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Students Told to Disavow ‘American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality’

A political science professor at Butler University asks students to disregard their “American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status” when writing and speaking in the classroom – a practice the school’s arts and sciences dean defended as a way to negate students’ inherent prejudices.

The syllabus of the course at Butler, a small Midwestern liberal arts institution in Indianapolis, spells out that students should use “inclusive language” because it’s “a fundamental issue of social justice.”

“Language that is truly inclusive affirms sexuality, racial and ethnic backgrounds, stages of maturity, and degrees of limiting conditions,” the syllabus states, referencing a definition created by the United Church of Christ.

The syllabus of the class, called Political Science 201: Research and Analysis, goes on to ask students “to write and speak in a way that does not assume American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status, etc. to be the norm.” It is taught by a black, female professor.

In an interview with The College Fix, Jay Howard, dean of Butler’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, denied this practice essentially presumes every student who walks through the door is a racist or misogynist.

He said students must be told not to assume such prejudices because such assumptions are ingrained into the culture and remain there until questioned. With that, a liberal arts education questions these assumptions, and such questions can make for uncomfortable situations, he said.

“Sometimes in order to broaden the conversation and broaden the understandings you’ve got to risk making people uncomfortable,” Howard said. “There’s nothing about a college education that guarantees you won’t be made uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, if you’re never made uncomfortable in your college education, you’re not really getting a college education.”

Howard said the college he oversees does not want students to continue to harbor such assumptions without question, “but neither do we want to exclude the dominant group in society in our attempts to make sure that we’re leveling hierarchies.”

In twenty years, white people will no longer be the majority, but they will still be the largest ethnic group, Howard said. He said using inclusive language would help students prepare for a changing world as America becomes more diverse.

He added that American culture makes speaking inclusively difficult, and the English language is partly to blame.

“Our language doesn’t make it easy to write in ways that are inclusive,” Howard said. “We don’t have a generic singular, I mean we have he and she. There is no pronoun that is gender-neutral there.”

However, not all writing- and language-intensive classes at Butler University mandate students use such “inclusive” language.

Nancy Whitmore, director of the journalism school in the College of Communication, said in an interview with The College Fix that students in her department are encouraged to use diverse sources with a wide variety of opinions, but are not mandated to use so-called inclusive language.

Whitmore said she is unsure what educators in Butler’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences mean when they ask students to write without assuming certain things to be the norm.

“I don’t think I could ever write from a black woman’s point of view because I’ve never been a black woman,” Whitmore said.


My name is Ryan Lovelace, and I dropped that politically correct political science class.

Clearly, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Butler University believes its students were raised as racist and misogynist homophobes who have grown to harbor many prejudices, a stance that is both offensive and hostile to any student’s ability to learn.

As a student at an institution predominantly focused on the liberal arts, I expected to hear professors express opinions different from my own. I did not expect to be judged before I ever walked through the door, and did not think I would be forced to agree with my teachers’ worldviews or suffer the consequences.

Being judged and forced to act a certain way is antithetical to how any institution of higher education should conduct itself.

As a journalism major, I will now strive to avoid the liberal arts college as much as possible, not because the college fails to provide its students with any practical knowledge, but because the college seeks to indoctrinate its students with a hostile paradigm that views people like me—an American, white, heterosexual male from a middle-class background—as evil; whitey-righty need not attend.

Many consider higher education to be in turbulent waters because of rising tuition costs and student loan debt, but students who actually graduate may struggle even more if they view the world as Butler’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences does.

The liberal arts college seeks to include people, but someone will always be excluded, as it is impossible to always include everyone. Furthermore, I’m not sure how to write assuming any other persona but my own. Any attempts to do so would only be offensive to people different from myself.

Lastly, the idea that people have different views from mine is not what makes me uncomfortable. The idea that I must walk, talk and act as the liberal arts college pleases does. I’ll speak as I always have and conduct myself in the way I deem fit. I think paying $40,000 a year should give me that basic right.

Fix contributor Ryan Lovelace is a student at Butler University.

IMAGE: Goto10/Flickr

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  • OldBlackGuyondaRight

    This is what is wrong with American Universities. I am a Black, Heterosexual Male who believes that African American studies, Woman Studies, Asian Studies, and hispanic Studies produce math phobic dolts who couldn’t produce a real product if necessary, that is why they teach. Tell that stupid black female, quit hatin’ on the white boys and get a real profession/degree like Mechanical Engineering or Computer Engineering http://www.youtube.com/oldblackguyondaright

    • Agamemnon7

      Hey she has a PHD in Victimhood. Have some respect….

      • ABCCBSNBC’s primary purpose now is to KEEP OBAMA’S MOB FOMENTED.

        When Chris Matthews, and the other millionaire mob agitators at MSNBC and elsewhere scream “RACIST Republicans” all day every day, and ABCCBSNBC screams silence in response, it is designed to do one thing: KEEP OBAMA’S HATE ADDLED MOB ADDLED WITH HATE OF “RICH WHITE MALE RACIST HOMOPHOBE MISOGYNIST CHRISTIANS = REPUBLICANS” UNTIL 2014.

        Obama lost the House in 2010 by design. A) To give the GOP a false confidence for 2012, and B) to ensure his reelection. If Democrats had controlled the WH, Senate and House all 4 years going into 2012, Obama’s reelection would have been less certain.

        If Democrats still control ABCCBSNBC during the 2014 election cycle Democrats will take back the House and Obama’s reign of ‘fundamental transformation’ will begin in earnest, unimpeded. And Obamacare will be the least of our troubles.

        • BonnLass

          So what half of Obama is homophobic? What half is racist? What half of Obama engineered the Marxist Leninist doctrine?

          • beretta45cal

            Obama has no Heart, Has no Brain so it must be that he’s all the Same, There is no Half, was this a Trick Question?

          • JakeButlerStudent

            You disgust me, have some respect for the office of the president

          • how about the president has some respect for that office

          • Hammer

            We have respect for the office. Just not for the person sitting there. He has no respect for us, including you !

          • Both halves.

          • Since he has no “right” side, only “left”, then it must be his back side!

        • lucidpanther

          The problem is the GOP base is racist and America is rejecting racism.

          • You’re funny.

            The problem is ABCCBSNBC figured out, there are 62 million morons out there, just like you, that are so filled with rage at their fathers and the resulting insatiable need-to-hate, that when father replacing authority-mother figures — like anything on Left wing cable that hates (Jon Castrati Stewart, Vile Bill Maher, etc.) — screams “Republicans are racists, hate them” you obediently and slavishly comply.

            Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Martin Luther King, Herman Cain, Alan Keyes are all patron saints to constitutional conservatives, you fucking moron.

          • poppakap

            The problem is the Democrats base is stupid and can’t cope without projections of racism on everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

        • Rocky Mountain

          Say “hi” to Alex when you see him.

        • poppakap

          Please troll somewhere else. It is exceeding tiresome reading your same old cutnpaste crapola everywhere you believe some conservative may be reading. If you had an original idea that could generate independent viewers, you’d generate traffic for your site via standard marketing means. Since you’ve decided instead to infect dozens of websites with endless posting, you’ve simultaneously branded yourself a world-class jerk AND a nut job. Your posts are now beyond boring, don’t raise any new ideas, don’t propose meaningful reforms, or do anything particularly worthy of anyone’s attention. The sooner you and your posts go away, the better.

      • RM

        I am a black female prof and I’m lucky if I have time to talk about World War II in my history classes, much less denying someone their identity.

        • Guest


        • JINNASH

          What subject do you teach?

          • alisonhynes

            Stupidity, please increase funding and benefits.

        • If you don’t have time to talk about WWII in your history class, then you’re leaving a deep, sad hole in world history.

    • Mad Chemist

      She would probably fail out of an engineering curriculum. Another victim of freshman calculus.

      • Sue

        Ewww, I’m majoring in Sosh with Gender Studies minor! Yay!

        • I hope you’re not serious … mad chemist!

      • She would probably tell you all engineers are worthless if they aren’t sensitive. Her students certainly buy it.

      • Sophia

        She would fail out of an engineering curriculum only because it is inherently racist, of course.

        • NormanRockwellAmerican

          Sorry, she wouldn’t fail. Just like Obama, she is too black to fail.

      • Al

        What Freshman Calculus? Only programs that require the use of Calculus have Freshman Calc. Most people take the watered down version as seniors.

      • EmmaMad

        Science is the only way of understanding the world?

    • Cody

      This is nuts! I’m a Caucasian, Heterosexual Male and from my point of view who cares if you’re white, black, brown, yellow, male, female, transgender, whatever! CAN YOU DO THE JOB MORALLY AND EFFICIENTLY?! Collectivism and Political Correctness is the bane of our society. When did we start acknowledging the democratic collective over the individual?

      • Sue

        You just get down there on your knees, buddy boy.

        • XCSX

          Yes he should. (get down on his knees) And while he’s there, he should pray for our poor misguided country.

          • ozlanthos

            Prayer and the religious right have as much to do with where we are as a nation as any doctrine of socialist collectivism… As a matter of fact it is the Crusades and the Inquisition and a dozen other social, religious, and cultural pogroms conducted by the ultra-religious among us that have damned us to ignorance of ourselves! The volume of information we have lost about ourselves, and human knowledge of this planet will never be known due to the prejudices and hatred of the religious!!!


          • You have got to be kidding me. The Catholic Church built western civilization and it is the Church that has been the champion of the sciences for centuries. Space here does not permit me to list the volumes of knowledge that has come to us through the work of men of the Church.

          • BobsYourUncle

            You’ve got to be kidding . . . . The Crusades were taking back Christian land from the Muslims who conquered it. Read some history, please.

          • ozlanthos

            Did I say anything about who the religious conducting the killing and cultural cleansing were?


      • kmorgana

        Hey! you can’t mention whiteness here! You’re supposed to forget about that. What are you, a racist? lol where were you when they were sneaking in with their “tolerance” nonsense? See, I knew there was an agenda with this anti bullying, pro gay stance. And they have the nerve to ridicule the Christians..

      • ‘When did we start acknowledging the democratic collective over the individual?’ At LEAST 20 years ago, where have you been

      • Jake Stein

        When? It started with the Frankfurt School and the promotion of psychiatry, both wholly Jewish in character. http://www.myjewishlearning.com/beliefs/Issues/Science/The_Social_Sciences/Psychology.shtml

        • Al

          There you are again misunderstanding Judiasm. If you do not follow the rules you aren’t Jewish. We aren’t like Christians. Nobody except G-D can tell us what to do religiously but if you don’t follow his laws you aren’t Jewish! It doesn’t matter what your last name is.

          • …save it. Bolshevism and usury are the most jewish of institutions.

          • Ivan Terrible

            Yeah, Lenin and Stalin. Some Jews they were!

      • Diane H


    • juanisaac

      Well said. I am a foreigner and no fan of the USA, but this ridiculous. I might not agree with the USA, but at least Americans should keep their dignity and self-respect.

    • Texian

      I agree OldBlackGuyondaRight; all that stuff is just useless trifle for people with inferiority complexes. She will not stop hating – that is a character trait of liberalism. I will always be proud of the individual God made me, a White Heterosexual Male – but a Texan first and foremost (thank you Lord, only You are above that). When Texas secedes from the rest of the former U.S. of A. (and it will) Texas nationalism will overcome all of the racial division the leftists have been cultivating – being white, black, hispanic, etc. will not matter – being a “Texan” will – and it will band the majority of us all together for the common good to defend this great Nation of the Lone Star. The people of the former U.S. of A still don’t “get it” about Texas and being a Texan (but that is a good thing..). We are independent, we can stand on our own two feet without the former U.S. – and we know it..

      • zen

        No, it’s for people with power complexes, and it’s working.

      • Liberalsuck

        People hate the white man, but they love his money and love using the things he invented: cars, trains, planes, medicine, etc.

      • ozlanthos

        That is right up until you get over-ran by Mexico…


      • Cpt. Obvious

        Our country does not need any more bigotry, and you’re spouting it like water from a shattered pipe. Good riddance.

        • Cpt. Obvious

          And don’t forget to take Bush Jr. with you.

        • Texian

          Definition of a “bigot”: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group with hatred and intolerance.

          I am a bigot against liberals, democrats, socialists, progressives, marxists, Yankees and everything they stand for.

    • osan

      You hit a real point there at that last line. That “stupid black female” will never get a degree in engineering, not because she is necessarily incapable, but because she would sooner die than subject herself to a discipline where there are indeed right and wrong answers. She would rather go the route where there are no facts, but only opinions… where “it’s all good” and they think that nobody can refute what they assert as truth… where it is “all relative”. Of course, she never tangled with the likes of me, a person of strong analytical capabilities who would slice and dice her into mince without breaking a sweat while taking her to task on just about any of her phony baloney opinions, nary a single one of which she is qualified to express due to her mind-numbing ignorance and an attitude of self-will to remain that way no matter what the cost. No sir, such people do not become engineers and scientists because they lack the discipline and the attitude to apply themselves to a definite course of knowledge, preferring the fuzzy world of inane nonsense where wildly ignorant people sharing her attitude accommodate each other so that everyone can “feel good” and have good self-esteem.

      This crap will be the death of us all.

      • David

        Wow, osan. Perfectly said. I haven’t read a paragraph like this in months. A certain blog full of liberal idiots could sure use a kick from your rhetorical gifts. Go to Alan Colmes Liberaland, at alan.com, and start writing today.

      • LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

        I love how white people–especially white men in general–are not supposed to tell blacks what it’s like to be black or women what it’s like to be women, yet they seem to have no problem telling white men what to say, think and do. They also don’t mind taking white people’s money even though they hate us so much. White men are the first group of men to give women the right to vote, to pass anti-discrimination laws, freedom of speech, etc. We are also the ones who created all the modern technology that everyone uses: cars, planes, tvs, electricity, hospitals, universities, etc.

        • Spot. On. …and this is the thanks we get.

          • EmmaMad

            You didn’t do it.
            And no one should have to give thanks for being treated as an equal.

          • poppakap

            Didn’t do what Emma? You mean, “you didn’t build that…?” How do you know? Were you present to ensure the building didn’t take place? Do you not believe individuals are capable of creating things/businesses/institutions of lasting value without the benevolence of Aunt Sam ensuring success?

            In addition, no one is asserting anything that suggests inequality. Sounds like you’ve got some anger and projection issues that need assistance, preferably not from a government-funded institution.

          • Charles Martel

            Yeah they should give thanks. If you are in a country which they are the majority, and they created the society you live in, ya damn right you owe them respect. It is their racial and cultural inheritance that they are sharing with you. You should be grateful because it isn’t going to last forever.

        • Christina Smith

          Actually…Al-Karaouine in Morocco is the oldest University not to mention that Muslims were the first to establish hospitals, dispensaries, and medical schools. Perhaps a little checking before assuming “white men” created everything. Up until that point, you were on a good roll.

          • Sorry, but those “moslems” were mainly Jews and Christians unfortunate enough to have been captured by moslems and forced to work for them.

            Much as present-day moslems like to pretend otherwise..

          • More reason and sense!

          • parachutedave

            If Irag was the seat of civilization, then what the hell happened? If Islam and being a Muslim is so grand, what the hell has happened?

          • They started murdering their women for the crime of being raped and blowing each other up for not being the right kind of muslim.

          • Stephen

            Sorry but, Morroccan’s are not the Sub-Saharan negro that you are. They are more Arabic. They look closer to white than negro.

          • FRLBJ

            The Catholic Church invented modern type hospitals and modern universities in the 4th century. Mohammed was not alive! Check your facts! The Christians are commanded by God to love their neighbor as themselves and not to kill and enslave them as the Muslims did and oftentimes still do.

          • David

            And yet they did in this country.

          • FRLBJ

            Which practicing Catholics were slavers in Africa? The Arabs were the big slavers.

          • EmmaMad

            I take it you’re not familiar with the Crusades.

          • FRLBJ

            I take it you are not familiar with the Crusades, a largely defensive action to protect the Holy sites and the Christian pilgrims from Muslim warlords who were preying on them.

          • EmmaMad

            Oh, savagery as self-defense = ok!

          • poppakap

            Which means exactly what? The Crusades were a belated response by Europeans to the savagery wrought by crusading Muslims throughout the Holy Land.

          • Guardian

            You mean the defensive actions in response to Muslim aggression that assured you are able to sit here today, not cover yourself from head to toe, and actually speak aloud without being beaten?

          • So your liberal education tells you!

          • whatalife1

            Can’t see where you get your “facts” from actually:


          • Ivan Terrible

            Not to deny Muslim achievements in science in general and medicine in particular, but you sound as ridiculous as Obama with his “Muslim invented compass”. From Wikipedia

            The Romans constructed buildings called valetudinaria for the care of sick slaves, gladiators, and soldiers around 100 B.C., and many were identified by later archeology. While their existence is considered proven, there is some doubt as to whether they were as widespread as was once thought, as many were identified only according to the layout of building remains, and not by means of surviving records or finds of medical tools.[16]

            The declaration of Christianity as accepted religion in the Roman Empire drove an expansion of the provision of care. Following First Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. construction of a hospital in every cathedral town was begun. Among the earliest were those built by the physician Saint Sampson in Constantinople and by Basil, bishop of Caesarea in modern-day Turkey. Called the “Basilias”, the latter resembled a city and included housing for doctors and nurses and separate buildings for various classes of patients.[17] T

          • Ridiculous. The Greeks and the Chinese were engaged in the equivalent of university education a thousand years before Mohammad. The Romans had great libraries and centers of learning. Have you heard of the great library at Alexandria that Muslim invaders destroyed? Show me one hospital or medical school founded by a Muslim country. Any that you might name were taken from other counties following military conquest by Muslims, or by contracting with Europeans to build them. Al-Karaouine was a madrasa, or mosque school. It became a university in 1912 while Morocco was a French protectorate. You could spend a little time fact-checking yourself, Christina.

          • The U.S. Census includes people of Middle Eastern and North African origins in the “White” category along with European descendants. In other words, Arabs are white folks, too.

          • David

            I agree…bit of an overkill.

          • DrDean

            Ms. Smith, a plurality of Muslims are white people. Arabs and Persians are part of the white race. You are stereotyping. The white race comes in many shades including olive, pinkish white, golden brown, medium brown, among many others.

