. Black dindu nuffin. >LIBERALISM IS MENTAL ILLNESS.<

  • Miles Tugo

    So, will students also be allowed to “self-identify” as graduates?

  • james94780

    but white kids still wont be able to self-identify as a POC “in order to qualify for admissions or receive various benefits” right? How non-inclusive! How racist!

    • Hyperion

      Did you read that in the article? I’m afraid they will have trouble with this as it would never pass a court challenge. Anyone will be able to identify as person of color and no one will be able to prove otherwise, unless they could force a DNA test, and they can’t. So yes, as a white, you WILL be able to identify as a person of color. Also, WHITE is a color. There is no legal or scientific definition of ‘person of color’, it’s just a term that leftists made up, it means nothing.

  • Christopher Gadsden

    More anti-normal lunacy. It’s simply a practice of normalizing perversion and institutionalizing racism. Good riddance. I wouldn’t want to be near these freaks.

  • Bill Petrey

    Wow, a male identifying as a female and applying to an all female college? That’s going to be one lucky “girl” if he can pull that off.


    Hey – Snow White Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren got away with it … why not any normal person that wants too?

  • Texx_01

    I wanted to do this as a joke for years – to see if I could get minority privilege for tuition and prove how asinine stuff like gender identity is. Guess someone beat me to it. Did you get the part about minority privilege?? Idiots………

  • ImaHippyBurning

    To ALL My Liberal friends and Non Friends but who are still Liberals: There are Only TWO sexes MALE and FEMALE – Not cause I say so, but because GOD has said so! Those stuck in the middle are having Hormone Issues and Nothing Else! If you are unable to handle that fact you are screwed in life!

  • Eric

    Wow, will ask my college son to visit admissions tomorrow to find out if identifying as a male lesbian African-Inuit Latino illegal immigrant could get him a discount!

  • Bridget

    What a messed up culture , the more you try to pretend you have moral authority the more you will loose your spirit ! Listen to the word of God, open your Bible if they exist anywhere on campus , wisdom and mercy brought to you by Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour !

  • lilithwhyte

    Will blacks that self-identify as White lose their preferential acceptance privileges?

  • carbedout

    I thought this was going to be about Harvard and Elizibeth Warren……

  • cecil91

    Wish I was still in college; always wanted to be a mixed Eskimo-Sudanese Cyclops.

  • bxdanny

    Brown students will be allowed to self-identify as… brown people?


    I thought white was a color, too.

  • Observer_wi

    Might be humorous but this is the only criteria to qualify as ‘trans’ today. Simply self identifying (“I woke up today and feel like a woman”) and we’re all supposed to provide all these protections, let them use the women’s bathroom, locker room. A male athlete in NZ (weighlifter) has self-identified as trans and is now on his way to compete in the Commonwealth games as a female–and is likely to be one of the top contenders… insanity.

  • rgrtom

    As a white redneck from Texas I hereby declare I identify as black. Ok, where’s my free s***?

  • DaveintheD

    Does this mean I can get a scholarship for my imaginary Cherokee heritage, like Liz Warren?

  • I’ve never been more fearful for the future of our country. The left is unhinged to the point of being a national security issue. Do they not get how out of the world crazy this stuff is???? I mean, anyone can now be a unicorn and people have to respect that…instead of calling the white coats? Are you f’ing kidding me? If we don’t get a hold on the runaway trainwreck that the Liberals are, we might as well kiss this once great country goodbye!

    • Larry Dickman

      —we might as well kiss this once great country goodbye!—

      Unfortunately, I already have. There’s no way back from this one.

  • SONOFDYtoot

    I know identify as a black female gay transsexual. Even though I am none of those. How much money do I get?

  • Sue Topp

    Yes, today I am coming out and self identifying as a sea person, and my color is turquoise. (Always liked turquoise.). Us sea people don’t really talk about our self much, because if you open your mouth underwater…well, you know. So what do I get free?

  • Prospector

    They should be able to self-identify as A-students, too.

    • attackslack

      I identify as a ‘tax free entity’.

      So far, it’s not working out for me.

  • JohnDeaux

    So, my Caucasian son can self identify as black and qualify for money from the United Negro Fund?

    • Mike Herman

      Sure. He might even be the first black woman president some day.

  • Observer_wi

    I saw a CNN news segment a few years back where a black university student who was adopted by a white family (and spoke like a suburban white girl) was doing some sort of presentation and demanding that she should be able to self-identify as white because that’s where she feels like she belongs.

    On one hand it’s crazy, she’s black. You can’t decide your skin is or should be a different color. But on the other hand who cares? If you feel comfortable around white people then hang around white people. Society doesn’t define you, YOU define yourself and society acknowledges that.

    Example: The respect that you demand is the respect you’re given in life. What you become, where you live, the work you go into are all decisions YOU make. You define your own life.

    This fretting over what you “are” is bizarre. You are you. And you have free will to be whatever you want to be.

