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Radical feminist: Transgender activism’s threat to women is ‘forbidden discourse’ on the left

You want me to compete against a 6′ 7″ dude?

Radical feminists and conservative women are joining together to defend womanhood from transgender incursions via Title IX, calling it a war on women.

At a Heritage Foundation event titled “Biology isn’t bigotry,” a member of the Women’s Liberation Front explained why her group was suing the federal government to stop it from redefining “sex” in Title IX to mean “gender identity.”

Criticizing the presence of biological males in women’s private spaces, such as school bathrooms and locker rooms, has become “forbidden discourse” on the left, said midwife and activist Mary Lou Singleton.

She said her nurse practitioner practice was hit with a boycott because she refused to use the preferred pronouns of an alleged serial rapist who abused children.

The courts are already bending to transgender activism, Singleton said, pointing to the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear an appeal by a breastfeeding mother in 2015. A lower court had said the plaintiff’s company did not engage in sex discrimination when it denied her space to lactate, noting that men “have milk ducts and the hormones responsible for milk production,” too.

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“I am here because as a gay woman, as a lesbian, I’m really sick and tired of being disappeared and being told that my words have no value, that I have no right to speak out, that I have no right to say anything,” Miriam Ben-Shalom told the audience.

An educator and feminist activist, Ben-Shalom is believed to be the first person reinstated into the U.S. military after being discharged for her “professed homosexuality.” She said transgender people were overtaking the LGBT movement and trying to silence views like hers, noting she was disinvited from the Milwaukee Pride Parade for “transphobic” remarks.

Emily Zinos of Ask Me First Minnesota, a campaign to protect the privacy of the state’s women and children, could not make the panel discussion because of a family emergency. Ben-Shalom read a statement from Zinos discussing a gender-neutral kindergarten student at her child’s school.

The other student’s parents demanded the school bathrooms and locker rooms be changed to accommodate the student, according to Zinos’s statement. The school capitulated, citing the government’s new view of Title IX: “It was just the beginning of a wild ride where schools have become indoctrination hubs and biological sex no longer exists.”

Under transgender logic, ‘women athletes wouldn’t exist anymore’

Transgender activism first arose in her life when she worked at a local YMCA, said Kaeley Triller Haver, communications director for the Just Want Privacy campaign in Washington state.

The organization wanted to make its bathrooms accessible based on gender identity rather than sex. When Haver protested, people told her she was “closed-minded” and the new policy was the “loving thing to do,” she said.

A former college athlete, Haver called it “highly offensive to insist that my scholarship that I worked really hard for is now open to somebody who’s six-foot-seven and anatomically male.”

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Kami Mueller, another former college athlete who graduated in 2011, told the event the NCAA is more focused on transgender issues than concussions or sexual assault.

She heads a communications firm that defended North Carolina’s controversial HB 2 law, which requires people to use restrooms in public facilities that match the sex on their birth certificate. A native of the state, Mueller said she continues to plead with lawmakers to protect women’s privacy as the state faces heavy pressure to ditch the law.

The NCAA would spend its time better addressing college debt for athletes, instead of focusing on letting men into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, Mueller said.

“I also think that if we follow that logic, women athletes wouldn’t exist anymore – why not just have one unisex unified team of basketball players?” she said, suggesting that women would be at a competitive disadvantage if biological males were allowed on their teams. “How would that work out?”

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