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Jury takes 28 minutes to acquit student accused of rape – long after college expelled him for it

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On campus, the allegations were damning and life-altering. In the jury deliberation room, they were rubbish.

A student expelled by the College of Charleston in 2014 for rape has been vindicated by the criminal justice system, though his life has already been ruined beyond repair.

The Post and Courier reports that a jury took just 28 minutes to acquit Paul Heyward Robinson of sexually assaulting a fellow student who claimed she passed out and woke in the middle of the assault.

Prosecutors are blaming police bungling for the loss, rather than questioning the strength of the evidence:

At Robinson’s three-day trial in late November, defense attorneys said the police investigator acknowledged never reviewing a medical exam of the victim or interviewing key witnesses before arresting him.

“There were aspects of the investigation that were not as thorough as it could have been,” said Assistant Solicitor Drew Evans, who prosecuted the case, “and the detective acknowledged this.”

As with other cases – including a rare male-against-female accusation – Robinson’s lawyers said the accuser reported the sexual encounter as nonconsensual because of social pressure.

The two met for the time first that night – a Valentine’s Day date arranged through a dating app. Now both 31, they were older than the average on-campus undergraduate.

The College of Charleston wasted little time after Robinson was arrested, expelling him after a quickie Title IX trial under the “50 percent and a feather” preponderance standard of evidence. His accuser said she didn’t feel safe with him on campus.

Though Robinson didn’t sue the college, he’s now suing Charleston police for a “shoddy probe,” according to the paper, which continually refers to his accuser as a “victim” despite Robinson’s lightning-fast acquittal.

Another College of Charleston student is taking direct aim at the college’s Title IX disciplinary procedures, however.

The unnamed student’s lawyer, Kristina Supler, told the paper that colleges “went from under-tackling the issue to mismanagement and deprivation of human rights [for accused students]. It’s a situation where students are left to defend themselves with very few avenues.”

Read the article.

h/t Scott Greenfield

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  • Vincent Kinney

    We don’t live in a rape culture, we live in a rabid feminist false-rape-accusation culture. The sentence for falsely accusing rape should be a mandatory 10 years in prison.

    • Keith

      Nail on the head! It’s too bad I can only give you one upvote.

    • Myron

      Whatever the accused would have gotten is what all false accusers should get.

      • John_In_Michigan

        Considering it probably took fifteen minutes to elect a foreman and get a cup of coffee, it sounds like there wasn’t much of a case.

        • Myron

          Nevertheless, if you lie about me, and deliberately falsely accuse me of a crime that would, say, get me 10 years, then YOU should be sentenced to 10 years for your false accusation.

          • Sam Butler

            You should certainly receive some punishment.

          • Myron

            Referring to me as the defendant/victim, or as the false-accuser?

        • lspanker

          Don’t forget the 10 minutes to do all the paperwork. That left 3 minutes to poll the jurors, meaning about 15 seconds each to ask “guilty or not guilty”, hear the answer, and record the results.

    • C B

      The issue is, Title IX forces universities to make kangaroo courts. This is why Trump has been talking about getting rid of it.

      • JasonC5

        Not just Trump but also Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education and she got lambasted by women and white knights about the repeal or modification of Title IX.

      • Coach

        It’s not necessarily Title IX itself… it’s the abuse and administration of it.

        • John_In_Michigan

          It is the fact that Title IX was never intended to be applied to allegations of rape. It was intended to help female sports.

      • theminx

        Trump did get rid of it.

    • Oxco

      As a victim of sexual assault I would love to slap these women silly somedays, it makes it impossible for true victims. No words to describe the anger that I feel when this happens, there should be legal repercussions and full restitution for false accusations.

      • Coach

        As a victim of a false accusation that almost bankrupted me…. I’d like to see them imprisoned for 25 years or hung….

        • Oxco


    • Shawn Kodidek

      And put on the sex offenders list.

    • Rowenna

      It is neither a rape culture nor a rabit feminist false-rape-accusation culture. It is a culture of the lefts making whereby a generation have been raised in a highly promiscuous culture where they are bombarded with sexualised imagery via all forms of media throughout the day and whereby their role models in the media set the expectation that sex on the first date is ‘normal’ etc.

      The leftists (of which the feminists are but one of the branches that have been weaponised to undermine the family) have attacked and undermined every aspect of healthy interactions between the sexes leaving the current university generation without a template / expectation of healthy interaction and courting (old word perhaps but appropriate).

