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Young liberal women are far more conservative than they realize, new poll finds

While many young women are increasingly labeling themselves liberal, new polling data found they share many common convictions held by conservatives.

Eight hundred women aged 18 to 24 were recently surveyed, including 32 percent who identified as liberal, and the rest were conservative or moderate.

Across this political spectrum, the vast majority of women polled agreed with statements such as: “It is appropriate to have children wait until they are adults before having irreversible sex-change surgeries”; “When I date someone, it is because I am deciding if I would like to marry them one day”; and “Every kid should have the opportunity to go to a school of their choice, regardless of their zip code.”

“These survey results highlight a striking misalignment between left-wing policies and the outlooks of young women nationwide on issues such as immigration, school choice, sex reassignment surgery for minors, and cash bail reform,” stated a news release from the Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women.

The center, which commissioned the poll, released the results in late March. It was conducted by Kellyanne Conway, former Trump White House aide and head of KA Consulting.

Évangéline Faussié, a spokeswoman for the center, said the survey results revealed that young women’s ideas and values run far deeper than how they label their political beliefs.

“Even with a growing number of young women registering as liberal in polling data, they still show significant support for certain conservative principles, especially those related to marriage and family,” she told The College Fix via email.

Among the poll’s findings, the center stated:

79% agree that criminals released without bail means a more dangerous community.

74% agree with the statement “We should take care of our own people like the less fortunate, the homeless, or veterans before taking care of people from other countries.”

74% believe in school choice.

71% are against sex change surgery for minors.

69% believe that as fentanyl is the primary killer of 18-45 year olds, America is obligated to do all it can to secure the border and ensure drugs do not come across.

“This survey reveals perspectives from young women that have been overlooked or misinterpreted in previous research,” Faussié told The Fix. “It shows that their opinions are far more complex than how they choose to label themselves.”

The poll maintains that women can come together in agreement on traditional values, she said.

Another possible surprising result from the poll was women’s new embrace of femininity over feminism, as 82 percent considered themselves feminine while only 50 percent aligned with the feminism movement.

Furthermore, 80 percent said a woman must simply be happy and content to be considered successful, and 79 percent agreed that a stay-at-home mom can be just as successful as a businesswoman, doctor or lawyer.

The vast majority also disagreed with the idea that marriage is an outdated institution as well as agreeing that hookup culture is harmful to women.

Women may be unconsciously leaning more and more conservative, the center’s news release stated.

Faussié said that many young women do not realize their own desire for marriage and motherhood coincide with conservative principles.

“A woman embracing her feminine traits will always transcend trends,” she told The Fix via email.

This new appreciation for womanhood extends generations, as 66 percent of those polled agreed that their mother was the most influential person in their life — ranking above romantic partners, fathers, friends, siblings and a religious deity.

Asked about the poll’s findings, at least one female college student said they are “extremely encouraging.”

Sydne Harral, a freshman at Clarendon College who identifies as conservative, said it’s great to hear of other women from the same generation accepting and embracing their innate gifts and desires for traditional femininity.

She said in an interview with The College Fix that young women are easily drawn in by the liberal compassion and yet do not realize that their common sense thoughts regarding bail reform, immigration, school choice and sex change surgery as well their own feminine desires do not line up with their party.

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