  • Mike Herman

    What better way to put a stake in the heart of affirmative action set asides than to give everyone the same breaks?

  • jcd0101

    But wait.
    I feel like a
    No wait a polish sausage

    Wait. Now KFC

    Wait now bbq

    So fed that make time a
    Illegal mexicNchkvken bbq burroto

  • Clark Summers

    Race/ethnicity should be totally removed from the application process. It’s not relevant, and letting the student choose their own race makes it even more pointless.

  • attackslack

    “Brown University to allow students to ‘self-identify’ as persons of color”

    Apparently this ‘university’ is appropriately named. I might interject that ‘Feces University’ may remove all ambiguity.

  • ra44mr2

    So does that mean if someone identifies as an African American they can then get the scholarships?

    • Michael Inflorida

      My daughter dated a Jew whose grandparents fled Hitler for South Africa. He was born in J’berg. His parents later moved the family to LA and became USA citizens. He’s been checking the African-American block on forms for years. Africa and America are places not races.

  • Kasperlos

    This new world order of dystopia and insanity knows no bounds. The lunacy is deeply ingrained in the minds of the gullible and malleable young of America. Their indoctrination having been completed in the government K-12 skewls, the young are ready to be further processed at the college and universities for their entry into the country’s positions of power. The USA is finished.

  • bkm

    I’m a person of color. White is a color, no?

  • Rickintheforest

    One can self-identify as anything they wish, within the halls of the ivy towers. In the real world, your opinions of yourself are largely irrelevant. The rest of us will judge for ourselves using the same objective standards and norms that have always been used. You see, snowflake, we have neither the time nor inclination to investigate your little abnormal peculiarities and subjective beliefs. More to the point…………we don’t really care about them.

    • GlomOnToMe

      But soon you’ll have to go underground to express such common sense views.

      • Rickintheforest

        Nah. Snowflakes and their silly attitudes are unlikely to alter my behavior. It is far more likely that they will graduate with their worthless degrees (African American women pursuing African American Studies for example) and they will realize that their self-identification doesn’t count in a world filled with billions of thinking, rational humans.

  • Corpseman57

    Where do they sign up for Affirmative Action perks?

  • Corpseman57

    They can also self idenify as foreigners for added perks.

  • CitizenEmeritus

    Once again…a university without a plan…..or an idea…or a sense of reality. This bubble in which these “higher institutions of learning” function is so much in a fantasy land that these graduates will be in for a shock when they get into the real world. It’s obvious these schools are not training them for that world….but something quite different with a ludicrous dose of political correctness thrown in!

  • GlomOnToMe

    Me: Hi, I’m here to apply for the Rosa Parks grant.
    Admissions: I’m sorry sir but you are a white male.
    Me: How dare you!

  • Leonid Drayeniv

    Well, as long as we are on the ridiculous ‘self-identification’ kick let students self-identify as professors and deans. Then the inmates can run the asylum. Problem solved.

  • John

    But has the university reduced all barriers to ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’? As someone who self identifies as a Viking warlord will the university respect my need to carry a sword with me at all times and loot any campus stores? This is the real test.. LOLOL

    • I’m still waiting for “White University” to self-identify as an HBCU. ;*)

    • GlomOnToMe

      I like the way you think. 🤔

    • Crocodile9

      I have Viking ancestry too and I demand that Hagar The Horrible be immediately removed from print as it is clearly racist. .

      • John

        I agree with you Crocodile – let us form an activist group and maybe Oprah will interview us or at the very least we can get a federal grant. LOL

        • Crocodile9

          Not an activist group, too lame for a Viking. Let’s form a raiding party. I hear Oprah has lots of loot.

          • John

            Great idea! A real Activist group! Vikings Pillaging Matters!

  • CNatti

    What about me? I’m an Atlantic Islander

  • Corpseman57

    Even funnier is how Leftists self identify as intelligent.

  • Joseph Bailey

    is it true that the color Black, and the color White are absent of color ? just saying

    • GlomOnToMe

      Actually white includes all the colors. It’s black that is inclusiveness-challenged.

  • Corpseman57

    I’m designing some tee shirts showing color self identification. I dare those whites to wear them in Detroit at night.

  • Peter

    I was born a poor black child… Steve Martin (The Jerk)

  • PW Shields

    Total idiots. Enough of permitting this pure bullshit by the mentally deranged.

  • Ruth Gauthier

    It is sad when people’s insanity is used for political gain by others.

  • Corpseman57

    A college education used to mean something. 4.0 GPAs are a dime a dozen now.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Brown’s criteria for historical underrepresentation “caused some
    students to not receive invitations to certain events, such as a
    multicultural student dinner,” The Herald reported.

    And how many white students were invited to African-American and Hispanic student group events?

  • Night Fishing

    Stupid 💩💩💩💩💩

    God made men and women, whites, blacks, asians and latinos and american indians.

    You libtards are so fucked up
    Your kids dont know what sex they are
    They are a cross between a man and a woman
    And now they arent sure what race they are

    Get a life liberals.

