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U. Michigan president to campus protesters: Trump supporters for ‘hate,’ ‘fractiousness’

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel showed nary a pretense of objectivity in his Wednesday evening address to anti-Donald Trump protesters assembled on the campus Diag.

Noting to loud applause that 90% of students voted “in favor of a candidate other than Trump,” The Michigan Daily reports  Schlissel then indicated that those who did pull the lever for the now-president-elect were for … “hate”:

“Ninety percent of you rejected the kind of hate and the fractiousness and the longing for some kind of idealized version of a non-existent yesterday that was expressed during the campaign.

“So I urge you, continue your advocacy and your voices are already being heard. They are loud and clear — this is the way America changes. It’s the way it always changes. It’s the way it will change for the better.”

Earlier that day Schlissel sent out an email to the UM community “encouraging inclusion [and] intellectual honesty”:

“In the aftermath of a close and highly contentious election we continue to embrace our most important responsibility as a university community,” Schlissel wrote. “We are at our best when we come together to engage respectfully across our ideological differences.” …

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“I hope all of us will continue to proudly embrace the opportunities before us as the students, faculty and staff of a great public research university governed by the people […] Elections are often times of great change, but the values we stand for at U-M have been shaped over the course of nearly 200 years.”

Is an example of “engaging respectfully across our ideological differences,” President Schlissel, standing before the student body and telling them that the winning candidate — and his supporters — yearn for a time when certain populations “knew their place”? That they want hate and divisiveness?

Give us a break.

At least Schlissel knows his audience:

“White, straight, cisgendered students, it’s the time for you to show up for your loved ones,” [student Darian Razdar] said. “Don’t fall to the silence of a racist and homophobic society.”

“I grew up in a house of love,” [senior Thomas Hislop] said. “I grew up in a house where it was more important to care about marginalized people than about your marginal taxes.”

Freshman Nina Renella added “[…] as a person of color, I feel very threatened and shaken to the core. I am an immigrant, so I just wanted to be surrounded by love.”

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h/t to The Michigan Review

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