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Senator Ted Cruz: More Communists than Republicans at Harvard Law School

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is known as a straight talker. And his hard questions directed at Chuck Hagel, Obama’s Defense Secretary nominee, have rankled some of his colleagues on Capitol Hill, likening him to the infamous Joseph McCarthy.

Now The New Yorker has published an article about Cruz, actually making the case that the McCarthy analogy is an appropriate one because–well, maybe it’s best if I let them tell you.

…Two and a half years ago, Cruz gave a stem-winder of a speech at a Fourth of July weekend political rally in Austin, Texas, in which he accused the Harvard Law School of harboring a dozen Communists on its faculty when he studied there. Cruz attended Harvard Law School from 1992 until 1995. His spokeswoman didn’t respond to a request to discuss the speech.

Cruz made the accusation while speaking to a rapt ballroom audience during a luncheon at a conference called “Defending the American Dream,” sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, a non-profit political organization founded and funded in part by the billionaire industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch. Cruz greeted the audience jovially, but soon launched an impassioned attack on President Obama, whom he described as “the most radical” President “ever to occupy the Oval Office.” (I was covering the conference and kept the notes.)

He then went on to assert that Obama, who attended Harvard Law School four years ahead of him, “would have made a perfect president of Harvard Law School.” The reason, said Cruz, was that, “There were fewer declared Republicans in the faculty when we were there than Communists! There was one Republican. But there were twelve who would say they were Marxists who believed in the Communists overthrowing the United States government.”

It’s laughable to see how the left is setting its targets on Cruz. They’re so afraid that an intelligent, charismatic and (gasp!) Latino conservative might put a kink in their plans for permanent Democratic party rule.

Consider yourself forewarned: Pointing out the hard left liberal bias on the Harvard faculty can now get you labeled a McCarthyite.

Simply ridiculous–and this from one of the most respected magazines in the country.

As I recall, only 1% of all political donations from the Yale faculty went to Republicans when I was there during the 2008 election cycle. I doubt the political balance is much better at Harvard.

I don’t know how many Communists or Marxists there are at Harvard Law School. But this I do know–it wouldn’t take very many to outnumber the conservatives!

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