      Unfortunately this kids are now adults and as such must be held accountable for their actions – that includes false accusations by women (whether vindictive or confused) as well as the men who think there is no risk for rushing into a sexual relationship with someone they have just met.

      The only way this can be addressed is for the narrative to change and for both men and women to start treating each other with respect and neither to rush into intimate relationships without at the very least, an extended period of getting to know each other and building trust and friendship. If that were the expectation and the rule then the number of such claims would fall overnight.

      • lspanker

        Can’t argue with that…

  • StanUlam

    Male = Guilty.

  • DemocratMafia ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Keep this in mind: Trump is quietly packing the judiciary (and the GOP senate, thanks to Harry Reid invoking the nuclear option for judicial appointments) and soon the lawsuits that will be raining down on these colleges will not be heard by a leftist activist judge, but by one that is set on enforcing the rule of law. Leftists are in big trouble. colleges could soon be sued into oblivion.

    • JasonC5

      The sooner the better. Maybe then more men will start attending colleges for a degree once more as it won’t be skewed in women’s favor. I would hope that these lawsuits would rid the universities and schools of feminist teachers that actually have been shown to give men/ boys lower grades for the same work.

    • John_In_Michigan

      Except for the courts in the “Nutty 9th” (9th Judicial Circuit). There is no hope for that circus.

      • DemocratMafia ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        One of the guys might have to resign b/c of a sex scandal. How nice would that be for Trump to replace him?

        • John_In_Michigan

          It would be great, but he’ll still be one against overwhelming numbers. I foresee a lot of dissenting opinions in that judge’s future.

    • lspanker

      I’m no Trump voter or supporter, but if he were able to do that, I would be happy to give him credit for doing the right thing…

  • Larry Moran

    One hungry lawyer, a big lawsuit, and this kid’s life will be alright. After that he should get a book deal, movie deal, hit the talk-show circuit, then speaking gigs, etc. etc. Have his record formally expunged, run for congress, in line for president in 2032. Where’s the bad life?

    And to the little momma who F’ed him in more ways than one: a heartfelt thanks.

    • ryabone

      Your last name suits you. LMFAO. Moran

  • Viktor Mihaylov

    It is Disgusting what is happening in American Colleges right now …a which hunt ” . Pure Misandry ‘ !

  • Coach

    Mothers and Fathers…. do NOT send your sons to these schools. Just don’t. Send them to either well regarded Christian universities, where they still have morals and values, or teach them to learn a trade. Sending them to any liberal university today is like leading them to slaughter. Leave that for the pathetic cucks and snowflakes, not your sons.

    • Pooh Bear

      As a PhD student at a state university I wholly agree. It’s a cesspool of idiocy and immorality that perceives itself as the bastion of sanity and decorum.

  • Genkidama

    CollegeFix should recommend to the real victim, the one accused, to sue the college.

  • Bill Marshall

    Women do not want equality, they want to make the rules..Their rules say that they have 20 years after having sex to decide whether it was consensual or not… longer if the guy is famous. Meanwhile if the guy offers video proof she was riding him bareback she goes after him for revenge porn….

    When a child walks in to a room the decorum is adjusted to the frailty of the child…. women want to be equal but still want the room to adjust to their snowflake point of view. No Dice. If you go to the sports bar where men are talking about t and a then join in or not but if you don’t like it STFU and GTFO.

    Real rapists should be castrated or killed….. college drunks who make bad decisions need to learn from them. That is what college is for.

    • Rowenna

      Women do not want anything – they are just half the population with their flaws just like men.

      What you assign to women is a desire for power – that is shared by both men and women and approximately 20% of the population have a lack of empathy and a drive for power, influence and wealth. Such people will always be around, all the rest of us can do is learn to recognise and guard against them and not help them divide us.

  • Keith Robertson

    Sue them for millions! This witch hunt has to stop!

  • It’s really telling, since the common man and woman judged the accusations to be false, but the highly liberal colleges didn’t. This whole “don’t blame the victim”, “rape culture” thing has gone way too far, with no due process or doubt, and infantalizes women into little children rather than adults with personal responsibility as well. None of this new movement helps victims of actual assault, nor women being seen as capable of providing valid consent. This whole “always believe” mentality is more suited for 5 year olds who don’t know what sexual coercion is, not grown women and teenagers who certainly do, and should be held accountable for foolish choices.

  • radrave

    Sue, sue, sue! That’s the ticket!