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President of Lewis & Clark College denounced for not being … clairvoyant

Lewis & Clark College, a small, private college in Portland, Oregon, played host to one of the latest student demand inanities just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Students “occupied” President Barry Glassner’s office until, natch, he agreed to their orders, which include acknowledging that the college “is built on land taken from Native Americans.”

He also must make note that the school “honors slave owners, appropriates Native American culture in some of its art and architecture and asserts the legacy of Anglo-American white supremacy.”

One of the catalysts for the event was the alleged attack of an African student on campus.

And get this: Glassner is being ripped by the occupiers for not being a (mis)fortune teller. They want him to apologize for not being on campus during the student’s assault. 

That, and he needs to offer a mea culpa for not “speak[ing] out about the incident promptly enough after it happened.”

(Glassner was in Washington DC at the time but returned to the college early after hearing of the incident.)

Tanguy Muvuna, the assaulted African student, claims that three white guys suddenly appeared as he was walking back to his dorm shortly after stepping out for a walk. They proceeded to call him the N-word and rough him up with one of the assailants stating “You are going to die tonight.”

Muvana claims that one of the attackers had tried to pour some sort of liquid into his mouth “from a small bottle.” When he finally broke free from the trio and got back to his dorm, he put his finger down his throat to induce vomiting because he was “unsure what the liquid was he swallowed.”

Now here is where the story causes the proverbial eyebrow to get raised. Muvana, from Rwanda, says he contacted police immediately, but refused to go to the hospital.

After people who claimed you were going to die poured a strange potion into your mouth?

Further complicating matters is that Muvana doesn’t exactly stick to the narrative. After his ordeal, he said he was not angry or upset.

“I love everyone here. I love the white people. I love the black people here … Many white people here, they are not racists … I’m safe. I’m safe here,” he offered.

Tanguy does want his attackers to be prosecuted, however.

The other incident which has miffed the L&C occupiers is a familiar one: Someone on the social media site Yik Yak “spewed racial epithets targeting minorities.”

Of course, one might wonder how President Glassner certifying that Lewis & Clark is constructed on Native American lands will aid students like Muvana. Or prevent idiots from using sites like Yik Yak to prove they are idiots. But no one has ever said that many (most) of the recent protester demands across the country actually make sense.

Despite Glassner assuring the protesters that he is “just as committed to these issues” as they are, the students continued outside his office to fundraise for “hir[ing] a chief diversity officer, community outreach,” and “diversifying curriculum.”

Hey, at least the activists gave Glassner a lot of leeway: He has until March 20 to follow through with their requirements.

(h/t to Red Alert Politics.)

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