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More than 70 anti-Israel encampments have now been held on campuses nationwide

Map shows vast majority held on West and East coasts, while so-called flyover country — a Republican stronghold — has far fewer protests

More than 70 anti-Israel occupation encampments have now been established over the last two weeks at colleges and universities nationwide, according to a tally by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The count includes encampments, multiday protests, and sit-ins sustained over at least one day, the Chronicle reported, noting such protest methods represent the latest spike in extreme campus activist.

“[I]n many cases, students say they plan to occupy campus property indefinitely with tents and blankets — signal a renewed wave of activism,” it reported.

A map of the protests shows that the vast majority are on the West and East coasts, while the so-called flyover country — a Republican stronghold — has far fewer protests.

As The College Fix has reported, many of the protests have devolved into civil disobedience, several have turned violent, most have touted antisemitic slogans and mantras.

Those involved include a mix of state schools, preppy liberal arts colleges, and Ivy League institutions.

Several campus leaders have said many of those engaged in the protests that have disobeyed dispersal demands and led to police in riot gear, tear gas deployments and widespread arrests were not students enrolled in the schools.

Details have also emerged that the protests are highly organized and well funded. “The students claimed to have pro bono legal support and trained security,” National Review reported regarding the Princeton University activists.

Observers have noted the “copy and paste” green tents many of the protesters seem to all have at different schools. Activists’ internal documents leaked to the media have detailed how the protesters should manipulate the media, strongarm their campuses, and deal with their peers.

“George Soros is paying student radicals who are fueling nationwide explosion of Israel-hating protests,” the New York Post reported April 26.

The Wall Street Journal also reported in an op-ed that “Some Anti-Israel Protesters Are Paid,” according to the headline.

Threats of expulsion don’t seem to dissuade many of these protesters, suggesting they may have ulterior motives or don’t think campus leaders will follow through.

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IMAGE: Chronicle of Higher Education

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