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Six heroic ways to disrupt campus safe spaces this fall

Dear Conservative, Republican and Libertarian students,

Are you tired of leftist tripe shoved down your throats all year long? Do you want to fight back?

This year, let’s get down to business! Let’s teach these precious snowflakes what a campus is really all about — diversity of thought, freedom of expression and free speech. You know, all the stuff you discover in the real world and our universities claim to be preparing us for.

Nowadays, the entire campus is a safe space for secular-progressives. Here are some ideas on how to disrupt that:

1. Rally your posse

Strength in numbers! Start or join a student organization that specializes in fighting for free market and conservative principles. The options are endless: Young Americans for Freedom, Network of Enlightened Women, College Republicans, Future Female Leaders, Turning Point USA, Students for Liberty, and so on. So what are you waiting for?

2. Wear whatever Halloween costume you darn well please!

Enough with the lectures! Don’t let the PC culture take away one of the most fun nights of the year. Halloween is supposed to be a night for all of us to dress up and forget politically correct mania for a few hours! This year, promise yourself that your Halloween costume will be one you want to wear, not one that’s on the pre-approved list of non-offensive costumes handed out by the campus thought police. So go ahead and purchase the Indian feathered headdress and risk-ay nurse outfit.

3. Express yourself

I triple dog dare you to wear the “Make America Great Again” hat. You know you want to do it, anyway. Don’t be frightened and cowered into silence by campus crybullies. This is the most important presidential election in U.S. history and you have a right to be involved. How many “I’m With Her” signs have you seen plastered everywhere? Right. So now it’s your turn.

4. Speak up in class

Your professor just said Ronald Reagan created ISIS. Seriously bro — what facts do you have to back that one up? None. One of the best ways to call a professor out is to ask them what they base their statements on. But be smart and creative. Professors are crafty and can weave a tale of B.S. like few others. So sincerely and politely question scholars’ statements in the name of intellectual honesty. Besides, other students will be secretly high-fiving you for your courage.

5. Pray

That’s right, I said it: pray. Real talk — the mind, heart and soul of the campus is corrupt. Your school could use your prayers. And let’s be honest, there is nothing more powerful than spiritual warfare.

6. Nark on your school

Guess who is really ultimately in charge of your college? It’s not the professors, not the faculty senate, not the student government. It’s not really even the president or chancellor. Ultimately, the buck stops at your university’s board of trustees or board of regents. So the next time your rights are violated, or a professor offers up some whopper in front of the entire lecture hall, email the regents/trustees and let them know what’s going on at ground zero. So yes, I want you to be a “tattle-tale.” Or just email The College Fix and let us report on it. Either way, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Look, battling the left on campus is a hard and grueling task. Many times you may feel unsuccessful and think it’s a waste of your time, but try to keep this in mind: If you continue to work hard and get decent grades, join groups, make friends and eventually graduate from college and become successful, you can put yourself in a position to make a real difference.

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