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‘Whistling’ considered sexual harassment under university policy

At Tennessee State, ‘whistling in a suggestive manner’ may lead to expulsion

Tennessee State University warns against “whistling in a suggestive manner” on the grounds that it may constitute sexual harassment, a policy that has helped earn it a “red light” rating from one of the nation’s premier college watchdog groups.

The public university in Nashville currently holds a “red light” rating from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education for several of its policies that effectively allow officials to punish various forms of free speech as harassment.

Among them, the public university’s discrimination and harassment policy warns employees and students that “whistling in a suggestive manner” could get them sanctioned — including being expelled or fired — if officials deem the tune sexual harassment.

Other examples of possible sexual harassment listed under the policy include “suggestive or insulting sounds,” “suggestive or obscene gestures,” “unnecessary touching or brushing against the body,” jokes about sex inside and outside the classroom and more.

In sum, there are at least 20 different ways students and employees can be found guilty of sexual harassment, according to the policy. Campus officials state they will consider the “totality of the circumstances” before deeming whether an act is sexual harassment.

The College Fix reached out multiple times to the school’s media relations department for comment and clarification on the policies. No representatives from the school responded.

Multiple attempts were also made to speak to the university’s Title IX coordinator to ask whether suggestive whistling was a significant problem on campus. These requests were also ignored.

FIRE’s vice president of policy research Samantha Harris told The College Fix in a telephone interview that one problem with the policy is its vagueness.

“Very broad categories of speech are banned as harassment, simply because someone might find them suggestively offensive, and that’s something that courts have repeatedly held violates the first amendment,” Harris said.

In addition to the university’s ban on suggestive whistling, Harris criticized the policy’s prohibitions on jokes, humor and “inappropriate communication.”

“That could really be applied against core political speech, and speech and humor on social and political issues, and really just used to suppress unpopular speech,” she said.

Harris also pointed out the university’s policies regarding dissent and protest. The relevant policy reads in part: “Group dissent taking the form of demonstrations, marching, or sit-in activities will not be permitted inside university buildings or during university-wide events such as athletic contests, convocations, special lectures, assemblies… .”

“By banning any kind of demonstration during ‘university-wide events’ you’re really restricting students’ rights to protest and get their message across,” Harris said.

The same assembly policy also requires that “dissent” be registered with the vice president of student affairs, who will “ensure that the event is held at an acceptable time and appropriate site.” Harris said that this constitutes a “prior restraint on speech.”

FIRE rates schools’ speech policies on a green-yellow-red light scale, where red indicates the school has “at least one policy that clearly and substantially restricts speech.” Both the discrimination and harassment guidelines, and protest and demonstration policies at Tennessee State, have been given red light designations by the organization.

Campus free speech issues have been in the news frequently over the past few years, and sexual harassment has often been at the center.

Northwestern professor Laura Kipnis was recently forced to fend off a Title IX investigation in response to an essay she wrote about sexual paranoia on campus.

And J. Martin Rochester, a professor at the University of MIssouri-St. Louis was subject to a Title IX investigation for having vehement disagreements with female coworkers.

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About the Author
Andrew Johnson is a first year graduate student studying physics at the University of Denver. He is an avid reader and rock climber who enjoys advancing the cause of liberty in his free time.

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  • I’ve never heard anything so incredibly stupid and asinine as feeling that someone whistling at you in a suggestive manner is sexual harassment. I’d like to meet the idiotic female who started this psycho idea, because one would have to be an idiot to consider suggestive whistling to be a problem. Whoever the hell she is (I’m betting she’s a doppelganger for Ashley Judd, the nutter who thinks men are able to rape her through the Internet), she sucks the life out of life. It could lead a girl to drink alcohol (and I do not drink that sh* on the regular).

    • dchunka1188

      These people are not going to stop until just about every interaction between the sexes is recorded and criminalized. People seriously need to stand up for their rights and ask the media/entertainment complex to leave us alone.

      • Schools and universities are Ground Zero. They are taking our kids and training them in Islam, Communism, Globalization, sexual perversions, and hating their country. Once we tackle these, and kick out all the sexual perverts, the Communists, the globalists and the traitors, the rest of the country will get safe again.

        • dchunka1188

          No one will fight for them

          • Some are fighting them. And I suspect that our president has not noticed that schools and universities are ground zero for leftist-Islamic-globalist propaganda. He notices everything. He might not mention it immediately, but notice everything, he does. And I think somewhere down the lane we will see something be done about the absence of free speech and the enforcing of leftist ideas and sexual social experimentation upon little children by teaching them sexual perversions and encouraging them to be perverted.

    • John Galt

      Just how does the offended one know that the whistle was directed at her? If there are multiple targets in range, it’s paranoia to assume that she is the only one anyone would possibly wish to offend!

      • Jonathan Goshea

        If anyone whistles anywhere and any person hears it, he harassed ALL of them. Even if someone thought about whistling.

      • It is, particularly with the way most feminists look! No offense feministas (if you’re listening), but you’re not exactly Taylor Swift, dearies – go put your pussyhats back to cover your oily hair!!

    • heartpursuer

      It could have been a Leftist beta male, trying to preen in his fake virtuosity as his only hope for getting feminist approval — and maybe a date.

