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New James Madison U. course: Black Lives Matter in the ‘Era of a New Jim Crow’

James Madison University will be offering a course this spring which examines Black Lives Matter’s strategies in “defend[ing] human rights in the era of a New Jim Crow.”

The course, “Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies,” will focus on BLM and feature debate topics on “mass incarceration and justice reform; the media dismissal of Black Lives Matter in favor of focus on ‘black on black’ crime; black rage and the politics of respectability, [and] black joy in the face of oppression.”

According to the JMU student paper The Breeze, instructor Beth Hinderliter, a professor of “cross disciplinary studies,” will collaborate with other professors and their respective classes “to interconnect students on the topics of activism, racism and politics.”

One of these profs, Matthew Ezzell whose own American contemporary culture course focuses on “the construction of whiteness and Black Lives Matter,” said that “These are issues that affect all of us. These are issues that affect the entire nation, and it is important to have a space to critically examine them.”

From the story:

A.J. Morey, associate provost for the Office of Cross Disciplinary Studies and Diversity Engagement, helped Hinderliter establish the course at JMU. She discussed why she found it important to have a contemporary class offered next semester.

“We’re living in a time of great civil unrest and issues of racial injustice have not been resolved,” Morey said. “Sometimes, a course like this can help bring understanding to both sides, so it’s better to talk about it than to just refuse to talk about it at all.”

[Hinderliter’s] already received pushback from students about the class, including emails sent from some students asking why there’s not a white lives matter course being offered as well. Despite the resistance, Morey said students will still benefit from this course and learn about allyship.

“It’s not as easy as it sounds, and may also have their awareness deepened of the ways in which class and race and gender cause division in our culture,” Morey said. “Education is more than a paycheck — it’s about becoming a more decent human being. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t decent now, it just means there are always ways we can learn and grow.”

So, accepting the narrative of Black Lives Matter is now about “becoming a more decent human being.”

Read the full story.

h/t to Rachel Frommer.

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  • Tom

    Courses like this were specifically created to make sure that affirmative action students can get through college without having to take real courses (e.g. physics, math, economics etc.). Get rid of affirmative action and watch these courses disappear.

    • Tuco75

      So true.

    • Who spends valuable resources taking near useless courses like Gender Studies? Higher education unhinged leftist lunatics with Trump derangement syndrome who are training to be oven operators in some future camp.

      • Codi

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  • Trevor Sedis

    Tariq Kahn…another antifa-like thug!

    309 Gregory Hall
    810 S. Wright Street
    M/C 466
    Urbana, IL 61801

  • Trevor Sedis

    Tariq Khan: “Supporting emancipatory social movements is one of my top priorities…I was most attracted to sociology and history because radical social theory and ‘history from below’ serve an important purpose in causes for social justice…Don’t sacrifice ethics or morality for access and prestige. Know that scholars can be – and often are – complicit in the perpetuation of systems of oppression.”

    The last sentence certainly applies to him. He’s a thug who intentionally misrepresented what students said, acted like a tough guy, pushed kids around, and broke a camera to show how much he opposes oppression.

    What a pathetic, pompous, pugilistic putz!

    • Canuck Sailor

      A+ for alliteration!

  • firejack007

    University of Illinois Police right on top of things as usual. :/

  • MEK_93

    “Black joy in the face of oppression…”.
    So then wtf”s the problem?

  • backinthesaddleagain


  • ColonelDrapes

    I would suggest you print a copy of this article and send it to JMU every time you are asked for money. And don’t send any money until they ditch this course.

  • Barry

    This guy is SJW in a nutshell: violent, hypocritical, profane, stupid, and soon to be labeled “felon.”
    I was waiting for the threat of his victims being called Islamophobes, but he was so enraged, he never got to it.
    Enjoy prison. I am sure you will be able to pray 5x a day.

  • chrish

    Someone should have hit him when he was in their face.