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Cleared by Campus Police, Grand Jury – Student Still Railroaded Over Rape Claim

Campus police and a grand jury cleared a University of Cincinnati student accused of rape – but administrators continue to wrongfully prosecute the student under their campus code of conduct, a lawsuit alleges.

The suit was filed after two female students last March accused junior Ethan Peloe of attempting to rape them. The women allege that they were drunk and high the night of the incident, and that Peloe accompanied them back to their dorm room.

“One of the students alleges that she went to sleep, but was awakened by Peloe attempting to have sexual intercourse with her,” the suit states. “She alleges that she told him no and ran from the room. The other student alleges that Peloe then got into bed with her. She alleges that she had passed out and was awakened by Peloe having sexual intercourse with her.”

Peloe vehemently denies the allegations. According to the lawsuit:

The case was presented to the Hamilton County Grand Jury. The Grand Jury refused to issue an indictment. The incident has been investigated by the UC Police. Peloe cooperated with the investigation. Peloe gave a voluntary statement. Peloe told the UC Police that he was willing to submit to a polygraph examination. Peloe voluntarily submitted DNA evidence. The UC Police obtained significant physical evidence which exonerated Peloe.

The evidence included:

a. A surveillance videotape obtained by the police showed that the two female UC students were not intoxicated and that they had led Peloe to their room.

b. Text messages obtained by a forensic review of the students’ cell phones called significant portions of the students’ stories into question. For example, although the students claimed to be passed out, they still sent a number of text messages. In addition, later messages joked about the case.

c. Another female student was present in the room when the alleged assault occurred. This student did not witness anything illegal.

The lawsuit also notes that rape kits submitted to the crime lab for analysis “are consistent with the version of events provided by Peloe.”

The lawsuit also claims a litany of ways in which this young man was essentially denied a right to defend himself by campus officials, saying the student was given scant notice of his administrative hearing, redacted copies of reports, refusal to allow him to record the hearing, refusal to allow him to cross-examine a witness who provided hearsay testimony, and declarations that video leading up to the alleged assault, text messages from the girls’ phones, and the campus police report – were all irrelevant.

Peloe’s attorney, Mike Allen, told WKRC Cincinnati that “Ethan is a fine young man. He’s never been in trouble in his life. He loved going to the University of Cincinnati. … This young man who’s just starting out his life cannot have on his permanent academic record that he was thrown out of a major public university for sexually assaulting two women when he didn’t do it.”

Allen added that universities are under pressure from the feds to crackdown on sexual assault claims, and campus officials wanted to make an example out of Peloe, WKRC Cincinnati reports.

But campus officials told the news station: “The University of Cincinnati takes seriously our obligations under Title IX and makes every effort to ensure that our campus is safe for all students, faculty and staff and our processes respect the rights of all students.”

WCPO Cincinnati reports that Peloe is “asking for an unspecified amount in damages, an injunction prohibiting any further disciplinary action by the university and repayment for court and attorney costs.”

Jennifer Kabbany is editor of The College Fix. ( @jenniferkabbany )

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  • ESAU

    Where are the kidlets and prof’s to defend this non-sense? Oh, wait, they’re not out of bed yet!!!

  • Joe

    This is great, now women will have to sit on urine soaked toilets from men missing their mark.

  • Rich Slaten

    The Europeanizing of America. Thank you liberals.

  • Joe

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  • sunnytruth

    This is one of the many perverted legacies of liberal fascism, radical feminism and homosexual ideology.

  • Austin Acosta

    I may look white but I’m really black! Now make me President of the NAACP, ASAP or I’m going to sue because that’s how I racially identify myself. Thanks!

  • Faustrightly

    Is the third symbol a man with an erection?

    • Haaywood Jablomie

      It’s the international symbol for a he/she.

  • Charles Baldwin

    Easy to label the bathrooms: Men, Women, and Creeps and Scumbags. No one but the latter would use the third pathway: so the whole thing is stupid and pointless.

  • jcd0101

    ohh thats friggin brilliant you liberal wackos
    So when some poor woman is raped in a perverts PLUS bathroom
    then what will you do?