      • You think so? Or maybe a homosexual came up with it. Homosexuals are very involved with the feminist movement, since they are perverse and attracted to their own gender and couldn’t care less if females turned into rabid dogs.

    • AngelainTexas

      I’d bet it was the type of girl who never gets whistled at – and is jealous that the pretty girls do. How many pretty liberals have you seen?

  • Unmutual One

    This is a generation that believes they should be able to swipe left in real life, so as never to have to deal with the unwelcome attention of someone to whom they are not attracted.

    • nickoury

      It is so, Number 6.

      • Sam Clemens

        Oh my God, will you get AWAY from me and stop trolling me everywhere, loser!

      • Sam Clemens

        How many times do I have to tell you to get away from me?

  • Liberty Dankmeme

    fuck um… I would only communicate using whistles now and tell them that i identify as a trans-bird…. their heads would explode

    • gesshooo

      LOL! That’s funny.

      • Slugger_McBuster

        Unfortunately these universities are prolific indoctrination facilities instilling the pernicious virus of insane liberalism into weak and underdeveloped young people.

        I find it hard to laugh — but I guess if you didn’t laugh, you’d cry.

        It is indeed preposterous and grotesquely absurd.


    • ImaHippyBurning


    • Doctorcrime

      I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK !!!!!!!!!!!! Well said ! 🙂

      • RobL_v2

        So does this mean no rap music at college?

        So you can go to mandatory anal intercourse 101 but no jokes??

        • Rebecca

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      • Sharp Shtik

        LGBT manginas can’t even be in charge of finding their testosterone yet they are in charge of universities.

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      My sentiments exactly… and that would be absofuckinglutely hilarious!

      • Elmo234

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    • rennyangel2

      I am glad I was not eating or drinking when I read your post. Go for it.

    • Good one. I love your perspective.

    • Sonny Shaw

      I was going to comment but, after reading your’s I decided I couldn’t do better. You definitely have a way with words; have you ever considered going into politics?

      • Liberty Dankmeme

        thanks – i’d like to one day – would help me piece together my 20s at least lol

  • Michael Riley

    Wasn’t Emmet Till hanged for whistling at a girl? Mr. Andrew Johnson, in your thumbnail pic, your hair is just a little out of order and you are not wearing a tie. I am offended.

  • ImaHippyBurning

    Liberal/Progressives are serious Mental Cases! There is just no better way to accurately describe them!

  • Jair 3

    This is so much baloney. I understand the ire of liberal women at the hands of liberal producers, however right now, the mode is of a mob justice. When a married man and a woman start flirting, the man most probably has sex in mind while the woman explores a romantic fantasy. Both of them are in the wrong, but who will tell that to the feminists?

  • jabusse

    Moo at the ugly ones.

    • napnip

      LMAO! I love it!

    • rbblum

      Tutorial for the moooo-ing cow —>. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_EsxukdNXM

      • Oscarphone

        OK – now children, after me . . . “moooooooo”.

    • Bill

      I don’t believe that is considered sexual harassment, so it’s okay. But it may be snowflake harassment, so watch out.

  • dchunka1188

    It seems like a dark veil of coldness, unfriendliness and rejection is being forced upon our young people by institutions financed by people looking to discourage relationships between men and women and maximize their available labor pool. An institution attempting to control the behavior of adults that pay money to attend is an overreach at the least, totalitarianism at the worst.

    Students everywhere need to stand up for their rights – policies like this do not benefit men or women. The University is implanting the notion that all make attention is unwelcome, that all females are victims and all men are predators. This is quite possibly the worst possible situation for adult men and women to be in and allows for a small group of people to dominate and control us under the auspices of “protecting” us from one another.

  • rbblum

    Of course freedom of speech (and expression) is a foreign concept on some of America’s college campuses . . . regardless of who may be ‘proven’ to be the target of such affection (of such a threatening & suggestive whistle’).

  • de_ploribus_unum

    This is less about offending those being whistled at and more about those who are angered about never getting whistled at. We are witnessing a war of the non-attractive on the “privileged” attractive.

    • The Grinder! ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ

      100% correct.

    • Doctorcrime

      Agreed !

    • Oscarphone

      “Beauty privlidge” or “attractiveness privledge” will be added to white privlidge and the others as you can cover a lot more ground persecution-wise. Pretty soon they’re going to have so many of these “privileges” that it won’t mean anything. There won’t be enough victims. Even the victims will be privileged in some manner. Then what?

      • Squiggy

        “Victims” have been “privileged” for a while. They MUST be believed (no matter how unbelievable the claim) and “victimizers” have no rights. Especially if they are white males.

      • nickoury

        “Eye of the Beholder” – Twilight Zone episode 11/11/1960

        • Oscarphone

          One of my favorites. I first saw that episode when I was 10 years old. It blew my little mind.

      • Wesley Harris


      • Feston Bulbous

        There will be victim competitions–“I’m more of a victim than you are!” We’ll have a new TV show, “America’s Got Victims!”

      • lcuvillier

        You are so right Oscar – It all started when Affirmative Action was put into place. We have been going down hill ever since. They do not like when people succeed by doing their jobs well and working hard for their accomplishments – it highlights their inadequacies and their laziness.

        • Oscarphone

          Instead of the equality of a level playing field so that you may reach your highest potential as a person doing what you are capable or what to be, it is now equality of outcome. Personally I’d like to be treated by a doctor who was good at what he/she does not placed where he/she was because there weren’t enough of his/her type, determined by whatever politics of the time deem that to be.