    We are tired of your progressive BS

  • Night Fishing

    Brown university has one thing in common


    All the men probabally go to the same gay bath house and the women probabally go to the same dike bar

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Next headline:

    University to allow students to ‘self-identify’ as species other than ‘human’

    • Night Fishing

      How about objects like big piles of 💩

  • Mark Williams

    Can I get the affirmative action money? If yes I’m in.

  • Night Fishing

    Liberals = Are large piles of 💩

  • Warp Speed

    Up until today I’ve been white as the driven snow. But now I’m black and demand minority protections and free tuition.

    • Night Fishing

      Then vote for Maxine Waters

  • Maybe they should just drop that line in any application, etc., since it becomes meaningless.

    Of course, I’ve always thought that it was pretty meaningless to worry about genetic characteristics rather than character and accomplishments.

  • Night Fishing

    On every welfare application, we should require all applicants to eat pork, and pledge allegiance to President Trump

  • John Keller

    Sign me up! I am not “white.” I am a peachy-color.

  • Paral04

    Wow! This is great. Equal Opportunity is gone. I can as a Caucasian, now identify as an African re-gendered transgender female who wants to use the men’s locker room, but only when good looking guys are there and major in ancient Abyssinian language. and probably get free room and board. On with the show.

  • tdrag

    Brown, this is the college that wanted to issue cyanide pills to the students because they were afraid Ronald Reagan would start WWIII with Gorbachev’s failed Soviet Union. You have to be a very stupid parent to send your child and your money to a shite hole like Brown.

  • Callawyn

    ALL students should identify as minorities.

    That way, they won’t be discriminated against.

    College Admissions is extremely biased in favor of certain minorities.

    Virtually all scholarships are race or gender based. Or both. Zero scholarships, nationwide, are “caucasian only”.

    Corporations, nationwide, ALL discriminate against white people when hiring and promoting. Federal policy requires it. Any business with >50 employees is required to have an Affirmative Action plan.

    Never ever self-identify as “White” or “Caucasian” under any circumstances whatsoever.

    The easiest way around this is to always check “Mixed race / other”. You don’t get the huge advantage you would if you claimed to be black/hispanic or, like Elizabeth Warren, falsely claim native american heritage, but you won’t be discriminated AGAINST quite so badly.

  • Ronnie

    Persons of color is an offensive, divisive and racist term used to segregate and imply that European Americans are not like anyone else. Racism is alive and well.

  • Bob

    Brown U, proving idiots can be in the jv Ivy League

  • Ronnie

    Andrew Johnson is a first year graduate student studying physics at the University of Denver. He is an avid reader and rock climber who enjoys advancing the cause of liberty in his free time. But does he know that the term…”Person of color” is a racist term towards white Americans.

  • Marc

    I was born, a poor black child.

  • Tom

    Just when you think American academia has reached peak stupidity

  • I self identify as a billionaire. Do you think that’ll affect my actual bank balance?

  • bourgeoist

    Ok den … I want’s me a Guvment job. Dats Right! I bees oppressed summ’in fierce.

  • ComeyTheClown

    This would be the problem with Elizabeth Warren. She self identified as a Native person… a “woman of color”, when she had no evidence to support that claim. And this infuriated Native people (like myself), and she is paying the price today. This new policy makes no sense.

  • nhale

    So they are allowing students to commit fraud.

  • clearthinker

    Oregon Right is spot on. Hit the nail on the head. The left is full of hypocrites and neanderthals lacking intelligence.

  • Kamshaft

    Awesome! So I can say I’m part Native American, part African American, transgender and an illegal alien. I’ll basically get paid a salary to go back to school.

  • James

    Well, it isn’t called Brown University for nothing! Or white, or Asian…

  • James

    And they charge tuition for this……………………………………………?

  • Michael K

    What, and give up white privilege ?

  • James

    Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George starts to wear a hair piece. Elaine has to remind him that he is bald to which he replies……..”no, I WAS bald…” – then proceeds to grab it off his head and throw it out the window.

    Hey, you are white……no……………I WAS white……………….

  • Defiant

    Ha ha! What a messed up world the Left are creating! Soooo…can trans-blacks benefit from the UNCF? I bet cis-blacks won’t like for the trans-blacks to take their entitlements! THAT will be the limit of tolerance!

  • Ed Livesay

    Whatever happened to “cultural appropriation”?

  • James

    You send your son to college and you get back a bl-asian, poly-sexual with a degree in humidity…

  • dont know anymore

    Colleges and universities are so messed up now they should just call it the modern day asylums…. The only difference between a real mental asylum and these schools are you get out in 4 years…

  • NotTheSheeple

    LOL. So can I get some United Negro College Fund dollars if I identify as Black???

  • Mariaca

    I identify as 18 years old. Now where is my college app and grant?

  • DarnYankee

    Another “university’ to cross off the list.