          • poppakap

            Sorry Christina, you’re flat out wrong on several points including who created the first hospitals and medical schools. Furthermore, institutions of higher learning that were the predecessors of today’s universities preclude Al-Karaouine by centuries. Your post is a problem of conflating terminology with function; a significant logical fallacy.

            Finally, no one asserted white men created everything. That’s mere leftist projection on your part.

          • Buffy

            Thanks for the history lesson Christina, but what have muslims done to advance humankind in the last 200 years?

          • Charles Martel

            And also the first to destroy any of these advancements. Remember, they were the ones who burnt the library at Alexandria and willingly allowed their societies to devolve into the stone age. Also I think you have a faulty understanding of who whites are: Arabs, Persians, and North Africans are legally considered white.

          • TruthTeller

            Christina Smith; “Actually…Al-Karaouine in Morocco is the oldest University “.

            Seriously, Christina? Seriously? You’re lecturing other people to fact check? Al-Karaouine was a backwater madrasa until the 20th Century, when the French made the effort to try and bring the locals out of the freaking Bronze Age. Mount Rushmore is millions of years old. Does that make those giant carved faces the oldest artwork in existence?

            But, hey, why let facts get in the way of what your profs taught you? Group think, my dear… it’s the wave of the future.

        • Real thinker

          No one should have given women the right to vote in the first place, if the world had started off in a fair way. I can’t believe someone would use this argument and on top of that ask for “gratitude.”
          Of course men were the ones who created most modern technologies, because they were the only ones who had access/right to a proper education. But look at it now, women are ahead of men in many fields, and they graduate from college more than men do, because they are just as capable. Never again will women be subject to the selfish mentality of sexism which kept them chained for centuries.

          Please, think before you write.
          And be grateful for all the women who have made your life as great as it is.

          • David

            Not during the growth of scientific and technical education, after WW II. They didn’t have the support, as one friend was told, “Why do you want to become a physicist when you’re going to have babies? (btw..she didn’t like the people in physics, so she changed to Biochemistry) In the 50’s when there was a great demand for scientists, this is a legitimate question. Today, we have the luxury of allowing women time off of work for bearing children.

            Our limited experiences, incomplete higher education, and fixation upon foreign ideas seems to blind modern man to the context of the past. My Somalian ed professor tells the story of being beaten by his father with a whip, after he wanted to play rather than work in the field. To a tee, every grad student lines up the usual suspects: abuse, sexism, misogyny, white privilege,

            Never let your schoolin’ interfere with your education. Sorry that you’re a victim of a misguided education.

        • EmmaMad

          They “gave” women the right to vote?

          That was not theirs to “give”. It was an injustice that white men needed to correct- and many of them fought tooth and nail to avoid actually doing that. Your phrasing betrays the exact assumptions the Butler syllabus wants students to be aware of. Thanks for proving that professor correct!

          • Granting women the right to vote was the beginning of the end of America. It has rent the family in twain and rendered the Republic a shadow of it’s former self. The victims of the past half-century of politically correct Fempire already are shooting up your classrooms and cubicles; you dont have much time to sort-out and rectify the damage while everybody goes on with their comfortable lives. Only vast and consuming change, effected by God through nature, will budge woman off the pedestal of the nations, and the nations off their knees in worship of her.

          • Charles Martel

            “That was not theirs to “give””.

            But they did. They didn’t have to and would have got along just fine without it. Whites also are the only race who have outlawed slavery, research it and try to prove me wrong.

        • Anna

          This logic is irresponsible and downright insulting. Marginalized communities have fought and died for their own rights, it was not benevolently granted to them by the white men who were oppressing them in the first place. Women didn’t win the right to vote because men took to the streets, were assaulted, jailed, vilified, called insane and institutionalized, and laughed at. We were not “given” the right to vote. We fought for it and took it for ourselves. The same is true for civil rights. It was not a “white men’s movement”. I’m sorry but you do not get accolades for being semi-decent human beings and eventually recognizing the rights and humanity of women and people of color after they have dedicated their lives to fighting for it. Perhaps it is this male-centric, paternalistic, and eurocentric privilege that you have just demonstrated that the professor was asking her students to check at the door. Disgusting.

        • Nicholas Gatewood

          Wroooong, most modern technologies came from various places in the world, not much of it originating in the USA but in places like Europe and Japan. Stop being an elitist prick, you make white guys like me look like imbecilic hicks who take credit for the work of people of other races. It’s one thing to call out stupidity(like this article), it’s another thing entirely to claim that your racial group created everything good in the modern world.

          Seriously, what’s with all the ultra-Republican retards in this commenting section? It’s embarrassing.

        • TruthTeller

          So you’re acknowledging that “white privilege” is what has been extended to everyone who lives in this country and enjoys the freedoms and conveniences that come with it? That could get you kicked out of many schools. Next you’ll be claiming that free speech should be available to everyone. Heretic.

      • Heh I remember once when I had that sort of professor in a class. I took one of his arguments and applied it in a different way, but one that was logically just fine.

        He wrote on my paper that I had “misused” the argument without further elaboration. I didn’t even bother to argue, or to attempt any further intellectual engagement with the class. I had already taught myself what I needed to know, that that emperor really had no clothes.

        • qqqjones

          One cannot misuse an argument. An argument is either valid or invalid. Not “misused.” “Misuse,” here likely means you are not assuming the professor’s assumptions.

          In liberal art studies one can question or “make problematic” anything by using deconstruction critique. Its pretty much the intellectual equivalent of overturning the chess board. But you have to learn to play “the game.”

          You have learn to say shit like, “Feminism is simply a linguistic dilemma.”

          Seriously, and with a straight face.

      • Dark Patriot

        I taught Physics to kids like this for years. A lot of these girls wanted the Law of Gravity repealed because it isn’t fair. Once they understood that there are absolutes in this world and the Universe doesn’t care about your skin color they did better in all their classes.

      • Very well stated!

    • KateSpeaks

      So, so true!!! “Womens’ Studies” led the pack years ago with inane programs that led to dubious employment opportunities (Sandra Fluke had that major, btw)…Avoid those like the plague and get into something that will REALLY help you get, like, a JOB. Just a thought…!

      • catorenasci

        Actually, if I recall correctly, the first “studies” departments rife with politically correct nonsense were the various “African-American” or “black” studies programs which came in along with affirmative action. The womens (or wimmins) studies and various ‘Chicano’ or “latino” or what-have-you programs followed shortly, more or less simultaneously.

    • shenandoah

      I was very moved by your video. It’s a powerful thing to see a man think for himself, especially when his thoughts are very different from the crowd. You have my respect, sir.

    • Chauncey Freeman

      OBGODR is my homey. I’d take one of you to fight in my trench over an army of feckless white “liberals” who are their own worst enemy. Have pity on those who are enslaved by the politics of skin color. White liberals who espouse this kind of afro-centric studies in nearly all cases do so out of a deep and secret bigotry and supremacy that is rooted in their belief that people of color don’t have what it takes to make it without their intervention and obsessive advocacy. This is what happens when people stop believing in God, they have not choice but to slip into an ugly Darwinian class system belief whereas God unites us into one family with one Father where class, economic and race differences disappear. Liberalism is a mental disorder. The professor needs some schooling from Bob Marley, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.”

      • Birger_Skruddusvingen

        “White liberals who espouse this kind of afro-centric studies in nearly all cases do so out of a deep and secret bigotry and supremacy that is rooted in their belief that people of color don’t have what it takes to make it without their intervention and obsessive advocacy.”

        Oh, so they aren’t wrong about everything after all…

    • Havebikewilltravel

      We do have a stupid racist female in the White House. Hate come home to that every night.

    • XCSX

      Thank Heaven 4 young black conservatives, male or fm. They will control the destiny of the conservative movement in our poor misguided country.

    • You know she is unable to pass the requirements for such a degree. But Butler should take all the bad exposure they’re getting from this story into account when her tenure review comes up.

      She’s giving a bad name to a lot of fine people who happen to be black and/or female and/or homosexual and just want to participate and build the society.

    • catorenasci

      Your posts remind me of the black men (and a few women) I have known who took their college degrees in the bad old days before the mid-1960s. You (probably) had to be better than the average of other students wherever you studied, worked as hard as you knew how to learn and set an example of which you and your family could be proud, and took (take) an honest pride in having equipped yourself to provide for yourself and compete successfully in a society that (usually) didn’t treat you fairly.

      Tough as nails, but able to look anyone in the eye because your self-respect was hard-earned and real. Able to speak honestly about race without apology. The people I knew involved in the civil rights movement in the South in the mid-1960s, who made opportunities possible for the children who perverted them (with plentiful help from white liberals whose primary goal was assuaging guilt) and squander them.

    • noranell16


    • You are simply awesome!

    • If she had the intelligence and discipline to get a real degree then she would have done that already.

  • Contrarianthefirst

    Sounds like something a Jesuit would come up with.

  • RenatiusBarton

    This is typical of many colleges and universities. We are on our way to HELL in the proverbial hand basket.

    • Sue

      already there.

    • yes its being taught at an early age

    • We are on our way to HELL in the proverbial hand basket.

      But on the way there we’ll at least feel good about ourselves.
      (sarcasm off)

  • Being an American is racist now. We are not to have pride in our own country. We are the one world order. Celebrate diversity my biscuits. The communists have envaded America, and the youth are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

    All of this is prophesied in the Book of Revelations.

    • Sue

      Ezekiel 38-39 war, coming up! America is no more. Antichrist rises, then about seven years till the return. At some point in Revelation you don’t see the Church mentioned anymore (gone to Heaven).

      • In case you didn’t know, that was a fiction book.

        • XCSX

          Snarky makes the mistake of believing that he’s gonna live forever. (No need to worry about the Judgement) He desparately needs our prayers.

      • XCSX

        Scary stuff. No doubt we R nearing the End of Days. Anybody who ain’t ready 4 the Judgement better git with the program SOON.

    • That is soooo true Teresa. For the first time in history if you are white, male and conservative this is a negative in our “new” society. If you are a Christian you are a joke. Israel and its people need to be destroyed( as I have seen many many teens and twentyish people proclaiming). I have never seen this country as completely backwards as it was when i grew up in the 1970-1980’s

      • Why should white Americans be destroyed for the sake of Israel? Now THAT is backwards, to think that we should sacrifice ourselves and our possessions for the sake of a bunch of semites who, when accommodated in our country, demand that we be wiped out for “diversity”.

        • XCSX

          I’d kinda like 2 know the source of your information regarding “Demand that we be wiped out for “diversity”. You R the only person that i’ve ever heard make such inane statement.

      • Al

        I’m sorry. This ‘anti – white’ male attitude started in the late 70s. Here in Pittsburgh companies that had gov’t contracts had hiring quotas. I was repeatedly told that I had the skills just not the right skin color.

    • Liberalsuck

      Having white skin and especially having white skin and not being a liberal makes you a racist. Doncha know?

  • Dave H.

    Are there non-white, non-hetero, non-males in the class? If so, then I would hope the professor is being intellectually honest and defining the same boundaries for the black, gay, and female class members. But, my suspicions (and familiarity with such elitist, liberal higher-ed agendas) tell me that a paper or presentation that clearly reflected a black, gay, or female viewpoint would be acceptable.

    • Liberalsuck

      True, but anyone who is not a heterosexual, white nonjewish/nonhispanic male is a victim of the white, heterosexual, christian, able-bodied, two-eyed, non-short man.

  • What this prof calls “inherent prejudices” is what we used to call “truth.”

    • Sue

      Oh, you’re a bad person.

    • Liberalsuck

      I love it how liberals whine about inherent prejudices but then they immediately attack heterosexual white men. God, the liberals are such hypocrites. It’s only white males who tolerate all this BS against them; any other group of people wouldn’t tolerate liberals nonsense but white guys.

  • BillRind

    the guy should croak on a chicken bone and watermelon pits, what an utter A _ S H _ _ e.

  • Xerocky

    I think tha the word needs to get out that we need way less liberal arts majors in any sense, let alone those who are required to be drenched in this sort of garbage.
    Rather than send your son to a college such as this, consider a trade school. Welders, for example, always get work, and their work is in demand in the United $tates right now.
    If your son didn’t do well enough in high school to get into a real school, consider a trade. It doesn’t mean that you’re a moron, or that you ‘couldn’t make it’. Degrees in liberal arts from some dump like Butler aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on anymore. The more they fly off to the wild wild left, the more obvious that becomes.

    • thats kinda true

    • Michael L. Seery

      Many wouldn’t even know Butler had a liberal arts school. It’s where race-car engineers study. Ed Carpenter went there; so did Sarah Fisher.

      • Really! So then these kids are the ones who failed intro. math or engineering.

        Rather than be misdirected to spend money for a pointless degree, yes a trade orientation would be much better. This is a core course for poly-sci majors. Engineers just taking a few humanities courses are not put through this crucible.

    • Then these people would have to work.

    • Liberalsuck

      Liberal arts are a waste of money and time, and this professor is a prime example why. All colleges teach you these days is to hate white people, hate christianity, hate capitalism and debase and defame the very people, system and traditions that allowed these ungrateful liberals “progressives” to have the freedom to do what they are doing now. As you said, you’re better off learning a trade.

  • To write, speak, and live by this principle can only be done living through the spirit which all religions ensure the people of this world NEVER understand fully. For it would negate any need of hierarchy in human society whatsoever. Good luck forcing it on the populace who has zero understanding of the law of omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient principals of God.

  • AS america falls it will become more and more politically correct,till the kids are so screwed up they could never build anything,at which point they can close the schools,because the kids won’t be able to read or write,much less build anything,GEE there almost at that point now,dumbed down to the level of rabbits,you rabbits hear me????

  • Carol

    Well said and good for you Ryan! Keep being a thinking white male!

  • I sincerely hope that Butler, the professor, and Howard The Dean all go bankrupt. But, that is from an American perspective of course.

    • Angeleno

      Here’s the example that proves the professor’s point. I’m an “American.” And I disagree with you. So please don’t speak for all Americans. That’s all she’s saying!

      • Ciaran

        No. She’s not,

      • Cody

        Actually Angeleno you are mixed up a bit! 🙂

        The teacher is clearly endorsing the collectivist ideology that reprimands all those that identify themselves as sovereign and unique individuals in order to proliferate the already looming hive mind mentality that the liberal arts angle is already pushing on our students. The professor doesn’t want you to identify yourself as Angeleno, the unique person that you are. She want’s to box you into cattle like socioeconomic herds to justify the liberal art bull crap taught at these schools.

      • David

        No, what I think she’s saying is that she intends to say some anti-American, anti-white things, and you can’t respond as an American or as a white, because you must leave your “assumptions” behind. So it’s all one-way.

      • richard40

        That is not all she is saying. She is saying she can rail against america, whitey, and men, and you are not allowed to challenge or respond to her, since you are required to leave all those assumptions behind.

      • LMFAO. Isn’t the professor asking the students to speak for someone that they are not?

    • Sue

      They will in 2013. Gov’t will no longer be able to guarantee college loans.

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  • DIVISION! To conquer a nation, there must always be DIVISION…everywhere! Divide the races, the marriages, the families, the church’s, etc…the nation will eventually fall as it is much easier to conquer the nation when divided!

    • Sue

      Exactly right, divide and conquer, msnbc vs. faux news. Bush = Obomba.

    • osan

      Precisely so. The most amusing aspect of this is the blatant manner in which this is now all being conducted, and so vast a number of Americans are either too stupid to see it or simply do not care… so long as McDonald’s still have Big Macs, the corner dealer still has his cocaine, plenty is the net.porn, and Monday Night Football has not been interrupted.

      Interesting times, indeed. Let us hope they do not get a whole lot more so because this is about as much excitement as I can stand. But seriously, if things keep going along this track, what will the future hold? Civil war? Seriously, how much more egregiously can some trespass upon the rightful territory of the rest before things come to a head?

    • Tionico

      classic marxian tactics for destroying a culture/people so his system can take over. And its right on track. Read it in his book…. divide the people into factions. set those against each other until chaos results, then magically arrive on the scene with the ulitmate solution and voilá, instant saviour status and total takeover.

      • XCSX

        You R correct (“Magically arrives on the scene”) You left out “With his Armed Civilian Army”.

      • Liberalsuck

        yep. Communism didn’t really die. Its’ toxix spirit still lives on.

    • Johnny A.

      How is asking students to use “inclusive language” an act of division? The professor is asking the students to practice what you are preaching.

  • Jim

    Dosen’t surprise 1 bit half the class are inports

    • RobL_v2

      Ya and the imports are probably the ones offended, its the Americans that believe this wish wash is good for them!

  • Mark

    Sue the the school and get rid of people and their liberal teachings it is what is the problem SOCIALISM and LIBERALISM both communist

  • philolson321

    More evidence that a Liberal arts education is completely worthless. People actually pay money to get taught this crap? I’m proud to be a white American male. Suck it.

    • Wyrdless

      $40,000 a year for a liberal arts degree.

      A graduate won’t even learn a useful skill like engineering or medicine.

  • Angeleno

    I think the point is to have you attempt to demonstrate through your writing that you understand the concept of positionality.

    First, as a journalist, you would want to write in a way that doesn’t assume the positionality of your reader. For instance, would you write about going to the bathroom as if all people had penises and used urinals? No. You would specify that you were talking about male bodies, because since slightly over half of the U.S. and world population is not male-bodied, you would be alienating a majority of the population. That’s not good for your future job prospects.

    Second, in a liberal arts college, being challenged to be able to be explicit about your relationship to the larger society is a central part of what you are learning – critical thinking and writing skills. To do so, you have to demonstrate you understand those whose ideas and opinions are different from your own. You don’t have to agree, or even like it, but you do have to show that you *understand.*

    Third, many times I have found that I actually share many common experiences with people – and groups of people – with whom dominant society would tell me I have nothing in common. It has been pleasurable, in fact, to learn about many points of view and multiple experiences.


    • Positionality? Positionality? Give me a break. Positionality. That’s just so precious.

    • RobL_v2

      Do you watch the news?

      Journalist positionally my but.. ah Butler!