    I tell all women carry concealed
    screw the liberals anti gun laws
    so you can protect yourselves

    and remember AIM LOW..

  • HarryTheCat

    Hey, female Northwestern students!…no worries. Those “anatomically male students” aren’t interested in you anyway. They’re too busy “gettin’ busy” with each other.

  • C. Adkins

    – the university is enabling the deviants to act out.

    • Austin Acosta

      The same goes with the leaders of this country! ILLEGAL Aliens protesting outside Obama’s house with no repercussions being a perfect example.

  • potus/punk/boy

    Northwestern…remember when this used to be a credible school?
    I guess when children are assaulted, or molested in the allowed areas to do so, the families of the victims will hold the schools president and board PHYSICALLY LIABLE!

  • CommonSense033

    Hope the girls enjoy cellphones in record mode appearing under the stall accompanied by laughter. Because that’s what’s going to happen.

    Also, they’ll have to endure college slobs unloading thundering WMDs after taco night.

    Have fun, girls!

  • Joe blow

    Need a couple of fat frat boys to have a giant bean, beer and burrito luncheon and then retreat to the “gender- neutral” rest room to set a few decibel records. Publicize it, and pipe the efforts of the winning decibel entries over the campus PA system. Ricicule and uprorious laughter is the nuclear option against these culture destroying termites.

  • John Seymore

    Sounds like another initiative thought of by the jews that run the University system nationwide..just like co ed dorms and like hollywierd themes…connect the dots people

  • candidviews

    What happens when sexual deviants reshape the national agenda.

  • Welcome to Obamerica.

  • Dirty Harry

    What is that sound…??? Sounds like a large backfire.

  • frigu

    If college’s such as Northwestern University put even half as much effort into properly educating their students as do coming up with asinine policies such as this, the students and nation would not be in the mess it is in.

  • chuck_in_st_paul


    “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.” – George Orwell

  • ymg200

    Liberalism is a mental disorder!

    • chuck_in_st_paul

      correction ymg200 – in and of itself it does not cause mental illness, it’s just so messed up it attracts the mentally ill like moths to the flame

  • spiroandritsis

    Why aren’t there politically neutral colleges?

  • Guest


  • Acintyabedhabedhadasa

    Take away all their government funding, including student loans. And fire all those homo activist administrators.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    Send your kids to good schools like Hillsdale. They get an actual, useful education and they are treated like ladies and gentlemen.

  • politicallyincorrect

    I’m a college prof at a very liberal community college in PA. What do you want or need for me to do?

  • Historyitm

    Well it appears that America today is still capable of winning an international race and that is to prove we can come up with the best ideas for defying logic that were ever thought up by a civilized nation. Huge problems everywhere on the planet but our universities have at least solved the age old and biological problem of the differences in the two sexes. They simply declare that it no longer exists.

  • hmmm

    am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body…therefore I have the RIGHT to go into the
    women’s bathrooms. You can’t stop me…please don’t mind the cameras and my massive erection!

  • RecoveringLiberal

    This is what we call the “focus on education.”

  • jimbo

    Looks like an education at Northwestern is “in the toilet!”

  • T bone

    We are rapidly losing our marbles.

  • mrbuffalo

    I would have thought common sense led to separate public restrooms

  • datelinedufuses

    Why is anyone surprised by this? Northwestern University is located in Chicago. Who used to reside in Chicago? Exactly!

  • FloatingIdeas

    The over 700,000 registered sex offenders in the US alone thank you for allowing them to use the same restrooms as your children. As do the many more who aren’t registered. The perverts with the up skirt cams, shoe cams, and hey, Google Glasses. Before if a male was in a female restroom, that in itself could be grounds for calling the police, but hey, why stop at just individual stalls in a restroom. Let’s just make things really simple and have neutral gender showers, regardless of age, and of course there will be a guard on every door to check each person’s status as a sex offender or to see if they have any cameras, or even still, to call in the event somebody is in danger.