  • Casio

    Asians self-identifying as blacks so they’re not penalized 400 points on the SATs? Brilliant!!

  • MissyT111

    So how does this trend affect a small biz owner who would now want to self-identify as a minority owned business and get preferential treatment? How does this trend to self-identify affect EEOC report and Affirmative action? This is not going to go well in the business community and I wonder how the government will react to these issues which affect hiring, compliance and reporting. These are real issues.

  • jaz

    I wants dem scholarshapizzles, the grantz, the preferent… prefentunal, prefizzle… affirmative actionmuthafucka somsabitches right now! And a bucket of KFC! Gimme!

  • TeaPartyLee

    I just love the Orwellian nonsense the left dreams up. They invented phrases like “person of color” in order to create an arbitrary divide between “white” people and everyone else. A latino, a black guy, and someone from India are about as different from each other, ethnically speaking, as you can get. Yet all are “people of color” according to the left, because this sets them apart from “white” people. Meanwhile the left never passes up a chance to caterwaul about “diversity.”

  • Tim Steve

    Something tells me this will not work for Whites. They will say there is no such thing as the White race until it comes time to discriminate against it.

  • numag

    Will this liberal garbage never cease?

    • Dem-Smasher

      No. This is being done on purpose and it is Communism…


      ………………………………..Communist Goals (1963)

      Goal # 15.Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
      Check-Democrat Party.

      Goal # 17.Get control of the schools (K through college). Use them as
      transmission belts for socialism and current Progressive propaganda.
      Soften the curriculum (dumb down the students). Get control of teachers’
      associations. Use their text books to promote Goals 26 and 27 below.

      Goal # 18. Gain control of all student newspapers…

      Goal # 19. Use student riots to intimidate politicians into supporting
      Leftist, “Progressive” goals. They are then assisted by the Media who
      will act as their propaganda machine…

      Goal # 20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

      Goal # 21. Gain control of key positions in radio (NPR). ,TV, and motion pictures (Hollywood).

      Goal #25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting p orn ography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

      Goal # 26. Present hom o se xuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, and healthy.”

      Goal # 27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with
      “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for
      “intellectual maturity”, which does not need a “religious crutch”.

  • Jim Bruckner

    So Students can identify the University as Shit_Brown University. “Good morning Prof, today I’m green, brown, and yellow”.

  • LadyofOz

    Just when you think it can’t get any stupider. When these students hit the real world they will eventually end up curled in a fetus ball, sucking their thumbs in some corner because they won’t know what what race or sex they are and can’t identify with anyone. Do they really think that because in their deluded minds they want to be black or the color du jour, they will be accepted by either their own race or their pretend race?

  • Taluca Lake

    Wait till a student wants to identify as a doberman.

    • Dem-Smasher

      Then he can pi$$ on the legs of the administrators.

  • TheOldMan

    What’s all this “identify” stuff? Why not simply apply as an art major?

  • heimerdinger

    This is absurd. They shouldn’t let people self-identify their ethnicity by checking a box on a form, they should do a full genetic panel like they did in the 1930s.

  • Itpaystobeawinner

    We are truly circling the drain…………

  • Ashley West

    The black people are going to be sooooooooooo pissed when whitey starts honing in on their fake ‘oppression’.

  • Elwood Blues

    I’m almost tempted to apply to Brown as a gay transgender black female with a hypo-pigmentation (a.k.a. straight white guy).

  • Dem-Smasher


  • libertyanyday

    No longer recognizing this raving lunacy. Anyone paying for this insanity deserves what they get.

  • whooosh

    Gee…college is really changing. Might be nice to wake up in the morning and say, “today, I think I will be a nig–r. Wonder, if I could get welfare for the one day that I am a nig–r?

  • Dem-Smasher

    Waiting for a Commie environmentalist wackjob to identify as a tree so that he can claim deforestation is genocide against his family of trees.

  • Janne

    How stupid can the people in this Country get???

    • Larry Gibb

      I said that 8 years ago.

  • mingju

    This probably is a good development. There is a quota on how many Asians are accepted into University. Asians get such good grades that if people were admitted based on grades Asians would be over-represented.

    Therefore allowing Asians to identify as some other race is only fair. This second ‘wrong’ rights the first wrong.

  • kettlecorn

    As a 45 year old white male, I am now going to be able to get accepted to college as a black, hispanic, transgender dwarf, who is 50% Comanche Indian and who is an Islamic Muslim. Bingo, I will probably be appointed college president within a year with those credentials.

  • Nonconformant

    self Identify. what does that mean? you are what ya are and what ya do no matter what you think you are. these are the facts in everyday life. pretending to be something else will never help you suceed in life. Maybe that’s there goal not preparing you succeed so you dumbed down, programmed and always relying on them. God forbid you have independent thought or thinking

  • Dave

    We have allowed the truly insane to run our education system. We are now seeing the results of this lunacy.

    • Dem-Smasher

      They are Communists.


      ………………………………..Communist Goals (1963)

      Goal # 15.Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
      Check-Democrat Party.