    • Angeleno – you are the one who needs to learn the meaning of words. “alienating”? What? How in the world do you come up with that? I don’t need to have a penis to understand that some do and sometimes what happens to them doesn’t apply to me. Geeeessh,,are you kidding? How in the world is that alienating? In liberal arts, arguing in Philosophy class is considered critical thinking. You do understand that really is not true but it does make the students feel oh so intellectual. Apparently you eat that junk up hook, line and sinker. oh pardon me, I assume you have a mouth but maybe you don’t so now you surely must feel alienated. If you are stupid enough to believe that a discussion of urinals has to specifically include a discussion of penises,,you are a lost cause. Good luck flipping burgers. Please, please, please do NOT become a teacher!

  • Pingback: Anonymous()

  • Millie

    Schools should be teaching hard skills, not cultural indoctrination.

    • Nobody stopped these kids from majoring in engineering or math instead. It is the political science department, and these are students in pursuit of their goal, a BA in Politcal Science from Butler.

      • XCSX

        Correct. And their BA in BS will allow them 2 sound authoritative when they say “Would U like fries with that?”

  • Tahnk God I joined the Army.

    Funny, I was reading this while taking a break from cleaning my AR15. Then The Statler Brothers came on the radio with this song!
    “My baby is American made. Born and bred in the USA, from her silky long hair to her sexy long legs. My baby is American made.” Put that in your stinkin’ Madison, WI, pipe and smoke it !!!!! Or Austin TX, Or Where-ever the hell you PC idiots come from.

    • Cody

      Right on! I was in the middle of cleaning my Hi-point 9mm when I stumbled across this steamy pile of garbage.

      • RobL_v2


        Buy a Colt 45!

      • HaveBikeWillTravel

        It’s silly to have to shoot twice, 45 Hollow Points, My 2 cents.

  • Ciaran

    White normal American – QUIT, Stop paying for this lunacy.Stop paying in every way. Psychically, spiritually, physically, and financially. Stop paying for your own degradation and dispossession. You don’t owe them a THING. Go start a new University. Quit being suckered by this “racism” scam. And it is a century old scam, designed to con you out of your very existence.
    Since normal Whites are so horrible- spare all the poor widdle op-wessed “Others”. Stay AWAY from The Other. They will be better off without Straight White Normal YOU .(and you will be much much much much MUCH better off without them!)

  • This is just an explicit example of what kids are being taught in college now. This all comes down to the ides of “kyriarchy” where straight white males use interlocking prejudices to keep everyone else down, which can only be overcome by purging anything related to white-ness, male-ness, or straight-ness from society.

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  • So by attempting to be inclusive, she is in fact not being inclusive of whites, males, straights, or even Americans. Does not sound very inclusive to me.

    • XCSX

      Sounds quite EXclusive 2 me.

  • Sue

    Yah, like, you knOW, like, I was in my like, sosh class and this ewwww guy tried to ask me out for a date n’ like I told him he was like trying to oppress me n’ my lgbt grrrrls. I told him I would go out with him if he went with me to the “Islam is Fun!” get-together later, cuz you know, Islam is all about puttin’ them christians down n’ that’s good, right? Yah, ouch my head hurts.

  • Wrexie

    Since when is showing some sensitivity or understanding toward others somehow disavowing yourself? Oh wait–I remember that mentality. When we were kids I always thought it was unfair that my sister got the same things I did as gifts–being a whole year and a half older I thought I deserved some privilege. This post is the intellectual equivalent of throwing a tantrum because you’re asked to share. Cry a little harder.

    • “Since when is showing some sensitivity or understanding toward others somehow disavowing yourself?” Since when is disavowing your gender and your race a requirement for showing sensitivity?

      • Wrexie

        No one is being asked to disavow their gender or race–it’s not as if he was asked to wear blackface or walk around in a bra or high heels.

        • Wrexie

          Sensitivity means using your imagination–only that. I don’t understand the complete failure to even *try* to understand a point of view that may be different from ones own. This failure of imagination is, frankly, what cost Mitt Romney the election and what is going to render conservatism obsolete.

  • Beautiful Day

    I came across this article as a Facebook post; wasn’t previously familiar with The College Fix or its ideology while reading the article or comments. My unbiased reaction was pure confusion at what seems to me to be an over-reaction by the author and commenters to an overall reasonable instructional method. Obviously noted to be coming from a liberal point of view, yes, but also logical in its aim to get students to think about and approach issues from perspectives other than the cultural majority, in order to develop a richer and more nuanced understanding of the issues. I don’t think the professor is out to demonize heterosexual white middle-class American males. Just to help students develop greater awareness and comprehension of the world around them, as a springboard for formulating their own thoughts and opinions.

    I support this student’s voicing his experience of feeling offended, and challenging the professor on the necessity of offending white males through the tone of the syllabus in order to make a point (I’m not really into ‘an eye for an eye’), but I think it would have been more productive for all involved to discuss this in the class rather than drop it. His perspectives could have been a valuable contribution to the class, and it’s also too bad that he’s potentially missing opportunities to enrich himself by short-sightedly swearing off all courses in Arts and Sciences, esp as a journalism major…

    About me/my bias: Indian American, female, heterosexual, middle class, Christian, in a relationship with a white American, heterosexual, middle class, male. Went to state school.


    • RobL_v2

      Thanks for the analysis Sunshine but the course is Political Science 201 not Ego Building 101 or Empathy Studies 101 or Sensitivity Training 101 or Shakedown Studies 101 or whatever diversity trek your biased pidgeon-holed check a box for racial identification indoctrinated brain thinks is hip.


      • john


      • Beautiful Day

        RobL_v2: An intelligent understanding of Political Science 201 is benefited by an understanding of differing perspectives. This is not touchy feely stuff.

        I provided my racial identification and other characteristics in order to demonstrate that I fit into some of the same boxes as the white middle class heterosexual American males — I am not entirely “other.” I consider myself privileged and am proud of everything that I am (I do not interpret the professor’s intent as berating my being American, heterosexual, middle class, etc), and the point is to understand that not everyone experiences life the way I do, as a basis for how I think about the world. I work hard in a science profession, by the way.

        And will continue to have a civil, non-condescending, discourse.


        • and the point is to understand that not everyone experiences life the
          way I do, as a basis for how I think about the world. I work hard in a
          science profession, by the way.

          You needed to take a class to understand this? Sad

        • RobL_v2

          Sorry if you find my writing condescending, it’s a defense mechanism perfected after years of being treated well… condescendingly.


          Point 1

          Tell me what happens if a white male professor gets in front of class and states; ‘White men created the enlightenment which created the classical liberal society which bequeathed us America which has given more people more peace, prosperity and freedom than any other peoples or nations in the history of the planet. Therefore I want you all to think like a white men because they are the ones on to something and we owe everything to them and would be more successful if we all thought more like them.’

          If you are honest, you know what would happen.

          Point 2 (which someone else similarly responded)

          No one experiences life the way you do, the way I do or the way anyone else does. We are all unique individuals, period. America is about promoting freedom of the individual, not the collective and that is the crux of the issue here. That is the essence of the American experience and it is freedom of the individual which allowed America to be in the position to dominate the political world and our lessoning of the individual which has weakened our position today.

          If the teacher wants to have students think about what it means to be an American and compare that to being of another nationality then utilize the difference to establish effective foreign policies, awesome! But this is not what she does. She’s merely another vacuous social justice ’professor’ doing her best to cutely destroy American culture. Her class is not one of political science but of political correctness serving only to indoctrinate, not educate.

          I’m saddened for her students that fall for this drek, saddened for the shrinking middle class who work hard to pay for this crud, extremely saddened for my country which apparently is successfully descending into barbarism and ultimately saddened for you who appears a decent and intelligent individual who regardless is not aware enough to see any of this.

  • Bruce Wayne

    at some point white people are going to realize that we are being attacked by our supposed leeders and when we do, statements like what that professor of hate just said will have a severe penalty . Perhaps the students can demand they fire the professor before people begin to get the wrong idea…………..And since when is Heterosexuality been a bad thing

    the guy does not deserve a paycheck……………if you are white and heterosexual, boycott this nut’s class and report on why you did so.

    • Dr. Robin Turner, the course instructor, is an Assistant Professor. That means that she is not tenured.

      All we need to do is to stop protecting and encouraging this sort of thing that she is doing, and to evaluate it negatively instead, and she’ll be off to new horizons when her contract is up.

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  • NetizenKane

    “Social Justice” is Marxist theory in practice. Fact. Do your own research.

  • Paxton Reis

    Seems that this inclusivity push could be opening the school up to a civil rights and free speech lawsuit.

  • RobL_v2

    ‘No pronoun that is gender neutral’?? – how about WE!

    Let me articulate that in a sentence for you. WE think you are an idiot Howard!

    How much money is the white middle class paying for this BS? Minorities, you better watch out because once the white’s are fleeced, you are next.

    • stubbs

      There is such a pronoun in the third person. it was first proposed to me by an English prof at UCLA. It covers all the bases. It is a shortening of “she,” ” he,” and “it”: sh__t”!

      • RobL_v2

        Actually that’s reassuring to me, thanks!

        UCLA is in the land of loons but still sounds like there is a person or two with a good head on their shoulders, there is hope for the Republic yet!

    • catorenasci

      Create a new gender neutral singular by combining “she”, “he” and “it” , dropping the “he” from “she”, the “e” from “he”….

    • avel111

      We is gender neutral but it is plural as well. What is the gender neutral pronoun in the singular? For example in French there is il (he), elle (she), and on (? what pronoun in english is this?). They also have nous (we), vous (you plural and you formal), and ils/elles(they).

  • Pure tyranny. Pure evil.

    Totalitarian oppression reigns supreme at these insanely overpriced liberal hell holes.

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  • Inclusive only if you agree with their views. Diversity is an esoteric goal based on visual things like skin color, ethnicity etc.. It has its limitations when you discuss diversity of thought. Can’t have that! Ironically, the diversity crown implies that skin and ethnic difference automatically create a diverse environment – it does not. If 99.9% of instructors on campus are liberals, it matters little what their skin color, gender or sexual orientation is.

    • They don’t care about being inclusive when they take that financial aid money, do they? Hey, maybe all the anti-white, anti-American, anti-male students can refund all the financial aid that came from said groups. Nahhhhhhh,,,,,,,,they like the money and they like oppressing the people who provide it and they will be the first to scream when the money goes away.

  • RobL_v2

    ‘He added that American culture makes speaking inclusively difficult, and the English language is partly to blame.’

    American culture has saved the most lives, created the most peace and prosperity the world has ever known, In other words it IS AMERICAN CULTURE that is THE MOST INCLUSIVE and that’s why its spoken in more countries then any other language.

    Morons creating morons at Butler. Excuse me while I go donate as much as possible to Hillsdale College.

  • M_Becker

    I’m having a hard time understanding exactly what the utility of this course will be, given that graduates exposed to this sort of intellectualism will no doubt be working at Taco Bell taking drive thru orders. And whining about their lack of upward mobility. And defaulting on their student loans.

  • stubbs

    Well, if as the dean says we need to make people uncomfortable with who they are and how they view the world, why not start with him and the equally leftist Black woman teaching the course. Let’s start with the narrow view that they know best what is good for students in how they view the world. Then let’s insist that they stop affirming only leftist views. Then we can all have some fun in this little political power game they have going. Why shouldn’t the students teach the class, for example, so as to upset the dominant powers?

  • RobL_v2

    ‘a liberal arts education questions these assumptions, and such questions can make for uncomfortable situations’

    Ok so riddle me this you Butler buffoons…

    Why can I not question Susan Rice’s honesty or competence because she either lied to the American public or didn’t know what the heck she was talking about? Is it because she is a black woman that I cannot make HER feel ‘uncomfortable’? Four Americans in Benghazi were in a pretty darned ‘uncomfortable situation’, so why am I labeled a Racist?

    • If you’re white, or speak English, you “must be a racist” unless you jump higher and shout louder to proclaim how “liberal” or “inclusive” or “educated’ you are. lol

  • I am so glad my straight-A, hardworking, articulate, non-tattooed son has decided not to go to college at all, and wants to start a business. His dreaded White Male Heterosexuality won’t hold him back.

    • katie

      Hi there. I’m stopping by to say there’s no causal relationship between your son’s success and his lack of tattoos. I’m a straight-A, hardworking, articulate student with a full ride to any school I choose in my home state. I have two tattoos, and I’m excited to get more.

  • RobL_v2

    Our youth are being indoctrinated but they aren’t inherently stupid. Sooner or later they are going to realize it is their teachers who are the haters and racists and that the middle class, their family, what they remember of religion weren’t all that bad after all.

    I’m actually optimistic some American revivalism is headed our way and likely sooner rather then later.

  • Edu Bubble Popper

    What is “Butler University” and why would anyone pay $47,168/yr to study there?

    Don’t Harvard/Yale/Princeton cost — at most — just a bit more than that?

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  • David Gillies

    I haven’t met many products of a Liberal Arts education in a US university in the last twenty years who were capable of holding down a job that required significantly more cognitive skills than working in a call centre. This is not to say these people were stupid; far from it, but they had been mis-educated into inanition. Many of them were almost aggressively weak in mathematical and technical skills, having been led to believe that such things were beneath them. They lacked logic, reasoning and deductive capabilities. Many of them were shockingly ignorant of history, current affairs and economics. They knew nothing of accountancy, finance, administration or basic engineering. They were comically unemployable, and deeply resentful at seeing others with more marketable skills earn three, four, ten, fifty times what they did. But existing as they did in a miasma of right-on touchy-feely liberal orthodoxy, they were unable to make the connection as to why this should be.

    Such a state of affairs cannot continue. It is simply impossible to carry on saddling young adults with five or six figures of undischargeable debt in return for a scrap of worthless paper. The university-centric model that allows parasitical ideologues like the pseudo-academic dolt in the above story to exist is coming to an end. When the implosion comes she, and many like her, are going to find things get very unpleasant very fast.

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  • zen

    I think refunds are in order. I feel for the parents paying for this scholck.

  • …and this is why a slight majority of Full-Retards doubled down on FAILURE NOV 6th.

    • Actually I believe Romney won both the popular vote and electoral vote, if one excludes fraudulent votes and fraudulent counting. Romney was forced to “check at the door” his privilege of being the preferred candidate of most voters!

  • Osan

    The comments of Mr. Howard are proof that one need have no brains of which to speak in order to become dean at an American university. The situation is getting out of hand to the point that I see little to no value in obtaining a degree from a university for anything other than a true profession such as engineering, medicine, law, and so on. For the record, I hold degrees in mechanical engineering, education, computer science (under- and graduate) and my MBA. The liberal arts curricula were at one time reasonably rigorous, but have devolved into… well, I don’t even know what to call it that would not seem harsh. It is terrible… and to think that kids are coming away from four years of university up to their eyes in debt for degrees in this watered down schlock… functionally more stupid and ignorant than when they started. Heaven help us.

    • tbh it’s always been that way. When I went to school long long ago there were some ordeals of political correctness too.

      My take on it is that if you pay the university $40,000 you should know what you’re buying, and then it’s up to you. If you want to pay that much to try to get a Butler BA in poly-sci, and put your GPA at risk being a target in a course like this, well I don’t understand such a decision. No wonder this course has 7 open seats even though it’s required.

      STEM courses are so much nicer. It’s very nice to know that one will not have to submit to such politically charged evaluation as there might be in this course. What does it mean to check my whiteness or maleness at the door? Does the instructor decide if I’ve checked enough, or which parts of me are the privilege and which are common to everyone else? Do I have to check my math ability at the door too?

  • Rich Thomas

    “Sometimes in order to broaden the conversation and broaden the understandings you’ve got to risk making people uncomfortable,” Howard said. “There’s nothing about a college education that guarantees you won’t be made uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, if you’re never made uncomfortable in your college education, you’re not really getting a college education.”


    Does this apply to the professor? If not, why not? Or, let me rephrase it:

    “Sometimes in order to broaden the conversation and broaden your students’ understandings you’ve got to risk being made uncomfortable,” Howard said. “There’s nothing about a college education that guarantees you won’t be made uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, if you’re never risked losing your tenure providing a college education, you’re not really providing a college education.”

    • everyone chill

      There is absolutely nothing about her statement that implies that white heterosexual middle class men are “evil” or “whitey righty”. None whatsoever. It is very clear from the language used that the professor just wanted people to take on perspectives of others. As if to put oneself in another’s shoes. If the professor was a white heterosexual middle-class male, and not a black woman, would you still say the same thing?

      I likewise am frustrated with the prevalence of overly political-correctness out there, but I really don’t see this as an issue of political correctness. Rather it seems she only wanted students to put their own biases inherent from a certain life experience aside.

  • ‘“Sometimes in order to broaden the conversation and broaden the understandings you’ve got to risk making people uncomfortable,” Howard said.’
    This is perfectly okay, provided the people made uncomfortable are not among the political science department’s chosen few. And these morons who teach our young people can’t see that this is in itself a bias.

  • buzzlatte3

    Looks like parents are going to have to start homeschooling their college students.

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  • Yougivetheyouthabadname

    Cry me a river. Just because you were told to think outside of your normal mindset, you throw a hissy fit and make this all about you. News Flash, you pay $40k to learn new things, not say stupid things.

    • Yeh and learning not everyone has the same experience in life and that all are worthy at least a listen is such a difficult concept right? Only the truly stupid pay thousands of dollars to pretend to learn it to the extent they please the professor and pass the class. There are those of us that don’t need a professor to tell us that basic information. You obviously do and really can’t stand it that others don’t. Yeh, you’re all for inclusiveness, got it.

      • john


    • bluevanda

      Your liberal definition of “tolerance.”

      For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not
      understand, no explanation is possible.

      • Liberalsuck

        If liberals had their way, they would march off their dissenters to gulags and force us to give up our businesses or property to them –er, I mean the ‘less fortunate people.’ The liberals use the same tactics today that they did in Communist Russia. In Communist Russia they wanted the masses to live in poverty and squalor while they lived in nice mansions with a feast every night. Nowadays these same liberals want white people to be “racially diverse” meanwhile they live off in some rich nice white neighborhood where there are no blacks or mexicans (oh, except the few who mow their lawns).

  • So they want you to write from the perspective of a poor lesbian mexican woman. I found the syllabus online and found this interesting GRADING SYSTEM AND BONUS POINT STRUCTURE “any AFRICAN AMERICAN would qualify as a non-American. +2.5 bonus points if the student is transgender. +5 points if its a man living as a woman. +7.5 points if its a woman living as a man but pregnant!! +5 Bonus points if you are handicapped (no bonus if the handicap is related to military service, i.e. vetren) +.25 points for every year of being on some form of government assistance (Food stamps, section 8 housing, welfare, and yes you can double dip). +25 points if you are pregnant when you start the class but can show proof of an abortion before the final exam.+30 for late term abortion. +15 points if you are in the country illegally.”

