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Evergreen State’s student newspaper includes no-whites-allowed opinion section

‘For people of color by people of color’

The student newspaper at Evergreen State College has a section in its opinion pages described as “for people of color by people of color.”

“This should be a place where we can be us without it being overshadowed by the dark cloud that is living under white supremacy and having to see things from a white perspective. This is why when we do cover these issues it will be in the context and from the perspective of POC and POC only,” according to the section’s editors as they reintroduced it to readers in September.

The anonymous column, known as “POC Talk,” debuted in the bi-weekly Cooper Point Journal last year and returned this fall to the newspaper’s pages following racial unrest that erupted at the public university this past spring.

“Dear White people, please take a step back, this isn’t brown-people-answer-white-people’s-questions-hour, we’re asking specifically for submissions from POC,” the section’s editors added in their September intro. “As being told no seems to be a difficult concept for some of y’all I await your emails about the Irish, how the term white fragility is mean (great example of white fragility) and how we need to view people through a color-blind lens (just lol). You will 100% not get a response!!!”

Published in the Journal’s Letters & Opinion section, POC Talk says it provides “no-holds-barred commentary on local happenings.” In the inaugural POC Talk column, it was suggested that a subject touched on in the column could possibly include “how do I rid myself of white-dread [sic] roommate’s numerous micro-agressions.”

Topics the column has discussed include student activism, self care, the local comedy scene as well as the turmoil that upended the college after students in May accused a white biology professor, Bret Weinstein, and the university of perpetuating racism.

The Cooper Point Journal did not respond to multiple requests for comment regarding the column.

In one column, POC Talk points to the “scary national backlash the school faced last year”, referring to the events that rocked Evergreen after students accused Weinstein of racism because he criticized a planned “Day of Absence” in which white people were asked to stay off campus.

The protests on campus garnered national attention and amid the upheaval the college was shut for multiple days in early June because of threats it received. Since the unrest, Evergreen has said it will train students not to discriminate against white people.

Weinstein and his wife, fellow biology professor Heather Heying, sued the college and eventually a reached a $500,000 settlement, a topic POC Talk discussed earlier this semester.

A column complained about the settlement, arguing Weinstein is a poster child of white privilege and that minorities “face harassment on an almost daily basis, it’s horrible and it’s traumatizing but ain’t nobody going to pay us $500,000 to deal with it.”

The column added:

Brett [sic] is the definition of white privilege and fragility—the fear and “danger” he and his wife felt they were exposed to was only the slightest sliver of what POC deal with on an almost daily basis. The fear they were experiencing is not unique or even new to those of us who face backlash by fact of our mere existence. None of this is to deny the legitimacy of their fear, but instead to point out the privilege there is in being able to make the decision to place yourself in a space of vulnerability by publicly expressing opinions and ideas. This authority over the way people will treat you is what makes Brett [sic] and Heather the textbook definition of white fragility and privilege.

Recent columns for POC Talk include a series called a “Crash Course in Social Justice Slang,” which has defined terms such as institutional racism, “woke” and intersectionality.

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  • Hughlon Thornbury

    N’ya n’ya, n’ya, a safe space for us POC to publicly belittle, demonize, accuse, stereotype and marginalize you people with light color skin and you can’t talk back, disagree or defend yourselves, your family or your friends. Has a dead skunk smell to it.

    You know, for people who claim a moral superiority on social issues, leftists squawk about the klan and institutional racism, but like using war crimes by the VC to justify prejudice against Vietnamese fisherman in Texas, it boils down to claiming that one wrong justifies another wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but the left is teaching its young that any wrong they perpetrate can be justified by another wrong. A sick and twisted life model.

    • Cathy

      I’m betting there are way more members of BLM and Black Panthers than the KKK.

      • Yaspar

        I’m betting there are more leprechauns than real KKK members.

    • This is Cultural Marxism at work. These fools do not realize that they
      are being used. Anyone looking for real answers needs to study Cultural
      Marxism and The Frankfurt School. They are working towards Communism
      where White people are the oppressor class and all people of color are
      their victims (White people have no color or purpose in their twisted
      mentally ill world)

  • ItsPolitics101

    Would it be okay to have a comment section for white people only by white people only? No matter how well intended, this kind of segregation is just begging for a big fat juicy lawsuit.

    • Dazeez5555

      This isn’t well intended….it’s alt-left race baiting. School system especially the higher education system needs an overhaul.

      • Google The Frankfurt School to see how this all came to be. Prepare to be shocked. We are under full Marxist assault.

  • dehypnotized

    Racism supported by the university. #alllivesmatter

    • Lordpecker Woodfive

      clearly a violation of titleVI

  • Truepatriot_56

    this is the epitome of racism. these idiots are too stupid to be in college. that college needs to be shuttered.

    • They are Stalin’s useful idiots and they really think it’s all about them, they are merely the weapons being used to destroy our country and way of life for a Marxist Utopia where millions will die if they do not agree.

  • Kradke

    Ah, that bastion of open-mindedness: college. Truly, the communists have infiltrated campii nationwide.

    • I believe you mean the Cultural Marxists from The Frankfurt School. Have you heard of Gramski’s long march through the institutions, check it out

      • Brian Pan

        How many times are you going to repeat this crap?

        • Tall Texan

          Till all the fools get it??

        • Yaspar

          Until all the ignorant people are informed…Brian Pan.

      • Brian Pan

        Captain Bob, can you clarify or give context to “Gramski’s long march through the institutions”?

  • Uncle Rufus

    Liberals are the new Brown Shirts.

    • Tufelhunden

      The brown shirts were always socialists. National socialists just fought with the one world socialists.

    • jason callio

      News flash. They were the old brown shirts too. Don’t let them try to tell you otherwise.

    • Not John

      Nothing new about it, but point remains!

    • Brian Pan

      We’re discussing university students. Why do you and many of your ilk have to use such broad brushes in your arguments?

      • Tall Texan

        Kind of like saying “all white people”??

      • Brian

        Brian, would you like to enlighten us on how college campuses are veritable cornucopias of political thought where everyone’s beliefs and opinions are met with respect and thoughtfulness? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stop, Bri, you’re killing us!!

        • Brian Pan

          Thanks Brian for showing us your inability to comprehend two sentences that are linked. Uncle Rufus’ comment implies all liberals are brown shirts. My reply is that the article refers to a very small subset of liberals (university students) where even then you must exclude the students who have a right wing ideology. In this day and age, when so much free information is so readily available, your ignorance is inexcusable.

      • Uncle Rufus

        Those “university students” are acting like exactly like Hitler’s Brown Shirts, suppressing free speech and assaulting anyone who opposes them. My description is dead on.

      • Mystick

        Because bloody revolutions are always leveraged by those seeking power through the young.

  • The Gooch

    How’d that “Free Mumia” BS work out for you libtards?

  • Cathy

    Definitely racist. Maybe whites should ask for a refund so they can go to a college more receptive of whites

  • Eleanor Grey

    White fragility? Yes, I supposed it’s our “fragility” that led to all the art, music, literature, science, medicine and technology over the last thousand years. Not to mention the social, political and economic stability of the United States, the greatest nation the world has ever seen. If “fragility” means not starving, living in filth and violence and dying of medieval diseases centuries after the “fragile” people eradicated them in civilized societies… well then, call me fragile and proud of it.

    • pjdjmj


      • Cho Q. Out

        “I don’t feel safe living in this white neighborhood in the middle of white America.”

        -NOBODY. EVER.

        • Cho Q. Out

          Pop quiz;
          Who occupies more than 37% of our prisons while only accounting for 12% of the U.S. population?
          Who has a 72% chance of being raised in a home without a father?
          Who makes up 39.8% of welfare recipients yet accounts for 12% of the U.S. population?
          Who is 73 times more likely to commit murder?
          Who is responsible for the murder rate of their own race 93% of the time?
          Who is 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime?
          I’ll give you a hint*** it’s the same answer for each question (and it’s not a “typical average white male”)

          • CmonnMan

            People who refuse to acknowledge their real problems will forever suffer from them.

          • MrSteve

            problems n solutions identified
            odd named conservative black revolution site smashes this BS

          • Brian Pan

            So then, if you want to play the statistics game, you must advocate gun control because statistics prove that you are 25 times more likely to be a victim of gun violence than anywhere else in the world.

          • TBonePickens

            Only in certain areas Brian. There’s no possible way you don’t know this.

          • Tall Texan

            Oh, there is plenty of possible way. SJWs and progs live in nearly impenetrable echo chamber bubbles. Their ability to deny direct and obvious reality knows virtually no bounds.

            No sense of shame. Inability to see their truly gobsmacking hypocrisy is legend.

          • theos

            Progressive idiot.

          • Ralph Holiman

            If you want to play the statistics game, just ban black males from owning or possessing firearms. Then, if gun control really works, we will have a 50 per cent reduction in murders from that point onward.

          • Rodney Patterson

            they already are banned. felons cant have guns

          • libwithIQ

            Funny thing about criminals. They didn’t become criminals because the observed the law. Criminals don’t care about gun laws.

          • mrempirical

            Thank you for your common sense comment. Sadly, it will fall on deaf ears among the rabid gun control freaks because common sense isn’t so common among them.

          • Humboldt10

            Correction: Felons are not legally allowed to have guns. They can have guns but it is not legal to do so. That is exactly why gun control only denies guns to law abiding citizens.

          • MrSteve

            great logic TX!

          • doc holiday

            “Goot” one.

          • Andy Maxwell

            Unfortunately most felons still possess them or don’t you watch Live PD on A&E to really see what the cops put up with.

          • MrSteve

            odd named conservative black revolution site smashes this BS

          • Andy Maxwell

            That’s is the first “common sense” gun control law that most non-blacks would support that Congress should make law.

          • Mark Zuckerfag

            Most are already banned, as in convicted felons or occupants of a state or city where it is not legal to own firearms. The laws dont work, and oddly enough, neither do the niggers.

          • libwithIQ

            Remove Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit of those numbers and that statistic you gave drops greatly. And darn that pesky 2nd Amendment.

          • MrSteve

            remove gun stats in violence cities
            n proves its blacks cause most gun violence
            GREAT STATS

          • Rodney Patterson

            thats blatantly a false number.

          • Brian Pan

            https://everytownresearch.org/gun-violence-by-the-numbers/ You can work your way through the data. Do you have a source citation? Other sources are using a “20 times more likely” figure. As a teacher says when they flub, “I’ll accept both answers.”!

          • I’ll play the statistics game, Brian:

            How about meaningful correlations:

            50% of shootings are committed by 3% of the population (Black young men ages 14-32).
            80%= of shooting are gang related.

            Near 80% of Black youth are born to single mothers in poverty in inner city.
            Teens, mostly male, seeking role models and purpose are the primary members of gangs.

            A privately owned gun has a 0.0037% chance of being used in a murder, generously assuming a unique gun per murder (we know that’s far from the case.) When you remove gang shootings, a privately owned gun has a 0.0007% chance of being used.

            This is a cultural problem. Statistically.

            I’ll also concede it is a byproduct of our moronic war on drugs. Prohibition creates black markets that gangs fight over, on top of incentivizes pushing product to get people hooked, on top of pushes addicts in need of help into criminal zones of prostitution (also should not be illegal to avoid black-market crime), theft and murder.

          • MrSteve

            GREAT COMMENTS…!
            odd named conservative black revolution site smashes this anti gun BS

          • Mark Zuckerfag

            Poorly enforced prohibition causes a black market, make the punishment so severe it is not worth it, the market will die. Why is it easier to find drugs in nigger town than a gas can that actually works?

          • raid110197

            Brian, are you good at anything? Because you obviously suck at being a troll.

          • doc holiday

            Then MOVE to that part of the world where you feel safe. Well,Bye.

          • Freiburg

            The solution is more people carrying weapons, not control. More access is needed by the victimized demographic precisely because of what’s shown in these stats. For those who cry “white supremacy” you can then actually have something to cry about.

          • MrSteve

            over one million crimes stopoed per year by gun owners

          • Brian Pan

            Can you cite your source for this claim?

          • mrempirical

            Brian: Flatulence and prevarication are no persuasive. Perhaps you should try a different approach?

          • Brian Pan

            Wow, you are so glib. I’m so not impressed. You can’t even bother too bring up a point to be debated. In all likelihood, you have nothing.

          • Richard Piotrowski

            Than anywhere else? You mean like Norway? How about Somalia or Sudan?

          • Brian

            No, Brian. Here, let me explain it to you….AGAIN! If you are 25 times more likely to be a victim of gun violence than anywhere else in the world, it will be at the hands of CRIMINALS who are already prohibited BY LAW from owning guns. CRIMINALS, by definition, don’t obey LAWS and therefore, making more LAWS will have no effect on them. But those same laws may well criminalize otherwise law-abiding citizens while simultaneously making them easy, vulnerable victims of CRIMINALS with illegal guns. How on Earth do you leftists not get that?

          • tomasoso58

            had Pig-lousy or FINE-stine in SF had their beautiful DIE in their arms after a criminal (convicted & deported MANY times) murdered him/her… they would begin to get that!

          • Brian Pan

            At Least 269 Unintentional Shootings by Children in 2017 (so far)
            Research shows that nearly two million American children live in
            homes with guns that are not stored responsibly, as defined by the
            American Academy of Pediatrics — locked and unloaded, stored separately
            from ammunition. Every year, hundreds of American children gain access
            to irresponsibly stored firearms and unintentionally shoot themselves or
            someone else. 62% of gun deaths are from suicide. If you exclude these from ‘gun violence’ deaths and claim kids and/or people who commit suicide are CRIMINALS, there is something very……..bizarre and sad about you.

          • Cho Q. Out

            Here’s a stat, ZERO MASS SHOOTINGS IN ARIZONA BECAUSE WE DID AWAY WITH CONCEALED CARRY PERMITS AND ANY LAW ABIDING CITIZEN CAN CARRY. It’s the old west here, Terrorists wouldn’t make it 3 steps here without getting shot dead. That’s a great stat.

          • mjazzguitar

            If you use mmj, can you still obtain a gun?

          • Brian Pan

            “Firearm deaths are significantly lower in states with stricter gun control legislation.” (“The Geography of Gun Deaths”, Richard Florida, Atlantic, 2011)

          • Cho Q. Out

            “In 2015, Chicago recorded 478 homicides, more than in any other American city. New York, with 352 homicides, recorded the second-highest number of homicides, followed by Baltimore with 344. Almost everyone who was killed in Chicago that year — 93 percent — was shot to death.”
            – the trace.org

            (You took all that time to respond and that’s the best you got?)

          • Brian Pan

            Why did you shift the argument to cities when my comments were about states? Is that the best you got? BTW, ask the FBI, Chicago police, Illinois State Police, Cho – all the guns in Chicago come from surrounding states, esp. Indiana with little to none gun control legislation. It’s a veritable pipeline into Chicago. So what is your conclusion from that?

          • Cho Q. Out

            Fail. You got nothing. Weakest argument award goes to you.

          • Cho Q. Out


          • Woody

            Most of this started with the Democrats who are still mad that Lincoln freed the slaves. The White Southern Democrats instituted Jim Crow laws, lynching, poll taxes, segregated lunch counters and bathrooms and movie theaters. It was LBJ who instituted welfare in the home where no man could live therefore starting an out of wedlock birth rate for the black inner cities at about 80-90% trapping black children with no fathers in ghettos. It is the Democrats that refuse to support school choice vouchers that would allow poor black children to escape inner city schools while the Democrats who rejected them put their own kids in private schools. The War on Poverty KEPT blacks in poverty for decades with them becoming dependent on welfare so the Democrats would be assured they would be elected over and over again. Who would vote for someone that would take away your welfare.?

          • MrSteve

            odd named conservative black revolution site smashes this anti white BS

          • ANSISdotORG

            Gee Mr Steve, getting any hits on your website by spamming the link?

          • MrSteve

            this site rocks! i checked n all the stats are accurate so i give it shout outs always!

          • MrSteve

            that site accurate n all liberal sissy plantation blacks need yo see it so i post it constantly

          • MrSteve

            not my site but because it is soooooo accurate about the self created demise pervasive in the black community I will promote it everywhere I can. Hope the owners get on TV

          • CleavedHeadsCan’tPlot

            STOP already with your incessant posting of that site. It’s rude and fricken annoying!

          • Brian

            You know, this is all so obvious and true but as soon as you point any of this out to leftists, the first thing they’ll do is pull out “Rules for Radicals” and start calling you names and accusing YOU of being a moronic, mouth-breathing racist. Trump was the first GOP Presidential candidate to fight simplistic, Alinskyite attacks effectively. It’s time we all did it. Democrats are truly a bunch of evil, insidious racists in sheep’s clothing.

          • fourscoreandseven

            Democrats retained their stranglehold on the South for 100 years after they LOST the Civil War and created the KKK to make sure that NO REPUBLICAN would ever achieve elective office in the South.

            BUT, the world changed after WWII: Republicans took the Dems to the woodshed yet again, and passed the Civil Rights Acts in the 1960s, which also GUARANTEED BLACKS THE RIGHT TO VOTE!

            Democrats PANICKED and used public funds (purloined from the Model Cities program) to bring black activists to DC from every city in the nation. Johnson and the DNC GAVE the black activists briefcases filled with cash, to take back to their respective cities, to GIVE payouts to influential members of their “black community” with a FALSE MESSAGE that it had REALLY been the Republicans who were the evil racists and who had STOPPED blacks from voting for 100 years!! THUS BEGAN THE BIG LIE!

            Black Democrat operatives told local blacks to “remember” that Democrats were their FRIENDS when they went to the polls! THESE RACIST LIES WERE SERVED WITH TAXPAYER CASH! ! (The Dindoo Tribe believes ANY lie if it is served with CASH and a helping of racist blame!)

            Democrats in Congress were also rewarding black households if there was no father in the home. Thus, Johnson and the Democrats turned blacks from enlightened Republicans into greedy Democrats in ONE FELL SWOOP!!!

            Johnson famously said, “Those dumb N*****s will be voting Democrat for the next ‘hunnert’ years.”

          • pjdjmj

            Yes, we remember the law but not the name – a Black man could move in w/woman and children and be paid (our $) so much money. The joke at the time was men could handle several wives and families and become well off. It was not funny when many of them did.

          • tomasoso58

            what did LBJ get recorded that Quote” we’ll get the n—– vote…” Why does not the DNC bring that recording, possible film clip to the NOV. ’18 KKK, er election rallys? Hmmm??

          • pjdjmj

            Johnson also showed Blacks, who lived and worked on his property, living in a tin roof shack. Johnson said, “We love our Nigras”. We all laughed because it was so awful.

          • GoingTactical

            don’t forget…
            Who are the FOUR MILLION slaves in africa?
            Who are their slave masters?

          • pjdjmj

            African slavers are Moslems yet Blacks over here take Moslem names and join Mosques. Pretty smart?

          • A.

            When your average IQ hovers around 80 you spend your entire life making all the wrong decisions. They can’t seem to help themselves. Ignorance and arrogance are the two dominant characteristics of Africans.

          • MrSteve

            great stats this site supports your comments
            odd named conservative black revolution site smashes this BS

          • mrempirical

            They would tell you that is all white people’s fault. They are not responsible for their own choices.

          • fourscoreandseven

            And, who is more likely to “poop” in front of a customer’s house when delivering packages for a sub-contractor of Amazon?
            Yeah, not sure I want them to “work” in my neighborhood! Way too easy to “crap out” on the job.

          • Mike

            And didn’t even wipe. Man her butthole must be itchy and raw by the end of the day.

          • Mark Zuckerfag

            The niggers?

          • tomasoso58

            yo man, those facs be like from duh white man, fo duh white man. wutchu talkin’ ’bout willis. u raciss o whut. sheeeeit man…. sad so many white folk have been led to believe and live this “white guilt” and such. Fed the media of the BS of cops being unfair and brutal toward blacks…that muzzies are loving and peaceful….yada , yada, yada.

        • Brian Pan

          Newtowne….Aurora….Oklahoma City

          • TBonePickens

            Aurora isn’t white, Brian.

            You do know that the VAST majority of gun homicides (68%) occur in 5% of the counties in the u.s.

          • Brian Pan

            I said gun violence, not gun deaths.

          • Same. Your odds of being shot are virtually nill if you don’t live within a few city blocks in a few specific cities.

            They go lower if you avoid situations of brewing domestic violence.

          • Brian Pan

            I call complete BS on this one. Have any documentation to support your claim?

          • Brian

            Oh….My….God, Brian! Documentation???? I’ve lived in nice, quiet, primarily white suburban neighborhoods for 58 years. No one has ever been shot to death in any of those neighborhoods while I lived in them. NO ONE! Can anyone living in any major city with a large black population make that claim? No one needs “documentation”! It’s a plain truth.

          • Brian Pan

            Anecdotal evidence is the “best” kind of evidence. And if you don’t know what I mean by that, please stop replying to my posts.

          • doc holiday

            “Guns” aren’t violent—only Thugs.

          • Brian

            Great point. Guns aren’t any more violent than refrigerators.

          • doc holiday

            The DimoRats keep people Fearful so they can continue their destruction of the US.

          • markamus

            Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Ferguson. All crapholes. All majority, minority. How does that work in your small mind, Bri?

          • MrSteve

            correct! odd named conservative black revolution site smashes this anti gun BS

          • Kieth Wescott Peace

            All gun free zones as 97% of mass shootings in the US are.

          • dmsday

            dude, your reading comprehension isn’t very good.

          • Noodies Man

            Oklahoma City? What, the bombing? Yeah, that explosives control really helped those people out.

          • Tall Texan

            Detroit. Baltimore. Chicago. Portland. San Francisco.

            Isn’t randomly naming cities without a point fun??

          • Brian

            Really, Brian? You want to cite three incidents going back 23 years involving severely mentally ill white people and their total number of victims doesn’t even begin to come close to one year of murders in Chicago alone. Pal, you are really bad at this. Give it up!

          • Brian Pan

            Cho’s comment is pure bullshit. There is PLENTY of violence in all white neighborhoods and you know it. I live in a similar neighborhood as you and a man murdered his wife a week ago. In fact it was 3 blocks frrom my house! The same week a Subway was robbed by a man with a gun. NONE of the perps or victims were POC. I’m sure more than a few people in the neighborhood wondered about their continued safety last week. This comment, as well as my comment above, directly respond to Cho’s comment. You on the other hand just deflect. Go to a local CC and take a course on argumentation. It would serve you very well as I’ve read most of your posts.

          • Cho Q. Out

            Sombrero, snorkel, tea cup. I can do it too! (Wait, did I mess up by not putting the …. …. ….?)

        • Chuckiechan

          Yeah! Take me back to ‘da ghetto where I’m safe from Whitey!

        • Andy Maxwell

          Ironically all of those millionaire black NFL kneelers just happen to live in rich, white suburbs, many of them gated communities because they’re so unsafe. The only time they are in the black community is when they drive through it on their way to and from the stadiums.

      • Northern_home_Southern_soul

        Yup, without the superior skills of whites, these affirmative action racist blacks would still be living in mud huts, witch doctor’s and eating their fellow blacks.
        Oh, you racist blacks don’t like that? F U, stop being so fragile.
        Hahaha you liberals are retarded and racist

        • Brian Pan

          A true racist berating other racists…..absolutely stunning.

          • CmonnMan

            Not sure that calling out racism is racism….

          • Brian Pan

            And you, good sir, obviously did not read his comment.

          • CmonnMan

            He called blacks and liberals racist, which they are. They both judge on skin color, which is – racism!
            Seems reading is your issue, not mine.

          • Brian

            I did. Tell us; What, specifically, about his comment was either untrue or “racist”, Brian?

          • Northern_home_Southern_soul

            F u pee brain.
            You’re the racist who only comments on alleged and often fake hate against minorities and at the same time commit and remain silent with the most RACIST and stereotypes bs aimed at whites.
            Learn English because what I did was you use the racist liberal mindset against them. So stop being so fragile. Hahaha you racist loser

          • Brian Pan

            “Yup, without the superior skills of whites, these affirmative action
            racist blacks would still be living in mud huts, witch doctor’s and
            eating their fellow blacks.” That’s not a racist statement? You’re so immersed in your own hatred, you no longer recognize it. Give me even ONE shred of proof that your statement is derived from liberal thought. You’re a fool.

          • Northern_home_Southern_soul

            Hahaha. You are so stupid you racist fool.
            Can’t you see how I used the language of the left and racist blacks right back at them. Stop being a no – nothing bigot and btw, you should thank God for the racist affirmative action and my generous welfare, because without it you would be eating the person next to you.

          • Brian Pan

            Obviously you have some degree of difficulty with reading comprehension. What do you think, “….ONE shred of proof that your statement is DERIVED (my emphasis) from liberal thought.” I’m still waiting.

          • Northern_home_Southern_soul

            one you have zero comments on the knock out “game” blacks play by attacking innocent white people (and usually older white females).
            Two, you day nothing about the racist black lies matters that murder cops.
            Three, when blacks attack whites with fake b.s. racist attacks and say stop being so “fragile” when confronted and to just accept the false bigoted statements against them and I say F that and use the left’s language against bigoted people like you, you ONLY attack the white person making a point, NOT the racist bigot attacking people based on skin color.
            Therefore you are a bigot. You suck at life and hate people based upon their skin color. People like you are losers and racist.

          • Brian Pan

            No, people who make false premises and liberally use ad hominems are losers, especially in argumentation.

          • Northern_home_Southern_soul

            Wow, so many big words, yet nothing of substance said.
            You are the text book example of what’s wrong with our education system.

        • Tall Texan

          Well, in all fairness to some rockin’ ladies, I enjoy eating my fellow whites too…

          Wait, that isn’t what you meant??

    • Surak


    • How dare you stray from the official Communist narrative. Seriously, stay strong it’s all just Cultural Marxism and these people are the idiots being used to destroy our world. God Bless

      • People really need to read up on Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School of Marx. Every bit of progressive identity politics stems from this.

    • GD in VA

      They mock white people for “white fragility” in a statement talking about the need for POC to have a place free of white people where they can be themselves (aka “safe space”). They obviously and stunningly don’t see the humor in their total lack of awareness.

      • JJ_Chester

        Irony lived is a hollow life.

      • Understanding unintentional Irony at their expense is apparently not a strong suit of these self-anointed PC police. But hey, whitey ain’t got no opinion cuz they oppressor white.

        • As long as they aren’t offending the LGBTTQQQTTSTSTGTV contingency.

          • Matthew

            i identify as a ham sandwich you have not included me in your acronym……triggered….

          • Well sir, my most sincere apologies. You are owed one penalty free murder.

      • Eponymous1

        Leftists have neither self-awareness nor a sense of humor — which is what makes them so hilarious to normal people.

          We should have picked our own damnned cotton!

          • MrSteve

            conservative black revolution site smashes this BS

          • Confused

            That is not a conservative black revolution site. That is a white site, a poor attempt to act as a black site, and only out-of-touch white people are fooled by it. Better luck next time. If you want a real conservative black revolution site, visit Tommy Sotomayor’s youtube channel at TNNRaw2.

          • MrSteve

            i checked every stat on that site and they are all accurate . people eho cant accept that site’s info are delusional n doomed to lives of self created despair / typical of mindset of liberal plantation blacks. cant handle truth n blame others… like they havd for 50+ years.

          • Confused

            The stats are accurate, but saying it is a “black site” is plain wrong (lie). I never commented on the content. I only contradicted the original post that said it was a black site. And then I added a name to a real black site with all the same information, for anyone who was interested. It’s not an issue of being able to handle the truth about the content, its about being able to handle lies in your post saying it is a “black site.” You should just be honest and say you don’t know who made the site, or you should be honest and admit that YOU made the site, or you should admit that the site author’s primary goal was to taunt black people…anything but the way you posted it originally.

          • MrSteve

            Email the owners, I did and unless they are lying it is a black site.

          • Confused

            What did the owners say in their email to you? They did respond to your email, right? Can you post a quote from their email that proves it is a “black website”?

          • MrSteve

            They do not post pictures of themselves because they said they want to be anonymous if you choose not to believe it’s a black website that’s your choice. But everything they say add that site including the idiots with droopy pants and the fatherless homes is all accurate totally accurate in the black community needs to except responsibility for those problems and fix them. Because all the problems in the black community have been created by the black community

          • MrSteve

            will visit today

          • MrSteve

            In Indianapolis…….Why does that dude need to use the N word and F word so much and in public where women and KIDS can hear him ?! Why the black community is getting a very negative perception because they curse in public with no regard for civil protocol! SAD…Falls in line with what that site talks about….the gutter ghetto language of blacks . SAD!

          • Confused

            Yes, he does use vulgar lang. I can’t watch because of it. But he does also recognize that the black community itself is to blame for most of the problems. And aside from the vulgarity, he espouses many conservative, libertarian and individualistic ideals as a means to overcome the current urban decay. If we can know a person by his enemies, then we can say he is conservative because he is maligned by every liberal organization on a constant basis.

          • John Compton

            Actually, poor white people did pick cotton, but you never hear about them. Many of these whites moved north because it was difficult to make a living in a slavery based economy.

          • TioDon

            I’m 70 and my best friend of 50 years and lived in South Georgia all his live picked cotton every summer…..it’s work! no wonder the blacks complain about it….

          • Trevor Sedis

            Blacks complain about getting up before noon.

          • Helen

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          • Joe Alman

            Alberta, are you SURE, working for GOOGLE is how you’re making that kind of $$?

          • Ann Arbor

            Yup, google “ how to turn tricks” and “spotting johns that don’t pay”

          • John (magnum)
          • Friendo

            White slaves and their children were forced to pick cotton under the hot sun, too, which is where they got those red necks thus the slur “red neck”.


          • A.

            Les than 5% of the total population of the United States owned slaves. The rest of the white population worked as hard or harder than slaves to put a roof over their heads and food on the table.

          • Any One

            30% of free blacks owned black slaves too.

          • REALIST

            Slavery was started in America by a BLACK man named Anthony Johnson. Look it up.

