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School’s bias incident system allows students to report ’emotional impact,’ ‘verbal harm’

‘Offensive images’ are also an option

The George Washington University recently rolled out a new bias incident reporting system, a tool that allows students to report a variety of offensive incidents on campus, including ones that have “emotional impact” and constitute “verbal harm.”

The school’s Bias Incident Report form is meant to “make the university aware of [bias] incidents,” according to the site. The school says it is “the responsibility of each person within the GW community to create an environment in which others can thrive without fear of hate or bias.”

Students filling out the lengthy form can do so anonymously or with their personal information included. Reporters must note the “nature of the alleged bias” and the “nature of the incident.”

Options for the “nature of the incident” include “Emotional Harm/Impact” and “Verbal Harm/Impact.” Other incidents on the list include “Offensive Picture or Image,” “Physical Assault/Attack” and “Bullying.”

The incidents are passed along to the school’s Bias Incident Response Team. That team consists of twelve different individuals, the majority of whom reside in the school’s diversity department.

According to a report in the student newspaper, in the event of a bias incident submission, the team “will respond to a report within 48 hours of its submission with information about resources or next steps to address the issue.”

Read about the form here.

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