    • Haha I couldn’t find that much detail online but I wouldn’t be too surprised …

      This is supposed to be a “nuts and bolts” course, not some political touchy feely encounter group. Here is the course description I found:

      PO 201S 013.0ISLab2173Research and AnalysisFall 2012Instructor: Turner, RobinJH207 TR 11:00 AM – 12:15 PMStart Date: Aug 22 2012 End Date: Dec 15 2012Class limit: 22 Enrolled: 15 Open Seats: 7 Waitlist: 0

      Hide Description

      Research and Analysis

      This course, required of all majors, will introduce students to the process of designing and executing research projects (large and small) in political science; to library, archival and web-based resources for political research; to quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis; and to writing research reports for various audiences. (U)

  • This isnt at all surprising to me this was starting to be done in the 1990’s when i was in undergrad school . The vast majority of professor in these colleges are of the same ilk as any of the far left . They have tenure and no one will challenge them for their jobs . The students themselves should stand up to this mindset , if they get kicked out so what they can go to another college . If this would happen , yale would sink into nothingness . However , this probably will not happen and our young minds will be continued to be programmed to this debased mindset . Commonsense is a commodity that is sorely lacking in our nation , and if it were a commodity our country wouldn’t be in the state it is .

  • kmorgana

    OK, if they only promise to disavow their immigrant-ness, female-ness, brown-ness, and gay-ness. What a bunch of Bolshevik nonsense. Weren’t we warned about this during the McCarthy hearings history? Oh yeah- forgot- everyone laughed, thought it was a joke. Was no joke.

  • souphands

    This is how college works. I’m sorry if some of you are too insecure in your beliefs to try to examine them holistically, but education isn’t a boogie man.

    • everyone chill

      amen brother

  • BWatkins

    I’m sick and tired of defending my innocence against those who presume that I am a racist, a sexist or a homophobe simply because I’m a heterosexual, white male. My entire life I was taught to see past racial identities and judge people based upon “the content of their character”, as MLK dreamed we would all do. By assuming that I am inherently racist or sexist based on the fact that I’m a white male is, in and of itself… prejudicial, unfair and wrong. And unfortunately, being treated this way is making me now more aware of someone’s race than ever before. That’s a shame.

  • BigAl

    At the rate things are going, it isn’t clear anyone will be able to read in ten years, so I wouldn’t be too obsessed with “writing right”. So if a college told black students to forget their gender or their skin color, their ethnic history or their culture, congressmen and race-hustlers would be lining up to defend their right to be who they “are”.

    You don’t have to be a skinhead to be proud of your white ethnic history, and if white society gives that up in order to participate in the new “hip-hop” culture then it is its own doing.

    Sadly, we have enabled our media, educational system and political system to “bash whitey” in all of these subtle ways, and no one has the courage to stand up and say they are proud to be who they are.


  • Horatio

    The first thing I would ask the “instructor/professor” is, “How long have you engaged in mental masturbation and aren’t you afraid of going blind?

  • DaMav

    By all means get the word out so the mindless bots who stand for this North Korean brainwashing are not offered jobs in the USA. Butler College — how apropos the name.

    • everyone chill

      Who are you and why are you alive?

  • werewife

    This is why I gave my son a chance to sink or swim in the job market first, and figure out what he really wanted to do, instead of wasting a fortune and debt-enslaving him right out of the gate. More radically, it’s why I gave my daughter permission to attend a theater conservatory instead of a liberal arts college (sadly, neither of them has the talent or the inclination to succeed in a STEM field). Better to study only 2 years for less than half the annual cost and at least get a shot at doing what she loves while avoiding irrelevant conditioning and opinion-coercion. (Yes, most of her teachers and colleagues are lefties, but the training is all practical/technical, and during election season she could stick up for Romney/Ryan without fear.) I say this as someone who used to believe in secular education almost as a substitute for religion – and I didn’t leave it, it left me.

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  • Advice

    Ryan, I empathize with your very justified frustration, but let me urge you to think twice about avoiding the liberal arts college altogether. Young right-leaning folks–especially those entering journalism–need to learn as much as they can about history, literature, art, and culture. They need to be able to engage fully with the world of ideas, and they need a wide breadth of information in order to do this. The left already assumes we’re all anti-intellectual idiots; don’t prove them right. Just get as much as you can out of humanities and social sciences courses, all the while maintaining your critical faculties. The profs tell you to question authority. Take them at their word, but don’t shut them out.

    If you’re going to combat leftist ideology, you need to understand it. We need young people like you to spread sanity from WITHIN the liberal institutions that dominate our culture. I urge you, when you begin your journalism career, to eschew the easier and more glamorous path of preaching-to-the-choir opinion journalism and get some hard news reporting experience. Work your way up within the mainstream media, and become one of the now-rare-as-a-unicorn editors or producers or beat reporters who decides that exposing, say, a government cover-up of a terrorist attack is more important than harping on the decades-old schoolboy antics of an otherwise upstanding presidential candidate. And when you write about things that matter, your liberal arts education will make your prose that much more interesting and compelling. Good luck, and don’t give up!

  • While other industrialized countries churn out engineers and doctors by the truckload, our colleges produce “gender studies” majors. Yeah.. that’s a recipe for success in competition on the world stage.

    • Oh hey, but they are sensitive and understanding of all others- they can show you the piece of paper that proves it!

  • ParkerShannon

    Will Butler Universitybe changing its name to Butt Hole University to celebrate its exercise in diversity?

  • Bob Dole

    Well, you’re paying for an education. You can do what you want for free. You’re not being judged, you’re being asked to not make assumptions about others. It’s an exercise–probably a silly one. But running away and removing your voice from the conversation isn’t a particularly noble response.

  • Pingback: Furthermore! – “I think paying $40,000 a year should give me that basic right” | BPI Campus()

  • UnsungPatriot

    In other words, if there is ANYTHING about you that gives you an advantage over ANYONE… be ashamed, you awful person.

    Excellence through mediocrity.

    • bluevanda

      Striving for that lowest common denominator.

  • Rebecca Harris

    That professor is allowing her own prejudices to make assumptions about others based on their skin color and gender (and, surprisingly, their “Americanness”). In other words, payback. Weren’t we supposed to be striving to overcome all that?

  • Pingback: The Horrors of Having to Think Differently()

  • A bigot professor, full of intolerance and prejudice, who presumes to teach others about their own bigotry, intolerance and prejudice.

    Do the obtuse know they’re obtuse? Or does cashing their paychecks render them oblivious??

    • Liberalsuck

      I really don’t think most blacks, even the well educated blacks, have the intelligence to see what they’re doing. Look at the continent of Africa and all the neighborhoods, cities, countries and anywhere else that has a majority black population: crime, poverty, diseases, the young men are killing each other on a daily basis, etc. Most blacks are very emotional and very impulsive and quick to anger. That’s why lots of black males will physically attack you if you say something they don’t like or disagree with them in any way. Come on, you people reading this that are mad at me for pointing out these facts know I’m right. Call me a racist, nazi, white supremacist, redneck, and all the other names. You can’t prove me wrong.

      • I reject your racialist assessment.

        Philosophy matters: economic; political; religious. And around the kitchen table that translates into culture, which is not dependent upon race. The obtuse can be found worldwide.

        I reject your racialist assessment.

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  • Brandigo

    “liberal arts” there’s your first clue. That’s code for “leaning so far left, you get a neck cramp looking at them”

    • everyone chill

      There is absolutely nothing about her statement that implies that white heterosexual middle class men are “evil” or “whitey righty”. None whatsoever. It is very clear from the language used that the professor just wanted people to take on perspectives of others. As if to put oneself in another’s shoes. If the professor was a white heterosexual middle-class male, and not a black woman, would you still say the same thing?

      I likewise am frustrated with the prevalence of overly political-correctness out there, but I really don’t see this as an issue of political correctness. Rather it seems she only wanted students to put their own biases inherent from a certain life experience aside.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a white, hetero, male who attends Butler and has had this professor. Ask me anything.

    • HaveBikeWill Travel

      So do you agree with her or not?

    • Did you survive without too much damage to your GPA?

  • streekyd

    Just another prejudice against: American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status! The dean and the professor are asses! THEY are the ones that don’t get it. Pussies each one of them!

    • everyone chill

      You’re disgusting.

      • streekyd

        I’ll take that as a compliment!

  • Eddie Dunne

    They were also told to leave their Awesomeness and Balls also at the door.

  • tim117

    Pity the rich kid who can drop 40000 a year of his parents’ money on a private school but can’t take being challenged. Ryan, you’re a disgrace to the college, to Indiana, to the Bulldog alumi I know…..do you know how racists across the Internet are playing with your article?

    You should be embarrassed

    • chiirish87

      Tim, I know Ryan.. he isn’t a rich kid. In fact he, like most young people, will be in debt after he graduates. You are the one who should be embarrassed..but you don’t have the cognitive capacity do understand what embarrassment is, so I empathize with you as you read this. You see, psycho liberals like yourself hate people who have different opinions than your own. You throw around the term “racist” like it is football because you can’t comprehend a well thought out, formulated opinion such as Ryan’s. That is why the professor asked him and his classmates to leave their ideals at the door. Because she, like you, hasn’t the slightest clue how to engage others in constructive conversation. Please, for your own sake, take your keyboard and throw it in the trash.

      • john

        Sounds like you are the one who does not like different opinions that your own…Psycho Chriirish!

    • BWatkins

      Typical response. Nice work, Tim. Classic Alinsky attack job. Rather than express why you disagree with Tim in a reasonable, factual and logical way… you chose to discredit him personally based on a presumption of who he is, how he thinks, how much money his parents may or may not have, etc. It is you, Tim who should be embarrassed. Maybe you should take a moment to look in the mirror and consider what’s at the root of your own thoughts and behavior.

      • tim117

        I did. It’s why I told the spoiled rich kid who can’t handle other people’s politics that he was a spoiled, rich kid

  • John Pepple

    Hey, people, learn their Achilles heel. It is sports. The professor says to disregard their American-ness. So, ask her what sports she supports. Soccer? Cricket? Ok, but if it’s basketball, tell her she should abandon it.

  • Capitalism-is-liberty

    Stay strong Ryan! I had a class at Butler called Women and Rock and Roll back in the day, and the professor taught, graded and treated students with the same mentality. She was a bully towards any student, male or female, who didn’t think men were to blame for all her problems. She made a female student cry after class for being sympathetic towards men. I suppose these professors have to create issues so they can teach classes on how to solve these self created problems. I should have dropped the class.

  • bluevanda

    Another college to put on the “Do Not Attend” list for your kids.

    • john

      doubt they could even get in…

  • Vast Variety

    Anyone ever hear the line “Walk a mile in their shoes”? That’s all this class is trying to do. Get a person to see things from the prospective of others. A valuable skill that can help you deal with other people.

    • HaveBikeWillTravel

      What shoes is this woman wanting me to fill? You need a pair not 2 left shoes.

    • john

      Some people on this forum could use this skill…

    • DeniseW

      Then why doesn’t he just say that then? Your blind if you can’t see he’s pushing an anit-American, anti-white, and anti-straight agenda. All I can tell you is that it’s what is being called “reverse racism” and progressive propaganda.

  • JAS64

    “social justice” deserves nothing more than a bullet between the eyes.

    • Chauncey Freeman

      Social justice begins with social responsibility which Marxism deliberately does not teach as a means by which to keep the masses oppressed under its dead dogma. Eternal victimhood is the root of roots of the Marxist’s archetypal desire to have power over those who are foolish enough to fall for it. Low-self esteem is the pre-requisite of the students of Marxism.

  • HaveBikeWillTravel

    Will some one explain to me what is white, America, maleness, middle class etc,etc.? While writting or just going thru life? How do I know Im doing some thing that this woman dis-likes? Actually I am offended by her racist teaching. I think she should stop being female, American et all she is offering. Perhaps we should not identfy her a as a Black. Take her title away while in class and address it as hey you! If I address you as a female professor & black some where there Im sure to offend her. Fools like this so called educated professor divide Americans. Planting the idea in heads of young kids if your white or what ever is bad. Would the idea to stop being black male herterosexual middle class American be recieved? Im sure it would be a racist teaching. Stop playing the race card lady, butch, heterosexual what ever you call yourself. Did your parents drop you on your head as baby??? I would like to add my son is married to Mexican American woman in US.Army as he is also in ARMY. I asked why she joined ARMY. Her reply was to help pay back this country for available oppurtunities of living here. She is also an officer & RN on activie duty as is my son with my awesome grandaughter.

  • smashicus

    Another whack job professor trying to mind-rape the young and malleable.

  • smashicus

    I don’t hear this professor wanting to give up her identity as a black, female, whatever.

    • everyone chill

      probably because you didn’t read an article written by her.

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  • Chauncey Freeman

    Afrocentrism is a naked sociopathy and rooted in black supremacy and must be rejected. You can guarantee that this “professor” is a product of affirmative racism and is limited in thought by the mind constraining bonds of the rigid ideology and dead doctrine or Marxism.

    Shall we adopt the folkways, mores and culturally superior ways that have made the oldest civilization on earth the least productive and least successful? Africa would not have electricity, nor medicine, nor universities from which to preach the retrograde, failed Marxism that keeps them enslaved if not for Western Colonialism and continued dependency on Western charity. Talk about stupid, the parasite attempting to kill the host who is responsible for their survival.

    If you want to learn tribalism, cannibalism, Marxism, radical Islam, savage bloodshed, western race-hatred, homogeneity, genocide, fratricide, uncontrolled sexuality keeping AIDS and epidemic, all of the world’s lowest literacy rates, then by all means cast your advanced brain several hundred years back and learn the ways of the superior African continent.

    Neo-liberalism is a retrograde sociopathy.

    • Liberalsuck

      There is nothing superior about black culture, yet people like to tell you the idea of ‘white supremacy is evil’ even though these same people constantly like to promote the idea that blacks are cool and whites suck. When you argue online with black guys, they will usually threaten you with violence or tell you how they got bigger penises or how they had sex with your momma or how white girls want them, etc. These are even grown black men who talk like this. It’s like they are still mentally teenagers at best. Think about it- If blacks are such a superior race, why is it that any place that has a black majority looks like Detroit or Inglewood or Compton or the Sudan or Ethiopia or any other third-world hellhole? Why didn’t blacks invent any of the major modern technological things white men did? Why didn’t in all the years before Europeans stepped onto the continent of Africa did they not build a seaworthy vessel? Where are all the great philosophers out of Africa? Why is it that in most African countries or black neighborhoods in the US that any other nonblack group can come in, set up a business and do good for themselves, while the blacks will whine proclaiming, “exploitation!” or ‘they’s gots advantages dat’s us black folk don’t got none of. no what I be sayin’?’

      • Chauncey Freeman

        I didn’t suggest they are superior, I did suggest that Afro-centrism is black supremacy especially in the case of this professor. I am clear that as God’s creation we are all endowed with the spirit to succeed and advance, not doing so is a choice. Otherwise, we all have equal opportunity. Africa is the world’s oldest civilization and yet stuck on neutral and many times reverse. It could be a curse but more likely a cultural choice and not a malady or deficiency of any kind.

  • USEagle

    Liberalism: “Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave.”
    This is from Russia and in the Pravda news.



    • mccoy346

      You are sick.

  • france

    No gender neutral pronoun? How about “it”? This shit whack! Welcome to 1984, slaves.

  • James Peterman

    You know, it seems, when I read comments or talk to people, no one, and I mean no one, is buying into this crap. Yet, the powers that be would have you believe that half the planet wants this for our future. Bullshit. The 2012 election was rigged. They are ushering in a one world government and they won’t be elected. Good job, idiots.

    • john

      Romney 2012!

  • Uncle Samantha

    I’m a self-sufficient white American male who believes in God and I’m not ashamed. Liberty is under threat. It’s not like we pass it on through our DNA. It’s not locked in a safe or guarded like a famous painting. It’s our job to protect it at all costs. All costs. We can’t allow liberty to go extinct.

    • everyone chill

      how is this relevant to this article?

  • Zak

    People without souls are afriad to have an identity. Aliens, demons, whatever are among us and they are covertly destroying our liberty and our very existence.

  • Carl

    We should make all of those thing the norm… be American, be male, be white, by heterosexual – stick it to them!

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  • Sammy U

    Liberals all need to die

    • john

      9 likes? Aren’t you conservative people against killing innocent lives? You put up a hell of a fight against abortion because its a “killing” but here you say its okay to kill all liberals. What a complete joke. Another reason you lost the election.

  • carl

    You people commenting really make me want to die. On top of agreeing with what this rather crappy piece of journalism says–that complicated ideas inherent to the humanities can be simplified down to ‘this person is a racist’ or ‘this person is inherently bad’ or whatever–everyone’s attacking this professor for “not having a real job” or “not being able to do math” etc. As if any of that matters one iota to her having any sort of valuable opinions.

    Let’s all check ourselves for a minute, and maybe not be so condescending to a person (or a set of complex ideas) who’s only trying to get us to look at how society functions.

    • Havebikewilltravel

      Well feel free to die, not sure if thats a right. Need to check with some liberals on that. There is an off chance that could be white thing or malenss???

    • Liberalsuck

      Right, Courtney, because liberals and the majority of blacks who hate white people certainly aren’t biased or condescending with us, are they?

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  • HF

    While every higher educational institution should, even must, work to promote, racial harmony, diversity and respect of others among its students, the ideas in this syllabus are simple bigotry. Bigotry goes both ways. Truly it sounds as if the university and the professor teaching the course are bigoted against white people. Imagine the blow-back if a black or brown student being told these things with regard to their balck-ness or asian-ness or other-ness instead of whiteness? This is simply wrong.

  • venom

    only a tight nipwit would make such a recommendation. regardless of iclusivity every language in the world just as the english one has inclusivity into it. This is the product
    of sinister domination and control. Simple minds will always converge on racism, classism
    and religion.