          • Anguerran Acre

            Thanks for the advice.

          • Deloris

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          • Amanda

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          • ursafan40

            He was the first slave owner to register his property.
            He didn’t “invent” slavery.

          • Arthur444

            The Indians also owned black slaves. Sub Saharan Africans were used as slaves by pretty much by everyone. The West coast of Africa was a thriving market with blacks bringing other blacks to be sold the world over. Even today in Libya it’s the same thing.

          • Joe Alman

            Where do you think the Term,”Black Friday” originated?

          • DoghouseRiley9

            Robinson Crusoe, of course.

          • Kay Kotzo
          • Joe Hova

            Yes,until 1967 it was called colored Friday.

          • Stoney

            is it now African American Friday?

          • D.j. Lord

            please..it is now African American friday

          • Dolores Cooper-Watson

            Black Friday was a term used by the business people for the Friday after Thanksgiving to start the Christmas buying Season. Their books were in the red many times during the year. But on that day of big Christmas Sales their accounting books would not be in the red but would be in the BLACK. Profit instead of red (loss)!!! Black Friday has nothing to do with black people!!!

          • StormsWx

            How dare you associate people of red color with something negative! (/sarcasm)

          • wendell harris

            I think that Elizabeth Warrens ancestors owned some slaves.

          • ursafan40

            Yeah, the lily white ones.

          • les

            American Indians had white slaves as well. As far as Islamic slavery, there is a reason the ethnic group in eastern Europe are called Slavs.

          • Kummin

            Better back that assertion up with some references buddy boy.

          • kelvin1

            Here, you can read this and look who wrote it.

            Did Black People Own Slaves? | AfricanAmerica.org

          • Any One


            “Pressly also shows that the percentage of free black slave owners as the total number of free black heads of families was quite high in several states, namely 43 percent in South Carolina, 40 percent in Louisiana, 26 percent in Mississippi, 25 percent in Alabama and 20 percent in Georgia.”

          • les

            According to the US Census of 1830, there were more black slave owners in Louisiana than white slave owners, but the white slave owners had far more slaves. If you are looking for a good reference on the topic, I suggest the “Dictionary of Afro-American Slavery” edited by Miller & Smith, Greenwood Press, 1988. I doubt the 30% number above in light of the 2% ownership in the south overall.

          • Daniel FX Dravot

            Freed slaves who chose to “return” to Africa – Liberia – created plantations of their own using (wait for it) locally purchased slaves.

            Further, one’s social position in Liberian society was determined by one’s complexion. Less black, more status. What does that say?

          • We are living in a fantasy world of new narratives. One being that All Whites owned slaves and still would if it were possible. Also, All Blacks were slaves, all of them ever. And, all police officers are White, and have orders from Trump to kill any non-White person at will.

          • Rio Sam

            And to think they resent being told that lower than normal intelligence is a part of their DNA!

          • Jack

            oh…I thought you were describing Utopia…lol

          • John D

            Some fools actually believe that crap. Mostly ignorant, racist blacks

          • Joe Frederick

            Harder and much, much smarter.

          • Trevor Sedis

            Only 6% of SOUTHERN whites owned slaves. Adding in the North, just 1.4% of whites ever owned slaves in the USA.

            An equal number of white indentured-slaves came to America. They were often treated worse than blacks, who were deemed long-term investments. Half those whites did not survive their 7-year contracts.

            Over 90% of African slaves went to the Caribbean and South America (most to Brazil). Only 6% went to British North America.

            An estimated 3,000 black Americans owned 20,000 slaves in 1860.

          • Ron Combs

            Indentured and slave are not the same. Indentured is a contract to work for someone for a defined period of time. The first blacks to arrive in 1619 at Jamestown were made indentured servants, and were freed after their contracts were up. Slavery began under a black farmer from MD.

          • Hub

            Cotton sits in the sun for months so it can be picked in weeks plus slaves got the winter off. Lots of moaning for a few months work a year

          • libsrnazi

            Not much of a farmer are you…

          • Jack

            yeah…and we know what the effect of a supply of cheap labor has on the wage market.

          • Leretseh

            In 1860, it was actually about 1.5% of whites owned slaves. In the South, about 7.5% of whites owned slaves. In 1860, census figures for New Orleans showed 28% of free blacks owned a black slave.

          • MooTieFighter

            actually the percentage is 1.4% that owned slaves. This means 98.6% of the US never owned slaves, at the PEAK of slavery.

          • Rational_Db8

            Sorry, but no – “redneck” didn’t come from “white slaves” at all – there were virtually none. It came from farmers, who were outside working all day and got sunburned necks as a result.

          • iisac Abraham

            Redneck is the same as white n*gger. It means lazy ignorant white manual laborer. It’s a slur, but of course since only whites can be racist people use the slur all they want.

          • Mason Harlow

            Rednecks have never been maligned or stereotyped as lazy. Their neck is red from working in the sun.

          • Ann

            No it doesn’t.

          • LDSdad

            That’s what it means to you. To a southern born country boy it means a hard working, gun toting, country loving, god fearing, respectful person that works hard for a living. Blacks and white hating liberals like to use the term because they crave a word that offend whites as much as n*gger offends blacks. The only problem there is that the ones they call redneck take it as a badge of honor.

          • Bob X from Texas

            More Irish slaves were imported than African. The difference was that African slaves’ children were born into slavery.

          • Rational_Db8

            Sorry, but indentured servants weren’t slave. Plus, that has NOTHING to do with my comment. The term “redneck” had nothing to do with “white slaves” period. Nor was it about indentured servants. It was about farmers, mainly poor farmers, who worked outside all day and wound up with sunburned necks.

          • Liberty or Death

            Would you say these poor white farmers, these “rednecks”, enjoyed “white privilege”?!

          • Any One

            All members of a civilization enjoy the privileges of their civilization, according to their level of status w/i the civilization. Only morons who can’t see past color call civilization privilege by a color.

          • Trevor Sedis

            > “indentured servants weren’t slave”

            And people of color aren’t colored people. Right?

            I bet you call illegal aliens “undocumented humans,” though.

            Another liberal playing word games.

          • Rational_Db8

            ROFLMAO!! Wow, you’re really on a roll!! You just managed to get every single assumption dead wrong. Congratulations! Takes real talent to get every single thing wrong.

          • Watcher

            Leave him alone. As you pointed out, he got 100%.

          • pinkflowers1

            I’m not a liberal but do feel the need to point out that you don’t have to have documents to be a human. On the other hand, you do need documents to immigrate to our country or you are an illegal immigrant.

          • theo retep

            DB8 = TROLL…

          • Mason Harlow

            Indentured servants were slaves. When someone is forced to work without pay for their labor that is slavery. Settled law.

          • Rational_Db8

            Sorry, but indentured servants didn’t work for no pay – they worked to PAY OFF the debt they owed, typically for transportation to America, but sometimes including prior debts they had too. They were also provided with housing and food during their indenture – all of which IS pay. Settled law.

          • pinkflowers1

            So slaves were paid because they received food and shelter? Not the usual line.

          • Rational_Db8

            Where did I say slaves were paid anything? Exactly nowhere. But even so, I guess you think that food and shelter is free? Gee, wouldn’t that be nice. Plus, as I said, that’s only PART of it – indentured servants have been paid up front by the cost of their passage or paying off their other debts, and then they work to repay those funds. They entered into such agreements VOLUNTARILY. They weren’t captured and sold into slavery for the rest of their lives. But I guess you think that people who couldn’t afford the cost of travel to America should have been given free passage, and free food and lodging once they arrived. It was a voluntary barter system, trading money for labor, food and lodging.

            In fact today you can STILL barter your labor for food and lodging, and legally it’s INCOME. Of course, most people who do it never report it as income, but legally, it’s income.

            Apparently you think that slavery for life was a voluntary thing.

            Seriously, wake up and join reality.

          • Grim Citizen

            That was the past. GET OVER IT!

          • larryjcr

            Then, by your ‘settled law’, the Black slaves weren’t slaves because they were being paid for their labor … fed and housed. In both cases, the ‘laborer’ in question was legally bound to their owner by force of law. The only difference was that the indentured ‘servant’ was bound for a period of year, rather than for life.

          • Rational_Db8

            Good lord. Look up the definition of the words for heaven’s sake. Slaves aren’t by choice, and simple room and board isn’t enough to cover someone’s labor 24/7. Indentured servants WERE voluntary agreements, and they got a lot more than just room and board. Slavery is for life, indentured servitude isn’t. There’s quite a bit more that’s different than just the period served.

          • Any One

            But the investment of the indentured servant owner was minimal compared to the cost of a black slave, which by today’s standard neared $40k each. Many indentured servants didn’t survive long enough to live to see the end of their 7 years of servitude, as a result.

          • Rio Sam

            They weren’t forced! They willing entered into a signed by themselves agreement to 7 yrs of work in exchange for passage to America and it included their board and food. Were their seven years easy? For some, maybe. For most, surely not. All those that came here willingly or unwillingly have their place in history and I, for one, as a modern day American am thankful to all of them for making this a uniquely great and prosperous country!!

          • Ann

            Just a point: Not all indentured servants signed up to be indentured. Some were sent as a term of service (sold, if you will) as a sentence for crime against the Crown. The period of indenture varied. The problem with indentures is that they were often extended, or did not end. Some servants took their masters to court. Simply put: these cases initially codified slavery in the Americas, and eventually outlawed the slave trade, and forced indentures.

          • Any One

            “African slaves’ children were born into slavery.”

            As their ancestors had been for 1,200 years before the first Portuguese ship ever arrived on the Ivory Coast at the beginning of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

          • ursafan40

            WE were treated like dog meat , for sure, but you can’t equate the Irish immigration with slavery.

          • Dan Ros

            Don’t know how u could be more absurd. Endentured “slaves” were brought from Europe before blacks ever set foot in the new world. It’s called history.

          • Rational_Db8

            Good lord. I’m absurd, when you can’t even spell and don’t know the difference between a slave and an indentured servant. None of which has anything to do with what I said or with the origin of the word “redneck.” I never said a word about whether there were indentured servants in America before or after the first black slave. Work on your reading comprehension – you desperately need it.

            Wake up and join reality.

          • Trevor Sedis

            White indentured slaves were often treated worse than blacks since the latter were deemed long-term investments. You don’t beat your milk-cow. You DO whip a rented mule.

            Get woke, my dude. Stop being unk (“unconscious”).

          • Rational_Db8

            Again, those issues have NOTHING to do with what I said or with the original poster’s false claim that “rednecks” first referred to “white slaves.”

            Go argue your strawmen with yourself – and do try to keep up with the actual topic.

          • all_dems_suck

            Too many lazy black racists

          • chuck_2012

            just lazy blacks period looking for a way to get something for nothing.

          • Ken Price

            They will get things for nothing. Just wait until the next riot starts. The sneakers and big screens will be rolling out of the stores they loot.

          • ponchoholic

            you are wrong about the origination of the term redneck it came from the name given to striking coal miners wearing red bandannas around their necks.Now act like you know something.

          • DeplorableDave

            It’s not a strawman. You brought it up, and he corrected you.
            And the actual difference between the life of a slave and an indentured servant is nearly nonexistent, little more than semantics. Neither one had freedom, neither one could vote, and conditions for both were often brutal.

          • Rational_Db8

            It is a strawman I didn’t bring it up, and he sure as heck didn’t correct me. The original post was that the term redneck originated referring to white slaves – that’s simply false, period, as I pointed out. As to your claim, sorry, but your’e wrong also. There’s a huge different between voluntarily agreeing to serve someone for a set time period and then being released of that obligation and being free again, versus being forced into lifelong slavery with zero choice, plain and simple. That’s true no matter how one was treated during those years.

          • DeplorableDave

            They became indentured servants because there was no other way to make it to America. And many of them weren’t freed after their debt was paid, but were forced to stay on for another 7 years or even more. They were treated no better than slaves. Some were brought over against their will. Basically, they were lied to, and once they set foot on the ship, there was no choice.

            .The mistreatment and exploitation of a human being by another is wrong no matter what the circumstance, and the way I see it, there is no moral difference between slavery and indentured servitude.

          • Rational_Db8

            They CHOSE to come to America. They weren’t forced to do so. And yes, as I’ve already said in this thread, there was some abuse where indentured servants were forced to continue in service longer than they were supposed to.

            That doesn’t change the fact that the term “redneck” had nothing to do with “white slaves” and that indentured servants by the very definition aren’t slaves, and the fact that you absurdly claimed they were because (in part) they couldn’t vote when NO ONE back then could vote as there was no voting period.

          • theo retep

            DB8 is a troll,… doing what trolls do…. and is not rational.

          • pyoyo
          • Rational_Db8

            Why don’t you try a more reputable source. There are quite a few, here’s one below. It had nothing to do with any “white slavery” and everything to do with poor farmers.


            “”cracker,” attested 1830 in a specialized sense (“This may be ascribed to the Red Necks, a name bestowed upon the Presbyterians in Fayetteville” — Ann Royall, “Southern Tour I,” p.148), from red (adj.1) + neck (n.). According to various theories, red perhaps from anger, or from pellagra, but most likely from mule farmers’ outdoors labor in the sun, wearing a shirt and straw hat, with the neck exposed. Compare redshanks, old derogatory name for Scots Highlanders and Celtic Irish (1540s), from their going bare-legged.

            It turns up again in an American context in 1904, again from Fayetteville, in a list of dialect words, meaning this time “an uncouth countryman” [“Dialect Notes,” American Dialect Society, vol. ii, part vi, 1904], but seems not to have been in widespread use in the U.S. before c. 1915. In the meantime, it was used from c. 1894 in South Africa (translating Dutch Roinek) as an insulting Boer name for “an Englishman.”

            Another common Boer name for an Englishman is “redneck,” drawn from the fact that the back of an Englishman’s neck is often burnt red by the sun. This does not happen to the Boer, who always wears a broad-brimmed hat. [James Bryce, “Impressions of South Africa,” London, 1899] “

          • Trevor Sedis


            “Red Ochre is a naturally occurring iron oxide that people around the world have used as a pigment for thousands of years. Newfoundland…The first use of the term ‘Red Indian’ was a description of the Beothuk’s practice of covering their bodies with Red Ochre. The caribou grease that the Beothuk mixed with the pigment, would have provided some protection from insects in the summer and help insulate the skin in the winter.”


          • Rational_Db8

            Dude, you have a real problem with basic comprehension. “Redskins” referred to American Indians. “Rednecks” did NOT, it referred to WHITES, specifically white farmers, espec. poor white farmers.

            Apparently you don’t even know the difference between Indians and white farmers – and redskins vs. rednecks. How pathetic can you get?

          • ponchoholic

            you do not know the origin of the term redneck so why should we give credence to any of the drivel you put forth?

          • Mason Harlow

            I don’t think you understand what the legal definition of slavery is. Slavery was legal in the US for 100 years, but the US fought a war and ended it as a state authorized institution over a year ago. But slavery still exists globally as a crime. It exists in every state. Normally, it involves children of all racist and sex trafficking. Your theme that slavery is a white on black crime is tired and ignores a real global problem (slavery thrives especially in the third world).

          • Rational_Db8

            How about you try actually referring to anything I said, rather than arguing your own false assumptions and strawmen that have nothing to do with anything I said or even remotely suggested? I had NO such “theme” as you’re asserting. Not did I say ANYTHING that would even remotely suggest I don’t know exactly what slavery is or that it still exists today.

            Seriously, do try to keep up, and go argue your strawmen with yourself.

          • The vast majority of Indentured Servants in the the pre-colonial era were WHITE! Get your facts straight (I know that is tough for Neo-Marxists to do, and as always, facts and logic are your enemy, but at least try to not lie about easily proven facts!)

          • Tom

            When people ignore the parts of history that don’t fit their narrative they show their ignorance and fear of the truth. In other words our university system is a joke. Yes many white people came here as indentured servants, many dieing before they had completed their agreement. They suffered beatings, malnutrition and rape. Many whites were also poor share croppers. So I guess we can also go back to Africa where tribes sold their own people and people from other tribes. How about those Chinese people who were used almost as slaves and mistreated. And now schools are limiting the number of aisans? (recent Harvard lawsuit)

          • Rational_Db8

            What is WRONG with you people?? Where did I ever even remotely suggest that weren’t white indentured servants or that they weren’t in America prior to black slaves? Exactly NOWHERE.

            Seriously, work on your reading comprehension – you desperately need it – you and the others here larking off on this absurd strawman.

            And check your false assumptions at the door – you’re making yourself look like a total idiot. I’m a lifelong fiscal and Constitutional conservative. About as far removed from a “neo-marxist” as it gets.

            The simple fact is that the term didn’t originate from “white slaves” as the OP claimed. For that matter, it didn’t originate with white indentured servants either.

          • Trevor Sedis

            > ” ‘white slaves’…there were virtually none.”


            “Until the late 18th century, indentured servitude was very common in British North America….Between one-half and two-thirds [67%!] of white immigrants to the American colonies between the 1630s and American Revolution had come under indentures.

            The total number of European immigrants to all 13 colonies before 1775 was about 500,000; of these 55,000 were involuntary prisoners…48% were indentured.

            The subtle difference between slavery and indenture-ship is best seen here as women were still subjected to the control of the plantation owners as well as their newly assigned ‘partner’. Their status was closer to chattel property than human being.

            A half million [500,000] Europeans went as indentured servants to the Caribbean… In 1643, there were 37,200 whites in Barbados (86% of the population).

            During the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, at least 10,000 Scottish and Irish prisoners of war were transported as indentured laborers to the colonies.”


          • Rational_Db8

            Indentured servants aren’t slave by the very definition of the term. Slaves are OWNED and they are not free after a set period of time. Indentured servants signed a contract and after a set period of labor, were FREE. Yes, they were often treated dismally while indentured – that still didn’t make them slaves. Yes, some were taken advantage of and their time in service extended unfairly – they still weren’t slaves.

            More to the point, NONE of this has anything to do with what I said – the term “redneck” did NOT originally refer to “white slaves” (OR indentured servants – which weren’t even mentioned!).

            Facts are facts, whether you like ’em or not.

          • Friendo

            Yes. I guess white cotton pickers “weren’t outside working all day and got sunburned necks…”

          • Rational_Db8

            ??? You’ve making zero sense. Where’d I ever say white cotton pickers weren’t outside working all day getting sunburned necks? Exactly nowhere.

            There wasn’t even a significant amount of cotton grown in the USA until after at least the 1790’s. Black slavery was well established by long before then.

            NONE of which matters, because the original post I replied to claimed that the term redneck came from “white slavery” when it didn’t as I’ve already proven – and indentured servants aren’t slaves either. Nor were white cotton farmers.

          • Always Sunny in Redondo Beach

            I am triggered. Any safe space for a redneck?

          • xx

            That’s NOT where “red neck” comes from, but that IS a good guess.

          • Friendo

            Enlighten us oh High Exalted Mystic Ruler!

          • xx

            From Scotland; red bandanas/kerchiefs worn around the neck in unison. Scottish immigrants living in Appalachia carried on the tradition in times of conflict. They were called “rednecks” by opposition forces.

          • xx

            Scottish migrants in Appalachia wore red bandanas around their necks to show solidarity; they were referred to as “Rednecks.”

          • xx

            Scottish migrants in Appalachia wore red bandanas around their neck to show solidarity; thus the term “Rednecks.”

          • MooTieFighter

            A part of history most fail to remember. Most farmers worked just as hard/harder than the slaves and supplied them with housing, food, water and even their own places of worship were built.

          • llewellynh

            Read Erskine Caldwell.

          • QMC Ret. USN

            You also don’t hear about the blacks that owned slaves despite there being a number of them. Additionally you don’t hear about the slaves in the North (and yes they were there) while the Civil War was being fought. The Emancipation Proclamation only applied to areas in open rebellion and didn’t even touch the Northern slaves.

          • Trevor Sedis

            By 1860, over 3,000 freed BLACK Americans owned 20,000 slaves.

          • LDSdad

            New England Northern whites also owned slaves up until and in many cases after the civil war. In an attempt to white wash their own slavery ties they successfully demonized southern whites as the cruel, rapist slave owners.
            They effectively re-wrote the regions slave history by portraying the northern states slave/master relationship as a brief period of mild servitude where slaves weren’t really seen as slaves but as beloved family members.

            I laugh when people say the civil war was fought because of slavery. Not because it entirely was not, but because northerners politicians actually used it as a way to bring in western states, which were not likely to need or use slaves into joining the union.

            Then, just as the left wing liberals do today, use racism not to promote civil rights but to remain in political power.

          • Rational_Db8

            Evergreen displaying more blatant racism. We fought and even gave countless lives for many many decades to eliminate slavery, and then Jim Crow, to move to a colorblind society without racism, segregation, etc…. and here these arzehats are going right back to it, with the blessings of the “university” admin. It’s utterly despicable and disgraceful. They’ve totally failed to learn the lesson of MLK, Jr., who was exactly right on this no matter his other flaws: Judge not by the color of skin but content of character. So here we have these idiots voluntarily sequestering themselves on the Democrat/liberal ideological plantation.




          • JimmyH

            Hello Db8; I suspect you & I are on the same wave-length, fighting this quixotic fight against incredible ignorance, for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. I’d appreciate your take on some tactics & counter-tactics I’ve come across.

            We conservatives have been labeled as White Racists, Supremacists, KKK, etc, since the south went for Goldwater. Now, we KNOW it’s stupid to excessively defend yourself against something you’re NOT. ‘ Better to attack the premise.

            I’m not a white supremacist, but unlike too many conservatives I actually know why!
            I researched to figure out specifically why I wasn’t one. Here’s what I found:
            85% of what White Racist spout is PERFECTLY TRUE!-their grievances. It’s the last 15-20% (their solutions) where they are incredibly WRONG, and are behaving exactly like Liberal Progressives!

            One of our best conservative tactics in approaching Liberal racists is: “turnabout is fair play?” & “what’s good for the goose should be good for the gander?” : “Let us change the words in that speech you just made from ‘black’ to ‘white’, or vis versa, and tell me it doesn’t sound racist? “ … a sound tactic, yes?

            When a conservative applies this approach our goal is to shame the speaker into moderating her radicalism, and come to different conclusions, recognize all victims across all color spectrums, and come to a merit-based, color-blind society.

            But when our idiotic racist “brethren” (who imagine themselves “conservative”) pull the “turnabout” trick, their goal is to GARNER FOR WHITE PEOPLE all the unfair advantages & perks that they (rightfully) perceive black people getting! : welfare benefits, housing breaks, college admissions preferences, etc… rectified with “White Lives Matter”, white-only beauty pageants, “White Entertainment Networks”, White History, White Pride Month’s, etc… (To their credit they haven’t gone so far as to demand crime-forgiveness yet)

            While we’re using the “turnabout” argument to demonstrate the stupidity of leftist racism, the dumb, “real” racists are using it to demand, wait for it….. equality and government imposed social justice. Is not “segregation” just another word for “safe space?” In other words they’re just a non-PC, negative image of Liberal/Progressive Ideology! Identity Politics run amock . They want a white version of what “the black folks are getting.” “Fairness.” There’s nothing “conservative” about them.

            Dare I say it; white racists are just white “ni**ers”, a dumb underclass seeking a government hand-out, easy to manipulate. Those are the FEW, real, white racists out there, the Richard Spencer’s. What they’re demanding would require governmental force, not American freedom.


            Have you noticed that there are SO FEW real white racists out there, that the Left has to use fake “racist conservative” plants to get a rise? I call out the liberal activists posing as bigots every chance I get, and it doesn’t take long to expose the bastards for what they are. Liberals (like Colbert) are totally incapable of imitating a genuine conservative beyond the shallowest scratch. Their simple, emotional brains simply can’t grasp our critical thinking skills, and sound principles they never learned.

          • Yes they did! All should study the history of indentured servitude in the USA, rather than just spout dis-information provided by their Neo-Marxist Masters.

          • theo retep

            The Northern states kept slaves for over 65 years after the Civil War ended,… slavery was only outlawed in the Confederate States. The North wanted labor for their factories,.. and preferred slaves.

          • Tom McManus

            Wow sounds like the destruction of the middle class by the mass of illegals running across our open boarders. It’s happening again and later we will need a safe place for them to vent about white people too. Soon we will be saying “We should have cut our own grass”.

          • Kummin

            They were called sharecroppers and they had a hard life.

          • Rick Hess

            I picked cotton on our family farm, right along with the black hands. It ain’t easy, and by the end of the day, your fingers are bleeding from a hundred pin pricks from the cotton bolls.

          • TioDon

            Well, at least they worked back then….

          • mickey bitsko

            They did. Still do.

          • Mark Zuckerfag

            Indeed, but with the invention of machines by white people, the nigger is now obsolete. Send it back to apefrica, land of opportunity.

          • Any One


          • Joe Frederick

            Indeed! Africa is wide open and prime for development. Too bad the blacks aren’t up to it.

          • ponchoholic

            They never have been, see mark twain quote.

          • Rational_Db8

            I’m sorry, sir/ma’am/it, but there is a problem with your platinum issue Race Card®.

            It’s been declined, and is badly overdrawn.

            Perhaps you could actually try to formulate a relevant argument instead.

          • Sniffachoo

            I agree, but I also want to let the majority of black Americans know that the majority of white people respect and admire them for their hard work and non-partisan behaviors.

          • tomasoso58

            tru dat yo, the mudshark/black lies matter idiots do not realize their hatred and ignorance of light skinned professors , and lawsuit payout of $500K, only will increase their tuition costs… but since the P.O.(darker) C folk are probably affirmative action & scholarship awardees, the actual costs of THEIR ungrateful racist asses, WE will again pay for the increase. Right, us “makers” get to fund the “takers”. Thanks LBJ and ALL the progressive “civil rights movement & “war on poverty” azz clowns.100’s of BILLIONS down the drain. Cannot we sue the very dark-skinned slave traders who brought these ingrates to our once fine country??

          • acronymous

            That was tried and it didn’t work very well. I know a white guy who sharecropped in his youth, but on the whole whites just got too sunburned too fast to stay with it.

          • In the 1950’s rural Oklahoma schools were dismissed for three weeks for cotton harvest. Most of my white classmates and their families were picking cotton.

          • ponchoholic

            so full of it i have worked in the sun all day every day for 35 years and i am mostly Swedish and about as white a man you will ever find.

          • acronymous

            I just bet you use sunscreen. Back then, that wasn’t available. Not even sunglasses.

          • ponchoholic

            asphalt crew in the mid west ya just learn to take it like getting up early working hard and paying your own way

          • jabusse

            Maybe you don’t know it but 80 percent of the whites in the south did pick their own damn cotton. I was poor white trash still picking cotton in 1957 when the farmer (who was black) leased a cotton picker and we were all out of work. Blacks were no worse off than the poor white trash after they were freed. It took wealth to buy slaves. Most whites didn’t have it. Want some fun google John Denver’s version of “dixie” You know he did a great job on it… Just watch the video on you tube and see what poor whites and blacks looked like around 1920. BTW the reason I was picking cotton was my father was a USMC MSGT paying gobbs of alimony and support. I had to or we didn’t eat.

          • Savage_111/11

            I do want this on a shirt.

          • bobdog19006

            I wonder if they’ll have a similar column for whites?

            Call it “Honkie Talk”, maybe.


          • Watcher

            I picked cotton once as a small child. When it was weighed and I was paid a few coins, I’m told I said, “No, I want some of that green money.”

          • Arthur444

            Most expensive farm equipment ever purchased.

          • wendell harris

            Numerous white folks picked their own cotton and were the mainstay of farm labor in the depression and beyond.

          • bobfairlane


        • Syrin

          Black privilege must end which includes no more racist Affirmative Action hires. No more racist jurors letting OJ kill whites or illegals kill Steinle.

        • Karl Sagen

          They might seem funny…. until they seize power and ship the lucky ones to the gulags.

          • costam63

            Few people have spoken about this problem seriously and intelligently, but some have

          • Friendo

            One way to solve the race problem is to separate. Please?

          • A.

            Without segregation we’ll be at each other’s throats till the end of time.
            Blacks and whites, a marriage made in hell with little hope of divorce.

          • Joe Joe

            Well, if Blacks would stop being so racist, that would be a start.

          • Whites will never be able to keep up with what are called micro-aggressions. The definition of micro-aggressions are made up, changed, and added to hourly.

          • The darkest “Black” person in this photo is still likely half White or another lighter skinned ethnicity. Lots and lots of people carry a significant amount of African DNA but carry no genetic markers that would make it visually apparent. Lots and lots of “Black” people have even less African DNA but do have genetic markers such as the “afro” type of hair, like the Woman on the right. They are fooling themselves and each other- dangerously.

        • Sharp Shtik

          Minority leftists never wanted equality. They only want handouts on their way to dominance and retribution, which they exact every day by committing the vast majority of crime.

        • Rational_Db8
        • Trebuchet

          It’s also part of what makes them so dangerous to normal people.

        • mrdoug1

          But what’s freaky is how many of them there are. It’s befuddling.

      • 1Reasonable1

        Indeed, Irony is completely lost on these “students”- perhaps it is too nuanced for these great thinkers…

        • MrSteve

          more fodder for odd named conservative black revolution site smashes this BS

        • Joe Blow

          Not just irony, but morals, decency and self awareness are lost on the dindoos as well

      • MrSteve

        odd named conservative black revolution site smashes this BS

        • CleavedHeadsCan’tPlot


          • MrSteve

            cant handle trutn snowflake loser!?

      • Al Hope

        End the Euro-Cleanse. Demand ZERO Legal Immigration into every population of Europeans on earth, as well of the rapid Mass Deportation of every single invader that the genocidal Marxists have maliciously and systematically flooded into our nations these last five decades. Enough!

      • They can have their safe space, they can go back to their continent of origin.

        You don’t see them doing that, of course, they want to enjoy nice things like indoor plumbing, electrical grids that work, and food in the grocery stores.

        • GD in VA

          Don’t forget the free wi-fi!

