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Smoke ‘Em While You Got ‘Em at Ohio University – You Might Be Forced Into Class

Tobacco and e-cigarette smokers have another school year to enjoy their puffing on campus before Ohio University enforces a campuswide ban.

The Athens News reports that the school will have zero designated zones for smokers starting in the 2015-16 school year, which has one local official predicting a bevy of butts off-campus:

Athens City Council person Steve Patterson said last Monday that he’s concerned about that aspect of the plan forcing student smokers, and more damagingly, their cigarette butts, onto the public sidewalks, streets and alleyways of the city.

“It’s going to drive anybody who chooses to smoke cigarettes out onto the public right-of-way,” Patterson said. “At that point, are they going to put the cigarette butt in their pocket and dispose of it on campus? My best guess as a psychologist is no; they’ll throw it somewhere.”

The school plans to use an Orwellian-sounding “community” model to enforce the rule. You won’t get in trouble for smoking, unless you do it too many times. A student affairs official said

the university is also looking at creating a number of smoking cessation programs and classes to help students quit. Attendance could be mandatory after a certain number of times a student is caught smoking on campus.

Other campus bans have been approved this year at all Georgia public campuses, San Diego State and Ohio State.

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  • MarkJ

    What’s the difference between academic administrators and Nazis?

    The Nazis were much more concerned about due process and the rule of law.

  • GulfPundit

    This is what fascism looks like. Notice that the school is also banning e-cigarettes, which isn’t smoking, but is a very effective smoking cessation tool. The problem is that people actually enjoy and prefer them over patches, gum etc., and miserable busybodies can’t stand the sight of someone taking pleasure in anything that even looks like smoking.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with health, and everything to do with petty tyrants imposing their lifestyle preferences on a minority of students.

  • Go to the Re-Education class but bring along copies of “The Lies Behind The Smoking Bans” that you can print out yourself for free from http://bit.ly/SmokingBanLies

    Heh, if you’re concerned that such a thing might seem to defiant, simply present it as “Here are some of the things the pro-smoker people are saying so we need to point out what’s wrong with them!”

    Of course they’ll find there’s virtually NOTHING wrong that they can point to, and meanwhile a lot of REAL education will have been accomplished!