  • i sent a letter to the department head expressing my discontent and concern about this. further, i hope people noticed that the political science department homepage sports an Obama photo. no debate whatsoever on which political ideology is being advanced. i wouldn’t call that “inclusive.” freaking classic: http://www.butler.edu/political-science/

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  • Cpt. Obvious

    Asking political science students to write without a bias? It’s almost like she’s encouraging student to write from a different perspective than their own…oh, wait…that’s part of the essence of learning.

    Man. This is the biggest shit fit ever thrown over dropping a class. “I can’t write from inside my comfort zone? WEH WEH WEH”

    • mccoy346

      Are you sure about that Capt. “Oblivious”? I think you missed the point made in the article.

      • Cpt. Obvious

        Quite sure. Please exchange your ad homs for substantiated arguments.

  • Uhm, seriously? What’s wrong with inclusive language? That’s right, NOTHING. The fact that you can’t be empathetic enough to try and see from the perspectives of ther people is your problem, not the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences problem. The fact is, Butler favors people like you, that’s why there are so many people at Butler with your similiar statistical attributes (I should know because I am also a Butler student). So quit your whining, grow up, and realize that everyone has a different opinion and way to incorporate new ways of learning that don’t neccessarily fit with your own opinions. Sounds to me like you shouldn’t have dropped the class because you obviously had a lot to learn.

    • catorenasci

      Inclusive language is simply awkward, incorrect English.

      • katie

        “He who uses inclusive language persuades.”
        “People who use inclusive language persuade.”
        There is nothing awkward or incorrect about the second sentence.

        • catorenasci

          Your example elides the problem: not every singular can be idiomatically (or even grammatically) transformed into a plural. Moreover, your ‘inclusive’ sentence lacks the emphatic force of your gender specific one (which would be equally true had you cast it as “she” instead of “he.” In any event, both sentences are poorer than “Inclusive language persuades.”

          Revisit Strunk & White.

          • katie

            I like that sentence! “Inclusive language persuades.” That’s definitely the best of the three. Thank you.
            If the statement applies to only men or only women, then “he” or “she” should be used. However, I prefer representing the facts.
            Strunk & White is generally not my reference for Internet comments on poor journalism. Thank you, again, though, for the advice!

  • Back in 1969, US Army, Germany, we got into some scuffles with the Black Panthers in the Army, and their followers. After one fight I talked with the instigator of most of the fights and asked him why we couldn’t just have peace as none of us white guys were really interested in fighting and as far as I was able to observe we never started any fights.
    The instigator had no answer! Later his wall locker was shoved into the hallway and fire bombed, he was arrested and we never saw his sorry butt again.
    We have an identity, which for me is White Anglo Saxon Christian, Caucasian. I’m happy and proud of my ancestory and no dimwit Psycho Babbling Professor is going to take that away from me.
    I want peace but I won’t bow to this ridiculus “New Speak” where everyone but them are Racist and we Whites should somehow be ashamed.

  • Pretty sure none of the commenters here can read. Or comprehend. Or understand the point of trying to see things through another’s eyes.

    • Ernest

      Especially when it is a one way street. Why should I wish to see through the eyes of others when they could care less of how I see things?

      • Indeed, most people are in a race to the bottom…

    • Liberalsuck

      Are you another one of those smartass condescending white liberal types trying to tell us we don’t know what we’re talking about? If I ran the world, I would round up all you white liberals, make you donate all your money to a black or Hispanic person, give your house up for free to a Native American (if you lived in the US) then I would make you renounce your citizenship (if you are living in a majority country) and live in a third world country wit the natives there. I mean, you white liberals are always spouting about how great diversity is and how evil and bad white people are, so why not put your money where your mouth is and be the first one to “rid yourself of the evil oppressive white culture”?

      • More proof that you can’t read or comprehend.

    • everyone chill

      seriously. it scares me

  • Stephen

    HAHAHAHA, this article.

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  • cheongyei

    Is this what they want??

    “My enemies are my friends; I love those who would hate me or kill me.”

    They don’t even realize they are asking people to be Christ-like, LOL

  • Davis Duke

    Racist Female Dog.


  • Stephen

    It should be known that his interview request was granted based on a lie. He said he was writing an article about something completely different in order to secure the interview.

    • Good job of invading the enemy camp and emerging with important and comical reconaissance! Why are you so sore about it, isn’t it a good thing to expose the truth to light?

      • Stephen

        Not when the truth has been bent, beaten, and broken. Clearly the author’s concept of “truth” is quite…fluid.

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  • Courtney

    I, personally, am a senior Political Science student at Butler and this whole ordeal is, quite frankly, ridiculous. Dr. Turner is a well-educated woman who has taught me a great deal the past 4 years. As Dean Howard says, the essence of learning is about being challenged by professors as well as challenging yourself to think outside the box and express your opinions in ways with which you may not be the most familiar. Dr. Turner has done absolutely nothing wrong and is being bashed by individuals reading a biased account of one student who wasn’t comfortable with the Political Science department’s expectations of their students. Shame on you all for portraying Dr. Turner in such negative context and for writing comments that are in such poor taste. I’m beyond grateful that I will, in May, receive a Political Science degree from Butler and have professors, like Dr. Turner, to thank for my wonderful education!

    • so youre black?

      • Courtney

        I’m actually not! I’m white! Isn’t it strange that a white girl from the mid-west actually has an open mind and can think with the 21st century????

    • catorenasci

      Your wonderful education! has not included a working knowledge of English grammar.

      • Stephen

        Attack the grammar, not the statement. Good tactic, buddy. Lends plenty of credence to your opinion of the situation.

    • So it’s not just Turner’s expectations but the poly-sci department’s expectation that students will do this ridiculous thing?

      Well Dean Howard my consider it ignoble, but I think the paying customers might want to rethink buying that product!

      • Stephen

        To what “ridiculous thing” are you referring? Performing research from an unbiased perspective?

        Surely ridiculous is not the word you were looking for.

  • Toughen Up America

    This is racist against white people. This is also sexist against males.

    • Liberalsuck

      Don’t you know anything, my friend? Only white men can be racist and sexist because anyone who is not a heterosexual, gentle white male has absolutely no power whatsoever. (sarcasm off)

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  • trojanguy

    Message to this University and this professor from an American
    middle-aged, middle class, white male, heterosexual, independent conservative……..Go F*CK Yourselves you Far Left, America hating Liberal LOON-A-TRONS.
    These fruitcakes perfectly illustrate exactly what has gone terribly wrong in this country over the past 40+ years…..and why……”Liberalism IS A Dangerous Mental Disorder!!”

  • Brucew

    Ryan, thank God there are people like you who understand what America means. I think your professor has gone off the deep end. Please hold on to your beliefs. America needs you!

    • everyone chill

      How, pray tell, has anyone “gone off the deep end”? Please, everyone, calm down. the American way of life is not being threatened by a professor asking students to have a different perspective for the purposes of learning. Seriously. Chill.

  • alanhenderson

    If students disavow their heterosexuality, where’s the next generation of college students coming from?

    • RacistandMysoginistDickholes

      It doesn’t mean she wants them to stop being hetero, dumbass. It just means she wants them not to assume every other person is also hetero. if you can’t see that I really worry for your intelligence.

    • katie

      Actually, the professor never used the word “disavow”. Ryan Lovelace did in order to misrepresent the actual syllabus. The students are actually being asked to avoid assuming that their backgrounds are the norm.
      Hope I helped!

  • Barry The Impostor is a shimmy sham con man- Communism used to be a dirty word in America, now idiots like to say- “Europe they get to take the whole summer off, they get Heath care for free, they get to take a year off of work to have a baby.” Its disgusting that FREE is now the best thing to Americans. Why? When did we get so stupid, lazy and entitled?

  • ewkeane

    Have no fear, far right nationalists are waiting in the wings to save the day.

  • My friend has kids in school- on the first day the words “nigger” and “Fag” were written on the blackboard. Kids were told never to say those words. Why not- Cracker? Whore? White Bitch? Stupid Blonde? Why are only the “Niggers” and “Fags” protected?

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  • kiss my white, american,heterosexual, male, middle class ass!

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  • renojim_2000

    What a load. Apparently it takes no more qualifications to be a college professor than it does to be president.

  • bccclv

    disgusting and these so called professors need to be terminated

  • Nate Higgers

    Out of that list, there is one thing that NONE of us should ever forget: our Whiteness. It is the main qualification that separates us from these black, filthy, feral animals. Our Whiteness is exactly why they hate us. No matter what they steal, rob, rape or kill, that’s the one thing they can never take from us: humanity. And it infuriates the chimps.

  • bccclv

    what goes around comes around, the white man will have his day in the sun again

    • Liberalsuck

      Blacks, mexicans and others who hate whites are jealous of us. They won’t admit it, but that’s what is really behind their hatred against us. They even feel inferior to whites, but as I said they won’t admit it.

      • everyone chill

        What is wrong with you? Why do people still care about races? People, we’re all the same. It’s 2012. Grow up.

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  • Chaise

    I am absolutely appalled at many of these comments. You sit here and say that this professors plea for inclusivity is racist, yet look at yourselves and what you say. Talk about racist! I am currently in this mentioned class and much of the reason that our professor expects us to, “Do your best to write and speak in a way that does not assume American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status, etc. to be the norm.” is because as a researcher in general you want your research to be unbiased, if you don’t check your privilege at the door and cast it aside, then how can your research be truly unbiased. Also, our research is based on topics surrounding our service learning partners. Many of the people that we work with are not white, some not American (these being refugees from their native country), many of them are from the working class not the middle class and some not heterosexual, this I believe is another larger reason to why our professor asks us to check ourselves and our privilege, if not, not only do we stand the chance of being biased, but we may not step back and understand the people we are working with and understand their struggles they may face because of the different intersectionalities of identities.

    • Liberalsuck

      Doesn’t matter if you are appalled at the negative comments against blacks. They are facts. I am appalled at black people’s bad behavior. I am appalled at the fact their cities and areas they inhabit and rule are total disasters. I am appalled my taxes go to support DeShawntae and Lamont’s irresponsible sex lives, like having 20 babies with five different ‘sistaz’ while there are responsible, hardworking white people that can barely take care of their families. I don’t give a shit if you’re offended at the ‘racist’ comments people make. If blacks as a race want people to accept them, they need to clean up their culture and their communities and any place else they live.

      • White Male

        Before you make a fool out of yourself with idiotic statements about black communities being dirty and total disaster areas, why don’t you at least make informed judgements based on statistical evidence. http://www.amazon.com/Color-Wealth-Behind-Racial-Divide/dp/1595580042
        This book shows how the racial wealth divide has perpetuated the cyclic nature of poverty amongst the black population and populations of people of color. You may make that claim about blacks having to clean up their culture in order for people to accept them; however, let’s face it Whites are not the majority in the world yet they constantly act like they are, they have committed much slaughter of people of color over centuries. Maybe if we hadn’t brought blacks from their native Africa to enslave them, they wouldn’t be in the predicament they are. This is the last comment I make, because the bigotry of posts in the comment section gives me no hope for humankind because assholes like yourself cannot make educated statements, but turn towards the racist politics that will always divide this country.

      • john


    • avel111

      I agree with you. I think people are just ignorant to what the class entails and what it’s trying to achieve, so they make up false assumptions based on their ignorance and racist nature to defend themselves.

  • NormanRockwellAmerican

    Hmmmm……… I guess I have to get over the old, out-dated notion that the greatest, most liberated, most benevolent, most charitable nation in the history of the world, I guess in the Universe for all I know, was founded by white, protestant Christian, heterosexual men and women.

    It was really some half-black, half-Indian homosexual woman who believes in ripping out and eating the still beating hearts of their foes who wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
    I just have to bend my mind around the new normal.

    • Tim

      To be fair, it was Thomas Jefferson who wrote that, a man who owned slaves, arguably raped one of them, and believed that black people were naturally intellectually inferior. And he wasn’t a protestant christian, he was a deist. I mean, he was a cool guy and all, but let’s not oversimplify things.

      • NormanRockwellAmerican

        Thomas Jefferson was a pagan. For the Declaration of Independence he did not write anything new. The ideas in the Declaration were as common as raindrops on a rainy day. He stated this himself.

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  • handgunnar

    It sound to me as though Jay Howard, dean of Butler’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, should disavow having his head up his ass.

    • everyone chill

      Why are you so immature?

      • handgunnar

        It’s not immaturity to ask that question. It’s a question of cultural and intellectual integrity, a concept with which bullies like both Butler and you are, evidently, to cowardly to address in plain language.

        • everyone chill

          I’m the bully? My bad, I didn’t realize I was the one telling people to shove one’s head up one’s ass.

          • handgunnar

            It is your bad. I didn’t tell the fool to shove his head anywhere. I suggested that he remove it. You might want to try reading a bit more carefully next time.

          • katie

            Hi there! Actually, it’s physically impossible to put a human head into the opening of a human anus. I feel very sorry that you have apparently experienced this as the only way for you to know that it is possible. Hopefully, you will soon recover.

          • handgunnar

            You clearly have been denied a decent education and the ability to either think or read critically. It looks like you wasted your time and money going to school.

  • handgunnar

    “I don’t think I could ever write from a black woman’s point of view because I’ve never been a black woman,” Nancy Whitmore, director of the journalism school in the College of Communication, said.

    Then, Nancy, I would submit that you are too slow-witted and unimaginative to presume to be able to teach anyone anything.

    • Oops, you just destroyed the main argument in favor of diversity / affirmative action. Fine, as a white male I can pretty much guess what a black lesbian female would think about things, and so thank God we don’t need to fill the schools with such “diverse” people beyond those who would be admitted on more objective measures of merit.

      • everyone chill

        Use some imagination and take the time to try, bud.

  • William Robinson

    ‘Anti-racist’ is just a code for Anti-White.

    The topic isn’t just a case of stupidity, or unqualified teachers, or incompetence, or silliness. It’s evil.

    No moral person seeks to engineer the culture, identity, masculinity, femininity, etc. out of an individual of another group – or of their own for that matter. Speak in the plain uninclusive English they are indoctrinating their pupils against. Call them precisely what they are. No Black pupil should have to endure such brain-dirtying, and they should call anyone who tried it upon them (at the very least!) anti-Black.

    Well this dean is Anti-White immoral scumbag thru-&-thru. Speak in plain words. Leave the ‘sophisticated’ veiled language to the self-styled [I]ntellectuals. It’s not an intellectual issue. It’s a moral issue, that requires moral courage. No White child deserves that.

    Forget the rabbit’s foot or the mandrake roots of old. Social engineering is a process indistinguishable from ‘Black Magic’ in it’s effects & operates toward precisely the same ends.

    “Where the old [education] initiated, the new merely ‘conditions.’ The old dealt with its pupils as grown birds deal with young birds when they teach them to fly: the new deals with them more as the poultry-keeper deals with young birds—making them thus or thus for purposes of which the birds know nothing. In a word, the old was a kind of propagation—men transmitting manhood to men: the new is merely propaganda.
    – C.S. Lewis, Abolition of Man

    • Joey

      That is what happens every day in classroom . If you try to look at something in an Afrocentric view point this people say that you are wrong . Funny when the shoe is on the other foot (not even completely) people think that it is evil in genocidal ?

      • Liberalsuck

        Ask those black supremacist Afrocentrists that if they are such a superior race, why is the entire continent of Africa a hellhole? Why is it in the US that all the now black areas look like bombed out cities compared to the pre-WWII days when they were mostly white people who lived there and ran them? Detroit, for example, when it was a predominately white city was called the “Paris of the West.” Nobody wants to mention that these high-crime areas are full of black or Hispanics. That would be “racist”! The liberals will blame it on “past injustices” or “poverty and lack of opportunity” or the conservatives lately blame their problems on Liberalism. I am by no means a fan of socialism/progressives, but even majority white cities and neighborhoods that vote for liberal candidates are nice, safe and clean places to be.

  • Disgusted

    That professor sounds like an anti-male, anti-White RACIST!

    • everyone chill

      There is absolutely nothing about her statement that implies that white heterosexual middle class men are “evil” or “whitey righty”. None whatsoever. It is very clear from the language used that the professor just wanted people to take on perspectives of others. As if to put oneself in another’s shoes. If the professor was a white heterosexual middle-class male, and not a black woman, would you still say the same thing?

      I likewise am frustrated with the prevalence of overly political-correctness out there, but I really don’t see this as an issue of political correctness. Rather it seems she only wanted students to put their own biases inherent from a certain life experience aside.

  • Patrick Cahalan

    Perhaps the journalism major could have provided a link to the source document about which he is reporting. To forestall any accusations about cherry picking quotations or crafting narratives.

    • Patrick Cahalan

      I find it absolutely fascinating that this comment has two “down” votes.

  • Nate Higgers

    Maybe someone should tell her to forget the fact that she is a n1gger.

    • Liberalsuck

      Don’t use the word ‘nigger.’ It’s the most depraved thing you can do to a black is call them the N word. It’s far, FAR worse than them killing each other or them getting AIDS or them having lots of children they can’t feed or them beating/killing a nonblack person simply because they don’t are jealous of whites, blacks, Mexicans, Middle Easterners, etc

  • If you put shoe polish on your face, stuff in a butt plug, and lisp in a foreign accent, will that get you an A?

    • katie

      No, that would get you sent to health services to check your sanity.
      How in the hell does “don’t assume your background is the norm” become “put shoe polish on your face, stuff in a butt plug, and lisp in a foreign accent”? Ryan Lovelace already misrepresented the syllabus, and these nonsensical comments are making it even worse.

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  • DerpyDooooooo

    What a good idea, What a terrible implementation. Seriously, it would make sense to try and separate yourself from your inherent biases based on gender, sex, race, social class and nationality. It’s just arrogant to pick a specific one that’s invalid though.

  • Adam Morgan

    Didn’t ask black students to relinquish and disavow their ‘blackness’ or latino students, or Asian students, or African students , etc. It’s obvious, they want the end of White people, they want genocide., they couldn’t state it any more clearly – they want White-genocide! It’s a violation of UN convention agreements, and it’s against international law, and it is immoral and disgusting and maniacal. Anti-Whites are trying to commit genocide and they are open in stating it. They should all be treated like Saddam Hussein was for genocidal attacks on the Kurds!

    • Liberalsuck

      They want white genocide, but they just don’t want you or I exposing their agendas.

    • Fortunately it’s only genocide of white poly-sci majors, and maybe only the ones at Butler.

      There are a lot of fine white people who aren’t poly-sci majors.