      • Frank411

        That’s what “intersectionality” is for, Oscarphone. It provides a matrix where higher-quality victims can be distinguished from lower-quality victims.

        • Oscarphone

          Intersectionality is also a theory at this point.

    • President & Mrs. Stainmaker

      Hygiene Privilege

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      Infuckingdeed we are…i am past the point in age of getting whistles or catcalls, but oh what fun it was back in the day when we all still had raging hormones and men and women still cherished each other mentally, physically, emotionally, and SEXUALLY…I have noticed a majority of these youngsters of late seem to be getting less and less attractive. It’s like you very rarely see anyone “good lookin'” under the age of 30. It’s strange.

    • ncpg

      The greatest threats to humanity are women without men, and men without balls.

      • There is a lot of truth to what you say here.

      • Feston Bulbous

        Damn, That is Truth!

    • Chris V

      Thats because those who are not getting whistled at by the attractive young men are the gay men. This upsets these pretentious queens, because a woman is more attractive than they are

    • USexitUN

      And the least attractive women on campus are …. drum roll … liberals and femi-nazis.

  • Efficiency Expert

    Who even whistles anymore? What is this, 1950’s Italy?

    • Hal Walter

      Last one I heard was directed AT me by a woman, but then I was twenty and in dress blues, might have had something to do with it. yeah, NOBODY whistles do they?

    • Daria Disqus

      It is going to be a hate crime in London. Meanwhile you can call out the size of a man’s member and that is fine, caught on tape and against a Tory politician. No problemo. No hate crime. Not even when she also demeaned him for being white.

      • Efficiency Expert

        Repeal the 19th. For starters.

    • Large Basket

      the dreamers who came from a third world sh1thole where macho womanizing is considered normal.

  • The Grinder! ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ

    Yet another university that just made the degrees they issue worthless.

    • Mel_Anosis

      Yes, add another university to the list run by blackshirted administrators. Fascism is alive
      and well on many university campuses.

  • S Davis

    I waiting for one of these lawyers, to drop a lawsuit on this college.

  • Fred Weigel

    You know, if all the female students would just wear burkas, the guys couldn’t tell if they’re worthy of a wolf-whistle. Problem solved, right?

    • Hal Walter

      Well, with 70% of American women overweight, may not be a bad idea. But then with even more fat and slovenly males it’s getting hard to tell the difference. Body shapes pretty much identical. If you did not realize it was a female, does it count as sexual or just as harassment?

  • Attila

    The liberal Nazis of higher education strike again.

    And what happens when their faculty members spew liberal bigotry, racism and hatred as “instruction” in their “ethnic studies” and “gender studies” departments?

    • John Galt

      The only way those classes can exist is that they’ve made them “required general education” courses. Having nothing productive to do, the liberal faculty have taken over the curriculum committees as stepping stones to administrative positions. Courses in logic, critical reasoning, and anything else that contains “right” and “wrong” answers need not apply! (That even includes mathematics these days!)

  • DiverThom

    Let’s see how emotionally weak we can make our young people. Let’s insure that they are incapable of dealing with life in a real world.

    Teaching our kids to be offended by words, by sounds, by the insulting actions of others weakens them emotionally. I don’t wish my children to be bothered or offended by whistling, swearing, crude jokes, and more. I want them to be strong, both emotionally and physically. I want them to learn to deal with stress and challenging situations at a young age. Putting kids in a cocoon does the opposite.

  • Fred Weigel

    On a serious note, this part is troublesome:
    – – – –
    Other examples of possible sexual harassment listed under the policy include “suggestive or insulting sounds,” “suggestive or obscene gestures,” “unnecessary touching *****or brushing against***** the body,” jokes about sex inside and outside the classroom and more.
    – – – –
    ‘unnecessary “brushing against” the body’? Holy hell, that means any woman (or guy) can try to get you expelled if you totally accidentally and unintentionally bump or graze them as you walk by. How do you even defend yourself against an accusation like that? In colleges, you are guilty automatically as soon as you’re accused.

    • John Galt

      White males better not try to go anywhere at class change! In those crowded hallways could lurk a deadly female looking for a victim. Facts don’t matter, the “offended one” is always right, and the helpless white male is always guilty.

  • Topazinator

    How about the one who don’t get whistled at? Can they sue for discrimination?

  • Hal Walter

    Little wonder people do not support the Constitution any more. From grade school through grad school they are taught that the Constitution and the concept of individualism, self motivation and self improvement, self confidence and self sacrifice are bad things and must be avoided. Lots of luck on holding a society together when those things are all gone tho.

  • Daria Disqus

    Yes, they want to make wolf-whistling a crime in London. Meanwhile a Tory politician was harrassed on a train by a black woman wiping her feet on his suit, calling him out for being white and demeaning the size of his manhood. I don’t know, shouldn’t calling someone white be considered racist at this point, and calling out the size of manhood as demeaning and sexist as office talk that offends and humiliates women?

    • hasone

      as an athlete on collegiate teams i know for certain white men are just as large as black men. the distribution of size is equal across the population.

  • liberalsaremental

    The further infantilization of college students…

  • dale gravatt

    common sense has left the campus. next semester the admissions office will form a committee to analyze the plunge in applicants. idiots offering to form the minds of our youth. how stupid are we?

