Shock Photos: GW Student Housing Horrors Revealed

by Nathan Harden - Fix Editor on August 21, 2013

Students at George Washington University were fed up with what they perceived as a lack of attention to maintenance at student housing facilities. They created a Facebook page called “GW Housing Horrors,” inviting students to upload picture of their problems with their on-campus accommodations.

The result is truly horrifying.

A section of ceiling collapsing in a bathroom, sewage spewing from a sink area, feces in a stairwell–it’s enough to turn one’s stomach.


1175554_503094866438593_1736147634_nCurrently, students pay more than $45,000 per year to attend GW.

And here’s a howler: National college rankings guide The Princeton Review ranks GW among the top colleges in the country in the category of student housing.

The Princeton Review currently ranks GW as #10 among universities with the “Best College Dorms.”

If GW is among the best, we’d hate to see the worst…

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(Image source: Facebook)



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