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  • anonymadness


  • anonymadness

    All white people should be slaughtered. The only people that this is not blatantly fucking obvious to are these primitive troglodyte, neanderthal crackers. I wish you all the most painful death imaginable. .you’re not human.

    • Heh, why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

      How are you going to accomplish your stated goal? An engineering-minded approach might help there. But oops, you can’t do that stuff, and all the engineers you would hire would be unwilling to join such an agenda! They have too much respect for the contributions of a lot of white people, many dead but some still alive.

    • catorenasci

      This racist post remains, while oldblackguyondaright’s posts are repeatedly deleted?

      • anonymadness

        No amount of attacks on whites can be considered racist. Everyone knows this. You don’t deserve to exist given your history. You are to immediately stop reproducing and hand over your lands and property. The world is basically demanding it because you owe it.

    • thats mighty white of you

  • How screwed up. I’m glad that the one person dropped the class. Oh, and “blame the English language?” What a joke.

    This is why people should skip college and go teach themselves a thing or two. There is more than enough free, or inexpensive, learning tools out there.

  • Guest

    Taking things completely out of context does not make you a good journalist.

  • Butlergrad

    You all are hideous assholes. I know the woman in question, and for your information a whole section of the class is devoted to math, statistics, you know, “real subjects” the professor is “too stupid” to understand. Also, for your information, my degree and her class prepared me to get a professional job in fundraising and grant writing right out of college. #yourcomplaintsareinvalid

    • catorenasci

      And your fine university education apparently did not teach you to avoid attacks ad hominem.

      Fundraising and grant writing. For a non-profit, no doubt. Another completely non-productive make-work job that takes from the economy; essentially, expecting those who have been productive to support not only the cause you work for but you as well, since someone must pay your salary.

      You see, it’s simple: my attack is not personal, but rather on an activity I regard as a net drain on society rather than a net gain.

    • Yes I bet you learned a lot about unbiased estimators, variance minimization, conditional expectation, simple combinatorics, etc. You proved your command of the basics of statistics and are likely to approach new situations in a reasonable and logical way.

      Hm, I wonder why after such excellent math and statistics training in her course, nobody wants to pay you to do anything of that sort.

      • catorenasci

        On further reflection, it may well be that her lessons from the good professor’s course truly have prepared her for a career of playing the victim to elicit donations to assuage liberal guilt.

  • BillyRay

    The victim mentality, class-envy, self-esteem movement is everywhere. You can’t play tag in an LA school because of “the injured self-esteem of weaker and slower children who consistently come up short during the chase.” Really??? Is that why I am the way I am today? Becasue I was “it” too many times?

  • catorenasci

    If one is expected “to write and speak in a way that does not assume American-ness,
    maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status, etc. to be
    the norm”, a rational response would be to write alternatively as (1) a British female aristocrat (one of the Mitford sisters, perhaps), (2) as a homosexual Irishman (Oscar Wilde), and (3) a non-white colonial female writer who is a native speaker of English (Xu Xi).

    There is no need to attempt to write, speak or think like a radical leftist American black feminist. Indeed, it would be quite amusing to toy with her by adopting literary and vocal personas that meet her criteria but are utter antithetical to the radical leftist racialist perspective she is trying to inculcate.

  • You are who you are. You can receive the finest education but you develop over time on your own and of course your environment will have an effect. But being force fed to ignore who you are at the present time and place as you articulate in this form is racism on the merits.

    Similar to political correctness we have people attempting to force something on you that may not be in your belief system. Racism is bad but does the liberal ilk think they can change that by telling you what you can say and can’t say.

    Marxism, alive and well on college campuses. Beware students, it’s 1984. If you don’t know what 1984 means you better find out and really educate yourself.

  • rhcrest

    Good Lord this man is just plain nuts! And parents actually PAY for their kids to be exposed to this garbage?

  • Ray Ciss

    Filthy niggers!!!

  • If I start thinking of myself as a non-American gay minority, can I finally stop paying the way for these race-hustling shines?

  • David Ryan

    “Our language doesn’t make it easy to write in ways that are inclusive,” Howard said. “We don’t have a generic singular, I mean we have he and she. There is no pronoun that is gender-neutral there.”

    How about “it”? Generic, singular and gender-neutral.

    • Wyrdless

      Imagine how hard it would be to go gender neutral speaking French or Spanish!

      • ObjectiveThinker

        Oui, on a plutot de difficulte avec cela en francais.

        French is actually about the best language to use for that purpose, it’s also a very specific language in its verb tenses and articles. That’s why the UN uses it.

  • Wyrdless

    Dude, you are paying $40,000 a year for a liberal arts degree?

    Stop and think about how you are going to pay back $100,000+ when you get out

  • Christina Smith

    Am I the only one that finds it ironic that she labeled the white males but no one else? If you wanted to attempt writing of an inclusive nature (which, by the way, the English language doesn’t form around), perhaps you should be so exclusive about WHO has to give up their identity for a freakin’ PolySci class. If you want to move away from color and gender in your class, make it a point to say, “In this class, it is important that you assume we are all equals, regardless of race, upbringing, gender, or sexual orientation.” Do an introduction in class and have it follow a guideline so that they understand your intent, i.e., “Please state your name and the major you have chosen.” Anyone with prejudices will generally be taken aback when a female says she’s aiming for a mechanical engineering degree, a black man states that he’s going for Medical School to be a Pathologist, or an Asian kid says he wants to get a degree in Linguistics with an emphasis on Afrikaans. Simple and effective and keeps you from trying to recreate the English language.

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  • longliveUSA

    Teaching them to be soft, gay, weak morons.

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  • Sure, just be a Eunuch Soldier for the Elites!

  • If you don’t like liberal arts schools, then don’t pay $40,000 per year to go to one. Go to Purdue or IU. But–by the way–no one was asking you to not be yourself or express your opinion. They were only asking you to do it in a way that would challenge said opinions and make you actually think about what who you are and what you believe. You’re right, that sounds awful.

  • To the prof and Butler in general…go eff yourselves…

  • I graduated from Butler’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and have been fortunate enough in my career to afford to donate some money to Butler. I will continue to do so as long as I am able, but not to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and I have emailed the Dean to that effect. I am usually proud to say I am a Butler alum. But, when I saw this story on Hannity last night, I was embarrased.
    Doug King, Butler ’73

    • john

      Lost all respect for this post when I read that you watch Hannity.

  • Rightbyone

    Well Ms Black Prof, you have caused some things to become obvious to this: “too American, too male, too white, heterosexual”. And those are:

    -If you dislike me because I am white, then you are a racist.

    -If you dislike me because I am male, then you are a misandrist.

    -If you dislike me because I am an American Patriot, then you are a communist.

    -If you dislike me because I am heterosexual, then you are a heterophobe.

    It is therefore obvious to conclude that if I were to attend your class it would be correct to say that my education is coming from a “racist, communist, misandrist, heterophobe”.

    And by the way, if I make all of these monumental changes to my life then what exactly would be left of me? Or a better way to ask that question is: What exactly are you trying to make out of us with your marxist, socialist, communist propaganda. Huh!

  • College is for idiots.

  • bob

    The great divider at work; united we stand, divided we fall, are we smarter than a fifth grader?

  • bob

    Remember Animal Farm some are more equal than others; BS on PC idiot-ism.

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  • RacistandMysoginistDickholes

    Rolling my eyes all all the straight white males tearing this professor down. Learn what privelege is and then curb your asshole-ery.

    • gwallan

      What an extraordinary mind you must have. This degree of cognitive dissonance could only be achieved by an intellect of significant agility.

      The hatreds you claim impossible exist in YOU. They seep from your every pore. The words you utter come with the stench of hell about them.

      This is what you have learned in your lifetime? That hatred can not only be acceptable but justified? I pity you and all those near you.

      • Cpt. Obvious

        Where is this hatred found, may I ask? In seeking fair and equal treatment for every man and woman on Earth? In speaking out against bigotry and the venom that spouts endlessly from those that refuse to let go of their own hate? In presenting a point of view that is not slanted by social class, race, creed, or otherwise? You are gravely mistaken, my fellow countryman. Equality is our goal, and we shall have it no matter what stands in our way— liberal, conservative, or anyone in between. One’s own situation and way of life should not prevent him from seeing the world and our country as it is: far from the freedom and equality promised in our Constitution and envisioned in the dreams of our ancestors that have fought to achieve our societal condition today. But there is still much work to be done in this regard. Now we ourselves are doing the fighting.

        Just as the rule of King George was put down by the founders of this nation…just as African Americans were freed by the efforts of Abraham Lincoln and his diligent supporters…just as women and African Americans were granted suffrage…just as marriage equality has been bestowed upon interracial couples and is slowly coming to fruition in homosexual relationships…we will continue to strive for peace and equality among men. It is every man and woman’s own decision whether or not he or she will join the effort. I encourage you to take off the rose-colored glasses that you have fashioned for yourself and join arm-in-arm with us in the name of equal rights and respect.

        We do not wish to reciprocate or instigate hate. We simply want peace and equality.

        • gwallan

          “Learn what privelege is and then curb your asshole-ery.”

          Excuse me but those are not the words of a Lincoln.

      • RacistandMysoginistDickholes

        You’re no longer making sense. There was no hate in my initial statement; you’re reading far too much into this, gwallan. What “hatreds” did I claim impossible? How could you possibly deduce “cognitive dissonance” from my statement? Literally nothing in your reply applies to my first comment.

  • RacistandMysoginistDickholes

    “Misandry” doesn’t exist. “Reverse racism” doesn’t exist. “Heterophobia” doesn’t exist. it is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE for these to exist. Oppression is based on a majority suppressing a minority. No matter what you say you are still a het, white, cis male trying to wash away a minority.

  • RacistandMysoginistDickholes


    “It’s obvious, they want the end of White people, they want genocide., they couldn’t state it any more clearly – they want White-genocide!”


  • RacistandMysoginistDickholes

    I want every person in the comments to try living as a poor black transwoman for a year just to see how their opinions change.

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  • Jordan

    Ryan Lovelace, your while male privilege is showing in this petulant article.

  • And yet in the face of this, er, “black and white” evidence of perpetuation of racial division, revisionist history, etc., the worst facets of the left continue to feign ignorance of their gross biases. No way in hell my kid would be in that class. Well said, Ryan Lovelace. Keep on this; this “professor” needs to lose her job.

    • everyone chill

      There is absolutely nothing about her statement that implies that white heterosexual middle class men are “evil” or “whitey righty”. None whatsoever. It is very clear from the language used that the professor just wanted people to take on perspectives of others. As if to put oneself in another’s shoes. If the professor was a white heterosexual middle-class male, and not a black woman, would you still say the same thing? Think about that really. If yes, then, well, yes, clearly liberal arts is not for you or your kid.

      I likewise am frustrated with the prevalence of overly political-correctness out there, but I really don’t see this as an issue of political correctness. Rather it seems she only wanted students to put their own biases inherent from a certain life experience aside.

  • lynxlake

    This is simply one more tentacle on the ‘race-hustling’, anti-American, anti-traditional values octopus. I recall taking a college class in “recent black thought” in the 1960’s. This early attempt at serious dialogue on the serious issue of race relations has now morphed into an unrecognizable blob of agrieved special interest victims; all of whom have been wronged by ‘white, American, middle-class hetersexual males’. The sooner we get over ‘special interest baiting’ and talk to each other simply as Americans, the greater the chance we will have to be able to pull out of our cultural death spiral.
    P.S. OldBlackGuyondaRight has nailed it.
    P.P.S. One reason I felt the need to post is because my brother and cousin were both graduates of the pharmacy school at Butler. Since they are both now dead, only I can speak for these good, white, American, heterosexual, traditional males who had real jobs that made real contributions to society; in contrast to the nonsense being being shoveled out in the name of ‘education’ by so-called professors. If you are considering sending your sons or daughters to Butler (or almost any college today), caveat emptor.

  • vicky

    I totally agree with this journalists opinion. Professsors should be stopped from forcing their own opinions on their students. Why the hell would anyone want to pay for such liberal nonsence!

  • He’s paying $40,000 a year to learn journalism? Ridiculous.

  • Lynne

    Ryan: what a fabulous article! I admire you for speaking up and I totally appreciate and can personally relate to your last line!! Very well put! Stay on your journalism track; you write and present very well. Good Luck! I hope these type of subjects and professors will not be “forced” on my children at Butler!!

    • everyone chill

      There is absolutely nothing about her statement that implies that white heterosexual middle class men are “evil” or “whitey righty”. None whatsoever. It is very clear from the language used that the professor just wanted people to take on perspectives of others. As if to put oneself in another’s shoes. If the professor was a white heterosexual middle-class male, and not a black woman, would you still say the same thing? Think about that really. If yes, then, well, yes, clearly liberal arts is not for you or your kid.

      I likewise am frustrated with the prevalence of overly political-correctness out there, but I really don’t see this as an issue of political correctness. Rather it seems she only wanted students to put their own biases inherent from a certain life experience aside.

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  • The socialist/collectivist programming is clear here – lose your indentity, disavow your individuality and embrace the “common good.”
    Ask yourself why anyone should have to give up their indentity in order to be “educated.”
    Welcome to the USSA.

    • everyone chill

      There is absolutely nothing about her statement that implies that white heterosexual middle class men are “evil” or “whitey righty”. None whatsoever. It is very clear from the language used that the professor just wanted people to take on perspectives of others. As if to put oneself in another’s shoes. If the professor was a white heterosexual middle-class male, and not a black woman, would you still say the same thing?

      I likewise am frustrated with the prevalence of overly political-correctness out there, but I really don’t see this as an issue of political correctness. Rather it seems she only wanted students to put their own biases inherent from a certain life experience aside.

  • With people like this teaching at our schools there will eventually be a civil war. That’s a fact.

  • “Students Told to Disavow ‘American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality”

    Then says…”a practice the school’s arts and sciences dean defended as a way to negate students’ inherent prejudices.”

    Am I the only one who sees this cunt’s hypocrisy?

    • gwallan

      Why would parents send their kids to a place that assumes them to be prejudiced?

  • avel111

    I think you are all missing the point. Howard is saying that we live in a patriarchal world where whiteness and American-ness is predominant. This is just history and that’s why the world is like this today. She’s asking students to think as a blank slate. It is important to note etc. is included in this as well, meaning it could include blackness, female, etc. I took it to mean: we are in this class to question the political structures and theories of the world around us, and we must do so in a way that removes us of bias on a personal level and on an environmental level; do not let personal (such as being asian, poor, female, etc.) nor the established prejudices of our society (patriarchy, white dominance, American superiority, etc.) guide how you think about topics we will be studying.

    I don’t see it as an accusation on the student’s part; we are all part of this society and we must all remove ourselves from its mindset to really start to analyze and question the established order.

    • Havebikewilltravel

      Why dont we change the subject to male blackness from a White professor. He would be looking for a new job within the hour. Or how about a White Cacus in Congress? Or a White Students Union? Or a White Panthers? The continued division of America is in full swing with newly elected colored putz in White House. Oh! did I offend any one? It goes both ways. Too bad people will not accept it. Minority organisations looking out for themselves for how many years now? They are old fashion and continue to foster mistrust and fan prejudices. Get off your ass and build a country rather than divide it people.

  • formidablefoe

    friggin obama

  • What a mindless woman! She should be fired and given a mental evaluation for her obvious issues. My question is why is she employed a this university?

  • malcom

    nothing is more disgusting than a liberal. They are doing Satan’s work and obama is paving the way for the Anti Christ sadly 99 percent of african americans are following him to hell.

    • john

      Obama 2012!

    • everyone chill

      Why do you think political views must be aligned with religion?

  • When will she put down her inferiority complex and disregard her blackness, femaleness, and most importantly, her flagrant prejudice, bigotry, and hatred of all who are not like her?

    • everyone chill

      There is absolutely nothing about her statement that implies that white heterosexual middle class men are “evil” or “whitey righty”. None whatsoever. It is very clear from the language used that the professor just wanted people to take on perspectives of others. As if to put oneself in another’s shoes. If the professor was a white heterosexual middle-class male, and not a black woman, would you still say the same thing?

      I likewise am frustrated with the prevalence of overly political-correctness out there, but I really don’t see this as an issue of political correctness. Rather it seems she only wanted students to put their own biases inherent from a certain life experience aside.

  • Guest

    Anyone want to bet the unnamed “professor” is a Jew?!?

  • Sounds like “new speak” or “double speak” from 1984. It’s all a reflection of the evil Jew influence on campuses today. All those worthless -ism classes that are grounded in Communist theory. Proof small colleges like this puking up worthless degrees by worthless professors need to go the way of the dinosaur! I notice they don’t actually name the professor/ My guess it’s a Jew or some old fossil of a 1960’s lesbian black radical.

  • Texan from IN

    Obviously this teacher is the dumbest b**th that has come out of the of school of education where ever she came from in the last quarter century. The problem with higher education in the US today is that it is being taught by these liberal fluff headed morons who are affected with a serious case of cranial rectal inversion. Remove your head from the anal orifice and get a grip.

  • Cain

    This is what happened when the reformists took over the American educational institutions. It was decided long ago that the white Christian male was the biggest obstacle to the goals of the deconstructionists; thus brainwashing like the above is born. It’s simply inverted.

    For every student like the above author who decided to stop the brainwashing and indoctrination, there are countless more who are timid about it and accept it unflinchingly. And so the brainwashing centers known as American colleges today pump out drone after drone who thinks a certain way, speaks a certain way, and acts a certain way.

    If you wish to protect your child’s mind, personality, and future, think very hard before you send them to Butler. Think very hard before you send them to an American university, period. There are very few that the reformists and deconstructionists haven’t taken over and perverted. Their goal is to deconstruct the prototypical American cultural archetype of the past 200 years and they are being largely successful by erasing the history of our people.

    Butler is merely the tip of the iceberg, the last scrambling roach when you open the door and turn on the light. All of the former great American universities have been “reformed” to fit the agenda. All of them install a program of hatred against the white, male, Christian American. Some install programs of hate merely against whites. Some merely against males. Some against Christians, some against all.

    The only way to protect your mind from their top-down, dictatorial mind erasure and replacement is to abstain from their program.

  • May he clutch his chest tomorrow and never be heard from again.

  • I am the law

    Well, as it seems, I will be the last to hire a turd that went to Butler….good luck future grads….

