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Q&A with 'Scott Pilgrim' stars on fanboys, video game influences

After six years, the beloved “Scott Pilgrim” comic book series finally came to an end this past July. Friday, less than a month after the last volume was released, fans of the saga and moviegoers of all stripes can watch Edgar Wright’s (“Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz”) hyper-stylized film version of the story. “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World ” doesn’t adhere strictly to its source material, but the spirit of the books saturates every frame.

(Minnesota Daily) A&E sat down with stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (“Live Free or Die Hard”) and Brandon Routh (“Superman Returns”) to discuss comic culture, fanboys and Edgar Wright’s vision.

The “Scott Pilgrim” visuals draw heavily from videogames. Are you big videogame buffs?

MEW: I’ve never really been that into video games, but when I watch the film and when I read the books I get every reference. So, I feel like it’s just part of my childhood and the generation that I’ve grown up in.

BR: I did grow up playing a lot of games, so reading the comics was a lot of fun. And to see how they were implemented in the movie was very cool as well. If you don’t know them you’re not going to miss out on anything; it just adds some nostalgia for the people who do know it.

Comic book fanboys are notoriously critical of film adaptations. How has their reaction been?

MEW: So far, it’s been really positive. We screened it at Comic-Con , which is where, you know, the diehard fans all were. You could really feel their love for the film and their excitement about it. I’m sure not everybody’s going to be happy, because you can’t win them all, but I think the spirit of the books is so alive in the film. I think that’s what’s most important. I feel it’s the most faithful, in spirit, of any adaptation I’ve ever seen.

Read the full Q&A at the Minnesota Daily.

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