      Goal # 17.Get control of the schools (K through college). Use them as
      transmission belts for socialism and current Progressive propaganda.
      Soften the curriculum (dumb down the students). Get control of teachers’
      associations. Use their text books to promote Goals 26 and 27 below.

      Goal # 18. Gain control of all student newspapers…

      Goal # 19. Use student riots to intimidate politicians into supporting
      Leftist, “Progressive” goals. They are then assisted by the Media who
      will act as their propaganda machine…

      Goal # 20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.

      Goal # 21. Gain control of key positions in radio (NPR). ,TV, and motion pictures (Hollywood).

      Goal #25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting p orn ography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

      Goal # 26. Present hom o se xuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, and healthy.”

      Goal # 27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with
      “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for
      “intellectual maturity”, which does not need a “religious crutch”.

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    I always thought that white was and is a color. Everyone is some color consequently all people are “people of color, so all this crap from liberals is why we have so many stupid people walking around. Look who is educating the young, silly, stupid liberals.

  • Keith H

    Hilarious! Modern liberalism gets more ridiculous by the day. Observing the liberal thought process is like watching a monkey screwing a football.

  • Just_Facts

    Has the whole world gone insane?

  • darryl2009

    The horror! I paid $68,106/yr for tuition and I didn’t get invited to the multicultural student dinner! What the fuck? I self identify as blue…where the hell is the justice for blue students?

  • LeftiesAreLoons

    I think universities should allow self identification of degrees.

  • mouser

    selecting her self as a “woman of color” landed Elizabeth Warren two jobs in academia, so why not let an entire generation “check the box!

  • Matthias Sanderstein

    From this day forth, I shall identify myself as a black-asian female, and you cant tell me I cant!! That is how I feel.

    • bddd

      Kalifornia would probably give you a drives license that would say so! HAAAAAAAAA!!!

  • Insanity is the new norm in college administration and college life.

  • bigcrawfish

    Isn’t white a color? Or do you have to choose their colors so you can get in? By DNA, I’m 70% caucasian and 26% Spanish. The other 4% of my DNA was undetermined. What color is undetermined? Can I call myself an Indian or a Nigerian? Dam Indian can get into any college!! It’s just getting too stupid for words.

    • bddd

      You just call yourself whatever you feel like for the day! HAAAA!!!! Marxist dupes that push this insanity are such fools and stooges! Perhaps we should all get NUMEROUS drivers licenses? One for the “black me”, “white me”, “Asian me” and “Native me”? OH AND GENDERS!!!!! Perhaps I can be an animal for the day and urinate on car tires and not get into trouble? After all OTHER dogs do it?!? HAAAA!!!

  • bddd

    HELL YEAH!!!! I’ll wake up WHATEVER COLOR, GENDER, SPECIES (or combination thereof!!!) I feel like everyday!!! (Marxist dupes are such fools! HAAAAA!!!)

  • KnS

    Extreme progressive movement and their supporters whom keep on inventing new “crisis” and “injustice” without ever a care of how these new movements could have undermined other hard fought gains – granting any random people the right to be members of any coloured, minority group they choose and without scientific evidences is a disaster in waiting to undo the affirmative action laws.

  • Mike Smith

    “Institutional invisibility”? Now I’ve heard everything.

  • lynnd

    So maybe Sen. “Pocahontas” Warren should go there with her native Indian roots! 😂.. if you can self indentify as… whatever you want.

  • Animedude5555

    Awesome! Does that mean I can now self-identity as Japanese, and I will officially be considered to be Japanese? I always thought Japanese was the greatest nationality anybody could be, because they make cool stuff like anime. And now it sounds like I can be Japanese. This is great!

  • White Clowns

    So I self identify as a 4.5 GPA, 18 year old Hispanic from an underprivileged neighborhood. Does this automatically get me into Brown with a full scholarship?

  • Ed Smith

    Excellent. So now students can attend Brown University and choose any color they want to be, just as long as no grey matter is involved.

  • Nitro Noriega

    Our little Tai Chi McGee is going to fit in so well at Brown U…

  • Davole

    Don’t be surprised if Brown University will soon implement a change to its graduate school application that will allow an applicant to “self-identify” as a professor emeritus!

  • TheBruce

    I was out in the sun a little too much today so I hereby identify as a person of color, also: peach. Where’s my scholarship?

  • Patriot_panadero01

    OMG they have lost their minds and gone crazy!

  • diomedeshermes

    I want to be an Eskimo, and live with a pretty young Eskimo girl in an igloo.

    How much does this fantasy cost in student loans?

  • Any One

    If you haven’t seen the cult classic movie “Idiocracy” from 2006, you owe yourself to see it. We are well on the way. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a767542ce4a53c3e0487321e1a4576079f0ec193c2d024278056d3e6b08e82e2.jpg

  • James

    Ethnomasochism, hating your own race, is a recognized mental disorder. These people who “self identify” as another race need psychiatric care, not encouragement.

