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Scholar: Republicans Will Become More Ideological

Democrats and leftist ideologues celebrating President Barack Obama’s re-election claim it’s proof that Republicans must become more liberal minded if they want to win elections, but one professor argues just the opposite.

Lester Hunt, a professor of philosophy at University of Wisconsin-Madison, said in an interview with The College Fix that Republicans will actually become more ideological to win future ballot contests.

The background on that argument, Hunt explains, requires a little American history lesson.

Candidates used to be chosen by political professionals, who chose candidates who they thought could win, Hunt said. Now they are chosen in primaries, by voters, who choose candidates they like.

“Since the average voter is non-ideological, this biases the system in favor of non-ideological … moderate candidates, like (Mitt) Romney,” he said. “If such a candidate is running against an ideological candidate, like Obama, the moderate is poorly positioned to deliver the contrasting message.”

With that, the presidential election will change the Republican party, Hunt opined.

“It will become more ideological,” he said. “Had they won, they would have been led by a non-ideological person for four years. They will not be working under that burden.”

Asked about how Obama won, Hunt suggested that “in his entire life, Obama has only ever demonstrated that he possesses one skill-set to superlative degree: those employed in running for office.”

Fix contributor Joseph Diedrich is a student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

IMAGE: Edalisse/Flickr

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