The story just gets … more bizarre for Valdosta State’s Eric Sheppard.

First, he led an American flag-stomping protest which prompted a rescue by a military veteran; then, Sheppard was seen threatening people outside of the college’s library.

But just prior to the latter, he had allegedly dropped a backpack containing a gun and two clips.

Sheppard has been on the run ever since.

A few days ago, the troubled student sent The Valdosta Daily Times a “memorandum ultimatum” which, among other things, calls for the death of all white people, including “faggots” and “lesbians.”

Sheppard remains bitter, it seems, about the official results regarding the death of Kendrick Johnson of Lowndes High School more than two years ago.

When my People descend upon that Hellish pit on May 23rd for commemoration of Kendrick Johnson’s life and if they are met with even the slightest inclination of resistance by any pale skinned beast or aid they are more than Justified to Take your Head and post it on a stake for the Entire world to See.

Many still question the possibility of my surrendering to the people who call themselves ‘authorities.’ To give you a simple answer, No. I will not turn myself over to any white man.

These same people who you all know as “legal officials/police officers/sheriff/detectives” or any other falsified label of ‘authority’ only know wickedness and devilish behavior. It SHOULD be clear by now that this is a White Supremacist Nation Owned, Operated, and Controlled by White People. Yes it is ALL white people who help to maintain this wicked nation to a greater or lesser degree given the default status aided to them by virtue or vice of White Privilege. Thus all functionalities, codes, rules, policies, curriculums, cultures and social criteria created or concocted therein are Meant to Benefit Whites ALONE AND EXCLUSIVELY! The recent yet ongoing hideous & disgusting rash of white supremacist brutality (police brutality) as well as All other forms of European Aggression on Afrikan people here in Amerikkka; as well as the emanating circumstances that have precipitated into a sick/vile pattern show CLEARLY that “white” people can and will escape Just Punishment (Justice) so long as it is In alignment and Cooperation with the White Supremacist Agenda of Afrikan Genetic Annihilation of ANY form.

Read the rest of the “ultimatum” and view a brief video from Sheppard.

h/t to Instapundit.

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Fox Business conducted a six-month investigation into the Federal Aviation Administration’s hiring practices, and uncovered some disturbing findings.

Titled “Trouble in the Skies,” the analysis discovered that “the newest air traffic control recruits had access to answers on a key test that helped them gain jobs with the FAA,” and the FAA’s new obsession with ever-so important diversity led to the scrapping of some 3,000 qualified candidates “with degrees in air traffic control” and “FAA accredited degrees.”

From the report:

The FAA used to give hiring preference to CTI graduates, like Douglas, who achieved the “well qualified” designation on the AT-SAT, successfully earned a degree from a CTI program and obtained a recommendation from the CTI program’s administrators. Douglas had it all as he awaited the FAA’s 2014 bid for jobs. It appeared, to him, that he was at the front of the FAA’s line to be hired as 2013 came to a close. “I finished my air traffic control program with a 4.0 and I interned for the FAA. I think that I had a decent chance, absolutely,” he said.

But just as Matthew Douglas prepared for a new year and a new life, the FAA dropped a bomb. On December 30, 2013 the FAA threw out his AT-SAT score, CTI diploma and recommendations from his CTI program administrators. In fact, the FAA threw out the AT-SAT scores and CTI qualifications of an estimated 3000 CTI graduates and military veterans who were all previously designated “well qualified” to become air traffic controllers. The FAA told them all to start over. But this time, when they applied for a job, their college degrees and previous military experience would mean nothing. They would now compete with thousands of people the agency calls “off the street hires”; anyone who wants to, can walk in off the street without any previous training and apply for an air traffic control job. The FAA’s only requirements, to apply, are be a U.S. citizen, have a high school diploma, speak English and pass the FAA’s new BQ, Biographical Questionnaire. What Douglas and thousands of other CTI graduates didn’t know was that the FAA was planning these changes long before the agency made them public.