      • Jack

        they could teach Alanis Morissette a thing or 2 about irony

      • Confused

        The POC need a place where they can be their racist selves and not get in trouble, because if they hang out in an open, desegregated, public place, they can not act and speak as they wish without being hypocrites. What they are really saying is that all the racist segregationists from MalcomX to the KKK, all those years ago, were right in trying to keep the black and white communities separated. They are hypocrites and racists, no better than the white people they mock. Maybe even worse, since we should all know better by now.

      • Joe Blow

        Black people are as lacking in irony as they are in self knowledge. They chimp out over the slightest thing yet it’s the whites who are fragile

      • Joe Frederick

        “A place free of white people where they can be themselves”? Surely they’ve heard of Africa. Plenty of room for them there too.

      • Shagnasty1

        Let them go to Chicago or Baltimore and see the results of their kind being themselves.

      • DarklordTCB

        There are plenty of places where there are no white people in Africa but these snowflakes would find out how pathetic and helpless they really are without all the creature comforts these spoiled PC and POC brats have come to take for granted. If only we could get our government to fund a program to send these malcontents to Africa of some remote place in South America to form there own little utopia where they can be kings and queens in for their citizenship so they can’t come back. I hate entitlements but this would be like a one time deal expensive at first but in the long run a good investment because a generation of people with this mentality will never be anything but a drain on the rest of us because they will never be employable or able to meet their own basic needs without government assistance. They will go through life walking victims sowing misery and disgust wherever they go. I have one in the family already with two degrees and can’t hold a job because she is alleges mistreatment and abuse because she only wants to do parts of a job she likes and come and go as she pleases. My sister-in-law will be keeping her up until the grave

      • bumblingjack

        Who cares? For all I’m concerned they can start ‘poc’ bus lines and Starbucks franchises, I have no problem not supporting their so-called enterprises if they want to limit input of thought and $$$. Just so I can still locate a convenient ‘pow’ bus and buy a ‘pow’ Starbucks or Philz coffee.

      • Beedogz
      • bobfairlane

        We already bought the a Safe Space called Liberia.

    • Brian Pan

      Sounds like West Virginia.

      • dmsday

        I don’t think you understand the point, because if that’s West Virginia I’m going there. You’ve probably never been out of your hometown.

        • Brian Pan

          Tell me the furthest point you have traveled from your place of birth and then we’ll compare notes. Kind of like a game.

          • Tall Texan

            Your games, rather like your arguments, seem rather without point.

            I’d love to be shocked, but…

          • Brian Pan

            It’s not a game. It’s a question. If you are so against the free flow of information on a forum, go back to your native country, Russia.

          • Brian

            Brian, if you happen to have traveled long distances in your lifetime, it clearly has not translated into any additional wisdom which would benefit you in your daily life. Like pretty much all liberals, you have an impenetrable bubble around you which prevents you from learning simple lessons and concepts. My advice is to pop it from the inside.

          • Brian Pan

            In other words, Brian, ‘dmsday’ won’t and you feel the need to chime in on his evasiveness. BTW, why all the assumptions and generalizations about my simple question which wasn’t incriminating in the least? You’re too easily triggered by the simplest of things, apparently.

      • Tall Texan

        I do rather enjoy progs and their unbridled superiority complex. It does help immensely when you follow your never ending attract more flies with vinegar than honey theory, usually replete with ad hominems and ugly little slurs and jibes. Please keep up the good work!! I’m certain you will convince many with this line of activity…

        Pretty soon, there won’t be an at large statewide elected Dem anywhere except on the coasts. But, at least you’ll feel uber superior all the way to re-electing the big orange ape in 2020. True genius, y’all are…

        • Brian Pan

          It’s hard NOT to have a superiority complex on forums like this, especially debating people like you. But one must FIGHT the urge to be like that since we are all equal in spirit. BTW, if you are even remotely interested in current events, Trump has about a 0% chance of lasting through 2018.

          • Tall Texan

            Please come back after 2020…the bitter tears and recriminations alone will be worth so very much. If your head doesn’t explode by then, or you commit hari kari.

          • Brian Pan

            You’ll be licking the crud off of the bottom of demos’ shoes by that time.

    • LysolMotorola

      One need only look to Africa, the ultimate repository of the values of POC. Not a pretty picture. Indeed, anything positive about African existence can be directly traced to whites. Before they they left after realizing it was futile to keep trying..

      • Brian Pan

        That’s not only racist, but an incredible display of intellectual laziness.

        • Brian

          Something tells me that the only thing you would ever find NOT to be “racist” is attending your “Understanding White Privilege” course. Grow up, Brian.

          • Brian Pan

            “Anything positive about African existence can directly be traced to whites.” Lysol may be (actually is) intellectually lazy but you are a plain fool Brian.

        • LysolMotorola

          OK. It is only racist if it is not true. Look at all the countries in Africa run by blacks. Not by whites. By blacks. Compare their health statistics. Compare their economic statistics. Compare their educational statistics. Compare infant mortality or AIDS per capita. The list is almost endless. . Compare them to ANY OTHER region of the world. Heck, the only area where they are ahead is in the number of witches they burn each year and the per capita monkey meat consumption or the number of murderous dictators running things. You can even compare it to the muslim run countries, as bad as they are.
          .Then come back and tell me again that it is either racist of lazy.

    • somebodysomewhere

      Why is every country in central Africa a festering sore? What about the black utopia, Haiti? Since the Evergreen POC are so knowledgeable & so abused, why don’t they relocate? They won’t relocate because they KNOW they would PERISH in the corruption & filth of those “countries.”

    • Chuckiechan

      Yo! We gonna rename da skol to “Everblack” college, yo.

    • Ron300

      “Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa – rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.”— Charles Darwin

      • Brian

        Wow. And Darwin is a big hero of the left, too. That’s a pretty damning quote and REALLY hard, if not impossible, to dispute. Thanks for putting that out there, Ron.

    • GFTW

      And any “person of color” taking advantage of any of that art, music, literature, science, medicine, technology, etc. is “cultural appropriation”.

    • G_Wright

      HAHA you make a couple of points.

    • Seijinvet

      We are called “fragile” if we object to be discriminated against and being held as scapegoats. It is a typical technique of agenda driven morally impaired people to chose words and actions to alienate a person or group of persons from another. Generally the dysfunctional subvert the innocent away from the beneficial. At its core is evil. This is just another example. “Higher Education” hijacked by racists and other immorals for their agendas to indoctrinate future generations of useful idiots.

    • Ed_Stark

      If they’d like, these cultural marxists can see what happens when people stop being fragil- I mean nice.

      The only reason these postmodern garbage sacks are allowed to live is by the grace of a superior philosophy pinned in the reality of nature, not some fantasy where hierarchy is a construct.

      In this hierarchy these POC-PC-SJW losers are at the very bottom, and this is the root of their anger. They have done nothing to take advantage of the ample opportunities to succeed in the developed world.

      I think it might be time to show them the door.

    • CG59

      That’s why Africa is such a leading ‘nation’!

    • sakovkt

      We had an Enlightenment.
      They have a burned out bulb.

    • L K

      There are no, as in zero African Negroes (AKA Blacks) STEM Nobel Laureates from the ‘Dark Continent’. Only Nobel Prizes for that race are in Literature and Social Sciences. Why?

    • Dave

      Look at Venezuela. A once thriving country that is now a hell hole. I remember pres Obama praising back in the day

    • bobfairlane

      NS Germany was greater.

    • Eleanor, You apparently take issue with the Marxist party line as do most sane people. Congratulations, spread the word and we will defeat the darkness coming upon us.

    • Ron300

      Good for you, keep up the battle

  • Roger Edward Harris

    Just proves to me that the bigest bigots that love to stir up hate are on the left.

    • Patrick Burton

      The left is the largest hate group in the world. They hate almost everything, even the minorities they claim to support. Look at all the lefties that have been abusing women and claiming at the same time they are “feminist men”. They say one thing and do another.

      • Brian Pan

        You can only say that knowing you haven’t an ounce of proof in your pocket and with a slight sneer on your face because you know this is one of the few places you can get away with it. Both of you.

        • CmonnMan

          I see truth escapes you. Pull your head out of the liberal sand you have buried it in.

          • Brian Pan

            So in other words you have no evidence to prove your “truth.”

          • CmonnMan

            No proof? What have the liberals done to pull people OUT of welfare? All libs do is make welfare easier to get. That is not compassion.
            Liberals love VOTES, not people.
            Also, the string of womanizers is mainly on the left, with Franken and Conyers just the latest installments. Biden is yet to come.
            Remember when Obama said that his poor economy was “the new normal?” (Gov. Brown of California now just said wildfires were the new normal.)
            Well, Trump’s economy just proved that a poor economy is only a democrat normal.
            ALL liberal policies hurt people. Or maybe you can name me ONE that has actually helped people – not politicians.

          • Brian Pan

            CM, your argument above is NOTHING but generalizations. That ISN’T an argument. FDR.

          • CmonnMan

            So, you see truth as “generalizations.”
            Good to know you couldn’t respond to this simple comment: “ALL liberal policies hurt people. Or maybe you can name me ONE that has actually helped people – not politicians.”
            It’s clear you couldn’t find even one. But hey, stand proud behind your failed ideology.

          • Brian Pan

            There’s nothing wrong with being uneducated. There’s nothing to be ashamed of that your parents didn’t teach you to read. FDR was the 32nd Potus. Now SMILE and be happy that you know how to punch a keyboard.

        • Brian

          Brian, who was it again who rose up in little fits of violence and destruction when they lost an election fair and square last November? Your side is hateful, pal. Face it.

          • Brian Pan

            Our side is hateful ??? ….give me proof. And don’t use Antifa or SJWs. Why you may ask? We have no idea how many of Antifa follow the liberal ideology. We already know a segment of them are anarchists, or socialists, or communists. “But you know liberalism embraces socialism!” Untrue, all ideologies overlap but none are inclusive of another. With respect to SJWs, I’ve attended two different universities in NY (no less) and I’ve witnessed very limited SJW activity. In fact, my greatest exposure to SJW activity has been on YT and you know what you can do with YT videos. So who perpetrated the violence after the election: Hillary? Pelosi? Artists? University professors? Writers? CNN? Please, Brian. And as far as just looking at “”hate”, I can give you hundreds of comments from the right

            demonstrating vindictiveness, lying, fakery and hatred …………………………………… and that’s just Sean Hannity! http://www.newshounds.us/the_hideous_hate_that_sean_hannity_loves_08292014

    • John

      Their true hatred for humanity really shines when they get into positions of power as we currently see in Venezuela and in the past by Mao, Stalin and Hitler, among others.
      Misery and discontent are the gardens of the left.

      • Mystick

        Indeed. Again and again and again and again… they never learn.

  • libwithIQ

    POC seems to be the epitome of racism.

  • Daily Doctor

    Our culture allowed liberal males to prey on women before Weinstein was finally held accountable. Unfortunately, it seems that “POC” are still allowed to act like racist deviants.

  • Halfbreed

    Fighting racism by being racist.

  • Huskystar

    Someone from that school needs to sue them over civil rights!

    • It is okay to discriminate against White people, only people of color are perfect in every way

  • Daniel FX Dravot

    Dr. Camille Paglia, professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, said in a discussion with scholar Christina Hoff Sommers:

    “What has happened is these young people now getting to college have no sense of history of any kind. No sense of history. No world geography. No sense of the violence and the barbarities of history. So, they think that the whole world has always been like this, a kind of nice, comfortable world where you can go to the store and get orange juice and milk, and you can turn on the water and the hot water comes out. They have no sense whatever of destruction, of the great civilizations that rose and fell, and so on, and how arrogant people get when they’re in a comfortable civilization, etc. So they now are being taught to look around them to see defects in America – which is the freest country in the history of the world – and to feel that somehow America is the source of all evil in the universe, and it’s because they’ve never been exposed to the actual evil of the history of humanity. They know nothing!”

    • UK1981

      That is a very smart lady

    • Dennis_Webb

      “They know nothing!” Not exactly true. They know how to extort money and privileges from guilty-ridden liberals.

      • You mean self hating Whites I presume

        • namberak

          Is there a difference?

        • MrSteve

          odd named conservative black revolution site smashes this BS

          • Mr Steve that is a great website, good work. Lets just keep lighting our little candles and defeat the night. All races have a natural attraction to one another, however Cultural Marxism seeks to have us hate one another. We should all be proud of who we are.

          • MrSteve

            Yes but we should all strive to better ourselves and the planet…the liberal plantation blacks refuse this and prefer to stay mired in the ghetto blaming others for their sad state of life.

    • This is Cultural Marxism at work. These fools do not realize that they
      are being used. Anyone looking for real answers needs to study Cultural
      Marxism and The Frankfurt School. They are working towards Communism
      where White people are the oppressor class and all people of color are
      their victims (White people have no color or purpose in their twisted
      mentally ill world) There is also the desire among those like Soros who seek to destroy the White race to instill such hatred in these poor fools that they will someday come to get us as in south Africa. If you are not comfortable with hatred and discrimination you are fragile in their twisted mentally ill world.

      • Albert8184

        Exactly. The proletariat has been replaced by the minority and the victim classes. The bourgeois is the white middle classes.

      • Brian

        I give fair warning to any an all of these imbeciles; coming to get me will not end well for them.

    • CmonnMan

      And, with their refusal to acknowledge and hear the truth, they will suffer the repeat of history.
      It’s amazing with all America has to offer, they hate it so much. Methinks they should spend some time in Iran or N. Korea.

      • Brian

        Since they are so belligerent towards and dismissive of white people in general, I think they should go be amongst their own, as they seem to want to be in their little “POC” opinion page. Go live in Haiti or Sierra Leone or Zimbabwe. Stay for at least a few years. Learn to appreciate the difference you enjoy living here.

        • CmonnMan

          Agreed – they need to get out in the world and see what REAL oppression looks like.

    • It’s called public ‘education’, more notably ‘commie corps’.

    • Rodney Patterson

      because the schools are spending all their time teaching them to be respectful instead of teaching them to read

    • JJ_Chester

      Our educarion system has been taken over by anarchists. And not for nothing. They are the vanguard in the march toward chaos, after which the communists and socialists plan to fill the crater left behind by the antifa. They know that they must first break the system before they can replace it. 99.9% of these kids, regardless their GPA, have no sense of what is going on…they are the ubiquitous useful idiots.

    • Brian Powers

      Great post Daniel. That Dr Paglia hit the nail on the head

      • Daniel FX Dravot

        Thank you.

    • BurmaShave2

      The so-called “education” these young people receive from our hyper-liberal colleges and Universities is on full display.

  • PW Shields

    Ironically these misfits living under “white supremacy” are attending college. Idle hands are the workplace of the devil.

  • KingofStreitHall

    Sue them…..

  • Alan

    I hope they find a black conservative to offer opinions. You will quickly see a reversal of this policy.

    • DaveInKS

      History shows they would ban a black conservative very quickly. The left treats black conservatives as betrayers, worse than white conservatives.

      • Alan

        I wish we truly had a color blind society. The only ones who want “racialism” are the democRATS.

  • bernie


  • MEB

    All Federal Funding needs to be pulled from Evergreen College due to their open support of racism.

  • pjdjmj

    Evergreen and many other colleges need to have a cleaning or be shut down. Not one Communist teacher and/or terrorist group should be allowed anywhere near schools and through electronics. We will not stand by like sheep while they steal our children’s minds and our tax money.

  • Dat

    when you ignore your own individualism and have to speak for “us”, “we”, “POC” etc….you have already lost. If some people cared more about personal pride (rather than pride in a skin color), personal responsibility (Rather than bragging about ones lack of responsibility), doing what is right and reporting what is wrong…they would finally welcome themselves to the 21st century

    • The whole Marxist takeover is predicated on skin color with Whites as the oppressor class. Study Cultural Marxism and you will see what we are up against.

  • Major Remington

    What a sad joke this whole so-called social justice movement has become. Just pathetically sad.

  • oncemorearound

    State re-education…. And all these worthless ones get upset reading about the Hitler Youth. Sorry kids, but we’ve gone through the “Looking Glass” and there is no return.

  • Croaker
    • Find Jobz

      omg she’s so hot i love her

  • Croaker

    Liberal/progressive aka “democrat” party leaders are all about groupsIDENTITY POLITICS. They need victims, snowflakes the chronically offended and useful idiots! liberal/progressives knowingly and activily support ANYTHING that will turn out more and more people to fill the ranks of those GROUPS!

    People who think and reason independently and want to be able to run their own lives would never SUPPORT democrats or this agenda that is designed to keep people in their place ISOLATED from OTHER GROUPS and ALWAYS needing Government support for LIFE.

    All done so PROGRESSIVES can control them and get their votes because if you don’t vote PROGRESSIVE some mythical boogie man aka SCAPEGOAT aka “WHITE MALE” will oppress them.

    • Research Cultural Marxism if you have not already done so, great points

  • Joe Smith

    Jews are the most privileged group in the USA. They often identify as white because of this privilege, I guess. Are Jews banned from the people of color section?

  • John Morris

    This approach would only be used for those who can’t complete.

    They are looking for ways to appropriate white culture and they can’t do it in the light where others can watch – otherwise it would finally occur to everyone that all these attacks on whites are perversions of accurate descriptions of how the left thinks and acts. Not the smoothest sentence I ever wrote but it does get the point across if you’ll read it again.

    Meagan, with her nose job, skin lightened and straightened hair, is typical of the continual aping of white culture. This is a pervasive attitude and they try to turn it around on us? What about using air conditioning, cell phones, cars. Why don’t the POC used what their cultures invented rather that what white culture created?

    • Cultural appropriation is only wrong when White people do it, these people are hypocrites with probably a very low intellect, perfect for the job of being Communist dupes, perfect victims so that the masses shall arise and they will arise. Average White birth rates are about 1.4 per couple, non sustainable and Muslims are 8.4. When Whites are a small minority that’s when they move in for the kill and it will be the end of the White race.

  • NotKennedy

    Mmm, mmm, mmm, we know them by the content of their character,

    • oncemorearound

      Sad part is, they have NO character. Souless non-thinking pawns of the State.

  • I.D.Servesit

    Rachel Corrie came from this school, may everyone there meet the same end.

  • IntenseRecluse

    Soooooo they want segregation?

    • Only if White people are the ones discriminated against and that’s what it was all about to begin with.

      • CmonnMan

        Yeah, not to worry – whites aren’t holding their breath and demanding entry to these liberal safe spaces.

    • Dustoff

      Odd isn’t it. They hated Jim Crow laws and they were removed. Now they want them back again?

      What in the heck!

  • Lets all go to Saudi Arabia

    What is wrong with Education today at the University level? It is laughable.

  • checkmate1996

    Everest State should just go all the way. POC should get their own labeled bathrooms, water fountains, seats on bus, etc…


    If only there was an entire continent for them to live all by themselves.
    Oh well.

    • UK1981

      they can have europe

      • Europe already is filthy due to the Muslims, however White people are starting to wake up

  • Amazed_476

    I think it is a shame that they can discriminate against albinos like this.

  • UK1981

    Who would have thought that our Universities would become the hotbeds of racism in the 21st century

  • Bob Flannery

    well it seems 8 years of having a black president hasnt dont much to help race relations, i know from personal expierience michelle obama hates white people,,,and in philly we had 24 years of blacks as our mayor and philly is a democrat shit hole,,,crime and drugs, homicides, public school system that is a gold mine for union teachers but destroys any chance a black student has to a successful future,,,,thank you leftists and liberal white dem o crats for making race more important than a persons character

    • You should be thanking “The Frankfurt School” Critical theory and “Cultural Marxism” know your enemy, great comments

  • Jeff Hill

    American whites are the Jews of 1930’s Germany and these “shirts of color” (brown) are the new Nazis. I’m thinking that their leftist professors are riling up the useful idiots in an attempt to create massive civil unrest and chaos. smh.

    • Trent Cassidy

      Unfortunately for them, they are mere cannon fodder.

    • That is the way Communism rolls and you are correct, Whites are the chosen oppressor class. It does not matter what makes sense it’s just about emotions and what “I” can get and who I am told to hate and it feels so good because I and my race are totally blameless. We must not feed into hatred of these fools as that is what we are supposed to be doing, although that would be a typical first reaction to hatred directed at your race. The Communists never give up.

  • Special Ed

    Antifa State University’s most famous alums are a bank robber and a white dude rapping about thrift stores. Commie day care.

  • Miles Tugo

    Idiocracy in action.

  • Marcus Welby

    Wishing for a colorblind society leads to an lol.

    OK. Got it.

  • oneprivateer

    Apparently the left desires to start a civil war! Historically it reminds me of the era from1854 to 1860.

  • Crotalus

    SJW 50/50 = White .50 cents others….. $50

  • RichardJarzynka

    I Love Being White.

  • Crotalus

    Can we just give them all their own island?

  • rickmcinnis

    If they want segregation let’s give it to them.

    Works for New York City, most segregated city in the country.

  • planetcrap

    The irony of people decrying racism while boldly displaying their own racism…..

  • Joseph Crowder

    RACISTS among us…so much for the FREE press or MLK’s suggestion that PEOPLE not be “judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Do you UNEDUCATED IDIOTS not think that if YOU start randomly discriminating so might others? And you might not like it when you are on the RECEIVING end. I dread for you the day Gary Larson’s prediction comes true and you see a sign in a store window that excludes you: “No brains, No service.” BIGOTS!

  • This is Cultural Marxism at work. These fools do not realize that they are being used. Anyone looking for real answers needs to study Cultural Marxism and The Frankfurt School. They are working towards Communism where White people are the oppressor class and all people of color are their victims (White people have no color or purpose in their twisted mentally ill world)

  • lysosome

    “White fragility”. This garbage never stops. The left is great at making up useless terms. As for a POC column – so what? Can’t be anything of real interest in that anyway. It seems less and less useful to go to these universities, especially if they are wasting so much time on this social engineering claptrap. They’re creating more racism than they solve. I suppose to the left, to treat whites in a racist manner makes up for all of the supposed damage we’ve done to “people of color”. However, my parents always taught me that two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • jmg09

    So, separate but equal is a good thing now? Liberals confuse me.

  • David Sungenis

    “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.” — Thomas Jefferson

  • DaveInKS

    Dear People of Color: Please take a step back and evaluate your overt, explicitly racist actions. The idea that you can’t be openly racist and expect not to be treated in a racist way seems to be a difficult concept for you.

  • But what if I self-identify as a Native American/Afro-American Lesbian trapped in a white male body today?

    • Joseph Crowder

      The Navy’s ALWAYS looking for a few good Native American/Afro-American Lesbians trapped in a white male body. And they’ll pay the freight!

  • Terry

    This is the same school that bullied professors and started a race war. I think its a majority black school or at least a strong presence of blacks. We see what happens when blacks rule the universities. Blatant racism on white people. That was the goal of all this “white privledge” teaching we’ve been seeing. It’s an orchestrated effort to justify racism by blacks. They even have the gall to say blacks cannot be racist. Image that. The most racist group of people in America justify they can’t be racist due to white privledge. Sicko’s .

  • axe-victim

    Now universities have re-defined color to not include white. If white isn’t a color, what is it?

  • Yukiko

    Once they get rid of all the white devils who are they going to blame for their failings?

  • Jimmy Chonga

    And this type of perspective receives further support every time a new piece of legislation is forwarded and passed from the democrat crime cabal. It is the enemy within, make no mistake about it.

  • Find Jobz

    keep posting these stories, enrollment will continue to plummet just like at Missou

  • Roger Van Zant

    Most likely a N college.

    Nitwit haha but not really!

  • JimmieMee

    it is just not ignorance a serious lack of reasoning ability has to be present to promote racism as a means of ending racism….this is a retrograde university

  • JV JJ

    “Undermine the country by racial division”. Sounds like a communist theory, believed in and practiced by recent/former administrations.

  • TRAD

    I was trained by the Department of Defense to deal with racism. I also dealt with sexual harassment. Thee are not good things. I have had my DNA done, appears my maternal and paternal ancestors came from East Africa 180,000 and 275,000 years ago respectively, I am also part neanderthal. Having said all of that, I am going to call a spade a spade. Institutionally supported racism is unacceptable. The notion going around that only white people are racists is totally bogus. Discrimination is power, plus prejudice. At the university in question they are discriminating. Their blanket category of POC, is about as sound as designating, Cuban’s, Mexicans and Colombians as Hispanic. Culturally it is meaningless.

    For whatever reason, there was a great African divide that occurred in prehistory that can be traced genetically. Many groups in Africa left to eventually interbreed with the Neanderthal and Denovisians. These groups, all three had a genetic makeup that favored cranial capacity and integration. In parts of the rest of Africa, there was little inter-marriage with the neanderthal’s prior to their immigration out of Africa. To the further south of Africa there was integration with other archaic groups.

    East Asians seem to have the highest over all intellect as measured by IQ tests, the lowest group appears to be Africans in the far south. It is important to note that average means average, there are many examples of East Asians who have cognitive deficiencies and there are genius’s to be found among Black Africans. The wealthiest groups in the US by origin are South West Asians and then followed by East Asian’s. The poorest groups in the US are native Americans and Blacks. These are all people of color. (POC).

  • namberak

    “… without it being overshadowed by the dark cloud that is living under white supremacy …” And where do white people go to get out from under the cloud of black privilege? Sorry but once you start down this road, there’s no going back.

  • Joseph Crowder

    “White” be a color (well, technically, as much as black)! Your racism is showing!

  • rwgman

    It’s OK to be white.

    • zolf

      It’s preferable to be white.


  • IBDavid99

    We know who the true racists in this country and they are not whites.

  • Don Barcome, Jr

    This is Crzxybyo the Nth Degree. What has happened to America? 8 years of placating & enabling racism is my opinion.

    These people want no debate/discussion: they want complete abdication in favor of heir

  • Joe Mcg

    Ahhh, the open and blatant racism of liberals is once again out in the open.

  • zolf

    I think it’s only appropriate for the mudpeople to be relegated to their own little sty. After all, who, in their right mind wants to be around them anyway?

  • Tapperbill Anyday

    And these racists get away with this crap? This tribal mentality got them in this to begin with. Grow up and join the human race you unwitting tools of the left.

  • Dustoff

    What a nutty school.

  • misterveritas666

    Lots of Ivans here today. Ho hum.

    • Dustoff

      Care to explain?

      • greggreen29

        Maybe a reference to the Dem dream of Trump’s Russian collusion? They know calling people racist doesnt work anymore so now they’re calling people Russian?

  • Joe Meedoo

    I love being White.

  • UncRemus

    Evergreen is NOT a collage, Its a Lib Loony Bin….

    • Dustoff

      Got that right.

  • Robbie

    Since this is blatant discrimination, if this school receives any federal funding or federal grants, etc. pull them. Give them nothing. Can you imagine the uproar if there was a “white only” section? You never heard anything like this before Obama helped create the race problems we have today.

  • mnemonicmike

    These are the same people that need Affirmative Action to get into college, right? When you let mentally unqualified people into college, you let a lot of mentally unqualified reasoning that masquerades as “intelligent”. Let’s go back to meritocracy. The big noise has always been that blacks can compete equally … let’s see it.

  • Teddyroos

    This is a typical liberal reaction. When you can’t argue facts you just eliminate those that disagree. Isn’t that what the media and the left have tried to do for years. Here’s a clue. It’s no longer an opinion section.

  • sniffles09

    Seems its OK to be RACIST against whites.
    well maybe if people had a “WORK ETHIC” for a change they would not have personal probllems
    seems they are more about blaming others for their failures than working.
    and I might remind these “people of color”
    before the white man met the native americans or Africans I have to add a comment
    these people of color did not even evolve enough to invent the WHEEL.

  • mrprogreso

    The liberal mind is a WMD.

  • Ray Arlen

    How sweet! When is the next on-campus book burning?

  • robhh64

    I’m just surprised they haven’t demanded their own classes, water fountains, cafeteria, housing, etc. If blacks want segregation back, I’m sure most people could care less. Classless individuals who will fail at life.

  • greggreen29

    Maybe they should go to a college without white people.

  • Herman Nelson
  • Kimberly04

    Since I’m not allowed then I should be not allowed any of my tax money to go to the university. But my guess is that our tax money is considered good enough.

  • The Un-PC Truth

    So the line STILL hasn’t been crossed, eh?

  • sniffles09

    its always the same, for whatever reason
    its we are victims
    we demand lower standards and free stuff.
    as they get degrees in “studies” and then cry they can’t find a high paying job.

  • CAWoman

    Hey, those whites pay their welfare and the grants that help them in college.

  • Jaques Jones

    If this is a state funded university, pull the funding. Its racisim and that cannot be tolerated with tax dollars….just like the hubub about statues (which are historical in nature). Shut em down. If its private then just dont send you kids there. Make em go bankrupt. Its time for people to take some stance in life and stop just going along with the PC crap!

  • boboadobo

    liberals really are a scary bunch of intolerant creeps.

  • boboadobo

    basket weaving fake majors are available so spoiled clueless liberals can hang out for four years before they go to the local Starbucks to be a “barista”

    gender studies, ethnic studies, sociology etc are made up silly basket weaving majors.

  • Insubordinate

    What a hoot. Apparently, students at Evergreen aren’t smart enough to recognize racism and intolerance when it slaps them in the face.

  • Joe Brown

    So, what is the threshold of pigmentation that is allowed? What a bunch of a$$hats.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    only in the minds of libtards and entitled black agitators is discriminating against white people considered to be anti-racism.

  • Judi Mahoney

    Funds and donations need to be CUT from this idiotic school.

  • Mike Ross

    This is a strong, self deluding pretense from the POC types that whites actually want anything to do with POC when the exact opposite is true. In an academic setting, the POC IQs are comparatively so low, coupled with centuries of worldwide rage, hatred and violence that their presence reduces the value of the university experience to that of an elementary school. If the POC are lobbying for segregation, they will find enthusiastic acceptance from whites, just don’t ask for any sort of monetary support like you have for decades.

  • Amy Lou Kingery

    But what if I identify as a person of…color

  • sosorryononame

    We should pull all federal and state funding.

