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Shock video: Dildo-waving female students can’t digest peer’s argument that guns defend against rape

The MacIver News Service has put out a 55-second video that clearly illustrates the shocking level of cognitive dissonance young campus feminists exhibit today.

The video is telling in that it serves as a prime and explicit example of how the left cannot seem to process or debate logical facts. In this video, taken at the University of Wisconsin Madison, a group of mostly young women appear blind to reason and caught in some sort of fervor that keeps them from processing rational thought and intellectual arguments.

The “Cocks not Glocks” group was protesting a speech by conservative commentator Katie Pavlich, who argues one of the best ways to defend against the threat of rape is by allowing women access to their Second Amendment right to carry a firearm.

The video shows an apparent female student telling the group of dildo-waving women that her friend was raped on campus, and if she had had the right to carry that might not have happened.

“Stop insulting survivors,” someone screamed.

“I’m not,” the woman replied. “You guys are insulting survivors by not allowing them to defend themselves. I have a friend who was raped on campus. She wasn’t allowed to have her concealed carry with her, and she was raped because of that. If she would have had her concealed carry, I guarantee she wouldn’t have been raped.”

Near silence descended on the crowd at that point. It was almost as if, for a brief moment, neurons in their brains were starting to fire, and they were actually going to attempt to process what she had said and maybe even start a rational, dispassionate discussion.

That hope was dashed when the lead protester responded with a shrill cry of: “Show me what democracy looks like!”

The group behind her quickly raised their flesh-colored dildos in response and, flopping them around in the air, replied in unison: “This is what democracy looks like!” Over and over again they chanted, then switched to “cocks not glocks!”

You can see the young female student who had explained her position try to continue to make her point as the group continues their blind mantra, her words drowned out by their repeated chants.

Watch the video:

The activists with Cocks Not Glocks at UW Madison had scheduled “The Bonerfide Penis Arts Fest” to compete with and demonstrate against the Young Americans for Freedom’s Oct. 10 event titled “Trigger Warning: Second Amendment Rights and Self Defense.”

MORE: Students offer free dildos to those who will protest Katie Pavlich’s pro-Second Amendment talk

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  • SmokeyBehr

    >Near silence descended on the crowd at that point.

    Sounds like they had a kernel panic, and had to kill the process, and when they rebooted, they went into a default mode.

    • Steve

      Aptly put. Hence the “chanting points” provided before every march, it initiates the reset program implanted at the brainwashing process.

    • Attila Iskander – Turul Fia

      Makes sense when you put it like that.

  • Jay Eimer

    My sympathies to the rape survivor. For another take – my wife is a domestic violence counselor. She helps women get away from abusers. She’s been stalked on several occasions by men whose victims she has helped.

    She’s also a grad student working on her PhD.

    At one point (a few years ago) one of her stalkers was arrested, on campus, with a stolen gun, despite being a prohibited person (prior convictions for felony drug possession and domestic assault) and the campus being a “gun-free zone”.

    Now tell me why my wife, at 53 years old and with a bad back should be denied the tools to defend herself from her stalker(s).

    • raydrnayshon

      I think she should have a nice Crimson Trace grip on a Kimber or similar. Christmas is coming …..

    • Attila Iskander – Turul Fia

      Tell your wife to buy a deep cover holter like Smartcarry or one made specifically for women like the SheBang from Cancanconcealment.

      There’s one of your christmas gifts for her.

  • fsilber

    “Cocks, not Glocks!”

    Well, when a rapist tries to abduct a stranger and rape her, those are basically her choices. The protesters are advising that the prospective rape victims should choose the cock.

    Me, personally, I prefer she chose the Glock and with it shoots the rapist. Of course, I support the woman’s right to choose.

  • Melene

    Waving cocks seems incredibly silly and juvenile. Not an intelligent and thought out solution for rape.

    • Bil Carter

      Melene – you’re talking about 20 year-olds who are majoring in something ending in the word “Studies”. Not exactly the brain trust. I would hardly expect the solution to a crossword puzzle to come from this clique of harpies, much less a social ill like rape.

      Go speak to the women in the engineering department. They know how to solve problems.

  • Plowjogger1776

    Ahhhhh. More fodder for the 2018 and 2020 elections! Thanks, idiots, for giving us more Trump voters!

  • jhwarner1

    Waving dildos which reinforces that these college coed badly need to get laid! They be advertising guys — so help them out. Any volunteers? Of course when they look like Hod, Dog and Frog then that may be a hard sell.

  • Linda Lee

    These feminists don’t realize h ow they contradict their own agenda.