FAA administrator Michael Huerta announced pending changes to the Air Traffic Control hiring process in April 2013, several months before Douglas and the other CTI graduates were discarded. But Huerta made no mention of what the agency actually planned to do as Douglas and his CTI classmates were preparing to graduate. An FAA press release issued in April 2013 says, “Administrator Michael Huerta has made an historic commitment to transform the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) into a more diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects, understands, and relates to the diverse customers we serve.”

Be sure to read the experience of Moranda Reilly, who claims she was given access to the BQ test … and to the correct answers.

She says she received a voice message from Shelton Snow, an FAA employee who has “recently been promoted to be an FAA Front Line Manager at the FAA’s New York Center,” which contained some … interesting information, to say the least:

“I know each of you are eager very eager to apply for this job vacancy announcement and trust after tonight you will be able to do so … there is some valuable pieces of information that I have taken a screen shot of and I am going to send that to you via email. Trust and believe it will be something you will appreciate to the utmost. Keep in mind we are trying to maximize your opportunities … I am going to send it out to each of you and as you progress through the stages refer to those images so you will know which icons you should select … I am about 99 point 99 percent sure that it is exactly how you need to answer each question in order to get through the first phase.”

Do you feel safe in that 747 now?

Read the full article.

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Last month it appeared that student leaders at Youngstown State University — after “consulting” with the college administration (which is bad enough) — had taken down posters advertising a “straight pride” week.

However, a records request has produced emails showing that the school’s administration actually was instrumental in getting the “offensive” posters removed.

Take this email from Assistant Director of Student Activities Carrie Anderson:

Thank you for the email. I am aware of the flyers and do not condone what they are promoting. Our office has been working with student leaders and our Vice President of Student Affairs to ensure that any and all flyers have been removed from campus. We are proud that several student leaders on our campus, as well as Student Government, have been outraged from them as well.

That Vice President [for] Student Affairs, Jeff Fahey, added in his own email “As most you know, an inappropriate flyer announcing Straight Pride Week was posted throughout campus yesterday. Student leaders were told to help by taking them down where they saw them.”

This is the poster to which they’re referring.

If Fix readers actually need a reminder about the First Amendment, here’s UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh on the posters:

The message itself is fully protected by the First Amendment, just as much as pro-gay-rights speech is protected. Speech is protected even when it runs “counter [to] the school’s mission to create a diverse campus.” Speech is protected even when it “miss[es] the point of minority activism.” And speech is protected even when it contains vulgarities, as the famous “Fuck the Draft” jacket case, Cohen v. California, makes clear. If the university does decide to impose “disciplinary action” based on the message expressed in the posters, that would clearly violate the First Amendment.

Volokh adds that Youngstown State administrators have not responded to his (repeated) requests for “their side of the story.”

Read Volokh’s original story on the matter and his recent follow-up.

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More than 500 University of California alumni have joined 23 organizations in requesting that UC President Janet Napolitano “adopt a number of measures to rein in antisemitic acts against students.”

One of these is utilizing the State Department definition of antisemitism, “which includes the demonization or delegitimization of Israel along with a more religious or ethnic prejudice or hatred directed against Jews.”

Another includes “train[ing] campus staff and authorities to ‘identify anti-Semitic behavior, and direct them to develop clear protocols for addressing campus antisemitism with the same promptness and vigor as they do other forms of racial, ethnic, and gender bigotry and discrimination.’”

The Algemeiner reports:

“No student should feel harassed, intimidated, threatened or marginalized. We implore you to better protect Jewish students at the University of California,” they said, commending three UC student bodies for adopting resolutions condemning antisemitism.

The alumni letter came just a day after 57 rabbis from California and 104 UC faculty members sent a similar request to UC administrators urging the adoption of the State Department definition, which appears to be at the crux of the debate.