  • Barbara C Peterson

    It seems the Black community wants to go back to segregation. Martin Luther King must be turning over in his grave.

    • boucle

      Martin Luther’s dream only a dream. He had no idea obama would destroy it.

      • Brian

        King wanted people judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. These buffoons are positively consumed with skin color and only skin color.

  • James Madison

    “….it’s horrible and it’s traumatizing but ain’t nobody going to pay us $500,000 to deal with it.” Nice to see ebonics as a first language is gaining traction at American universities.

  • ObamaisaSCUMBAG

    “A column complained about the settlement, arguing Weinstein is a poster child of white privilege..”
    And that “white priviledge,” thanks to CrazyLiberalism, just got richer by, give and take a few thousands, $500,000.

    Wonder what people think when they apply for admission to this fake college?

  • boucle

    Good news, Segregation from mexicans, muslims, and coloreds only helps the rest of us high IQ people and white people will be safer in quiet white neighborhoods.

    • Brian Pan

      Funniest comment of the day!!!

      • Brian

        When did statistics become funny?

        • Brian Pan

          What do statistics have to do with ‘boucle’ thinking she has a high i.q.?

  • billybobz

    I agree that the idiots need special space where their lack of intelligence won’t matter.

  • Cheshire Cat

    Talk about racist and from a college paper.

  • billybobz

    POC looks like the color of a stool sample.

  • billybobz

    A special place where they can discuss crack, chitlins, nappy headed hos, evil white debbils, stealing, welfare check day, gubmint cheese…………………………….

    • Brian Pan

      See….there’s racism on both sides!!!

  • Jim Schulz

    Racism by non-whites is rampant and undeterred. Especially at socialist controlled organizations like universities.

  • Dude1394

    Defund them all.

  • LudicrousSextus

    Amusing garbage. Just imagine – if any of the US colleges embracing ‘No Whites Allowed’ events were to sponsor ‘No Blacks’ events – the national guard would be called out in short order.

    Any college participating in this ‘academic racism’ should immediately lose any and all taxpayer funding.

  • Big Whiskey

    Sounds right for one of the fascist left’s dystopian “college” campuses with their Orwellian “speech codes,” blacklists, and institutional tribalism.

  • TxPoor

    Hmmm… I sense there should be a need for a “lunch counter, counter protest” at a Woolworth’s store soon, if there were any Woolworth stores left… or any store for that matter with a lunch counter.

  • kotylynn

    Well you can tell who they are by their lack of an education in English. Hope they aren’t journalism majors. It would not say much for the college.

  • Rick Hardwick

    fucking niggers are out of control, bring on the war bitch.

  • FranklinsGhost

    Taxpayer-funded publication? I don’t think that voluntary segregation within its pages is permissible.

  • Any Non Black or Non Hispanic sections?

    Simply institutionalized racism not unlike the Democrats of Jim Crow.

  • Croaker
  • Elwood Blues

    Did anyone mention to these students that the more they isolate themselves the more isolated (and stupid) they become? Recently I saw a hispanic kid completely destroy the false narrative that the police are hunting and killing black people by using FBI crime statistics and the so-called black “professor” didn’t even know the definition of terrorism. Her entire argument came down to “The FBI is racist and so is the dictionary and she’s smarter than both of those entities”.
    This hispanic kid was then called a WHITE supremacist.
    They really need to go back to using SAT scores to get into college and grades to pass those college courses.

  • KERR

    POC apparently means racist

  • Rob Stray

    Yes…..fight “racism” with….racism. good plan. By the way….you create more NeoNazis etc by doing stupid stuff like this. Pretty @

  • RM

    Love it! Self imposed segregation. What absolute morons. MLK Myers be spinning in his grave at the shear stupidity of blacks today.

  • VetMike

    If there ever was a chance to resolve issues between blacks and whites; blacks and the Left have destroyed it. Many of the imagined slights and ‘abuses’ blacks have supposedly suffered are inventions of the Leftist mind. There are real issues but calling whites ‘crackers’, ‘honkies’ and other, more vile names does nothing to find a solution. If war breaks out between the Left and Right, it will definitely be the Left’s fault.

  • kthomp1123

    And these people wonder why the alt-right is becoming larger and more identitarian. Pre-Obama’s 8 years of race baiting, identitarians were seen as nuts. These people are so insanely anti-white they legitimize people like Spencer.
    Is white fragility the same as POC stupidity?

  • RetiredSOFguy

    I like how they laugh at the idea of being color-blind. Maybe they should Google this guy named Dr. Martin Luther King and see what he had to say about that.

    And while they’re at it, here are some topics I recommend for them along with their others:

    How are babies made, and should POC try to get married before they do that stuff?
    —and a sidebar “Margaret Sanger and what she really thought about POC and abortion”

    Follow Chris Rock’s advice when dealing with cops: in a nutshell, if you don’t attack them, you won’t get shot.

    Just because affirmative action gives you “bonus points” at every interview and admission process, you should still put more time into your schoolwork than your basketball skills.

    A history of great African math, science and architectural achievements from the non-colonial parts.

    Sorry…too mean? Don’t let your “POC fragility” get in the way of tackling these important issues.

  • T S the Deplorable

    This is cultural appropriation. Newspapers were invented by white people, and so were letters to the editor. Any black student who reads a paper, or sends in a letter, should be expelled.

    Likewise any non-white student who goes to college, because cultural appropriation.

    • RetiredSOFguy

      And the printing press…

    • Brian Pan

      WTF!!!! “Any black student who reads a paper, or sends in a letter, should be expelled.” This is on a higher magnitude of 10 compared to what the people of color are referenced doing in the article. You people just don’t get it.

      • T S the Deplorable

        Newspapers are part of white culture. Blacks reading them are committing cultural appropriation.

    • Im’a Dufus

      Bolloxs, blacks invented everything, including the written word, the printing press, refrigeration, modern farming, penicillin, the cotton gin, everything. Get over it and go back to your privilege.

  • Scott Brewer

    No one cares, if i wanted to hear an AA with a college degree I’d be listening to the post game show of any sport.

  • T S the Deplorable

    Evergreen is a laughing stock. No learning occurs there. The administration has allowed the ignorant race baiters to take over. It is a petri dish of liberalism. Soon the plumbing and electricity won’t work, and no one will know how to fix it.

  • atherbys

    So they want segregation again? Great! Let’s see how long before the colored folk are back to building huts out of poo again…

  • Let the morons go!

    “Evergreen State College faces $2.1M budget shortfall, cites enrollment drop, issues layoff notices ”

  • Donald Miller

    No Irish Need Apply

  • Daria Disqus

    No Jews, No Irish, No Blacks, No Whites. What about those studies about how bad segregation is for self esteem and feelings of inclusion? What next? Separate drinking fountains for white students?

  • sandnomad

    Most humans are fools who don’t even understand “color”. All people are people of color. Pure white light contains all colors of the light spectrum, and pure black is the absence of all colors in the spectrum of light, and humans are neither pure white nor pure black but are of various colors, and some can’t see the light for the darkness, while others can’t see the darkness for the light. Humans have become self-proclaimed unrighteous judges of other humans by simply looking at the color of their skin, but God will righteously judge every human by their works (Revelation 20:12-15), and at that time, there will be no excuses, and the reward received will be the reward earned while residing in our mortal bodies.

  • “Lawmakers seek to strip public funds from Evergreen College over ‘racist’ protests”


  • “School’s Out: Evergreen Enrollment Falls by Hundreds of Students”

    “Administrators at The Evergreen State College have announced that the embattled school faces a massive $2.1 million budget shortfall due in part to a drop in enrollment, and the institution has already handed out
    some temporary layoff notices as officials grapple with balancing the books.

    In an Aug. 28 memo to the campus community titled “Enrollment and Budget Update,” officials report that fall 2017-18 registration is down about 5 percent, from 3,922 students to 3,713. But the problem is nearly all of the students they lost are nonresidents, who traditionally pay a much higher tuition to attend, officials explained in the memo, a copy of which was obtained by The College Fix.”

  • Lowrider1984

    I can solve the whole problem regarding the poor, mistreated, “unsafe” colored people on college campuses. Admit any colored person who applies (wait, that’s probably too hard, just let them walk into any class). “Award” them an automatic “B” just for being alive, no actual course work required. If they want to study and do the work, they can earn an “A”. “Award” them a diploma, but include an asterisk indicating it was “awarded” to a poor, mistreated colored person because “fairness”.
    There! Good enough snowflakes?

  • JC526

    POC should climb out from behind their “I am a victim” posters.

  • blue rooster

    It is funny how the people that want to live off welfare, get their college paid for and complain all day about stuff that didn’t happen to them, talk about white fragility, I don’t know what that means.

    The only thing I see are groups whose biggest fear is white people telling them to go live amongst themselves. They complain about being a minority, but don’t want to live in countries where their tribe is the majority and controls the government…. And that is obvious…

  • tylerkent

    If segregation in newspapers to protect blacks from evil white supremacists is a good idea, perhaps segregation in housing and schooling would be ever better. Surely we should do what we can to end their terrible suffering.

    • blue rooster

      This is probably run by the Kaykaykay, they are using a Jedi mind trick to get them to self segrigate.

  • steve90806

    Next they will segregate drinking fountains and force people to sit in certain areas based on their race.

  • sirandrew

    Lincoln opened a Pandora’s box in 1863

  • Mark Mills


  • Ard Diem

    To exclude some sources of speech is the indubitable equivalent of admitting to being incapable or too lazy to respond to different points of view.

  • Ziva David

    Promoting racism. Exactly how is this good?

  • adam

    The only privilege white people have is to work hard and pay for people to get free food shelter and medical care.

  • Rodney Patterson


  • JJ_Chester

    So, the POCs have conceded that they aren’t ready for the big kids’ arena of ideas. They prefer to segregate and embrace the label of second class. I wonder if they feel any empathy for the folks who marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Do they even know about that fateful day? What’s next separate lunch counters, drinking fountains, and restrooms?

  • Bo

    It is appalling how a University President or Dean lacks the fortitude and justice to shut down such a racist activity. Excluding people based on their immutable characteristics is the definition of racism.

  • This “newspaper” is engaged in overt anti-white Racism. All of us should look forward in anticipation to the college taking disciplinary action and to the author’s prosecution for hate speech.

  • hiram floss

    So these SJWs are writing their [email protected]$$ screeds on computers invented by “fragile whitey” at a college started by “fragile whitey” wearing clothes most likely designed, created and shipped to stores by “fragile whitey” then topping it off by a nice meal grown or raised by “fragile whitey” in one of the only countries in the history of the world that allows these [email protected]$$es to bloviate because it was founded by “fragile whitey”…irony much?

  • Im’a Dufus

    When you give them a forum, they show their true colors. I think this is great, keep it coming. Same with the Hispanic college editorial the other day, maybe it’ll wake the little white snowflakes up.

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      But very slowly . . .

  • mikeconstitution

    Liberal fascism, racism, and professional victim-hood on display.

    The POC that buy into this nonsense are actually among the most privileged and pampered, yet profoundly ignorant, people on the planet.

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      Spoiled, too.

  • jekyllisle

    MLK would be so proud to see people pf color being treated differently than those of whites.

    This is exactly what his “Dream” speech was about, that one day his children would be segregated from others.

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      Voluntarily, by their own hand.

  • Reginald Worthington IV


  • RetiredArmyGuy

    Awesome idea…training POC to NOT discriminate against white people. Good luck with that. Perhaps we should train certain subgroups to NOT engage in violent crime, NOT engage in criminal activity that brings them into conflict with law enforcement, NOT abandon their children and families leaving them to suck off the public teat for generations, NOT engage in life threatening choices such as ingesting illegal drugs and other dangerous substances, and NOT become dependent wards of the taxpayers. I’ll be looking to see THAT as soon as angels fly out of their arses.

    • Reginald Worthington IV

      That’s a pretty crappy final comment.

  • Number 6

    Any parent who writes a check to send their child to this nuthouse is an idiot.

  • #SoManyIdiots

    After the campus protest meetings last spring white students filed complaints of “racially driven violence and harassment” by POC. White students were told to move from their seating claiming the unmarked seats were reserved for POC, barred from entering meeting rooms, or allowed to enter but told they could not speak and they must stand in the back of the room.

    In responding to the formal complaints, Evergreen pledged to train students how not to discriminate against white people.

    If this is an example of Evergreen’s teaching skills, clearly they’re failing in their primary responsibility – Educating.

  • DWarren

    More and more evidence is forthcoming that the Academy has succumbed to the most heinous and absurd form of post-modern deconstructionist anti-intellectualism. Orwellian newspeak has pushed the hard Left down to the seventh level of hellish self-contradiction in which stupidity is considered a reasonable facsimile for intelligence, racism is countered by being racist, and higher education is now re-defined as self-identified, lock step, safe space, politically correct, alternative reality delusion.

    • Well said. It is no different than what went on in German Universities in the 1930s. And of course, in communist states you can’t get in without joining the party.

      • DWarren

        Exactly, Mr. Thomas. The core philosophical presupposition inherent in post-modern, deconstructionist anti-intellectualism is absurd, self-evident self-contradiction. Hence, hard Left fascism is hailed as the only antidote for fascism.

    • Brian Pan

      What are you talking about? A professor and his wife, of the very same college, sued the college and won a hefty settlement against the college for perpetrating racism! Seems like the system is working well to some degree!

      • DWarren

        I’m talking the stupidity of post-modern deconstructionist anti-intellectualism that now lies at the core of the Academy’s Orwellian newspeak self-contradiction in which utter ignorance becomes a reasonable facsimile for knowledge, overt racism is hailed as the antidote for racism, and critical thinking is discouraged because of an officially sanctioned preference for dumbed down, lock step, politically correct, group think. If you can’t understand that, that on you—not me!

        • Brian Pan

          Does Academy refer only to Evergreen or all colleges and universities? Your arrogance does you a disservice.

          • DWarren

            I don’t know about my arrogance and what it does for me, but my intelligence helps me to understand that “Academy” refers to (1) “a place of study or training in a special field; (2) a society or institution of distinguished scholars, artists, or scientists, that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field.”
            I notice that your ignorance isn’t serving you very well at all. And I wonder why you insist on demonstrating the same publicly.

          • Brian Pan

            No, you definitely are not arrogant. Someone on the opposite side of the spectrum from ignorance ….. or even someone who has reasonable debate skills would never say, “More and more evidence is forthcoming….” without even providing, at least, one source citation, much less “more and more” citations. By the way, DWarren, your use of quotations in your definition of “Academy” suggests a cut and paste rather than a demonstration of your “superior” intellect.

          • DWarren

            I’ll need a source citation from you, since it appears you since you appear to be operating solely on a subjectively self-identified, alternative reality, safe space delusion.
            Are you White? If so, according to Evergreen State’s student newspaper you are not allowed to express an opinion.
            You see, topic being discussed is neither my arrogance, intelligence (or lack therefore), debating skills, source citation, nor the dictionary’s Standard English definition of words; but rather, the idiocy of combating bigotry by being bigots and confronting racism by being racists. Are you able to mount a coherent defense for such stupidity, or is your capacity exhausted with feeble, grade school level, ineffectual ad hominem?

          • DWarren

            I’ll need a source citation from you, since it appears you operate exclusively on a subjectively self-identified, alternative reality, safe space delusion of intelligence.
            Are you White? If so, according to Evergreen State’s student newspaper you are not allowed to express an opinion, which ends the debate quite apart from facts.
            You see, the topic being discussed is neither my arrogance, intelligence (or lack therefore), debating skills, source citation, nor the dictionary’s Standard English definition of words (which is the same for everyone regardless of race, creed, color, or national origin); but rather, the idiocy of combating bigotry by being bigots and confronting racism by being racists. Are you able to mount a coherent defense for such stupidity, or is your capacity exhausted with feeble, grade school level, ineffectual ad hominem?
            You obviously lack an adequate grasp of post-modern deconstructionist anti-intellectualism which ignores facts in preference for feelings, shuns objective reality in favor of subjectively, self-identified, safe space, alternative reality phantasm, and results in someone like who has spent a lifetime learning having to endure the misfortune of interacting with someone like you who has merely subjectively self-identified a delusional make believe non-existent reservoir of knowledge.

          • Brian Pan

            You are just spouting off phrases used by real intellectuals and constructs I doubt you have even a modest understanding of. I don’t know if you ever reread your posts but you should. You don’t come off as an erudite

            professor or student, not even a self-taught sociologist/philosopher. You come off as a jackass who likes to hear yourself use big words.

          • DWarren

            I apologize, if the vocabulary and the concepts were over your head, slick. Here, let me help you feel included. “See Spot. See Spot run. Run, Spot, run.” There now. Feel better about your dumbed down, subjectively self-identified, safe space, alternative reality delusion of mental competency?
            The fact remains that you have not and cannot defend the post-modern deconstructionist anti-intellectual idiocy that one resists racism by becoming a racist, promotes tolerance by becoming intolerant, and achieves social justice by enforcing social injustice constructs towards others based solely on their ethnicity.
            And if my opinion offended you, you should hear what I left out!

          • DWarren

            Your posts read like the product of a dumbed down, useful idiot, artificially constructed by a lunatic post-modern deconstructionist anti-intellectual philosophy that is totally dependent on subjective self-identified safe space delusion.
            You have yet to defend the proposition that one resists racism by being a racist, that one practices inclusion and tolerance by excluding and being intolerant towards Whites, or that stupidity is a reasonable facsimile for intelligence. You must surely be unable or unwilling–or both—to do so.

          • Brian Pan

            “pompous ass” That’s the term I was looking for.

          • DWarren

            I’ll wager that you spend an inordinate amount to time and energy looking for terms, slick.
            You are woefully unable to event attempt to defend the post-modern deconstructionist anti-intellectual proposition that in order to combat racism one must practice racism, in order to achieve diversity one must exclude Whites, and in order to realize social justice one must institute policies of forced injustice. You fail to comprehend the utter stupidity of post-modern deconstructionist anti-intellectualism, but you fanatically, uncritically, and illogically practice post-modern deconstructionist anti-intellectualism blindly anyway!

          • DWarren

            I’ll wager that you spend an inordinate amount of time looking for words, terms, etc. You have yet to find the terms or words to defend the idiotic premise that one resists racism by becoming a racist, that one promoted inclusion by excluding Whites, or that one exemplifies tolerance by being intolerant. You surely do not have the terms or words to define post-modern deconstructionist anti-intellectualism, but you continue to practice it stupidly anyway. Why is that?

      • Rowenna

        Not at all. They won because the college wronged them not because the college is working.

        If things were working then there would have not been the suggestion for white people to leave campus for the day because Evergreen would be teaching its students to find common ground instead of actively causing division and hostility.

  • Fritz_Von_Dago

    I do believe the legal standards that will win this lawsuit have been long established (Not white only notices in public). Actual damages, plus $1 billion dollars in punitive damages and the firing/removal of all educational morons involved in this should be a good figure to ask for!

  • ConstantReader

    When you see what kind of ‘students’ Evergreen has, and get a look at who’s running things, you realize that this isn’t a college. It’s a daycare for the incompetent and unproductive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo-BGLoCDZU

    • oneprivateer

      The military would call that a cluster****!

  • Huh

    Whites Only clubs should now be allowed again?

    • Brian Pan

      Why don’t you open one and see what happens? At the very least, it would be a legitimate argument against POC only newspapers.

      • oneprivateer

        Make it a private white males club! That would be a hoot!

  • Defiant

    Students and their families accept this outrageous racism. People need to make a stand and LEAVE schools that operate with such racist policies. THAT’S the only thing that will change this nonsense…

  • zonablue

    This is Obama’s legacy.

  • Goldenpuff2

    So how, exactly, do these students JUSTIFY doing the exact thing they are complaining about to another group of people?

    PS And Evergreen (yes, I’ve been there) just about shouldn’t even count they are soooooooooooooooo far out there to begin with. Really not even worth reporting about but the QUESTION is completely valid.

  • ipjuicy

    deport everyone involved.

    • Brian Pan

      for what?

  • Brett Reese

    Their college mascot is a snowflake.

  • Dave LaSorte

    Isn’t systematic, institutionalized RACISM wonderful???

  • Rene Anderson

    So they don’t want white people because of their opinions and belief’s. What color is an opinion or idea. When they say people of color only which colors are allowed ? Blacks, browns, ie Mexicans and South Americans, wait, the language of Mexicans is said to be Spanish which is European which is Caucasian and white. Oh crap what a conundrum. Would Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell or Larry Elder be welcomed ?

  • DWKeller

    Take your children out of this school now. Defund it.

  • plastic_jeezus

    “…ain’t nobody going to pay us $500,000 to deal with it”

    are you sure about that, skippy?

    even the urban dictionary has an entry for “ghetto lottery” for a reason…

  • PADon16

    Not to worry – this school will not be around much longer.


    YOU blacks are a disgrace to the human race! You want everything for free and you [email protected] the most! YOU cry racism daily when it’s you people being the racist! Why don’t you all move to Iraq or Iran. Better yet, back to Africa since you like to call yourselves “African American”.

    • Brian Pan

      I’m sure are at least a few people around the world, my good man, who are doing much worse things than people hogging a newspaper column, don’t you think?

      • plastic_jeezus

        nope…because this is how it always starts…

        ….very few.seeds planted grow to be fruit…most are weeds, and man learned a long time ago that weeds must be ripped out by the root

      • Brian Powers

        You don’t think contributing to racism in America is a big deal? I’m so sick of being told not just how black people CAN’T BE RACIST, but how ONLY WHITE PEOPLE CAN BE RACIST! It’s crud like that which has lead to race relations deteriorating at a rapid pace in America. These kinds of ideas (POC only column) do absolutely NOTHING to make America a better place. NOTHING

        • Brian Pan

          Show me anywhere in the article or comments where someone claims black people can’t be racist.


        Yes you are correct, however if the whites did this, there would be hell to pay! Why is it ok for the blacks to do crap like this, but not every other race? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  • scott

    How about a school trip to Madagascar…

    • plastic_jeezus

      …i hear the.plague is nice this.time of year…

    • Madagascar is actually quite nice for Africa. They should go to the Congo, get a real feel for native rule.

      Of course, all the ills of Africa stem from Colonial Oppression.

  • Chris .

    And the racist Left, segregating people by color, again.

    • Cultural Marxism mandates identity politics to divide all as victims of oppression, but unify them against a single common oppressor. The solution: Marxism of this sort or another, cloaked by some noble sounding name like “progress” or “liberal”.

  • The problem is that Evergreen is not a real college or university. It is known as the college of what’s happening now. The vast majority of students are misfits who couldn’t get into serious schools. They design there own curriculum and in some cases their classes. I once meant a young student who said he was so relieved finals were over because he was really stressed over his neon light glass bending final. No decent university would consider any Evergreen student for a legitimate professional or hard science graduate program. The loony tunes soft science programs are another matter as most are off the wall anyway and anything goes in environmental whatever for one.

  • brimp

    What about those who were born ‘white’ but identify as black?

    • Sorry. That’s cultural appropriation.

      They’d be better off with gender appropriation.

  • Da_Coach_K

    Welcome to the new Jim Crow, which is just like the old Jim Crow, except this is the “good” Jim Crow because it demonizes white folks.

    • brimp

      The new Jim Crow is perpetrated by the same group that perpetrated the old Jim Crow: Democrats

  • donfitness

    Is Elizabeth Warren allowed to comment?

  • cleo48

    This whole mess has gone way beyond argument. It’s a waste of energy to even be angry. Most campi have become little more than POL POT style mind scrubs. If you don’t conform, your body won’t end up in a killing field, but your mind will.

  • LysolMotorola

    Since this POC Opinion thingy will be about issues important to POC I am absolutely certain that the very first article will be one decrying the massive and continuing genocide practiced against ghetto blacks by other ghetto blacks. While it may not be of interest to brown POC, that is just a matter of shade because brown people get shot too. And how about other crimes by POC against POC. We will hear a lot about that, too. And how about the attacks by POC on whites that the media never reports. That will be there too.
    And articles on how unfair it is that whites work hard, study, graduate, do not get arrested for dumbass crimes, and get married before having children. SOOO UNFAIR!!!
    One question, though. How dey be tellin’ who POC and who be whitey.

  • MD

    these students are due for a rude awakening once they start applying for jobs.

    • Dean Winchester

      Not for a guberment job. My brother has worked at the post office since 93 – there have been 2 white people hired where he is since then – 2!

  • Scott G Slanda

    Wow, Evergreen is in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. The stupid people have obviously taken over.

  • Dean Winchester

    What if a white self defines as a black – can they comment? Yup, the 21st Century is, for sure, looking to be a great time for advancement

    • plastic_jeezus

      ….just shoot me now….

  • derekd181

    Well I hope they are having discussions about how important the family unit is. How Dad staying at home is a good thing. I hope they talk about teen pregnancy, talk about how not to be so materialistic, not talking on their speaker phone in pubic all the time. They have a lot of issues and 90% of them can be addressed if they adjusted themselves.

    • plastic_jeezus

      how dare you ask people of color to take personal responsibility…ya racist…

  • Dean Winchester

    Meanwhile, in Baltimore and Chicago – recent stats do indeed conclude that black lives do not matter (to other blacks)

  • Yaspar

    I’d say another on the “no-send” list, but Evergreen already tops the list.

  • donald

    I’m all for the idiots at this university doing antiwhite stuff and getting sued again. If they have $500k to throw at another lawsuit where they were racist against white people, let them screw themselves.

  • Gman_1964

    Our Washington tax dollars at work. If it was called “For Whites Only” it would be shuttered in an instant.

  • doc holiday

    Yeah,it takes BRAINS to comment in the WHITE section

  • hanginout

    Where is the school administration? They’re the ones that are supposed to teach these kids how wrong this is…

  • sinkorswim

    Booker T. Washington (1865–1915) warned of such people within the black community in his 1911 book My Larger Education. He described them as “problem profiteers”:

    “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.” (p. 118)

  • Dean Winchester

    A little CHEAT SHEET for any tool bag out there who thinks things like this are a good thing: The more you bring up race, have race based groups and institutions – the less likely you are to end racism. I sure wish Ol Abe could have gotten his way and sent them back

  • Keysbum

    why in the world would the college submit to this?? they want to their own paper, fine. create one and have at it. but a student newspaper that is supposed to be for all the students, and is supported by student fees, should be just that. plus, if they don’t want to be around whitey, go to an historically black college; there are some fine ones.

  • Dean Winchester

    Get a rope. – Yup, I said it. Now what?

  • Croaker
  • Croaker

    Liberal/progressive aka “democrat” party leaders are all about groupsIDENTITY POLITICS. They need victims, snowflakes the chronically offended and useful idiots! liberal/progressives knowingly and activily support ANYTHING that will turn out more and more people to fill the ranks of those GROUPS!

    This agenda is designed to keep people in their place ISOLATED from EACH OTHER and ALWAYS needing Government supports for their entire LIFE.

    All done so PROGRESSIVES can control them through their “BENEFITS and PROTECTIONS” thus getting their votes! Because if you don’t vote PROGRESSIVE some mythical boogie man aka SCAPEGOAT aka “WHITE MALE” will oppress them.

  • Freiburg

    The Alabama governor and segregationist George Wallace would have been a perfect fit for University president at Evergreen. “Segregation now and segregation forever”!


    what do you expect from a bunch of liberal ahos

  • EarnitYourself

    It kind of seems like a rip-off of FUBU, the clothing line For Us By Us.

    How about: For Us College Kids Yelling On Universities

  • jeff gibson

    I’m old enough to remember the early 60’s when Southern Democrat segregationists told white America: “NO GOOD will ever come from trying to integrate Negroes into white society.” Were the segregationists right?

  • Mike from Burnsville

    So do you need a DNA test in order to prove your minority status? What percentage is approved? I am 1 % Hispanic do I count?

    • plastic_jeezus

      if warren can claim 1/32 cherokee, i think you’re good to go

    • donfitness

      My understanding is you only have to “identify” as black.

  • MrSteve

    black conservative revolution site

  • motownjohn

    I demand equal time. Anything less is racism.

  • Kalsu

    Thank God for segregation

  • sleeperd

    and still…. the taxpayers are forced to support these hotbeds of hatred.. and growing threat to our national security.

  • Michael Stewart

    Absurd. They can’t escape white civilization. It’s the only civiilization they have.

  • jeffcali

    They live in fear almost every day?

    Is this because they are or their parent(s) are here ILLEGALLY!?

    It’s funny how white rascism is okay now. I guess it’s our time to handle the rascism in this country that others couldn’t endure.

    Bring it POC!

    I’ll start by going to work and taking care of my family and being a good helpful person to society without believing I deserve the same things harder working people have without putting in the work to achieve it.

  • Sniph Mifinger

    POC only site huh? Aww, it won’t be long before someone “CAPS” another on that site.

  • Leonard smith

    Are they Black , variegated , yellow..I would like to know . If they are people of black pigmentation , it does not matter since for them the game is over . The work place requires skills .
    If they are Asian and Indian-Asian then I would like to know also , since clearly we have a work Visa problem to solve .
    All of the Europeans I know , every one has a background in science and math . from engineers to Physicians . All of the American Blacks I know are employed at the no skills or education required level . I know one African doctor of medicine and one mathematician .
    Ninety percent of the Asians I know are either PhD scientists or M.D.s

    So if the college would let me know who’s who I might change my lifestyle a little to accommodate a race war.

  • badman400

    For racists, by racists, by their own definition!


    So..they basically want segregation again.

    • plastic_jeezus

      yeppers…and if we disagree we are racist

      …and if we agree?…yep, we racist…

      gotta love how that works!

    • Agincourt

      they want to keep the government forcing whites to serve blacks but ignore the 14th when the situation is reversed.

  • plastic_jeezus

    yet another example of why we should have picked our own cotton…

    live and learn

  • Zorba

    Worthless legacy heaped upon us by greedy plantation owners.

