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Syracuse students could be hit with automatic $100 athletic fee, must ‘opt out’ to avoid paying it

If you’re upset about the Kiss Cam or loads of bureaucrats overseeing a single person, you might be peeved by a proposed student fee at Syracuse.

The Daily Orange reports that the student government president met with athletics officials “to discuss ways to increase student attendance at sporting events.”

One of those ways is making students pay for their tickets ahead of time, so they feel compelled to attend games and get their money’s worth:

The proposal calls for an automatic $100 fee, which would replace the way students buy those tickets. Currently, students must pay $219 to the Carrier Dome Box Office for a combination of football and men’s basketball season tickets.

Automatic. As in, collected when you pay tuition and fees, possibly not realizing what you’re paying for.

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Don’t worry – you can get your money back, if you even notice it’s been taken out in the first place:

[Student Association President Aysha] Seedat said students would be able to opt out of the fee, and added that she would want the athletics department to be “transparent” about where the money received from the fee will go.

“If we’re going to charge students $100 … I want it to go back toward the students,” Seedat said. “I don’t want it to go to anyone’s salary.”

They also talked about an affirmative-action program to incentivize attendance at games for less-popular sports. Seriously.

Read the story.

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