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Harvard Students Launch Bondage Sex Club

Via Campus Reform:

Harvard University granted a controversial BDSM sex-club official school recognition on Wednesday, Campus Reform has confirmed.

The student club, Harvard College Munch, is a group of roughly 20 members that meets weekly to explicitly discuss matters related to BDSM and other forms of kinky sex.

School recognition will allow the club to apply for university funding and promote their group on school property, reports Harvard’s student newspaper, The Crimson

In an article published earlier this year, students in the group spoke freely about fantasies of rape, forced feeding, and impersonating animals during sex…

Read the full story here.

If you ask us, it sounds like Harvard is behind the curve here. After all, this kind of stuff has been going on at Yale for years.

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  • David Patton

    Further proof of what humans do if left to their own devices.
    And they thought there would be no consequences to expelling God Almighty, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible from American campuses of secular humanistic studies and advancement.

    • Frank

      It’s people’s own choices if they choose to not believe in an imaginary deity of their choosing or not. Therefore it has no place in schools unless it is a school for that religion