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UCLA becomes hotbed of anti-Israel hate

Jewish students blocked from certain parts of campus, Jewish professor assaulted, pro-Israel demonstrators pepper-sprayed

Universities nationwide continue to be rocked by aggressive anti-Israel demonstrations, including at UCLA, which has become a hotbed of aggression and violence against Jewish students and professors, according to numerous videos posted on social media recently.

Protesters have pepper-sprayed pro-Israel demonstrators and blocked Jewish students from accessing parts of campus.

UCLA Professor Nir Hoftman told Fox News he was “assaulted” Monday by “three keffiyeh-donning thugs,” one of whom “bodychecked” him as he dared to walk through a barricaded area on campus.

“There is no law and order here, there is a complete breakdown of law and order — no police,” Hoftman said, adding UCLA brass has told police to stand down.

In another incident, a video taken at UCLA shows a masked woman chasing down a Jewish man, hitting him in the head and then tasering him as onlookers shriek in surprise.

In another video that quickly went viral, a male Jewish student wearing a Star of David necklace is shown trying enter a section of campus and is blocked by a line of about six masked pro-Hamas students who stand in his way.

The student, in the video, said he wanted to access his class through the section being blocked off, and at one point asks a security guard nearby to help, who does not intervene. As he lifts his hands up and tries to pass through the human shield, a large male moves in front on him, at which point the Jewish student backs off.

“You guys are promoting aggression, you guys are promoting hate,” the Jewish student said. “We are UCLA students, we deserve to be here.”

In another video, a self-identified “Zionist” UCLA student is denied entrance to a campus library by several pro-Palestinian protesters, one of whom said they are not letting “Zionists” in. The student replies he pays tuition and should have access to the library.

Los Angeles resident Cheryl De Rose told Fox LA she was pepper-sprayed by protesters when she visited UCLA to support pro-Israel demonstrations.

The news station reported that fights “broke out at UCLA Sunday among pro- Palestinian and pro-Israel supporters after a barrier was breached meant to separate the dueling groups of demonstrators.”

Professor Hoftman told Fox News anti-Israel protesters descended on the pro-Israel demonstration — but the pro-Israel group had obtained a permit. He said the pro-Hamas crowd started tussling up the crowd. Videos show several Jewish demonstrators rinsing pepper spray out of their eyes. News reports described the scene as a “clash” and “fight” between the two sides.

UCLA, in a statement on the matter, kept its wording vague.

“UCLA has a long history of peaceful protest, and we are heartbroken to report that today, some physical altercations broke out among demonstrators on Royce Quad,” campus spokeswoman Mary Osako said in a prepared statement. “We have since instituted additional security measures and increased the numbers of our safety team members on site.

“As an institution of higher education, we stand firmly for the idea that even when we disagree, we must still engage respectfully and recognize one another’s humanity. We are dismayed that certain individuals instead chose to jeopardize the physical safety of the community.”

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