  • Jo Se

    Not a problem. Have you seen how unattractive females have become? Fat. Tattooed. Pierced. Tattered clothing. No makeup. Nasty hair. Smelly. Rude and crude.

    You have to look outside the US to find large numbers of women worth whistling to.

  • Sam Mensch

    The loony “progressive” sanctimonious cultural-Marxists are easily “offended” by any normal human behavior.

  • tree207

    Soon, penectomy will be required for admission.

    • Fred Weigel

      Just the next logical step in the progression, seeing as cranial-rectal inversion is already a requirement for the administration and “educational” personnel.

  • Flechette

    Just about all the male role models of yesteryear would be arrested today.

    Jackie Gleason would be doing hard time for his famous “To the moon Alice!” line.

    Meanwhile, REAL sexual predators seem to have been free to do as they want in Congress and Hollywood.

  • spdge70

    Watch out, breathing will soon be considered sexual harassment!!

  • donniea

    As a guy, many times I’ve had women suggestively rub or brush against me in public, even when they knew that i was already involved with somebody. I’ve also had them comment about things that they would like to do sexually. So this issue isn’t only a one way street. Of course, i didn’t complain or make an issue of any of it, just went on with my life.

  • Large Basket

    this will only effect a handful of students at Tennessee state since most can’t whistle due to the lack of front teeth. On this campus the word toothbrush is taken literally

    • mackadoo

      You win 1st prize for the dumbest comment of the day.

      • Large Basket

        congrats, you are the runner up. how does it feel to come in second all the time? you are like mrs bill clinton.

    • cstraley

      They (teeth) are not a prerequisite but whistling, criminal.

      • Large Basket

        depends on the technique you are using to whistle.

  • Ever the skeptic

    The discussion of the feminist war on men has been one-sided.

    Nowhere have I read anything about why men and women behave differently with regard to each other. Why do women wear makeup?https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/meet-catch-and-keep/201502/5-research-backed-reasons-we-wear-makeup

    … and why do women wear revealing clothing? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/6586031/Women-should-bare-40-per-cent-of-their-bodies-to-attract-men.html

    Perhaps because they understand that men are visually stimulated by the appearance of female youth and fertility and they want to be seen in that light. Does it not follow that women who accentuate their “best features” are advertising for male attention? Why not? Women are not stupid. They know that their sexuality is power.

    Do women not find rich and influential men attractive? Why would young, beautiful women attach themselves to older, less physically fit, rich and powerful men?

    Men and women target each other for different reasons. Women take offense that they are sexually attracting men they don’t want. They believe that men shouldn’t react to women the way they do because women want the power to choose who they attract. But sexual attraction doesn’t work that way.

    Sure, we try to obfuscate nature with convention, but beautiful women know they can have their pick of men and rich and powerful men know they can have their pick of women. After all, look at Trump.

  • CleavedHeadsCan’tPlot

    And this then applies to females breaking these ridiculous rules too? Or do they get a pass?

  • fdebros

    examples of possible sexual harassment listed under the policy include “suggestive or insulting sounds,” “suggestive or obscene gestures,” “unnecessary touching or brushing against the body,” jokes about sex inside and outside the classroom, erotic thoughts, reading ovid in latin, wet dreams, masturbation and erections at inappropriate moments, dirty jokes amongst men exclusively, possession of playboy or hustler magazines (analogous to kiddie porn on your hard drive), prescription of drugs for ed, psychiatric evaluation for sexual determinism and expressing suicidal thoughts after a breakup.

  • Al Terego

    What colleges and universities are “teaching” these over aged children will NOT get them a job, nor make them able to participate in a free society.

    But with any luck, I’ll be dead by the time they discover that people this unable to simply “get along” with others do not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being able to “govern”.

    Good luck children.

  • Joseph

    Howfuckingstupid.. University education should be Referred to as “lower” not higher unless you’re referring to the resurgence of marijuana on campus..

  • another_engineer

    certainly not sexual harassment, but it is low class and childish.

  • Mike Gilmer

    Tennessee State University is the traditionally black university in the UT system. It is now integrated but is still overwhelmingly black and also overwhelmingly liberal compared to the other public universities in Tennessee.

  • sfchuck

    This is pure over-reaction. Or it is simply permitting the administrators their fifteen minutes of fame. I cannot decide which is worse.

  • Marius Quentical

    It’s looking more like it’s time to close down the universities and colleges for a year or so. They all need a reset.
    The current crop of Commie professors and school administrators needs to be removed so that we can put a halt to the SJW poison they are using on our youth. And we need to see a moratorium on English majors and majors that result in no job skills. Socialism is a cancer that metastasizes rapidly. And it is not cured by chemotherapy. Surgical technique can be curative, but not by employing cold steel scalpels….a civil war may be the only cure.

  • Just_Facts

    Our culture goes from one extreme to the other. R rated movies and TV shows and horrible rap lyrics, etc. on the one hand are acceptable, and other the other hand innocent interactions between the sexes are criminalized. There is nothing wrong with appreciative wolf whistles or comments like, “your outfit is pretty”, etc. Nothing wrong with a sympathetic hug or pat on the back. Can’t people differentiate between innocent and problematic? I guess not.

