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The Smutty Professor: University Hires English Professor/Porn Aficionado

The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy offers a lengthy expose on a new English professor at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington who loves porn and writes poetry about it.

Writes Jay Schalin in the Clarion Call:

Take Alessandro Porco’s first book, entitled The Jill Kelly Poems. Kelly is a porn star. In an interview on a website called PopMatters.com, Porco described it as “my book-length ode to the adult-film star affectionately referred to as ‘the anal queen.’ ” Most of the poems are far too vulgar to be repeated …

And that is not Porco’s only offensive book. His second is entitled Augustine in Carthage, and Other Poems. The title poem begins as an X-rated rumination of his drunken experiences and thoughts in a Montreal strip club. It is a stream-of-consciousness rant that is essentially incomprehensible to readers, unless, perhaps, they are somehow familiar with all of Porco’s high-brow literary and low pop culture references, an unlikely likelihood.

Porco, however, insists that it has a point. In the PopMatters interview, he described it as a “trans-historical re-imagining of Book III of St. Augustine’s Confessions in present-day Montreal.” … Augustine in Carthage ends with what Porco describes as “21 of the filthiest limericks I could think to write.”

Schalin wraps up his article by noting that:

Parents should think twice about placing their impressionable offspring into the hands of Dr. Porco and his UNC-Wilmington colleagues who found him to be an acceptable (indeed, the best) candidate. Consider the following refrain from one of The Jill Kelly Poems, entitled “Hot Girl-Girl Action University President Jill Kelly Welcomes This Year’s Freshman Class”:

Thank you fathers for your daughters

There is something disturbing and predatory—and all too real—about that line, when written by the lascivious Dr. Porco. UNC-Wilmington, heal thyself.

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