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Twitter removed my ‘SJW ideology’ post with no explanation, says anti-PC professor

‘I have never been more nauseated and frustrated with leftists’

Is New York University Prof. Michael Rectenwald the latest anti-politically correct figure to get in a censorship feud with Twitter?

Originally known on Twitter as “Deplorable NYU Prof,” the liberal studies professor drew the ire of his department’s “Inclusion Working Group” after tweet-denouncing the university’s “liberal totalitarian [Halloween] costume surveillance.”

A self-identified communist, Rectenwald became a minor local celebrity for his defense of free speech and criticism of social justice warriors, and he came back from (voluntary) leave with a promotion and a raise at NYU.

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But with that exposure apparently came more scrutiny from Twitter. Rectenwald (who now goes by “Deployable”) tweeted Saturday afternoon that Twitter had deleted his pinned tweet, which read:

Under SJW ideology ethics is transferred from the sphere of behavior to the sphere of IDENTITY. Identity determines ethical value under SJWs

One of his followers tracked down a screenshot of that pinned tweet and Rectenwald pinned a new tweet with that screenshot. He says Twitter has not bothered to explain why it removed the original tweet, which was his “most popular,” asking Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey “what gives.”

Before the unexplained removal, Rectenwald was suffering from social-media fatigue on Inauguration Day.

He also has a new essay on “the early opposition to Trumpism” displayed at this weekend’s Women’s March demonstrations:

The fact is – despite the honest motives and real political objectives of participants – the contemporary left-liberal movement, inclusive of the Women’s March on Washington, is being promoted and supported, financially and otherwise, by particular sectors of the ruling class – in particular the financial sectors inclusive of Wall Street and the banks, the dominant political sector, and the intelligence sector.

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