  • Eddie Meeks

    G… Black people being racist what’s new

  • Zorba

    Prior to the civil war Irish were considered less than blacks. Since then the Irish have excelled in politics, law enforcement, the church and entertainment. What have blacks accomplished in the same period?

    • somebodysomewhere

      Other than tap dancing, which was influenced by the Irish, and some musical genres that wouldn’t have been possible without European instruments, their most recent “accomplishment” is the founding of the Grievance Industry. History will show it to be their greatest societal “accomplishment,” ever. That isn’t saying very much.

  • Craig S Joksch

    Can someone say, “Title 9 violation?”

  • Vindaloo Bugaboo

    It surprises me that the parents (or grandparents) of these college students—who fought for equality and full integration in the 1960’s—are now witness to a complete reversal of thosee principles and goals for America.

    • somebodysomewhere

      They are a very vengeful people. It’s hardwired in their DNA. Watch your back.

  • Agincourt

    color me shocked, segregation worked all along

    What have we gained by forcing blacks on whites?

    • somebodysomewhere

      Suspicion and uneasiness.

  • somebodysomewhere

    I know someone that “graduated” from Evergreen in the 1980s who frankly admits it was only possible because Evergreen didn’t have a grading system. After learning that, it was obvious why this person seems so flaky. The student body at Evergreen must be real freak show of mental midgets.

  • Chuckiechan

    I’m sure China is keeping a closer eye on black tourists.

    Like the American Indians, the relatively recent roots of the black tribe was borne of being kidnapped out of a stone age ecosystem. I understand how they may feel their birthright makes them feel a bit out of place in America. But they should be thankful. Very thankful that they have to opportunity for a decent and long life if they cast aside their ancestors stone age African cultural values, and associate themselves with the better part of the “white experience”. Besides, that’s where the money is.

  • Andrew Clear

    Racist people, and they have no idea that they are racist.

  • DinkumThinkum

    I’m as white as Obama, I’m half white half Asian. Too bad for me both whites and Asians are systematically discriminated against for the cause of “diversity” — my brother has a PhD, published several papers and has always been the top of the class, but he is not getting hired as a professor because they outright put on the job description that it’s only for blacks or women. All professor positions also make you list what “diversity” things you’ve done and how your class would be “inclusive”

    • VTHVBE

      The definite of “white” has been extended to Asian-Americans, Indian-Americans, and also some Hispanics. In other words, if you successfully integrate into American society and cease to be a “victim”, the Identity Police have no further use for you. Now you’re a member of the oppressors to them.

  • darwin

    I wish they’d disasscoiate themselves from everything that white people have created and invented.

    That means they’d have to live in the woods with no electricity, no cell phones, no TV, no modern medicines, no anything.

    • somebodysomewhere

      Just like living in a jungle, which is where many of them rightfully belong.

  • takwita

    He buttercups! Life is not fair.
    Don’t be soooo thin skined. Its a cowards way out to blame someone else for your lot in life..
    No one cares or give a crap.

  • Jo

    People still pay to send their kids to that dump? Enrollment has got to be down after their antics over the past year.

    • VTHVBE

      They’ll pretty much admit anyone who applies, regardless of grades or test scores. That’s how desperate they are for students. You put the inmates in charge of the asylum, and rational people vote with their feet.

  • takwita

    Self pity is bad boxoffice

  • Jus Wundrin

    The rise of nazi America.

  • ExSF

    I’m just surprised there are any white students still enrolled at Evergreen State College. Are they on scholarship?

  • mrempirical

    Honestly, I don’t care if the publication wants to express its racism and hate all day long, so long as it is not receiving public funding through the University. Tax dollars cannot be used by any organization that discriminates on the basis of race.

    If the University is subsidizing this publication in any way, the University should be stripped of all public funding.

  • duck

    Students at Evergreen have a REAL problem to be
    concerned with.

    When applying for a job upon graduation, do you
    think the HR Dept of the outfit they want to work
    for will seriously consider their resume knowing
    the mindset of the student body? The answer? Nope.

    • VTHVBE

      If I saw a resume from a graduate of Evergreen State, my first thought would be, “I’d be hiring someone who will sue my company for racism at the first opportunity.” Circular file for sure.

      I hope that there’s a big job market for community organizers. I can’t see any other career options for these snowflakes.

  • HenryC

    And I am sure that it is not called racist if only whites are excluded.

  • gsh

    So glad to see racism is alive and well

  • janger

    Sounds like overt racism to me! Isn’t that what the BLM and college age doofuses protest & rail against, regularly? Oh! No wait…I get it! When it’s aimed at WHITE people…BIGOTRY and RACISM don’t apply! It’s only for black thugs who were punished by police while committing felonies and other crimes against society! OK! Got it! My bad…

  • Al Kida

    ” A difficult concept for some of y’all” ebonics for “we wuz kangz”

  • Louis_Hooffstetter

    See if I got this right:
    The liberals who were originally in favor of free speech are now against it.
    The liberals who were originally against segregation are now in favor of it.
    Only ‘People of Color’ can post opinions in the ‘No Whites Allowed’ section of the paper but…
    Colleges now allow you to ‘self-identify’ as a person of color, so…
    Anyone can post their opinion in the ‘No Whites Allowed’ section of the paper.

    OK, this is beyond F’ing stupid!

    • Brian

      Oops! They must have forgotten about that “self-identification” thing! Oh, well, there goes that idea!!

  • Al Kida

    Nice to know future Taco Bell and Starbucks employees are getting good educations..

    • Corpseman57

      Gubmit employees, as well.

  • Paul Santa Cruz

    Does anybody even consider this place to be a real school?

  • CardiffCharlie

    Why is this PUBLIC university still being funded by “fragile, white” tax dollars?

  • Robert Walling

    It’s interesting how whenever people get power over any little thing, they choose to use their power in a way that promotes their own interests while railing against the wickedness of others who do likewise.

  • ColonelDrapes

    I thought Evergreen State was the title of a travel brochure.

  • Dennis Opihory

    sue . if they accept fed funds it’s against the law….

  • Robert Stout

    …and if they, in fairness, created a “whites only” column, everyone would lose their ever-lovin’ minds…

  • Eλευθερία ή Θάνατος

    Progressive Racism against whites is alive and well.

  • What a bunch of racists and fools! Whites should all stage a mass demonstration and push the message that Black racism and PC culture will not be tolerated!

  • Douglas W. Cooper

    “People of color” is a euphemism that ignores the major differences between Blacks and Asians. Fake.

  • fingerroll

    I read the headline of the article about a university and then saw that it was evergreen….nah, doesn’t fit any definition of university

  • Mensa Graham

    EEOC strikes again. Seems blacks and other minorities just can’t compete against whites. Shame.

  • Corpseman57

    Just change the name of the college to Affirmative Action University.

  • Mad Dog

    Another area where “people of color” don’t believe they can compete on an equal footing with whites.

  • John Sullivan

    This is as equally acceptable as a white only drinking editorial section or a white only drinking fountain,

    • Corpseman57

      3rd grade writing level maybe?

  • spric

    I’ll bet a bunch of scientists show up on that site. Can’t wait for the belly laughs it produces.

  • mechmorph

    The student authors of that racist crap should look up the definitions of “paranoia” and “self-fulfilling prophecy.” They should also look up “useful idiots,” because that’s what they are. The Left has always been about segregating people according to skin color, from segregated lunch counters to government “projects.” Somewhere, people behind the DNC are just laughing like crazy that they’ve managed to train young “people of color” to segregate themselves instead of having to impose segregation from outside.

  • American Freeman

    Evergreen College is now allowing overt racism quickly send your children to a college were they will be pigeon holed as oppresive white trash. What better surroundings could there be for your childs education than one which tells them you have no right to an opinion.

  • 1crazymf

    How white is too white? What pigmentation specifically is considered white as the qualifier? What if your DNA makeup includes other species of humanoid other than pure Northern Europe?

    • J2

      It’s the Left we’re talking about here, so you can count on them trotting out their old “one drop” rule.

  • Max42

    They want the race war. If our federal government does not start enforcing the 1964 Civil Rights Act, they will get it.And they will live to regret it.

  • lngshirt

    Is this paper published with school funds? If it is discontinue the program for its prejudice and racial bias. If not write your racial rag. It hurt me not nor does it change my opion of the spoild snowflack rasebaiters.

  • GemStone

    There college should include a course on the Hutu and Tutsi conflicts. Maybe throw in some words about Idi Amin.

    These kids would do better to try to change their hate to love and forgiveness. This bad karma they are incurring will come back at them.

  • TioDon

    “Weinstein and his wife, fellow biology professor Heather Heying, sued the college and eventually a reached a $500,000 settlement”.

    …does it get any sweeter than that?????

  • James

    lol…wait until these folks get into the real world. Why would ANYBODY, other than believers in this nonsense, send their children to this nut house of a college?

  • PJD1992

    minorities “face harassment on an almost daily basis, it’s horrible and it’s traumatizing but ain’t nobody going to pay us $500,000 to deal with it.”

    What you really deserve is your tuition money back as you are an illiterate half-wit and a great fraud has been perpetrated upon your feeble mind. Perhaps a lawsuit against the admissions department for matriculating an imbecile into “college” might also be in order?

    That is how one uses the english language to great effect. And as you might therefore suppose, I am not an English major.

  • fed up

    How about if it were reversed and said no blacks in this section.. Would that not be considered racist? Really time to stop the bs. We are all people, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian we all need to just get over the bs

  • Tom G.

    How would you know what color a writer is, without demanding a picture? How would screeners know if the pictures are fake? How far afield do they want to get from the thoughts rather than the person expressing them? Isn’t that the whole point of opposing racism? What if there were a hair test? A teeth test or a skin test not including color?

    “No baldies, snaggle teeth, or zits allowed!” Would such a policy improve the thoughts?

  • Pole_cat

    Ubiquitous Leftist Tribalism, the very antithesis of Individual Free Will, Individual Rights and American Individualism. Live Tribe-less, EVERYTHING else is LITERALLY UN-American.

  • Bradley McAfee

    Why are college students intimidated by white people?

    • Brian

      Seriously. For about 40 years, we’ve had pretty complete integration of our public schools. These children have grown up around plenty of white people who have largely indulged them and treated them with kid gloves. They haven’t been enslaved, tortured, robbed or even mildly mistreated. And yet, white people are somehow all “racists”, “supremacists”, “privileged” or, oddly, “fragile”. Who ever could it be that is putting these profoundly stupid ideas into these childrens’ heads?

  • Tomas Cruz

    Overt racism by the left is acceptable? Players giving the black nationalist racist fist during our anthem is acceptable to the NFL? The world is upside down.

  • Topazinator

    Stop the presses! A “top tier” university is trolling for attention.

  • Victro La

    Folks need to take this Evergreen College off the government tax train

  • The Democrats have always been the Party of racial segregation.

    “Segregation now. Segregation forever.”

    And “micro-aggressions”? Black fragility much?

  • Pole_cat

    Ah yes, White Privilege. It’s based on the Leftist idea that not everyone is born equipped to have Individual Free Will foisted upon them. -YOU were accidentally born equipped to cope with life as a Free Individual. You have that natural born urge to be Free and this silly idea that it’s your INDIVIDUAL right.- “How dare you think that everyone else is so lucky. THAT is White Privilege.” Leftist insists that MOST people (Islam insists that ALL people) are born WITHOUT this Spirit of Individual Free Will, lacking both the ability and inclination to be SELF-SUFFICIENT and make their OWN decisions. So in the name of fairness, YOU must deny your Free Spirit and be enslaved, right along with all those who would prefer to be taken care of by their Leftist APPROVED TRIBES (or Allah) as slaves, rather than live life Tribe-less as Free Individuals aka American Individualism. I am NOT an animal, I am an INDIVIDUAL.

  • 2old2care

    Please explain how this is not racism. If they created a white only comment section the feral underclass would be rioting and burning the building down.

  • JReaS

    All the social progress made over the last 60 years is being destroyed by today’s generation of ‘POC’.

    • Rowenna

      Perhaps in hindsight it wasn’t really social progress… we haven’t gained socially but we have lost the nuclear family, strong communities, the nation* state, social boundaries, respect between the sexes, our heritage, pride within our own culture etc.

      *a nation is a population with shared heritage, language and values so as things currently stand America is not a nation state but a multicultural dystopia. Even outside of immigration issues, the left have indoctrinated a couple of generations (at least) with the values of secular humanism which clash with the Christian values America was built on and that many Americans (including atheists and agnostics) still hold.

      Without the nation state democracy cannot exist as without shared values the majority vote becomes a competition to be the oppressor and not the oppressed as whoever is in power will be acting against the interests of up to half the population at any given time.

      As a side note, secular humanism teaches envy as a value whereas Christianity teaches it as something that is destructive. Secular humanism teaches entitlement whereas Christianity teaches individual responsibility and hard work. There are many differences between the two however these two are particularly significant to the divide in present day politics.

  • Jim Higgins

    Looks like “POC” want segregation back. Lets hear it FOR Jim Crow Black or Black Thugs Matter or Black Lies Matter or Black KKK. Gotta love those Al Sharpton class of hypocrites. Black Racists they be.

  • Chip Goodman

    Martin Luther King Jr. must be spinning in his grave. This is a total rejection of his quest for more positive expectations of our national character.

  • JayWay

    LOL these POC just mad because they are not white! hahahahahahahaahahaha

  • JReaS

    If Bruce Jenner can claim he’s a woman, anybody should be able to claim they’re a ‘person of color’.

  • Lawrence1.rice

    Not “POC” talk, it’s POS talk. Racist POS.

  • Corpseman57

    Whites are terrible. It’s time to bring back “whites only” schools and water fountains.

  • JayWay

    POC have nothing to offer the world, other than crime, disease, pestulance, gangs, OJ simpson, Farrakhan, Obama, etc. as you see where I am going with this.

    • ExSF

      Well some of them can run and jump pretty well. There’s that.

  • ExSF

    What if the submitted commentary was written by someone who self-identified as a POC? After all, isn’t race just another one of those absurd social constructs?

  • Brian

    You know, I’m cool with these “POCs” having their own little forum where we aren’t welcome or allowed. In fact, I think they should have their own paper. While they’re at it, establish their own residences, dining halls, classes; heck, just establish their own schools! Wait, why stop there? They should get their own cities, states; shoot, just get your own country! I’m figuring Africa is probably a great place to start one. See ya!!

  • mickey bitsko

    Never hire any graduate of that school.

    • Corpseman57

      Theyre future TSA thugs.

  • Bobby S

    Part of CNN and ESPN college intern program.

  • JayWay


  • GovWaste

    Yes bar all whites from all things – like Detroit, Compton and Baltimore. Life will be like a fairy tale – from hell.

  • MrEsco

    The levels of hypocrisy from the left sometimes amazes me.

  • Corpseman57

    Name change to Kneelers University.

  • Jerry Aldini

    Hold up now – I self-identify as a minority. I be like, wtf, a bro’ can’t catch a break anymore.

  • Wilbor Gavin

    Like the anti white NFL america colleges are fast telling their white customers to go to hell. Hope they have a large endowment, they will need it.

  • The Archivalist

    I guess it’s totally cool for me to make a newspaper section:

    “For white people, by white people.”
    ^ If that upsets you, then I think you can do some critical thinking and figure out the right from wrong here.

    • Rowenna

      They fall into one of two categories;

      1) They have no moral compass and so base decisions of right and wrong based on their own interests and desire for power.

      2) They have a lower IQ (probably less than 90) and so struggle to think critically / independently. Instead they parrot what they are taught and will always fall in line with those most dominant in their peer group.

      Either way, the only appropriate response to this kind of thing is authoritarian. This behaviour should not be acceptable within our universities. I would suggest you ask the university faculty and administrators to think critically but alas they mostly fall into one of the above two categories as well.

      We need to bring back classical education – where the logic, reason and morality are taught that is the basis of Western Civilisation.

  • Corpseman57

    Without Affirmative Action how many could succeed? Time to eliminate this racist/sexist program and find out.

  • QuentinRobertDeNameland

    Nobody cared about Evergreen University before, and now they’ll care much less. You’ve crippled your enrollment and employer outlook with these actions, thus making your diplomas worthy of lining the bottom of a bird cage…congrats.

    • Brian

      Yeah, I hope it was worth it to kiss these POC asses.

  • Bobby S

    Evergreen State College football team just kneels for three hours while crowd in the stands screams at the sky against Trump.

  • jimmynixon

    and we thought racism was on the way out.

    • Corpseman57

      It’s propped and promoted by Affirmative Action.

  • GFTW

    Racism by “POC” continues to flourish at radical left-wing insane asylum Evergreen State.

  • Corpseman57

    Any white who goes to this school is beyond hope.

    • Corpseman57

      Any Conservative black is as well.

  • Lorungee

    In fairness to the attitudes of black people who want to segregate themselves, at this university, and this is not the first time I have heard of this situation there, I say please…..by all means leave us. We have carried all of you for way too long. And put up with your bullshit…..for way too long.

  • JayWay

    POC are clearly the most racist, no matter what state of city, all POC have a racial undertone

  • The TRUTH

    summed up in one word “racists”

  • Douglas Weiss

    This moronic “white supremacy” BS must be stopped soon or we will find ourselves in an other real civil war. This is the most racist propaganda ever. Black people are losing their minds over this race baiting crap. It will set blacks back 100 years when the backlash finally hits. The people behind pushing this dogma are trying to drive a wedge between blacks and whites to further their political interests. These millenials are nothing but useful idiots being programmed like lemmings to jump off a cliff. Time to cut all taxpayer funding to any school that promotes division or is anti free speech.

  • JackisBack

    White students, especially the white women who chase these black racists need to organize and return the hatred that POC (parasites of color) are showing them. They are telling you exactly how they feel about you; they hate you. Grow a spine and return the hate.

  • Barry

    Too funny! Promoting racism, segregation and they don’t know it!

    • Corpseman57

      That ain’t all they don’t know.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    This is just plain racist.

  • Honest John

    Anti-white racism is surely on a roll now! Damn all those evil whites who have contributed so much to civilization!

  • Winter Tomato

    Where or what is Evergreen University? Never heard of it. Should they change it to “Everebony”?

  • DC is Evil

    This is what the bottom of the evolutionary chart looks like.

  • emersonushc13

    It may be time for poc to stop contributing to white causes, and vice versa.

  • seaarrow

    A whites and other than black section should now be added.

  • Corpseman57

    I’d love to read those victim-based comments. We could see the caliber of intellegence on display.

  • Bob Tom

    Now that’s a spooky op-ed…

  • mrhuehls

    Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington has been here before. This place is completely lost in the leftist progressive liberal narrative of government as the godhead and all citizens must submit to the state. That narrative is an ill defined religion cast adrift upon the waves of social change. The inmates are running the institution right into the ground. But then again Washington is on the left edge of this country.

  • blameus

    Throw Strunk & White out the window, beotch!

    • Chip Goodman

      Strunk and White. Isn’t that the new rap act?

      • blameus

        More like Funk & Fright.

  • whoodoo

    Evergeen State was already on the list of failed colleges and universities, so nothing that happens there would be surprising. However, being government funded by the state of Washington, the citizens of the state who condone this travesty should be called out for promoting racism in their state institutions and treated accordingly, if not in a court of law, then in the court of public opinion.

  • Carl Edward

    They should change their name to Everracist State College.

  • Miles Archer

    Self segregation of people that can’t function effectively and harmoniously in American society should be encouraged not condemned.

    • Chip Goodman

      Ghettos? Prisons?

  • Matthew

    All i see is a section of hypocritical racism…..and all i hear from them is your white so your a racist…..well F#3k you all i see are human beings…..if your ignorant your ignorant color has nothing to do with it.

  • StartToStopTalking

    POCs can be racist towards all white people because a white person was racist towards them or somebody they knew. That is the definition of racism. I call it “Irony Squared”.

    • ExSF

      Blacks are racist toward other POC who have no history whatsoever of ever doing them any harm.

  • reader

    water fountains too?

  • Ingmar Kellog

    When you self actualize as a victim…solutions to victimhood become the enemy…

  • mrhuehls

    And parents are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to send their very impressionable easily lead children to this school for this kind of indoctrination. I would think adults would be smarter than that. But then some adults have just failed to grow up and are themselves very impressionable and easily lead, which is why the leftist progressive liberal narrative is followed by nearly half of the country.

  • John1838

    There are those who happily declare that white DNA is an abomination, and stand by that belief even after being fired by the school newspaper. That’s how far thinking and discourse on university campuses appear to have fallen.

  • richard bergman

    Not .01

  • Sniffachoo

    Who built that school? Who pays for all of the minority scholarships? They should call that section of the paper the “denial section”. Without white people…modern society would come to a grinding halt, as the people of color moved us back to the dark ages. You can’t get ahead in a race by eliminating the other runners.

  • Ingmar Kellog

    “Show me the Tolstoy of the Zulus…and I shall read him”

  • DireMouse

    Racists are swine.

  • Daniel Morgan

    Should be titled “People of Color Bull Shit”

  • Average black IQ is 85. Average white IQ is 106. My white privilege is not being a retard.

  • Ingmar Kellog

    My Great Great Grandfather fought for the North during the Civil War…(true)

    Does this get me ONE 5 paragraph op ed??

  • Green Eagle

    A bit of truth that may put things in perspective:

    Blacks are the only race never to have civilized. No modern creations exist in sub-Saharan Africa that were not brought there by Whites. Without continuous intervention, Blacks cannot even maintain what Whites gave them.

    Blacks are the only race with no DNA from the large-brain Neanderthals. Civilizations didn’t begin until the Neanderthal hybridization created the larger brains in modern man:

    Whites are only 10% of the world’s population, yet are the most industrious and innovative race the world has known. Whites unlocked the secrets of DNA and relativity, launched satellites, created automation, discovered electricity and nuclear energy, invented automobiles, aircraft, submarines, radio, television, computers, medicine, telephones, light bulbs, photography, and countless other technological miracles.

    Whites were the first to circumnavigate the planet by ship, orbit it by spacecraft, walk on the moon, probe beyond the solar system, climb the highest peaks, reach both poles, exceed the sound barrier, descend to the oceans depths… Blacks cannot even feed themselves.

    So in the hip hop lexicon, keep it real.

  • slohappy

    I am going to write my representatives about this BS. NO institution with this kind of racist, discriminatory language/communications should be receiving any federal funds. They certainly have withheld fed funds from states that had any kind of anti LGBT bills/language. AND another thing…any WHITE parent who doesn’t pull their kid /tuition from an institution driveling with this kind on anti white racist, bigoted BS is a DISGRACE. This HITLEResque demonization of whites needs to stop.

  • The War Thing

    Pampered, weak, overfed “brown bodies” require their own “space” from which they can gaze at their collective naval and endlessly affirm their “oppression”.



  • maxsnafu

    …and stupid White alumni will continue to end money to college’s endowment funds.

    • dieter

      the alumni should change Evergreen State to Nevergreen State

  • DDD

    I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and was told segregation was wrong. I not following the logic here

    • The War Thing

      It’s easy: Time for Whitey to die and for the “brown bodies” to be in charge.

  • Daniel Staggers

    Evergreen State NEEDS TO BE CLOSED! TODAY!!!

  • Iflyfast, Deplorably fast

    Evergreen college should be defunded by the state and bankrupted. Their ideas are already bankrupt.

  • dieter

    If US blacks really want their own space to not “be under white privilege” then I encourage every single one to emigrate now back to their ancestral homeland of Africa. I’ll chip in for boat fare, as would all other people of white privilege persuasion.

  • Give peace a chance

    P.O.C Pieces of Crap… Look around the equator mostly sh!tty sh!t bags with 3rd world conditions. If they want segregation then fine by me. White is better idc anymore- we are

  • Pax Romana

    Increasingly open and blatant Racism against white people. Caused by a deep seated race based jealously and envy against whites.

    The same white people that invented just about every modern convenience you now enjoy. The same white people that accomplished the greatest advancements in the history of civilization including all the sciences, Medicine, Technology, Engineering and Architecture. The same white people that harnessed electricity and brought light to the world.

    The same white people who founded this nation, named it, explored it, populated it, designed it, built it, fought for it, died defending it, farmed its soil, financed its industry, invented, designed and built its machines and factories, and supplied the hard manual workforce for it’s construction, all of whom were overwhelmingly White Europeans, who’s ancestors came from countries like Ireland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, France, Russia, Spain and Poland.

    They HATE US! And want us gone. Because “white privilege didn’t give us any advantage over others, white achievement did! And that’s the part that drives them to madness.” And they will never quit until your children are 4th rate sh-tizens in a 3rd world country. Where they will show your children NONE of the politically correct, suicidal “tolerance” you showed them.”

  • Curmudgeon10

    For liberals, the cure for segregation, discrimination, and racism is ALWAYS more segregation and discrimination, plus their very own brand of racism. They are currently attempting, through illogical endless repititon, to establish the notion that minorities cannot be guilty of racism.

  • larrd

    They don’t seem to spell or use proper written English very well.

  • Jack Thompson
    • Merry Misanthrope

      Zero impulse control + low IQ = violence and failure

  • Drake Passage

    I have no problem with that as long as they publish black on black shootings each week also.

  • Paul Hamorski

    Ok lets say there is a newspaper that has a “White Only” Opinion section then what would you all be saying? Then this is the same thing

  • mnc77024

    We need a No Blacks Allowed section, and a No Asians Allowed section and a No Latinos Allowed section. And probably a lot of other sections. Won’t rest until I get to the bottom of this.

  • Mike Gibson

    Ain’t nobody going to pay? Good education at that college.

    • Merry Misanthrope

      Minority litigants on Judge Judy who claim to be “collitch students” can’t speak a lick of proper English. Just axe them.

  • Freeland_Dave

    The ‘box’ should more appropriately be called “P.O.S. Talk” as that is exactly what it is. Fighting racism with acts of racism doesn’t do anything but breed more racists.

  • Joe_MaMa

    So I take it no one is reading it…

  • Jim Bob McDanielson

    Fight racism with….racism?

    • Merry Misanthrope

      they don’t want to end racism. they want to enslave and murder white people. nothing beyond this will ever make them happy.

  • The_Usual_Suspect61

    Racist school with the inmates running the asylum.

  • Confused

    Why not just remove all POC from the college and move them to their own POC-only college? Give them a POC-only college education with POC-only professors, with textbooks written by POC-only authors. Then, build a new road for POC-only drivers so the POC-only students can drive to their POC-only college. Don’t forget to hire POC-only contractors and construction workers to build the road. And use heavy equipment built in a POC-only factory, by a POC-only owned company… and, uh…let’s build a big dome so we can segregate the air we breathe, because I’m sure I am stealing oxygen that should be POC-only O2 breathable by POC-only lungs. I’m posting this via the internet, but we all know we need a POC-only internet because white people shouldn’t be hogging up all the bandwidth. Will we need POC-only communication satellites? A POC-only space agency to launch said satellites? And of course this is a great opportunity to hire all the unemployed POC-only rocket scientists who have been oppressed for so many decades…

  • Tyler Willis

    ‘For colored folk, by colored folk’

  • Jim

    Animals.. Illiterate Animals…. They need to get the A$$eS kicked… They are just Thug pieces of crap..

  • barbara

    Really sick of all this. How about a white only opinion section…. oh gee, that would be RACIST!

  • johnleehooker

    First of all, this is nothing but Racism (separate but equal). I must express my regret that some of my ancestors died fighting on the side of the North. It has finally come to naught.

    Second, I want all the “white stuff back” from these troglodytes : scientific, medical, aviation, nautical, infrastructure, etc. IF it’s “separate” they want, I’m fine with that. Let them get the “equal” part on their own.

  • Turd Ferguson

    The most phrases used will be

    (1) Sheeeeeeeeit

    (2) nom sayin

    • The Gentle Grizzly

      Each letter to the editor starts “Yo, dawg!”

  • NormanRockwellAmerican

    Obviously, slavery was the worst thing that ever happened in America. Can you imagine what America would be like if the slave trade had never existed?

  • bayerasa

    Then I expect a fully white only area to free me from the racist black community
    I am surprised at how the Malcolm X wing is gaining power.
    A fight is brewing.

  • raynebc

    Not unexpected from a dystopianly far-left hive mind.

  • me

    This does NOTHING to advance a civilized society. Any moron can see this is simply a way to inflame hatred and create a heated response. Of course the people behind POC will call any response “racist,” despite the fact that they themselves are racists. They cannot live in a society that is not divided by skin color.

  • John Wilson

    Hmm…Racist Democrats wanted segregation in the middle of the last century…and they’re back at it again.
    There’s a shocker.

  • John

    Lots of mental illness on display at this institution of “higher” learning, most likely do too much weed ingestion.
    It’s racist…pure and simple.

  • DirtyDeplorableDanMcGukin

    #bRownbLackSoFragile…like little thin shelled eggs, they crack with a whispered word

  • Patriot

    White people opinion: Funny how blacks in Africa are still enslaving blacks. Why not block blacks from having any opinion….

    • Mr. Shane

      They can have their opinoins – AND DO. No one is “banning” them from anything. On the contrary, they want to ban “whites” from expressing their opinions here. Ironic, no?

  • Mr. Shane

    SOunds like these “people of color” cannot handle reality. Fukking fragileass dipsh!ts.

  • HappyJack1

    Where’s the Whites Only section of the paper?

  • MrWorldCitizen1

    Fits the very definition of “racism/racist.” Typical liberal hypocrites.


    Let them create their own ethno state where they can live out their lives in the culture of violence they so crave.

    • Mr. Shane

      Liberia, perhaps?

      • GlomOnToMe

        Ah President Monroe… gone before he could fix the problem.

  • Steve

    Colleges, by definition, are filled with people lacking in experience in the world. They’re encouraged to think for themselves, and some of that thinking will lead to moments when it becomes obvious they have no real experience in the world, and have only had a limited set of examples they have had to think through. This is really normal.