  • Joe InNH

    Harvard University has already allowed Elizabeth Warren to self identify as a person of color years ago….

  • Denton_Fisk

    This is how white liberals steal jobs from black Americans. It is how Elizabeth Warren stole jobs set side for Native Americans. I worked with a Brown graduate. He was unethical, unprincipled, and a money-grubbing elitist. Employers would be advised to consider what Brown graduates. They may not be what they say they are.

  • Hilts ‘The Cooler King’

    If I could go back to college I’d want to be a ‘male lesbian’…cool thing about ‘Brown’ is that I could become a ‘black-female-lesbian’. I wonder if pretending to be black would give me the rhythm I’ve never had?

  • Viva Christo Rey!

    In other words, Brown University is encouraging and allowing it’s students to commit identity fraud, right?

  • GMBurns

    The article mentions that Brown is declining to explain details of this.
    I suspect that this ability to ‘self-identify’ will be limited to things like being invited to ‘multicultural dinners’. If the idea of self-identification were to spread, groups designated to receive official and even legally mandated favoritism would be inundated with new brothers, sisters, and other, trying to get in on the deal.
    The race and gender-based interest groups would NEVER put up with that. Favoritism is not very useful when it is shared too much.

    Naturally, the idea of people being treated according to their individual merits has no place in this modern vision of things.

  • Arlo

    Yeah, just make up whatever delusional ‘identity’ you want, to pocket the priviledge. Just like Fauxcahontas.

  • daveinlaurel

    This is a poor effort to rehabilitate Sen. Warren’s reputation. “She’s not a self-serving liar. She’s just a woman ahead of her time, the leading edge of a Diversity movement.”

  • Oveida Sinclair

    The colleges are promoting mental illness, it’s ok to be loony as a tune in today campuses, I see the same nonsense where I go to college, talk about an impending train wreck when these hairballs finally have to be out on their own.

  • jw

    And I’m going to self identify as a super hero and get all A’s mom! Please pay my tuition !!!!

  • namberak

    Well, there goes the reparations hustle …

  • Lostfleas

    Just crazy and stupid. Colleges are now the most spineless institutions; afraid of students. Pathetic. Obviously the studies are not challenging enough because the snowflakes have too much time on their hands. Really though, how much homework can you have in lesbian dance theory (yes, I stole that from Ben.)

  • Attila

    Hope these idiots don’t any taxpayer money.

  • demsaredelusional

    I wonder “was this the original name of this university or do they just identify as Brown?”

  • Cipher’s Solution

    I was born a poor black child, and self-identified as a white dude. Consequentially, today, I have developed an uncontrollable compulsion to drink a strawberry-watermelon and lemonade mix of Crystal Light, in glaringly, harshly, and ironically brutal defiance of my chosen ethnicity. I am a tortured soul, and sometimes quietly cry into my tumblers of Crystal Light, while softly mouthing the words “Why me, O’ Lord, why me?”

  • ogcstd7

    Do you think those on the Left/Democrats/Progressives understand how utterly foolish they have become?

  • Paul Rodgers

    ROFL. What’s next? Allowing students to “identify” as a Cocker Spaniel?

  • roner

    It will be “interesting” to see how this interacts with the school’s racist “diversity” and “affirmative” action policies….

  • Doctor_GOP

    Further proof that the label “Higher Education” is a true misnomer in most universities today..,

  • Roger Edward Harris

    Who allowed the college to have the authority to allow free people what they can say or be? Must be a stupid ass liberal.

  • Bobby Hammons

    It’s OK to be white.

  • Daniel Staggers

    So, you white people want to be “a person of color” huh? What do you know about people of color? Before you sign up, maybe you should visit the inner city of ANY city. Tell those blacks you are just like them. You’ll be very lucky to get home alive. Keep swallowing the koolaid liberals.

  • rnyboy

    And the nonsense continues.

  • Tim Cohen

    Sub-normal intellects are members of historically underrepresented groups in med schools, therefore, we need more morons, idiots and imbeciles in med school

    • Steven Evers


  • hopleyyeaton

    It will do nothing more or less than change the head count in the database somewhere. I tried this over 20 years ago in graduate school. Somewhere in the student record archives is a form where I checked ‘African-American’ as my race. Nobody cares. Because the hominid fossil record traces us all back to the Great Rift Valley of eastern Africa, we’re all African Americans – the only differences is how long ago our ancestors left.

  • BDnSC

    I’ve always said that liberals cannot think logically.
    Apparently it hasn’t dawned on these fools that they just obliterated all of their attempts at affirmative action! LOL!
    This drivel would be funny if it weren’t so truly pathetic!

  • BDnSC

    So…..If I identify as Black does that mean I can use the “N” word?

  • RLABruce

    Great! I, a white man, will self-identify as black in order to get admitted to Harvard, and get free tuition, fees, food and housing because I’m black, and I’ll sue for racism if I’m not given a Harvard diploma without working for it.