    If that wasn’t too sarcastic for you, I apologize. Here is a thought: how about these schools of higher education focus on actual teaching instead of forcing political awareness and acceptance of others on the masses while limiting the speech of those who support the military, religion, or pro-life.

    With more Online colleges becoming prevalent, the need for traditional colleges will become obsolete except where hands on, experimentation, and in person tasks are required.

  • DiscustedONE

    It will be interesting for men to stare at Women combing their hair, adjusting their bras. It will be interesting for the Women to hear men passing gas, belching, and fumigating up those restrooms. Men can also hang around to watch for babes. Most Women will want a single gender restroom and this is a stupid idea. This change in policy is for trannys and gays. People need to protest.

  • Conrad

    Idiots. Gay is a sex cult organization and not a person. There is no Gay etc gene. We have been lied to by the Queer infiltrated media. Do not recognize or use the words Gay, Lesbian etc. because no such person exists. Starve these filthy sex cults by not acknowledging them & their sick ill found genders.

    You cannot separate the mind from the body which these crazies have done,

  • Felix Rodkin

    I think that for the diversity they should allow taking a dump on the floor of the bathroom (or in the corridors)

  • Luket

    “anatomically male” LOL! What the hell does that mean? And what’s all this ignorant talk of “gender”? That’s a biological term that never used to be applied to humans. Hey, educated class the correct term is “sex”. So, now that we’re all “gendered” the bathroom is obviously open to dogs (dogs and bitches of course). The next time I take my dog for a walk on campus I’ll have to visit the “gender” nuetral bathroom and have him take a poo on the floor. These enlightened people running our institutions of higher learning are just plain idiots.

  • mewp12

    This is stupid.

  • Mtpage

    And girls wi be forced to pee in urinals while men are forced to pee in toilets and deal with the splash back

  • VoiceoftheSilentMajority

    There are 450,000 – 900,000 transgendered people in the United States, according to several studies and censuses. That means that 0.002-0.01 percent of Americans are transgendered. Why in the world are millions being spent to accommodate the probably one person on the entire campus at over 150 schools nationwide? You can love who you want to, but to flat out reject your physical being is not normal, no matter what they say. 3% of the population is schizophrenic. 3% of the population is bipolar. If there are that many more people with clear psychological issues, then why aren’t transgendered people considered in need of psychological help? It is clearly obvious it is a mental issue and to continue to say it is normal and encourage people to defy biology is only going to lead to much more severe psychological problems in the future. Even if they go through with a sex change it will only resort in temporary happiness, because the issues leading to that still aren’t being addressed. Besides, alter your body all you want, your chromosomes will never change.

  • John Mehoffan

    If I went there, I would always use the old women’s room, use toilet and leave the seat down. Fact is, women always leave their restroom a mess, while the men don’t, which really screws it up for the guys. Ask anybody in custodial, they’ll tell you I’m right.

  • mintap

    My gender is a unique kind defined purely by the need to pee all over the floor. I now feel protected in these all gender bathrooms.

    • krusaderrabbit

      You too?

  • pyramid_003

    I suspect this thing will die a natural death. I can just see a woman sitting on the toilet in a stall and some guy comes into the stall next to her and lets go a stream of lunchtime ice tea (so to speak) with the usual splattering and loud liquid-hitting-liquid sound. And of course he will have to fart because his in the search of pressure relief after all, and where better than in a bathroom.

    Yes, the women will DEMAND separate bathrooms, and I don’t blame them.