    Colleges are not places to just “Sit down. Shut up, and absorb what you’re told.” That would just be an extension of high school. College students are expected to begin thinking, and they need the freedom to think. They also need to have alternative viewpoints so that the flaws in hypotheses formed with so little real experience in the world become obvious. There are conservative groups on the most liberal campuses, and liberal groups on the most conservative campuses, and one or the other expressing an opinion that is wildly out of touch is not a crisis – it’s part of learning. I’m sure all of us who went to college have things we thought, or our friends thought, that when we look back on them, are laughably silly. Most of us managed to grow up, and have a much wider range of experience to draw from, now. The views formed with a lack of experience are not unique to students in the US – you see it in universities all over the world, and youthful exuberance and zeal plays a big part in it. It’s stage of life.

    Personally, I find it most humorous when members of Asian groups start thinking they’re mistreated or held down in the US when economically, that’s far and away the most successful demographic in the US. (My wife is Asian, which means my adult children, with the exception of my son, are half Asian. My son is adopted and is half Native American.) I’m part Native American, but white enough that I’m blue eyed. I’ve always hated the demographics questions that ask me to identify with one group or another – I am not going to deny any of my family and am not ashamed of any of them.

    But there are racial problems in the US today. It’s good to actually be able to talk and listen, and all sides really need to be able to both talk, and listen to understand.

  • JeffC

    How about a “no minority allowed” opinion section???…..completely indefensible position.

  • Glad Yu Azzked

    Evergreen State? You mean Nig Nog U.?

  • A.

    Without white people taking care of infrastructure, education, medical care and welfare these special people of color would be cooking each other in cannibal stew pots within a month.

  • GlomOnToMe

    Re-written from a white perspective. Just imagine the outrage:

    “This should be a place where we can be us without it being overshadowed by the dark cloud that is living with blacks and having to see things from a black perspective. This is why when we do cover these issues it will be in the context and from the perspective of whites and whites only”

  • Mr. Shane

    WHy is it that the “black community” only needs additional assistance in the areas of academics and business? Do you ever hear anyone in the “black community” using the excuse of “disadvantaged youth” in talking about athletics, entertainment of government? Perhaps, if they put as much effort into academics or business as they do athletics, entertainment or getting over ont he man, then they might not continue this generational poverty in terms of economics or culture.

  • Viking son

    Maybe I missed it, but is there a link where I can comment on their POC only discussions?

    • Mr. Shane

      It was provided in gang sign gestures.

      • The Gentle Grizzly

        Are those gang signs? I thought they had early onset arthritis.

  • A.

    People who require your constant financial support and supervision are not your equal.

  • Merry Misanthrope

    College students who can’t – or won’t – speak proper English. Now in Ebonics: “Colitch ain’t no place to be learnin’ scheet.”

  • Mr. Shane

    I’ll bet they care about the opinions of the white girls with the big azzes.

    • John Schilling

      Which is just about all of them, these days…of ALL races. B’s be gettin’ fat!

  • John Schilling

    Is it next to the “A White’s Opnion” column? If so, no prob. If not, prob.

  • Jim Macdonald

    White Oppression or Black Privilege?

    Free Food
    Free Housing
    Free school lunches
    Free clinics
    Free condoms
    Free needles
    Free abortions
    Free Cell Phone
    Free legal aid
    Free ride to voting polls
    Utility subsidies
    Minority Education Grants
    Ethnic Scholarships
    College admission preferences
    Guaranteed passing grades
    Hiring preferences
    Monthly check
    Black History month
    Congressional Black Caucus
    Martin Luther King day
    Eight years of “Hope and Change”
    The opportunity to earn millions for playing football
    The right to disrespect the anthem, flag, and veterans

    • John Schilling

      I’m feeling darker already! Where I’z beez me tuh sine up, bruh?

  • Arcadia1861

    And colored people wonder why they are so Deeply hated

  • Yankee

    The editors of this newspaper appear fragile.

  • Jason

    White is a color.

  • John Schilling

    RESUMES FROM EVERGREEN STATE graduates are wonderful time-savers: STRAIGHT INTO THE TRASH! No reading through necessary…it’s all pure garbage. Cuts down on HR time tremendously! Thanks, ESU. Yes, of course you’re on our recruiting schedule for next year — we need a week off and ESU is where we take it. XOXOX

  • Twenty_Squared

    If you can’t express yourself in eubonics, don’t even try to contribute.

  • Phil Garcia

    It’s good to see that the victim mentality from the black community has morphed into open racist attitudes that these young people feel they can now just get it right out there. This makes it so much easier for me to not hire blacks. They obviously aren’t clued into societal norms and I don’t need that in my workplace.

    • John Schilling

      That’s right, PG. I’ve had a long-standing rule to not hire blacks or to rent to them, either…EVER! Around Blacks, never relax. It’s WAR, and losing sucks. Keep vigilant.

  • Abstemious

    Since when has white not been a color?

    • A.

      The phrase “People of Color” was specifically designed to omit white people.
      We are slowly being disenfranchised from a country our own people created.

      • The Gentle Grizzly

        The phrase “People of Color” was specifically designed to omit white people.

        So was “colored people” but it’s racist. Or something.

  • DAVE18Z5

    Had the opportunity to hire a Black guy recently—yea I didn’t. See how this works.

    • Merry Misanthrope

      Stereotyping is a real timesaver. Thank goodness their mamas give them ridiculous names so to hasten the filing of their resumes into the circular can.

  • matt10023

    What’s the big deal? Newspapers have recurring columnists who regularly pontificate on their pet issues. They were just explicit about it. So long as they have other columnists (and they do) it’s just another SJW echo-chamber.

  • trynfindit

    Do conservative families, or Democratic families with any sense, send their children to colleges any more? It seems to me the only thing colleges have done is to become playpens for raising liberals of the most venomous, malevolent sort.

  • John Schilling

    Gotta admire the refreshing, direct, candid honesty about the column, though. No beating around the bush here. They scream it up front: WHITES SUCK AND YOU’RE NOT WELCOME HERE! Actually, that saves me a lot of time. Kinda nice in its weird way, I suppose.

    • trynfindit

      Sad that it’s “Kinda nice” even in a weird way.

      • John Schilling

        I agree, but what’s a White to do? Best just to move on…with wallet in pocket.

  • Machismo

    “Evergreen State College” Needs a huge discrimination law suits to drain their coffers dry! Not just one but many! BLM would burn down the college and get away wit it if it happened to a Black person.

    • John Schilling

      Lawsuits are for lawyers. Forget that. Best to just “Walk On By” like folks are doing at U. Missouri. Valued students just aren’t applying there anymore, and it has decisively changed the student body dynamic: many notches down in one fell swoop. Blacks are going there more now, which is a magnet to keep them out of genuine universities, so look at it this way: Ghetto Rats need a place to go so give them one, or several. Let the Blacks have MU or Evergreen, along with the black-groveling coal burners. Let quality White students and Asians go to good schools.

  • paperpushermj

    So, do you need to submit a photo of yourself with your comment?

  • Joe Joe

    It sounds like the black and brown students are so scared that they have to set up a safe space to have an opinion. So fragile. SAD!

  • Kate

    There is a simple fix, the “whites” should not support these schools with their “white”money, then see how long the schools stay in business.

    • The Gentle Grizzly

      Do we have a choice? Try not paying taxes.

      • Kate

        Gentle, there are white alumni who support these colleges, white people who send their children to the schools, white kids who pay their own way,so perhaps when the money dries up this crap stops, in other words NFL them, this would be a great boycot.

        • The Gentle Grizzly


  • bender reborn again

    The minorities are self segregating. That’s what whites wanted all along. Lol

    • John Schilling

      In the large urban areas, they’re even self-eradicating, which is really entertaining! Bang-bang!

  • bender reborn again

    Liberals are a cancer on society. They need to be eradicated

  • dirtysteve

    “The Irish”.

    We’re well used to being dismissed out of hand.

  • Experimental Scientist

    Racist cunts.

    • John Schilling

      Not much of a reasoned response, but sometimes any cunt will do.

  • John Schilling

    Non-Whites are hearing impaired: They cannot hear anything approaching the frequency of REBUTTAL.

  • Racist

  • DrGonzo7719

    That college just needs to be shut down completely. It’s an insane asylum run by the inmates.

  • Raptormann

    The lack of intelligence shown by the students and faculty at Evergreen is beyond moronic.

  • Jeff

    How about “White Only” bathrooms. You think these educated idiots are smart enough to know what irony is? Oh, and in case anybody has been paying attention, while all the PC crap has been going on, enrollment at “Colored Only” black colleges has been declining.

  • bender reborn again

    Segregation is making a comeback. I love it

  • Domin8er

    Here’s a place where you won’t have to worry about white people…..until you need some food, water or protection………..AFRICA!

    POC=Po Ole Coons.

  • Reggie_Essent

    Aren’t these whiny POCs engaging in cultural appropriation by writing (poorly) in English?

    Shouldn’t they be scratching their complains on a piece of bark in some guttural Oooook language?

    • OldOllie

      I object to non-white persons who inappropriately appropriate anything from MY culture, which includes electricity, batteries, electric motors, generators, transformers, lights, telephones, radio, television, lasers, radar, sonar, vacuum tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, computers, Internet, planes, trains, automobiles, tractors, tires, steam engines, steam turbines, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, rockets, satellites, telescopes, microscopes, eyeglasses, thermometers, steel, cement, rubber, plastics, antibiotics, insulin, antiseptic surgery, X-rays, particle accelerators, nuclear reactors, sliced bread, buttons, zippers, flush toilets, toilet paper, calculus, polyphonic music, pianos, guitars, brass and woodwind instruments…I could go on…

  • OldOllie

    Anyone who’s stupid enough to hire a graduate from this racist indoctrination center deserves to go bankrupt fighting all the frivolous discrimination lawsuits these snowflakes will be filing against them.

    • If those company actually did hire them, those “graduates” will be begging for “safe space” when they get chewed out by their boss and go huddle in that room and assume the all too familiar fetal position. Once that happen, then the boss’s action of course will be investigated by some Union that is actually a parasite to the production of that company as well.

  • Once those college students are finish with school, good luck on finding a job position as well as coping with real competition that is not based on skin color but on the education, experience, and how they act too. The world will chew them up, and spit them out real good.

    • OldOllie

      …and then they’ll get an ACLU lawyer and an OJ jury, and sue you into bankruptcy. Just don’t even let them in the door.

      • Oh even better, they’ll be crying, making televise statement, and victim blaming at the same time too. I think this is the new tread of making a living with those new generation kids.

    • The Gentle Grizzly

      They don’t need a real degree. Pur own government breathes down the necks of employers with quota hiring demands.

      • Plenty of jobs working in the Government’s cafeteria or maybe the licensed Starbucks kiosk inside giant corporations serving people who actually worked hard rather then whine and beg.

      • It’s not about having the degree, it’s about being smart, willing to learn, and being able handle criticism when bosses can and will be a pain in the neck. If those students are unable to take criticism and need a safe space, then the world will chew them up and spit them out real good.

  • jakeveeee

    How absurd: “lets fight perceived racial injustice with RACISM’.

    Great example of the (lack of) education being taught/adsorbed at these places

  • bender reborn again

    Minorities are going backwards in life.

  • Ashley Brenton

    Afraid of logical arguments, I’m guessing.

    • OldOllie

      Logic is RACIST!

  • kettlecorn

    What if I self identify as a black subhuman inferior animal, can I then comment?

  • Karl

    POC: Keep up this racist BS and you’ll really see how fragile White people are.

    • OldOllie

      If you want to see how fragile White people are, just watch a few UFC fights.

  • Hamish Morgenstern

    …and the column has a lot of misspelled words, grammar errors, jive and ebonics.

  • porterv

    Are taxpayer dollars supporting “Evergreen?” If so, when are they going to be turned off?

  • RobUofIllinoisU/C

    I don’t want to read about some moolin Johns so let them have their rag. Most shwartzas can’t read at a competent level so I expect a lot of pics of curious george or planet of the apes 🦍 photos used.

  • Domin8er

    Another place where you won’t have to deal with whites…………..da hood!

  • Arnold Bianchi

    Oh, this is a west coast college. That’s a relief. I thought it was an actual American college at first. Screw ’em.

  • Jimmy__Russell
  • dustyjoe

    Snowflakes shouting ‘white fragility’ through the barred windows of their poc safe spaces. LOLOLOL worthy.

  • Ronald Roman

    So, segregation was no so bad after all, no? Everybody was happier looks like.

  • LStoll

    American Indians were black slaveholders. The large tribes were even allowed to keep captured “runaway” slaves.

    At the time of the Emancipation Declaration, the Cherokee Nation had to release 1227 black slaves.

    (source: Oklahoma Digital Library / Historical Evidence of the Slave Trade in Oklahoma)

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Interesting, and thanks, didn’t know this

  • Ashley Brenton

    Professor Weinstein has white privilege? Unless I miss my guess…he’s Jewish. You remember those guys, right? Slaves of Egypt, pogroms, getting kicked out of Spain, constantly having their lands and money confiscated, The Holocaust…you know, all that stuff?

    How’d they confront that racism? By wearing saggy pants and showing their underwear? Complaining? No. They became the smartest guys in the room. Attorneys, doctors, physicists, writers, philosophers, and on and on.

    Their kids excel because their families EXPECT them to.

    Would that the American black confront adversity in a similar fashion…

  • Pomona Pete

    didn’t read it.

    doesn’t the mere existence of an exclusionary discussion site prove the so-called minorities really have nothing to say worth hearing?

    I mean, if they have to suppress merely to be heard…apparently no-one wants to hear the tired racist mooching tribal bunk they have to spew.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      The purpose of the meeting is to inform policy and institutional decisions in the future

      • Pomona Pete

        excluding whites is double-down-dumb when you consider what retards they are after 50 years of liberally-yoked edjimication.

        • Jimmy__Russell

          What a time to be alive.

  • Daniel Haney

    Let them have their POC space.
    Educated people probably couldn’t read it anyway.
    Spelling errors, grammatical errors, and poorly constructed though processes makes for a frustrating read.
    Let alone the “I’m a victim and it’s all white peoples fault” stale old mantra can only be said so many different ways.
    It is doomed to failure from the start.

  • Tim_Parker_999

    They’re just never going to stop playing the race card. As long as they keep it up their sleeves ready to use for every excuse & rationalization under the sun they will never overcome. Actually, I don’t believe black people want to change for the better. It would mean being accountable & taking responsibility for their lives. It is too much work.

  • honeycomb

    These thin skinned Black Americans are advocating for what a generation ago fought to secure.

    They openly ask for seg’row’gay’shun in schools taught only by other blacks .. their own opinions, devoid of any challenge, so they can spread hate .. they act as though they are the only people that have suffered or had trying times in America.

    Frankly they could have all those things and still be poor and unhappy.

    Because they are not willing to be anything but poor and unhappy (i.e. full of grievences .. aka stupid).

  • Mystick

    As long as they follow the doctrine of “equality” and publish a “whites only” column. Parity is parity. The only people making a big deal about race are the alleged victims of racism… while engaging in CLEAR racism!

  • luis martinez

    Gotta love liberal minorities, they have been bitching and whining about being segregated for years and when they get an opportunity to fix this; what do they do? They self segregate…

    • The Gentle Grizzly

      Faster please…

  • Walt Creasy

    West Coast again. What can you say except “go join some other country”. They are no longer Americans!

  • buyemsellem2000

    True racists

  • John Driver

    Why don’t the non-whites start their own newspaper? Why just a section in the back of the . . . . .?

    • The Gentle Grizzly



  • DMG

    could we just pull federal funding of this sham school? seriously. i don’t give a crap if they want to spout their ignorant, whiny philosophy, but if my tax dolllars go towards funding it…that pisses me off. Just let them rot in their own vile stench and pay for it themselves. PULL FEDERAL FUNDING!

    • Jimmy__Russell

      From ALL schools that receive federal funding but deny students and faculty their Constitutional rights.

  • Joni Olson

    POC—–‘piece of crap’ which this university is !!!!!

  • Resistance if Futile

    So submissions have to be written in Ebonics right?

  • Joe Blow

    All their racist idiotic column does is promote hate on both ends

  • Moniker Billery


  • Joe Blow

    Blacks need to act white, ie civilized.

  • Mick O’Kelley


  • The Gentle Grizzly

    “We want a separate section, but, like always, you honkies get to pay for it!”

  • Mick O’Kelley

    If Obama had a son who was an “editor”…

  • Doug

    What is this teaching the students?

    • The Gentle Grizzly

      It teaches that threats and demands are always met by spineless whites in charge. That’s what.

  • Mick O’Kelley

    Free Black Men owned slaves in the US — 3000 in New Orleans alone — and the first slave owner in the US was black.

    I demand blacks pay reparations to blacks for being black.

  • Blitzcrraig

    Its called institutional racism — It exists in colleges all over the USA — Its the legacy of a racist Muslim Obama…

    • Jimmy__Russell

      This stuff happened long before Obama senpai; Obama is a result, a symptom

    • Jay_tea

      Obama was a Muslim like my aunt is Catholic. Enough so that you can say he was and no more. He was a terrible president who ruined race relations to advance himself however.

      • The Gentle Grizzly

        Lyndon Johnson was his mentor.

        • Mick O’Kelley

          Ted Kennedy.

  • Joe Blow

    it is an alleged college dumbed down to a grade school level to accommodate these amoral hateful retards who just want more.

  • Joe Frederick

    No problem with that as long as there is also a “For white people by white people” column.

    • Mick O’Kelley

      It’s called the NYT.

      • Joe Frederick

        Jews aren’t really included in the “white people” column. As 99.9% Ashkenazi, they are indeed an Asian breed. The NYT is their baby.

        • Jay_tea

          Again with the Jews. Don’t you people have any shame?

          • Schlomo Goldstein

            Jews say they aren’t white so who are we to argue otherwise.

          • Jay_tea

            I never met a Jew that said that. So, take your B.S. and…

          • Mick O’Kelley

            Well — many say that Jesus was not white — with his kinky hair and dark complexion.

            Not looking for a fight. Just saying — can’t have it both ways.

          • Joe Blow

            The black Jeebus idjits are mostly blacks, not Joos

          • Jay_tea

            Who knows if Jesus was white? I could believe he had a slightly darker complexion like many middle-easterners do, he was one after all. At the end of the day “Jewish” isn’t a race, it’s a religion. Hebrew is kind-of a race, perhaps better called an ethnicity.

          • Schlomo Goldstein

            Jesus would have looked similar to the rest of the Jews of his time and I don’t believe anyone ever got the Jews and Romans confused so I doubt Jesus looked European in the slightest. Probably looked closer to a Persian than a white guy.

          • Schlomo Goldstein

            Have you met every single Jew in the world and asked them? Some say they are, some say they aren’t :^)

          • Jay_tea

            I think many Jews don’t even know what “Jew” means (and they incorrectly call themselves Jewish when they really only identify as such, much like how I identify as black even though I’m not ;-). So this is really becoming an argument over semantics I guess. There are black and brown Jews of course, but being Jewish doesn’t have anything to do with the color of one’s skin. This reminds me of a town of Jewish folks discovered in Africa. They had kept all the traditions of Jews but were all black of course. They had been isolated for countless generations and didn’t even know that most Jews were white.

          • Schlomo Goldstein

            I’m gotta post for you a link to the same article I already posted elsewhere because it is an interesting take on Jewish identity. As for black Jews, Eithopia was (and I think it still has a massive Jewish population) a Jewish kingdom that dates back centuries before the Roman Diaspora of the Jews. I believe the Eithopian royal family claimed to be directly decesended from King Solomon. It’s fascinating stuff.


          • Jay_tea

            Clearly you aren’t the nut I thought you were at first. First impressions often deceive, though unfortunately most people I identify as idiots/jerks at first turn out to be exactly that (it’s not like we need more of them). I’ll take a look, thanks for sharing.

          • Schlomo Goldstein

            Lol, I’m only an ass at first to weed out trolls and idiots. Since you aren’t either one of those I now gotta act smart which is much harder than being an asshole. :^)

          • Jay_tea

            Some of these guys make me feel like I’m talking to a chatbot! Cheers.

          • Jay_tea

            The thing is I don’t need to agree with you (as in anyone I’m responding to). In fact, I would like to have discussions with people I don’t agree with. But most people I disagree with unfortunately choose to throw dung instead of give me the intellectual challenge I’m looking for. So, I have far more practice than I need at throwing it right back at them. It’s always refreshing to meet individuals like yourself.

          • Joe Blow

            Correction; deceitful Nazi trolls, who pretend to be Joos, say Jews aren’t white and Jews hate whites in order to justify their moronic Jew hatred

          • Schlomo Goldstein

            Well I read it in an Israeli newspaper (or was it a magazine? It’s been awhile I can’t remember which) and while it was an opinion piece that doesn’t negate the fact that there is a certain percentage of Jews that say they are in fact not white. I’ll try to track it down for ya but it’s been almost a year so I can’t guarantee I’ll find it. It was rather fascinating to read, you might even enjoy it :^)

          • Joe Blow

            a certain %

          • Schlomo Goldstein
          • Joe Blow

            Some Jews, especially in Israel, are not white.

        • Joe Blow

          The NY Times are the biggest bunch of black enablers but screw ur grade school anti-Semitism, which is about as scientific as Phrenology.

        • Mick O’Kelley

          Wow. So the Jews are actually Nazis — as in Ashke-Nazis.

          This race stuff is complicated!

  • quaichang


  • Jay_tea

    There are jerks in every race. This is clearly an example of jerks. Plain and simple.

  • American Snipper

    What about the cloud of black supremacy, racist bastards…

  • Skoalbandit1

    All articles will be written in crayon

  • Johnny_WTF

    Do young people receive an actual education in college these days? It seems all they to is whine, cry, hide in their safe space, disrupt free speech if it goes against their narrative, so on and so forth.

    And now they want to stifle white males from conversation? And that’s not racist? My kids can get their degree online from Phoenix at this point. No way would I spend one penny for them to be indoctrinated into the liberal cult.

    • Most got those “liberal arts degree” and are currently working in odd minimum wage jobs, blaming the government for job losses, and milking the system. I had a “useless” degree, went back to school, worked at some odd jobs for experience and skills, and now I’m working at a better company.

  • hihellothere

    It’s OK to be White. In fact, it’s FANTASTIC.

  • demmi

    Soon they will get their own bathrooms and drinking fountains.

  • Schlomo Goldstein

    If I send an email requesting a white person only section opinion section similar to the colored person one what are the chances it’ll be allowed? Or would something like that be skirting too close to a segregationist kind of policy?

  • Chris

    I’m surprised any whites still attend that abomination of a college.

  • Mick O’Kelley

    White privilege: You get to work and pay taxes — so that if a minority family who secures all available benefits — it will be the equivalent of making $55,000/yr.

    Only you have to work. And they don’t. In case you missed it.

  • This is good, keep pushing. Once these oblivious white people wake up they will finally realize that there is no strength in diversity, and we don’t need any of these people. Well past time to kick them all out of the country along with their kosher masters.

  • DMH

    Time for the Federal Government to deny all funding to this institution, including student loans. It is a racist cesspit.

  • Nathan M

    Racism, that’s all it is. Imagine a ‘white only’ anything, and tell me that this is any different.

    Racists are people who react to the skin color of another group of people. Period.

  • Braveheart8850

    Yes…….Also keep these poor racist idiots segregated in the ghetto slums they create as well.

  • Sam Mensch

    This is RACISM: where is DOJ? Cut 100 % of ALL federal grants, research, monies and scholarships to this RACIST anti-white university.

  • MrFloppy

    Daz racis.

  • realheadline

    Are they unable to see the shear lunacy of taking that indefensible position or are they just trying to start a race war? Charles Manson would have loved Evergreen State (if that’s even a real college).

  • jim

    If this is the way they want it that’s fine by me…I can do without them.

  • Large Basket

    if you want a place free of white people go back to the congo and have at it.

  • Hill411

    So if a person identifies as a Person-of-Color but is in reality someone with skin color that is closer to an Albino but has black eyes instead of pink eyes, can this self-identifying person introduce both the person’s self-identity of ‘Colored’ and the self-claimed gender of ‘Vadicless’ as the documentation to enter an opinion. Or was this run-on sentence just as ridiculous and pointless as the discrimination of the idiots at the ‘You Hurt Me With Words School for Whining Cupcakes’?

  • politicalcorrectnesskills

    Hahahahaha! Idiots. They’re all idiots.

  • Antifa, sponsored by CNN

    I am so sick of this s h I t.

    And thanks to liberals for normalizing this attitude and supporting it.

  • Akflyboy

    The source for “redneck” I’ve always as a definition lent to comes from the Russia of 1915-1917. When protests and marches were whistled forth by comrades at the top, the protest participants, as a form of identification between one another, tore strips of cheaply dyed red cloth and wore it round their necks. Perspiration caused the red dye to leach out and stain the neck red; thus the term “redneck” or “reds”. The red neckerchiefs became a symbol later for the communist youth movements of the late 50’s called the New Frontier. Children marched in unison dressed in white shirts, navy blue trousers or skirts, with a red scarf around their necks in remembrance of
    those glorious days reserved for those early useful idiots.

  • wynola.weaver

    These racist negroes have worn out their welcome. What is their end game? These fools are outnumbered eight to one in manpower, two to one in I.Q. and one hundred to one in firepower. The only white stress may be finding a big enough hole to bulldoze the dead into.

    • Mick O’Kelley

      Grand Canyon is already dug.

  • Jimmy__Russell

    Their intellectual credibility is melting down in real time, praise Kek

  • charlesriley

    Someone needs to start another column which only allows comments from people excluded from the POC section. Blatant racism at its perverse worst. All I see is an attempt to place whites into a similar status as blacks in the pre-civil rights era. The words and deeds being performed by these “POCs” are what we saw from the Klan on like minded community members. Whether you are in a white robe or a rainbow colored robe does not matter, you are still a raciest bigot.

  • AnnieG

    Wow… Evergreen State College again… What a bunch of racists and mental lightweights they have at that school. Will the paper also have a section strictly for people of European descent in which no “people of color” can participate?

  • El Gallo

    One would think even Leftie White parents would not want their precious packages exposed to this sort of bullying. Evergreen deserves to disappear.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      They serve as an avatar of modern Leftism

  • Browning Automatic Rifle

    Why hasn’t this college been sued out of business and shuttered already?

    • Jimmy__Russell

      That’s what makes this so great, the kids taking on $10s K debt for a college education are on the hook to pay it off themselves; these debts aren’t dischargeable in bankruptcy filings.

  • The Gentle Grizzly

    Let them have all the segregation they want. Send these self-segregators back to Grambling, Fisk, Morehouse, the state-owned “traditionally black” schools. This leaves the other colleges free to educate serious students.

  • oney

    90% or more negros have nothing to say that I want to hear so……

    • Larry Dickman

      Cause you can’t understand hood-speak?

  • David B

    All comments about content aside, it’s amusing that the “Dear White People” written statement of a college newspaper editor would be so poorly written with run-on sentences, and capitalization and punctuation errors. God bless their little pointed heads.

    • The Gentle Grizzly

      Grammar is racist donchaknow.

      • David B

        Sir: I’ll have you know that neither my Grammar NOR by Grampa is racist, thank you very much.

        • The Gentle Grizzly

          Ahh! Your grammar! She and your grampar are from Massachusetts. They told you about their honeymoon in pre-revolutionary Havana Cuber! Right?

          • David B

            I’ll tell you something funny: They ARE from Massachusetts! Well done!

          • The Gentle Grizzly

            (takes bow) I’m not on this site often. Where you see my comments you often find wordplay, or sarcasm. Even at my age I am capable of many sarcasms in a day with virtually no effort.

  • iuyyyyui

    Umm … a “no-whites-allowed” opinion section?
    Why, whatever will Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King, and all the W-iggers do?
    Ohh … that’s right. They’re PASSING FOR BLACK.

  • amitorelocato

    This country is great because, the WHITE people from Europe came and made it great, not the indians or blacks………….

  • Bob X from Texas

    Are they also going to have a “Honkie only” Page?

  • Dan Ros

    Hmmm? Sounds a lot like racism. Oops!

  • TheMaskedUnit

    I can prove that negroes and hispanics can’t be racist. See … You can always spot the racist oppression by the magnitude of 3rd world immigration problem.

  • wynola.weaver

    They are mad because they must stay no matter what the non-black races think of them because they will never survive and prosper without the white man.

  • Those editors, nor their readers, should have a problem with a “whites only section” then, eh? smh.

  • John

    I pity any employer that’s stupid enough to hire any of these snowflakes.
    Where did you go to university?
    Evergreen State.

    • Corpseman57

      Help wanted. NO LIBERALS NEED APPLY.

  • Corpseman57

    Are they going to force white students to read these “I’m a failure because of white people” comments? A picture of Roddy McDowell in A Clockwork Orange comes to mind. Think I’m kidding? Flash forward a few years…

    • bookish1


  • Snake Plissken, the Deplorable

    So they can “be” people of color? What are they gonna talk about? Bitches and hos?

  • Oboy_must_go

    The truth is… If it weren’t for whites, they’d still be living in huts.

  • Joe Boltonn

    If some students want to start their own newspaper, that’s there own business. If they use the funding and facilities of the school, they must comply with the standard non-discriminatory standards of the school. If the University does not enforce it’s own policies, students should protest and/or sue.

  • jabusse

    Sounds like a no blacks allowed paper is in order.

    • erichwalker

      But that would be racist! (Facepalm)

    • Schlomo Goldstein

      Paper is already white you bigot! :^)

  • azgolfrat

    Slavery in the US was the worst policy ever admitted as ok by our own government. There were many opposed, but none the less, it existed, and now we have to deal with the social and political ramifications of its prior existence…a terrible terrible mistake.

    • ArJay

      are u melting yet?

    • Mick O’Kelley

      No. Worst mistake was — not sending the blacks back after the war.

      Worst person — whoever talked Lincoln out of doing just this.

      • azgolfrat

        Yes, perhaps that may have helped. I don’t know. However, the founding fathers, yes the same as who wrote and signed the constitution had a chance to stop slavery at the official start of the nation. If they had decided to do that, there would have been ongoing problems in the Southern colonies for years and years, but I think we would all be better off now if they had done so….and in fact, its possible the civil was would have been averted. Maybe.