    • Marius Quentical

      Maybe the millenials who insist that such whistling is harassment is actually good. They won’t flirt, they won’t date, they won’t marry. they won’t reproduce, and their ilk will die out by attrition. Darwin may have been more right than we know.

      • cstraley

        What about the rest of us?

      • Elaine.Benes, II

        Well, all this division being created amongst men and women has always been one of the psyops for the population control movement (there are MANY other psyops used for this) led by The Powers that Should Not Be.

      • Just_Facts

        Very good 🙂

    • Mel_Anosis

      Exactly!! It is selective censorship……….nothing more.

  • clothos

    Sexual harassment? Really? The definition of that term has become so nebulous that a guy has no clue what it entails. We’ve gone from threats at the workplace by a superior to flirting on the street. I think it’s time for a clear definition. Oh, wait……… that would be like asking a Democrat the specific meaning of “fair share” for upper income earners when it comes to taxes. They’re both constantly moving targets.

  • Katherine McChesney

    A Tennessee State University degree isn’t even worth the paper it’s written on. And it’s in a crime ridden neighborhood.

  • krell51

    colleges are education harassment, stopped being of any real value long ago, now just indoctrination centers.

  • jdough

    This whole feminist bonfire of the vanities is about the fact that women are not actually equal they are not capable of explaining effectively to a suitor that his advances are not welcome. We all know women who are capable of doing this quite effectively often without the man feeling bad. But most women cant master it, they are naturally submissive and find themselves clumsy at this. It used to be that it was simply socially culturally enforced by other men that you did not approach a woman you were not introduced to. women were under the protection and authority of their husbands and fathers whose permission you needed to speak to them.Now they think they can go up to Harvey Weinstein’s rooms and negotiate a deal alone, when they can even figure out how to tell a beta bitch like Lauer to bugger off. the sane answer to this is to re subjugate them and have their men decide what level of autonomy they can handle, shorty of that they should be told if they want to be equal act equal and learn to say no like you mean it.
    of course what is not being said is most of this is utter BS. If someone like HW is raping you at the hollywood hotel you tell him hes raping you and as soon as you can you are going to have him arrested, he will immediately stop because he knows the cops dont care hes HW if they get a 911 call with a woman in tears demanding a rape kit.
    as for these incomplete passes this is absurd you notice you dont hear a word about all the guys they said yes to who were even more forceful, what they are asserting is men should be able to read their minds and only+ make a pass when they are sure you will say yes. LOLOLOLOLOLOL absurd.

  • krell51

    What all this sexual harassment crap is going to do is make it very difficult for an average woman to get a job. If you are the owner or boss of a small company and you have two candidates for a job, one man, one woman even if the woman is more qualified, you hire the man because you cant afford to be hit with a sexual harassment suit if someone looks at her the wrong way or makes some innocent comment that she takes wrong!

  • Carmine Fragione

    They want to create a world that does not need coping strategies for personality, they want a world without challenges for the individual, in exchange for a politically correct utopia. In response people will have more attraction to machines, until finally people are machines

  • Mark Sman

    Tennpussy State University.

  • Skitz00

    More proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • 『Icyman』✓ ᴵᶜʸᶠʸᵉᵈ

    …..why the hell do I have pay for public education

  • 『Icyman』✓ ᴵᶜʸᶠʸᵉᵈ

    Sooner or later there’s gonna have to be a purge of millennials and start over

  • azsundevil

    If university policy violates constitutionally protected rights, federal government should block that university from qualifying for student loan dollars. I imagine the policy would change rather quickly.

  • Oscarphone

    The next step will be if you happen to whistle. Not a well known “wheet-wooo” to attract the attention of a pretty girl but a straight “wheeet” in the general vicinity of a fresh woman’s studies wanting-to-be-wronged, victim mentality, female of the species. That “wheeet” to your buddy accross the quad but within her earshot will now be interpreted as sexual harassment and you will be dragged into the student courts which are free of presumed innocence before guilt and proof to be slandered and a life ruined. Quite a system they are building. I could live with it if it stayed on campus. The problem begins when they leave school to import this neo-facism into our lives. The polical left has been working on this radical authoritarianism and freedom suppression for a long time in higher education and it is now really starting to bear fruit. Recently test scores were examined by a major newspaper and it was found that at more than 100 American colleges at least one third of seniors were incapable of weighing evidence, making an argument and other tasks of critical thinking. At some point these parrots will be in control. That will be a sad day in America.

  • bourbon_neat

    Best course of action for a male student: walk only with your head down, don’t talk to anyone, never make eye contact with anyone else (especially females, but don’t even bother to assume their gender), and be constantly sorry for your own existence.

    Then watch all the girls on campus complain about a lack of guys to date. News flash! They’re too dang scared of being accused (read: convicted) of sexual assault!

  • Memorable Event – A Deplorable

    Darn, all this time I thought the guys were admiring me. Now I understand they were actually assaulting me. I didn’t feel assaulted. Maybe there’s something wrong with me. I feel so guilty. Sad.

  • claymore cluepile

    the university should designate a place and time on campus where flirting and meeting up is permitted and encouraged…..then if anybody shows up they can play the game without fear.

  • Patriot_panadero01

    OMG what idiots.

  • FlyntLoc

    I thought only the intellectually elite were in college and only uneducated knuckle dragging Trump supporters assaulted women?

