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Women’s college allows some men to attend but not all women

Men who believe they are women can attend Wellesley

A debate at Wellesley College, a nominally all-female school in Massachusetts, has exposed some of the oddities of gender ideology.

For most of its history, Hillary Clinton’s alma mater only admitted actual women, using the definition understood since the beginning of time. Then in 2015, the school announced that “transgender women,” who are actually men confused about their identity, could apply. The first “transgender women,” began attending in the fall of 2017.

But university leadership recently affirmed that “transgender men,” who are actually women, are not allowed to attend Wellesley. For this, the student newspaper’s editorial board accused the school of being “transphobic.” The statement was made in the context of a referendum, which passed on Tuesday, to encourage the school to allow “transgender men” to attend Wellesley.

To summarize – actual females who “identify” as men are not allowed to attend the women’s college. Men, who “identify” as women, are allowed to attend.

Curiously, the college is being accused of being anti-transgender by not allowing “transgender men” to attend.

But what the school is actually doing is affirming someone’s delusions about their gender – to allow a “transgender man” to attend a woman’s college would be to deny the self-identified male’s (to use the Left’s language) identity as a man.

Here is President Paula Johnson trying to explain the school’s policy in a March 6 email, criticizing the planned vote:

So how do we reflect our mission and identity as a women’s college while recognizing and embracing the diversity of our community in a way that does not make any student feel erased or ignored? Let me try: Wellesley is a women’s college that admits cis, trans, and nonbinary students—all who consistently identify as women. Wellesley is also an inclusive community that embraces students, alumnae, faculty, and staff of diverse gender identities. I believe the two ways of seeing Wellesley are not mutually exclusive. Rather, this is who we are: a women’s college and a diverse community.

“Transgender women” are not women, they are males.

But alternatively, I agree with the Wellesley students who want to allow “transgender men” to attend the school – because they are actually women.

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