  • Tom Graham

    Brown needs so stop peddling harmful words intended to destroy the Spanish language. Latinx? Really?
    I don’t understand why Brown might want to do this. Spanish uses 3 genders throughout its language, masculine, feminine and neuter (genderless). It was decided thousands of years ago what words are which. So now the SJWs are going after Spanish, next they’ll go after French, etc… Can we please stop this post modernism nonsense.

  • Tom

    Wait can I self identify as a black man if I have a dork-knob? You know those round things some call a man bun but that would be sexist! And if I do have a dork-knob how will I wear my crochet hat with the strings on the side? It is just so hard to be a metro-sexual these days. I guess I’ll just have to connect to my female side and get a big bowl of ice cream and watch the hallmark channel. Oh thank Gaia for ice cream!

    • Steven Evers

      you definitely need to start blogging Tom

  • Justin P

    Liberals tying themselves in knots has become the best entertainment vehicle in the world.

  • golfinjesse

    I self identify as a 7’ basketball player, i’d like my $100mil please

  • TioDon

    Brown University to allow students to ‘self-identify’ as persons of color

    “Ok, like, I identify as black and here’s a list of my demands; my own fraternity, my tuition is free, I don’t have to go to classes, my grades are adjusted up because of the past racist attitude towards blacks, I eat free because….well, oh, because of slavery, yeah, slavery. AND, I want a week off for Kwanza because….well, you know”.

  • HillaryKillary

    Our prestigious schools of higher learning have evolved into cesspools of bizarre socialist propaganda. Meanwhile the professor, instructors, and administrators raise outrageous fees and tuitions to feed their promotion of hatred of everything in our American culture.

  • Lydia Long

    Reality takes a holiday.

  • Jake Amberson
  • Guest_User

    At least, this will alter behavior with regard to financial aid and grant money, seemingly causing a dilution of available resources for those who actually have a need; from that standpoint, universities that engage in this behavior dilute or destroy the options of those who may actually be deserving. Interesting behavior by the “intelligent” educators; doesn’t seem to be intelligent at all. Quite the reverse.

    • ADLoggy

      Intelligent is a subjective term. You can have a PHd in some liberal arts subject like sociology or gender studies and still be quite ignorant of most all else, to include having common sense and wisdom. This article is proof.

  • rdsouza

    …did this trend start with Elizabeth Warren? Or was it percolating in leftist circles. How best to claim free money via government grants by claiming to be a welfare recipient…Trouble is if folks look at Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren as a example, many of our youth may choose this path, …. and whether you are in the US Congress or dead broke on welfare, you still get free healthcare. Leftism stinks.

  • sixwhitehorses

    I self-identify as the starting shortstop for the New York Yankees. Are the Yankees obligated to recognize me as their starting shortstop? If not, why am I obligated to recognize a male as a female?

  • IBDavid99

    Why would you want to be associated with crime and laziness? Universities are really failing our young.

  • Kurt Smith

    hey, what about me? I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. Where can i fit in?

  • Jim

    Looks like the folks at brown are attempting to show support for warren after being put in the spotlight by Trump for her dubious claim of being Native American.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Yep, temporary political damage-control for Fauxcahontas off a Presidential tweet trolls Brown into becoming a meme-school.

  • ounceoflogic

    Someone should check with Elizabeth Warren to be sure, but if I’m not mistaken, Harvard has been allowing students to self-identify for 30 years or more.

  • Richard Piotrowski

    And on Tuesdays I like to self identity as Superman. I have the T shirt and everything. If you doubt me look out! You will be in for an epic butt kicking.

  • M S

    We need to reinstate the military draft.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Just the trannies.

      • M S

        No, I wouldn’t want to arm them. Just 4 years of KP duty.

  • Jerry Aldini

    Brown students like John Johnson from Wisconsin be like, “Hold up, y’all… I gets to call myself black to gets all them free handouts?!” (Hyper exaggerated ebonics for dramatic effect.) This is a new level of lunacy.

  • That Guy

    Say hello to a bunch of white Icelandic Indians.

  • Larsen E. Pettifogger

    Why is it necessary to identify as anything but a student? Serious question. I really don’t see the point of this crap.

    • That Guy

      In Florida the state schools automatically except anyone graduating in the top ten percent of their high school. So going to a good school is actually a detriment to getting into say The University of Florida.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Though I lack the head and talons of an eagle and the lower body of a lion, may I self-identify as a griffin?

  • model94

    Cool. I needed 150 more SAT points to get in.

  • MO Guy

    Well, if you can self identify as whatever sex you prefer, why not whatever race or ethnic group? Democrat Elizabeth Warren famously did.

  • Stephen

    And, of course, the administration of this school which “self-identifies” as a “university” takes the lead — by calling itself “brown”.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      The self-identified-university has memed itself into being just a social-construct.

  • Davole

    Will Brown University discriminate against “wanna be” purple people of color?