        • Mick O’Kelley

          Interesting take. But if we did not have Slavery at the outset of our nation — all our competitors who DID have slavery — would have crushed us in the marketplace.

          They pay zero for labor — and we pay real wages? We would have died as a nation.

          Don’t read this to mean — slavery built America. On the contrary. Slavery was like raw materials. Natural resources. If you did not have it, you could not even compete.

          Once the playing field was level, then America and her ingenuity and freedoms won the day — and made the US the most powerful nation on earth in the blink of an eye. 1776 was not that long ago, historically speaking.

    • Schlomo Goldstein

      Fun fact it was a black dude who actually went to court and got slavery enshrined into common law back in the early days of the Virgina colony. Before that court case slavery only existed as a form of punishment for criminals. It was mostly used to punish indentured servents that ran away from their obligation to repay their debt. Pretty interesting case actually, the Wikipedia page is a fun read.

      • Mick O’Kelley

        Yup! And free black men owned slaves in the US — 3000 in New Orleans alone.

        Native American tribes enslaved each other. Slavery was in every country — on every continent — going back to beginning of man.

        To blame the US for slavery is like blaming Eminem for rap. He came on late in the game. So did we. At least we ended it, worldwide, for all intents and purposes.

        Except of course for the Horn of Africa and parts of the Middle East and Asia — where there is slavery to this day. Shhhhh. No one talks about that. The US has deep pockets. THAT is what is really going on here. Reparations from a rich nation while people in other countries suffer.

        • Schlomo Goldstein

          You forgot about the reopening of the Libyan (formerly known as the Barbary Coast) slave markets. :^)

  • Just_Facts

    Two wrongs still don’t make a right.

  • Tom

    Oh I understand that racist black people need a place just for them. And please only whites are allowed to reply oh yes and Asians because they are able to understand my comment.

    • Jason

      Why can’t two Asians have a Caucasian?

      Two Wongs don’t make a white.

  • erichwalker

    Maybe they could put in a segregated drinking fountain, or lunch counter too.

    Higher education my gluteus. These people don’t even know the history of their own freaking country. They don’t know history, they don’t cherish freedom, they don’t understand where individual, unalienable, God-given rights come from, and given the option, they would trade their Liberty (and yours) and willingly submit to being ruled by a king in exchange for the new iPhone and a pumpkin spice frappechino. As long as it wasn’t a white iPhone, of course. Idiots.

  • Baron Karza

    Alrighty, if you leftist morons want segregation, then America should double down on segregation in all haste.

  • MidwestNorsk

    Another university to add to the bulldoze list.

  • Mojo88

    “sometimes its better to fall flat on your face than to bend too far over backward….” James Thurber

  • erichwalker

    I’m going to create a university for cows. Call it Bovine U. I’m fairly certain that, with the proper funding, I could get a bunch of Holsteins to understand that if something is wrong for one group of people to do to another, it is still wrong even if the groups are reversed.

  • Jason

    I hope you all plan on getting jobs on a college campus when you graduate. In no way will you be ready for the real world, where deadlines, work ethic and accountability are not negotiated with safe spaces, pussy hats and therapy puppies……….A lost generation.


    EXCELLENT. Now can we WHITE PEOPLE have our own NATION, our own Cities, our own Universities.

    We want to get away from you, too. but YOU WON’T LET US.

  • Ilya Makarov

    An anonymous, pssy actually wrote an article complaining about “white fragility”? This whole incident just proves how ridiculous it is to put complete morons in “privileged” positions (such as in colleges and universities) that they are in no way whatsoever mentally or intellectually or societally competent to have actually deserved. This is simply disgusting and outrageous, and those responsible for this racism deserve to be ostracized–just like any white supremacist would.

  • BENDER tharobot

    So they don’t seem worried about the white man arresting and disappearing them you know cause of the white supremecy

  • Trevor Sedis

    People of Color envy People of Accomplishment (whites).

    POCs (blacks) are so fragile they still need white help 154 years after being freed.

    > “the dark cloud that is living under white supremacy” is the shadow cast by the immense land-Shamu waddling on campus: Naima Lowe.

    >”having to see things from a white perspective” upsets black kangz-n-quanes who prefer things they invented: cannibalism, wearing bones in noses, and “lbbin off weffair.”

    >”issues…in the context and from the perspective of POC and POC only”

    To wit, articles like:

    “How to flashrob local stores”

    “Playin’ de Knockout Game”

    “Connin’ Mr. Charly into gibbin us free cottage ejimications”

    “How do get Georgie-Porgie Bridges…the clucking cuck…to lick more black boots.”

    “Trannies transforming into transdroogs”


    > “being told no seems to be a difficult concept for some of y’all”

    Says a member of the tribe that burns cities down when foodstamp subsidies are cut!

    >”how the term white fragility is mean (great example of white fragility)”

    Again, the irony! Blacks lose their stool not just when you point out FACTS per their violence and bastardy rates, but when they see non-whites sporting dreadlocks and/or eating fried chicken. EVERYTHING upsets child-like melaninnies.

  • jerry irvin

    To prevent someone from doing something because of their skin color is racism

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Then the scene faded from color to black and white while the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair in a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

    “Submitted for your approval, an excursion to a world where students have been reduced to the role of guinea pigs in bizarre indoctrination programs the likes of which have not been seen since the darkest days of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, and conducted by faculty and administrators barely capable of basic pet care. The school bell’s ringing and it’s time to proceed to your assigned lecture hall because classes are about to begin at the University of The Twilight Zone.”

    • erichwalker

      No freaking joke.

  • Stone Wallz
  • Tracksuit Al

    Evergreen is a *public* university and an embarrassment to the state of Washington.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    And it’s all happening in a country where many states offer employers tax incentives for refusing to hire qualified white male American citizens over the age of 50 who never abused illicit drugs and who don’t have felony criminal records.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Government can hire the retards, they always do.

      • Schlomo Goldstein

        As a federal contractor I can tell you that it takes a special kind of retard to get hired as a federal employee. Federal contract work only exists because someone has to actually do the work and it sure ain’t gonna be fed employees.

  • Mark Cottrell

    Thank you for alerting me to toss any resume from this “college” in the trash!

  • Monty Mondegreen

    Fine. Just as long as we Whites get a Whites-only section of the newspaper to be “for Whites by Whites” to provide explicitly pro-White opinions.
    (because goose, gander, ‘n’ stuff)

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Since the unrest, Evergreen has said it will train students not to discriminate against white people.

    Now we know what set off the “Yeah, Like That’s REALLY GONNA HAPPEN” alarm.

  • Mark Cottrell

    I have a white question! Will Baltimore break their murder record? They have 319 and the record is 345! Come on! You can do it!

  • Timmy

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is rolling over in his grave right about now…

    • Joe_E_in_the_IE

      Evergreen State Black Students Union reply: “Who?”

  • NonYa Biz
  • “no-holds-barred commentary on local happenings.”

    I bet these debt ridden future baristas would wet their onesies if Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell submitted an editorial to that segregated “news”paper.

  • cgtstx

    This what happens when idiots are not taught or understand history. MLK is rolling in his grave.

  • JWRocks

    Where does it say any white folks ever have to read this crap? I’ll wait>

  • Americafirst

    I don’t give a shit about a Racist RAG that nobody reads.

  • Patriot_panadero01

    Geez talk about being racist.

  • deesine

    Institutionalized racism, pure and simple.

  • Edmund Ruffin brigade

    i had never heard of this college until I read this article.

  • ky_native

    Why don’t they all move to the Congo? There are very few whites that live there.

    • Mark Russo

      Obongo Is from chicongo

  • Dad_and_girls

    Maybe these college students should focus on studying so they can contribute to society. Maybe that is being too white for most of them. I do not feel sorry for today’s college students. They are more concerned about ridiculous political stands than trying to find a job in the real world. I proudly wear a shirt that says, “No one cares what millennials think”. Maybe it’s time they understood that. Grow up.

  • alpha1six

    Please name a civilization on any continent that did not include the use of slaves. Certainly not Africa where dominant tribes routinely enslaved their weaker neighbors for their own use or to sell/trade with others. In fact wasn’t it the stronger African tribes who captured and provided slaves to the white and Arabic slave markets. Europeans from Greece, Rome, the Germanic tribes, the Vikings of the north all kept and traded in slavery. Native tribes in both north and south America took hostage (Slaves) from weaker tribes that that they dominated. In south America slaves were used as sacrifices and in some cases their heads were used as soccer balls. Civilizations in Asia, south pacific islanders and Russia all used slaves.
    Why don’t we hear words of condemnation and demands for reparations regarding the Africans, Europeans, Asians and native peoples for their connection to slavery. Why even today slavery is alive and well in Africa. Who is responsible for that? The whining and demands are most vocal in America where the opportunities for all people are the greatest in the world but the race peddlers like Al Sharpton are making a great living maintaining a divided America.

  • Trevor Sedis

    Read Jim Goad’s most excellent tome: “The Redneck Manifesto: How Hillbillies, Hicks, and White Trash Became America’s Scapegoats” http://tinyurl.com/yctlf4pt

  • josh6032

    The Jews were oppressed and murdered by the millions. Ending mostly in the late 1940s.Mostly. Twenty years later look at them.Fifty years later look at them. Look at them now. Maybe running around whining isn’t the right track to take.

  • Anonymous Guy

    Utterly pathetic. No wonder I’ve never heard of this place. I hope I never do again.

  • TheMadKing

    I take it all articles and opinions in the POC journal are written in Ebonics? Because it actually sounds more like Jive to me. Just one white man’s worthless opinion. If only I were a valued nonwhite minority like Pocahontas.

  • FreemanAmerica

    You can’t have it both ways.. People.. You can’t say white people are privileged and fragile at the same time.. Make up your mind either they are so powerful they hold you down or so frail they can’t take your abuse…


    Perhaps the KKK had a point?

  • Kedzie

    Who cares?


    liberals are the biggest racists!

  • Him Bike

    They will b on welfare for the next 20yrs

  • Robert Browning
    • bddd

  • TheFig 1stfruit

    One wonders, if the funding for this ‘college’ may stop any time soon…

  • Mark Russo

    What would the:
    1. Crime rate
    2. Food stamp usage
    3. Number of prisoners
    4. Murders
    5. Rapes
    6. Out of wedlock births
    7. Highschool Drop out rate
    8. Crack usage
    9. Frivolous discrimination suit

    Rate be if all these non whites just left the USA?

    We would probably gave a more prosperous and safe country

  • OaktownCoug

    Hard to believe the Washington taxpayers are supporting this college.

  • Sam Adams

    LOL at this drool
    I am sooooo happy to have left the insane socialist party, er Democrats, a LONG time ago. Then they were simply guilty of never reviewing failed policies, but now they are simply talking parasites.

  • Mark Russo

    Should have picked our own cotton

  • Mark Russo

    Google the world IQ Map and see why they need special handouts

    • anony

      Average of 70 sounds about right.

  • Loogie7

    The newspaper must be inherently racist because it’s printed on white paper. Will the same college’s basketball and football teams designate a whites-only playing position or two? Idle minds truly are dangerous…

  • Bobbie_Z

    Yes I think blacks should begin to talk among themselves about how to clean up their lack of education, their degenerates, criminals, filthy slums, emasculated males and whorish women.

  • Monty Simmons

    Look. American Blacks have an average IQ of 80 (African Blacks 60) according to testing. Whites have an average IQ of 100 and Asians have an average IQ of 105. The quality of ideas (and associated lifestyle) coming from such groups follows their average IQ closely although many Whites seem to be far below 100 in IQ these days – especially white liberals.

    Listen, idiots, the concept of “justice” does not need a qualifier. Justice is justice and is not dependent on a person’s group identity. Whenever one puts a word in front of “justice”, like “social justice”, “women’s justice’, “gay justice”, or whatever, one is not out to achieve “justice” for all. One is out for special treatment based on one’s group identity. “Social Justice” means it is ok to violate a person’s rights if such perosn is a member of a particular group and “Society” as a whole benefits. A particularly evil concept – no wonder Liberals use the term so much.

    • bddd

      Also, the Sub Saharan’s (blacks) are not fully human. FACT.

      Ancient humans had sex with non humans http://www.nzherald.co.nz/science/news/article.cfm?c_id=82&objectid=11894688

      • Monty Simmons

        Well, I am not going that far even though such may be true. Do not like anything that can reasonably be labeled “white supremacy”. Of courts the left calls any white person that likes being white or supports the white race a white supremist but such is on them for being iditols.

        Blacks want their own section in this country – I am all for that! I am all for seperating the country into areas and allowing a Black only section, a Asian Only section and a White European only section. Guess which section would look like Africa or Haiti (or any area that is dominated by Blacks) in less than 20 years?

        • bddd

          I agree with you mostly. But the DNA evidence PROVES that blacks are not fully human. I’m not saying that is good or bad; just a fact. It would explain why someone would destroy a restaurant because their chicken nuggets weren’t hot enough…

  • Joe in OH

    Fine, just don’t expect to be ignorantly, loudly and crudely be barging into our gatherings and expect us to pretend we welcome the so called diversity. Can’t think of another place I’d rather be banned from.

  • WM

    Nobody has ever heard of Evergreen State College so let the libtards have their way. College rankings show them in the bottom half of all colleges and universities, with SAT score range of 980 to 1190, and a 98% acceptance rate. Even more telling is that the average earnings of graduates SIX years after graduation is less than $32,000 a year. Bet the editors have a big problem spelling so go for it flunkies.

  • bddd

    Does this “publication” receive ANY public funding or use of publicly funded facilities? If yes, then CLOSE THEM DOWN FOR HATE!!!!

    • Monty Simmons

      I could not care less about these people. Let the racists have their paper – it only hurts them. I would have to care about them to want to teach them better.

    • NotOnEitherSide

      If they are funded by tax-payer monies, SHUT THEM DOWN.

      • bddd

        Let “their people” fund their hate.

        • NotOnEitherSide

          Isn’t segregation illegal?

          • bddd

            It’s painfully obvious we cannot get along…. .

          • NotOnEitherSide

            Stirred up and agitated on purpose….

          • NotOnEitherSide

            Sad, but true, bddd. How can we change this?

          • anony

            Let’s hear it for Freedom of Association!!

  • brian hodge

    POC, you’d have to agree, have surely made their mark…….on campus politics.

  • WM

    I don’t see a problem with it. Nobody will ever be able to read the section as most of the words will be a rambling assortment of words like ‘phat, ho, bitches”, wudup, yo, etc, with the most intelligible being “know wat i be sayin”.

    • Bobbie_Z

      WM hahahaaha

    • bddd

      N shit!

  • Mr Cat

    Sounds pretty racist to me.

  • bobh

    Liberalism a mental disorder! But it sure can be humorous!

  • bddd
  • Jim Steele

    Caucasian students create their own newspaper. Call it The Creators of Freedom, COF… If the school won’t let you, sue The Shit Out of Them.

  • alvinjh

    so..it’s a print ghetto? ..a virtual segregated community… and no one is to speak or think whitely and bring in their virtual oppression.. lollllllll

  • bddd

    • Jimmy__Russell

      top kek

  • ChezC3

    Slave morality people. That’s what this is a manifestation of — just laugh at it like you would when someone calls you a honkey… They’re pathetic.

  • all_dems_suck

    Boycott black owned businesses

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Boycott of the NFL will continue.

  • all_dems_suck

    Buy White

    • bddd

      If I were to purchase a slave; absolutely! You’d get an excellent return on your investment!!! Not some lazy, loser that wouldn’t work and yet demand to be fed, given govt housing etc… HAAAA!!!!

  • bddd

  • bddd

  • bvikay

    Sounds like “no colored people allowed” in reverse, huh?

  • mnc77024

    Kamala toe, Kamala toe. Are you sure she isn’t that Wasserman girl after a keratin treatment? Black privilege = not working and living off the dole.

  • Richard_Wiggler

    think it’s time to send the racist Africans back to Africa..

  • FlyntLoc

    So let me get this straight……… are they advocating bringing back segregation?

    • Jimmy__Russell

      We are nudging them to say “yes”, finally.

  • Starlord

    how POC can even leave the house due to society being so bad…

    On another note people of colour. But stupid as everyone has colour unless your the invisible man… fucktards

  • perpetual victimhoods….
    • Jimmy__Russell


  • Adm. Adama

    Let them all self destruct. I could care less anymore.

  • perpetual victimhoods….
    • Jimmy__Russell

      It was all a mistake, nothing should’ve been done.
      They are pissed off because they know they can’t handle equality.
      The better they are treated the worse they behave.
      Our ancestors knew all this stuff.

  • jerry irvin

    So it’s ok if blacks are racist.

  • Shannon Badgett

    White is a color, right? Can we get WET, white entertainment television, channel? I would also like white only commercial airlines, restaurants, banks, theaters, roads, neighborhoods, cities, Justice Department, etc., etc., etc.,…and, prisons, hospitals, concerts, movies…man, I could be here awhile. But, basically, since blacks think their race is ‘superior’, which is the definition of racism, we can’t be racists! Anyways, I’m glad I’m white.

  • george

    LOL but what kids of REAL jobs that pay a living wage will these dumb f—ks be trained for and able to hold?
    Likely very few .

    • Jimmy__Russell

      LOL @ their debt tho.
      Can’t be waived or discharged in bankruptcy proceedings, lol.

  • Metalshaper

    It’s so good to know that students in college are using racism to fight racism. Too bad they’re SO stupid they don’t know it. This is like using violence to end violence. Oh, wait they do that too.

  • Grab_a_root

    Ugh, it’s Evergreen State College. I have no idea where the fach it is and don’t care. I’m betting that if you show up with cash your GPA’s and SAT’s don’t matter.

  • RubberChicken

    Evergreen is a racist institution that needs to be defunded.

  • perpetual victimhoods….

    Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.

    ~Vladimir Lenin

  • rightyb

    the left is straight racist and straight fascist. i mean theres not even an arguement about it

  • pinkflowers1

    When are they bringing back the POC water fountains? The left is moving back to segregation. Not all that progressive.

  • perpetual victimhoods….
  • Linda McCormick

    It is quite apparent from the article, ending racism is the last thing these young POC college kids want to happen. What a great way to promote biggotry and racism.

  • Russell Benigno

    I have a feeling these racist are going to drag us all into a race war and will be eliminated once and for all. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0fae454b7820714267499ef92d9a17867ae33211d7b33873b28aa3e8434c5643.jpg

    • Corpseman57

      First, hire nonwhites to Dept of Homeland security. Then, confiscate civilian guns. Then start the white round ups. Charge them with hate thought.

      • Corpseman57

        By “them” I mean “us.”

        I realy despise liberals.

        • Jimmy__Russell

          We don’t need ’round-ups’; pretty much everyone considers liberals/SJWs as cringe-inducing.
          Defund their Federal money, that’s the way to fuck them over at long last, they never had a right to our cash in the first place.

  • Greg Allen

    Africa has done so well over the centuries. Just look at how science, technology and agriculture have done under black leadership. When slavery was introduced by blacks selling black slaves to whites, the whites tried and failed to teach them how to work or to think for themselves. Now we are stuck with them.

  • Jack Coyote

    Resumes that cross my desk with Evergreen in the schools attended section go right in the trash.

  • RegisteredDemocrat

    White people are THE WORST! They need to be banned from college entirely. They have too much privilege already.

  • Rlee

    They would still be in their rat hole corners of the world eating dirt and flies if it wasn’t for white people.

  • MATTY1351

    POC! White’s a color isn’t it?

  • Baron Karza

    Voter ID is racist because it makes you show who you is.

  • Carl Anon

    Taking an eye for an eye approach is not productive for a class of people seeking equality. Actually, I don’t believe that they really want equality. I think that they’re searching for reasons to be petty and punish people who have had nothing to do with their misfortunes. They’d rather kick the dog instead of looking inwardly at a failed culture.

    I know so many nonwhite immigrant families who came to the USA with absolutely nothing, but have children who turn out to be doctors and lawyers. We have societal problems that could be fixed in a single generation if people would only value education.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Well said, anon.
      I wish we could just have our Constitution back, the one the Framers wrote for everyone so we wouldn’t have to put up with all these less-than-worthless shits in the private sector.


    “Strong” negros need their safe space, LOL. I look forward to reading all the opinion pieces about weed and KFC.

  • Jackson Caldwell

    Please god, let white students pretend to be black and send in questions like “Why cant I stop stealing?”

  • publius327

    Yummy yummy racism.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Everybody loves racism now.

  • perpetual victimhoods….

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b4156412f8b81b0e0036192e7b7c919d6bc91cdc7a6dcb019db950b701f43aad.jpg what was the name of that one song by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney???

  • Piquerish

    Oh, more gibbering contretemps from the brachiating denizens of the Entitlementarian School of Race Wankery. Yawn.

  • Schoendog

    Blacks are cowards who can’t handle diversity or points of views different than their own. Because of this, they portray inferiority to the world and will always be thought of as inferior beings.

    • Corpseman57

      Liberals of all color are cowards.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Not all, but most.

  • publius327

    We dream of a day when all races can be separate and resentful of each other. At Evergreen State, we’re making tomorrow a reality, today.

  • Honest Abe

    I can’t really see where the best way to end racism is by creating even more racism. At some point in history every race, creed or color of human being has been enslaved by people from another race creed or color. I personally have never owned a slave or any other other human being, have never met a person that owned another human being or anyone who met or owned another human being. If any group needs a safe column or blog or op-ed I think they just might be the fragile person.

  • Can’t care any less for racist POC’s, POV’s. Phooey

  • oncearat

    So you cannot deal with the world ….make believe ..there are only people like you… sounds like a child not a young adult…as an adult have the guts to sign your opinion not anonymous

  • pokerchip

    Evidently intimidated by superior thinking.

  • jtripper

    Marxist racism is alive and well in the US.

  • model94

    One wonders if the high yallers have taken over the boss roles here. Like with Obama’s administration. Anyhow, nobody axed me.

    • erichwalker

      Prezactly. Ain’t nuffin of anybuzzyz biznats. Dey can do wat dey do anydo. Jus gibme mine and don’t axe no queshuns bout how much hooch I been drinkin.

    • The Gentle Grizzly

      Look up Enoch Powell’s “rivers of blood” speech. Different country but same issue.

  • Marash Raman Basid

    Evergreen State College where bell curvers can actually get admitted to. I’m glad the two professors walked away with a cool half a million.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      How commie professors get rich, ripping off the taxpayers because the school doesn’t honor Constitutional rights.

  • lmc

    Where are the State and Federal Attorney Generals to combat this racist behavior? Justice for ALL.

  • Patriot 69

    Fuuck the BLM Racist pigs!

  • dat

    “for people of color by people of color” is racism is it’s purest form. A mirror image of the open overt racism responsible for the “Whites Only” signs once common in the deep south. The victims of the atrocity that is racism now openly promote and commit the same crime against others. Who among our leaders is paying for and enabling this agenda of hate and division in our society? Who wins? Not black people. Not white people. Not people of any particular race, creed or color. So many good intelligent people played, manipulated and used. Who really wins this game? You already know.

  • Monty Simmons

    Blacks use to say that “White Flight” was the problem that caused once beautiful neighborhoods to turn into slums after Blacks move into such area and whites moved out.

    Now Blacks claim it is to much “Whiteness” that is the problem. LOL.

    Maybe the problem is Blacks and their piss poor attitude and bad behaivor that is the problem?

  • GWAR44
  • Deplorable bob


  • RJ MacReady

    I think they meant to say “for racist people by racist people”.

  • newscaper

    I’m confused, if we have supremacy and privilege, doesn’t the idea of fragility seem to be somewhat self-contradictory? If we’re supreme in spite of fragile, how lame is everyone else?

    They can console themselves with the Black Panther ‘wuz kangz’ movie support for *their* fragile egos when it comes out during Black History Month.

  • John Schilling

    “Baltimore sees 319th killing of 2017, eclipsing last year’s homicide total”

    HELL, YEAH! Blacks: a self-eradicating scourge! Fun to watch! Keep it up, nogs!

    • The Gentle Grizzly

      Baltimore “teens” are why I am “pro-choice”.

  • barry ocarter ll

    More interested in spouting off about race than learning life and work skills. In the real world we don’t care if you’re POC. We care if you’re a team player and can make us money.

  • George

    Evergreen State is a flippin’ joke. Any employer who hires an ES grad is a fool; any ES grad can take that diploma and put it next to the Charmin.

  • Chingadero

    Dear POC. You will be but a footnote. A really small one. Have fun for the next couple of years. Grow up. Get a job.

  • Mr. White

    So… where’s the whites-only section, where we don’t have to worry about being called “ray-siss” no matter what we say?

    • Jimmy__Russell

      It’s coming, by their own standards.

  • ezrvs1

    Ignorant fools. These tiny minded affirmative action beneficiaries and outright boobs are demanding racial segregation all over again. Have they never heard of Brown vs Board of Education. I saw where BLM is planning a ‘white business’ boycott. Please segregate stupid from me.

  • susandanielspi

    They want segregation again? Send them to the back of the bus.

  • Jex Smx

    nothing to see here, folks – please move along…
    “evergreen state” – nuff said.
    before folks get all knotted up, please take a few minutes to research the institution.
    100% trash product from 100% trash institution – THE bottom of the barrel when it comes to higher learning.
    not worth time, effort, or concern.

  • fozzydabear

    White fragility? Who are the ones who made up the laughable concept of a ‘microaggression’? Or tries to redefine the word ‘racism’ as something that can only be perpetuated by whites because they can’t stand having it pointed out when they act racist?

    But that’s the face of modern diversity – angry, intolerant, and more than a little bit stupid.

  • Dr. SecessionNow

    I don’t care if “people of color” (which means everyone but White people…right?) have their own paper. Does anyone really care?
    The problem is that these same “people of color” would be “outraged” at a Whites only newspaper. It is the double standard that is unacceptable.

  • IceStar

    What a bunch of losers.

    What I see is black fragility, insecurity, inferiority complex ridden,unhinged from reality babies.

    Go ahead and segregate yourselves, no one with any sense cares what mental midgets like them say, think, or do.

  • Robert Raulerson

    they can kiss my white ass

  • TalkingDust

    Then there’s the no-whites-allowed bathrooms and drinking fountains….

  • Carl Spackler, Jr.

    Evergreen will be looking for the door of the bankruptcy court within five years.

    • Jesse Jenkem

      Soros, or some other Liberal Billionaire will give the “College” a grant.

  • DoctorZin

    Everdescending Spiral of Stupidity

  • Clyde_Frog

    Then they need a no-blacks-allowed section as well and when they act like babies and throw a fit and don’t allow it sue them for racial discrimination which this quite clearly is.

  • Friendo

    People of color? Well isn’t that a kick! We now can choose our race! It’s fine to be “trans-racial” as it is to be “trans-gender”… Let me ask Rachel Dolezal…

  • Mike Herman

    Segregation is back. Martin Luther King would be proud.

  • Mike Herman

    And because math is a white supremacist offense to blacks, no number are allowed on that page.

  • Joe Hart

    People new taken from the jungle and a life of living under a bush with maggots crawling all over them shouldnt complain. Also its time to take the free college ride away from these racist pests.

  • xx

    As long as there is a “Whites Only” section, then I think it is fine. I think segregation would solve many problems.

  • commenter

    Evergreen State College = racist

  • notfondoflibs

    The blacks at Evergreen College should get themselves “therapy dogs” to keep themselves calm. What a pathetic institution.

  • Friendo

    This may be a good idea! Now we can isolate ghetto-speak and gibberish to one corner of the newspaper.

  • Sergey Kropotov

    better send black back to africa

  • jfw3

    Anymore it’s becoming harder and harder not to be a racist. It really is. Today its no whites allowed. I fully expect whites to get demoted to the old 3/5 a person model before long. You laugh. Just wait.

  • Sergey Kropotov

    Why my comment was removed?

  • Helen

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  • mcradio43

    Evergreen again! When is someone going to burn that sorry of an excuse for a school down. And string up those Antifa idiots while you’re at it.

  • dd121

    Keep up the good work you leftist fools. All the negro leftist hate directed at whites has awakened 10s of thousands who were mostly comfortably asleep.


    I can’t say I’ve EVER cared what black people think or say!!! As long as I’ve been alive, THEY have
    been responsible for MOST of the crime in our Country!!! Wanting to know what blacks think, is
    like asking a pedophile for childcare advise!!!

  • Dire Wolf

    Fifty years after segregation was outlawed in the United States of America, race fetishists at Evergreen (and they’re not the only ones) think it’s cool to self-segregate.

    Now THAT’s progress!

    What’s next, POC plantations? A remake of ‘Blazing Saddles’ with a white guy going “where all the black women at”?

  • Who is a racist now? Can’t have it both ways. Or can’t liberals count?

  • trajan2448

    The legacy of the Obama years. Students of racist ideologies glorifying their destructive hatreds . Pathetic.

  • Jesse Jenkem

    Evergreen State College. Nuff Said.

  • John Robinson

    Absolutely disgusting. The fact that they cant see just how racist they are, is mind boggling.

  • Jane Allgood

    No matter your race, if your parents pay majority(Or all) of your tuition (and/Or rent) so you can use your part time “job” earnings on weed (b/c you don’t want it showing up on the credit card bill your parents gave you, and they will hassle you when you bring them your laundry) then you are privileged! I know you know your degree in basket weaving is useless, but you are learning how to think! The college experience is the point of college (is a luxury afforded only to children of the top 20%). You are way better off than any poor white kid b/c parents can’t help pay bills and can’t support them as adults (let them live with them). So they have to work FT to pay bills, and actually take (and pass) real classes b/c they actually need good jobs after school (daddy can’t hire them), and nobody needs to hire a bunch of unskilled, homeless by choice brats who couldnt recognize actual adversity (Or irony) if it was calling it’s Jewish teacher a Nazi for not segregating himself with his own kind. You will have a long, hard life and a lightly attended funeral.

