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Univ. Reviewing Police Conduct After Warrantless Search of Dorm Room

Should campus police have a right to search a student’s room without a warrant? That’s what folks are asking after a YouTube video shot by a student at the University of Kentucky depicting a confrontation with campus police gained a large audience online.

Via Campus Reform:

The University of Kentucky – Lexington (UKL) Police Department says it is reviewing the conduct of two of its officers after they appeared in a viral YouTube video threatening a student with expulsion while forcing their way into his dorm room on Saturday.

The University of Kentucky Police Department is reviewing the conduct of two of their officers after a video of a dorm room raid went viral.

Official university policy, obtained by Campus Reform on Tuesday, states that police officers may not search a student’s dorm room without permission.

The video, which passed 150,000 views on YouTube on Tuesday, is entitled “I hate cops,” and seems to show a student setting up a video camera before berating two campus police officers while refusing them entry into his room.

The officers, who alleged alcohol had been dumped from the dorm room’s window, demanded to search the premises for more alcohol but did not appear to possess a warrant.

Instead, one officer invoked “administrative rights” to enter the room and threatened the student with expulsion for declining to permit entry.

“Listen man, do you want to be kicked out of this university?” he asked.  “I can pave that road.”

“We’re going to get you kicked out,” he added.

After the student demanded an explanation, the officer appeared to say “we don’t have to explain anything to you son.”

Read the full story and watch a video of the confrontation at Campus Reform.

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