  • ADLoggy

    I can’t wait till the cultural appropriation snowflakes start complaining about this program. Liberals will be attacking liberals. Sit back and get the popcorn ready. This is going to be entertaining, especially when whites or Asians go to the Black Student Union building (safe place) and demand acceptance.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      If there are tangible financial benefits ripe for the scamming/trolling by students, is it possible the university will require DNA tests from applicants self-identifying as Black/Negroid who clearly aren’t as proof against frauds?
      But of course, proof not required from males who self-identify as female/other.
      The absolute state of academia, I tell you what.

  • zonablue

    Okay, so since the name “Brown” is not all encompassing, the alleged university should immediately change its name accordingly in accordance with the premise that it is really as diverse and all-encompassing as the morons running it. I mean fair is fair, right?

    • ADLoggy

      Rainbow University! What say you?

  • Earl Hoffman

    This is excellent! This erases the racism of grants and scholarships that have been established exclusively for minority students. Now, anyone can be a minority student! Elizabeth Warren should be proud!

    • RLABruce

      Yeah, Lizzie was the pioneer of race self-identification.

  • toledofan

    Wow, this is really cool, I mean one day I can be black, the next white and maybe even Hispanic the following week and then I can be a women and gay and bisexual all at the same time and if it bothers someone I can just change it on the form and viola I am who I want to be just because. Life is really great!

  • Earl Hoffman

    Who knew when all the psychiatric-care facilities closed in the 70s and 80s that the universities around the country would step in and more than take up the slack (for a hefty fee, of course)?

  • Charles P

    Brown University.
    At least they have been honest about being a BIG PILE OF (BROWN) TURDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • magic1114

    So I guess they’ll discriminate against those that self identify as aliens? It’s getting just plain weird, folks…

  • lovelygamour

    For a website called, “college fix” this comment section is filled with stupid people. You guys dont know any history. Anyway, asians are not a miniority cause they have 1 country with the full backing of a billion people. There isnt any dividing between tribes,1 tribes. Japan, korea, china, all theses places have large numbers that move together. Now india is a bit different. The darker ones arent allowed a lot of options but the lighter ones are. Its a billion of them too. So most indians arent miniorities.

    • RLABruce

      Blacks also are not a minority in vast sections of Africa. Don’t you know we’re talking about races which are numerically in the minority IN THE US?

      Talk about stupid people . . .

  • Marilyn Stern

    So at Brown, you can be Brown, even if you’re not Brown. Great way to cash in on minority status. Just ask Pocahontas. She knows.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Brown seems to be a clown school.
      What serious person could take a degree from that school seriously?
      It’s now a full-on meme-school shilling worthless meme-credentials to prospective students in exchange for them to be in debt for decades.

  • chicken soup

    Does this mean a white guy can now receive all the minority entitlements?!

  • Jimmy__Russell
  • More_Hand_Wringing_than_Thou

    Who cares about sob-athon events

    Will the self identity on race be valid racial assignment with respect to affirmative action?

    In other words if I don’t make the cut as white, can I try as black?

    • RLABruce


  • Philip Kyburz

    Given that the Supreme Court has approved all this nonsense and a private school could do it anyway, people should just check some box for any group that gets an affirmative action benefit. It is well worth it and no one can say…no you must be lying..you don’t look Hispanic, for example. Many individuals do not appear to be the “race” or “ethnicity” they would be categorized as in U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren was 1/42nd American Indian and counted as Harvard’s American Indian law professor nonetheless. It certainly could not be proven what her ancestry was. If everybody checked any box they want, this racial preference nonsense would go away quickly.

  • RonHess

    I used to wonder why the Nazis sent “intellectuals” to re-education camps. They were absolutely right. The universities need to be purged.

  • ColonelDrapes

    Why not? Harvard let Elizabeth Warren do it.

  • Richard Johnston

    Brown University’s name needs to be more inclusive. Maybe “Rainbow University” …

  • Richard Johnston

    If there are scholarships for Gumby then I am Gumby, damn it.

  • How about I skip paying the $80,000 and I just go right ahead and identify as a Brown University graduate.


  • Chi Huavara

    So the Collective is getting ready to rebrand Warren as a trans-racial pioneer.

  • Just(R)ight.

    Awesome. Grab up all that financial aid set aside for minority students. Affirmative action for white folks!

  • sshiell

    So I can go to Brown University and once admitted can self-identify myself as a minority – say African-American? If that be true then I can apply for educational assistance based upon my Brown University acknowledged minority status. Great!!!

  • Boxhawk ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Can these idiots not comprehend how effing stupid they look?

  • Helen

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  • John
  • Jay Edwards

    What a scream! Only Brown is now an expert on color!

  • RLABruce

    Great! Now that everyone qualifies for Affirmative Action, maybe admissions to colleges can be based on something meaningful, such as academic achievement.

  • John Grey

    Universities are a joke. All they worry about is social acceptance instead of worrying about teaching the youth for future occupations. One BIG joke.