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The Latest College ‘Hook-Up Culture’ Backlash

What do you get when you mix the campus hook-up culture with a social media site? Trouble, and lots of it.

Students have already begun to bare their souls on Facebook confessionals via so-called “secrets” pages, a trend documented here. The “secrets” or “confessions” pages for universities have spread like wildfire on the social media site over the last several months, prompting students to anonymously confess their outrageous thoughts or deeds.

The latest version of that trend, at least at the venerable University of Southern California (USC), is called a Facebook “Hook-up” page. It is filled with graphic, raunchy, wholly inappropriate – and sometimes downright disgusting – posts detailing random sexual encounters among students at the private West Coast campus.

One student is fighting back, however (and thankfully).

In a letter to the editor of The Daily Trojan, sophomore Alyson Tsui slammed the site’s users for their crass insensitivity.

“There will always be nasty people in the world who take some satisfaction in the mortification of others, but I sincerely wish I hadn’t seen so clearly how many there are and how cruel they are at USC. I’ve felt like I was looking at the world through rose-colored glasses during my semester and a quarter here, but apparently that was a fantasy that had to end. To all of those who have been mentioned on the page, I hope that you have more stalwart self-esteem than I would in your position. Take comfort that “haters gonna hate,” as they say. I guess I myself can look at the bright side and say thanks, USC Hook-Ups: avoiding public degradation is a good incentive to keep my panties on.”

It’s one of many, many – many – reasons to keep your panties on, Alyson. And thanks for having the guts to call the Facebook page out on the carpet.

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