Meanwhile, a similar bill calling on the UCs to adopt a resolution condemning antisemitism on campus was presented to the California state senate in late March, and passed the first hurdle.

The Brandeis Center released a report earlier this year together with Trinity College indicating that at least 54% of Jewish students experienced or witnessed antisemitic behavior on campus in 2014.

Many believe a situation where faculty or campus groups strongly criticize the Jewish state for its policies in the West Bank or Gaza Strip has created an environment where Jewish students feel threatened in class, on campus or in their residences.

Critics say the State Dept. definition “would restrict students’ ability to criticize Israel on campus.”

Indeed, over 250 members of Jewish Voice for Peace have requested that the State Dept. amend its definition of antisemitism for that very reason.

Read the full story.

h/t to Gary Fouse.

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Claudia Tillery, who was arrested in 2011 for raping one of her Stephen Decatur Middle School students but then acquitted in 2014 in criminal court, is now filing a lawsuit against the New York City Department of Education for “unfairly” firing her.

A city DOE hearing official found back in April that “a ‘preponderance of the credible record evidence’ proves that Tillery raped the youngster — then painted him as a ‘master manipulator’ to duck a criminal conviction.”

(The standard of proof in DOE hearings is less than that involved in criminal proceedings.)

The New York Post reports:

The mother of two argues in her Manhattan Supreme Court suit against the DOE that she was deprived of due process because the hearing officer used sealed evidence from her criminal case and didn’t give proper credit to her own witnesses.

The suit doesn’t mention that Tillery’s witnesses were her own children and her homeless, schizophrenic baby daddy.

In her decision, DOE officer Haydee Rosario notes that a DNA test revealed both the student’s and the teacher’s saliva were on the teacher’s comforter cover.

Rosario also says the student recorded a video that shows his teacher putting her pants on in a motel room. Tillery and her young charge exchanged 8,000 text messages over two years using pseudonyms. In one message the teacher texted, “What’s up babe?”

Finally Tillery’s own credit-card records put her at the Motor Inn on seven occasions. Rosario didn’t buy the teacher’s claim that she simply took the student to the motel to “get him off the street” when he called her “upset and scared.”

Given all of the evidence, Rosario says Tillery’s termination is “the only appropriate penalty.”

A hearing officer “scoffed at Tillery’s claims that a 12-year-old ‘concocted a grand conspiracy and coerced her, a middle-school teacher, to ignore sound judgment and to put him into a fleabag motel and give him hundreds of dollars.’”

Read the full story.

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A fourth grade teacher in Nevada, Texas locked a ridiculously unruly — and physically threatening — student out of her classroom.

But Mclendon Elementary School’s Judy Stough was suspended by the district for … “escalating” the matter. reports:

“He kept banging on the door and yelling at us,” said fourth grader Cheyenne Wilson. “I was worried but I wasn’t crying, most of the kids were crying.”

Parents have praised fourth grade teacher Judy Stough for protecting her students from the boy who reportedly has behavioral problems. But school district officials disagreed and placed her on administrative leave.

Parents such as Connie Wilson are baffled that Stough was suspended for escalating the incident when her students said it was the opposite.

“She handled it like she should have,” said another fourth grader.

Another teacher provided text messages to CBS 11 News from Stough while she was in the locked classroom waiting for help.

One message read: “Scares the hell out of my kids. One about to pee her pants.”

Parents of as many as half of the students in the fourth grade class are keeping them home.

Some in the comments section of the article castigate the teacher for leaving the troubled student “unattended.” As a teacher of 25 years, I can confirm that yes, it is generally the rule that (removed-from-class) students should not be left in the hallway alone as punishment. Such pupils should be sent to a “time out” room or to see an administrator.

But as the video report below notes, it seems Stough was attempting to contact administrators … but no one was answering the phone. Not to mention, it is unclear the student was originally in Stough’s classroom just prior to the incident.

Read the full story.

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