  • President & Mrs. Stainmaker

    Censoring every viewpoint right of Karl Marx…and whistlers…and their mothers.

  • Nowaylady

    Seriously….not a damn person is going to be able to handle anything adverse happening to them in their lives.

  • President & Mrs. Stainmaker

  • John Schilling

    Just gotta learn the whistle code, that’s all. One says, “Nice package!” The other says, “Move that ox cart you call an ass!”

  • Honest_Abe

    Well, London is toying with the idea of declaring wolf whistles hate crimes. So I guess this is a step up. Sure glad we left England to form the free colonies. Liberty marches on!

  • Mel_Anosis

    I was considering retiring in Tennesee because they have no income tax and are strong on the second amendment. I will have to do more research after reading about this nonsense.

  • Field Dog

    So what is next ?/ Smiling at another person, a wink of an eye, a comment that one looks very nice today ?
    This B-S has to stop !

    • Tom Giacondra

      Stop electing liberals…all this BS evaporates

    • cstraley

      How much damage will result before everyone finally regains their senses?

  • Tom Giacondra

    Liberals are idiots…more undeniable evidence

  • Hofnerguy

    It’s very close to reaching the point where everything is sexual harassment. As a result, nothing will be harassment.

  • Dr.Tickles

    Eventually being born male with be grounds for sexual harassment.

  • RegisteredDemocrat

    Whistling is NO DIFFERENT than rape! It’s a sexual assault and any men caught doing it need to be thrown in prison for life! I was on a subway and this creepy guy looked at me for a solid 2 seconds #MeToo!

  • rosemariejackowski

    Whisteling is protected by the First Amendment.

  • hasone

    all these broads should get on their knees and offer their mouths and throats to the males on campus.

  • Ruckweiler

    These college kids are real wienies! If they’re not careful, one day they’ll be chewing on each other.

  • rosemariejackowski

    Whistling is protected by the First Amendment.

    • Ort

      Amendment, schmemendment!

      First of all, in this new Dawn of Correction, no enlightened person recognizes that quaint, obsolete manifesto of phallocentric white privilege. Why, it’s become the last refuge of sexist oppression!

      I, for one, fervently hope that all copies of James McNeill Whistler’s “Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1”, better known as “Whistler’s Mother”, will removed from all university campuses. Despite the painting’s superficial modesty, even chastity, it’s now obvious what its real message is– it’s subliminal harassment, pure and simple.

      And, at the very least, the TSU fraternities would be wise to remove all teakettles from their premises. Better safe than sorry!

    • Ort

      Afterthought: given the “racist monument” brouhaha before the “Expose and Depose” inquisition preempted it, do you suppose they have a policy against whistling “Dixie” on campus?

  • luvitall21

    I’m one who loves male appreciation, whether whistles, notes left on my car, horn-honking, opening doors, or compliments. It’s fun. I flirt too at times! The only things I haven’t liked are being followed or physically patted/felt in private places. Arms around shoulders or waist or taking an arm are generally oK. Am I alone in this? I think it’s all too far.

  • HairofDog

    Japanese sex dolls are looking better all the time. Better looking, bigger B00Bs, know how to please, and you just hose em off in the back yard and put them back in the closet. No bitching, No credit card debt, Always happy.
    It’s a no brainer.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Safe bet: “Merry Christmas” will be or is already considered hate speech.

  • Just_Facts

    Aside from being silly, making big issues out of minor incidents trivializes the serious incidents.

  • Down Lowbama

    Consensual sex will soon be grounds for harassment.

  • rennyangel2

    Colleges and u’s should just ban men and then all would be hunky dory.

    • Jack Coyote

      But what about women who identify as men on Tuesday and Thursday?

      • rennyangel2

        ??? What does that have to do with the trans-whistler? which is a jab at those who “think” they are something other than their DNA.

  • Lets all go to Saudi Arabia

    If you put liberals in charge of education …………guess what happens?

  • Seeker of Truth

    So go to a different school. Without new students enrolled, any University will fail.

  • Seeker of Truth

    Sexual harassment, being offended, and hurt feelings. All seem procecutable now. Why even bother working anymore?

  • Jack Coyote

    Don’t go whistling past the graveyard.

  • KingofStreitHall

    Wow…just wow; next up: a simple pleasant greeting…following that: just looking at them

  • Joe Boma

    This only applies to WHITE CHRISTIAN men whistling at women. Women whistling at men, Gays and Trans are exempt. So are muslims.

  • Chris V

    I just don’t get libtards

    They feel that it’s ok to send a mentally ill man wesring a dress into the same restroom with other women and children to use the restroom

    They feel that it’s ok to destroy an unborn baby and sell it’s body parts

    They feel it’s ok to ban the 2nd amendment and the 1st amendment, while collecting all of your personal adult pics at the NSA and violate the 4th amendment

    They feel it’s ok to let human trash into this country, which is so poor and crime infested that we will be paying for their hospital bills, jail fees, and welfare for 60 years.

    They feel it’s ok to get rid of Christmas and Easter, but celebrate Ramadan which is from a religion of violence not peace

    Such retards. They belong in a retard home

  • Joseph P. Campbell

    Our educational system is infected by PC liberals at all levels, and common sense no longer prevails!