    • katie

      I would not want to work for a person who believes a poor journalistic endeavor such as this, nor would I want to work for a person who would subscribe to the ideologies represented by Lovelace.
      Thank you for the wish of good luck, but from you, neither do I need it or want it.

  • This is a part of Cultural Marxism, these attacks. I’ve heard one
    Jewish professor say that the day his life really came together was when he
    realized all the evils in the world had been done by ‘evil White
    men’…..he was lisping and prancing around while he was saying that.

    This agenda was created by Professor Noel Ignatiev and other Jewish Cultural Marxists and Feminists.

    I’ve read that article twice and still don’t see this professors name. Is ‘it’ a Black Jew?

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  • JimK

    I can’t imagine any educated person making the following statement: “Our language doesn’t make it easy to write in ways that are inclusive,”
    Howard said. “We don’t have a generic singular, I mean we have he and
    she. There is no pronoun that is gender-neutral there.” I do have one and even without it the English words “us” and “we” fit perfectly in the category of plural neutral pronouns for writing as well as speaking. Howard just check the definitions for these words in your dictionary. Don’t be so prejudice and racist as to overlook the norms of life.

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  • Jan

    Would Mr. Lovelace please provide an actual copy of the syllabus, please, so I can see the actual wording for myself rather than paraphrased? Thank you.

    • Proud Butler Student

      The section in question is this: (actual copy and paste from syllabus)

      Inclusive Language: I expect you to use inclusive language in all work for this course. As the United Church of Christ writes, “Inclusive language is far more than an aesthetic matter of male and female imagery; it is a fundamental issue of social justice. Language that is truly inclusive affirms sexuality, racial and ethnic background, stages of maturity, and degrees of limiting conditions. It shows respect for all people.”1 Do your best to write and speak in a way that does not assume American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status, etc. to be the norm.

      • AgnesW

        Thanks for posting this, it is nice to have some light where there has only been ‘sound and fury’

        • Proud Butler Student

          I am by no means Ryan Lovelace. I am a Butler student that has also had the teacher in question. The depiction of her is this article is so unfair its not even funny. I posted the syllabus because it was taken out of context and as you rightly asserted a mountain out a mole hill was created. I am appalled by the treatment of my professor and I want the truth to be known that Ryan Lovelace took her words out of context and in a manner that is not reflective of my professor. I want the world to know he did not tell the truth and apparently his Butler and my Butler are two different things.

      • Jan

        Thank you for providing this information. I have to say, however, that I think you blew this out of proportion. In your article, you state that the syllabus asks you to “disregard your American-ness”, etc. The syllabus portion you provided tells a different story.

        I have participated in courses with similar expectations. I never felt threatened by any means, and rather enjoyed the challenge, albeit difficult and gut-wrenching. I did learn much about myself in the process, as well as about the hidden privileges with which I was born. It’s too bad you didn’t give it a shot. You might have stretched yourself. It didn’t require permanent life-change, just temporary exploration for a period of time.

      • Jan

        As I said in my email response to you, thank your for responding to my request for more information. I do feel you made a mountain out of a molehill and a brouhaha has resulted. I believe that you have provided false information with an intent to incite (as evidenced by all these less-than-scholarly responses on this site). I believe that a restraction should be written. If a person wishes to be taken credibly, one should be certain the information they provide is accurate, based on fact, and does not include bias. “Do your best to write and speak in a way that does not assume American-ness, malesness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status, etc. to be the norm” is a far cry from
        “disregard”. It would have been an amazing learning experience for a journalism major, let alone any college student unafraid to face their own biases and prejudices.

  • BarrelNut

    Can they disavow “Blackness” nad “Femaleness” too?

    • katie

      Yes. The point is perspective-taking.

  • TheRealist

    If you are unable to spend ONE measley semester attempting to take the stance of someone other than yourself, how can you ever develop a better understanding of others’ perspectives? Non-white/male/heterosexuals are automatically put in the of having to live based on the male, white, heterosexual view for nearly all of their lives… This type of “revolt” is a result of some kid that wants to have the label of going to a liberal arts institution without actually having to participate in a well-rounded education. Perhaps that’s why this isn’t the first school he’s attended.

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  • LiberalArtist

    I think the exercise of practicing a style of communication radically different from your own broadens rhetorical acuity, whatever your opinion or perspective is. It forces you to deeply examine not only what you are intentionally communicating, but also any cultural norms that might inform other people’s understanding of what you are communicating. It is a shame for the author that he did not challenge himself to explore the possibility that by actively and purposefully standing outside of his subjective experience he might have met a richer and more objective understanding of politics and of people.

  • Tim

    I think we need to look at your definition of racism here Ryan. Your professor does not think that you are an ignorant, hateful bigot who spews racial slurs from your porch because you don’t use inclusive language. It’s not a personal attack on you, so you can calm down on that front. All that your professor is saying is that as a white man you have privileges in US society. They are asking you to try to think about perspectives which are different from your own. Take a few deep breaths, and talk about this when you’re less emotional about it.

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  • alisonhynes

    It thus follows that they should divorce themselves entirely from the benefits they have stolen from said class of diabolical providers. To be certain the “weaning” is complete and they may enjoy the fruits of their beliefs.

  • Wow. I took a class this past summer on the Holocaust. It is a subject I have been interested in for most of my learning life. Mind you, I am a business major at Univ. of Washington.I was taking this class just because I can. When the Prof was talking about the class on the first day, he started talking about the Tea Party and how he is disturbed that the GOP (yes, he said GOP) is heading towards what the National Socialists started doing pre-WWII. I had to ask him to repeat himself because I wasn’t sure what he said. He did and then hesitated, looked around the room and said…and I kid you not…”I wonder how many little Nazi’s we have in THIS class?” Needless to say, I dropped the class and decided right then and there I would never take a liberal arts class.

  • SmartAleckWhiteMale

    Use a dictionary, boys. “Disregard” and “disavow” are not the same things as questioning what is considered the norm, status-quo, natural, or assumed.

  • Dear fellow white heterosexual male,

    Love your article, just had a few things I want you to explain a bit. You say “Clearly, the
    College… believes its students were raised as racist and misogynist homophobes…” Why CLEARLY?

    You insinuate as much in your questioning of the Dean.
    You explain the the school of journalism has no such inclusive language policy and that its director is unfamiliar with said policy.
    You then declare your point proven. The faculty would ONLY institute such a policy if the believed you were deeply racist, misogynist, and homophobic.

    Some logic is missing here.

    Could it be because you equate believing that students have “inherent prejudices”
    that “are ingrained into the culture” with the belief that all students“were raised as racist and misogynist homophobes” because if this is the case please make this point explicit and try to prove it, because it is pure rhetorical bullshit.

    OR do you take Ms. Whitmore expressed lack of knowledge on the purpose of inclusive language as evidence that there is no productive purpose? Why not instead interview a
    professor who was familiar with it but chose not to utilize such a policy anyways? Would that not lend more weight to your argument then taking one person’s ignorance and dressing it up as expert opinion? How about some balance and let your teacher defend the policy?

    Moving on, friend.
    I have questions on just three more of these gem.

    1) You say “I did not expect to be judged before I ever walked through the door”
    Your teacher’s awareness of you perspective is not a negative value judgement of your perspective. When your teacher asks you to examine things from a different perspective, that is not a negative value judgement on your perspective. Its just a way to expand your
    understanding, why do you affirm being asked to look at things another ways means anything more than just that?

    2) “[I] did not think I would be forced to agree with my teachers’ worldviews or suffer the consequences.”
    Did you know you can start thinking of something from a similar perspective as your teacher and still arrive at your own conclusion? Shocking I know but its possible. Why, also, do you assume looking at things from a non white male view presumes a female black view? You know there are other perspectives too right?

    3) “Being… forced to act a certain way is antithetical to how any institution of higher education should conduct itself.”
    Really? REALLY? Let me just refer you to your student handbook then let it sink in how stupid it is to say that there are not certain rules of conduct at your school. http://www.butler.edu/student-conduct/student-handbook/
    How about being forced to act ethically, honestly, and non-violently on
    campus? Are those requirements antithetical? Those are general though, even in the narrower academic sense it is absolutely valid to force student to look through specific viewpoints, especially in a class focused on Analysis (e.g. Compare the growth of the Chinese economy from Keynesian and Austrian perspectives.) That is all.

    Yours truly,
    Privileged white heterosexual male

  • I find this professor very troubling especially as a
    parent paying a very high cost for a Butler education and the Butler Way. This
    Butler University professor is perpetuating racism and fostering
    anti-Americanism versus having an intellectual discussion. Even if this
    professor is trying to be thought provoking versus making a personal racist
    attack on whites in America, it is still unacceptable to me that anyone would
    suggest to impressionable young men and women that they should lose their
    “American-ness”. It seems to me that this professor sees our current
    American-ness based upon what race is the majority. This kind of immature
    thinking is absolutely insulting because America is a melting pot of many
    different races. This professor seems not to understand what makes America so
    great which is freedom guided by a Judea-Christian morality. A better thought
    provoking discussion would be how American politicians are trying to destroy
    personal and religious freedom by dividing Americans along racial, religious and
    economic lines. The real change to American-ness is not race but Big Government
    versus individual freedom. The American Dream is becoming a nightmare and this
    professor’s use of race is not only offensive but contributory to our problems.

    But then again her logic that the future of America-ness
    will be based on what race is in control becomes legitimate in light of the
    current occupant in the White House who is clearly racist, anti-religious and

    • everyone chill

      There is absolutely nothing about her statement that implies that white heterosexual middle class men are “evil” or “whitey righty”. None whatsoever. It is very clear from the language used that the professor just wanted people to take on perspectives of others. As if to put oneself in another’s shoes. If the professor was a white heterosexual middle-class male, and not a black woman, would you still say the same thing?

      I likewise am frustrated with the prevalence of overly political-correctness out there, but I really don’t see this as an issue of political correctness. Rather it seems she only wanted students to put their own biases inherent from a certain life experience aside.

      Stop deriving meaning from a soundbyte, and grow up.

  • SickOfReverseIntoreance

    What a Dick. I am a white, heterosexual, male. I like women. Like OldBlackGuyondaRight says: ” Tell that stupid black female, quit hatin’ on the white boys and get a
    real profession/degree like Mechanical Engineering or Computer
    Engineering”. Racist, sexist, turds

  • S

    Jesus. It’s terrifying that someone so incapable of critical thinking is going into journalism, and I’m not sure he understands the consequences of having his name on a piece like this. This article is making the rounds on the internet not because it’s a well-written and thoughtful piece, but because it’s a LOLworthy tantrum from a person who fails to understand privilege.

    • katie

      Even worse than his lack of critical thinking is his refusal to represent the syllabus in its entirety, and his choice to lie to the dean about the purpose of his interview. You’re right. It’s terrifying.

  • I don’t know why anyone would wast their time at such higher institutions of lower learning. I want the best to win at whatever it is in life, not the ones who are not able and not qualified.

  • Kingpin1

    I had Butler on a list of possible colleges for my son to consider. Butler now has been removed from the aforementioned list.

    • We are a fantastic college. Please do more research in a college fit for your learning styles, but don’t dismiss us because of a right-wing article. A lot of quotes in this article are misused and misquoted.

      • Kingpin1

        Reasonable response Wes. Thanks. But I’m overwhelmed by the constant
        push for good people to give up their culture,heritage,etc. to be made to feel guilty as soon as they walk into a room.

        • katie

          The good news is that this never happens at Butler. The article misrepresents the professor and the university and blows everything out of proportion. That is what we are telling you–there is no reason to be overwhelmed by an article that is simply untrue.

    • That’s fine. We’re apparently full on right wing nuts.

      • everyone chill

        SO MUCH LIKE

      • Kingpin1

        What does that mean? Are you getting A’s in cliche’s?

      • If you would castrate yourself and present your balls to this black professor on your knees, then MAYBE she would find you acceptable and give you a B. Stupid traitor…

  • whatalife1

    Well done for speaking your mind…. It is important to stand up for yourself and not to be browbeaten into submission by the “establishment”.

    • everyone chill

      Oh take a chill pill.

      • whatalife1

        I don’t need a “chill pill”. I’m just commending someone for standing up for himself. Maybe you have a problem with that, I don’t.

  • Mmmegan

    Welll this is one of the most horrifying sites/comments sections I’ve ever seen. Basically, the prof wants her students to write their papers keeping in mind that the immediate circumstances (your life as a white cis het male or whatevs) does not represent the entire spectrum of human experience. Not everyone is American. Don’t write papers like the whole world is white het cis American dudes. That is not proper academic writing. This is literally just another way to say not to be subjective in your writing.

  • These trash bags should be shipped off to Iran where they can learn about their true place in the world.

  • ObjectiveThinker

    As a white, male heterosexual, studying to be a Mechanical Engineer, I think you’re all being a little bit stubborn about this. The idea is not to pretend to be someone else; it’s to attempt to be aware of your own prejudices. A black female homosexual can’t write as you either, but she’s still passing the class, because she accepted that there were other viewpoints in the world and that hers may not be correct.

    The idea is not to change what you believe, but to be willing to accept that what you believe MAY be wrong. I’m not saying it IS wrong, but if you can’t question it, if you can’t get past the idea that it MIGHT be wrong, then you can never grow and you can never see how someone else might view the world differently. You don’t have to abandon your beliefs just to appreciate another, just think objectively.

    The biggest obstacle to understanding someone else’s views is assuming that yours are right. That’s called prejudice and everyone has it. It doesn’t equate to an accusation of racism, it’s just simple fact: you believe what you believe. But so does everyone else, so if you assume what you believe is right (or the norm) then your idea becomes inaccessible or even potentially hateful.

  • k8

    These pseudo-intellectuals have to say stupid things like that because they need to artificially manufacture an economic demand for their services.

  • ripuree

    So most want all to become colorblind! Most want all to honor the Unity of Mankind. One Human Family. But when a Professor, asks her students to start feeling, speaking and writing from that perspective, the same “majority’ that want to honor our unity and not difference want her head on the chopping block. Is there any reason for the majority to not continue revolving at differing levels of our socially accepted schizophrenic maze?

  • Considering I’ve actually taken this course, and am a student at Butler University, I really don’t see any factual data in this article and nothing that is quoted is even correct. Sounds like a kid at Butler who just got taken out of his comfort zone, or got a bad grade and is now complaining about it.

  • Oh no, being asked to consider things from a minority perspective?!?! I much prefer the clarinet professor at my undergrad asking my friend if he got a scholarship because he’s brown.

  • If the university would truely like to promote cultural diversity and racial tolerance than the asignment should have been as follows. An essay should have been written and read by each student as to why they have felt disciminated against. In doing so all groups would have an equal voice and teach each other what life is like in each others skin. The professor might even have been surprized by the response and learned a little something herself.

  • Ryan, you need to chill

    There is absolutely nothing about this that implies that white heterosexual middle class men are “evil” or “whitey righty”. None whatsoever. It is very clear from the language used that your professor just wanted people to take on perspectives of others. As if to put oneself in another’s shoes. If your professor was a white heterosexual middle class male, and not a black woman, would you still have dropped the course if he had said the same thing? Think about that really. If yes, then, well, yes, clearly liberal arts is not for you. And I fundamentally disagree with you saying not everyone can be included. In certain circumstances, you’d be correct, but to say that this is impossible is ignorant and misinformed.

    I likewise am frustrated with the prevalence of overly political-correctness out there, but I really don’t see this as an issue of political correctness. Rather it seems she only wanted students to put their own biases inherent from a certain life experience aside.

    It saddens me to know that my fellow Bulldogs may be uncomfortable with disregarding their own experiences for but one course and attempt to immerse themselves in another’s. I think if you take issue with that, you should be going to a different university, Ryan.

    -A Butler Student

  • RayPrice

    Those who despise America have always hated Whites since they are the only real Americans.

  • Alexis Johnson

    people are completely missing the point of the class. the point is to write from a different perspective and go outside of your comfort zone on how you think. How do I know? I’ve taken this exact class at Butler and this author completely missed the point. They aren’t calling people racists or homophobes or any of that. Theyre telling people to make an effort to think from a point of view that you haven’t before. This is a disgrace that people can misunderstand something and rant about it, shedding a negative light on a great university

  • jonwilkesbooth

    let me call the wahmbulance cause the white guy doesn’t feel welcomed.

    I’m sorry you feel hurt and it’s so hard for you to try to step out of your background and try to write as a human instead of the dickish white boy you so clearly are.

    Take responsibility for your privilege. Shut the fuck up and listen for once.

  • handgunnar

    A political science professor at Butler University asks students to disregard their “foreign-ness, femaleness, blackness, homosexuality, low-class status” when writing and speaking in the classroom – a practice the school’s arts and sciences dean defended as a way to negate students’ inherent prejudices and low scholastic achievement.

    How does anyone think THAT quote would have been received by the diversity pimps?

  • streekyd

    They become racists because of attending this shit college!


  • 1. Students should not behave like assholes.
    2. I am a student.
    3. I just got called an asshole!

    There are probably state laws that call you a pedophile. I’d march on the capitol.

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  • Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I’m glad someone is finally standing up for white, heterosexual, middle class males. It’s about time this disadvantaged group finally received some attention and support. You are a true visionary, Ryan.

  • I have every right to be a “racist” and a “White supremacist” or whatever other hateful epithets they want to saddle me with to deny me a degree or a job. White men built this society that this hateful bitch is employed to tear apart. If she hates whiteness and Americanness and maleness so much, she needs to go live in the Congo where she can enjoy her blackness without “evil whitey” to oppress her. White people, STOP APOLOGIZING! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE SORRY FOR. Like Muhammed Ali said, black Americans should thank God their ancestors got on those slave ships, because now they live in a first world (for the time being) country instead of some African cesspit with military dictators and cannibals and malaria. The war on whiteness and maleness should be looked at by white males for what it is… a WAR. Declare war on us and get war in return, and damn to hell any cowardly white traitor who submits to this garbage.