  • 1NonPermissive

    They’re professional victims filled with self pity, jealousy, and a sense of entitlement.

  • JoeKnows

    Well who cares what these brainless morons think.

  • Astrid Mahler

    Sounds pretty hostile towards white people.

  • Noah Kleugh


  • HJ

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr may have been killed by a racist white man, but his dream is being killed off by racist black people and the Democrat Party. Please for the love of God people, we need to combat racism on all fronts. The large majority of Americans regardless of color have zero hatred toward their fellow American. Why do we let these left wing zealots divide us along racial lines and pit us against the other? Why do we send our kids to these schools where these left wing zealots teach our kids to hate?

  • littlebuddy1

    Can I submit an oped if I wake up feeling like a POC?

  • Mivoyses

    I have a theory on why POC (specifically African descendants) are the way they are.
    Consider the slave trade as it was back in the day. The ships would leave Africa and sail west.
    First they would stop in either the northern part of South America or the eastern Caribbean.
    There they would sell off the best of their cargo and take on the slaves that the owners there did not want for whatever reason. (lazy, slow, crippled, bad attitudes, low mental capacity, etc)
    This they would do at each port working their way north and west through the Caribbean until they eventually reached North America (USA).
    By continuously selling off the best of the slaves and taking on the worst at each port, by the time the ships reached us we had an overall lower quality of slave.
    In other words we ended up with the bottom of the barrel, all the slaves that were either too slow, lazy, crippled, had bad attitudes, low mental capacity or whatever.

    But it’s just a theory. 😉

  • Nitro Noriega

    Sounds like a “safe zone” for racists to say and do racist things… But because they’re black, this form if racism is celebrated when it really should cause an outrage…

    Why did we bother with the Civil Rights movement of the 60s when we could have just continued with segregation, since it appears that’s what they want… For now anyways. Once they get whatever it is they think it is they need today in order to FINALLY thrive, they’ll find something else (always whitey’s fault) to cry about…

    Suck my privilege, beeyotches.

  • Seriously

    Nothing like government sanctioned racism paid for by taxPAYERS…. Defund ALL schools and students NOW.

  • Chicago Lampoon

    The Evergreen State neo-Marxist playground should become the template for federal defunding of schools which have ceased to uphold constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. Washington should get off dead center and cut off their student loan eligibility and all grants starting tomorrow.

  • LCMB

    I bet the POC from the 50s who pushed for desegregation are kicking on the insides of their coffins right now.

  • Sam Huston
  • Arthur444

    No whites and I’m guessing they are not fond of Asians either because they cannot compete. It is a safe space from the humiliation of actually having to deal with cogency. These activists are affirmative action malcontents that have no business being in college. 90% will not graduate, they are woefully unprepared for academic life and are searching for scapegoats in white privilege, patriarchy, and the outrage du jour. These don’t matter and should be ignored.

  • Sue

    White envy is not pretty.

  • Joe Alman

    “My Name is L’Eroy Johnson, I be a POC. Can you tell me what a English Book is? I aint hads to yous one in my H.S..”

    • Prelusive007

      heeeyyy…. dis is Shaniqua … wut? wut are a HS?

  • Leretseh

    I see blacks are now always including ‘other’ people of color in their ridiculous campaign of victimization [by mean ol white people]. No people in human history have been given more – not even close- than African Americans simply b/c of the color of their skin. Time to start standing up to the BULLY race.

  • Jack Sprat

    Soooo, we’re back to calling blacks colored people which is fine by me. How is what they are doing not racist?
    The colored students demand their OWN comment section and it’s given to them by lily white, liberal bedwetters. What next…separate drinking fountains?…

  • RACISM, plain and simple.

  • Michael Dean Miller


    Segregation By Any Means Necessary!
    I don’t care who goes first…just so it begins.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go to work.


  • Dayna Hamilton

    Growing up in the 70’s my parents always taught us to not judge by skin color. Good to know that black parents were doing the exact opposite.

  • Mike

    i would sue the paper, no matter how you slice it, it is anti white behavior and discrimination.

  • William barnett

    Oh great, Evergreen is back. The paper should be named the P.O.S not p.o.c. How can this college still exist? Generally people of hate have trouble preventing hate. I wonder if any federal money is given to the school?

  • Mike

    You must listen to Chris Plante?

  • gene4791

    When I was a child in the 60’s, our parents raised us not to use the words “colored people”.
    “People of color – Colored people” . It is the same Racism.

  • moberndorf

    Racism, rampant on the left. Following the lead of one of their heroes of the ’60s, Charles Manson, they are out to eventually start a race war.

  • Karl Feintuch

    “but ain’t nobody going to pay us ”

    Use that kind of literacy during forthcoming job interviews to find out who else won’t pay you.

  • Banjo

    These POC are fixing to undo decades of affirmative action because what’s the point? It seems they are going to hate us whatever fair efforts are made to assuage (a word most new college students and graduates don’t know) past wrongs. It is a classic case of removing the nose to spite the face.

  • joesandib

    Dear black people, we are withdrawing all white money from your “people of color” society. We wish you the best of luck trying to acquire entitlements from each other.

  • Joseph Von Zipper

    And to think Nigros think because they are black, they aren’t racists. Well now we know… Shame shame. Now I don’t feel so bad using the “n”word. Stupid

  • itsy_bitsy

    It appears that we will soon be involved in another “civil war”, only this one won’t take place between states. We are watching the beginning of a race war against every white person in this country. The fact that there are whites involved in fomenting this war is not particularly important. The abusers of our civil rights are being funded by our tax dollars in many cases. We have already seen violence directed at those who are white by some blacks, and we have watched many governmental institutions abet this behavior. Any organization or group calling for violence or for the denial of rights of White citizens of this country should first have all federal or state funding removed, and second they should also be prosecuted for violating the Constitutional rights of a citizen. We cannot have a race that is above the law, whether that race is white or black.

  • John D

    No problem for me. Why would I care what a bunch of ignorant blacks say?

  • Ann Arbor

    The State of Washington never had slaves, except for those poor drunks that got ShangHai’d. The POC gesture is an effort to displace others to become the DVC (Dominant Victim Class). They are competing with Islamists, LBGT…(rest of alphabet goes here), Jews, Transgenetics, environmentalists, illegal aliens, and liberal arts graduate students. The efforts are condoned by tenured professors whose livelihoods are never at risk like the non-socialist majority.

  • Todd Nelson

    When is there going to be a “talk” that is for PWC (people without color) only? Talk about fragility. Try doing that and see how unhinged the POC become. Try calling for a space where black people are not allowed and see what happens The POC are the new racists.

  • Texan1

    Auto-correct will be working overtime in that section

  • NowHardToStarboardSheerAway

    * Take your engineering class.
    * Stay on campus only as long as it takes to finish your class
    * Stay away from “Political Science”, “Journalist’s” majors.
    * Never go by the student union.
    * Take a marshal art off campus.
    * LCP380 where ever you go? (probably not yet, but soon)

    • Prelusive007

      Glock 26 9mm is somewhat a better choice. . . . .

  • nolie

    I know I am stating the obvious, but “the inmates are running the asylum” applies to the folks in this story. We really need a sanity test for candidates for any positon in our once great higher education instructions.

  • Craig B.

    The “racists” were right about non-Whites all along…

  • Bill Surina

    Wow what a leap forward in openness and tolerance. The non-white students at Evergreen must be a very sensitive and privileged to have their fragility protected from opinions other than the leftist mantras that form their values.

  • Matt Esquire

    The double standard makes me sick. Racism is just as disgusting in black face.

  • ata777

    Whites are fragile, but people of color need segregated column space so their opinions can remain protected from serious challenge. Is it possible that non-whites are immune to irony?

  • kilroy5440

    Morons. Self imposing segregation on themselves. And then demanding those they’ve ostracized to empathize and support their “struggle”. Now white people are judged entirely on skin color by some “people of color”. The irony of this intuitively obvious, at least to the thinking person. Content of character is out the window. So much for Dr. King’s dream. Sadly, many of these children…and they are children…will grow up to assume positions of power in government and then will have the means to impose their racist ideology on the rest of us. But then again, this minor university is always on the cutting edge of hating whitey.

  • Kummin

    I’m a white, heterosexual male, and, yes, the world IS made for me. LMAO!

  • Prelusive007

    The most divisive President of the USA, Barack Obama, set the standard for such stupidity during his 8 years of one clusterf*ck after another. All while being enabled and constantly propped up by a leftwing who just couldn’t bear to face his ineptness because they had a black guilt complex and were afraid to be objective about his performance.

    Now, as one result, we have a division in our country that goes so deep that black tinted Americans feel the need to self-segregate. Note to black Americans: If that’s what you choose .. if that’s what you want .. to go back to the 50’s lifestyle; so be it. You won’t find much argument by other races if you choose to segregate yourself. Frankly, you need us a LOT more than we need most of you.

  • ponchoholic

    Finally some one else know the origin of the term redneck.

  • I survived the GAY kenyan


  • ounceoflogic

    It should be noted that Evergreen State College is in Olympia, Washington, not in the actual United States. That said, “Public funding constitutes 46 percent of Evergreen’s annual revenue — $55.2 million from state appropriations and $32.3 million in state and federal grants.” according to the National Review. That should stop immediately, as should all alumni donations and grants and enrollments from people who do not support Racism.

  • Dr.Tickles

    HA!!! Everyday you flakes prove what everyone’s says about you. You people are a comedy show.

  • Jeffjr04

    These idiots that want segregation back don’t have a clue what their parents and grandparents fought for. If they hate whites so bad why don’t they become American-Africans? They are free to move back. They don’t know that the very first slave owner was black. They also don’t know that america was for a long time not segregated, even before the forced integration. They puff and boast about how great they are and yet every single life problem comes down to blame others. They made it to college with the potential for any career they like and as adults would rather spend their time blaming their future employees and coworkers for their non existent plight.

  • Dexter Dudley

    The media and un-elected minority leadership continue to push the open lie of equality and equal rights. However, evidence continues to expose there is no inequality of rights – only one of perception. Today’s activist minority class perceives the material rewards of the world are obtained by force. Now and in the past. That a system of “white privilege” was created to rob the country and world of its blood and treasure in order to advantage those of white skin tone. While the horrors of American slavery and Jim Crowe are real, they’re now a fading part of our history and as real in today’s world as a visit to a historical South Carolina plantation is. Bring me material evidence of Black Americans being actively excluded from the political process and voting and I will rent the buses and drive with you to the location and work along side you to prosecute those perpetuating the crime. (Remember, the Obama Administration spent 8 years actively pursuing this very thing with a smug “See, I told you so.” attitude. They didn’t find much. Not because it was hidden so well, but because it’s really there anymore.)

    Today’s Black activists, like BLM, aren’t interested in “equality if experience” because they understand the White experience, like that of other groups, is predominantly centered upon hard work, a principled life, faith and respect of country. Instead of seeing these principles as the means for obtaining their share of the American bounty, they see these principles as instruments of White Privilege designed to exclude others from participating in the most America has to offer. Is this the fault of White Americans? Should White Americans feel guilty for the subtlety of passive racism because they continue to work and invest in the America available to all, why so many in the Black community continue to believe the system is rigged and the world is a zero-sum equation. It’s not.

    The truth is “people’s actions are a reflection of what they believe”. This is not a race thing, but a free will thing. If a man attends church each week and declares he lives a devote life…yet regularly beats his wife and comes home drunk on a regular basis…which is the truth? What he declares or what his actions reveal? The same can be said for communities. While America rewards those who “save first and spend what’s left over”, what’s revealed of those whose chose to “spend first and save if any is left over”. The case for White America being responsible for the condition of Black America is rapidly fading into history. White America is not responsible for 75% of Black kids being born into single parent homes. Less than 50% of Blacks graduating High School. Representing 12% of the population but representing 55% of all violent crime committed. And on and on. The truth BLM doesn’t want talk about is, their actions are a reflection of what they believe. The same is true of their lifestyle choices.

    How often, when an incrediably talented young black man out runs or jumps all others and scores a touch down, do we see an over-the-top, in your face, “see I did it even though the system, white privilege, racism, etc. tried to hold me back” end zone display? The truth is, why are they so surprised? If they have the talent and perfected it, why are they surprised when they score? Wasn’t this their intention? Didn’t they expect to score? Was it luck? Of course not. Shouldn’t the correct response be to act as if you’ve been there before and you’ll do it again real soon? The point is, Black America would be better served by emulating what other successful people do. To pursue wealth, not riches. Peak at White Americas paper and copy what works in order to build their own success, not expect it from others or attempt to steal it. Adjust their behaviors to match a new set of beliefs rather than set themselves up for another failed generation.

  • Nancy Kline

    It’s past time for every “university” to research the meaning of the purpose schools were established= to educate every student with all sides of every issue. An “event” that eliminates all “white” students from campus is promoting an evil plague that is called “racism” which is 100% wrong legally and scientifically. Every human on earth shares one blood and one basic DNA. There is only ONE RACE of mankind, verified by the information given to the created human race by the Creator, the God of the Bible. Science verifies the truth of the unique DNA and blood that is used to identify individuals, live or dead. The idea of “races” was invented by God’s rebel angel Lucifer (AKA Satan, or Devil)
    to divide the human race with hate and cause murders and wars. God wants all humans to know the truth and to choose the correct and verifiably proven facts to live by. The evil chaos in our news daily stems from this human error of choosing lies and deceits to live by. There are consequences to what we choose to believe. I choose God’s and honest science’s logic and reason and historic (6,000 years todate) facts.

  • wendell harris

    “This is a place where we can be us”. There are other places in the world but they probably won’t put up with your nonsensical BS. How’s about Africa? Choose any country there if you have the nerve. I’m sure they feel black lives matter as well.

  • The Un-PC Truth

    An American university ‘education’ is becoming more of a liability every day. Work experience will soon be more valued, if it isn’t already.

  • LoneStarVeteran

    Racism is ugly, no matter who is overtly perpetuating it. This college is teaching these minority students lessons that exclusivity based on race is acceptable. This will not fly in our society removed from liberal academia…

  • Proving that the most racist ethnic group in this country are the blacks. I’m enjoying watch you run Evergreen into the ground with your lunacy.

  • OnlyWink

    You can’t justify or excuse racism for every race except one; it’s either wrong for all or it’s wrong for none. Hypocrisy teaches nothing, rights no wrongs and weakens all arguments.

  • DTTyrannts

    Where in Hell is evergreen state? Never heard of it before. Is that an insane asylum or mental institute? Sure sounds like it!!! Oh well just another dysfunctional place that produces absolutely nothing but horse💩!!!

  • Mister Sphincter

    Don’t hate them. These dumb people are the brainwashed product of schooling that has instructed them that all Whites are guilty of something or another. What indoctrination they miss in college, they’ll easily make up by picking up any U.S. newspaper or magazine or see on any news channel. In the meantime, Whites should do as the Weinsteins did, and sue the sh1t out of these bigots.

  • Avatar is a mirror

    Stop federal funding at this school.

  • Agent Smith

    Keep poking the Lion guys, I’m sure it’ll never bite you.

  • Oracle

    “we can be us without it being overshadowed by the dark cloud that is living under white supremacy”…oh, right. You people don’t “live under white supremacy” – there IS none. Get some news somewhere else besides BET.

    It’s not the fault of “white people” that all these decades, during which you have been offered every kind of special treatment imaginable to enable you to step up to the plate and show that you’re capable of being productive and self-sufficient, you’ve failed miserably. Educate yourselves so you can do something besides rap and sports. That’s not “white peoples'” fault – IT’S ON YOU, AND YOU ALONE.

    Start taking a little personal responsibility for yourselves, and stop trying to blame your abject failures on “white people”. Stop runnin’ dope and ho’s and do something productive for a change. Name your babies ordinary, AMERICAN names, and stop with all the silly made up crap – Tayshaun, Deron, Rau’shee, Raynell, Deontay, Taraje, Jozy, Kerron, Hyleas, Chaunte, Bershawn…are you kidding me? Get a life. And lose the rampant racism among yourselves – it’s not the “white people” who are the racists, IT’S YOU.

  • 2noxtnt

    A reformation at the college/university level is much needed.

  • Captaindiesalot

    The barbarians better hope we never get really angry, because it would get very bad for them…there’s a lot of us who are getting angrier at the BS, and if we explode…

  • JimFogleman

    I am sure that the PoC crowd will soon dictate ‘Colored only’ drinking fountains etc. ‘Jermaine Crow’ is coming soon.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Back in the mean old ’50s,some small town newspapers had a similar feature…they called it the “Colored Corner”….nice to see modern kids longing for the good old days

  • jessespurlock

    OK start a Whites ONLY Section.

  • Joe Hova

    Well how would the editors know if you’re white?
    Just use poor grammar and sign in with something like Roshanda Watts and you’re in ( for POC… you be in)

    • WW lll

      Lol! 🎯

  • buttrtub

    Racist, bigoted segregation SOPHISTRY by POC. This is what America is striving to overcome as social injustice. Yet, their seems to be a push in this country against living in peace. Promoted by people and groups that thrive on the confusion of discord. Freedom of Speech. Either you support it or you don’t

  • jessespurlock

    What about all Of the White Men that Died Freeing the Slaves. The Black Racist’s never mention of them.

    • woody

      Or the white workers who’s taxes pay to educate these morons.

  • babebig00

    “Evergreen State” is a racist black run cesspool that can be smelled miles away..needs to be discredited

    • woody

      Yeah, right after they burn it down.

  • k962

    Ah,Now I see Black racism is ok, but white Racism is not !

  • espy

    To them “white fragility” is pointing out how racist they’re being by not allowing all opinions. Plain and simple. Its easy to claim its not racist if you label it something else. How was it termed during the Civil Rights Movement? “Separate but equal,” I believe.

  • Knoblauchwurst

    Race war in the making.

    • Bruce Kramer

      200 million whites VS 19 million blacks…My oh my…who wants pancakes…minus the Aunt Jemime syrup…We “crackers” got to be exclusive…Pass me the Mrs. Butterworth…

  • Ironic1

    We should start something called segregation and see how that works……ooops my bad that has been tried and as I recall it was the northern people, mostly devilish whites who demanded that all men are created equal. Now we are told to get out of the way and hide because the “learned” people have a voice. You stupid people

  • Terry Johnson

    Does anyone see a problem with this? It is spreading racism….because as you exclude one group, they will gather together…and have a no African-American section, a no Hispanic section, a no homosexual section….shame on this school…

  • Joe in OH

    We want to be among our own so we can spend time criticizing whites for not doing enough to bring us into their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and lives. Brilliant!

  • steveh3

    Blacks will never let go of the victim claim. They could be paid reparations, which they have screamed for, and nothing would change. In their minds, whites ravaged African villages, taking men, women, and children from their grass huts and shipped them to the new world as slaves. Blacks had nothing to do with the slave trade and nobody in the history of humanity was a slave other than blacks. If there is any delusion of history, it is clearly on display within a large portion of the black community. Slavery was wrong, I’m not making the point that it was right or good. Just saying that blacks are a little loose with the facts and are using those loose facts as a tool to promote themselves as perpetual victims and not responsible in any way for slavery.

  • Jess Axen

    These students are ignorant racists who will complete their “education” with high degrees of ignorance and racism.

  • Milan Sikela

    It’s the same old anti-White agenda being pimped by racists with a tan. I was the best man at one of my best friend’s wedding who is Filipino. The best man at my wedding is another one of my best friends who is Mexican. And I was invited to be a groomsman in my Samoan uso’s wedding. Most of my friends are non-White. I’m not racist. However the shit-colored racists at Ever-weak “College” would have you think I’m racist because I’m White. This sickening anti-White racism proves that so-called “civil rights” has been one long attempt at destroying the heterosexual White Man. To any POC that agree with this blatant, disgusting, and traitorous racism, i continue to grow more White every day. I celebrate myself, my culture, and my people’s accomplishments every day. All my friends who are non-White agree with me and say that they are pissed off that these POC racist bigoted fascists are making non-Whites look bad. I’m the Whitest White Man To Ever Be White. To all the piece of shit non-Whites promulgating this anti-White insanity and racism, just ask yourself when you wake up tomorrow, how many things you use throughout the day were invented by White people? Basically…everything. While we chart the depths of deep space, split the atom, cure diseases, build incredible feats of engineering, make the most awesome movies you will ever see, invent and play the most powerful music ever created (death metal), and do badass crazy shit like proximity flying and base jumping and a million other amazing things, what do you got? A couple slang words and a dance step or two? You have made a mockery of true civil rights. It is you who are the racists, not us. Think about it: who else would invent something called an airplane and then invent something called skydiving to jump out of an airplane? Just another example of White Man badassery. Fuck your anti-White agenda.

  • idontknow

    And if we bring back ‘no blacks allowed’ lunch counters, is that okay too?

  • Jack Frost

    No problem, now there should be a White Only section and all will be good. Make it happen!

  • Oconn

    Boo hoo . Poor little me. I’m black . Boo hoo. Get off your pitty pots and get over yourselves !

  • libysnow

    Notice how these blatant racists loop “People of Color” together like they speak for all POC…

    …The colliding of ignorance and arrogance on their part is a macro-aggression against all of humanity.

  • USMCSniper

    Blacks should stop fussing and fretting. Blacks will be just a well off under Trump as Obama. Whitey will still continue paying all their bills through the nose. Where else in the world can a single Black woman have six children from six different “Baby Daddies” and collect $50,000 in cash cards and housing benefits annually, get free medical care for her family, pay no taxes, doesn’t even have to look for work let alone work, and when her children are in school they get two or three free meals a day, and even free meals in some states during summer vacation. And the “Baby Daddies” don’t ever have to pay child support. Life is good in the hood.

    President Obama is not going away though. He has already resumed his community organizing domestically as a race hustler keeping Black people fearful, angry, resentful, and even hostile to white people in order to keep them on the Democrat voting block as a dependency class to constantly reelect all the Congressional Black Caucus parasites like Maxine Waters and John Lewis who live high on the hog off the government while they’re doing absolutely nothing for the Black Community.

  • Bruce Kramer

    Now I know why Abe Lincoln offered Negroes the opportunity going back to Liberia…
    That “exclusion only section” will make for excellent puppy pooping training paper…


    Only people on the left coast could be this stupid. Oh wait, the right coast too.

  • Archduke Ferdinand

    Right beside the No Blacks Allowed section, I’m sure.

  • bscook111

    First article: GD-it Whitey, we need more affirmative action and free stuff.

  • Donald Moeser

    Well, I suppose they should have the right to do whatever they want with their own paper. But that then would apply both ways.

  • BurmaShave2

    Evergreen College keeps popping up in the national news, and ever time it does so it is on account of another over-the-top outbreak of virulent anti-white racism. Last school year anti-white racist took over the President’s office and announced to the president a litany of anti-white racist demands, to which the president agreed without any significant resistance. The school has become a citadel of racism. And it is supported by the State of Washington. State of Washington should disassociate from Evergreen College and drop its support for this racist institution. Let Evergreen sink or swim as a private institution.

  • Ken Price

    I can only imagine the destruction these racists would cause if there was a “whites only” comment section. The entire United States would be on fire with Sharpton and Jackson hovering around to see how much money they could get out of this one.

  • DisgustedwithElitism

    Such blatant discrimination is more than enough grounds for cutting off all funding and eliminating any academic credits that may attach to working on the student newspaper. The university should seriously evaluate the competence of any faculty or administrative advisory staff, and if the university will not, the legislature should.

  • jhpoland

    Of Course they will have a NO Blacks allowed section there too !!
    NOT !!
    If they can’t see this is Racism they are NOT Smart enough to be in College !

  • Alexion

    Until the 1400’s they had an entire continent to themselves and what did they do with it? Never mind I forgot that all the go getters left Africa approximately 30,000 years ago to make a better life for themselves elsewhere.

  • Jim Brackeen

    It’s amazing that blatant racism is being condoned and encouraged. It’s crazy. I’m so glad I don’t live in a snowflake state.

  • Feldwebel Schultz

    1964 Segregation must end. Ok, done; and we’ll throw in the Civil Rights Act.
    1974 Progress
    1984 Progress
    1994 Progress
    2004 Progress
    2009 Hi, elections have consequences.
    2010-2017 Right back to pre-1964

    • Alexion

      Love it. Obama has done more than anyone else in setting back race relations. He broke the glass ceiling and replaced it with concrete.

      • Feldwebel Schultz

        All part of Cultural Marxism brought to you by the Frankfurt School.

  • L Garou

    LOL, go ahead all you minorities, et al. Drive all the white people (and nations) into each others arms and let’s see how that works out for you.. Brilliant!

  • So it’s okay to make Whites only paper to…… Lets call it “It’s okay to be White”…

  • Ralloh

    Fine, then allow a “Whites Only” paper. I hate to say it, but, although I have tried to be color blind all my life, what has been happening over the past decade has made me very racist. Not that I want anyone treated any different, I just would rather associate with my own kind. I guess that’s called separate but equal.

  • Fish4food

    Say my with name is Michael Jones. Am I white, black, or other? How do you know? You have to submit a picture and DNA along your opinion piece??

    • Alexion

      According to Brown University you can just claim to be Transracial.

  • kwwrg

    Can never begin to minimize the horror of slavery but I wonder if any of these black students ever stop to consider where they would be today if their ancestors had not been brought here as slaves? I’m guessing they would not be university students in the greatest country in the world and enjoying the benefits and opportunities of living in that country.

  • alpha1six

    Wow, are there any controls on this site? The racist posts from all sides is blatant and offensive in the extreme.

    • Liberals Destroy Freedom

      “Control”? You guys love to control everything and everybody. That is NOT how America works. Go live in NK if that’s your thing.

  • CG59

    And then there was the RAZAfarian editor there at Texas State’s ‘University Star’. I’m ashamed for my Alma Mater. At least they changed the name since I graduated.

  • Eddie Meeks

    Racist minority …. What’s new, blacks and Hispanics are very racist people.

  • mariner

    They they are just profiteering off past slavery and are no better than past slave holders, if they really cared about slavery they would be talking about what’s happening in Libya right now.

  • borgcube

    I do hope the staff has done the same with their office drinking fountains.

  • Frank Krise

    Isn’t white a color thus making them also a person of color or are we just promoting segregation?

    • antiliberal

      Technically, black and white are shades.

  • Racher

    So then a no blacks section would be ok?

  • David Hedricks

    Racism. Pure and simple.

  • Bob Ames

    Not too worried as long as there is the second amendment. If I lived in the typical world sh*t hole where only the benevolent government has weapons and this was happening I would be thinking pogrom.

  • CFC

    The exclusion of people based on skin color? Segregation by skin color? Evergreen is the canary in the coal mine. Years of America dismantling prejudice away, gone in a New York minute. I’m sure the collectivists all think they all will be lords of the ruling a new party. Marxist princes dispensing justice through “equality” and “inclusiveness”. Their cries of violence inflicted by words is a sick pledge to enact violence against others. Creeping sharia of freedom. It might take real violence to fix this problem. Take note, as western society becomes more “tolerant” the call is not for peace and equality but revenge and genocide. BTW I think segregation is a marvelous idea. They have my vote.

  • skswig

    Another example of the left eating it’s own.

  • Widget30

    I love it when POC self segregate. They make it clear how little they count.

  • LibPillowBiter

    Evergreen is a freak show.

  • Denisescapedca

    Blacks are such pathetic losers.

  • Liberals Destroy Freedom

    Blacks are obviously more racist than Whites. The irony of this POC only column, BLM, NAACP, Black only dorms, BET, etc. is astounding. You’d almost think they are terrified to not be considered “victims” of so-called White priviledge. If they weren’t “victims” anymore, they’d have to live by the same standards as Whites, which means they would have to hold themselves accountable for their own production as members of our American society, which honestly, is not very productive.

  • Dave

    And how is this not racial prejudice?

  • Randal Brown

    POC is a code term for Anti-white racism. It’s like when Constance Wu said mat damon shouldn’t be the lead character in the Great wall movie, then in typical LOW IQ fashion equated someone like Ghandi, or mandella should have played the role. As if they would be a more historically accurate representation of the builders of the great wall of china.

  • The Mikado

    Oh dear… racist leftists. I just don’t believe it!

  • alter

    Racist colleges like this one should lose all tax breaks, and lose their accreditation, and be fined by the government and forfeit all their endowment funds.

    • Dave

      I like the way you think, hit the commies right in their man-bags.

  • The double standard gets old quickly. I’m sure a “whites only” section would quickly be deemed racist.

    • Liberals Destroy Freedom

      It wouldn’t be allowed.

  • Bruce Darling

    What will Evergreen’s brown/black/red snowflakes do to support themselves after earning their degrees in ethnic/gender/queer/peace studies, art history, etc.? They’ll probably blame the lack of employable skills on whitey.

  • nfinityman

    Too funny. Its like climbing into the wayback machine except this time the people of color are the racists and they are practicing self segregation. Good luck with that equality concept thing, you seem to have missed the point all together. No one really cares if you want to do your own thing as long as its not at the expense of so called white people. What does that even mean anyway? Oh, yeah, what you really mean is anyone who doesn’t meet your personal criteria for people of color. I mean, asians are people of color, are they included or excluded??? What about people from the Urals? Are they people of color? What about people from Spain? Just where do you draw the line with this kind of obviously racist behavior.

    Oh, I get it, I’m sure people of color can’t be racist under your definition so its ok to be a practicing racist for you and your special circle of friends.

  • Beedogz

    Where is the “whitey only” column? Do whites have to sit in the back of classrooms, and ride in the back of the buses? Is there POC only bathrooms and water fountains? Make whitey live and eat separately?

    Somebody sue this “college”.

  • Beedogz
  • skillett

    Amazing it flies !

  • Larry Moran

    This is where bad writing goes to sicken and die. Oh, well. Most of them can’t speak so what do I expect.

  • This has gone too far….the white race is the race that ABOLISHED SLAVERY you IDIOTS! This is racism in its purist form. Expel all those responsible for this crap.

  • twistin

    so you want segregation now?