  • Chris V

    The more I hear about liberals and their thought processes, makes me believe that their parents must have had a sick scat fetish or took allot of drugs, because no creature on earth is as stupid or as full of shit💩💩💩 as a left Wing Democrat/ liberal.

  • Chris V

    Liberals hate it when guys whistle at a pretty woman, because they are just jealous gay men or fat disgusting women which have no life.

    Every woman I’ve ever seen that got whistled at smiled, and that includes the holly, ugly fat ones 🤤🐖

  • Chris V

    If liberals hate being whistled at then stay quiet and give them the 1 finger peace sign !!!🖕

  • John

    Wow… liberals have truly gone full communist… and I voted for obama.

  • TheHof

    So, if The Bangles do “Walk Like An Egyptian,” and I sing along, who gets sanctioned and who gets fired?

  • Michael J. Friedman

    Nothing like leftist thought control. When are these higher learning institutions going to start their book burnings?

    • RLABruce

      They already have. Some English Departments have banned Shakespeare plays. Just search “school banned shakespeare;” you’ll be stunned how many different schools have done it.

  • RichPorardo

    First, when has whistling ever worked except for making the whistler look like a moron? So, just let morons keep outing themselves. These universities just continue to coddle the snowflakes, who will never be ready for the real world (think ISIS).

  • rightyb

    ahahah. gotta luv college. run by antifa!

    • jfhdsiu

      And all these years I had been thinking of WHAT A RADICAL “I” was at good ole’ Sanford U when I dropped a beer filled balloon on the counselors head from the second story of “Crawford Hall”. I was just an incorrigible reprobate at the time.Lurleen was Governor at the time. And I am unabashedly ASHAMED of my, then, Liberal beliefs. Time makes fools or MEN of us all. Thank GOD he made me into a MAN instead of a Liberal for life. Women must decide amongst themselves about such things…

  • jfhdsiu

    BEFORE brain dead Liberals ruined EVERYTHING girls were extremely FLATTERED to garner whistles. It was audible testimony to their BEAUTY. So do all the girls now think that they AREN’T being called BEAUTIFUL if they can cadge an admiring whistle from a heterosexual male? Would they rather hear a…, say, a snort of disgust indicating that they are UGLY instead? Or hear someone upchuck upon sight of them? Fragile egos there. VERY delicte and PRONE to injury. they should stay out of sight if they are THAT homely….

    • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

      You mad?

  • John Galt

    If a man walking across campus late at night whistles to himself, and there is no one to hear him, is he guilty of harassing the trees?

    • jfhdsiu

      Once AGAIN. Once again your unique take on things is spot on..

    • RLABruce

      Yes. Gaia is female, you know . . .

  • BG60093

    I am more thankful than I can say that I spend most of my time outside that hole you call America. A few years ago I was in a taxi in the country of Panama. Each time when the driver passed a woman, he beeped his horn. Then we passed two women and he beeped twice. After a while we passed three women, and he only beeped once. So, I asked him (in Spanish) if two of the women, whom he had ignored, might feel neglected. He said, “No. Each one will think I honked for them.” He seemed to think it was his duty to give some attention to every woman, none of whom had been particularly attractive. Yet, none of them seemed to be offended by the attention.

  • Harold

    Does this include; “Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer?”

  • TRguy

    You little douchie college azzhats. When did you becom such little gay puritans? Why do you let girls and lesbos tell you what to do?

    In real life, we dont

    • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™



    Liberals would shut down all free speech and turn America into Nazi Germany if they could.

    • RLABruce

      They are doing it! One whistle at a time.

  • Richard_Lionheart

    Who today does a wolf whistle? It is virtually non-existent.

    • JackBootedThug

      Yeah, there aren’t too many ‘manly construction worker’ types on a college campus, just a bunch of millennial snowflakes that are triggered by anything and everything under the sun.

  • mark stayer

    enroll- whistle- get expelled- sue- collect millions. great opportunity calling.

  • JustDont WanttoSay

    OK … since this school – and almost every other school – is the recipient of federal money why not hit them where it hurts? In the pocketbook. For any and each and every attempt by a school – or any of its’ staff, faculty, et al – to subvert the Rights of individuals as written in the actual words of the Constitution, fine that school by withholding, say, one quarters worth of tuition aid, federal grants, etc. With the clear ruling that said school will not be able to penalize the students for non-receipt of federal monies. Unless of course a student is one of the guilty parties. Oh, let’s not forget to adapt the school’s policy of determining the offenders guilty without trial, no matter how illogical the finding of guilt may be. As a cherry on the cake, we could also fine individuals, as individuals and not as school officials, for federal crimes. Though we may have to establish a counseling office to help them read and correctly understand the words used in promulgating requirements, since, being upper-level education teachers and students, daily news reports demonstrate quite clearly that the majority have problems with reading, writing, and comprehension . . . Make these would-be tyrants personally liable and their antics would soon come to a screeching halt.

  • Subnuke678

    I think the thing that shocks me the most about the current situation is that when I was in college in the 70’s, colleges/universities were still bastions of free speech. Where even the most offensive ideas could be openly discussed and debated without anyone spinning out of control or becoming violent (mostly). It is both frightening and tragic that in half a lifetime, we’ve come full circle to where the gravest threat to free speech is on our campuses. This kind of ideology combined with spiraling costs are the very reason we’ll begin to see a large scale collapse of the traditional college system. Why would any responsible parent or student pay tens of thousands of dollars per year for the opportunity to be expelled for expressing ANY idea that happens to be unpopular at the moment or because you glanced at someone who took offense, accused you of sexual harassment, hate speech, non-PC Halloween costume or whatever the egregious-crime-of-the-day happened to be? Oh yes, AND absolutely NEVER walk through the student union around lunch or other busy times because it’s often so crowded you might brush up against someone and who knows what you’d be accused of then! It sounds to me like the University environment of the 21st Century is inherently unsafe!