  • dixiesuzan

    Nothing like objective biology teachings in the Univeristies of America. Yes, you are what you think you are, and objective external biological observations and tests are false. The voices in your heads give the revelation. The voices are infallible. Naturally the voices are NOT YOU, or You would be revealing to YOU what YOU already knew, which is of course no revelation at all, for YOU already knew the revelation when YOU told YOU about it (infallibly.) No Sir, its the voices of OTHERS inside YOU who are infallible, and have this crypto biological knowledge withheld from YOU until the voices of OTHERS began to speak and give YOU the revelation of infallible biological Truth. Then it becomes YOUR DUTY to reveal the infallible crypto biological Truth to others outside YOU, so they may become party to the vocerferous revelations of the voices which occurred within YOU. And that folks is how we get bathrooms of “gender-less” genderizations by inner cranial voices within the students in American Univeristies of lower learning. Can a University Administration repeal such revelational Truths ? Of course not. They must comply and Administer as the voices command.
    Since this is validation of infallible crypto biological Truths discovered only by inner revelations vocally given by OTHERS residing within one’s cranium, are there more and other important crypto biological Truths as yet unrevealed and unplumbed?
    How do YOU know YOU are a human being, eh? Objective external biological observations made by trained individuals in Medicine have not the capacity to determine it infallibly like the cranial voices of revelation can. Has your inner species orientation voices spoken yet? Ah we shall soon see how the American Univeristies continue to evolve into even higher forms of biological Truths than as even now reside in the Hallowed Ivy covered Halls of knowledge.
    Voices speak to me, speak to me.

    • krusaderrabbit

      Don’t believe your lying eyes.

  • Gordo

    I took one of my daughters to one of these fine liberal lets all crap together institutions. When she saw that, she said no f’n way and we left

  • picnicfun

    No it is not common and no it should not become common. Your campus better have deep liberal pockets when the lawsuits start coming in. Men and women are not the same.

  • krusaderrabbit

    “The concerns are not significant enough” Where is N.O.W. on this?

  • dixiesuzan

    We can now transplant organs. Wait until it becomes a College fade to gather up as transplants cadaver sexual organs and add them to ones own. Depending on body size and body girth I suspect one could have a variety of them tucked say under the arm, in the armpit, assorted rear cheek installations etc. Invent a new gender permutation set ! Have a unique combo !
    “I am me own gender.”
    “Doc, gimme 3 of those and 6 of these and can I get some extra surgical mutilations and tatoos on those other 6 over there”?
    Planned pre-meditated forced evolution marches on.

  • I can just imagine how many pervs are going to be hanging out in the bathrooms hoping to catch a glimpse of a woman using the bathroom facilities. In Europe, these type of facilities are somewhat common. The difference is the cultures. While the Europeans are accustomed to this, the American culture does not, and therefore lies the rub. In my travels in the Pacific, I do not recall seeing gender neutral bathrooms, as the cultures do embrace the different needs of the sexes.

  • oldvlc

    Will they provide rape beds also? This is the dumbest, most lame brained idiocracy inspired idea I have ever heard of.

  • TessaC

    Northwestern U…typical. Home of Assoc Law Professor Bernadine Dorn. Go figure.

  • UnderGodNotGovt

    Basically, our society has no concern for normal people. The only ones who are accommodated are the atypicals.

  • 5topAmnesty

    Cool deal. I start college in the fall. If I understand this right, all I have to do is cross-dress and I can shower with the babes. Nice. I can check them out prior to having to go through all that dating stuff.

  • Reardon Steele

    Universities are in a mad dash to define deviancy down. The more perverse the better in order to preen for their colleagues. Juvenile isn’t it?

  • Jonathan Wong

    perv friendly bathrooms eh?

  • Lee

    We need to put design engineers and construction workers to work across the nation to take care of this problem once and for all. All rest rooms should be enclosed in non-connected 4×4 units or big enough to move around. These are actually rooms, not stalls. Make them like the half bath visitors use at home. Inside a toilet, a urinal, a sink, mirror, that’s it. You go in and take care of business and come out. The person next to you does not see you or hear you. A children’s change table at the front of the facility.

    In my doctor’ office it says Restroom. No gender is specified since it is a single person use. They should redesign them all over time with new construction to reflect the accommodations. Give tax credits to businesses to help them do this. This strips all arguments away from men, women, transgender, democrats, republicans, conservatives, liberals, communist, all races and ethnicities, and even space aliens.

  • Freedom

    Yes, I’m sure that mens urinals with bathroom stalls and drunks will
    fit like glove while Nancy uses a stall, John standing taking a wiz passing
    gas and Steve in the other stall grunting and making remarks. Should