  • Joe Blow

    Yeah, I agree, not Glocks. Stick to Rugers, SIGs, S & Ws, Berettas, Colts, Kimbers…..

    • AtlasObjectivist

      I prefer HK.

  • OriginalRS


    Leftism will eat your brain. Like the Walking Dead people.

  • Arguan Modeth

    If that is what Democracy looks like, it is clearly a good thing that we are a Republic. Some snaky charlatan with an agenda manages to herd the brain dead zombies to work for her benefit – that is politics.

  • raydrnayshon

    Show me how democracy prevents rape.
    Because it’s usually not up for a popular vote.

    It’s more like “one man,
    one vote,
    one vote for rape,

    Unless she has a counter vote, or six, or nine , or 15, courtesy of Sam Colt, historically speaking,
    and translated into the modern vernacular by Glock, Browning, H&K, Smith and Wesson …..

  • Dogbert1

    in unison: “This is what democracy looks like!”
    Democracy looks like tyranny of the idiots.’?

  • socialismisevi!

    Dildos have killed more people than one might imagine

  • Barry

    There was a homeless predator on campus last time I was at Madison around 4 years ago. Cops had no problem with him trying to hit up patrons outside bars and restaurants near campus. People in my party joked that I attract the weirdos. I wondered what it would have been like if it was a female he came up on, and not me.
    PS-I was on the phone with a friend in crisis. I told the guy, “Stop! I’m on the phone! Just wait over there!” I pointed to a bus stop bench and he dutifully sat down, waiting for me to finish. Then he got up a few minutes later and walked away.
    But I am certain that an apparatus would have been a real deterrent for these young ladies….

  • Paul Russell

    So their answer to campus rape is… buy more dildos?????

    • origwwotp

      No. Entertain the cock.

  • Jon

    I’m struggling to grasp how a dildo is going to protect them from rapists. Hit them over the head with it? Depress them, because the girls are packing one bigger? Or, since rape is a crime of hate and domination, how unilaterally disarming is going to deter rapists…

  • Bil Carter

    I’m trying really hard to follow the logic of the protesters here. “C*cks not Glocks” would suggest that the liberal Left, being against Pavlich’s assertion that guns (Glocks) would assist a woman in defending herself against a physically more powerful aggressor, would be better served if they had penises (c*cks)?

    Well, obviously. If they had penises, they would be men, and far less likely to be the victim of a sexual assault. So if that’s not what they mean, are they then advocating that all would-be rape victims (that would be the people *without* penises) carry sex toys to fend off attackers? Would wielding a life-like artificial penis confuse an attacker into thinking, “Whoa, this is a DUDE!” and then run off?

    Now I see how that coveted Women’s Studies degree they’re working on is teaching them critical thinking skills. Good luck in the job market, girls.

    • origwwotp

      No. As a woman, I understand their message is to stroke the c**k, not a glock. In other words, entertain the rapist’s pen*s. At least, that’s the obvious message, to me.

      • Bil Carter

        You are either not a woman, or not serious, or both.

        • origwwotp

          LMAO Jump! I am serious. Use a c0ck not a glock? Women don’t have c0cks. So, that can’t be the message. Eat a c0ck, not a glock? Same sentiment as I espoused already. Be a c0ck, not a glock? Again, foreign territory for a woman. Just what does their message mean to you, then, pray tell?

  • GentleGiant

    As far as I can tell these bimbos are advocating taking the cock (rape) rather than defend themselves with a clock.(gun)

    • Bil Carter

      Glock. Not clock.

  • Deplorable Duke Sweden

    If I were them I’d keep those dildos handy. They’re gonna be needing them.

    • Bil Carter

      You look remarkably like a younger Eric Clapton. Just sayin’.

      • Deplorable Duke Sweden

        That IS a picture of a younger Eric Clapton. At 63 I look like an older Eric Clapton.

  • AtlasObjectivist

    I’m not sure what the protest is, but girls with dildos… that’s kind of hot.

  • Someone should tell the ladies that they are not using that device correctly.

  • maxonepercent

    In Orwell’s “Animal Farm” whenever one of the animals would question the motives or rationale of the Marxist Pig leaders the all of the Sheep would bleat “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad!” over and over again until the question was drowned out and forgotten…

  • Lance Blinent

    Just goes to show you that gun control supporters really are a bunch of dicks.

  • renee ciccioni

    As long as your rapist doesn’t overpower their victim and take the gun then use it on their victim , I guess guns might work or maybe the rapist and rapee can have a good old West shoot out.