  • goneout

    like all rules they only apply to white boys.black boys are expressing their culture

  • Corrupt Club

    Liberalism, and Islam seek total control of the individual, liberalism does it with “political correct suppression of free speech, Govt. “regulations” Antifa violence and vandalism. Islam seeks total control with violence and ambush bombing. Liberals are jealous of Islam, they want more violence and “weathermen” ambush bombing circa the 1960’s that was used in opposition to the Vietnam War. These are all lame excuses for the “end justifies the means” i.e. our cause gives us permission to do anything to destroy the opposition.

  • robbie555

    Wow, I think there are lot of women that will falsely accuse a guy just because they don’t like them. I do believe suggestive rude behavior is unacceptable. I have seen it but the majority that I have seen will say its part of their culture.

  • Richard

    And then they wonder why so many men say they would prefer a realistic, pleasant sex robot to the shrews and feminazis – the women who will either wind up as old maids or marry a wussy non-man.

  • Texan1st

    This is the result of our public schools indoctrinating teens to be hyper-sensitive about any and every issue.

    Time to put body cameras on every public school teacher and streaming video recorders inside every classroom so we can finally get to the root of the problem and begin to solve it.

  • rmiers1

    I smell a whiff of persecution toward hetrosexual future construction workers.. Never heard a whistle coming from a gay…..but I’m from Texas, and they may without my knowledge..
    Don’t you think this is a non starter from folks who are extreme touchy feely and trying to control the narrative of society,
    Old fashioned should not whistle on the way to work nor try to contact Jimmy Cricket.

    • Funkenstein✓Funk.ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ™

      You would die, son

  • Rebecca

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    I guess all males, that is except ones that the Femanatzi’s lead around on a leash, should be barred from public places. Why is it OK for Rap Music to degrade women with nasty names, threats of rape, violence and mayhem but then a guy can’t whistle. Maybe it’s just white men can’t whistle. They are just getting laughed in the face by normal people. These Snowflake morons are just to be ignored. They only do things like this to get attention.

  • Feston Bulbous

    TN State is run by control-freak commies.

  • KD

    The Thought-Police are here! They’ve come for your Constitutional Rights and your Wealth!

    “What are YOU prepared to do??”

  • vincehugh

    Good gosh..are women that simple minded they can’t handle a whistle, or a guy showing he finds the her attractive! Is it time that we should go back to having all male or female colleges, no coed. Separate the services like it use to be, men branches and women branches. Or maybe what the Muslims do by totally covering up their women, head to toe, so there will be zero resemblance of sexuality? Are women incapable of telling a guy he’s gone too far? And if she does and the guy continues, then certainly there should be rules and punishment. But its almost of we’re making women a weak species that are incapable of handling themselves. Its like colleges indicating to students not to watch Fox News, or its not ‘cool’ to watch Fox, because it might change their perspective. This whole world of media narratives that try to separate everyone from everything, men from women, conservatives from liberals, black from white, all for what appears to be for political reasons. Sad children.

  • JackBootedThug

    We’ve gone beyond the ‘ridiculous’ stage and have now achieved ‘ludicrous’…and they wonder why they’re referred to as ‘snowflakes’. Time to grow up and get a life.

  • Duby

    Welcome to the dumbed down America–liberal socialists and communists

  • Attila

    They are all off their rockers. I want to hear of the offenses committed by the women. Oh, I forgot! They are perfect little ladies.

  • iamsaved2

    Just goes to show that “sexual harassment” can be anything wants to describe it as. From the most innocent of comments, a whistle, or a look that appears to be a second or two longer than it should. If this is allowed to prevail and people’s lives are destroyed by arbitrarily believing the claims, women may come to regret the hysteria.

    • Jimmy__Russell

      Women are going to have to find work with other women, a man would have to be an idiot to hire a female now.
      Or any other protected-class for that matter.

  • RLABruce

    Liberals want everything to be illegal, and to be in charge of deciding who gets charged with a crime.

  • MGTOWMonster

    But I bet only men will be punished under this rule. This is a perfect example of misandry and gynocentrism.

  • Jimmy__Russell

    People are seriously borrowing tens-of-thousands of dollars to buy credentials from these schools?
    1 wrong look or word and you’re kicked out and try to finish up getting the sheepskin at some other equally if not more crazy nuthouse.
    Shouldn’t be long now before it all implodes.

  • Howard Roark

    We’re in a scene from Demolition Man

  • Dianna Zerbe

    I’m in my 60’s and I loved being whistled at when I was young and I still love a good wink of the eye and a good “hello”! I think some people have too much time on their hands. What about if you go to a club and you’ve got strippers are you allowed to whistle then? what about “whistling while you work”? who decides what is “suggestive whistling”?

  • Andy Maxwell

    While working in Europe, whistling and cat calling by male workers on the street were considered compliments by the women passing by.