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Professor Promotes ‘Queer Christ’ Concept To Students

A recent guest lecture at Swarthmore College by a prominent homosexual seminary professor highlighted a growing argument among the so-called queer community that Jesus was bisexual.

In particular, the Rev. Patrick Cheng, a professor at the Episcopal Divinity School in Massachusetts, told the students that Jesus was a subversive person and God’s way of “queering the world,” so to speak.

Cheng said Christ was “always coming out in the gospels” and that “Christ is God coming out.”

“At its heart, Christianity is queer,” Cheng told the students during the Feb. 7 talk. “It’s not just a matter of being tolerant. Christianity is queer at its core.”

Cheng, author of the 2011 book “Radical Love: An Introduction to Queer Theology,” as well as “From Sin to Amazing Grace: Discovering the Queer Christ,” published last year, argues queer theology essentially takes its cues from Jesus, who Cheng described in his speech as the ultimate boundary crosser.

“Queerness is at its heart radical love,” he said.

Cheng, who holds degrees from Harvard, Yale and Union Theological Seminary, and also blogs about religion and homosexuality on Huffington Post, emphasized during his speech that feminist and queer theorists such as himself build theology from their own experience.

In fact all of the theology he spoke of in his presentation, according to a student who attended the lecture for The College Fix, seemed to relate directly back to his life as a queer Asian male.

At one point he was asked by an audience member about the role of the Bible. Cheng conceded different types of Christians emphasize scripture, tradition, reason and experience differently, and hinted he values all those things, but said emerging theology prioritizes experience, especially for “marginalized people.”

Cheng’s talk highlights a growing trend among the homosexual community that argues Jesus was bisexual.

In his “Queer Christ” book, Cheng argued there are “seven models” to consider: the Erotic Christ; the Out Christ; the Liberator Christ; the Transgressive Christ; the Self-Loving Christ; the Interconnected Christ; and the Hybrid Christ, according to portions of his book posted on Amazon.

In a March 2011 op-ed on Huffington Post, Cheng noted “Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry also reinforces the notion of Jesus as the embodiment of radical love and boundary-crossing.”

“Jesus Christ is the embodiment of radical love because – in addition to crossing divine and social boundaries – Jesus also crosses sexual boundaries,” Cheng wrote. “This is, Jesus’ life and ministry can be viewed as dissolving the rigid line between ‘heterosexual’ and ‘homosexual.’ ”

In his piece, Cheng cites the Rev. Nancy Wilson’s argument that Christ was likely bisexual, quoting from her book “Our Tribe: Queer Folks, God, Jesus and the Bible” that “the most obvious way to see Jesus as a sexual being is to see him as bisexual in orientation, if not also in his actions.”

In addition to Cheng and Wilson, another prominent theologian to posit this theory includes lesbian Christian author Rev. Kittredge Cherry. She blogged on the Huffington Post last March that “nobody knows for sure whether the historical Jesus was attracted to other men or felt like he was female inside.”

“Some progressive Bible scholars do argue that Jesus had a homosexual relationship,” Cherry notes. “Chicago Theological Seminary professor Theodore Jennings presents the most fully developed explanation in his book ‘The Man Jesus Loved.’ Queer Christ images are emerging now in theology books, at art galleries, on stage, in churches, and across the World Wide Web.”

Jennifer Kabbany is assistant editor of The College Fix.

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  • Renatius Barton

    Surprise, Surprise. The “prominent homosexual seminary professor” is an Episcopalian.
    A professor and an Episcopalian: that is a toxic mix.

    • gawxxx

      man’s teachings ( influenced by satan ) not the true “GODS” !

  • Try that crap with the Muslims. Disgraceful.

  • Gina101

    Imposing their perversion on the holy is all these people know in order to excuse their confusion and perverted tendencies.

    • gawxxx

      they only impose it if you acknowledge it ,let it go ! , we are all “HIS” children ! ,love and prayers and let “HIM” handle the rest !

  • Christians cite the Bible as the moral authority to disagree with and stand in the way of homosexuality and it’s political movement. Therefore, the homosexual agenda must ‘modify’ the central figure of the Bible so that he agrees with their agenda.

    • Renatius Barton

      You seem to understand the motivation behind the homosexual agenda. They should not forget that the Bible is not “literature.” The Bible is the word of God. Prof. Cheng might be putting his soul at risk of eternal damnation. Only God knows.

      • gawxxx

        prayers not codemnation !

    • gawxxx

      let them believe what they chose david , all will eventually come to the glory of “GOD” each in their own order!

  • SMC_BC

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to refute this crackpot which makes me wonder why whole audiences don’t walk out on him.

    • gawxxx

      fools leading bigger fools ! ( satan is very good at what he does ! )

  • WardKendall

    If Christians would stop turning the other cheek, they might have the courage to step forward and smite these blasphemers.

    • Haha, fat chance. Professor Cheng is right — they are a bunch of fags. The Catholic monks are big time homos — when I was in college I knew a kid who spent a summer playing monk (I won’t say which order) and he came back horrified and disgusted.

      None of the Christian churches are sticking up for the White race. What more do you need to know? When it came down to their flesh and blood, or their tax exempt status, they chose the latter.

      The meek shall inherit the grave.

      • gawxxx

        painting an awful broad brush aren,t we mind ! ( eternal bliss versus momentary hardship ! )

      • Just to clarify, the writer of this post of course has nothing to do with Biblical Christianity. I know that’s obvious, but I’m just making sure.

    • gawxxx

      hey ward ! it is not our fight , it’s “GODS” don’t take it personal ! , in the end satan loses and we win !

  • Thumper

    How much of this Shit are we to put up with before we start fighting back??

  • Thumper

    Blame either Whitey or Righty….

  • Temenos

    All Scripture and Patristic writings through the ages say something different, but this professor knows better.

  • I simply could not read any more of this article..The man is playing with fire suggesting Jesus was bi sexual..If you believe in what the bible preaches, sex between men and men, women and women is wrong..He sure didn’t appreciate Sodom and Gomorrah now did he? But you see God gave us free will and what we do with that “not so free will” is up to us. It isn’t “free” we do have to answer to Jesus who died on the cross for those very sins and more when we die..I don’t hate gay people..I feel sorry that their will is weak. And that they sin against God and try to change to bible to fit the needs of them being married when no procreation can occur between the two. The thought of filthy rectal sex repulses me. It is a dirty dump hole. Womens vaginas are not the cleanest things either with bacterias and sloughing cells and periods..Yuck..Oh well, at the snap of the fingers we can be gone, I’m hoping I’m ready to go and be as good a soul as I can be when I meet my maker..Are you?

  • SneakyJimmy

    This was a wonderful teaching device used by this professor. If you have a problem with Christ being born gay than you really are bigotted in your hearts. This doesnt mean that Christ ever had a relationship with anyone, it’s incidental to his true mission. Really, think abou it, does it matter?

  • Three terms from the article say it all: Episcopalian, Massachusettes, and Huffington Post.

  • WOB

    A dog barks and bites. A cow “moo’s” and gives milk. A rooster crows. A chicken lays eggs and taste very good when fried in buttermilk batter!

    None of these are surprising … they do what they do because of what they are.

    These people have proven they are no different in that regard.

  • I guess next they will have Jesus being a drug abuser and an alcoholic to justify those behaviors as well