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REPORT: Twitter account that posts laughable left-wing papers shuts down over ‘veiled threats’

Tenure is meaningless if your colleagues feel mocked

The next Robert Oscar Lopez may be the person behind the anonymous Twitter account @Real_PeerReview.

By highlighting the cringeworthy nature of what passes for academic research in the far-left humanities and social sciences – “simply publishing links to abstracts and highlighting one or two sentences from their summaries” – the account upset some academics so much they threatened to expose the person behind it, The Daily Caller reports:

@Real_PeerReview highlighted more than 1,000 scholarly papers in four months. Many were essentially Mad Libs with various topics inserted between the phrases “whiteness,” “hegemony,” and the “patriarchy.”

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The account shut down abruptly earlier this month because the person who ran it “is not optimistic about ability of the current tenure system (broadly) to protect people in similar situations, especially if the affected people work in humanities,” a source close to the tweeter told the publication:

When people in a position to significantly affect the research of [the tweeter] started asking really pointed questions and making veiled threats, the decision was made to shut it all down.

The anonymous academic has an “advanced degree in social sciences” and allegedly feared professional ruin if that person’s identity was exposed.

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Fortunately a new band of academics picked up where @Real_PeerReview left off, highlighting such research gems as the idea that the “religious right” invented pedophiles, an author’s experience as a “sex tourist in the Caribbean,” and guilt for accidentally traveling first-class (seriously).

One of the academics in the new group account, who goes by @okayultra, told The Daily Caller she lives in a non-Western country where “standing up for gays and personal autonomy” is as dangerous as mocking critical race theory in the West. She has been targeted for outing as well:

In modern academia one can lose a job over the slightest slights. I mean, students could claim they aren’t ‘safe’ around real_peerreview.

Read the post.

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