  • What? a black female prof. I want a black, female disabled prof. we must include all in the diverse liberal world. Of course, I meant physically disabled, as she is clearly mentally disabled

  • Morgan Legel

    The professor honestly did nothing wrong. The professor did not ask the students to give up their “American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status,” and go the other way and, all of a sudden, transform into a black, woman who happens to be a poor homosexual. She is simply asking the students to do one thing- give up their prejudices and biases, and see what’s left underneath, find the person that you truly are, without the concept of all the things this world has laid on your heart thus far in life. Furthermore, what are the reasons one goes to college? Generally, it is to further their education and learn through unique experiences. That is exactly what this teacher was doing. On top of that, Butler University, Ryan’s college, prides themselves on their diversity and always focuses on that. Ryan Lovelace signed up for all of this when he sealed his application to Butler. The teacher is simply doing her job, as Ryan should be doing his as a student, but he clearly is not.

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  • Rush_Fan

    Leftism indoctrination such as this has been in play for many years. Now that Obama has been reelected, the Left feels embolden to accelerate their reeducation of our youth. After all, it takes a well indoctrinated population to continue with the transformation of America that Obama has planned.

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  • BU Student

    As a student enrolled in the class in discussion I could not disagree more with Mr. Lovelace. The professor has not once commented on a student for being exclusive in their language and furthermore has not asked anyone to disregard their identity. This controversial statement was challenging students to write considering all sides and ideas of the issue, and to not subject their research to a single viewpoint. Furthermore, this class prepares students for writing complex papers that include student conducted research and data collection that goes beyond the classroom. Not only did I feel that my identity was in now way harmed by this class, but also through my research I gained an appreciation and knowledge of other people’s identities as well.

    Never once was I indoctrinated or assumed guilty of racism, homophobia, or economic prejudice. This class if vital to the real world of political science and other majors, and necessary challenge that one would find at any private or public 4 year university.
    It pains me to see racial and religious slurs in the comments of an article that is against a class that supposedly automatically prejudice against their students. Instead of questioning the integrity of this liberal arts institution maybe you should question the integrity of your statements that honestly, aren’t very inclusive.

  • “Our language doesn’t make it easy to write in ways that are inclusive,”
    Howard said. “We don’t have a generic singular, I mean we have he and
    she. There is no pronoun that is gender-neutral there.””

    No sir, English does have a gender-neutral pronoun: “IT”.

  • Quinten Anderson

    This article upsets me as it is written vaguely, and with anger. If this
    journalism major wants to rant about not being privileged enough as a
    middle-class, white male at a good college institution then he should be
    sending us some hard facts. It seems that no one actually knows what is
    going on within the classroom.

    “Clearly, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Butler University
    believes its students were raised as racist and misogynist homophobes
    who have grown to harbor many prejudices, a stance that is both
    offensive and hostile to any student’s ability to learn.”

    No, this is not clear. My interpretation of the “inclusive language” was that it was an
    exercise aimed at making people more aware of their social status and
    surrounding environment–like it or not, something that every middle-class white male
    can use (me included).

    At the end of the fourth paragraph, he
    writes something without elaborating on its importance or why he wrote
    it: “It is taught by a black, female professor.” This is unclear to me.
    Why would he say this? Sure, it has significance, but if you are going
    to include it you had better elaborate on it. Is this the real issue
    with this person? Is he afraid to face his own prejudices? Why didn’t he
    interview this professor? Would it have ruined his argument?

    This is wrong:
    “Our language doesn’t make it easy to write in ways that are inclusive,”
    Howard said. “We don’t have a generic singular, I mean we have he and
    she. There is no pronoun that is gender-neutral there.”
    The word
    “one” is a gender neutral singular pronoun. In example, “One might read
    this article and think about it. And one might then realize that it’s
    another middle-class white male ranting about a black woman.”

    you should retain your own voice in writing, but you should be willing
    to be pushed to do difficult exercises–such as writing and speaking
    inclusively–these things make you think more about your own writing.
    One class is not going to brainwash someone, especially a middle-class
    white male with the attitude of Ryan Lovelace.

    “Being judged and
    forced to act a certain way is antithetical to how any institution of
    higher education should conduct itself.” Who is judging or forcing him
    to do anything? He dropped the class.

  • Concerned Student

    I attend Butler University. I am a senior, History and Gender, Women, Sexuality
    studies major and I also am attaining my minor in Political Science. I like
    much of the rest of the university have taken the time to read your article,
    “Students Told to Disavow ‘American-ness, maleness, whiteness,
    heterosexuality’,” and I am absolutely offended by the statements made not only
    against a loving professor, but the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and
    Liberal Arts schools in general.

    I personally do not want this
    letter to be an attack on you, or your freedom of speech, as I believe neither
    you nor your freedoms should be attacked. However, I do want to take time to
    address Dr. Turner’s syllabus and perhaps shed some light on exactly what I
    believe the inclusive language section of the syllabus talks about and
    specifically why I believe speaking and writing with inclusive language is so
    important to our lives as members of society.

    In the syllabus, Dr. Turner, says
    as I am sure you have read, “Do your best to write and speak in a way that does
    not assume American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class
    status, etc. to be the norm.” I believe this quote itself is somewhat clear in
    Dr. Turner’s expectations and contrary to what your title pronounces, I fully
    believe that not assuming these traits is nowhere near the same language as
    disavowing them. To not assume these specific attributes of someone is to not take
    them to be the normative stance within society, as there are often many people
    who are not these specific things that we encounter in our daily lives. To not assume these traits is to allow
    oneself to be unbiased towards subjects and people that we may otherwise have
    strong feelings or opinions about based on our “American-ness, maleness,
    whiteness, heterosexuality, middle-class status”. This class, as I truly hope you were aware
    when you signed up for, is a research based class and in my experiences with
    this class and a few other research classes, the main goal is to have a
    research project that is truly unbiased.

    In this class specifically, if we
    do not check our privilege at the door (and yes all of these traits listed in
    the syllabus are privileges), then our research cannot possibly begin to be
    valid, because of all of the biases that present themselves because of our
    privilege. This I believe is one of the main points that Dr. Turner is trying
    to get across.

    With my experience of actually
    taking this class, I have truly begun to understand the importance of
    inclusivity of language, especially with these specific categories. A good portion of this class’ grade is
    dependent on service learning. The reason such a large chunk of the grade is
    based on service learning is because the research project that we choose to
    further investigate must have some sort of affiliation with our service
    learning partner, whether that be a loose tie or one that stems directly from
    our partner is our choice. While working on a research project that stems from
    our service learning sight, inclusive language is a must, as is checking our
    privilege at the door. Many of the partners that we had the choice of working
    with had a diverse population. These populations were often times, not
    American, not white, not of middle-class background, not male, and some not
    heterosexual. I believe the purpose of Dr. Turner’s pinpointing those specific
    target categories is because they are not only the most prevalent to many of
    the people in our class, but they are some of the most evident intersections of
    identities we see through our service learning partners. This is specifically
    why we must learn to not assume our privilege to be the norm because in some
    situations, those norms are not prevalent.

    These ideas of being unbiased and
    inclusive are two very important aspects of PO201 and I believe should be
    followed because of the aforementioned reasons. But, I would also like to take
    the time to explain why on a larger level inclusive language is imperative to
    society and our development as human beings. One quote that has stuck out to me
    since I have read Kathy Castania’s Diversity—Evolving
    Language of Diversity, was pulled from Robert Moore’s novel. It states, “Language
    not only expresses ideas and concepts but actually shapes thoughts.” Every word
    spoken, written, and sung all have the opportunity to reach audiences and on
    that basis shape an audience. For that very reason, inclusivity when speaking
    and writing is absolutely necessary. If we do not, we stand the chance of
    consciously and unconsciously reinforcing prejudicial attitudes and beliefs in
    our words.

    Thank you for taking time to read
    this letter. As I said earlier, I hope that I was able to shed some light onto
    inclusivity and the fundamental principles behind it. I also hope you got why
    exactly the specific language for the syllabus was chosen, as they were most
    important for an unbiased research class. I hope that in the future, before you
    make statements that not only point fingers at certain people for pegging you
    to be evil because of inclusive language, please get your facts straight. Learn
    the true purpose of inclusive language as I am sure you will happen to cross it
    more and more in the future as a journalist who is supposed to be unbiased.
    Also, I wanted to make the suggestion that before you write an article about a
    syllabus of a class that you never took, please talk to the professor first to
    see hir side of things, because maybe they could have cleared up the language
    in the syllabus. I can only hope in the
    future, that when choosing your words you will make a conscious effort to think
    about the language that you are writing and the baggage that may come with it.

  • Tom Zarek

    If anyone would bother to ask the salient question in this: “what is the subject of Butler’s ‘Political Science 201’”, they would find it is “Research and Analysis”. In that context the request to, “do your best to write and speak in a way that does not assume…” “…to be the norm.”, is asking the students to transcend their own (in this case the socially dominant) point of view. Failure to do so would produce flawed research and shoddy analysis. This is a lesson conservatives would do well to learn. It was the failure of Neo-Conservatives to transcend their own ideology that lead to the expectation of easy transitions to freedom
    and democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan and the consequent lack of sufficient troops to secure those objectives. This inability to NOT see ones own viewpoint as the norm is also part of what lead Republicans to be blindsided by Romney’s defeat this November.

  • JAM

    I have had this professor for this class and another and I can tell you that it is Mr. Lovelace’s loss for dropping it. I can honestly say I’ve never been so embarrassed of my peers at Butler as I am today. Whether or not we want to admit it most of us are from a very privileged background and have no idea about the real struggles most in this nation face. As a white, Protestant, heterosexual female I appreciated the professor’s statement in the syllabus. That is only the norm at private (non HBCU) universities. Not the city. Not the state. Not the nation. And definitely not the world. In reality that’s what a liberal arts education is about: gaining global perspectives. Best of luck to Ryan as a right winged journalist, I certainly won’t miss you in my LAS classes.

  • I’m sorry you were unable to find it in your intellect to speak in a neutral tone. I can only hope you eventually find a way past your own perception bias and ego to do so.

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  • I applaud Ryan Lovelace’s bold stand and support him totally. He expresses what any good American would support, freedom of speech for everyone, black, white, you name it. And for anyone to attack him shows the stupidity of those people. Hang in there Ryan. You are on the front lines and doing a good job. Linda Case Gibbons

  • Jesus

    I think it was so brave of you to drop that class, Ryan.

  • Molly Wimack

    I am a student at Butler University and I DO NOT agree with Ryan Lovace at all! All the professor was asking the students to do was to give up their prejudices and biases. However it seems as if Ryan was just too ignorant to do that. Butler University is a diverse school and we do pride ourselves on this! Now I’m not saying Ryan does not have a right to free speech, I’m just saying he should review his own morals and facts before he goes posting false details. We accommodate all types of races here at Butler, and we like to have RESPECT for everyone who comes through our doors white, black, Asian whatever! I’m sorry Ryan but, there is NO white privilege here! Everyone is treated the same! You did sign up for it did you not?-If you don’t like it then get out! Otherwise put your own *Prejudices aside* And GROW UP!

  • Guest Reader

    I’m just a guest reader, but I think what impresses me most about this post is not the conclusions drawn by Lovelace, but by the vitriol in many of the following comments. I disagree with many of Lovelace’s conclusions, but I’m not going to denounce him on a public forum. If I did agree, I might conceivably do some putting-him-on-a-pedestal (that’s my own tendency), but I certainly wouldn’t turn around and attack people who I perceived as dissenters. First of all, how in the world could I assume that I understand the nuance of every single argument opposite to my own? Until I knew exactly what the other person was thinking, I wouldn’t dare put words in his or her mouth. That kind of thing has the tendency to backfire. Badly.

    By all means, discuss this article. That’s what it’s here for. But be careful who you criticize.

  • Ascher

    Just another whiny kid feeling threatened. I also did enjoy how quickly this discussion degraded into political rambling and ad hominem assaults. Bravo.

  • JakeMillettButlerStudent

    This whole situation is beyond ridiculous. The student, Ryan Lovelace, voiced his opinion because he is about to graduate and hopes to work for Fox News or the Wall Street Journal. By creating this controversy over a small snippet in the class syllabus that the teacher never stressed as important, he has gotten his wish. End this crap now!

  • JakeMillettButlerStudent

    Ryan Lovelace is a coward

  • JakeButlerStudent

    Thanks for taking my post down. Looks like the people here at the College Fix do not want you to hear the truth about this story.

  • David

    Another deficit of American public education: this fool believes that white is an ethnic group. Far from intelligent, creative or enlightened, he believes that the groups will remain stagnant, keeping their identities. Do they not understand eroticism, that when you put people together that nature will dominate? Can these misguided miscreants not understand?

    Of course not! What they want is different hues of people who believe and think like them. And they do so on your dime!

  • While attending this class your human status is a “Global neutered colorless metro (disavow your parents hardwork) student.” LOL!

    • katie

      Actually, your human status is never in dispute. Rather, your effectiveness as a communicator is being challenged to grow towards inclusivity and perspective-taking, two very important skills when communicating with an ever-expanding global audience. It IS okay to write from your perspective when it’s necessary, but so often our personal bias seeps into our writing without our knowledge and makes a potentially great article a rather poor one.
      Case in point: Ryan Lovelace.

  • Peyton Fahrquahr

    Either Ryan completely misunderstands the language of the syllabus, or he is creating a controversy for his own personal gain (perhaps looking for an internship at Fox News next summer?). I find it ironic that white Americans have no problem suggesting that non-white Americans give up their cultural identities in order to assimilate into white America, but as soon as someone suggests that they (the white Americans) leave behind their background in order to create a multi-cultural classroom environment, they become appalled by that. Nothing that I can see in the professors words as written indicate any judgement, and if Ryan is offended by them, perhaps he needs some introspective analysis in order to figure out why he feels ashamed at being a white middle-class kid.

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  • TPH

    This story bothers me deeply. How can a course be inclusive when it has a core of bigotry based on sex (male), race (Caucasian), economic status (middle), and sexual preference (heterosexual). By excluding speech based on those 4 categories, isn’t the class censoring a major demographic? It does not make sense. This is ultra-leftist white heterosexual male hatred. This is misandry on a grand scale. Sadly, American colleges and universities are under the sirens song of inclusiveness that excludes anyone they view as having any power.

    You can’t be inclusive by excluding specific groups and speech. Unfortunately, way too many faculty and professors have political agendas at the heart of their courses.

    When I took political science classes at the University of Maryland in the 80’s, we had quite spirited debates. It now looks as if students are supposed to acquiesce to the professors political philosophy to pass the course. No wonder why America is lagging behind in STEM and analytical thought, the desire to have an open mind is being beaten out of students as they reach matriculation.

  • I’m sorry, Ryan. I’m sorry that you’re intolerant to learning tolerance. Bigotry such as what you display is evidence of a lack of knowledge. Educate yourself.

  • Since you deleted my last comment, let’s try a different tact. Walk a mile in my shoes. Learn how life as someone other than a white, heterosexual, middle class male is different. That’s what the Professor was teaching, and that’s what you refused to learn.

    You’re a young kid, Ryan. You don’t own the world and your knowlege of it is miniscule. Open your eyes and learn.

  • lucidpanther

    Angry, white, straight, males are a disappearing demographic. Dinosaurs.

  • barthomew

    Black playwright Anna Devere-Smith said on the PBS Newshour that the word “racist” should not be used. She said it is far too often used to eliminate a person from the right to participate in discourse. Her one-act performance about race riots showed how simplistic and ultimately inaccurate views and steretypes of some ethnics groups and persons are. In other words, many use use the term “racist” are guilty of prejudice as they do so.

  • Proof that the American education system is beyond repair,and all the billions and trillions will not fix it. The current “system”” is in fact beyond repair and should be scrapped. And the people whom call themselves “teachers”, at least a very large percentage , should be fired as total failures as educators more resembling indoctrinators.

  • The system is sooo broker, it should be dismantled,and rebuilt,WITHOUT the left wing poisoning the education system.,and replacing truth and honor with the CRAP most of the indoctrinators pretending to be educators spew without restraint or honor or truth.Its time to stop the lies and the lairs. No amount of money can fix this disaster.

  • BlakeSDavis

    Butler hunh? We can all cross that off the list of schools to attend. Colleges like this get a reputation and people go elsewhere – academics can be such fools, and this is a terrific example of that.

  • xmo

    Welcome to Obama’s America!

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  • Rocky Mountain

    “Sometimes in order to broaden the conversation and broaden the understandings you’ve got to risk making people uncomfortable,” Howard said. “There’s nothing about a college education that guarantees you won’t be made uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, if you’re never made uncomfortable in your college education, you’re not really getting a college education.”
    So why all the emphasis on constructing a “welcoming campus”?

  • Jonathan

    I just published a short guide called “How to Overcome Whiteness Without Trying to Be Black”.


    I think the biggest problem with the subject of race and other isms today is how polarized the divisions are; so polarized that each side refuses to recognize some of the truth and valid perspective the other side has to offer. Yes bad things have happened based on race and other divisive identities, but that does not mean that an individual’s capacity to feel and be respected should be sacrificed in the name of political correctness. Disrespecting perspective based on physical symbols you have no control of being born with will not move this country forward. In my 48 page guide, I take on this issue specifically in how it relates to dancing, having “rhythm”, and other pop cultural expressions.

  • In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigration. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days for when ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • Rance

    This is ridiculous. It’s borderline indoctrination. This article screams more “Your rights end where my feelings begin”. Why should people not be proud of their heritage just because a few of them hundreds of years ago did mean things that did not affect you because you were not there? Now I know why our education system is so bad today.

  • GilgameshIsMyHomeboy

    I’m a Canadian, small-c conservative, white, heterosexual history student.
    know, I know, but at least history, which tries to answer that fundamental human question of “What the fuck just happened” has a little dignity to it.

    Which is why I don’t think we’ve been hit quite as hard by this goofy critical-theory ridden bullshit as the other humanities. Historians deal in facts, and use those facts to put together an answer to “What the fuck just happened”. Feeling, while not absent from this field, plays a much lesser role for historians, who, if they can’t back up their arguments with something concrete, aren’t taken seriously. Not to say there isn’t a political element to it, the two divergent historical narratives surrounding Quebec after the 7-Years War (that’s French and Indian Wars to Americans) prove that, but at least there is some pretense of actual work going on as we try to re-assemble the past!

  • TruthTeller

    “As a journalism major, I will now strive to avoid the liberal arts college as much as possible, not because the college fails to provide its students with any practical knowledge…”

    Whatever your reason, avoiding their college of liberal arts is probably the best decision you’ve made at this point in life. The fact that you will need a job upon graduation (to avoid becoming a parasite) is all the reason you need.