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Public university offers step-by-step instructions on ‘deep-throating during oral sex’

The University of California-Santa Barbara offers its 24,000-plus students many lessons, including step-by-step instructions on how to master “deep-throating during oral sex.”

The advice is doled out through a website hosted by the public university called SexInfo Online, edited by UCSB students who have studied advanced topics in human sexuality and overseen by the school’s sociology department.

SexInfo Online has been around for over a decade, but is maintained regularly, including its article on “deep throating,” which was last updated in December 2017, according to the website.

The “Deep-Throating During Oral Sex” article is written in a largely clinical yet conversational tone, and offers tips on each stage of fellatio, including graphic illustrations that depict different positions of how the penis can be inserted into the mouth, should the reader choose to click on image options.

Other examples of articles published on SexInfo Online include “Situational Homosexuality,” “Sexting,” “The 5 Love Languages,” and “Arguments For and Against Abortion.” The website also teaches that “it is possible to change gender and/or sex.” There’s also sections on topics such as asexuality, body image, miscarriages, and even “snuff films.”

As for its deep throating guide, sections of this article include “Where to Begin,” “I Can’t Breathe!” “Practice, Practice, Practice!” “Communication Is Key,” “What About the Ejaculate?” “What about Condoms?” “What’s Next?” and “Concluding Remarks.”

“As with other forms of oral sex, deep-throating can either be done with the intention of future vaginal or anal penetration or not,” the guide explains, adding it can also be “performed on a toy for sexual pleasure, either alone or with a partner, between two females, or if the receiving partner likes to wear a strap-on and receive fellatio.”

The College Fix reached out to the sociology department seeking comment on the SexInfo website and its maintenance costs. Vice Chair Lisa Hajjar told The Fix she had “absolutely no knowledge” about the site, and department Chair Geoffrey Raymond iterated that SexInfo Online is “is maintained by students from the University of California, Santa Barbara who have studied advanced topics in human sexuality.”

UCSB sociology Professor John Baldwin told The Fix that “SexInfoOnline.com is pretty popular.”

“We reach people in 200 nations and receive questions from many English-speaking states and nations. We answer all the questions that we receive. For my large class of 600 students, I have some PowerPoint slides that remind the students to use the website, and the information is on the class syllabus, too,” Baldwin said in an email, adding most of the feedback about the site is positive.

“When users tell us that we have erroneous information, we check to make sure we are up-to-date and fix any errors,” Baldwin said.

Students can also earn academic credit for working on the website, Baldwin said, adding he only allows his “very best A+ students to participate in the class that hosts SexInfo.”

The professor added, “No [one] has ever said that the material on SexInfo is inappropriate or unnecessary for college students.”

As for the deep-throating guide, it instructs curious readers on practice techniques to “find a penis shaped object—such as a toothbrush, dildo, unpeeled banana, or uncooked penis-shaped vegetable,” noting the object should have a “solid grip” so as not to make a choking hazard of the practice.

If it is a choking hazard, “staying calm and remembering to breathe” is the “best way to avoid triggering the gag reflex.” To clarify, the guide explains that it “is not required to first practice on objects before deep-throating a penis.”

The guide doesn’t stop with the actual performance either, it gives students tips on what to drink to “make swallowing the ejaculate easier.” It suggests “sipping a strong-flavored drink through a straw immediately after swallowing it” and recommends “grape juice, chocolate milk, and iced tea.”

The site also includes “Sexperts,” wherein readers can submit questions they might have about a number of sex-related topics.

Questions such as “Is it okay to swallow semen?” “Could I be pregnant if my partner ejaculated on my body?” and “Can oral sex lead to pregnancy?” are just a few of the popular questions on the site.

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